In Vietnam, preaching the Gospel outside of the church is prohibited. Watch as one Vietnamese pastor shares his heart for his country and discover how God answered prayers in a miraculous way, leading to tens of thousands of people hearing the Good News, many for the first time.

right now there are only a small number

of Christians in Vietnam so that’s why

this is a very urgent to preach the



the Vietnamese people

they don’t care much about their


they don’t care much about their soul

when I look at them I felt very sad they

don’t have Jesus Christ


that’s why I pull my heart to pray so

please save the Vietnamese people



truth of the god

of the god there’s millions and millions

of people they’re going to be separated

from God for eternity the only hope is

Jesus Christ

we’ve got to share with them the good


God is willing to save us and we just

can’t sit back and we just can’t take

our time

we need to get out there and get it done


the churches were looking for an

opportunity to invite us

many places in the world it’s difficult

for Christians to have outside services

to do evangelism

because of the law we are not allowed to

preach the gospel to anyone else outside

of our church

we have to ask permission from authority

to do evangelism


if God puts a burden on the heart for

something pray about it and just see

what God does

all right they’ll use any of us

so we pray

and we ask for God’s help

God do something in the heart of the



God uses prayer


God opened up doors and gave us great


to some of the Communist officials that

said yes

this is a good chance for us to preach

the gospel publicly

to the community

it’s so good for us to be able to stand

and tell people Jesus Christ is God’s

son he’s the way the truth and the life

it was really a historic occasion

we first started looking at coming to

Vietnam about three years ago

we’re grateful to the government of

Vietnam for allowing us to come

when I was invited to be interpreter for

Dr Franklin Graham I was so scared

standing in front of the big crowd like

that scare me so I asked Lord this is a

privilege for me an honor from me help

me to do my job well and I hope many

people who listen to it and come to

accept Jesus Christ there are many of

you here tonight that you’re in danger

of losing your souls


and tonight I’m going to give you an

opportunity to invite Jesus Christ to

come into your heart into your life

Jesus Christ came from Heaven to this

earth to save you

by going to the cross and dying in your

place shedding his blood for your sins

if you’re willing to turn from your sins

tonight God will forgive you oh I’m not

lift your toes

is your soul secure in the hands of

almighty God if you’re not sure you can

be sure right now

so wherever you are right value

come to Jesus tonight


when I say people coming to accept Jesus

Christ I almost cried

what happened is so amazing

it was beyond my thinking