The neighborhood Pastor Antonino lives in is known for its poverty and violence, but that doesn’t deter him from sharing the Gospel. In fact, it spurs him on. Watch as he shares his story and how a Franklin Graham Festival changed the lives of many in what is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.





two of my cars were shot full of holes I

was in the car but God delivered me


I lost abroad

I remember once I got home and he had

slit his wrists

my parents were desperately crying


he passed away because of drugs


when I lost my brother God spoke to my


God’s calling for my life was to serve

this type of community

God told me

you need to take care of that you need

to preach to them


a friend of mine he’s wealthy and lives

in a nice place he tells me I’m crazy he

says come to Santa Catarina your car

won’t be riddled with bullets anymore

how can I do that

when my young people are dying


how can I leave

who’s going to love them who is going to

hurt them

boss I can’t leave this place


this is one of the great cities of the

world Rio de Janeiro

but like all great cities of the world

it has great spiritual problems



we were given this invitation and we’re

going to preach the gospel and give

people an opportunity to invite Jesus

Christ to come into the heart of their



the milligram associations event has

United the pastors

I want to say thank you to all of you

for the invitation to come we have over

4 000 churches that have been


so to come down here and support them

and to be a part of this and to work

with them


we have been praying daily for God to

move in every city in Brazil

that all the churches of the the

nominations come together to evangelize

here to change the whole neighborhood

thank you




come on

the Espress win the zombie by Franklin


and tonight I want to take just an

opportunity to speak to you for a few

minutes if you don’t remember anything

else you remember this

God loves you




got the focus



you see God sent his son Jesus Christ to

this earth to save you from your sins

tonight God will forgive you

if you’d like to trust him as your

savior tonight

I want you to raise your hand

Dear God

forgive me

I want to follow Jesus as my Lord and I

pray this in Jesus name





as a family we committed to giving our

life to Jesus

I think it was the right moment because

I I had nowhere to run to I came and

felt a desire to surrender my life to



peaceful it’s a joy to feel and hear

that God is alive and that God’s here

right now and willing to forgive us

today many people took a stand and made

a decision

now they will be an instrument of God to

transform other lives