Tsogtbayer once hated Christians, beating them and tearing up their Bibles whenever he came in contact with them in prison. That is until he opened a Bible for himself and God’s Word changed his life. See how, decades later, he is at the forefront of spreading the Gospel message throughout Mongolia.



I’m afraid of where I would be it was if

someone had not told me this news


when I was a child

I dreamed of being someone who catches

the bad guys


in the summer of 1989

I was accepted to study with the KGB to

become a spy

I thought my dream was coming through



thank you

prisons were a wild place at that time


is it blinking smoking and fighting over

my lifestyle Jesus

I was becoming like an animal

I had hardened my heart to survive


my God I remember when Christians came

to minister at the prison

I was Furious

I thought they were no good

I ripped up their Bibles I beat them and

I even sent others to steal their


then on the eve of the new year I open

my locker and a book they left behind

fell to the floor when I opened the book

The Words the son of man came to seek

and to save the Lost jumped off the page

and under that verse whoever calls upon

the name of the Lord will be saved

the strangest thing is that word touched

my heart strongly

so I prayed

all the things

while I was praying

I began to cry


to see now I must tell people this news

because what if I had not heard the

gospel while I was in prison


today I’m very happy that his grace

gives us the opportunity to spread the

gospel when I heard about the Festival

of Joy with Franklin Graham I had a deep

desire to participate



churches are uniting in the gospel

the festival has equipped our churches

and given them the tools to share the


today 50 churches are sharing the good

news in their communities

we are organizing this project at water

wells three days before the Festival of



how to finish one of the people who come

to the water stations

we are paying for their water and giving

them a cup of coffee


meanwhile we are sharing the Gospel of

Jesus Christ


we are inviting them to the Festival of

Joy with Franklin Graham

we will connect them with buses that

will bring them to the festival










for this moment for many years


May many people she said


Jesus is passing by the step Arena here


the same Jesus two thousand years ago is

here tonight for you

the Bible says salvation is found in no

one else for there’s no other name under

Heaven given to Men by which we must be

saved there’s no other way to God Jesus

is the only one to take your sins

he took death for you and me


Christ tonight

will you put your faith and trust in him

if you’re willing to do that tonight God

will forgive you of your sins

you come


thank you


dear God


hearing this for the first time tonight

I was wondering does Jesus really exist

but now I believe

I realized that I was a sinner

I was touched by the fact that Jesus

came to call unbelievers to Salvation

I feel so full of joy my soul feels such

a relief


thousands called upon his name I can’t

describe it in words

may this fire reach every single

household and family in this nation