We have all been caught in sin at some point in our lives. The public fallout and humiliation that came with it can be as damaging as our own guilt. But even though you may have endured the consequences of your sin, know that the conviction of God is not condemnation but redemption. Humanity may condemn you, but God is fair, just, and acting on your behalf. When you’re hurting, in pain, and caught red-handed, look for Jesus and He will stoop down to be with you where no one will!


to come to pastors and leaders


i think the most important thing is to

find out that you’re not alone

the relationship that you build here

people that come from different

backgrounds from all over the place i

can feel the anointing literally the

moment we walked into the building tears

falling from my eyes it’s a heart issue

it’s a life changer

you need to be here you don’t want to

miss it come see for yourself

i want to invite you

back to the book of judges chapter

number 16 verse number 20.

i cannot seem to pull

my spiritual attention away

from samson

chapter number 16 verse 20

through 30.

you’re watching online do not miss this


to join us as we delve into the

integrity of god’s word it is our custom

to stand for the reading of the word if

you would honor that we would appreciate


you can sit the rest of the day

in the book of judges chapter number 16

verse 20 through 30

and she said the philistines be upon

these samson

and he’ll walk out of his sleep and say

i will go out as at other times before

and shake myself

and he wished not that the lord

was departed from him

how can you lose god and not know him

but the philistines took him and put out

his eyes

and brought him down to gaza

and bound him with feathers of brass and

he did grind in the prison house

oh be it

i’ll be it

i’ll be it

the hair of his head began to grow again

after he was shaving

then the lords of the philistines

gathered them together for to offer a

great sacrifice unto dagon their god and

to rejoice for they said our god had

delivered samson our enemy

into our hand

and when the people saw him they praised

their god for they said our god have

delivered into our hands our enemy and

the destroyer of our country which slew

many of us

they came to pass

when their hearts were married

they got drunk

that they said call for samson that he

made that he may make a sport so we can

make fun of him

this is for everybody who’s been

laughing at you

and they called for samson out of the

prison house and he made them sport and

they set him between the pillars

and samson said unto the lad that held

him by the hand

suffer me that i may feel the pillars

where upon the house standeth

the the load-bearing pillars

i want to put my hands on the

load-bearing pillars

the pillars that hold the roof up

that i may lean upon them

now the house was full of men and women

and all the lords of the philistines

were there and there were upon the roof

about three thousand men and women that

beheld while samson was being made fun


and samson called unto the lord and said

oh lord god






god remember me

i pray thee and strengthen me

i pray the only this once oh god that i

may be at once avenged of the

philistines for my two eyes

and samson took hold of the two middle

pillars upon which the house stood

and on which it was born up and of the

one his right hand and on the other with

his left

and samson said let me die with the


and he bowed himself with all his might

and the house fell upon the lords then

upon all the people that were there and

all them that were laughing so the dead

which he slew at his death

were more than they

which he slew

in his life

i want to talk to you this morning

about inflection point

inflection points

inflection points i’ll make it clear in

a moment

let’s pray for a moment spirit of the

living god

fall fresh on us today

endow us with the kind of anointing that

allows us to communicate and articulate

your word with such

synchronization that i do not deviate

from that which the holy spirit would

have delivered to this waiting

congregation and not these alone

but to all the thousands around the

world that are watching right now let it

be such a rhema word

that it hits every


person in this room

eluding no one

touching everyone

ministering powerfully

and specifically

to the continuity of where we are right


in jesus name we pray


you may be seated in the presence of the


i am fascinated and i keep driving my

eyes back to samson because reading

about him now with mature eyes i see

things that i did not see when i was

younger and i did not see when i was a


when i was a child and taught about

samson i was

my vision was on how muscular he was and

how strong he was and how miraculously

he moved and how he took little things

and did a lot with them

that’s how you know you’re anointed when

you can take

little and do much

the jar bone of an ass and kill ten

thousand philistines

tying foxes together and setting their

tails on fire and burning up fields he

he didn’t he didn’t use strong weaponry

but whatever his hands found

turned into a weapon and i was i was

amazed by that later i began to realize

that samson was not as muscular as he

was in my sunday school book

for had he been as muscular as they

depicted him in the sunday school class

then it would have been foolish for

delilah to ask where does your strength


if you saw arnold schwarzenegger in his

heyday you wouldn’t ask me how come

you’re so strong where does your

strength lie but if you saw pee wee

herman and he was lifting weights like

arnold schwarzenegger you would say

where does your strength lie which lets

me know that god will give you strength

that is not visible