The power of change begins with one, which is why God effects change with the power of one. As believers, we are the ones who are in hell’s view, as the enemy seeks to distract us from accomplishing God’s goals. The ones are world-changers whose most significant power is the power of choice. We are no greater than the choices we make; therefore, we must be vigilant, as there will be a fight to perform the change God has called us to implement. Take courage, for fighting in the spirit is essential, for our strength is developed through resistance. God is going to give us a moment, and we must walk in power to grasp the moment.


you know what I’m gonna do I’ve only

received the offering right now but I’m

gonna put it on hold and I’m gonna go

right until the word of god cuz I’m kind

of excited about what the Lord gave me

and and I’m just gonna jump into it and

so uh shoes and beacons just just chill

for a minute you don’t have to go into

the offering right now I’m gonna go into

the Word of God and then we’ll receive

the offering after the word he said all

right today we’re going to look at a

couple of passages of Scripture I want

to go first to Genesis 25 19 through 34

in the NIV and I’m gonna be reading out

of the NIV and I want you to put to

stand on your feet for just a moment so

that I can let you eavesdrop of this

conversation that the Lord and I are

having about grasping the moment yeah

about grasping the moment again it’s

Genesis chapter 25 19 through 34 if

you’re watching online get your Bible

join me and be a part of this experience

this because there’s a reason that God

has you online this morning streaming to

hear the word of God because there is a

moment that you have to grasp if you

don’t grasp it

it won’t happen are you hearing what I’m

saying to you

now it begins on this wise this is the

account of the family line of Abraham’s

son Isaac Abraham became the father of

Isaac and Isaac was 40 years old when he

married Rebecca daughter of Beth ul the

aramean from padam Aram and sister of

laman their error maeín Isaac prayed to

the Lord on behalf of his wife because


was childless the Lord answered his

prayer and his wife Rebecca became

pregnant the babies just each other

within her they fought they wrestled

they rolled around they kicked within

her and she said why is this happening

to me so she went to inquire the Lord

and the Lord said to her two nations are

in your womb two nations are in your

womb and two people from within you will

be separated one people will be stronger

than the other and the older will serve

the younger now that’s important the

older will serve the younger when the

time came for her to give birth there

were twin boys in her womb – a twin boys

– boys in her womb the first to come out

was Wren and his whole body was like a

hairy garment so they named him Esau can

you imagine baby come out all hairy and

they named him he so after this his

brother came out with his hand grasping

Esau’s heel not that’s what got me when

his brother came out with his hand

grasping Esau’s heel so he was named

Jacob I think was 60 years old when

Rebecca gave birth to them honey that

ought to make you nervous


hallelujah glory to God without CVS and

the boys grew up you’re getting later

don’t worry about it at the book the

boys grew up all the men got it the boys

grew up and Esau became a skillful

hunter the boys grew up and Esau became

a skillful hunter a man of the open

country while Jacob was content to stay

at home among the tents Isaac who had a

taste for wild game loved Esau but

Rebekah loved Jacob once when Jacob was

cooking some stew Esau came in from the

open country famished he said to Jacob

quick let me have some of that red stew

I’m famished that is why he was called

Edom Jacob replied first sell me your

birthright look I’m about to die Esau

said what good is the birthright to me

but Jacob swear to me first

but Jacob said swear to me first so he

swore an oath to him selling his

birthright to Jacob then Jacob gave Esau

some bread and some lentil stew he ate

and drank and then got up and left

so I saw despised his birthright go back

to verse 20 says after this his brother

came out with his hand grasping Esau’s

heel I want to talk to you about

grasping the moment father in the name

of Jesus I pray that the word would be

vain flesh while it’s being preached

allow me to flow freely and the gift

that you’ve given me and share openly

the conversation that you’ve shared in

me through me to them allow Oh God the

Holy Spirit to take the message that has

germinated inside of me and let it be

meat and sustenance to the souls of the

people both here and online give birth

this morning give birth in this place in

the name of Jesus we pray

somebody shout a man you may be seated

in the presence of God on your way down

just say grass the moment you know

there’s there’s so much to be said here

because this particular chapter deals

with the lineage and the order they

first came out of Abraham it mentions

what came out of Abraham three major

three of the biggest most pronounced

religions in this world claimed to have

come out of Abraham whether you’re

talking about Islam or whether you’re

talking about Christianity or whether

you’re talking about Judaism they all

trace back to Abraham I was standing at

the Wailing Wall and I was thinking

about the the commonality and the

centricity of our faith intersects at

Abraham from that point forward it

divides into a lot of different

dispersed ideologies and concepts but we

agree on Abraham so I want you to

understand that whenever God gets ever

ever gets ready to do anything he does

it with the power of one so I want to

talk about the power of one because you

were one and everything starts not with

the board not with the committee not

with the vote everything starts with one

the power of change begins with one

whether it is one Nelson Mandela

or whether it is one woman who decides

to sit out on a bus or whether it is one

person that decides we should be able to

fly or whether it is one person that

invents a telephone it starts with one

one person you have to decide first of

all this morning if you’re going to be

the one or are you going to be the

person who’s always waiting the only

some one God creates all men from one


it starts with one the power of one sub

I shot one the whole the LORD thy God is

one and beside him there is no other God

goes to break it he says there’s never

been a God before me and there’d never

be a God after me I alone alone alone I

all one alone or one I owe one am God so

when God got ready to make something in

his image he created one man and out of

that one man though he has three parts

like God out of that one man all of the

creation came out a 1 and the destinies

of those creations began with one

somebody say I’m the one you don’t sound

like you the one I’m I’m the one that’s

what’s wrong now this if I’m tired to be

in the wood I’m the one that has to work

and I’m the one that has to go get the

groceries and I’m the one they gotta pay

the bills and I’m the one that’s gotta

cook and I’m the one who’s gotta wash

dishes and I’m the one who got to take

the kids to school I’m the one it

stuffed with you’re the one

somebody said I’m the one

you’ve got to understand that you’re the

one so that you will stop being

intimidated by other people and their

gifts and their talents and their

destiny you have to understand I’m the

one if you don’t want to say you’re the

one you won’t understand why you’re

being attacked like you’re being


whenever the enemy knows that the one is

coming he always sets traps to stop them

from succeeding because they’re the one


he always sends out somebody to destroy

them they are always on the hit list

because he’ll knows that he is the one I

want to talk to some people that have

been up on the crazy attack attack that

makes no sense

attack the blindsided you attack that

came out of nowhere

attack on another level that doesn’t

even line up with your situation I want

you to understand what the enemy

understands about you is that you are

the one and for him whom much is given

much is required and so the tech starts

out talking about Abraham because

Abraham is the one and Abraham had to

move out from his country and away from

his kindred because he was the one so he

was a misfit because he was the one so

he think it’s his fame with his kinfolks

because he was the one so he had to live

in isolation and separation because he

was the one so he probably was lonely

because he was the one and it took a

long time for it to materialize his

significance because he was the one and

so he was traveling nomadically as a

misfit from place to place

never fitting in with any group no group

would take him because he was the one

and so I’m talking to some people who

have always been a little isolated never

been accepted never been a part of the

crowd he’s always

that’s because you are I’m the one you

probably not gonna like me because I’m

the one I’m a little strange I’m the one

I don’t fit in I don’t say yes what I

mean though I don’t say no when I mean

here’s I don’t scratch what I’m not

itching I don’t roll over without a

fight cuz I am the one I understand that

I am the one and I am willing to be

controversial because I am the one when

you are the one you are supposed to be



touching every time I change the world

I’m gonna change the world I want you to

know I’m gonna change the world I’m

gonna change the world

I’m gonna change the world I’m not gonna

leave it like I found it I’m gonna

change the world

I refuse to be born and die and leave no

sign that I was here I am the one I will

not just breathe air and drink water and

eat food and not changed anything I’m

gonna change something

somebody somewhere somehow some kind of

way I’m gonna make a dip of mark a

scratch or scrape because I am the one


so you hear them say give me the power

because I’m the one yeah yeah yeah

glorify me with the glory that I had

with you before the foundations of the

world give me the power to do what you

had in mind when you created me because

I am the one don’t let me get distracted

in pettiness and small-mindedness and

fighting things that make no difference

because I don’t recognize my own

significance I am the one so I don’t

have to win you because I am the one and

you don’t have to like me because I am

the one and you don’t have to support me

because I am the one and I already

understand that I got to leave my

country and my kindred and walk by

myself because I am the one someone

talked about the power of one


some of us stopped begging for people to

come into agreement with you so you

stopped doing polls and census and

trying to get everybody to come into

consensus with your vision so that you

won’t need nobody to save men with your

preach because you already know that you

got heaven save a man the power1 one

person starts a company one cup one

person starts a ministry one person

opens up a home for unwed mother one

person has a vision to decrease domestic

valve one woman decides I should have

the right to vote one one I am the one

you are one thought away from all your

needs being met you’re one one person

with one thought can turn the world

upside down

one person with one thought what one one

person thought one person thought one

person thought I’m gonna make this phone

I’m gonna make this phone so small it’ll

fit in his [ __ ] and I’m gonna make

him able to communicate with all kinds

of people all over the world and one

person decide well let’s put the app set

head and one person said we’ll put it

out on the world walkway about one

person said we’re gonna call we’re gonna

measure their gigabyte so one person 1 1

1 1 1 1 1 1 that’s why the devil wants

to keep your mind on all kinds of things

that don’t make any sense

because one person has one factory that

has one idea that could change the world

in fact I gotta get off this point I’m

spend too much time on it

but let me tell you some God didn’t

promise you but one he said if you bring

the tithes and offerings in the

storehouse that there might be meat in

my house he said prove me now herewith

if I will not open up the windows of

heaven and pour you out a blessing one

blessing will do you the rest of your

life God said I can grant it you one

time and you’ll spend the rest of your

life trying to harvest what I did and

one moment in your life I could make you

pregnant with everything at one time I

will pour you out a blessing that you

will not have room enough to receive he

said I come dip with me I’m gonna give

you more than you expected


so the one abraham has one son isaac and

isaac marries one woman named Rebecca

and as he marries Rebecca and Rebecca

cannot conceive children and I thought

to myself in that funny because his mama

couldn’t either and isn’t it funny how

they say you end up marrying your mama

some version of your mother I don’t know

what that means to you you pray about it

is up to you but I can see all the men

thinking about it well but it makes

sense because your mother is your first

introduction to femininity she defines

to you good or bad what a woman is

rightly or wrongly she affects her

choices and out of the Barren womb of

Sarah came Isaac and he ends up married

to a barren wound because he came from a

very boy and he has experience with this

problem because now he’s got to fight

his daddy’s devil

so he’s married to this one woman who

cannot produce a child and and he prays

and they pray together and she is with


but he strange pregnancy strange she is

the first woman in the Bible that we

clearly understand point to the power of

two because she is pregnant with twins

and she says why am i us I don’t look

like the other pregnant women in the

village I have something going on in my

stomach I got two so we’re talking about

the power – we went from the power of 1

to the power to the texicans from the

power of 1 to the power of 2 God why am

I in such inner turmoil and then God

explains to her God says two things he

said there are two people in you there

are two people in youth there are two

distinct people in you now there there

are two types of twins

there are fraternal twins and identical

twins fraternal twins are twins where

two different sperm cells touch two

different eggs and produce two different

people they share the same room so they

are born simultaneously but they are

distinctive individually because they

grew in the same womb breathe the same

air but they don’t look like twins but

they are twins because they were two of

them they don’t look alike but they came

out with the same birthday because they

are fraternal they have a fraternity but

they have an individuality

they are fraternal twins identical twins

aren’t much different because identical

twins are where one sperm cell and egg

cells split so they got the same knows

that they got to say my eyes and they

have the same chin and they got the same

look cuz it really was one person that

split so they talk alike and they often

dress alike and they say the same things

at the same time because they are one

identical twins identical twins Rebecca

is not pregnant with identical twins if

she is not pregnant with our difficult

worth she is pregnant with fraternal

twins two distinctly different people

sharing the same space the power of two

now the power of two is a great thing

when they’re in agreement Jesus says if

two of you agree as touching anything on

earth it shall be done and if she had

two people inside of her that were in

agreement it would be a peaceful


but the problem with Rebecca is the two

distinct individual people that she has

inside of her has two completely

different personalities and they are

already fighting for territory in the

world so there’s a war going on in her

belly and it’s funny because god said to

her you got two people inside of you and

then god says if this shows you how far

God sees she’s pregnant so he sees

people while she’s pregnant so God does

count pregnant as people

I don’t go there

God does count pregnant as people he

says you had two people in you why does

God count pregnant as people because

face call scenes that are not as though

they were because God is not bound by

time he doesn’t wait for you to be born

to know you he told your mom before I

formed thee in the belly I’d lose me I

ordained thee I sanctified thee I knew

you before your mama saw you so while

she’s pregnant trying to understand this

moment in her life God is already

looking beyond the moment and saying

that that that that in your belly is two

different people okay those are

fraternal twins they’re two different

people and then he looks down through

time and says there are two different

nations so God is talking about license

and people while she is praying about

babies and the reason you don’t

understand God’s answers is because you

are praying about your present and God

is answering about your future oh my god

oh my god

god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my

god oh my god and you saying Lord get me

out of this

and God says this doesn’t matter I had

to take you through this to get that to

come out of you inside of you I’m going

somewhere with this glory to God and the

fighting starts in the womb and when out

started reading about Jacob and Esau

which we haven’t even gotten to talk

about their names yet then I’m gonna go

ahead and do a spoiler alert when you

start talking about Jacob and Esau being

at war in the womb causing their mother

to have a disorder in her pregnancy I

went to the seventh chapter of the book

of Romans and thought oh my god

Paul is pregnant when he writes when I

would do good evil is present with me

there’s a war going on in my members my

lot in agreement inside of myself that

which I would do I do not that which I

would not do I do

o wretched man that I am I’m approving

who shall deliver me all y’all ain’t

ready for me let me go home

some have gone into delivery who shall

deliver me from this fraternal twins

that exists down inside of me there in

one person but they’re two different


evil and good are always fighting inside

of me every day I hate to mess with you

but there are no good people and bad

people yeah

good people that got bad in them they’re

bad people that got good in them there’s

a war going on you don’t get to be you

without a fight I had to fight my

brothers I had to fight ice well for God

oh you’ve been fighting all your life

you’ve been fighting in your sleep you

wake up tired in the morning because

there’s a war going on in your members

there’s a war going on in your members

and the Bible talks about the power of

the two now what you must notice Esau

comes out first now is talking about

order because when God talks about two

there must be order what God talks about

two there must be order what God talks

about two there has to be order because

order defines agreement so the Bible

says it’s not just enough that you know

that there are two people and that there

are two Mason’s coming out of you it is

important that you understand the order

Esau came out first say that Esau came

out first

yeah and the Bible says that he was read

and Harry now this is one of the few

times that God describes a baby so if

God describes the baby you know how we

do when people bring you their baby

and you look over the crib and you say

oh well I can’t say that there’s a sale

oh and heaven


it wasn’t real bad I say jiminy

Christmas I can’t give you all my

secrets now you trying to remember what

I said what I saw you back out just easy


why does God why does God describe the

baby take the time to tell us that the

baby is born

hairy and red I almost called this

message red alert because the

significance of the red it is important

he is red and hairy and then the next

one comes out and and he hasn’t been

named yet he is named by what he did the

next one comes out and as he comes out

he has got Esau by the heel and he has

grasped his heel the fight continues it

just changed territories oh god I was

ahead tack the fight continues like the

fight between good and evil continues

like it started in heaven it fell to the

earth realm it just changes tear toys

see you got to get used to fight

you keep waiting for the fight to be

over as soon as you finish this fight

you’ll know it’s finished by the next

fight the graduation from the first

fight is the next fight so they fought

in the womb now they’re being born from

one world into the next world

and even in the next world they still

fighting so Lucifer fell from heaven and

the fight continues in the earth realm

watch this

Jacob comes out pulling Esau by the heel

he grasped it by the heel I don’t care

we’re coming out or not I’m still

pulling at you I’m still pulling at you

because evidently you weren’t supposed

to come out first

I’m still fighting for my rightful place

two circumstances you got to drop on me

and you came out first but I’m still

fighting for my rightful place because I

am the one you might have come out first

but you are not going give it to me the

kingdom separate violence and the

violent take it by foot y’all ain’t

ready for me there’s more there are

somethings that are yours but you gotta

fight for it there are some things that

God is gonna give you but you gotta

fight for it there are somethings that

God telling you is yours but you gotta

fight for it

cuz that evil twin you got he’s trying

to sabotage everything God has for you

you got to let me tell all of my Latino

brothers and sisters all my white

brothers and sisters there’s a saying in

our community when a black woman takes

off her earrings

if you are ever arguing with a sister

and she get to fussing and she started

pulling off her earrings some of you in

here right now you need to pull off your


take off your cute heels push you in a

fight and if you don’t glass this moment

you don’t have time to play you don’t

have time to chase down robots you don’t

have time to worry about who’s killed

you got touch omegas I’m about to pull

my earrings off this more

I’m not gonna live and die and not get

what God has for me oh my god so number

three I’m talking about the power of the

struggle the power of the struggle

always continues can I take my time this

morning I have lived my life all kinds

of ways I know what it is to have a

small church tiny itsy-bitsy little

Church where you got to drive the

members back home you go by and pick

them up when I blow for you be ready I

know what it is to work 40 hours a week

and put my my whole check in the church

to keep it going

I know what it is to have my lights off

and my water off and my gas off not all

at the same time but what they took

turns the gas would tag the water and

say tag you in the water would tag the

electricity say it’s your buf take them

on out this part they need to be in the

dog this month we’re gonna let them have

something to drink but dangle be able to

see where to go get it


I know the struggle of clipping coupons

I know what it is to get to the grocery

counter and have to put stuff back wow

people looking at you like you crazy

and say well I don’t really need that I

was just teasing

we don’t really leave no telling if

people put that out back

we were just kidding waiter wheeler we

don’t really have to have that could

these diapers

we got Jesus and I thought to myself

self if you ever get up on your feet

if you have a stand straight up with all

your utilities old at the same time if

you ever get where you can go to the

grocery store without a calculator if

you ever get to the point that you ain’t

got a pocket full of coupons your

troubles will be over well let me tell

you something that’s wrong because you

just go to fighting from this level to

fighting on that level the fight will

always continue big church little church

lots of money no money

big crowd no crowd there’s always

something that bites you back because

strength is developed through resistance

oh my god I think I’m a tweet that

myself strength is developed through

resistance and the reason God allows

struggle to come in your life so you can

find out what you’re working with

recognize who you are stand on your own

two feet

did you stop crying about what you going

through if it ain’t this it’s gonna be







I’ve been patient here almost 23 years

and still sometimes when I come over the

hill and I see the parking lot full and

the crowd back up I still can’t believe

it but that don’t mean I don’t have

struggles it just means I graduated to

another level of the struggle I had so I

use the strip’s from the struggle I had

against the struggle I have right now

that’s why the battle said it was good

for me that I was afflicted that’s why

the devil Kate chased me out of town

cousin go fight cut my teeth on a fight

in the wound in the delivery room you

just gotta make up your mind that

fighting is normal oh ain’t nobody

dancing now

he grass he saw by the heel but the

position is not lying right in the Bible

says to his mama Rebecca he says in the

Word of God that the elder shall serve

the younger

now let’s translate this out of the

context of the text into the turbulence

of you you the human you and the divine

you the human you and the divine you are

still youth they still wear the same

suit they got on the same tennis shoes

they were in the same shirt they came

out at different times I was born during

the night 1957 I was born again

September 1972 and the trial of my life

is to make sure that the elder

y’all did get better for me this book

junkie HIPAA that kind of stuff y’all

can handle that the Bible said that the

elder shall serve the younger from

trying to make the old me sad the new me

I don’t give you 30 minutes to get a

good praise out


this is a moment this is a moment this

is a moment this is a moment this is a

moment this is a moment this is enormous

this is about some of y’all missed it

when I told you to praise the Lord

something y’all just looking around with

your cute self the subject of the sermon

is grass the moment that’s what’s wrong

with you now when other people are

taking action you are looking around

when I say praise the Lord let


everything that happened Pacey the law


slap your neighbor and tell him I’m

getting ready to grass the moment

I’m gonna read ransom over so if you

nervous you better get out of the way

I’m getting ready to grass this moment

because I’m getting ready to go after

what God has promised me if you don’t

like little boys you might want to get

up and move because I have about to

grasp it’s unseemly but I’m gonna grasp

it it’s weird

but imma grasp it I don’t understand it

but I’m gonna grasp it cuz this mod just

is your moment


I rebuke every devil who told you you

yesterday was your best day the devil is

Allah Jeff is show movement

slap your neighbors say this is my

moment right now to blast this mother

right now if you don’t give it took me

almost smashing


here let me tell you how I always love

I’m about to have a moment with ever I’m

about to have a moment I always have an

attack some kind of struggle breaks out

in my life as a sign that I’m about to

give birth I want everybody that’s been

in a struggle


see the struggle is always a distraction

the struggle is always a distraction for

what God is about to do in my life and

the enemy wants me to be so focused on

the struggle that I miss the moment



I’ll let nothing stop rightly me the

height Lord death law power law

principality please


watch Fred moment

that’s what the Lord told me them cows

oh yes


I’m getting rid of the grass good I’m

getting rid of the grass fit that means

I might be unseemly I might get out of

order I might get on your nurse I might

do something that’s unprecedented we

never hear of this happening again where

two babies are born and one is snatching

at the other one what are they coming

out sometimes in order to get a

breakthrough you gotta get on Orthodox


I’m gonna go deeper the elder the elder

shall serve the younger

Esau shall serve Jacob favorites shall

serve Z Adam shall serve Jesus your


you will get this until you make your

flesh serve your spirit you gotta bring

your flesh of under subjection you gotta

bring your laughs up under subjection

you got to bring your pride of under

subjection you gotta bring your

selfishness upon the subjection because

the elder shall serve


or your e-shelf now what happened what

happened I thought you were Sheldon did

you really think you were gonna grass

the moment without struggle did you

think you would grass a moment without

sacrifice do you really think you will

grass the moment talk about I gotta be

Li you don’t get to be you you don’t get

to do you boo you got to do him and not

you you’ve got to make your elder serve

your younger in the natural I’m 62 in

the spiritual about 45 so my 62 gotta

serve my 45


jumping hammer this so they fight now

you and they was fighting in there and

now to fight now here Satan that God was

added in heaven then they go to the

wilderness and they’re added in the

earth different dimensions same struggle

you will have different dimensions of

the same struggle the strength you got

from your first struggle prepares you

for your next

so what I went through in Charleston got

me ready for Dallas if I had in the head

of Charleston I couldn’t handle the

Dallas but I got $2 someplace I had

never been before on with the strip that

I learned in Dallas that’s what’s wrong

with certain success sudden success

didn’t allow you to grow dimensionally

from faith to faith and from glory to

glory Davison I don’t fool with things

that are too hard for me

you don’t want nobody to give you

anything you didn’t earn because stress

preparation for the next level so that’s

well now now watch this because this is

important this is important they found

in the belly they fought in the birth

they fought in the belly they fought in

the birth and the next thing they grow

up and they fight over the bowl the

belly the birth the bowl the belly the

birth the bowl and all this text is

talking about dimensional warfare in

order to bring things into divine

alignment there will be dimensional

warfare the belly the birth the bowl so

it doesn’t talk about them growing up it

goes from the birth to now they’re grown

and it describes how different they are

grown they were different in the belly

they were different in the birth they

are now different at the bowl it says

that that Jacob was kind of a mama’s boy

he had to be his daddy didn’t like him

if I had a mystery not where that out

and and and so he’s good at what mom’s

good at the anointing you respect is

your knowing you receive so Jacob can do

what Rebecca can do are you follow me

let me let them let me let me let me let

me let me get into this

Jacob can do what his mama can do but

Jacob is important because Jacob is the

one that spreads the lineage it shall

not come to Esau now Isaac doesn’t pay

much attention to Jacob well Jacob is

serving Isaac according to the Talmud

the particular meal he prepared is in

honor of his father meaning he’s a

mama’s boy but he got daddy hungry Esau

has the favor of his father because he’s

good at what his father lacks his father

likes venison he’s good at killing at

hunting he has his father’s favor but

he’s not supposed to

Isaac has picked Esau but God God has

been Jacob the reason I got happy there

see I know what it’s like to not be the

one that everybody was expected and yet

God has picked you when people have

stepped over top of you looking for

somebody else but God is about to do the

unexpected in your right I want to talk

to some people that’s been picked over

stepped over cast aside and look over

baby this word is for you

the stone that the builders rejected

that’s the one God always chooses


watch this Esau comes in the house

hungry we pass over all of their

childhood experiences we come down to

their hunger point for the power of

choice is always based on your values

how you choose the decisions you make

will always tell me what you value Esau

comes in hungry he comes in hungry he

comes in hungry flesh is hungry flesh is

always flesh is always hungry your flesh

my flesh

his flesh her flesh young flesh old

flesh flesh is always hungry later in

the New Testament it will use Esau as a

type of fornication and lust because

flesh always wants something they not

shouting now like they was before I told

you to work more like this part when I

got down to this this


he’s always so hungry and he values

flesh over spirit so he says give me

some what you got in that pot and what

Jacob was cooking let me taste some

Jacob don’t despise your gift because

your gift is gonna make room for you I

know it’s not a gift that people want to

recognize but it’s a gift that God is

going to use to open up the next

dimension this is a prophetic word for

somebody who wishes you had a gift

somewhere else

no God’s gonna take the gift that he

gave you and it’s gonna make room and

bring you before a great man and though

it looks like you’re ain’t doing nothing

sitting around in the house cooking

beans who would have thought that God

would have a bowl of soup into a moment


he saw busted the door he said hey Jacob

man I’m hungry

Jacobson you know I can cook

you know it’s good you smell it don’t

you smell it don’t you

and then the Bible tells us something

that things are necessary it tells us

that the soup is red the red man what’s

red suit and I had to read it over and

over here because whip whip whip when

when I saw saw the soup the red soup

cooking in the pot the boy who was born

read values what he is flesh always

values what it is I’m coming here watch


you are no greater than your choices

your choices are built up for your

values whatever you value is what you’re

going to choose esau chose what he was

the red man chose the red too and he

didn’t value his birthright he said what

good is my birthright

when i’m hungry like this he had

something that he didn’t value and

anytime you have something that you

don’t value you will always lose it

somebody who knows the word on a sound

right there anytime you have something

or somebody or some job or some place or

some opportunity that you do not value

you will always lose what you do you

ought to see the couples

tried not to nod I saw one lady put a

negative brace but a toe was jumping up

and down says say it Mitchell say it say

it Julie you better value this here

right there you better but you better

value this right here don’t think I’m

gonna stay where I’m not very easy but a

him watch it watch whatever you value

will come to you whatever you don’t

value you will lose it can be more

valuable but if you don’t value it you

will lose it I cannot tell you how many

people in this room who know what it is

to grieve over the fact that you lost

something that you now know the value of

but didn’t appreciate in the moment can

I get a witness

watch this so if you want to change your

choices you have to change what you

value you have to change what your value

you have to change what your value which

means you gotta have something that we

are not good at delayed gratification

you ain’t going back hunger is temporary

discomfort we are wrestling between

temporary discomfort and long-term

benefit never make a permanent decision

over a temporary condition over what he

gave up was a permanent generational

blessing that effective today



vegans don’t


this boy and the reason this message is

important is because you’re right on the

cusp of something and your values are

gonna make a difference because your

values are going to determine your

choices and if you value the right thing

you will suffer for it

you will wait for it you will endure for

you will sacrifice forth you will know

that the long term benefit outweighs the

immediate gratification the reason you

give people money and they always spend

it is because we go for short-term

gratification I don’t want to be rich I

want to look rich


I don’t want to be smart I want to act

smart so I will drive this bitly right

up to the hook and I will spend my money

on depreciating assets because they make

me look good in the moment but I won’t

have anything in appreciating assets

because I cannot stand delayed

gratification I want to have it now so I

got nothing safe but I look



I got nothing to give to my children I

can’t send my kids to school I can’t

start my own business but I am the

sharpest pressing on the block if I

trade it in these heels I could pay this


I got red-bottom shoes on and I’m three

months behind on the mortgage because

red always wants to eat ready to make

better choices


help you with something this important

so sambar bad house in West Virginia I

bought my house in West Virginia and I

was driving an old Lincoln and it was

old and it looked bad and the big

preacher came to town preacher said to

me said you can’t have all of this house

and that Brad that rust-bucket up to

that house I said ride this rust bucket

is what bought this house

touch somebody say wait for it yeah

there’s something that God is about to

do in your life but you gotta be willing

to wait for it there’s something that

God is about to give you let’s go change

your destiny but you gotta be willing to

wait forward either you don’t wear

designer clothes or gods don’t make your

name great and they don’t be wearing

your name but you got away even you will

watch foolish or you won’t make foolish

but you gotta be willing home country

people say wait for it wait for save for

labor for wait for crap for do without

for God is about to open up the windows

of heaven and pour you out a blessing

Who am I talking to

the enemy tricked you into picking that

bad boy so that when that good man came

along you would walk here with see

deadbeat Danny because you wouldn’t wait

sir you are no better than your next

choice you are no better they said whoa

you are no better than your next choice

the greatest one of the greatest gifts

God ever gave man was the power to

choose the power to choose I won’t make

you be save I said before you life and

death you choose that’s part of your

godlike nature the ability to make a

decision I’m gonna bring all the animals

before you Adam you name them and the

power of your choice

I choose to call that a giraffe I choose

to call that a deer it will be whatever

you say it is

your choice determines your change your

choice determines your change God is

going to offer it to you your values

will determine whether you are worthy of


Jacob is cooking soup Esau has a bat

right that will affect thousands of

years and all of his children and Jacob

is over there just cooking this is the

moment the moment is determined by

choice not who they like the best not

who came out first not how they

struggled this is the moment that all of

heaven is peeking over the balcony to

see the choice because the choice

determines the change you are not going

to get to your next destination just by


I hate to mess with you I hate to mess

with your mind but prayer will not be

enough it will be my choice I thought

for sure for sure before I went back and

studied the text I thought for sure that

he saw his name change to eat them from

which came the [ __ ] which means red

I thought it happened at birth but it

didn’t they didn’t change his name to

eat him which caused all his descendants

to be the [ __ ] who ended up

possessing the territory that we now

call Jordan and a little bit of Joe of

what is Israel – was their dwelling

place it did not happen at birth it did

not happen at birth it happened at the



when he looked at the red suit and

thought it was more valuable than his

birthright when he looked at the


depreciating asset and didn’t value the

appreciating asset when he looked at the

gratification of the moment rather than

the reality of the process when he

looked at exciting the crowd as a

preacher but not studying at home to

know the methods

see that’s what’s wrong with where we

got right now we got a lot of people who

want to look like what they are not they

don’t want to really do the work so they

wait for somebody else to preach

something so they can take it they don’t

want to study cuz that takes too much

time they don’t want to lay out before

God and say Lord what is your word for

my people do you not know I go before

God for you


every Sunday I preach I listened to Adam

argue on social media that was for me no

child that was for me

oh no you might have thought it was for

you but I swear [ __ ] have been living

in my house your house but the Holy

Ghost has been living in your house

because I labor for God God gives me

your word I don’t deal you don’t have to

make some choices I guarantee you this

word is God prepping you for your next

choice cannot be based on your biggest

pain stop shooter stop cuz you hug

to them people cuz you heard the rap

will go away but the passion is still


I’m not just preaching to you before God

God give me what these people need in a

way that they can said that you always

draw what you value that you’re doing it

to you you end up with the man you

deserve you end up with what you value

we end up with the president we value

our presidents are not anything but a

reflection choices always value or the

like thereof so what you see going on

outwardly is always a reflection of what

started going on in wordly because it

determines what your father now our

choice is coming and you have to be

strong enough to go long enough in pain

for a greater vision of what God is

about to do in your life this choice

changed his name changed his children

had he not made this choice God would

later tell Moses I am the God of Abraham

Isaac and Esau had he not given up his

birthright his children would have been

the heads of the tribes of the children

that we know as Israel but for a bowl of

soup the Jewish Talmud said that Esau

spent the rest of his life trying to get

that birthright back and even in death

that he was bringing gold and silver

trying to get the right to be buried in

the supper car over his father’s because

by the time his values caught up with

his life he had lost point five the

moment the power of the moment the power

of the moment is not retroactive there

are some moments you will never have a


there are some things that once you lose

them you will never get a do-over again

the Bible said he saw repentance with

many tears what is this a God said

repent repent always works but not this

time because this time it is the power

of the moment doing the right thing at

the right time will determine the right

outcome if you missed the moment all of

heaven is suspended the Chronicles could

not be written until the choice was made

this choice will determine the rest of

the book but God already knew what he

was going to do and he chose on the

level he was not on the order of his

birth because he was in a position he

wasn’t and he sucked to the level of who

he really was he was a soup guy in a

Prince’s place and so he valued low and

he miss his moment there is a moment

spent in your feet there is a moment

that’s not our córdoba’s Jimmy Jimmy

could hear me him in church please

please give me there is a moment that

God will give you that will determine

how enough story there is a moment that

if you discern the power of no devil in

hell can stop you from your destiny in

that moment who would have thought that

after all of Jacob’s fighting he will

win the battle with a bowl of soup some

of you that have been struggling for

years for what is rightfully yours and

all your fussing and all your fighting

had got it done God’s gonna use your


I don’t know whether you can receive it

here maybe somebody watching right now

streaming online of this is for you

you’ve been wronged all your life you’ve

never had your rightful portion you’ve

never been acknowledged to the place

that you should have been you always

suspected that your situation there is a




preaching – these are about two ships

watch this and it’s got a shift in a



after years of struggle

after years of inequity and injustice

and misfortune after years of being

stepped over and overlooked after years

of crime itself to sleep and saying why

didn’t daddy like me after years of not

getting what he knew and inside of

himself was religious everything shifted

in a moment you don’t even see it coming


you don’t even suspect it’s gonna happen

you have decided I’m gonna make the best

of how things are you said it here’s

what it is know what it is it’s about to

ship all about creature


sounded a little sad I heard the Lord

saying I’m gonna give you a moment and

what you do with that moment is up to

you hear ye the word of the Lord God is

going to give you a moment and what you

do with that moment is up to you

my subject is Christ the moments Jacob

was a fighter in his Mama’s belly

he was a fighter in the belly he was a

fighter in the birth he was a fighter in

the bowl he was a fighter even when God

confronted him he was a fighter over his


he wrestled with God in stressful if he

saw that shunda Kolchak

you have had to fight all the you’ll

hear me today after years of struggle

and being tough and sucking it up and

dealing with what you got a deal with

God said I’m about to give you a

moment’s and if you will grasp that

moments I will open up the windows of

heaven and pour you out a blessing



if I’m preaching to you lift your hands

open your mouth and let nothing but

praise come out of your mouth

nothing but praise let it out like the

fighter you are

like the worshiper you are black the

plays on you are



I’m getting ready to Prince for somebody

and something is gonna happen in this

place the stage has said the Spirit of

the Lord is here the anointing of the

Holy Ghost is in this place right here

right now right here right now right

here right now God is about to do

something amazing

quickly listen at this Sarah Jordan

power saw me at the main D Center I was

up in the balcony listening at Fred

price all the way in the nosebleed

section at the very top of the top of

the table she brought me down to the

front row because she knew me because I

had invited her to sing for Mother’s Day

and a small meeting in Charleston West

Virginia there probably weren’t

particularly memorable to her because we

had 300 people and it was a big deal for

us but she was Sarah Jordan Powell


I wouldn’t pdj calestous Thompson

Minister Jake tell the Jake’s them she

brought me down to the front row and she

said after service I’m gonna introduce

you to Canton DS and she walked to the

corner stage and Carlton was getting

ready to go in the back and she see

Carlton I want you to read a passage

eggs from West Virginia and he said oh

he said I don’t know and he put his hand

on my chest he said but he sounds like a

preacher he invited me in the back for

the big muckety-mucks go in my little

hillbilly suit and I went back in the

bath and I ate some Franklin stuff shook

hands met some people got out of there

later I’ve had an invitation to speak

for his leadership conference at his

church me brian keith williams said mark

Hamby Wednesday Thursday and Friday he

put all we were so insignificant that

they put us all together on his show and

showed clips of each one of us preacher

cuz none of us had real big names not

like Oral Roberts and him at the time

and he played a seven minute clip

and and the clip that they chose of my

sermon the sermon was called behind

closed doors but everybody calls it

show me your holes because that was a

clip that they showed and they showed

this little clip of me talking about

Jesus showing his wounds Paul Crouch was

writing a book I had no father but God

and was struggling with whether to tell

his whole story or not and he happened

to turn on TBN during the 7 minute clip

that I was preaching about show me your


he called called a person and said this

is big black papper preacher

sweating all over the place on your TV

show right now who is he he said well

that’s that Jade Skye from West Virginia

if Paul would have got up to eat a ham


if he would I had to go to the bathroom

he would have missed that clip when God

gives you a moment

here we’ll put you in the right place


from the foundations this is no time to

be weary and well going this is no time

to be discouraged this is no time to be

depressed this is no time to decide you

not go get it

this is no time to have a pity party

about all the stupid things you did this

is no time for you to worry about who

you are in your humanity this is a time

to grasp Jacob didn’t get it because he

was holy he didn’t get it because he was

perfect he was carnal and fleshly and he

– his name meant trickster he got it

because he grasped

God will look over look everything you

did wrong if you will get this thing

right join hands with somebody leave no

one untouched

check out the grip if they ain’t got no

grip let them go


because I’m preaching about grasp in the

moment and this is not for anybody that

will not grass

squeezing hang lettle notice how that

how no graphs this thing that’s how no

grass this opportunity that I’m gonna

dress it that I’m gonna lay hold on it

that’s how I’m gonna drip what God has

given me it might not look like much it

might only look like soup I might be lad

that they might have said I’m a mama’s

boy but I’m about to have a moment

squeeze your head the power of the Holy

Ghost is about to erupt in your life you

better overlook the Overlook you may

like your sister better but God is

getting ready to do something in your

life that’s gonna blow your mind squeeze

that hand


I’m forgetting what’s behind me I’m

forgetting what’s behind me and grasping

what’s in front of me grasping what’s in

front of me I’m grasping what God is

about to do