How to Overcome Fear and Move Forward in Faith – Bill Johnson (Sermon Clip) | Bethel Church

Is fear keeping you paralyzed? Bill Johnson talks about fear and the importance of moving forward in the face of fear. Overcoming fear doesn’t always look like a bold, courageous act, sometimes it is just continuing to move forward in faith. because the Lord isn’t looking always for great courageous leaps he’s looking for movement […]

The Pathway to Promotion (Having the Heart of a King) – Bill Johnson (Full Sermon) | Bethel Church

In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches keys from David’s early years and his pathway to promotion. God is looking for people with the “heart of a king”; people who will allow Him to purify their hearts and continually refine and establish their identity in Him alone. Self-promotion is all too common in our culture, […]

The Sanctifying Power of a Thankful Heart | Bill Johnson Sermon Clip | Bethel Church

Having a thankful heart does more than keep our hearts and minds healthy; being thankful actually sanctifies the very things we are thanking God for. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the power of being thankful, and how our relationships and the situations we face are impacted and sanctified by our thanksgiving. thankfulness […]