learning Heaven’s value system

is a

is like bigger than more important

you you we learn it through recognizing

the presence of God the greatest gift in

our life is the holy spirit there’s

nothing that compares

the person of God

is called the down payment in Scripture

the Bible says I don’t understand it’s a

incredible mystery but it says we

inherit God

and then the down payment is the spirit

of God himself

which means here’s the payment and

there’s more coming

and you know by you know how much God

trusts what he has done in You by what

he has entrusted to you

and when we discover that the Holy

Spirit has been entrusted to us to dwell

in us to lead in us to rest upon us

we realize that he has great confidence

in his work of Salvation in our life and

he’s given us or called us into this

into this relational Journey where we

actually need to partner with someone

one of the

I think I think the most important verse

in my life in the in the last quite a

few years maybe a couple decades

has been this verse in John 15 7 that

says abide in me

my words abide in you you will ask

whatever you want it’ll be done for you

as you know it’s not a verse where God

is inviting us into finally having our


and having anything done you know in

some selfish or egotistical manner

instead he’s inviting us into a

co-laboring role

where we get to actually have influence

in participating with him to see his

purposes accomplished in the Earth

it’s all about the presence

it’s all about the person of the Holy


it’s not just a movement it’s not just

an energy it’s not just

a power it’s actually

a person that we have the privilege of

coming to know

and recognize see the Holy Spirit lives

in every believer but he doesn’t rest

upon every believer

he lives in me for my sake but he rests

upon me for yours

living as an offering

living living as a surrendered yielded

offering to the Lord

gives a platform if you will a place for

the spirit of God to rest

because he knows that in us giving

ourselves to him completely we won’t try

to manipulate or use him for our

intended purposes

and in this bizarre Journey that all of

us are in

we have this shocking discovery

that he actually meant it when he said

whatever you asked for will be done

it’s what I’m about to say is is scary

for us as leaders and it’s easy to get

heavily heavily criticized for what I’m

about to say but it’s it’s important at

least for you to think about this

he did not make us robots or computers

that were programmed to request specific


he made his people who could think and


and would go with him on a journey and

in the journey and in surrender to him

learn to dream in a complimentary

fashion to his dreams

I’m not I believe in praying what he

says to pray so don’t don’t

misunderstand this you know if he leads

you to pray in a certain way that’s

that’s the most powerful prayers but

there are sometimes he won’t he won’t

talk to me

sometimes he won’t tell me what to do

and it’s never punishment he is never

silent out of punishment he’s only

silent when he’s already spoken and it’s

our job to remember

he’s already deposited the seed what

have I done with it see it says Mary

treasured these things in her heart

so when the Lord speaks to you there has

to be a process where we Embrace and

treasure those things that God has said

because they germinate in us there’s a

time of fulfillment and they germinate

in US

and there are things that the Lord has


to us that uh that have to be they have

to be treasured and and uh one of the

things that I do is I I try I try to

keep extensive records of whatever the

Lord has spoken you know over my life

through the years

I’ve been a real tough situations where

I literally just sit in my recliner I

had a health issue several years ago

and I just sat in my recliner at home

and I wasn’t able to eat I wasn’t able

to do very much I just sat there and I

just listened to prophetic words over my

life I watched on little videos that I

have in my iPad and just because I can’t

afford to think thoughts about me that

he doesn’t think about me

if I entertain thoughts that he’s not

thinking I’m entertaining A Lie

and when you believe a lie you empower

the liar

sometimes we we dwell on lies as an

attempt to be humble

we dwell on lies because we feel less

about ourselves and we think feeling

less about ourselves as humility and

it’s not

believing a lie is never humility

it’s much harder to believe the truth

fearing that people will think you’re


see great faith is always thought to be

arrogant by those with unbelief

and great faith never draws attention to

itself but it is willing to take a stand

on the heart and nature of God the word

of God the Covenant of God

so the Lord has brought us into this

journey and he says if you abide in me

that’s living in the felt realization of

the presence of God

it’s the felt realization of a person

I’m not just talking about emotional

highs and lows those fluctuate but there

is there is the capacity in every

believer to live in continuous contact

with the person of the Holy Spirit

as Larry Randolph told us years ago he

says if God is as big as he says he is

he shouldn’t be that hard to find

the failed realization of presence so

here it is abide in me it’s the picture

is a is a vine a branch on a vine so

there’s that there’s that connection you

can’t tell where the branch starts in

the vine ends you know you you can’t

tell this it’s it’s so seamless it’s so


and abiding in him is living in that

felt realization of the person of the

Holy Spirit

see we try to exercise faith for many

things as we should

you’re praying for that loved one that’s

dying you’re praying for that

breakthrough at work you’re praying for

that lost neighbor that doesn’t know


and we work hard to exercise Faith as we

ought to for those things but how about

exercising Faith to discover his


see he is faithful



and when you are close to the one who is


you become full of faith

it’s all from a person

it’s not through strategy

it’s not a secret

it’s not tricks of Christianity it’s

it’s confidence in a person his nature

his heart his word

faith comes by hearing it doesn’t come

from having heard

faith comes by hearing it’s a present

tense reality it’s in the continuous

fellowship with him that heartfelt a

realization of presence so abide in me

he says and my words abide in you that’s

the intentional embracing of whatever

God says putting it deeply in your heart

so that it can germinate it can you can

meditate on it think about it re-examine

it look it up study it but you take that

which God has spoken and when you get

those two realities living in the

heartfelt the the felt realization of

presence and the intentionality of

embracing whatever God says

those two realities put you in a

position to ask whatever you want to be

a force in the Earth

four times in three chapters

Jesus said you can ask for anything you

want and it’ll be done for you

and oftentimes as past as what we do is

we we try to dumb that down because it’s

so scary

you know what he really meant was if you

ask for what he tells you to ask for

then he will answer that prayer and that

is true I’ve had him Lead Me In very

specific prayers but again there are

times where he is silent because he’s

wanting he’s wanting whatever is in me

to stand up

so the scripture says arise and shine

get off your rear end stand up take your

place and shine because you have a

responsibility in the earth and the end

result of changing posture

it’s not self-confidence

it’s a god-confidence it’s a confidence

in the word of God there’s something

about shifting and changing that posture

that the end result of that as kings

will come to your life and Nations to

the brightness of your Rising

there’s something divinely attractive of

a people who know who they are in God

and who God is in them

every one of us

have the measure of his presence we’re

willing to jealously guard

whatever measure of presence you’ll take

a bullet for that’s what you’re living


and you say well I have I have all I’ve

got to have all of those Holy Spirit and

I get that theologically there are

things that are true that are not true

in our practice so I like to put it this


I have everything in my account I have

some things in my possession

that was a really good point bill I I

thought that was excellent

yes it’s all in my account

but it doesn’t mean no good if I can’t

access display

so here we are as a people called to

host and to carry this wonderful person

of the Holy Spirit into life itself

you all right

good me too

excuse me

that’s the will of God for my life right


so I I

am fascinated by by Jesus’s example

of cooperating with the Holy Spirit

it just it never gets old I feel like

now I’m sure you feel the same way I I

look at these things and I feel like man

I’m just barely out of preschool

in this subject

and and yet I’m so I’m so hungry to

learn and to see more of what he would

actually do in and through me in and

through us


Jesus is walking down this road and he’s

got people crowding in all around him


um they’re all wanted to get close they

they all want to be the the one who

could say to their grandchildren I mean

I was there I was there the day he

walked through town and we saw what he

did heard what he said everybody’s vying

for position you know

the reputation of his profound messages

the reputation of his miracles his signs

his wonders were had spread so so deeply

that the entire city is pressing and

trying to get close and he’s he’s

walking down conversing I’m sure healing

doing all the stuff that he does

and in one moment he feels a woman touch

the edge of His Garment which is really

a strange moment if you think about it

which I’m sure you have it’s a

everybody’s touching him

there’s a touch and then there’s a touch

and this woman who was

seriously ill

touched His Garment and Jesus felt

presence leave him now let me rephrase

that it wasn’t that something left him

it’s that something flowed from him

because he still had the spirit without


all right he had he had the Holy Spirit

without measure so it wasn’t like I had

something and now it’s gone it wasn’t

that he he lived with such an awareness

of this person

Holy Spirit

that when there was movement of that


from him to another without his

without him directing traffic without

him releasing through a command or

whatever it wasn’t it wasn’t initiated

by him it was initiated by the faith in

this woman so she touches him and he

feels he said somebody touched me the

disciples are a little bit stunned by

his statement because everybody’s

touching him

and he ignored his disciples which he

knew exactly when to do that

as they objected you know

and he said no somebody touched me and

he looked and the woman was there and

she was dramatically healed your faith

is healed it’s a great story but what

puzzles me is how can you be in

conversation with people

noisy streets

lots of activity

more than Christmas at Walmart

lots of activity

and he’s walking down the street and

he’s so conscious of this person holy

spirit that when somebody put a demand

on what he was carrying he was aware of

the release

so that’s what I’m jealous for that’s

that’s it right there

and uh and we see throughout scripture

we see um we see a number of times

throughout scripture when people people

lived in that reality Peters maybe one

of the better examples where he’s

walking down the street going to a

prayer meeting and people were aware of

when he would walk down that street so

they brought the sick and and lay them

in the street in his shadow would pass

by there’s no substance to a shadow

it’s not like it’s not like a prayer

cloth or something

it’s not the same as the laying of hands

it’s actually

it’s actually proximity

See Your Shadow will always release

whatever overshadows you

as we give place to this person

and again it’s not us just directing him

it’s us cooperating

that sometimes he makes us conscious of

what he’s doing and we get to

participate with prayer or decree or

whatever it might be but there are other

times it’s literally just

us doing life

but there’s such a a glorious

manifestation of his presence upon

a person that their surroundings are

profoundly affected

for me these stories are invitations for

exploration for experimenting

now I I know the the subject of

experimenting bothers a lot of people

but it’s the only way I know how to


I don’t know I don’t know how to learn

any other way than to experiment we just

try to get it right and uh when we don’t

we clean up our mess when we get it

right we give him thanks

but it’s it’s experimenting you know you

you go to Apple Computers they have two

major parts of their corporation one is

research and development the other is


manufacturing you want zero defects

but if your core value is zero defects

in research and development you won’t

invent anything

you actually have to explore what won’t


it’s a part of the journey you have to

actually explore them

and in these two realities the

manufacturing zero defects and research

and development

manufacturing this character we want

zero defects

research and development is power we

want to learn how to cooperate with him

to see things happen and break through

risk is involved

I remember

pastoring in a small community in

Northern California

the name of Weaverville

and I was there for 17 years and we we

loved being there I figured I’d be there

the rest of my life because not even the

devil expected anything out of that City

3 500 people on a good day you know

and it was the Big Town in the county

so if you can imagine a county that’s 40

miles wide by 80 miles long and just all

rugged mountains and there’s this little

gem of a town and that’s where we lived

but I figured you know we could we could

Ambush the enemy because he didn’t

expect anything

so size is never the issue

Jesus actually fed more people when he

started with less

bread and fish

and he had more leftovers

the less he started with the more he did

never be impressed or intimidated by


he thinks different

so I remember our office was downtown

and across the street was a health food

store and behind that was our post

office and we had no mail delivery we

had to pick up our mail every day

and I remember walking uh to the post

office to get my mail from the office

and and I remember walking back I would

come to this health food store and it

was the kind that that it was a

wonderful story of wonderful people but

you know they had some weird religious

stuff in there too you know the gurus

and all the weird things

but uh but the owners were friends and I

really loved just talking with them and

finding out how their business is doing

encouraging them

but I remember I would walk back from

the post office and I’d come up I’d come

up to the back door of this store and

I’ve just stopped for just a moment

and become conscious of the Holy Spirit

you will always

you can become conscious of the Holy

Spirit if you’ll turn your affection

towards him

you will actually discover the one you

love if you love

and I would come now just stand at the

back door just for a moment

and just be caught conscious of the Holy

Spirit upon me I didn’t you know I


seeing how great thou art or you know

anything it wasn’t that it was just

taking a moment to become conscious of

him and then I’d walk into the store and

I would usually go in and get some lunch

you know and take it to my office and

but I’d walk up and down the aisles like

this when what I wanted was over there

but I figured I was kind of like one of

them Rain Bird sprinklers that was just

trying to take the glory of the Lord

into every aisle and

and uh I I’m not saying you should do

this and there’s no good verse behind it


work with me here for a minute

but I remember one day walking into the

store the owner I said hey Bill come

here and he took me over into the

vegetable section

and he said he said bill

when you walk in the store something is


now I didn’t have more of God in my life

than all the other beliefs that shopped

there but I might have been the only one

that intentionally became aware of the

spirit of God upon me before I would

walk in

you know you don’t go in and do weird

things you’re not going you know you’re

not you’re not laying hands on people as

you’re going it’s not that it’s it’s not

you get no prize for being weird all


but you can be the landing place the

resting place of the spirit of God

and when we do that

every place we go is affected

atmosphere changes

not because we willed it to change

but because we invited the one who

changes things

we became the donkey that he rides on if

you will we’re just we’re just simply

the yielded vessel that he would rest


Peter’s Shadow healed the sick for Paul

it became so

so obvious and so the the effect was so

profound that they could take cloth

headbands and aprons off his body

and send them to another location and

demons would cry out and leave the

person’s body or they would be

physically healed

there was such

and I remind you as headbands and aprons

work clothing

now I I think it’s great to lay hands on

prayer Claws and I do it we send them

out and we pray for folks I I believe in

that I have no problem

but this was actually

clothing that a man who built tents

sweat all over while he was working and

they took those articles of clothing

in other words his L he was he was so

offering himself in labor unto the Lord

that even his manual work carried

anointing to deliver and heal

it reinforces this idea that once you’re

a Believer there is no secular

occupation and if you find one don’t do


everything is honestly Sanctified set

apart to the Lord for him to fill it he

will always fall upon sacrifice and if

you work as a mechanic offer your labor

unto the Lord because the fire the

presence of God rests upon what we offer


it’s that manifest presence thing again

so I look at these stories of Jesus I

look at the stories of Paul and Peter

and how they hosted this person

the Holy Spirit and I I get to I get

I get jealous

maybe jealousy is the wrong word I get


did you know that Jesus

Jesus first number one is eternally God

never stop being God never took a

vacation from me God but the great

mystery of scriptures he became 100 man

while maintaining his 100 divinity

I can’t explain it

but Jesus

told us

of himself he said the son of man can do

nothing of himself

I have looked it up and the word nothing

there actually means nothing

he was he was telling us he was letting

us know

that all the stuff that he was about to


the Miracles the Deliverance

the walking on water the multiplying


all the stuff that he did

he couldn’t do

now obviously as God he could but he

he’s so restricted his activities his

his processes he’s so restricted them

that that

he could only do what he saw the father

do if the Holy Spirit helped him to do


it’s another good point there bill just


just don’t quit

the son of man can do nothing of himself

so he chose to so restrict what he could


to give us an example that could be


see if he does every you know if he

multiplies food you know as God

if he heals the sick as God I’m still


but I’m not compelled to follow I’m I’m

permanently The Spectator going yay God

do it again but when I find out he does

it as my savior as my elder brother

then suddenly I discovered now wait a

minute he’s setting an example that can

and must be followed

and I and and I I may never do it well

but I don’t have another option

I can’t say well I’m just not gifted

don’t be stupid

excuse me don’t be

stupid that’s really the right word

that’s right sorry I was right the first


so Jesus only says when he hears the

father say he only does what he sees the

father do

to give us an example that Canada must

be followed

but there are two qualifiers two

qualifications in his lifestyle number

one is he was without sin

number two he was completely empowered

by the Holy Spirit

so number one without sin how effective

is the blood of Jesus

does it take care of most sins

big sins


so the first qualification is settled so

the only other question that remains is

how empowered by the Holy Spirit am I

willing to be

so when the Holy when Jesus

Illustrated this lifestyle that he was

inviting us into

he would walk into a room he would walk

into a into a crowd

and they would say we’ve never heard a

man speak like this before

and in John 6 he tells us the secret

behind what he was doing

in John 6 verse 63 I believe it is he

says my words are Spirit

and they are like my words of spirit and

that spirit gives life

that’s contrasted with John chapter 1.

John chapter 1 verse 14 says Jesus was

the word of God made flesh but when he

gets to John chapter 6 the word of God

is made spirit

I’ll try this out over here

as I heard somebody say recently the

word of God made flesh

then the word of God was made Spirit his

words became spirit in that Spirit gave


yeah thanks it’s a little late but it’s

all right sorry I’m a forgiver I’m a


so if you could picture this with me

whenever Jesus spoke he wasn’t just

sharing ideas and Concepts that was

absolutely true

but there was power behind it let me be

more specific there was presence behind

his words

presence behind his word

that’s why there was atmospheric shift

every time he spoke

and think about this in Romans 14 17 it

says the kingdom of God is Not meat or

drink but righteousness peace and joy in

the Holy Spirit the kingdom of God is

Not meat or drink it’s righteousness

peace and joy in the Holy Spirit the

kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit

so if words become spirit

that’s why the kingdom became manifest

wherever he talked

righteousness peace and joy

righteousness God’s answer for the sin

issue peace his answer for the torment

issue Joy laughter’s medicine is the

healing agent

trying salvation the healing of the

whole man is involved in this reality of

the kingdom of God what is the kingdom

it’s not a location

it’s actually the influence of a person

Kingdom King’s domain wherever the King

has Dominion

yes there’s heaven and I believe we go

to a location but but Jesus is profound


and practice was to illustrate the

reality of that world Here and Now

that was that was what that’s why they

killed him

they didn’t kill him because of good

Services sermons

they killed him because of the


because they they couldn’t handle they

couldn’t duplicate what he was doing

they were losing influence

because somebody actually could

demonstrate what they said

they’d not been accustomed to that at


so Jesus would speak and what would take

place atmosphere would change what was

it the kingdom of God

Matthew 12 28 Jesus said if I cast a

demon Out of You by the spirit of God

then the kingdom of God Came Upon you so

here let’s just say we’ve got individual

he he comes delivered from the torment

of devils all right so he becomes free

Jesus just gave us an understanding of

what actually happened that we couldn’t

see we see a tormented person that is

now free Jesus said what actually

happened was the kingdom of God the

reality of God’s Dominion crashed in to

this place this uh Abiding Place of

darkness and it broke that darkness and

the Darkness had to leave

in the same way that when you turn a

light on and darkness goes that’s

actually what happens in that

Deliverance as light comes Darkness


so Jesus is illustrating the profound

effect of the kingdom of God on Life as

We Know It

that’s why he says seek first the

kingdom of God and his righteousness all

these things will be added if you will

prioritize the Dominion of God over

every part of your life and your


then you can be trusted with all things

see we love it when people seek first

the kingdom we’re not always as happy

with them when God adds all things into

their life


we love it when people pray in secret

we’re not as happy with them when God

rewards them openly

we love it when people Give in secret

we’re not as happy when God rewards them


we love it when they humble themselves

under the mighty hand of God we’re not

always as happy with them when they are

exalted like he promised

and the reason is we have a theology for

death but not for Resurrection

yieldedness to Christ is supposed to

lead to something and there’s a

Sanctified demonstration of what it is

to live life in an effective way and

that’s what we’re called to

and if you want to be criticized start

exploring what it looks take to live in

the presence and power of Resurrection

I need another drink after that one

Pastor gets pulled over for

weaving down the road this really isn’t

a very good story

policeman pulls over says Pastor you’ve

been drinking he says nope he says

what’s in that ball it says it’s water

the policeman takes it smells he goes

That’s wine and the passenger said he

did it again

sorry not the best story I apologize


don’t do that don’t do that

so Jesus whenever he would speak then

just picture this he’s got a group of

people sitting from

and he he tells them repent for the

Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

repent actually means to change the way

you think it’s change your perspective

on reality it’s like Jesus says here I

brought my world with me and if you

don’t change the way you think you’ll

live your entire lifetime within hands

reach of my world but never you’ll never

access it

it’s not that we access through the mind

it’s just Faith doesn’t come from from

the mind

faith comes from the heart but the

renewed mind is like Banks of a river

creates a context for Faith to flow

so Jesus says repent so here’s the crowd

he stands before all of us and he says


the kingdom is Within Reach

all right in his speaking words became

spirit and that Spirit contains Kingdom

so whenever you say what the father is

saying you change the options of the

people who hear you

I have more jokes if that would if that

would be better I’ve got pages and pages

of them

every time we say what the father is

saying we tap into the heart of God

and he gives us the privilege to speak

words that change atmosphere how many of

you have been in a real difficult

situation maybe in a hospital waiting

room or somewhere that’s just really

really rough and there’s so much anxiety

and somebody maybe a relative a friend a

pastor somebody walks into the room and

makes a statement in the entire

atmosphere changes how many you know

what I’m talking about that’s that

moment that’s that

you may not sit back and say wow the

kingdom of God is present but there’s an

atmospheric shift that took place

because somebody whether they even knew

the Lord or not somebody tapped into the

heart of the father and they released

that word and it changed the options all

of a sudden people who are discouraged

find courage

people that have no hope suddenly have

great hope why because somebody spoke

in a way that changed atmosphere

really’s presence and that presence that

person contains the kingdom

how are we doing for time because we’re

still going to pray for people I I uh I

preach the Eternal gospel

so uh

I don’t know what to say if you get

through before I do just go home I guess

I’m not sure

so Jesus



and things change here’s a great example

in Matthew 10 and Luke 9 I believe it is

but you’ll you’ll recognize those

stories Jesus got his guys together and

he’s sending them out two by two and he

says when you go into a town let your

peace rest up find the house or where

the household let your peace rest on

that house

I think this is funny excuse me but I I

I can see the disciples sitting there


I didn’t even know we had peace

and how do we get it out on this house

you know but Jesus had to do it so there

was get sent out and he says

relationship peace on the house and

Luke’s gospel adds to it he says and if

there’s no one there worthy to receive

it it’ll come back to you

got it got it first of all I don’t know

how to get rid of it

and I’m not sure how I’m going to

recognize when it comes back

but it’s actually a partnership with a

person because peace in the kingdom is

not the absence of something

see in the world systems the absence of

noise absence of War absence of conflict

but in the Kingdom it’s a person it’s

the presence of a person so Jesus would

walk into a situation and would speak

peace and the atmosphere would change so

now he’s telling his guys to do the same


well there’s this interesting story in

the Old Testament

and I’ll just read part of it to you

he sent out from himself a dove

to see if the waters had receded from

the face of the ground

the dove found no resting place for the

soul of her foot and she returned into

the ark to him

for the waters were on the face of the

whole Earth

and so he put out his hand and he took

her and Drew her into the ark to himself

no I had no other relationship that we

know of with any animal

in that art like this

to himself he waited another seven days

he sent The Devout from the ark the Dove

came to him in the evening and behold a

freshly plucked olive leaf was in her

mouth what’s the international symbol of


that with the Olive Branch

what did Jesus say to release over the


you’re not communicating a concept

you’re partnering with the person

a person that is looking for a place to


that’s your assignment

that’s your life

so the Dove came to him in the evening

Behold a freshly plucked olive leaf was

in her mouth no one knew that the waters

had receded from the earth he waited

another seven days and sent out the dove

which did not return again

the more we become aware of the person

of the Holy Spirit the more the more we

become aware of his activities and how

he moves how he works

how else how else do you know

when you’ve actually released peace and

how do you know enough when it comes

back you get the the dilemma and yet

this was Ministry 101 for Jesus these

are the 12 disciples that aren’t even

born again yet

they’re not even born again yet they

couldn’t be saved as Jesus hadn’t died

he hadn’t shed his blood yet

so he’s teaching

12 guys that are not born again how to

cooperate with the Holy Spirit

Ministry 101

now if you turn in your Bibles and we’ll

wrap it up with this passage go to

Gospel of John chapter 20.


now do you do that with every verse or

you just like that one

you’re just happy I actually opened the

Bible that’s what that’s what it is

yeah yeah I know I I quoted scripture


give me some points here

John 20 verse 19.

then the same day at evening being the

first day of the week when the doors

were shut or the disciples were

assembled for fear of the Jews

Jesus came and stood in the midst and

said to them peace be with you

okay just stop for a moment

I I know this is a very familiar story

but it illustrates actually what I’ve

been talking about all night

Jesus the disciples are afraid they’re

next they saw they saw Jesus crucified

and they’re scared to death they’re next

and so they’re hiding Jesus walks

apparently through the wall

which doesn’t help when you’re

struggling with fear


it’s it’s not the best way

to encourage the Brethren you know a

knock on the door would have been

helpful I don’t know but anyway

he walks through the wall he just

appears and he says peace be to you

let me tell you something that Dove

could not find any place to land

we got 11 guys left and they are


they’re they are anxious on steroids all

right they they are anxiety filled Jesus

walks in and he says peace be to you


verse 20 says when he said this he

showed them his hands and his side then

the disciples were glad when they saw

the Lord so in other words they were not

happy campers when he first walked in

and said peace be with you but he showed

him his hands inside showed the scars

and see he didn’t look like he did


I’m going to open a can of worms with

this but

I’ll let you figure it out

Jesus has a habit of showing up

different than we are accustomed to

seeing him

and if we measure things by externals

there’s a good chance we will miss what

he’s doing but if we learn to recognize

him by presence

I remember my first trip to Toronto and

the outpouring that took place there

it was confusing when I walked in there

was five thousand people there it was

confusing I closed my eyes

and it was the same

same presence of the spirit of God we

were experiencing at home

see some all of us have lists most of us

have a list

I’ve seen God work this way

weeping in the presence of God maybe uh

rejoicing maybe uh trembling maybe

kneeling you know and we have this list

and when God starts doing something it’s

not on our list it really challenges us

because we tend to measure what he’s

doing by our accepted experience

instead of my presence

so when you recognize he’s here

it doesn’t mean you fall for everything

it just means you realize he’s

sponsoring some things that is outside

my experience

when people will often criticize what’s

being done and the back story is God

would never do that to them if he had

never done it to me first

that just felt good to say you don’t

look so happy but I I felt good I felt


so then they were happy when they saw

the Lord Jesus said to them again peace

to you as the father sent me I send you

when he said this he breathed on them

and said receive the Holy Spirit

I personally don’t think the disciples

had a clue what Jesus was talking about

in Matthew 10 when he said release your

peace on the house

but they got it here

they got it here

they’re filled with anxiety there

scared to the max

Jesus Walks In they are all the more

aggravated and nervous

he speaks to them they don’t recognize

their moment

the god of Mercy gave them a second

chance spoke again and this time if you

can imagine the dove flying around the

room finding people to rest upon in

other words the whole mission was to

release a person

all of sin falls short of the glory of

God we were designed to live in the

Manifest presence of Jesus that’s the


and everything we do in life is to

reconnect us with design

living in the Manifest presence

to me the exciting thing about this is

that when when we learn to host him

more amazing things happen by accident

than ever used to happen on purpose

you know you actually stumble into

success if I can use that term you

actually stumble into miracles

you know I don’t know that when Peter

walked by the sick people and his

Shadows touch I don’t know that he

leaned any more in their direction or

tried to you know I I I assuming he was

just walking to a permit

but somehow in his history with people

somebody must have seen a healing take

place because they were close to that

individual and they recognized the

spirit of God that rested on him

and so they spread the news and people

started planning around his activities

just to be close to the man who hosted

the person

I’m trying

when I go to sleep at night

I crawl into bed I

I like to turn my affection towards him

I’m not wanting to start singing songs I

don’t want to activate over activate my

brain I’m not interested in staying up

interceding for the Nations I want to


so let’s let’s get it clear I’m not I’m

not trying to be a spiritual giant

change the world I want sleep

but in in that moment as I drift off to

sleep I like I like to just turn my

heart of affection towards him because

he’s such a lover he’s always drawn to


and I like

did you know that your day begins at


in in the creation it says there was

night and day which was the first day

most of us would have better days if we

had better nights

and it starts when you get into bed

that’s when your day begins

your day begins with rest

and learning to just acknowledge him

again I’m not trying to get into some

intercessory role or some prophetic

thing I’m just I’m just wanting to make


that my conscience is clean

that I’m connecting with the personal

holy spirit that as I go to sleep he

will train me in the night what I

couldn’t handle in the day


this Kingdom this person this presence

is released through

three basic ways that I understand there

may be dozens more but I I get three of


one is through touch

laying on our hands is not

a symbolic act where you show your

sympathies to somebody who needs prayer

there is another world inside of me that

is longing to be released when I touch

and the woman who touched Jesus whether

she could have explained that her heart

of Faith understood there was something

he was carrying that she needed to


whether it’s in the touch or whether

it’s in our touch

that’s supposed to be really surprisence

release of kingdom

I’m going to end with this so let me

just wrap this up then we’re going to


so the first would be touch laying out

of hands

the second is decree

one of the models of our house is

nothing happens in the Kingdom unless

first there’s a declaration and you guys

follow those those same principles

things need to be said

not just happy thoughts

that actually need to be declared

why because words become presence

things things need to be said

and there’s actually a release

you know Jesus to the Centurion said go

your way your servant is healed he sent

his word he made the decree and the

servant was healed some miles away

through a spoken word

that doesn’t mean we get to craft

whatever word we want to make whatever

thing happen that we want to make happen

that’s the wrong emphasis the emphasis

is on hearing him so that we can

represent him

decrees change reality

and the last one

is what we refer to as a prophetic Act

that’s where you do something in the

natural that has no that has no

correlation to the outcome you want

for example the prophets lose an ax head

as they’re building their new dorms for

their Ministry School

and they lose this ax head into a river

and they come crying to the prophets and

we lost the ax head we can’t afford to

buy another one and it’s we you know

it’s in the river

the prophet says take a branch throw it

in the river he does and the ax head


how many of you know you can throw

branches into a river all day long and

you’re not going to get an ax said to

swim to

it was a divinely directed action that

was unrelated to your intended outcome

and when we learn to just simply obey

because God said to do something and I

realized whenever I encourage people to

do this it invites people to be weird

but some of you will get it right so

it’s worth the risk

some people just like to do weird things

just because they’re weird people

not you it’s that other church but it’s

it’s I’ve seen it happen


so if you can imagine

praying over something and the Lord says

strike the ground in this location

but you don’t have to understand it

I know my wife was praying regarding the

drug trafficking on on in California on

I-5 the the interstate

and people would go from Seattle and

Portland Oregon down to Los Angeles or

San Francisco through our town

and so she began to do certain prophetic

acts whatever she felt the Lord had her


and she would uh she would do these

prophetic acts and you know crazy all of

a sudden these drug trafficking U-Hauls

or whatever they are would break down in

town or they would be pulled over some

for some minor traffic thing and they

would find all these drugs why well

there was a connection there’s a

connection to just raw obedience doing

whatever he says to do you don’t do it

for recognition it’s not about it you

know here I look at me I took this bold

action no you you keep it dialed down

and you just do what he says to do and

then you watch

we had one I’ll I’ll end with a story we

had one guy that was uh he was a drug

addict and he was demon possessed

and he was driving from

I think it was Seattle to LA to San

Diego so it’s it’s like 600 miles on

each side

readings in the middle

and he was driving to San Diego to get

some help he had he was he was just

tormented to the max

and he um he was he was driving when he

got to the city limits

in his car he’s alone in his car when he

gets to the city limits the demons in

him begin to manifest

and he pulls his car over to the side of

the road and he literally starts running

down the side of the freeway

because he he drove into a realm of

anointing now I wish I could say


you know has that experience I’m just

thankful whenever we see it happen he

drives into this realm of anointing

and he the demons in him begin to

manifest he gets out of the car he cries

out he starts running down the side of

the freeway and Jesus literally met him

and delivered him from drugs and torment

from demons on the side of afraid was

completely set free and there was nobody


but there had been people there praying

during prophetic Acts doing whatever he

said to do

it’s all about a person

we have the amazing privilege of walking

into a house

and letting our peace that person remain

on the house that’s our assignment why

don’t you stand


one of the stories that moves me most in

this in this area of study

is Jesus as it should be Jesus and his

relationship with the Holy Spirit

it says um

it says when he was baptized in water

he came up out of the water

and the Holy Spirit came upon him

in the form of a dove and in John’s

gospel says and remained


so Jesus’s initiation into this

lifestyle if you will was in his water



the Holy Spirit comes upon him

in the form of a dove and remained

so if I have a dove

sitting on my shoulder

how am I going to walk around this room

carefully is the most common answer

which is true

the reality that he’s called us into

is that I have to move around this room

in a way that protects what I value most

in other words every step is with the

dove in mind


every action every word every step is

what the person in mind

we’re going to pray for the second in

just a moment but I’ll tell you the Cry

of my heart right now

is to see us together

ache and long for more of that

manifested presence resting Upon Us in

such a way that that everything in our

life is affected by this person

so let me just ask you take the next

minute or two

and I’m going to ask you to pray I’m

going to ask you to pray out loud

to keep your quiet prayers for Starbucks

I don’t want you just thinking happy


I want you to take the Cry of your heart

I want you to put it on your lips and

I’m going to ask you to pray

and then in a moment I’m going to pray

over you and then let’s just see what

happens all right

but go ahead just lift your voices just

begin to pray ask the Lord specifically

regarding what we talked about tonight

all right

so lift your voice

pray loud enough that you can hear

yourself pray you don’t need to yell

no one needs to scream but I want you to

hear yourself

casual prayers get casual answers


thank you Lord

thank you Lord

thank you


thank you Lord

so father our cry is for an upgrade an

upgrade in

in our awareness of your awareness of

your presence your heart

just the way you manifest yourself the

way you speak

the way you move we just want to be like

the sailboat that holds the sail to

catch a wind we we want to move where

you’re moving

we want to yield and cooperate with you

be participants what you’re doing in the

earth so I’m asking for an upgrade of

this house

an upgrade upon all of our lives

together that that we would wake up in

the night in the morning

aware of you conscious of you

moved by you

stunned by your willingness to display

Yourself Strong upon us we pray this for

the honor of the name Jesus

just put a hand on the shoulder of

somebody next to you and just pray God

give them double what they asked for

just give them double what they asked

for just give them great great increase

great increase though

great great increase Lord

thank you Lord

all right just tell that person I bless

you in the name of the Lord

go ahead you can drop your hands we’re

going to pray together for the sake and

turn the lights up if you wouldn’t mind

yeah why don’t you give the Lord some



yes sir yes sir

come on Jesus



thank you let’s do it again we give you

thanks guys



now we’re going to pray for a number of

conditions tonight in a few minutes I’m

going to bring my team up and then we’ll

give words of knowledge we’ll identify

who they are we’ll origin knowledge our

where the Lord helps us to see what he’s

doing and we simply call those out so

we’re going to pray for a bunch of folks

that way but first there’s a couple

things I want us to do corporately there

are people here who have suffered with

different kinds of head trauma

and uh it could be sports injuries

automobile accidents falling off ladders

whatever but there’s head trauma and you

have suffered with issues of memory loss

of concentration has just affected the

way you’ve done in life ever since the

accident and we have seen extraordinary

numbers of people including complete

Amnesia healed partial Amnesia facial

features restored in normal after this

prayer so anyone who has any kind of

head trauma and uh and you’re ready for

Jesus to heal you put your hand up put

your hand up high any kind of head

trauma yeah yeah don’t don’t be shocked


I don’t want to persuade you all right

all right we’ve got quite a few all

right there’s a uh there’s a quite a few

folks here just by law of averages uh

there’s quite a few folks in the room

that have a loss of hearing loss of


it’s that third grade sense of humor I’m

telling you it gets me into trouble all

the time all the time

any measure of loss of hearing you may

wear hearing aids it just may be through

uh We’ve we have had people know that

were in war next to our artillery that

went off completely Stone deaf that the

Lord Jesus recreated opened their ears

and uh and I believe that the Lord’s

going to do that tonight so anybody with

any measure of hearing loss put your

hand up high yeah all right good all

right cool all right if you have hearing

aids when we pray pull them out so the

the people that can break and those of

you that are going to pray for them do

not lick your fingers and stick it in

your room


I have found people don’t like that

now if you’re confident God wants you to

ask for their permission first

don’t don’t

ask for forgiveness later ask for

permission for

and then the other thing we’re going to

pray for let me just throw out right now

there’s some there’s a number of folks

that have an injury or maybe it’s a

deterioration in the right hip

specifically and I don’t know if if

there’s like a hip replacement that is

scheduled or maybe even you had the

surgery and it hasn’t gone well but

there’s something with that right hip so

if that’s you get your hand up and let’s

get this let’s get this healing for you

anybody else with that right over here

we got several there’s somebody also

that has an issue of the rib on the

right side that’s uh I think it’s out of

place or perhaps it was broken hasn’t

healed right so get in on this it’s it’s

free all right

but the thing I wanted us to to Target

is there’s a number of folks here who

have broken bones in the past could be a

week ago it could have been 50 years ago

the oldest injury I’ve seen healed was a

broken tailbone after 72 years

the woman was dropped as an infant and

lived with this deformity of this pain

her entire life and Jesus healed it and

so anyone with a broken bone that did

not heal correctly put put your hand up

and we’re going to pray for you all


all right

anybody want a broken bone that doesn’t

you thank you we have that gift as well

so that’s it

all right we’re going to pray together

this is this is what I like to do

whenever we pray for the sake we do the

same at home when we pray for the sick

we almost always have the church join

with us in Ministry to people

because it’s not about

somebody it’s about his body it’s about

it’s about us doing what he’s called us

to do and it’s not a confidence in your

gift it’s a confidence in his

and so all of you that raised your hand

for anything I just called out put a

hand up right now

put your hands up now

okay look around you

and if I want you to go to somebody who

has their hand up but listen carefully

don’t start praying till I tell you to

all right I need to make sure everybody

has somebody ready to pray for them so

go to someone if you can’t get to

someone then at least extend your faith

towards somebody who’s receiving prayer

all right so do that quickly just stand

quietly next to them and then

I’ll give you further instruction all

right now you can put your hand down

once somebody comes to you

and if the person you’re about to pray

for still has their hand up would you

pull their hand down for them

all right it’s hard for me to see so let

me ask this

I really do want to make sure everybody

has somebody ready to serve them and

that nobody leaves or that rejection

thing because nobody prayed for so if

you have your hand up and nobody is

there to pray for you would you wave it

at me that’ll be a little easier for me

to see first of all up in the balcony is

there anybody we missed

all right down here anybody on the main


is there somebody right over here all

right we need somebody right over here

thanks excellent

all right

now here’s what I’m going to ask you to


I believe very strongly in praying in


but sometimes the simplest prayer

of faith in English changes things

and for me the tongues is the

intercessory part but there needs to be

a decree you’ll you can’t find anywhere

where Jesus actually prayed for the sick

he would declare them well he would

confront the power behind the sickness

and we already know it’s the Father’s

Heart to heal

so we’re not we’re not here to persuade

him he is already persuaded he’s trying

to persuade us to get involved in what

he’s doing and so we’re going to pray

for these folks here’s what I want to

ask you to do very quickly those of you

that need the miracle just tell them

briefly I have a loss of hearing in my

right ear they don’t need to hear the

whole story you know they don’t the

broken bone they don’t need to know what

color of truck hit you in 1955 they just

all they need is to know what’s broken


hold on so find out where where the

problem is if it’s a proper place to lay

your hand put your hand on the problem

somebody in the group put your hand on

the problem all right and then I want

you to begin to pray and as your own

courage increases

speak to the problem command it gone

all right so Holy Spirit we welcome you

ask that you come now in great power and

demonstrate The Wonder of Jesus

through Miracle signs and wonders I pray

even those who are doing the praying

would get healed all right go ahead and

find out what to pray for and then I’ll

give you a couple minutes


thank you Lord


now speak to the Bone to be reset

there’s a broken bone that didn’t heal


we just speak to that we just say Lord

you’re the one who makes all things new

to do a creative miracle

in that there’s somebody in that left

leg uh broke the leg it did not heal


I think it’s the bottom part of the leg

we just declare the healing Grace of

Jesus over that uh over that leg now

speak to the ears command deafness to be

gone and for the ears to open

command them open

in Jesus name

deafness begone ears be open now in

Jesus name now

okay you got about 15 seconds

okay go ahead and end your prayer but

stay with the person no hit and run

you’re watching we want you to stay with

the people right

now Jesus ministered to a blind man

twice before he could see clearly

remember that he saw Ministries walking

and then he did a second time so I want

to always be ready

to pray a second time whenever it’s

needed all right I’m going to ask all of

you that receive prayer

this part right now is as important as

was the prayer

this is where you put faith into an

activity Faith actually needs an action

sometimes I’ve had people just walk to

the back of the room then come and see

me and they’ll be healed in the journey

it’s not that it’s a noble action it’s

just an action Faith needs an activity

so I’m going to ask all of you that just

received prayer even if you think it’s

impossible for you to find out what’s

happened I want you to move around check

yourself in some way if there’s loss of

hearing have somebody whisper maybe back

off a distance and talk to you see if

there’s if it’s a pitch a high pitch a

low pitch the loss of hearing then have

them just tell them so that they can

examine with you what you want to do is

you don’t want to ever

you don’t ever want to

coerce someone into pretending their


that that’s there’s too much pressure

too many people pretend and this is too

special to pretend all right so just

examine yourself as soon as you see that

you’re at least 80 percent better I want

you to wave both hands over your head

like this do it for about 10 or 15

seconds we’ve already got people up here

doing it right over here right over this

again another one over here up top over

there my goodness up there’s more more

right over here is a bunch more

it’s amazing right here

thank you some more up there

wow okay now everybody just don’t clap

because you’re moving hands

confuse me

I like the Clapping but for this one

moment just quiet and everyone that just

got healed at least 80 percent better

than I say 80 because sometimes things

start and they take place over the next

few minutes it says of one gentleman

that Jesus healed said and on his way as

he was going he got healed so there are

times where the seed begins to uh to

sprout and it takes sometimes several

minutes I’ve even seen several days but

uh all right so everyone that just got

healed at least 80 percent waved both

hands over your head and the rest of you

look around the room look around look at

this look at this

that’s tremendously

all right


you don’t have a very good memory

because I told you not to clap you’re

just too happy that’s the real problem

here it’s just way too happy

isn’t that wonderful turn and pray again

if the person you pray for is 100 better

don’t pray again because you might mess

them up just leave them where they are

but if there’s another area to pray for

you might want to have them pray for you

something that wasn’t mentioned we’ll do

this one last time and then I’m going to

bring the team up okay so go ahead and

turn and pray for that person one more

time unless they’re 100 like I said then

maybe have them pray for you




thank you Lord

okay about 10 more seconds


she did good you did really good you can

stop the prayer

now one last time

in fact let me do this everyone that

received prayer

those of you that got breakthrough the

second time we prayed you couldn’t wave

your hand the first time but the second

time we prayed

examine yourself right now those who got

healed the second time we prayed I want

you to wave your hands over your head

because I want people to see look look

at the people that got that got that

touch from God the second one all right

got over here

that’s beautiful now everyone that was

healed tonight so far just wave your

hands like this just wave your hands

thank you Lord all right now

let me ask the question we’re going to

do oh one more thing I keep saying one

more thing this is part B of the last

one more thing

whatever all right

um I I meant to do this earlier

all of you how many of you with the head

trauma thing you can already tell

there’s a difference I realize some

things have to be measured over time but

you can already tell things are


all right how many of you can’t put your

hand up because I want to see please be

honest all right we have a number of

people who can’t tell any difference yet

when the head is healed oftentimes

there’s there’s almost like a lightness

or a a heaviness is gone a a Clarity of

thought even colors uh change the way

people see perceive things shifts and

changes so here’s what I want you to do

if you prayed for somebody with head

trauma and they couldn’t wave their hand

put their hand on their head right now

as though there were a steel band on

their head I I know this would be the

prophetic act all right so turn to that

person right now and just put put your

hand on their head as though there was a

steel band do that now

and then I want you to lift it off and

just declare over them This Ends Tonight

This Ends Tonight

now just lift it off lift it up we just

declare this thing ends tonight this

head trauma that has tormented people

This Ends Tonight the memory loss

the the migraines the ongoing headaches

blurred vision difficulty and

concentration that all Ends Tonight in

Jesus name

all right how many could actually tell a

difference on that prayer let me have

you put your hand up high I want to want

to see who you are

you can you can tell the difference yet

right up here anybody else because all

we want to do is cooperate with him

right here’s another one yep yeah

beautiful all right go ahead and take

your seats

and uh I I won’t prolong this but I do

want to make sure that we have

opportunity to see a lot of people


and uh

so Michael if you could grab that mic

and let’s get our students up here real

quick just stand right down there



I’m going to ask you


we’re going to do this part quickly but

I I need you to help me

when they call something out

a condition that you have

please put your hand up quickly

don’t wait for a second confirmation

imagine Jesus calling out your condition

inviting you to a miracle

respond accordingly

and then when they’re through we’re

going to pray again at the very end I’ll

have the team up here and any from this

house that wants to join to pray for

folks for the situations that we didn’t

call out but we always want to start

with what we see Jesus doing and then

move with that all right so go ahead

let’s do this quick little bit okay as a

middle-aged man and you’ve got kidney

stones which

I’ve been healed actually right now

right just as soon as it’s called out

just put our hand up so we can see who

you are okay go ahead and call out the

next one all right somebody’s over here

all right go ahead someone

someone with a knee with arthritis

arthritis okay

and someone that has burned their hand

or fingers on the stove in the kitchen

okay all right

very specific a burn injury

someone that has got an injury on your

knee as well I believe it’s your right


um from Sports Injury potentially skin

okay does that make sense all right

right here all right all right good

tinnitus which is the ringing in the

Years all right

impaired side

in the left eye impaired sight in the

last left eye difficulty with Satan left


a man who I think is there’s he has

blonde hair and he had a broken tabia

from a car accident okay is there a man

here with a had a broken tibia

in a car accident


then put your hand up and if your hair

is blind if it’s not blind we’ll pray it

turns blonde

just kidding

anybody with that just put your hand up

real quick all right go ahead

um someone with a neck injury with pain

going into the shoulders from a car

accident in involving a red car okay all

right and all right back here all right

another here

um and a woman in her 50s or 60s with a

right ankle that’s swollen and

discolored it’s a sign of of a further

disorder but that’s like a symptom of it

okay all right that fits you put your

hand up quick go ahead uh scoliosis

all right

and razor burn from shaving


he cares about everything that’s amazing

issues with the lining of your digestive


okay all right right there yep and then

clicking in your right elbow acting like

it might have been metal you had a

surgery had metal and it’s it’s off and

you’re right elbow clicks okay and up

correct right over here yep all right

A gastroplatic syndrome so it’s kind of

like a reflux acid lining problem in

your stomach okay that you and then

problems with the uterus or

um yeah

all right the temperature end up yep go

ahead uh you’re on dialysis so your

kidneys are failing


and then a regular heartbeat on this

kidney failure thing if it’s you

obviously get your hand up but if you

have a relative then I want you to stand

in for them where you see a number of

people healed through proxy

finger or fingers cut off the work

accident you might be a carpenter or

something like that

okay put your hand up

and left ear being damaged and maybe

through something like an explosion


hearing left ear damage to explosion

okay all right all right good plantar

fasciitis in your right foot I believe

you’re a male over the age of 40. all

right if you’re a woman getting on it

just sneak in

sneak in

vertigo and you almost didn’t come today

because of the symptoms

be cool to get that healed huh yeah

right over here come on tonight’s your


a condition that makes your veins and

your body get inflamed

like says to anyone

um hearing loss that comes from a


syndrome syndrome a genetic this okay go


you have arthritis in your left hand

and your Achilles tendon was torn

through sports injury all right that’s

right here all right go ahead

um you have a lump either on your arm or

your shoulder and I believe there’s

someone who’s been suffering with severe

abdominal pains I think you might be a


okay all right either of those right

right over here again

um something with your esophagus I’m not

sure what what that is but

um and then


uh hip hyperextension

all right does that make sense to anyone

back over here all right it’s hard to

see so I can’t tell all right

um all of you that put your hand up for


please stand up


how many of you believe Jesus still

heals people today

yeah amen

all right

I knew the answer to that already just

got through praying for people but how

many think he’s big enough to do it

through you

oh not quite as good a response


the question is coming so get ready how

many think God is big enough to do that

Miracle through you


I want you to go to somebody who is

standing we’re going to take this one

time and then we’ll have Ministry down

the front but I’m going to ask all of

you that are standing put a hand up

keep it up until someone comes to you

those of you that are sitting please

help us you’re the ministry team right

now go to them and to find out what they

need prayer for and then minister to




okay you should be praying by now




thank you Lord

speak to the condition


okay got about 15 more seconds


you prayed for you can tell they got

healed you ought to do what that group

just did just start clapping so we can

see just just have them check themselves

yeah just start

oh that’s good

yeah I have them examine themselves

right where you are and start clapping

when you see uh that person healed





you know I I said once but turn to pray

again we’ll get we’re going to wrap this

up but I want you just to pray one final

time for them right now just do it right


we want to make sure that everybody gets

what they came for we don’t want it just

in their account we want it in their


thank you

thank you Lord


thanks Lord thanks thanks thanks


but hold on because I may have you

okay go ahead and wrap up your prayer


now let’s let’s do this

examine yourself you know what to do by

now do something even if it seems silly

just do something please and uh if you

need to climb stairs come climb these I

don’t know do something or climb those

just just do something move around

um if you had a hard time with

concentration or seeing open a Bible do

something to challenge yourself because

you’ll always want you want to discover

what God has done you don’t want to just

be captivated by what has to happen all

right that’s really where the increase

comes all right

all of you that got healed


at any time

I want you to wave both hands over your

head like this

you know look look around the room while

you do this look around

all right

that’s amazing thank you Lord


we called out a number of different

things how many of you had hearing loss

restored you had your hearing restored

put a hand up high waive it so people

say look around the room look all these

all these different ones are the hearing


because there must be at least 20 people

that did anyone have at least 50 percent

hearing loss that just got restored to

you wave your hand at me if I want I

want to see right over here more than 50

percent uh anybody else

wave your hand right over here’s another

one right over here’s another one right

down here yeah thank you Lord is that

amazing or what are you happy about that

how about

how about head trauma you could notice a

distinct difference in the way you think

or see or feel as a result of prayers

wave your hand like that so this is a

big deal to me it was we’ve seen so many


we had a young lady that was literally

was dying she had a systemic lupus of

the brain she was hit in the head when

she would sometimes pass out for up to

30 days or 60 days

uh when she’d get up in the morning her

head would be swelled large and she

would it would take hours for the

swelling to go down where she could even

go in public

and um and one of our guys had a word of

knowledge prayed dramatically healed her

mother said you look like you did before

the accident the next day she went on I

think it was to Cambridge University and

got her degree she was her life was over

and she was dramatically healed of this

head trauma thing so this is we’ve got

to go after this



what else got healed tonight anybody

have a bone reset a bone that you had a

restricted movement or pain and now you

have full Liberty right here you know

what let’s I would like to have right

over here’s another one let’s

we got a couple minutes right I would

like to hear

two or three people anyway that just got

healed of the bone reset the hearing


tinnitus yeah your ears stop ringing

yeah they were ringing and yeah so let’s

get a half a dozen people up here to

give testimony and then we’ll release

all right come on up here Michael help

me out

you can all sit down and uh

before you were saved you were just

leaving the house at this time of night

so uh so we just you know we just got

started here

at at home we had to go ahead and face

uh face the the audience face the people

up there

at home we had one of our elders said we

need to change the name of the church to

Denny’s always open it’s just always one

of our elders said we only bring a watch

to church to see if the date changed so

I’m not threatening you I’m just telling

you my history all right so let’s hear

real quickly what Jesus did in these

individuals Michael go ahead

born with the genetic hearing loss

I’m sure I can hear all the things that


I’m in with really bad planar fasciitis

and I like it hurt just to walk in and

now I don’t come on



I’ve been dealing with stomach and

digestive issues for the last 10 years

and it’s like the woman in the Bible

I’ve paid and tried everything and the

Lord spoke to me tonight is the night

it’s done and over with now you have all

the knowledge but your field and it’s



I had a football injury that ended up

breaking my fracture my femur and it

never healed properly I would never be

able to like Bend correctly it always

crack and pop and

they yeah now I can just

thank God


uh I was in the Army in the artillery

and being around that loud noise that

had tendonitis in my ears ringing

constantly especially when it gets real

quiet it’s just

it was sometimes unbearable but praise

God I’m Healed tonight amen you had no

tinnitus at all anymore you have no

tinnitus at all anymore no it’s gone

it’s unhealed Amen thank you Lord good


uh when I was young I was having ear

infections all the time usually six or

seven a year and as a result never got

tubes and I lost about 50 of my hair my

right ear so when I lay down and sleep

I’d have to lay on one side in order to

hear and uh tonight People Prayed for me

and I had full Hearing in both ears


I had a martial arts injury in my elbow

I hyper extended it and I can move it it

doesn’t click anymore


had my hearing aids in and and they uh

he asked us to take them out and that

kind of worried me because I didn’t know

if I could hear the instructions

so anyway

I took them out put them in my pocket

and they prayed for me and uh and he

asked and it was really

step of Faith to say that I could but I

got to notice again he said wait a

little while and

I noticed I could hear every bit of the



I just want to say that I I I’m

believing that I’m hearing that good

from now on


he doesn’t take it away all right one

last time give a shout of thanks to the



let me give it back to you what we’re

going to do is we’ll have our team down

front we know there’s tons of things

that we never got a chance to pray for

they will pray for you and if there’s a

local team here that wants to help us

please uh get in line and help us pray

for folks bless you see you tomorrow






yeah put your hands out in front of you


habakkuk has this unusual statement

where it talks about the Lightnings of

Heaven that come forth from hands

I realize it’s kind of a Spooky Little

phrase but it’s it’s representative of

the presence of God

it’s released in life through touch

through caring for people father I’m


that you would rest upon through the

Holy Spirit rest upon us in such a

profound way that the Lightnings of

Heaven are released into impossible

situations through this body of

Believers I pray this for the honor of

the name Jesus

amen amen