Do you long to escape your past? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be free of the pain, guilt, or shame that’s in your heart? Do you ever think about your past and doubt that God could really love you? Then what you really need is The Offer of A Second Chance. In this inspiring sermon, Dr. Stanley teaches you about how to be completely free of your past. No matter what you’ve done or how you’ve failed, God loves you unconditionally and wants you to embrace the wonderful life He has in store for you. Therefore, trust Him to heal your heart and change the course of your life. Order this sermon today:…


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with a message from God’s word here’s


Stanley for people who look at their

past and still feel the pangs of

guilt and somehow think in their hearts

there’ll never be a time in their life

and they’ll ever feel free and clean

again this is a message of

Hope many many people can live often

times in the present and sometime in the

future but when they get alone and their

past begins to come before them somehow

deep down inside they begin to

experience the same old pangs of guilt

and hurt and sin and wonder if God could

ever possibly love them because of their

past sometimes those people do almost

anything to escape their past sometimes

it’s a matter of changing their habits

sometimes it’s a matter of changing

their relationships some people will

even attempt to change their location

but my friends you cannot Escape your

past until your heart is changed when

your heart is changed then you can be

free and liberated of your past the

passage of scripture I want to deal

with deals with this very issue of how

God looks Upon Our Life not in

condemnation but love and forgiveness

and cleansing and freedom and a whole

new beginning and the title of this

message is simply this the offer of a

second chance

now somebody says well now how can God

give me a second chance I want you to

see it in this passage God’s offer of a

second chance if you turn to John

chapter 8 the eth chapter of John deals

with an incident in the

scripture in which many people look at

and they think well how could Jesus

possibly say what he said to this person

where are all the scriptures about

repentance and confession and yet Jesus

gives us a beautiful demonstration of

how he relates to people who’ve sinned

and who failed in their life and you may

be one of those persons who says well I

have failed I have failed so shamly that

I’m not even sure I could ever go to

church again I don’t think I could face

my friends or certainly could not face

Christians don’t think I could pray

again don’t believe I could read the

Bible don’t think my life could ever

count for God again but listen to what

happens in this particular passage the

scripture says beginning in John 8: vers

one but Jesus went to the Mount of

Olives and early in the morning he came

again into the temple and all the people

were coming to him and he sat down and

began to teach them and the scribes and

the Pharisees brought a woman caught in

adultery and having set her in the midst

they said to him

teacher this woman has been caught in

adultery in the very act now in the law

of Moses it’s commands her to be stoned

that is to Stone such women what then do

you say and they were saying this

testing him in order that they might

have grounds for accusing him but Jesus

stooped down and with his finger wrote

on the ground but when they persisted in

asking him he straightened up and said

to them he who is without sin among you

let him be the first to throw a stone at

her and again he stooped down and rode

on the ground and when they heard it

they began to go out one by one

beginning with the older ones and he was

left alone in the woman where he had

been in the midst and straightening up

Jesus said to Heroman where are they did

no one condemn you and she said no one

Lord and Jesus said neither do I condemn

you go your way from now on sin no more

now when you look at that passage you

may have the question well how could

Jesus just say this to a person who was

caught in the very Act of adultery

surely uh there must be something here

more than simply saying just don’t sin

anymore is that God’s attitude about

when we sin does he just say well don’t

sin anymore oh no there’s a lot more to

it than that so I want to begin by

simply saying that when you and I look

at life and look around us and see what

the Bible says about how God responds to

our sin our sin sometimes results in our

need of a second chance in life now I

said sometimes because you see all sin

isn’t the same all sin doesn’t fall in

the same category some sins are far

worse in the eyes of God than others and

some people say well isn’t just Sin Sin

well Sin is Sin but that doesn’t mean

that all sin brings the same judgment or

all sin brings the same consequences

sin’s different and so when we look at

this passage I believe it is a passage

of Hope for people who have sinned and

look at their past and somehow they just

can’t get rid of it it’s sort of like

glue it’s like molasses no matter how

much they rub no matter how much they

pray how much they read the Bible how

much they go to church Church how many

sermons they listen to somehow in their

past it may be something that was an

atrocious sin in their minds it may be

something that was really really a

difficult time in their life where they

sinned against God and violated the most

the strongest laws of God and yet

somehow they just can’t seem to think

that God has cleansed them and they keep

trying in their mind and their heart

they wouldn’t do this with their hands

but in their heart that’s what they’re

doing God won’t I ever be clean to this

won’t I ever be free of this is any way

God for me to get forgiveness and this

is why often times people will become

involved in some kind of ministry trying

to do what trying to match up trying to

Merit in some fashion God’s forgiveness

and cleansing and the interesting thing

is this that people will live for years

and years and years and people who do

not understand our God’s Gift of

forgiveness somehow no matter what they

do and how much of it they do they never

quite feel like that God has really and

truly forgiven them it causes them to

doubt their salvation it causes them to

doubt that God could use them in any

fashion and often times people will find

themselves just sort of slipping aside

uh moving back in their relationship

with other Christians not allowing God

to use them for the simple reason they

don’t feel worthy they feel unfit too

dirty too unclean and that God somehow

can’t forgive them well listen to what

happens in this passage because here is

certainly a word of encouragement to

people who have fallen in life for

whatever the reason

Jesus has been talking and in fact the

day before they tried to arrest him and

the scripture says that the officers who

came back to the Sadducees and the

Pharisees and they said he they said

well where is he and here was their

reply never a man spake like this they

could not arrest him so the scripture

says the people go home Jesus goes up to

the Mount of Olives which is one of his

favorite places of praying and he

probably spent the night up there

praying and talking to the Father the

next morning early he comes down to the

Temple and so the people of G gathered

around them because they’re so

interested and he’s teaching there in

the temple and the people have gathered

around and in the midst of his lesson

whatever he was teaching on here come

the Pharisees and the Sadducees dragging

this woman in and sort of flinging her

down in front of him and saying to him a

rabbi this woman was caught in the very

Act of adultery what do you think should

be done to her

now when you first read that you say

well U what should be done to her but

what you have to ask is is what’s really

going on here because these Pharisees

and Sadducees hated Jesus so intensely

their hatred was so intense that they

would be willing to do anything in order

to trap him in some fashion and so this

is what this passage of scripture is all

about it’s all about God’s forgiveness

on the one hand it’s all about the

religious leaders of Jesus day being

willing to do anything in order to

destroy his influence and to destroy his

his impact upon the people around him

and so when you read this passage you

have to ask yourself the question what

is going on in the hearts of these

people well when she was flung down

there I’m sure that uh with all of the

shame and the disgrace that suddenly

came upon her and here she is sitting

among all these people who sitting

before this Rabbi who has become so

famous and and people are following him

and all of a sudden she’s there as the

victim who has been caught and if you’ll

notice it’s interesting the man’s not

there and she was caught in the act of

adultery but they only bring her but

when you go back to uh Deuteronomy 22

other passages of scripture that relate

uh to people who were guilty of adultery

and the fact that the law require they

to be stoned they ston the man and the

woman not just the woman and so you it’s

very evident that something’s wrong in

this situation first of all there’s no

man there where is he if she were caught

in the act certainly he was there why

didn’t they drag him there also with her

secondly is there a double standard I

mean after all if uh if she were guilty

what about the man was he not guilty yes

he was and besides that why did they not

wait until Jesus was finished with his

lesson the temple was crowded with

people and they were very attentive in

their listening and so they work their

way through drag her there drop her down

disrupt the study and want him to make

some judgment about her well the truth

is found in this sixth verse look if you

will the scripture says that they said

to him now the law of Moses commands us

to so Stone such a woman then what do

you say and verse 6 says and they were

saying this testing him in order that

they might have grounds for accusing him

but Jesus of course was smarter than

that now here’s this woman lying here

before him uh in her sense of guilt and

shame knowing that she had failed

knowing that she was guilty of what they

were accusing her of of but what was

really going on is that these Pharisees

and Sadducees every time they got in an

argument with Jesus they failed and they

would have to walk away and often times

he would give them some very short

answer to their questions or turn it

right back on them and so in their sense

of embarrassment their determination

their vehement their anger their

hostility they were willing for this

woman to be shamed they were willing for

her to be embarrassed they were willing

for her to even be stoned to death they

were willing to use her as a tool in

order to get their objective and that is

to see Jesus destroyed in some fashion

it didn’t make any difference listen the

worst kind of persecution is religious

persecution the world often times

persecutes its own but somehow it seems

that people who are legalistic

legalistic in their beliefs can

sometimes be the most intense in their

persecution in their criticism in their

judgment in their condemnation of other

people and often times what you’ll find

out is this that those who are the most

condemning of those who have the most to

hide themselves and so my friend in the

Christian life according to what Jesus

said and according to what Paul said he

said we are to lift up one another we

are to love one another we to encourage

one another we’re to forgive one another

in fact there’s a whole string of one

anothers that Paul gives us and all of

them are those encouraging kind of one

anothers toward each other you say well

now are you trying to belittle this in

not trying to belittle it all there’s

nothing better that can be belittle

because she was guilty she admits her

guilt there is absolutely no defense

whatsoever In this passage anywhere in

here and so they bring her before the

Lord Jesus and they say here’s what the

law says the law says that she is to be

condemned now imagine what she was

thinking for a moment because I want you

to go back if you will to a passage in

the Old Testament go back to Deuteronomy

chapter 16 for a moment because this

happened during the time of the Feast of

the Tabernacles and um this was a time

of Celebration and it’s interesting the

kind of atmosphere that was going on

when this took place and in this uh 16th

chapter go to the 16th chapter theonomy

1 the 16th chapter says that this is the

command that God gave them about this

celebration it was a time of great

celebration it says in this 13th verse

of the 16th chapter you shall celebrate

the Feast of booths or Tabernacle 7 days

after you gathered in from your

threshing floor and your wine bath and

you shall now look at this rejoice in

your feast and you and your sons and

your daughter and your male and female

servants and uh the levite and the

stranger and the orphan and the Widow

who are in your towns seven days you

shall celebrate a feast of the Lord your

God in the place where the Lord chooses

because the Lord your God will bless you

in all your produce and in all your work

of your hands so that you shall be

altogether joyful so twice he says you

to celebrate he says you to rejoice and

you to be joyful so it appears that

somehow in the midst of all of this

celebration and all the things that were

going on that this event took place and

so now here she is before the Lord Jesus

Christ very very guilty and they are

saying to him this woman is to be stoned

to death now she of course

recognizes that she’s guilty and she

recognizes this Rabbi certainly knows

the law and so what is she thinking let

me tell you what she must be

thinking she not only is thinking about

her past and more than likely

thinking deeply regretting what she has

done deeply regretting being caught and

of course the scripture does not tell

was this one incident in her life was

this the first time that it ever

happened was this a way of life and this

is only the first time that she’d ever

been discovered so no one knows the

answer to that but what was she thinking

here’s what she was thinking she was

thinking about maybe the times that she

had seen other people

stoned and so what did they do to them

they stripped them naked they tied their

hands behind them they marched them

through the streets they took them to a

scaffold that was about 9 ft high and

then the witnesses certainly had to show

up the first witness had the

responsibility of pushing the person off

the scaffold onto the ground falling 9

ft the second witness had the

responsibility of dropping on the

victim’s head a large stone or on their

chest to cause great damage in the very

beginning so here she was stretched out

in the presence of Jesus the Sadducees

the Pharisees and all of their anger and

vehement not toward her using her as a

tool in order to accomplish a very very


task and here were all the people

looking and more than likely mumbling

and referring to each other and pointing

their fingers and shame and all the

things that were going on and she was

thinking death by stoning they’re going

to strip me naked they’re going to tie

my hands behind me and March me in

public stand me up on a scaffolding

before others somebody’s going to drop a

stone and hit me either in the chest or

the head and then the rest pick up their

stones and then they Stone her until


dead can you imagine the awesome sense

of hopelessness

helplessness shame guilt fear dread and

condemnation she must have

felt I don’t think any of us could

imagine that everywhere it looks it’s

hopeless she’s helpless full of Shame

full of guilt full of

condemnation except for one person and

that is the very person who is to judge

her so they said to him they said said

you judge her we want you to judge her

now Jesus had to answer this in some

fashion and of course the scriptures

said in the Old Testament that when a

person was found guilty of adultery they

were to be stoned to death so there’s no

question about the law no question about

whether she was guilty or not and then

this Rabbi this teacher this person whom

they called Jesus he was the one who now

had to make this judgment What would say

what do you think she thought he would

say she thought he would say naturally

that is the law and therefore she knew

she was going to be condemned no

question about it she knew she was

facing death and there was absolutely no

hope of Escape let me ask you a question

do you look at your life at some point

back on and think God these this looks

like my past this is my past these are

things in my past that somehow in spite

of my attempt to ask you to forgive me

they just keep hanging on do you ever

feel hopeless and helpless that even God

in all of his Love Somehow can’t forgive

you because of the nature of your sin my

friend listen there is no sin there is

no guilt that God will not face with you

and listen forgive you and cleanse you

and give you a new beginning you may

feel as you look around that your life

is absolutely a total disaster as long

as there is a God your life is not a

disaster as long as there’s breath in

your body as long as you’re willing to


as long as you’re willing to believe

what God said about his loving

forgiveness toward you there is hope

there is help there is a new beginning

there is the offer of a brand new life

there’s the offer of what a new

beginning in your life there’s the offer

of a second chance that is life is not

over because you look at your past and

see all the things that are not right

and all the disaster back there and all

the mistakes you’ve made and how many

times have I talked to people who say

well you know I look at my past and I

don’t have much hope for the future why

not well because my past is so dark or

my past is so bad and my past is so evil

and this is the way I grew up and this

is the things that I learned early in

life and this is my lifestyle and how

can God take me after all these years

and make anything out of my life my

friend he is an absolute expert at

taking the most broken desperate

helpless hopeless sinful Wicked vile

Sinners and turning them into a saint

that’s what God’s all about he is all

about not condemnation but he’s all

about forgiveness and all about love and

all about cleansing and this is what is

happening what is taking place in this

passage and so when they bring her there

the law of God says absolutely that is

there’s no winking at sin because God is

a holy God doesn’t wink at sin God

acknowledges sin and God judges sin and

God condemns sin what is the cross of

Jesus Christ all about it’s all about

Sin it’s all about the Judgment of sin

it’s all about the condemnation of sin

and so it’s not a matter of Jesus being

easy here and just simply saying well we

just going to let this go by but you see

we said in the very beginning that often

times our sins requires that you and I

have a second chance in Life or life

would seem to be over and that’s what

the grace of God’s all about the grace

of God is God’s provision to give us a

second chance because there are some

sins that bring about such havoc and

such wreck and ruin in a person’s life

that for them to have a new beginning is

to have a second chance at life itself

self well remember where she is she is

at the feet of Jesus she’s facing death

all the shame the guilt the condemnation

and everything that goes with that and

then they say to him you you tell us

what to do well he said you recall the

Sermon on the Mount he said I didn’t

come to uh bypass the law I didn’t come

to ignore the law I came to fulfill the

law but certainly not in the way in

which uh they were thinking here and so

they said to him what what what is your

judgment about about this the Bible says

that Jesus didn’t say anything for a

moment he stooped down and he began to

write in the dust of the sand in the

temple floor now what he wrote no one

knows and people have made all kinds of

suggestions about what Jesus probably

wrote and someone has said well maybe he

wrote some of the

Commandments maybe he looked around and

knowing people so

perfectly he began to write in the sand

simple short statements

or maybe just one word the sins of those

who stood there condemning

her and so they kept on saying well what

do you say what do you say and so they

thought they had him trapped because if

he’ just said well um we’re not going to

Stone her that it said aha see he

doesn’t keep the law and he would have

lost credibility with the people who are

following him if he had said stonea to

death then the Romans uh would have him

in real trouble because while the

Sanhedrin had the right and the

authority uh to prosecute people who

broke the civil law the religious laws

they did not have the privilege or the

right to condemn or to execute someone

that was Roman law and only by Roman law

could a person be executed and so they

were absolutely certain they had him

where he could not escape and so he

simply wrote In The

Sand he didn’t say anything and they

kept saying to him well what do you say

here’s what the law of Moses says now

what are you going to say about

this and so Jesus wrote they must have

come over and start looking to see what

he was

writing he said to

them all right let’s appoint an

executioner can you imagine what she

must have felt knowing what death by

stoning was like let’s appoint an

executioner and so what we’ll ask he he

said here he

says so we’ll upon an execution and he

who is without sin among you let him be

the first to throw a stone at

her can you imagine how quiet everything

became and the Bible says that one by

one beginning with the oldest one they

begin to slip out now somebody said well

why do you suppose they began with the

oldest one because the older they were

the more sins they had on their

list looking back in their past when he

said he that is without sin among you

let him cast the first stone and so

little by little the Bible says they

just S A weasle their way out can you

imagine how embarrassed they

were and how shocked they were and how

their conscience was stung all the way

to the bitter

Center that here once again they could

not trick the Lord Jesus Christ and

while they were in the process of trying

to condemn this woman he simply said to

them well go ahead cast the first

stone and they could not so Jesus said

to her woman where are thine

accusers and the Bible says that she

said I don’t have any accusers they they

gone and Jesus said neither do I condemn

thee now when you look at that passage

you think well how could he say these

things when the Bible says if we confess

our sins Jesus talked about preaching

repentance around the world how could

Jesus simply say neither do I condemn

thee go and sin no

more well I think there’s a very

definite way he could say it when that

woman was lying there before him and she

was looking around and people were

condemning her I am certain that her

eyes in jesus’ eyes must have met what

did she see in his


forgiveness love Mercy kindness

tenderness compassion

passion she didn’t see anything that she

had heard or had seen the eyes of those

who were condemning her and in the

process of seeing this and feeling this

what was going on inside of

her not only a sense of regret and

fear but a sense of genuine repentance

had to be going on in her heart because

notice how she said it when she

responded to him the Bible says and

straightening up Jesus said to her in

verse 10w woman where are they did no

one condemn you and she said no one Lord

and Jesus said neither do I condemn you

go your way from now on don’t sin

anymore he didn’t say you know you

really are guilty he didn’t say you know

you deserve to be stoned to death he


say you deserve condemnation he didn’t

say any of that how could Jesus appear

to let her get by he didn’t let her get

by she didn’t get by with anything and

you see this is why when you understand

the atoning death of Jesus Christ then

there’s some passages of scripture that

all of a sudden begin to make sense and

without understanding that you don’t

because it appears here that what

happens is that Jesus simply said to her

um neither do I condemn you and so I’m

simply saying you just don’t go and sin

anymore now you see Jesus listen he

understood people

perfectly and he understood that people

had a past a present and a future and

often times he understood that people

got trapped in their past Jesus came not

only to forgive us of our sins to wipe

out the past but to give us hope for the

Future Hope for the future and often

times people get caught in the past

often times they’re thinking about the

future they cannot live in the present

somehow they just cannot be satisfied in

the present somebody sent me this little

quote goes like this I was regretting

the past and fearing the future and

suddenly my Lord was

speaking and he said my name is I am he

paused I waited he continued when you

live in the past with its mistakes and

regrets it is hard I am not there my

name is not I was when you live in the

future with its problems and fears it is

hard I will not be there my name is not

I will be when you live in this present

moment it is not hard

I am here for my name is I am you see

until a person is able to break from

their past and understand that God is

willing to forgive in this present

moment and he says he wipes our sins

away as far as the East is from the West

he sinks them in the deepest parts of

the sea you don’t have to live in the

past you don’t have to live in a past of

sin no matter what it is the Forgiveness

of God this is what the atoning death of

Jesus Christ is is all about and so

someone says well how could he simply

say to her go and sin no more here’s the

reason because you see Jesus Christ knew

that he was the Lamb of God sent into

this world to die for her sin you say

well but Calvary hadn’t even happened at

that point no it had not but here’s what

you have to remember he knew that

Calvary was coming but in the mind of

God God sees all things at one time as

if it were present tense while he

understands time because he’s the one

who set it up he sees everything in the

present tense therefore what happens

here God sees it all at one time so when

she fell before the Lord Jesus Christ

and looking into those eyes of

compassion and loving forgiveness and he

was forgiving her he was forgiving her

on the basis of what was about to happen

he was going to the Cross listen the

mind of God the crucifixion was there

before the beginning of time so that

when God forgives he sees all things and

he sees them all at one time and so it

wasn’t that he could not forgive her

because he had not been to the cross in

the mind of God the cross had always

been there why for example what a person

in the Old Testament how could they be

forgiven of their sin simply because in

the mind of God the coming Messiah

though he was coming in the future the

crucifixion the Lamb of God in the mind

of God it was all done so that those in

the Old Testament could bring their lamb

before the priest put their hands upon

his head cut the throat shed the blood

confessed their sin plac their trust in

almighty God and his promises of a

coming Messiah and his promise of

forgiveness and be forgiven but the

Bible turns right around and says the

blood of bulls and goats and lamb will

not bring about the forgiveness of sin

but it was the symbolical of it all and

that is because of what it symbolized

because of what it was pointing to it

because of its prophetic meaning their

forgiveness was provided it is the cross

of Jesus Christ and the cross only that

provides forgiveness so when he said to

her neither do I condemn thee was he

excusing her sin by no means was he just

saying saying well it’s all right no he

was not belittling her

sin he was not compromising with her sin

he was conquering sin by forgiving her

he understood her heart he understood

where she was in her shame and her sense

of condemnation and guilt and regret he

knew her heart it was a heart of genuine

repentance and so he said to her neither

do I condemn thee go and sin no more

what do you imagine suddenly burst forth

in her mind here she was full of fear

full of condemnation full of guilt full

of sin and full of deep deep regret full

of fear of what was about to happen when

he said to her neither do I condemn thee

go and sin no more hope burst forth in

her heart and what was that hope it was

the hope that she could begin life again

it was the hope that she had a second

chance at life it had come to what

appeared to be the end but it was Jesus

who gave her another opportunity that’s

what forgiveness is all about that’s

what the grace of God’s all about the

grace of God is God forgiving us of our

sins the grace of God is about God

looking into our life and giving us

forgiveness and looking into our life

and saying life’s not over there is a

second chance and a third chance and a

fourth chance and a fifth chance and you

see every time God has ever forgiven us

of our sin we have a new opportunity we

have the new privilege of walking today

in the grace and goodness and love of


but my friend if you don’t believe in

the Forgiveness of God and if you

believe that somehow that your sin could

be so bad listen doesn’t make any

difference what it is it’s not a matter

of compromising sin we’re talking about

the awesome power of the shedding of the

blood of Jesus so awesome that God has

placed upon the Lord Jesus Christ the

debt of the sin of the entire world and

he says if you’re willing to ask him to

forgive you if you willing to ask ask

him to cleanse you if you’re willing to

ask for a new beginning that he is

willing to give it listen not on the

basis of a brand new performance of no

sin but on the basis of what Jesus did

at Calvary and you’re placing your trust

in him so he said to her neither do I

condemn thee go and sin no

more so we have to ask the question how

does God provide forgiveness he provided

forgiveness in the Old Testament he

provided forgiveness in the New

Testament he provides forgiveness today

the very same way it was through the

blood of Jesus that forgiveness came and

so no matter what is in the past it is a

matter of placing your trust in the Lord

Jesus Christ and asking him to forgive

you of your sin so you say well in order

for God to give me a second chance at

life for God to be able to so work in my

life that that I’m no longer glued to

the Past trapped by the past locked in

the past imprisoned by it you mean I can

be so forgiven that I don’t don’t have

to look at that anymore I don’t have to

live with that anymore that I can look

at life with an absolute newness of

heart what has to take place three

things number one you have to face your

sin you can’t deny it you can’t just

ignore it you can’t just act like it

never happened you have to face it and

you see one of the reasons some people

can’t experience Freedom From the Past

they won’t really face it that is they

won’t face it as if to deal with it they

face it because it is there but it is

always a burden they carry we’re talking

about facing sin by saying father I am

guilty yes God this was in my life this

was in my mind these were the actions of

my life yes God I did blow it in the

past that is facing sin is being willing

to confess it to him facing sin is

acknowledging it facing sin is is taking

responsibility for it and refusing to

blame circumstances as someone else

would happen so if I’m if I want a

second chance I have to face my sin the

second thing that’s important is this I

have to be willing to accept his

forgiveness until you’re willing to

accept his forgiveness the burden is

going to remain there nothing else in

life will take away that burden except

your willingness to accept God’s

forgiveness based on the cross it’s what

he did not what you’re going to do and

as we’ve said over and over and over

again people who live by their

performance and think that somehow they

they’ve got to do enough to get God

persuade God convince God to forgive

them it will never happen so because let

me ask you a question how will you ever

know that you’ve done enough how will

you ever know that you have done enough

to be forgiven how will you ever know

that you’ve done it long enough to be

forgiven how long do you have to pay for

sin what do you have to do to be

forgiven of sin how intense must it be

that is what what thing can you do to

bring about forgiveness of sin not

anything how long you’ll never know what

you’ll never know because somebody would

say well this is what I must do to be

able to be forgiven no the only way for

forgiveness comes is through the blood

of Jesus Christ that is the only way and

so first of all I must face the sin

secondly I must be willing to experience

the forgiveness of

sin and there’s a third thing and that

is I must believe that I have a future

in the person of Jesus Christ you see if

you don’t face it and you can’t be

willing to to forgive yourself for what

God has forgiven you for and believe

that you have a future provided by

almighty God you will live in the past

you will live with the burdens you will

feel the drag on your life emotionally

you’ll feel the drag in your life

spiritually you’ll feel the drag in your

life physically ultimately out there

somewhere unless you are willing to deal

with it Jesus said to her neither do I

condemn thee go and sin no more does

that mean that he expect her to live a

perfect life no he was saying to her do

not get involved in this again do not

commit this sin again he knew she was

not going to be perfect no one’s perfect

he was simply saying to her neither do I

condemn you Jesus said for for example

in the third chapter of John he said I

have not come into the world to condemn

the world but that the world through me

might be saved and in Galatians for

example he said if you see your brother

stumble you don’t condemn him you don’t

kick him you don’t criticize him or her

what do you do he says you encourage

them you lift them up lest you too being

tempted should fall the people of God

had to be loving kind doesn’t mean you

ignore sin doesn’t mean you overlook sin

but we listen we have the pattern of

Jesus when someone stumbles someone

Falls it is to be loving forgiveness and

encouragement and he says reaching out

to help that person to restore that

person that is exactly what Jesus did he

had the authority and the right to say

to her you to be condemned because

you’ve sinned you’ve violated very

specifically one of the Ten Commandments

therefore this is what you have coming


you aren’t you glad that God does not

give us what we deserve amen we don’t

get what we deserve it is the grace of

God but my friend listen it only comes

through the shed blood of Jesus Christ

so when somebody says to you well how

could Jesus just say to her you’re

forgiven because he knew her repentant

heart he knew her heart was confessing

her heart was repentant he could look

into her eyes and see the humility the

regret the penitence he could see in her

heart he knew her heart that it wasn’t

just a matter of regret because she had

been caught she said to him

Lord no

one she understood who he was she

yielded herself to him right there in

the moments in which she was about to

die from being stoned to death it was

Christ loving compassion that said to

her neither do I condemn thee do you

know what that says it says my friend

God is not in the habit of just

condemning God didn’t come to condemn

but to convert these evil ways of ours

he came to transform our life he says I

come to give you life abundantly he

wants to transform our life give us a

whole new beginning he wants us to love

him because love is his way and so when

you look at your life and you say how

could God ever forgive me by his great

grace he forgives all of our sin and so

as you think about your present life and

you think about your past you think

about your future you have to ask

yourself this question am I going to

live like this the rest of my life am I

willing to accept the goodness and the

love and the graciousness of God and

accept his forgiveness and understand

that my heavenly father offers me

another chance a new beginning in life

you know all of us know the song Amazing

Grace how sweet the sound that saved a

Wretch like Me I once was lost but now

I’m found was blind but now I see John

Newton who wrote that song was a slave

trader a very evil V V Wicked Man and

besides writing Amazing Grace he wrote

other songs but listen to this one he

says in evil long I took Delight unwed

by shame or fear till a new object met

my sight and stopped my wild career I

saw one hanging on a tree in agony and

blood who fixed his languid eyes on me

as near his cross I stood sure never to

my latest breath shall I forget that

look it seemed to charge me with his

death though not a word he spoke a

second look he gave which said I freely

all forgive my blood was for thy Ransom

paid I died that thou mayest live you

know why he turned that amazing grace

Amazing Grace how sweet this sound what

was amazing about it he says that it

could save a Wretch like Me I once was

lost but now I’m found found I was blind

but now I see the grace of God brings

about forgiveness and cleansing and

transforms us into a whole new person

giving us a new beginning you have the

privilege at this very moment to say to


past I don’t have to live with you

anymore I don’t have to bear this weight

anymore I don’t have to feel this shame

anymore I don’t have to feel this guilt

anymore my loving Heavenly Father

provided in the coming of Jesus a way

for me to lay down the past Feel clean

and pure and free once again and to

start a brand new life how does it begin

this is the way it begins by asking the

Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your

sin on the basis of what he did at

Calvary and telling him the beginning

today you are laying down the past in

faith in his forgiveness and you you’re

trusting him to be your savior your lord

and your master my friend the moment

you’re willing to do that your life

begins to be brand new and you can tell

your past goodbye and say good morning

to a brand new life it is yours for the

asking if you willing to receive his

forgiveness and his cleansing it is the

gift of a loving father and father we

thank you and praise you and worship you

and adore you as we think of how good

and how gracious and kind you are to us

and I pray the Holy Spirit for those who

are deeply deeply indebted to their

past that you would make it crystal

clear that when you sent your son to the

Cross you carried all their past placed

it on his shoulders on his heart on his

life crucified him as payment for that

sin in order that all men might be free

we pray the Holy Spirit will grant to

those who need the faith just to believe

what you’ve promised but we ask it in

Jesus name