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InTouch energized by his presence

when is the last time you felt the

presence of God in a very special way

that was unlike anything he felt before

or maybe I’d put it this way

when was the last time you felt his

presence in your life in a way that you

couldn’t even describe

there are no real words to describe it

was it when

you were praying

was it when you were in a worship


or maybe you felt it in a very special

way when you were witnessing to someone


or maybe you’re praying for someone else

you had a real burden for them

or maybe it was the fact that you

yourself was going through a very

difficult situation you felt so totally

absolutely dependent upon God he just

made himself known you in a special way

almost like he just showed up like it

was he interrupted what was going on in

your life at that moment

well what is all of that about it’s all

about God manifesting himself revealing

himself showing himself forth in your


and when you think about that somebody

says well I don’t know whether God would

ever do that for me or not maybe the

question is are you in a position


have you allowed yourself

to surrender to him to such a degree

that God would speak to you in a very

unusual and a very

powerful way

to encourage you to energize you

in other words something would go on in

your life that you’d not experienced

before I think about for example when

Jesus gave the Great Commission which is

to be found the 28th chapter of Matthew

and those last few verses and most of us

know that by heart because we call it

the Great Commission but listen to what

he said and I want you to notice if if

he’d left out one phrase I don’t think

they would have done it listen

but the 11 disciples proceeded to

Galilee to the mountain which is which

Jesus had designated and when they saw

him they worshiped him but some were

doubtful and Jesus came up and spoke to

them saying all authorities been given

to me in heaven and on Earth

go therefore and Make Disciples of all

the nations

now remember we didn’t have airplanes we

didn’t have trains we didn’t have fast

boats we didn’t have automobiles we

didn’t have bicycles we didn’t have

anything except horses and camels and so

forth go into all the world preach the

gospel baptizing them in the name of the

father and the son the Holy Spirit

teaching them to observe all that I’ve

commanded you period now if he had

stopped right there I’m not sure what

those disciples would have done because

what he was saying is in this handful of


I want you to go all over the world and

I want you to tell them about the

crucifixion and about my resurrection

and that the hope of mankind is to be

found in a personal relationship with me

well first of all to go all over the

world seem to Impossible number one

second they could have come up with lots

of arguments about telling them that you

had been crucified and that you’d risen

from the dead and so they’d had lots of

questions but then he finished that

commission by saying and I’m with you

always even to the end of the age

it was the awareness and the promise of

his presence that turned that handful of

disciples in the hundreds thousands

millions upon Millions over all these


what is it about that phrase I’ll be

with you even to the end of this age it

is very important in the eyes of God

that you and I recognize his presence

that we understand what he’s about

and when we think about his presence how

would you define it

how would you describe his presence

oftentimes people say well I believe

that God’s everywhere that God’s in

everything and what they mean by that is

that they look around at the creation

they say God’s in the trees God’s in the

Stars gods and the beaches he’s in the

mountains God’s everywhere and so people

who are so-called pantheists in their

theology would believe that everything

is God that tree is God and you hear

people say this not too often but the

the ocean’s God everything is God God

does not say that at all and remember

this while he’s omnipresent which means

that people will say well God’s

everywhere the truth is that means

everywhere is in the presence of God

now God is present everywhere but he’s

not present everywhere in the same way

for example he’s present in your life in

a very specific personal Redemptive way

but he is shall we say

in the mountains in the fact that he

created them he’s not he’s not a

mountain a mountain or the Seas these

are all creations of God these are

exhibitions of his power these are the

result of his awesome love for mankind

it creates this beauty for us to live in

but he’s not in a tree like he’s in your


and you see people who do not know him

personally have put God up yonder and

out yonder somewhere

they don’t know who he is exactly but

they say well I do believe in God

what they don’t understand is that God

never intends to be seen and to be felt

and to be thought of as being out yonder

somewhere but rather in our life what he

desires is a personal intimate

relationship with us and that’s what

he’s always continually seeking to

discover in your life and mine and

that’s why he has done the way he has

operated in our lives so when you think

about where God is what do you think he


he said well I think he’s everywhere

we’ll know exactly what does that mean

well that means that he’s all Beyond and

up here and over there what about back

Yonder there’s no such thing as God not

being everywhere now as I mentioned to

you here and I want you to look at this

passion scripture in the 15th chapter of

proverbs and because while we say that

God is everywhere I want you to notice

what the scripture makes very very clear

about where he is in this 15th chapter

of the Proverbs and look if you will

in the 15th chapter and the 29th verse

listen to what he says the Lord is far

from the wicked but he hears the prayer

of the righteous

he’s far from the wicked we say well

wait a minute the Bible says that God is

everywhere he is everywhere but he’s not

everywhere in the same way in the life

of one of his children who is a Believer

he is present in a certain way in the

life of those who disobey him those who

have no concept of God those who just

living an evil Wicked life he’s not in

their light the same way

so let me explain something

it is difficult to explain the very

presence of God when we take things out

of it and we think in terms of the way

he manifests himself reveals himself

unveils himself to us personally

and so when you think about that you try

to explain that it’s very difficult to

explain for this reason

God so to speak sometimes just shows up

that is all of a sudden you are aware of

his presence

you are aware that he is doing something

special in your life

something powerful

so I want to give you a definition not

that it’s an adequate definition because

I don’t think you can adequately Define

the presence of God so I want to put

this definition up here and think about

it for a moment the presence of God is

the revealing of God

by his Spirit to our spirit for the

purpose for a specific purpose of what

enabling us or energizing us informing

us or maybe even warning us

but what I want you to notice is this

there is a direct relationship between

the spirit of God and the way God

manifests himself so how does he do that

so think about in this light

the place of the holy spirit in your

life in my life is absolutely essential

he came to indwell you for some very

specific reasons he is our teacher for

example he’s the one who energizes us

he’s the one who gives us who gives us

understanding of the word in fact if you

go through the scripture here’s what

you’ll find that all the things that the

spirit of God does for us are things

that you and I could not do for

ourselves God sent him in order to do

what to live in us and through us the

Life of Christ because his goal for his

ultimalistic and fullness there’s

likeness remember what he said in

Genesis that when he was talking about

the creation

God said let us make man in our image

why did God make us in the image of

himself so he could fellowship with us

so we could relate to him so we could

know him so we could experience his love

God wanted to manifest himself to

mankind God chose to do what to make us

in His image and therefore to do that he

had to change us so that the person who

is saved is not a person who’s decided

to do good a person who saved as a

person who has received Jesus Christ as

their personal Savior and at that moment

the spirit of God gave them a new spirit

now a new spirit in order that you and I

may be able to relate to God and the

reason the Lost person does not see any

any personal relationship with God is

because they can’t

they are in our physical body we relate

to each other in our emotions and our

mind we relate to each other and our

surroundings the physical body we relate

to our our environment with our spirit

we relate to God and until the holy

spirit is within you you cannot relate

to God because God relates by his Spirit

to our spirit and gives us Direction

Makes Us aware of his presence

and he’s willing to make his presence

known remember it is the spirit of God

speaking to your spirit to give

direction to encourage you to warn you

to assure you to energize you motivate

you stir you up don’t shut him out but

you must live in such a fashion that God

can speak and you can’t be living in sin

on Monday and trying to be a saint on

Sunday and have God he’s not yes that’s

just not the way he operates

he’s looking for people who are willing

to be obedient to him to trust him to

believe him to be open to him to be

aware of him to be to be to be realizing

that God is always in the process of

doing something in our life

now let me ask you this

can you think of a time in your life

where you could look back and say you

know what

that day at that moment I had this

awesome sense of awareness of God in my

life that I have never had before

well what did you do

did you say well

I don’t know what that meant or did you

say God speak to my heart Lord what are

you saying to me think about this God

doesn’t do anything out of habit he

doesn’t do anything by accident he

doesn’t make mistakes and he doesn’t do

anything without a purpose when God

speaks to your heart that is the your

spirit when he reveals something to you

manifest himself he just shows up in

your life he has something in mind and

what he’s looking for are people who are

willing to listen to him to be to be

quiet enough

to be obedient enough that he can say

listen God isn’t going to say to you

now here’s what I want you to do knowing

that you’re not going to do it knowing

that you’re living in Rebellion he wants

to get you to a position where you can

listen to him and say Yes Lord whatever

you want in my life is what I want


what does that mean in your life in my


it means we have to get ourselves in a

position to hear him think about this

let’s get to the New Testament for

example you remember when Peter and the

disciples are out on the ship

storms Berlin waves tossing them and all

of a sudden Here Comes Jesus walking on

the water

well what happens Peter saw him and when

he saw it was Jesus he said Jesus call

me to you if that’s if that’s who you

are and I’ll come

it was in the presence of Jesus that he

had enough faith

to walk on the water

and so he did you think about the

Apostle Paul for example

what about him think about this if he

had not been living in the awareness of

God’s presence would he have been beaten

is he said 39 times three times

Shipwrecked Stones left for dead

imprisoned over and over and over again

and then standing before Festus Felix

and the gripper

what happened every single time



absolutely unafraid why because he knew

he was in the presence of the Living God

when you think about all the things he

went through out there on the Seas

for three days

battling for his life

could you ever convince the Apostle Paul

that the presence of God was not with

him never

he was aware of his presence

but notice what happens to Peter

in the presence of Jesus man he could

walk on water

when Jesus wasn’t there

he did not even know him now here’s the


you and I have God living on the inside

of us

well listen you may get lonely but you

can’t ever be alone from the moment you

received him as your savior you could

never never be alone

why does he love us that much

we don’t know why God loves us that much

we just know that he does and we just

know that somehow in some way he’s

chosen to work in every single one of

our lives in a way that’s totally Beyond

US unless we are willing to acknowledge

that he has the right to work in our

life and I would challenge you this

before you go to sleep tonight let’s say

you live alone for example let’s just

take the folks who live alone first you

live alone and um

you really and truly want God to show


in your life Lord

I’m available for you to show yourself

I’m available for you to reveal yourself

to me in a way that I’ve never known it


so Lord first of all I want to ask you

to show me whatever sin there is in my

life that that doesn’t fit what you’ve

got in mind

secondly I want you to point out

anything that I’m holding on to that

that you that I need to surrender

Lord I want you to bring anything to my

mind that you know is the stumbling

block between you’re a perfect

control of my life and

what you want to do in my life

and Lord I’m Available for you to speak

to me I’m available for you to make

yourself known to me any way you choose

you may be shocked

at what God’s willing to do the presence

of God is not a mystery

the presence of God is real is it almost

indefinable yes

because we’re dealing with the spirit of


is that is that a mystery no

Because He Lives within your heart and

more than likely if you’ve been a

Christian for a while you do you’ve

prayed and asked God to give you a clear

Direction about some things and you know

that he has he has given you specific

Direction at times in your life you knew

that was the right thing to do and you

thanked him for it but you see he

doesn’t just want us to getting answers

he wants us to

be satisfied being in his presence the

answers will come

so let’s think about how does he make

his presence known to us this awareness

of his presence that we say the

awareness of his presence energizes us

well think about this

when I think about the awareness of his


what comes to my mind is first of all is

who he is

this is The Sovereign of the universe

the God of this world

this is the one who’s created it all

this is the one who is My Savior My Lord

and my master and who loves me totally

how could it get any better than that

and and he loves you enough

to just make his presence known

the awareness of his presence energizes

us for the work to which he’s called us

and in each of those cases and there are

lots and more in the scripture what is

God doing

he’s he’s dealing with people and the

result is they are motivated to live a

God in life they’re motivated to do what

God wants them to do and you say well

but here’s my job and you could give me

uh let’s say for example you’re a

secretary or let’s say that you work in

electronics or maybe a plumber or a

doctor whatever you might be

the truth is God wants to make himself

known to you where you are doing what

you do don’t put yourself over here in

somebody else’s category you are

precious in God’s eyes

and all I’m saying to you is this I’m

really pleading with you Just Surrender

Your Life to him and watch what he does

he will make himself known in a way

listen not the way he reveals to

somebody else but the way that fits you

perfectly in fact think about this

your relationship to him is tailor-made

that is it it’s made by God for you and

your circumstances who you are at this

point in your life where you are whether

you’re a student or whether you’re 90

years of age God has something going on

for you in your life

it’s the matter are you listening

do you care in other words do you care

to have this kind of relationship to him

and once listen once you experience that

you will say listen you can count

everything else as as almost nothing

when you begin to realize that God loves

you enough just to show up

let me ask you a question if you believe

what the Bible says I will never leave

you nor forsake you if you believe that

would you ever have any real legitimate

reason from walking away from the battle

when you have God on your side

you remember what he said to Joshua be

strong and of a good courage

fear not neither be that is made for the

Lord your God is what with you wherever

you go

the awareness of his presence reminds us

of who he is the awareness of his

presence reminds us of what he’s done in

the past

and how he’s worked in the lives of all

these men of the past and I think about

times in my own life a difficult times

situations that I would never have

wanted to deal with and yet he was there

every time

and I’ve sat in battles

big balance big church battles and I’m

sitting up here watching it all

and watching who’s voting for him and

who’s voting against me

it’s really interesting

and with the most awesome sense of

perfect peace and assurance and

confidence why

because I knew that I was sitting in his


watching him

work in the lives of people until he

worked it all out

you see a Believer has no reason to be


think about this

if you were in the military and you had

a thousand

a thousand tanks

a hundred thousand men

and a whole Squadron of Jed mamas at

your disposal

and you were facing a hundred soldiers

out there would you be scared

it wouldn’t even cross your mind

so I want to I want to show you

something because you see it’s the way

we look at things and what we see and

what we don’t see and I want you to turn

to Second Kings chapter six

give you a little idea what’s happening

the the king of Aram

um is warning against Israel and what he

can’t figure out is he can’t figure out


uh the nation of Israel and the King

knows everything and so one of his uh

one of his associates said to him well

he said uh in fact the king said will

you tell me which of which of us is for

the king of Israel one of his servants

said no my Lord O King but Elisha the

prophet who is in Israel he tells the

king of Israel the words that you speak

in your bedroom

they already know what’s going on listen

so he said go and see where he is that I

may sin and take him and he was told him

saying behold he’s in dolphin

he sent horses and chariots and listen

to this he sent horses and shirts and a

great Army there and they came by night

and surrounded the city now in the

attendant of the man of God his servant

had risen early and gone out behold an

army with horses and church was circling

the city and his servant said to him

alas my master what shall we do scared

to death


that’s Looking Through The Eyes of Flesh

listen to what the prophet said Elisha

do not fear but those who with us are

more than those who were them then

Elisha prayed and said

oh Lord I pray Open the Eyes that he may

see and the Lord opened the servant’s

eyes and he saw and behold the mountain

was full of horses and Chariots of Fire

all around Elisha

here’s what happens

when you are aware of the presence of

God in your life here’s what happens you

are able to see things from God’s


and everything usually changes when you

look at it from his perspective

it’s the way you look

Through The Eyes of your spirit other

the flesh and it’s my prayer that

whoever you are Wherever You Are

don’t live out your life

and miss

one of God’s choices blessings

and that’s learning to live in the

presence of God learning to live aware

that at any moment he can manifest

himself to you in ways that you can

never imagine can’t manufactured

can predicted

and you can’t do anything to make it

happen it’s just something that he

chooses to do in your life

because he knows who you are where you


and what he wants to accomplish in your


if you’ve never trusted him as you say

to you may say well all of this is just

beyond me I don’t get all this well

naturally you don’t you know why because

you can’t even communicate with him you

must communicate with the god

through the spirit of God and if you’re

not a Believer you don’t have the spirit

of God within you so you can’t you can

talk about it

the truth is you cannot

and I want to challenge you to ask Jesus

Christ to forgive you of your sins

on the basis of what he did at Calvary

ask him to forgive you surrender your

life to him let the spirit of God come

into your life and begin to work his

awesome work

your life will never be the same

and it’s yours for the asking

and father how grateful we are for your

awesome Grace

and how we do pray that not a soul would

listen and say well but

because you love every single one of us

you’re ready

to make yourself known

in the times that you know are essential


to accomplish your purpose in every one

of our lives

and that is my prayer father today

openness yielded surrendered available


for whatever you desire in Jesus name