Understanding truth’s importance is not enough. We can see from our past failures that dishonesty is never worth the consequences. Instead we must build honesty into our hearts and minds by recognizing truthfulness is a foundational principle for life, and filling our minds with God’s Word. Then, we will become trustworthy, reliable people whose words are true. Visit us at: https://www.intouch.org/

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today in touch the Teaching Ministry of

Dr Charles Stanley reaching the world

with the Gospel of Jesus Christ next on

in touch building truth into your

life where does truth fit in your

personal list of essential character

qualities do you just take it for

granted for example that you’re a


person you take it for granted that

everything you say is

truthful or is truth an issue with you

and when I think about how important it

is I think often times we

Overlook how Central it is for example

when truth

loses its


area of strength when it loses its

supreme position in our life

individually or in the life of a Nation

everything begins to crumble on the

inside all you have to do is to look

around and see something is happening

the truth in our land well the Bible has

a lot to say about truth and you’ll

remember in Proverbs chapter 3 and uh

one of these verses that I is one of my

favorite verses in this third verse he

says do not let kindness and Truth leave

you bind them about your neck write them

on the tablet of your heart kindness and

Truth why would he put those two


for the simple reason they’re very

essential in a person’s character who

they are how they respond how they

relate to other people remember Jesus

said I am the way and the truth all

truth is to be found in him he said for

example speaking of the Holy Spirit the

spirit is the spirit of

Truth and um you remember what pilate

asked Jesus when they were before the

trial pilate said to Jesus what is truth

and I believe pilot meant exactly what

he said he had no earthly idea in that

corrupt Society of Rome what truth was

really all about but it was all about

corruption and power and all the things

that were going on around them at that

particular time and on one occasion for

example in Galatians the scripture says

that the Apostle Paul had written a

letter to the Galatians and one of the

things that he was having to deal with

was the fact he said uh uh he said now

that I have written you this letter he

said you hate me because I tell you the

truth and I wonder how many pastors

could say that they tell the truth and

often times people don’t like the truth

because the truth hurts it cultivates it

digs up it reveals and so when you come

to this passage here in uh in Ephesians

that I want you to turn to if you’ll

turn to this fourth chapter of Ephesians

and uh look at this one simple command

that the Apostle Paul gives but I want

us to start with the 17 verse because

he’s describing in beginning in the 17th

verse the lifestyle that people are

living and so forth and so he says and

beginning in verse 17 of chapter 4 so

this I say and affirm together with the

Lord that you walk no longer that is

stop walking just as the unbelievers

that’s what he calls Gentiles

unbelievers also walk in the futility of

their mind being darkened in their

understanding excluded from the life of

God because of the the ignorance that’s

in them because of the hardness of their

hearts and they having become callous

have given themselves over to sensuality

for the practice of every kind of

impurity and greediness but you did not

learn Christ in this way if indeed you

have heard him and have been taught in

him just as look at this truth is in

whom in Jesus that in reference to your

formal manner of life you lay aside the

old life that is walk away from that

which is being corrupted in accordance

with the lust of Deceit and that you be

renewed in the spirit of your mind look

at this next verse and put on the new

self which in the likeness of God has

been created in righteousness and

Holiness of the truth therefore laying


falsehood speak truth each one of you

with his neighbor for we we are members

of one another now I would ask you this

simple question where does truth fit

into your

life would you say I’m a truthful person

or I’d like to be truthful or I’m

truthful sometime or how how would you

say truth fit fits into your life let me

just say this it doesn’t happen it

doesn’t just happen so first of all

let’s clarify the meaning of Truth and I

put all these on the uh screen so you

can jot them down so you won’t forget

them and it’s simply this it’s listen

truth is what corresponds to what

actually is what as things really are

truth isn’t what I feel like it is truth

isn’t what I want it to be truth is what

corresponds to what absolutely is

reality and when you think about it in

that way then uh you realize that truth

is something that is very specific that

is uh true statements are those that

correspond to what is really true now

falsehood for example is a misleading

statement that is falsehood is not

telling it like it is but it’s telling

it in a way it’s it’s a

misrepresentation of the truth so we

either tell the truth or we don’t tell

the truth now some people say well I

sort to tell the truth that means you

sort of sand it off here and sift it off

here and cut it here and and by the time

you get through massaging it it may look

like the truth feel like the truth but

it’s not the truth if it’s not the truth

you suffer the consequences of telling a

falsehood now

let’s just take a few moments have a

little self-examination this just

between you and God’s nobody else’s

business but I think it’s something that

would be good for us to think about as

we think about being honest and I would

just ask you to consider these questions

do you consider yourself a truthful

person you so that’s an odd question no

would you consider yourself a truthful

person and some of you might say well

sometimes most of the

times and uh often times that’s the way

it is many people are truthful when it’s

convenient uh when it protects them they

think or when it profits them in some

fashion but truthfulness is a character

quality it isn’t just a word it’s a

character quality now there a two andf

necessity in being truthful and having

true relationships and the first one is

this that is

when we build when we build truth into

our life it’s for our

protection for example you do not want a

pastor who does not tell you the

truth now you can’t say that about

everybody because there’s some people

who deliberately willfully go to a

church where they know that it’s okay to

drink they don’t expect you to tithe you

can do this and you can do that and

especially since they will tell you that

all the Bible’s not true

now most of it is true and a lot of it

is left to personal interpretation and

therefore that gives you a lot of

freedom is that the kind of church you

want there words you want a church where

truth is not absolutely

essential if if you if you want to go to

church where truth is not the bottom

line and where the Bible is not the

ultimate expression of divine truth then

what you’re saying is I don’t really

want to know the truth I want to I want

to know the truth that I I want to know

the things that I agree with but I want

some I want some room other words I want

some Liberty that I can do some things

that uh I don’t have nobody’s going to

bring it to my

attention that’s

deadly truth is part of our

protection if I said to you that snake

is not going to bother you and it’s a

diamondback Rattler is that what you you

want me to tell you that it’s okay no

you do not truth is a protection it’s a

form of protection and God has given us

that quality in our life because he

wants it there if I know the truth I can

protect myself from error and missing

out on things that God very evident has

given us in his word and so people deny

the truth they resist the truth they

don’t want the truth and when you don’t

have truth let me ask you what do you

have to Anchor your soul when you don’t

have the truth what do you have to

Anchor you in times of difficulty and

hardship and pain when you you don’t

have the truth that God is with you what

do you have to Anchor you when you are

trying to make a

decision and you don’t know which way to

go and everything in your life hinges on

that decision it is the truth of

almighty God I will guide you with my

eye I will teach you in the way which

you should go not only that it provides

listen to this guidance to know what to

do that is if I if I if I know the truth

I will know what to do in a given


secondly uh I will have wisdom to know

the best way to go because truth will

show me the best way to go in whatever

that situation may be thirdly truth

strengthens us enables us because we

have a solid firm you see it’s a

foundational part of our very being

truth is then of course truth gives us

the courage to do whatever we need to do

it motivates us and this is why when you

and I believe that Jesus J Christ is the

Son of God and he’s the only way of

Salvation it gives us courage to state

that clearly to people whether they like

it or not whether they accept it or not

it’s not the issue we’re being truthful

and many Christians today compromise

what they believe for fear of rejection

oh well you know if I were to say that

and this is what Paul meant again I said

it again he says do you hate me now

because I tell you the truth and I think

many pastors many many pastors face that

very thing they will not tell the truth

they will compromise what they really

and truly believe because they don’t

want their congregation to not like them

so you have to make a decision in life

do I want to please God or other people

listen once you settle that issue then

it’s over if people like you fine if

they don’t like you that’s that’s not

your issue it’s their issue and so it’s

a protection to be truthful is to be

protected and when you say I’m committed

to the truth of the Gospel whatever that

means you’ll make enemies from some


and you’ll make people who love you

forever because you told them the truth

then not only that it’s a comfort it

produces a comfort in us to Lift Us in

situations well I know this is the truth

and I have done exactly what God Said

now Lord I’m going to leave all the

consequences to you because this is what

you said I to do then of course I think

it it produces a faith in us to act on

the truth that we need that is if we’re

truthful persons there there’s a sense

of faith

in God that he is going to do what he’s

going to sustain you in living walking

and speaking the truth truth is very

very very important

then what can we expect if we fail to

build truth into our

life as we said it doesn’t just

happen I think about most people who

don’t go to

church so they’re not hearing the

truth and if you ask the average person

what is true they don’t even know where

to stand on that subject they don’t they

don’t even know how to answer that

question because they don’t know the

truth and I simply said you the truth is

a basic foundational principle of life

and that’s why one of the reasons Jesus

said I am not only just the way and the

life I am the truth all truth that

relates to anything about life is

wrapped up in the person of Jesus

because he is the answer in some form of

fashion you think think about how many

children are growing up today in homes

where there is no no

Bible nobody goes to church Sunday is a

day of recreation and God has never

mentioned what do they

know they know about money and cars and

clothes and booze and sex and all the

rest what do they know about

life or where do you find out about life

why do you where do you find out about

life and death where do you find out

about ET ET ity where do you find out

about dealing with guilt and sin where

do you find out about getting victory

over those things that destroy a

person’s life you find it from the truth

of the word of God and that’s why truth

is so very important and if you’ll think

about it listen every single one of us

who is a walking spirit filled believer

is a personification of Mo of truth that

is we know the truth and we speak the

truth we live the truth we share the

truth truth is what it’s all about you

want your children to trust you you want

to trust them you want your husband to

trust you you want to trust him and so

it’s all about truth truth is such a

foundational principle that God’s built

into us if if we don’t practice

truth we’ll never reach what God wants

us to do in life that’s where he’s

created us and Jesus said I am the truth

he is the epitome of all truth now that

all being true how do we build how do we

build truth into our life and all these

statements are on the screens and I hope

you’ll jot them down how do you build

truth into your life well first of all

you have to recognize truthfulness as a

foundation life principle that’s how

important it is foundation life

principle that’s how we start that’s the

that’s the bottom line of building truth

in your life secondly we evaluate the

results of past failures of truthfulness

and say all right I didn’t tell the

truth here I didn’t tell the truth there

here’s what happened and you look at the

consequences and you recognize the

consequences was not worth

it that was telling the truth is far

more important thirdly you accept the

Bible as the ultimate guide book The

practicing listen truth there got to be

some there’s got to be some Ultimate

Guide what’s the ultimate guide average

person would say my opinion is good as

your opinion and so why do you think you

know more than I do so that’s words you

have the privilege to think that your

way you want to think and I can think

that don’t try to pull me into your mole

and so people want to jockey it around

for example and the truth is there has

to be some ultimate final principle of

Truth and that truth is found in the

word of God and so what happens

well the way you build truth into your

life is practice telling it and watch


consequences practice telling it and be

careful to watch the consequences for

example I told him the

truth I felt like I was going to be

really rejected as a result of it but I

had to tell him

anyway well what were the consequences

the consequences you may have been hurt

or you may not have been but the fact is

that you told the truth freed you up

from any inhibitions you may have had

you have to be honest when you with

yourself when you fail and discover why

why did I tell him the truth why didn’t

I tell the truth and I think sometimes

often times a person doesn’t tell the

truth for fear of

rejection I wonder how many people for

example who are dating a prospective

husband or wife and they don’t tell the

truth about something because they think

oh if I tell her that she’d never marry

me or if I told him that he wouldn’t

want me well you don’t you know what it

just may be the fact that you told him

what you’d had to go through early in

life it’d be one reason he’d love you

that much more that’s something about

truth that just just covers a lot of

stuff in life and people are more often

more willing to accept truth then to

find out later and then learn to be

distrustful all the days of their life

then ask God to give you an ever

increasing desire for truthfulness Lord

just just show me how to be truthful in

every area when I hesitate God bring it

to my attention that that you can trust

me and that I can trust you with truth

whatever is going on I didn’t ify any

area of weakness uh which pops up the


often and uh find the scripture that

relates to

that and begin and begin to quote that

verse of scripture in your

heart there something about that’s the

cleansing power of the word of God the

truthfulness of God for example let’s

just say you’re fearful of

rejection what does God say about you he

loves you

unconditionally and so whatever the

whatever the opposite is is the way you

ought to go if you fear this then find

out what God says about it and then you

can tell the truth trusting God to work

at all the results of that then of

course fill your mind with the word of

God sewing your mind with the truth of

God’s word and what happens is it

strengthens you it encourages you it

gives you the courage to tell the truth

and you’ll find yourself becoming more

truthful more honest when the word of

God is more powerful in your life life

and then of course purpose in your heart

to be a person whose words are true

making you

trustworthy reliable and

believable is that what you want to be

if you’re not you can’t have any

relationship and a person for example

they want to be your friend they can

trust you to tell them the truth I have

friends who will tell me the truth

listen if you have a friend who will not

tell you the truth truth they’re not a


friend in other words watch this

carefully because it’s not the way it

looks if a friend will not tell you the

truth because they don’t want to hurt


feelings the truth is they don’t want to

be rejected by you if you have a true

friend they’re going to tell you the

truth they may get you by yourself and

tell you the truth they may get you on

your knees and tell you the truth they

may say let’s go to lunch this something

I I I need to share with you but truth

is the bottom line now let me ask you

this question do you know the truth

about eternal

life you see I’ve been to church and

I’ve heard all that are you sure you’ve

heard the truth I’m not sure you have so

let me just tell you what the truth is

is the truth about eternal life the

truth about eternal life is this

God recognizes the sinful condition of

mankind which is separated him from all


mankind his love for you caused him to

send Jesus Christ to this earth to

reveal to us who God is and what he’s

like and then to go to the Cross lay

down his life on the cross shed his

blood which paid your sin debt in

full and only by his paying your sin

debt in full can your sins be forgiven

you can’t ever be good enough how good

would you have to be can’t ever do

anything thing long enough give enough

be good enough it’s what he did for you

and the moment you’re willing to ask him

to forgive you of your sins based on

what he did he is willing to forgive you

that is the truth he says if we confess

our sins he’s faithful and just to

forgive us our sins and to cleanse us

from all

unrighteousness believe on the Lord

Jesus Christ that is who he is and what

he’s done and you will be saved forgiven

of your sins name written in the Lamb’s

Book of Life sealed by the holy spirit

of God that’s the truth when somebody

says well if you just be good God God

will take care of you that’s not the

truth what you have to ask is this do I

want to know the truth and when I’ve

heard the truth am I willing to abide by

the truth my responsibility is to tell

you the truth your responsibility is to

respond wisely and that’s what I trust

that you