We kicked off the very first Kingdom Sermon series entitled, I Will Not Be KingDUMB. Today, we learned that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, which translates in Hebrew, to ‘light’ (Hosea 4:6 KJV). When we walk without the light of God’s word, we walk in ignorance, also known as darkness in Hebrew. In this sermon we are taught how to SEE the Kingdom. The promise for this series is that our THINKING changes so that we can turn to God and see, seek, speak and serve the kingdom. If you’re ready for the Rise of a Holy Rebellion, stay tuned every Sunday at 10:45am CT. #Kingdom #KingdomSeries #TheRiseofaHolyRebellion #KingDUMB #REPRESENT #TransformationChurch #TCNation Join us for service online every Sunday at 11am (CST), Monday’s for Monday Night Prayer at 6pm (CST), and Tuesday’s for Rebroadcast at 6:45 pm (CST). If you received Christ through this message, text SAVED to 828282. We would love to hear how God is touching your life through this ministry! Tell us your story by emailing [email protected]! If you would like to support TC financially you can give through the TC app, or online through our website by clicking here https://transformchurch.us/give/

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hi my name is Charles and I serve here

at transmission church as one of the

executive pastors and I want to take a

moment before we jump into the message

just to say thank you first of all for

watching it means the world to us that

you would be a part no matter where

you’re watching from no matter who you

are I’m believing that this message is

going to encourage your faith and

hopefully transform your life if you

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us but really for you we want to be a

resource to encourage your faith and be

with you on this journey of following

Jesus again thank you so much for

joining us enjoy the message today I

hope it blesses you today I told them in

the back I feel like we’re in a

championship game today

like it has the energy I don’t know what

all of that but like you can feel the

energy in the room and I hope you feel

it at home it feels like something

special is about to happen and um I

really do believe that this is not just

the start of a new sermon series this is

a beginning of a new era for our church

if you’re taking notes I want you to

write that down this is the beginning of

a new era

this is not the Hat Company I’m talking

about this is something that God is

wanting to do to flip the page on what

our church is known for what we talk

about and how we are going to maneuver

and leave our Mark here on this Earth

somebody say it’s a new era

now most of you

may have had new experiences with

Transformation Church over the last two

three four years this church has been in

existence since 1999 and eight years ago

me and Natalie took over at the helm and

to be honest with you I shared about

Vision last week we didn’t know we was

going to be here

we believe the vision that God gave us

and we started saying yes Lord somebody

say yes Lord

and we ended up here I wake up every

morning just as shocked as you are that

I’m the pastor

no no no no let me be very clear I wake

up like is this what me and Nat

sometimes look at each other and it’s

like all right is this what we do

is this our life but it’s one of those

things that when you follow the plan of

God you will end up places you never

thought you would be doing the very

thing you thought you would never do

making an impact that you never thought

you could have because we serve a God

that’s just that good

and since we’ve we’ve been going we’ve

been doing the things that we thought we

were supposed to do

and then we ran in to a year where God

told us here is Holy somebody say here

is Holy

yes it is last year we did that and when

we came out of that God said all right


close the chapter on how you did things

for the last eight years

and I was like hold on the hardest thing

to change is something that worked

oh y’all missed it

this is half the problem with us we only

think we change when something goes bad

ah we’re supposed to change When God

Says time is up

it can be in the middle of going good

and God says time up

ask Abraham he waited 25 years for Isaac

everything’s going good if he’s a

teenager now God said time’s up I need

him back

hold up

wait a minute don’t stop get it get it


are you’re telling me to sacrifice what

you promised me

but it was Abraham’s everybody say yes


that allowed God to perform a miracle

and bring a ram out of the Bush all I’m

saying to you is it doesn’t have to be

bad to be over


it’s not supposed to be falling apart

well I guess God is saying this is not

what we’re supposed to be doing

Stevie Wonder can see that

what I’m saying to you is y’all get it


what I’m saying to you is

is that there there may be times like

God told me

where the last eight years like it’s

been working in I thought we were going

to run the same play and God said yeah

it was great

but now file that away

and behold

I’m about to do a somebody say new thing

and you know a lot of times we think new

things come in things

come on

we think it’s like a new building or new

people or new God told me the new thing

I’m going to do is going to start in

your mind

because nothing changes until your mind


and so many times in the body of Christ

we’re trying to promise people a thing

when what really needs to change is

their thinking


I don’t want to promise you a thing in

this Kingdom series

I want to promise you that you will have

changed thinking

and when you get changed thinking

Everything Changes

the Bible says as a man thinketh in his

heart so easy if you think it that is

what you are

and some of you are what you are because

of honestly what you think

the low self-esteem it’s not because

somebody told you you were bad you think

of yourself less than God thinks of you

the depression is not because you can’t

get out of this There’s Hope for you but

the thinking that you keep doing is

there’s no hope for you you are living

in what you are thinking

oh God

God is saying Church

change your thinking change your mind

give yourself an opportunity to live

beyond what you see right now and you

don’t have to be in a new place you just

got to get new thoughts

oh my gosh all right


I’m gonna be I’m I’m gonna punch you in

the mouth spiritually every service

and as long as you keep coming back I’m

gonna punch you again

it’s gonna build up a tolerance in you

spiritually for you to actually have the

fortitude to be able to be and make a

difference in this earth what I’m about

to share with you I honestly have never

heard before

I am so

full of this Kingdom message and I

wanted to make sure that I was right in

line with everything that this Tuesday

me and Charles took a flight down to my

oversight Pastor’s house Tim Ross and I

said this what I’m about to preach

ain’t this what the Bible say

everybody got to have somebody that’s

that they’re submitted to y’all playing

y’all out here listening to all these

internet pastors and internet preachers

you don’t know where they came from and

who’s covering them you better help


I went to him Sat at his dining room

table with Charles and I said ain’t this

here ain’t this it open Bibles

highlighter scriptures I said because I

will never be accused of knowingly

giving the people of God something that

will damage them

and as we sit at that table

and the word begin to illuminate y’all

it was like light was coming out of that


it was like do y’all see that

I don’t read this scripture 50 hundred

million 11 times

and it’s right there

and God said Michael I’ve given you


to represent

the kingdom

to my people

and over the next


I ain’t gonna lie to you

this message is so big

that I’m gonna have to cut it up every

Sunday and give you what I think you can


and even what you think you can handle

you’re gonna have to play it almost

every day because we have to get

repetition to change the way we think


so so

I want to let you know that this series

I’m gonna be very transparent I’m gonna

be very hot in this series because God’s

pilling back a lot of the layers of me

speaking to people like like there’s a

part of and I’m just telling every

Pastor there’s a part of when we preach

that because we’re still human that we

want to impress people

I know nobody says that anymore but the

reason why you get dressed a certain way

the reason why you prepare certain

things is because there’s a level of you

wanna like you you want people to think

good like you want to be like dang they

good at what they do and so a lot of

times in church a lot of people use

fancy words

and Abstract Concepts

and they say things like thou

when nobody says Thou during the regular

week thou God

you just got an English accent out of

the blue

like like we do stuff to make it seem

Grand but that doesn’t mean it’s good

and I I made a decision

that I don’t want this series to be


I want this series to leave an


I want the Revelation the revealed truth

from this Kingdom message to Mark your

life forever could you just give me that

Play-Doh real quick would you just hand

me the Plato real fast uh uh who got it

you got it over here throw it to me just

just throw it I’m gonna catch it back oh

oh he almost busted me in the head

it was the light the light

that was almost real bad

the thing about Plato

is in its raw form

it can keep a shape

but at the moment somebody

puts their hand on it

it doesn’t just leave something that’s


it leaves

an impression

the closer you get to this you’re able

to see the veins

that were in you can actually see where

I was

and God’s saying I don’t want you to

hear any more words that are just


I want when you go to your job

why are you shaped like that

why do you talk different

why is your character like everybody

would be mad when they did that

but why why are you smiling because I’ve

been marked

God through his word has left an

impression on me

and this is what I’m believing for every

person in this room

so as I begin to stop talk about the

kingdom everybody shouted me the kingdom

you didn’t say it like you’re a part of

the rise of a holy Rebellion somebody

shot at me the kingdom


I want to tell you our greatest

opposition to receiving this message of

the Kingdom okay I need everybody to

write this down okay the greatest

adversary against your life in the

kingdom is not the enemy

it ain’t the devil far

we blame everything on the devil it was

the devil no you didn’t plan

and what’s that devil no no no no

the greatest adversary to you getting

this in your mind and in your heart is

not the enemy

it’s ignorance

if you’re going to understand what Jesus

said about the kingdom

you have to Divorce Yourself

from everybody say ignorance

and many of us have been in church our

whole lives and never heard a message on

the kingdom

think about it

we use it as a cliche

we we put it on a t-shirt thy kingdom


but if somebody walked up to you on the

street and said what does that mean

I mean that’s I mean it’s uh thy kingdom


like my church wants the kingdom die

King Dom

too calm

you get it no hell no I don’t get that

Church come on y’all

and we say stuff and we think if we say

it slow and put a graphic on it

oh God that it made this still don’t

make sense

because we have been ignorant

of what’s this the only message Jesus

preached on this Earth

I’m going to prove to you at the end of

this service that Jesus talked about

nothing else except the kingdom

your favorite Bible scriptures from

Jesus was The Illustrated sermon about

guess what the king he would say stuff

like the kingdom of God is like

and he would go into a story and then he

would say the kingdom of God is like he

was trying to get it through our heads

that the only gospel message you need to

know to live a Victorious Life on this

Earth is the message we’re missing

what I am

you do not have this message or you

would be victorious in every area of

your life

the reason I know you don’t know what

the kingdom is because I’m looking at


looking at your marriage

looking at your prayer requests

when you understand the power

the dominance

The Authority that Jesus gives us in the


Everything Changes

and over this next


I’m going to introduce you

to the what

and it’s so crazy we’re at a


because we don’t know much about


like most of us especially all of us

here that is born in the Western

Hemisphere West Side we

are at a very very

um low level of learning when it comes

to kingdoms

because we were born into democracies

and republics and and so in a kingdom

you don’t get an opinion

so the reason when you read the Bible

you be picking and choosing

it’s because you were born in a


and you think the king cares what you

think oh my God

your opinion doesn’t matter in the

Kingdom I can already tell this is going

to be rough for you cause your mama been

telling you what do you think God don’t

care what you think

oh God oh God Michael calm down you have

to introduce them to the message so they

can receive it God don’t care what you


he does not care what the political

views of the day are he doesn’t care

who’s going to cancel you his word has

been faithful before you during you and

it’ll be faithful after you kingdoms

have risen and kingdoms have fallen but

the word of God oh my God has remained

steadfast through everything


and the truth of the matter is the

message of the kingdom is hard when you

have an opinion

because you think in your 36 year old


that you got this life figured out

but you can’t keep streaks out your


did I just say that

oh my God that came from my spirit Brown

draws oh my God


oh God you think you got this life

figured out

and you can’t stay faithful to your own


you said things that you was going to do

I’m prompted by anybody else and you

can’t keep your word to you

and we supposed to listen to you on how

life’s supposed to go

everybody got a podcast

everybody in the influence

everybody’s a guru at something


your wisdom

and your knowledge is not tested and


but the word of God

and his message of the everybody say


say it like you mean it

say it like you believe it

his message of the Kingdom

is the message that we have to


Okay so

when I said to you that our greatest

adversary is not the enemy it’s


I want you to know that that is

confirmed in the word of God in Hosea 4


when the Bible says my people

are destroyed

from a lack of


do you know it’s interesting when I

begin to study this scripture that the

word knowledge in Hebrew means light

that my people


destroyed because they don’t have enough

light in an area

they’re dark in the area

they don’t know where things are and the

word tells us that knowledge is light

when you just take that simple

understanding of knowledge being right

say knowledge

equals light

then when you read scriptures like

Psalms 119 105 your word is a light

unto my feet

oh the reason I read the Bible is

because it’s going to show me light in

every area of my life yes the word of

God is a knowledge that lights up my

life John 8 12. I am this is Jesus

talking the light of the world

I’m the knowledge that you need in this


and that word world is not the word


I’m about to teach you today

he didn’t say I’m the light of the Earth

he said I’m the light of the world which

that word word world means system

every system governmental system

education system Entertainment System

I am the light they need in those worlds

oh my God

who is going to take my knowledge into

the world system

and we up here having prayer meetings

to stop sinning

been in the faith for 50 years

and can’t control your appetite

and God said when will we put the

childish things away

so that we can go into the world

and actually turn them people out

what would happen if we went into every

system of this world

and we begin to shed knowledge or light

into those things everybody say


equals light

a couple more scriptures Matthew Chapter

5 14. if you don’t like the Bible this

is not the church for you and it’s not

the series for you

I don’t want you to hear my words

I want you to hear the Eternal words of

our Lord and savior canonized in this

book and it’s about to make so much

sense when you get the backdrop of the


Matthew chapter 4 5 verse 14. he didn’t

just say I am the light of the world

he said I’ma infect you and you

are the light of the world’s systems

like a city on a Hilltop that cannot be

hit when you get knowledge of something

you can’t hide it

when you fully understand what God is

trying to do you cannot hide that thing

and that’s why we need to get like even

in the beginning when there was void and

nothing was in the earth what was the

first thing Jesus said in Genesis 1 that

there oh I feel this big

let the knowledge come

if you’re dark in any area of your life




understanding your new Faith confession

is let there be light

and that is not just sit there and be

like so light it up Lord

it up Lord

he said let there be knowledge

let there be a seeking let there be

something that understands you can watch

and binge watch seven hours of a show

that will actually lead you further away

from God

I’m in your business

you can literally see people who you

know are not going to be married but you

want to see is it love at first sight

there’s no winning stories out of any of

those shows

but we will give our life

to something that will keep us in

darkness and then be mad at god well God

I thought you was gone he said you have

not sought

for knowledge in anything I told you you

were supposed to do

you broke now but you’re supposed to

have money but you won’t read banking


stay in the dark

you’re supposed to be God gave you a

word that your marriage was going to be

successful but you’re not married yet

but God said you can learn how to do

relationships well

if you would get everybody say light

and light equals knowledge okay

Lord help the light come in

could you just lift your hands right now

like we got we like this got to be your

own confession I can’t do this for you

father God let the light come in

every area of my life that I am ignorant

that I have been willingly and


in the dark today God I’m asking you

open my mind give me the mind of Christ

let me be able to see things Reveal Your

Truth give me a revelation so that I can

be safe in your wisdom in Jesus name we

agree amen


um Hosea 4 6 one more time let’s look at

it my people are destroyed from a lack

of knowledge okay so we got that like

yay I need a lot of knowledge but I need

you to read the rest of it because God’s

really kind of emphatic about how

important this is because you have

rejected knowledge

I also reject you as my priest

hold on you had a title with my name on


but if I don’t study to show myself


I no longer get to step in what’s

already prepared for me

he said if you don’t get a hunger for

knowledge or light he said I will reject

you as my priest not as my son

God doesn’t reject you if I have a


that makes millions of dollars

and I got kids

who don’t want to know the business

they don’t want to understand how the

business Works they don’t want to

understand how I took it from nothing

and built a fortune and everything that

they experienced they could keep going

on for Generations if they don’t want it

I’m not giving it to them you will not

be my heir

if you don’t care that just came to me

right there you will not be my Heir yeah

you don’t care

and that’s why we see even in culture

generationally people are leaving their

wealth to their animals

look it up

people are skipping over their kids

with billions of dollars

they’re like nope you uh-uh no

not you

because they don’t want the everybody

say knowledge

same thing with our God

you don’t want it you ain’t got to have


but no you will not walk in the

authority that I already prepared for


I reject


you can’t sit behind this desk

and not care about knowing my laws my

precepts what I what my original intent

was and so when I sat here and I looked

at this I was like shoot I need I need

to understand some new things okay God’s

basically saying I’m not going to let

you just because you’re my son or

daughter misrepresent me

the vision of this church is to

represent God to lost people and found

people for transformation in Christ he

said if you don’t check into this

Kingdom series and get this knowledge

this light on something you don’t know I

ain’t gonna let you go out there and be

talking about God told me to do this

he’s like I ain’t got nothing to do with


that little non-profit they started they

did that on their own

I ain’t got nothing to do with that

they didn’t have the character they

wouldn’t understand my words that little

family situation where they think they

can live together unmarried and not make

a commitment to each other and not have

a covenant but do all the grown-up stuff

I ain’t in that

oh God

well God doesn’t judge me yes you’re his

son and daughter but you’re giving up

your Priestly title

okay okay let me that’s too deep maybe

week three all right maybe week three


but look the worst part is

because you have rejected knowledge or

light I also reject you as my priest you

don’t get the title because you have

ignored the law of your God I also will

ignore your children

many of us are suffering not from the

decisions we’ve made

we are suffering

from the decisions our parents made

not to say yes Lord

and now they couldn’t teach us what they

didn’t have

so there was Revelation they were

supposed to give us that they didn’t

have because they would not allow the

knowledge of God to come in their lives

and now you’re struggling

not because of things you did it’s just

because of things you don’t know

oh come on

a lot of our parents didn’t teach us how

to handle money

so the reason you and credit card debt

because your parents took out stuff on

your own name

or these are real stories

they was trying to get a new


and they credit was already shot so they

put your name on it and you didn’t even

know you was like can I get little

Spider-Man and you ain’t even know

you was twenty two hundred dollars in

debt and it looked very minute except

they didn’t pay it for 22 years

and now you trying to struggle

to get yourself out of a hole you didn’t

even put yourself in

and you find yourself with Walmart cards

JCPenney cards Finish Line cards

you got all the car you got Dave and

Buster cards

trying to get yourself out of something

that somebody if they had knowledge

could have stepped in and said don’t do


and I’m giving you a very practical

examples because that’s what’s happening

in a lot of our relationship a lot of

you are not bad husbands you just didn’t

have anybody there

to give you the knowledge of how to

sacrifice for your wife

that’s why the biggest assault is on men

of God

and let me even specifically say black


because one of the things that the enemy

uses to destroy us is ignorance so just

like we saw in that clip earlier how do

you get somebody ignorant you repeat

stupid stuff over and over again and the

enemy loves it if you put it to a tight



well I just like the beat it’s rap music

it’s all of this stuff going on telling

you how to treat a woman telling you how

to get this money

like what is this sound effect rapping

that’s happening

I’m like what is going on no rhyming

it’s just like I rode up in the book


okay y’all gonna be fake

it’s ignorance

but ignorance repeat it

then gives you an idea of maybe this how

I’m supposed to live my life

and my people perish for a lack of

knowledge okay

and on the way to school our kids just

happen to be in the car

listening to the same


and then you’re mad when you find them

in their room doing things you never

thought they would do

but you gave them the seed oh my God

okay let me okay all right

you can’t teach somebody what you don’t


and right now we’re suffering from

generational ignorance

people keep talking about generational


let me tell you what a generational

curse is

because we’ve been redeemed from the

curse of the law that’s what Jesus did

so there’s not some spooky boogie man

that’s coming when you put your faith in

Jesus Christ there’s no curse that can

come into your life because of what

Jesus said it’s done but you can still

be stupid

you can be saved and stupid

tweet that you can be saved and stupid

yes you can

and most people are not suffering from a

generational curse they’re suffering

from generational ignorance

that y’all did you hear that

and what is not transformed will be


if you don’t change this if you don’t

allow 2023 to be the year that you get

light and that you get knowledge and you

say it’s not passing to my babies don’t

just get them J’s give them knowledge

don’t just give them PlayStation get

them principles don’t just give them a

car give them character


I ain’t even on my real points yet

that’s why I gotta teach you the kingdom

because it’s the only message watch this

that Jesus preached

the only one

Paramount to your to your journey to

understand everybody shot at me the


but if you’re gonna understand the

kingdom you’re gonna have to be humble

I think it was prophet Kendrick Lamar

that said

sit down

I ain’t gonna call you nothing but be


sit down

and be I don’t care how many degrees you


I don’t care how many zeros you have in

the bank I don’t care how many theology

degrees you have

to understand the kingdom

you’re gonna have to sit down

and be humble why because the Bible says

if you’re going to understand the

kingdom you’re going to have to come

like a little child

he said the children understand the

kingdom more than adults do

because what do children do trust

you can go up to a child at a certain

age and tell her you know the sky is

held up by Glue


yeah all the little white things that’s

just glue that’s gathered they call them

clouds but it’s held up by glue and a


will spend almost their whole life being

like yeah yeah God’s just gluing this

clouds today and you’ll be like what

like third thing what

because whoever’s in authority

they Trust

they don’t come with their opinions

they try

if God is not your Authority you don’t

trust him

if the word of God is not the final

Authority in your life

you don’t trust it it’s just another

book of good ideas

that go along with things that

philosophers and idealists have written

this is the Eternal Word of God it is

the final Authority in my life on how I

do marriage of what I believe of How I

Live if you don’t believe that you don’t

trust it

and he said if you don’t trust it you

won’t understand the kingdom

so I’m just asking everybody as we move

into this it took me 40 minutes to tell

you sit down

and be what oh okay okay because when I

looked at the word light

in Hebrew it’s knowledge but guess what

the word

ignorance means in Hebrew Darkness

so the enemy

is the one who is the king

or the ruler of

he’s the chief of ignorance

any area that you are ignorant in you

are giving the enemy Authority in your


the reason we have to know the word is

because when we don’t we say enemy come

tell me lies the Bible says he’s the

father of like that’s his negative

tongue if we are ignorant and don’t find

out what God says we’re like come run my

life in this area

let me believe lies in this area and

that’s why when I was about to title

this series I thought it should be

called what God Said the word of the

year was he said the word of the year is

what kingdom

he said Michael you can’t title that

series Kingdom

I was like wow that’s what you told me

the word of the year was for

Transformation Church Kingdom and I

really don’t want to do a new graphic

he said Michael

you can’t title it Kingdom

because my people are King dumb

the title of this series

is Kingdom

we can’t talk about the kingdom of God

because we are King

we are ignorant

of what the Bible says about the kingdom

I can put the mic in front of pastors

and they have no idea what the kingdom

of God is

I can put the mic in front of Prayer

praise and worship leaders in front of

singers in front of musicians in front

of theology major and they have no clue

about the only message Jesus taught


everybody say Kingdom

and this needs to be your confession

I will not be Kingdom

somebody say that I will not

be king dumb

I will not be ignorant about the kingdom

of God I will know about the king I will

know what he set up for me before I got

here I will have a clear understanding I

don’t know

I don’t get it now that’s humility

I don’t understand this at this moment

but I am opening my heart and my mind so

that I will not be Kingdom

I will not live this life where there is

a life of abundance that God has for me

and be sitting here ignorant

that would be like Prince Harry or

Charles come into America

leaving the kingdom

and working at McDonald’s

ain’t you uh

ain’t she Diana’s boy

don’t your family like kind of have a

you have you ever been to the Royal


oh you lived there okay

why are you here

living below

what we know

why you flipping burgers

and you have an inheritance

why are you begging for shift

when you could be commanding ships


if that was the case it was because they

were ignorant

of their Authority

and they went away from the land the

country the place where they were

everything they were supposed to be the

church has been King dumped

but I believe by the end of this series

there is going to be light and knowledge

Revelation truth that comes from the

inside of God’s word and you will not be

Kingdom somebody say I will


be Kingdom

say it with faith I will

not be Kingdom

okay Colossians 1 3.

for he Jesus has rescued us

from the kingdom



look what it says from the kingdom of


and transferred us

into the kingdom of his son

you do not have to stay ignorant of the

Kingdom another day

this is the day that you understand well

Pastor Mike how do I do that there are

so many particular things that I do not

know right now calm down

Romans 12 2.

do not conform to the patterns

of this world

but be transformed oh I like that word

somebody should name a church that

but B everybody say transformed

by the changing

change the way you think

change the way you think and you will be

transformed change the way to what God

is saying so I’m gonna give you all

these points right here how to

understand the kingdom three simple

points it we find it all in the Bible

three simple points write these down if

you don’t get nothing else just get this

how to understand the kingdom change the

way you think number one

change the way you think

ready for point two turn to God

easy because a lot of people change the

way they think and then turn to people

I ain’t doing that no more where the

money at

where the O’s at

I said oh

where the party at

where where do religious people at

what where God says I don’t want you to

turn to anything culture has made up

y’all know religion was made up by


Jesus never talked about religion all he

wanted was a relationship religion is

man’s attempt to feel an eternal void

for the kingdom

oh God I’m talking too deep already all

man’s attempts they were like well let’s

just make affection of people who

believe this and do this and we’ll do

all of these works and we’ll we’ll

sacrifice this and we’ll keep this and

we’ll come to church 16 times and we’ll

pray loud in tongues

and God said that ain’t me

all that work you doing

that was my requirement

that is man’s attempt to find the

kingdom oh I’m gonna free some people

through this series

he literally is saying don’t turn to

anything everybody say turn to God

number one change the way you think

number two turn to God number three this

is what I want you to get see everybody

say c

the kingdom

just see it

because if you see something have y’all

ever been in the mall

and you realize like you come in there

for one thing

is it just me but the one thing is at

the end of the mall

and you have to pass all of these stores

what these giant windows

and do you know they found out that the

reason that they need to put giant

windows in the front of stores it’s

because if you just see

the church tries to get people to be so

involved immediately I’m okay with you

just seeing the kingdom

oh my gosh

wait to put


how many things have we gone back and

participated in

just cause we saw it

all I want you to do in this message is

see the kingdom the reason you’re

attracted to Transformation Church is

because you see the kingdom

you can’t Define it all you don’t know

what it is but it’s like this I don’t

know the braids and then the jacket and

then the like the worship I like that

you can’t I can’t tell you how many

people say I don’t do Church

but I mess with you

they don’t say mess

and y’all so church I bite you in the

name of Jesus using that four-letter

demon because that’s where they at

let them see it

let them talk let them don’t let they

not ready to wear it yet

they’re not ready to change clothes yet

but at least they saw somebody oh my God

that looks like Jesus that talks like

Jesus that loves like Jesus

everybody say see the kingdom

when they see your family they should

see the kingdom

when you go to Starbucks they should see

the kingdom

the kingdom should arrive every place

you walk into

I’m gonna teach you about Dominion next

week cause there’s a kingdom Dominion

you can’t say the word Kingdom without

the root word domain God said whatever

your feet said I have given that place

to you if it’s in government if it’s in

the banking system if it’s an education

if it’s in fashion I have given you

Dominion somebody shout at me Dominion

they got to be able to see

the kingdom

so today if you’re like I don’t know

about all this just keep looking

keep watching

keep coming back

you don’t gotta when we go to shouting

and all that other stuff just

it’s okay if you’re not ready to put it

on yet

all I want you to do is change the way

you think

turn to God

and see the kingdom okay I’m gonna take

you to the first message Jesus ever

preached go to Matthew chapter 4 verse

17. this is his like like keynote

presentation this is like after four

thousand and thirty years of Messianic

prophecies and the whole earth groaning

and waiting for this moment this should

be the best most concise

most impactful message

that he ever preaches

and look what he says Matthew chapter 4

verse 17.

and saying


for the kingdom

of Heaven

is at hand good night everybody I thank

you so much I’ll be back tomorrow

imma do it one more time ladies and

gentlemen Jesus


for the kingdom

of Heaven

is at hand thank you so much I’ll see

y’all tomorrow

next day



for the kingdom

of Heaven

is at hand I’ll see y’all tomorrow same

time same place all right God bless you

I don’t really know if the message is uh

sinking in

maybe I’ll try something different



for the kingdom

is at hand thank you I’ll see y’all


and the reason he starts telling


to Rob Olay

truths that go along with stories

because they weren’t getting it when he

just said it

I said it to y’all as plain as I could

so the kingdom is like uh

a man

that had two sons


The Prodigal Son story

is him trying to

explain what the kingdom

oh my gosh y’all about to start reading

your Bibles

it’s gonna be light unto your feet


his whole message

was watched three points repent what

does repent mean

change the way you think

you’ve been thinking this way

think this way but don’t just turn

anyway turn to God second point

because the kingdom of God is at

City Kingdom

I’m right here

watch this watch this

Jesus was the first one to do that not


oh God

he was like the Kingdom of Heaven is

that yeah

these are my Commandments like y’all

jump missed it

just when you thought I said all right


change your mind

turn to God see the kingdom say it with

me change your mind turn to God see the

kingdom one more time change your mind

turn to God see you didn’t even do the

answer why you not participating


change your mind

turn to God



I like that

I like that

what Jesus was saying is I’m right here

the Kingdom’s right here

y’all want me to overthrow a government

and the whole way to heaven is standing

right in front of you

I’m the Fulfillment of the scriptures

I’m what they talked about

John was saying the message trying to

prepare it away from me remember what

John’s message was before Jesus came

repeat oh my God

for the kingdom

John is telling everybody he come in

and when he showed up

they was like okay so what else

how we do in church

what else

I mean that last time the city was great

but what else

I know that last song but what else

this is it

I’m gonna be repeating the same thing to

my disciples

for three years

and they still not gonna get it

and then I’m gonna have to leave it up

to them

oh my

tell everybody else

and they’re gonna probably make it about

other things like money

and healing and prophecy

or we like prophecy

stand up

your name is Broderick isn’t it

yes Broderick

you live at 1414 East

and I believe in Prophecy

I’ve been held by prophetic

but that’s just a piece

of what it’s provided for in the Kingdom

do not miss God

being obsessed on pieces

of the Kingdom

and you miss the whole message okay

and that’s why we have to get God’s

original plan for Humanity it was for

the kingdom everybody shouted me the


with faith every time everybody say the

kingdom I’m trying to shake your core

and the ignorance off of you you gotta

find the original purpose or the

original intent for what God is saying

and I’m going to tell you a churchy word

because we’re going to learn a lot of

vocabulary in this series that’s gonna

make you know what you’re reading when

you read the Bible there’s this word

called precept

and if you read some of the scriptures

like and I love your precepts and I will

know your precepts and most of us just

read through that and we’re just glad we

can pronounce it

y’all know when you read the Bible and

it’s like I know some of these words


it’s like but I figured out what precept

means pre meaning before set meaning


when you hear the word precept it’s the

before thought

when you understand God’s before

thoughts then you understand what he’s

doing right now so one of the greatest

things that you can do is go back and

find out what the Creator was thinking

when he created you

not what people have turned it into not

what people use it for if you want to

find the purpose of something go to the

precept or the original thought before

we got here

God had original thoughts about you

that you would know the kingdom before

you ever got here Psalms 1 I mean Psalms

19 8 it says the precepts or the pre

thoughts or the before thoughts of the

Lord are right

giving Joy to the heart hold on if I

learned Gods before thoughts about the

kingdom I get joy in my heart the

commands of the Lord are radiant giving

oh look at this word

what does that mean

class what does the word light mean

when you learn the before thought it

gives joy to your heart and you

understand knowledge that comes to your

eyes Psalms 11 10 the fear of the Lord

is the beginning of wisdom everybody

quotes that part

but watch what it says all who follow


precepts his before thoughts

have good understanding

to him belongs Eternal praise let me

give you one more Psalms 119 verse 15. I

meditate on your precepts your before


and consider your ways I Delight in your

decrees I will not watch this neglect

your word let me give you a formula that

I understand when I got this word

precept before thought of God God has a

before thought of the Kingdom he wasn’t

looking at culture and like let me come

up with something that that that fits

into the culture he said before any of

this was here I had a pre-thought he

said if you get a precept then you can

get a concept

if you get a concept then you can get a


when you get a conviction then you have

established a belief

when you get a belief then you get an

ideology and when you get an ideology

then you get a philosophy and philosophy

is how we live our lives

I just gave you the cheat code

this works in every area of your life

imma say it again imma say it fast run

this back when you get a before thought

then you get a precept an idea precept

precepts turns into concept concept

turns into a conviction why am I so

passionate up here is because I got a

concept of the Kingdom now I have a

conviction about the kingdom and now the

conviction turns into a belief a belief

turns into an ideology and an ideology

turns into a philosophy and that’s how

we live our life you live your life off

of philosophy not to drive the speed


it’s some of y’all’s philosophy

the cop can be right there you got

Radars you got police scan detectors

because it don’t make sense to you that

idea is dumb

so your idea has become your before

thought before you got in the car it’s

like going to speed limit

Siri said I’ll get there in 20 minutes

watch me get there in 15.


so you had a pre thought a before


then it becomes a concept

that becomes a conviction

and when you get in that car and that

lead foot hit that thing

you yelling at people on your way to

prayer get the

and then that conviction becomes so deep

in you it’s a belief so that’s why you

can’t ride with nobody

because if you’re in the passenger seat

is this how is this how you plan to

drive a hole

is this how you plan to drive the whole


it’s so much of a belief that now you’ll

start trying to convince people you can

go five over

I mean all cops know

some of y’all do did this this all I

mean there’s a Grace

I mean as long as you’re just going five


and now it becomes your ideology

and now it becomes your philosophy and

now you pass it on to another generation

so the reason your kids drive fast

it’s cause you drove fast

and we’ve never addressed where the idea

came from

and we just live out the consequences

of what we believe okay

Psalms 119 45.

this one excited me

because if I learn God’s pre thoughts

about the Kingdom look what happens I

will walk about in Freedom

for I have sought out

your before thoughts

disconnects with John 8 32 that’s one of

my favorite and you will know the truth

and the truth will set you free look

what it said you won’t just have the

truth you have to

and when you know it

it will set you free repent

for the kingdom

of Heaven

is at hand what was Jesus saying is as

close as you receiving me

it’s right here

I’m here

it’s not some Far Away Cosmic thought

it’s right


and and um

when I when I thought about the kingdom

and God’s thoughts I was like okay I see

the first time Jesus said something

about the kingdom but let me go and find

the last time he said something about

the kingdom because if it’s the same

theme over and over again I can trust

and depend on what it’s saying so you

ever heard when people’s like wars and

rumors of wars

that means Jesus on his way back

get ready

Jesus is coming the dude on the street

the world is about to end

the world right back the world is about

to end y’all seen those people that are

always talking about the end of times

the end of work get ready 2023 it’s

Jesus on the way

and I began to be like where is that in

the Bible

now I know this offends religious people

because you have whole ideologies

built on ideas that not are not founded

in the word of God

somebody you love told you something

that you believed and didn’t fact check

it and now you out here teaching your

kids this you see the morals over there

that leaves Jesus on his way back Jesus

didn’t say that

I’m just gonna be real clear he said the

exact opposite

can I prove it to you

Matthew chapter 24 this is today’s

lesson and offend your religion here we

go Matthew 24 verse 4.

Jesus told them who told them

I said who told them

don’t let anyone mislead you

for many will come in my name claiming I

am the Messiah they will deceive many

and you will hear of wars and threats of

rumors of War Don’t Panic you know what

I I want to do this old school real

quick now some of y’all y’all been in

church when it’s been like this but

there’s like an old school like my roots

are like Pentecostal and like even a

little bit of COGIC in there and some of

y’all like I don’t even know what that

is Church of God in Christ and what they

would do when they read a scripture with

power is is the pastor wouldn’t actually

read it they would have like a mother at

the front of the church actually read it

some of y’all don’t know nothing about

this and then the organ would start up

okay and and there would be like some of

y’all like it doesn’t need all this I

this is so much Revelation for me I just

want to do this old school so somebody

had my mama Mike and Mama B I want you

to read this scripture and in the middle

of it they would say read and I’m I

wanted y’all don’t know nothing about

this I’m taking you back to 1972 1962

19. okay


chapter 24.

verse 4 through 14 mother would you read

Jesus told me he told them Jesus told

him who told them Jesus told them the

Messiah the chain the baby born in

swaddling clothes what’s his name Jesus




don’t let anyone mislead you

for many will come in my name

claiming I am the Messiah come on read

they will deceive minute

and you will hear of wars and threats of

Wars but don’t panic what is our


to wars and rumors of War

don’t panic I said what is our response

Church to what CNN says and Fox News

says in MSNBC says when they’re telling

you it’s about to be over what is our

response Don’t Panic okay


You Gotta Wait hold on hold on you gotta

wait till I say read yes sir okay

yes these things must take place they

what they must take place it’s a part of

the plan

everything happening

it’s a part of the plan

well this is going to be a recession


it’s part of the plan

some people won’t cry out till they

don’t have nothing

somebody say it’s a part of the plan



but the end won’t follow immediately

so when you hear wars and rumors of wars

and you see everything going down

that is a sign for you not to panic and

to know the end ain’t coming

we have been King


he said when you see all the crazy

don’t trip

I ain’t coming


when men think they women and women

think they men

when people killing each other in the

streets when there’s Wars and families

Wars and countries weren’t don’t trip

I ain’t coming


Nason will go to war against nation that

sounds like today Kingdom against King

sounds like today my God there will be

famines and earthquakes in many parts of

the world sounds like today but all this

is only the first of the birth pain

with more to come

so whatever news we hear in 2023

I’m not tripping

because God’s already told me

because I’m a citizen of the Kingdom

I’m giving you the pre-thought

the precept

When You See It Don’t Panic it had to

happen I ain’t coming back yet

calm down

be still

and know


it’s me

I’m God

I got the whole thing on my back

and this government shall be on his

it’s the it’s the Bible okay


there’s more to come

but we safe in the Kingdom read then you

will be arrested


and kill do you really want to be a

follower of Jesus


this is what they should put on the


be a citizen of the Kingdom

where you will be arrested


and maybe even killed

people are promises houses and cars and


he said every day you better pick up

your cross

and follow me

you sure you want to live this Kingdom


because you got to have some skin in the


I’m saying this to scare you

because so many of

the people who are leaving and

deconstructing their faith is because

they were sold a lie

and when you are sold a lie then you’re

frustrated because you don’t see the


I’d rather tell you the truth and you’d

be ten toes down in what you already


they might come after me for believing

Jesus the way I’m about to believe them

they might try to take away our non our

non-profit status because we gonna

believe but that’s okay we got enough

money to keep this thing running even if

we got to pay taxes on it

see this I’m talking Kingdom

we might lose something for wearing this


this is why God’s separating the fans

from the faithful

don’t stay around here this year if you

just want to be a fan

if you don’t want to bleed for this


if you don’t want some family members

and say you crazy for going to that

church yeah you just don’t understand

the kingdom yet

don’t worry I’ll be back to get you

cause I got to get lights


you will be hated all over the world

because you are my followers and many

will turn away from me and betray and

hate each other sounds like

deconstruction to me and many false

prophets will appear and will deceive

many people keep reading sin will be

rampant everywhere

love of many will grow cold sounds like


but give them the encouragement mother

give them the encouragement read


the one

hold up hold up watch me watch me



you got to get good readers these days

I’m training her still

everybody shot at me but

we serve a god

that no matter what happens

when he from Heaven says but come on

whatever happens after that

is our guarantee

so the spirit of fear that tried to

creep up in somebody wars and rumors of

wars and all the things and all that

other stuff it gets shut down in the

butt everybody shout at me butt fudge

read but the one had a boy shot Taya



the one who endures



somebody shot at me



somebody shout I can’t quit

I gotta keep going I gotta keep praying

I gotta keep pressing I know I feel this

weight on my shoulder but I ain’t gonna

cry if I got a crawl oh if I gotta get

down on my knees if I got them I can’t


if you’re not gonna quit I’ve got a

shadow play

this is the sound of the rise of a holy



I won’t quit


for the one

who doesn’t quit

that endures

they might be saved no

they could be saved they will be

if they play their cards right they’ll

be saved they will be

all you have to do is last

they thought the Scandal was going to

take you out

but you lasted

they thought the lies were gonna take

you out matter of fact you did do it and

the blood is on your head and they

thought that was gonna take you out but

somebody said I didn’t quit


so I will


safe standing everywhere




could you read the most important part

of this entire scripture this is Jesus

talking there’s not a disciple

this is not a Prophet this is not a

major or a minor this ain’t somebody who

knew about him

this is Jesus talking

he he literally says but the one who

endures to the end will be saved just

one more time everybody shout at me I

can’t quit you better type that in the


somebody getting a tattoo this week I

can’t quit I’m telling you right now the

enemy has been trying to come against

your mind tell you to fold this thing up

you better quit 2023 before you get

started it’s gonna be repeat of last

year the Devil is a liger

I can’t




somebody needs to make a decision

not just I can’t quit somebody say I

won’t quit I won’t quit

I’m just note to anybody that does this

get you a respectful uh reader because

mine is unruly

read the last part mama

and the good the good news somebody say

good news

about the kingdom no no no no no no no

no no no no no no no I thought it was

the good news about the cross


I thought it was the good news

I thought it was the good news about

healing Kingdom I thought it was about

the good news about prosperity Kingdom I

thought it was about the good news about

prophecy Kingdom I thought it was about

the good news about a big house and a

big car

I thought it was the good news about big

churches who thought I thought it was

about the good news of small groups

the good news of the Kingdom

can you read will be preached

throughout the whole world

she about to go off

she had to catch that one

the word is so what was you about to say

sure I’ll sworn for soul


remember the scripture that said you I

am the light of the


and you are the light of the


Entertainment System fashion system

music system banking system

he is greater work shall we do we are

and it says that in the good news about

the kingdom will pre be preached

throughout the whole

wow it’s not earth

this message has to go to boardrooms

and to trap houses

you missed it

God it’s going to take a lot of weeks

for them to get this this message has to


in the temple

and it also has to be on the turf

until we get into the sport system

the photography system

the marketing system

the social media system I don’t know

what the metaverse is

let me be honest for every Millennial

who out here playing like they do many

of us don’t know

I don’t know how to buy real estate in

the metaverse


because I’m not going to be in darkness

or ignorance

about a place a system that is being

created on this Earth

that the gospel has to go into

I don’t know where you’re gonna find me

in six years I may be in a room with

goggles on talk about do y’all get it

I don’t

and some religious people will be mad

because you want it to happen at Sunday

at 11.


you’re steeped in Tradition and religion

and God said I don’t care about none of


I just need this good news of the what

say it like you mean it

to be preached in every single World why


so that all nations

will hear it

so so

after everybody hears it

this is a very strong distinction this

is why I’m preaching this

because y’all have to hear it

but he didn’t say you have to receive it

my job is done yes when you hear it

as faith comes by and hearing what the

word of God

if you hear this

and you reject it

yo man

they’re this and they’re that and there

it is I’ll see you at the end

I’m going somewhere else

cause you heard it

but you didn’t receive it my God I don’t

want you to be king dumb

I don’t want you to be sitting here with

the pearls that Jesus left for us on

this Earth

and we’re sitting here thinking this is

an option

this is the kingdom and we won’t be king

dumb we won’t be ignorant

Until the Whole World Hears it this is

why you have to share this message this


you don’t want your family to not hear


they might hate you

but you’re doing what’s good for them

even if they can’t receive it yet and

who knows

who knows what will happen if you go

into your gym this week

and you go into your business Place guys

I have something I want everybody to

listen to oh you’re gonna love this

you’re gonna forget about your


I just need 90 minutes

I know you love that show but just

listen to the just

after they hear it you’re no longer


except two watch this live it

because people need to see the kingdom

Just Hear It

and if you don’t get it like that watch

me work

watch me what

watch me watch I don’t know where that

came from

but some of us need to walk it like we


yeah y’all I’m still a little ghetto

let them see it

now now this is remember what I said at

the beginning people talking about when

you see Wars and all this other stuff

that’s when the end is coming Jesus

tells us the exact opposite he literally

says and the good news about the kingdom

will be preached throughout the whole

world so that all the nations will hear

it and then

and and then everybody say and then and

then the end will come

unpack your bags


everybody’s trying to escape to get to

heaven unpack

them duffel bags

cause this the first message you ever

heard about the kingdom

and if people who’ve been in church this


I’ve never preached a message about the

kingdom ever

because I wasn’t ready to seek it first

next week I’m not just gonna teach you

how to see the kingdom I’m gonna teach

you how to seek

the kingdom

okay oh God oh God okay let me just lay

out our plan for the next few weeks

everybody say see the kingdom put the

little Emoji up there so so they can get

it this is how simple this class is

going to be about the kingdom


today I just wanted to let you know this

is what Jesus talked about

this is what the whole thing is built

out all your favorite stories is an

example of you seeing this

the reason that I do things in

excellence the reason that I give

generously the reason this church is

generous the reason why we try to do the

thing all we try to do is get you to see

the kingdom

that’s it

you may not like it but you feel

something something on the inside of you

is like I don’t like that

he’s black with the braids

and that jacket probably is expensive

this is just Kingdom trip you understand

let me stop let me stop

when you when you start talking about

the kingdom you just kind of get


because you understand you’re Authority

everybody say see the kingdom

so that’s what I want you to do then I

want you to


the kingdom

put a magnifying glass on it

I want us to look at scripture so close

I don’t want to be like dang

that was there the whole time

I told the team there’s some messages

I’m gonna have to go back and and watch

and see if I need to take them down

see you too prideful for that

that’s it

I was King dumb

so so so I was telling people stuff I

did the best did you know that Mariah

Carey thing imma do the best with what I



that’s what I was doing

with the understanding I had that’s why

when people make YouTube videos and do

all that other stuff I’m doing the best

well what I got

if I’m wrong if I’ve done something in

error if I’ve messed something up the

Holy Spirit and my accountability can

correct me you making a YouTube video

doesn’t help me

you don’t pray for me

you don’t ask God let there be

illumination or light

you want a follower and you’re doing it

in the name of Jesus I don’t know where

this is coming from but you are working

against the kingdom

the truth hurts

when God shows me something

I’m humble enough that’s why Jesus told

us to cast our crowns

take off all your titles

take off all your success all the zeros

you made all the awards and accolades

take it off when you come to the king of


oh I can’t wait to teach this

he’s not talking about

some foreign land of Kings

he said I am the king



oh my gosh

I’ma say it one more time

I am the king



there was just a transition that


in London where the the Queen of England


as soon as she died

her heir

was automatically made the king

was he a King when he was born yes

was he a king as a teenager yes why

because he was a son or a daughter

of the one who had the authority


I can’t even preach it

but when we’re talking about the kingdom

he’s saying you your life

on Earth I give you the ability to have

the same power I have in heaven

or that’s when the disciples said teach

us how to pray

let me give them one prayer

Our Father

who art in

that’s his domain

Kingdom his domain Hollow would be thy

name let me get under Authority

thy kingdom

thy will be done where on Earth

as it is where

King of Kings

can’t even do it

so I want you to see the kingdom

I want you to seek the kingdom

and then I’m going to teach you how to

watch this share the kingdom

oh God

we got the most silent army in the world

like he’s winning all the victories on


I said tell somebody

everywhere you go

and I’m gonna teach you the biblical way

to share the kingdom

and then I’m going to teach you how to

Pledge Your Allegiance

to the only one and I want you to watch

this serve

the kingdom

everything you do

every place you go we’re going to see



C seek share

one more time see


share sir one more see

seek share

when you learn how to see the kingdom

seek the kingdom share the kingdom and

serve the kingdom

o m



is it making sense yet y’all is there

some lights going on okay

um how many people love Chick-fil-A in

the room how many people love

Chick-fil-A in the chat yeah just give

me I want to tell you

um about my two favorite sauces

this minister to me this week



oh my God

this is sriracha

and I don’t know what possessed

a man to make such a delightful y’all

can sit down

and then we’re about to go because I saw

your feet hurting some of y’all was like

all right Pastor you’re gonna give me

example let me sit down so I don’t want

nobody to feel awkward just real quick

we’re about to leave

this is the most delightful hot sauce in

the world it’s not like

um Tabasco

that’s just hot

it just ouch

it’s not like Louisiana because anything

you put Louisiana on it tastes like


I I wanna I’m a sauceologist spiritually

I’m a spiritual sociologist I want to

teach you something

when you put Sriracha in something it

takes on

the flavors of what is there

and then it accentuate it turns up the

heat just but so slightly

to be able to have a nice sensation


you are blessing the Lord on this fast


and then the other sauce that brings me

great joy

now I have to speak with this with

reverence and honor

because this sauce has gotten me through

many bad meals

so hey I feel God right now

at my mother-in-law’s house I have

now I’m just playing

my you know you can’t go I

she can make a couple things good

breakfast you’re good at breakfast I

have taken this sauce


I’m not playing

I will leave draws

to put

this sauce in my bag

I am ever so grateful for all of the Big

Chain stores beginning to sell

I want to thank God for increase

okay Pastor Mike why are you going on

and on and on and on and about this



this sauce is a representation

of what many Believers settle for

it’s good all by itself

just one more

my God

but what if I pulled up to Chick-fil-A

and they said

hello how may I take can I take your


and I said yeah just give me three

Chick-fil-A sauces

okay and what else

that’s it

just three Chick-fil-A sauces

and day after day I come back to


and all I ask for is

and somebody offers me well sir we see

you coming all the time

would you like to actually have the


that was made for the sauce no

just want the sauce

day after day

week after week

year after year

still hungry

because no matter how many sauces

uh it’s good too

but this can never feel me

chick my God

I know I’ve been on the fast I ain’t had


Lord forgive me

it’s for you it’s for the kingdom


I forgot my whole body is like ah

seven more days of the fast go away to


I’ll be hungry forever


by being committed more to the soft

than the sandwich

Chick-fil-A is not the sauce

it’s the sandwich

it’s the service


it’s the Sabbath


all of these cultural businesses you

know why Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday

you’re on my check for like yeah you had

it right

they were closed on Sunday because they

decided to honor a kingdom


a kingdom precept

and how many people have woke up on a

Sunday wanting Chick-fil-A

it’s almost like oh yeah I’m gonna go

get some

but I bet you on Monday

it’s not just the sauce

it’s the sandwich

it’s the service

it’s the Sabbath

it’s the sustenance

it’s like actually when I enjoy all of


it fills me up

the church

has been focusing on the sources of the


salvation let me offend you a religion

is a sauce of the Kingdom

healing is a source of if you get the

kingdom it comes with it

you don’t have to pay extra

at these other Chief establishment they

want to charge you 25 for sweet and sour


I’ll tell you I ain’t saying I ain’t

saying no names

but your golden arches is broke I

you’re not living in the Kingdom you

Kingdom like

but I have never once

been charged

for sauces

at that Kingdom establishment

it’s a kingdom establishment it’s like

what do they say how many

how much do you want how much healing do

you want how much Deliverance do you

want you don’t got to pay extra for this

you want Deliverance healing and

prosperity you can have all of it you

want to dip it in this dip it in that

and dip it in this they never judge me

cause I want it all

somebody shot I want it all

I want everything that comes with the


we just been promoting sauces

come to this church it’s a church of

Polynesian sauce

at this church you will know

the poly of the nation

come to this church it’s hot and spicy

this is the Buffalo conference

if you need revelation


to Revelation Ranch Church

leave that camp leave that camp leave

that camp we are the sauce

and everybody’s still hungry

and the world don’t want what we have

because we’re starving

you don’t look full

you don’t look happy

you walking around with your sauce mad

how they get blessed

how they get a chicken sandwich

they going to hell

hail for you hell for your children hell

for your grandkid hell

thing I’m hungry

y’all got any extra that

I’ve been trying this God thing

and it’s leaving me empty might as well

try something else

I’ll keep coming on Sunday

search over

give me what you got

and this

has been the Dilemma


since the fall

what we lost

was Heaven on Earth

Eden was an actual place

on Earth

it was the first representation of

Heaven on Earth our sin got us shut out

of it but God said I got a plan

I’m going to make somebody just a little

lower than the angels

because I don’t even want to use an

angel no more because the last time I

used an angel

he became Kingdom

he forgot who the king was

so he started taking the Praises

and he convinced with darkness and

ignorance one-third of the angels to

follow him and Jesus confirms I saw


fall like lightning he said so I’m going

to prove to him that I don’t even need

an Angelic being to do this

I’m going to put less being called a


on this Earth and with my help I’m going

to re-establish and expand the kingdom

on Earth as it is in

see the kingdom

seek the kingdom

share the kingdom

and what’s the last thing sir the


Matthew chapter 10 verse 5 this is where

we’re going home

these 12 Jesus sent out with the

following instructions this is Jesus’s

last instructions to the disciples

do not go onto the road of the Gentiles

or enter any town of the Samaritans go

rather to the lost sheep of Israel

as you go

it’s the only thing I want in your mouth

preach this message

the kingdom

of Heaven

is near

then get the sauces

he’ll have to sit raise the dead cleanse

the leopards drive out the get all the

sauces you want

but make sure you do first things first

preach this message the kingdom is of

Heaven is near

freely you have received


you give

the message of the Kingdom

is simply God showed me like this

Chick-fil-A sauce write it down in a

point don’t settle for the sauce what

comes with the kingdom when you could

have the sandwich the service the

Sabbath and the substance

the whole Kingdom

from now on

we don’t do it for the culture

we do it for the kingdom


to the kingdom

standing everywhere

that’s all I can do today

I got 50 more pages of notes

all right

not playing

God has for some reason decided to trust

me with this message

and I will be his ambassador to

represent oh excuse me represent him

till the whole world knows could you

just lift your hands right now father I

thank you that this message

of your kingdom

is going in

to the hearts and the minds of your

people enemy I bind you and rebuke you

from stealing this seed

that has come to transform the way we

think we are not going to copy the

patterns of this world

but we will be transformed by changing

our mind

turning to God

and seeing the kingdom

Jesus do what only you can do

Holy Spirit lead us to truth we thank

you and we give you glory honor and

praise in that same attitude if you want

to see the kingdom in a person his name

is Jesus

God is saying the first way to become a

part of the Kingdom family is to repent


change the way you think and turn to God

Jesus is God

and today if you’re tired of carrying

the weight and the load by yourself and

doing it your own way and suffering

under the consequences of trying to be

God in your own life today I want to

offer you the kingdom

his name is Jesus

and he came

to be the Eternal sacrifice

for every person that’s not perfect just

the ones who would accept him

and today I want to give you that

opportunity Pastor Mike is it that big

of a deal when I tell you it changed me

he took me from being a liar somebody

who was a manipulator I was addicted to

pornography I had ignorance all in my


and he didn’t make me a perfect person

but he made me a progressing person and

my eternity is secure in Jesus Christ

and today I don’t want you to leave as I

was sitting in a funeral on Friday

nobody knew that my Uncle George’s last

day would be his last day but the thing

that I was comforted in is I knew

exactly where he was spending eternity

because he had made Jesus Christ his

personal Lord and Savior and he was

sharing with everybody he knew

and today I don’t want you to be worried

about tomorrow

I want you to be contented today

because you put your faith in Jesus

Christ this is not an action of works

and do better

all he said is Believe Me by faith

everybody say by faith

and today God is saying I can give you

eternal life

if you would put your faith in me a

Transformation Church we’re a family

nobody prays alone on the count of three

if you want to make Jesus Christ your

personal Lord and Savior I just want you

to slip your hand in the air this is the

serious moment in our church service

because this is why we exist people are

going through hell all week and this is

the moment where their life can change

and they can be transformed forever one

you’re about to make the greatest

decision of your life two I’m proud of

you but forget that your name is gonna

be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life

for all eternity if you want to make

Jesus Christ your personal Lord and

Savior shoot your hand up three all over

the building I see you a whole row of

people over there I see you young man I

see you I see you young lady at home

just put your church y’all can do better

than that I see you transformation is

happening right now this is what it’s

all about now TC We Don’t Leave Nobody

out there to do anything alone I want

everybody to just lift your hands and

we’re going to pray that prayer this

prayer for the together for the benefit

of those coming to Christ everybody say


thank you

for Cindy

your son

just for me


I give you my life

I believe you lived

you died

and you Rose again with all power just

for me today

I changed my mind


I changed my mind and I Turn to You

changed me renew me transform me I’m

yours in Jesus name amen if you just

prayed that prayer Welcome To The


oh come on Transformation Church for

everybody online let’s celebrate



you just made that decision text saved

to the number on the screen we want to

send you some information and help you

and today y’all check this out everybody

everybody I know everybody’s leaving but

check this out today is the start of our

B groups

and so if you’ve never done life in


this is one of the Kingdom principles we

don’t do life alone

uh oh I’m gonna have to teach a whole

message on that you need to get in


one can put a thousand a flight but two

exponential growth can ten thousand sign

up for a small group do not miss any

week of the whole year

y’all thought I was gonna say the series

the year

We’re Gonna Leave This and talk about

Kingdom finances Kingdom currency

and then we’re going to talk about a

kingdom sound and then we’re gonna die I

don’t know we’re gonna be gonna talk

about Kingdom every day somebody shouted

me the kingdom

watch this back at least three times

this week

share it with people just keep it in the

background it’s going to click

give us the mind of Christ God thank you

that this week will be our best week of

fasting even as we come back here

tomorrow to pray at six o’clock thank

you that there will be a momentum that

Kingdom would come here on Earth as it

is in heaven father I thank you that

you’re healing delivering and setting

your people free we will give you all

the glory we’ll give you all the praise

in Jesus name somebody say we agree

we expect

amen until next week go out and live a

transformed life I love you hey I want

to take a moment again before we jump

off and say thank you our church is not

built on one individual but on the

sacrifice of so many and you being a

part it means the world so thanks for

watching the message I also want to say

thank you to the thousands of people

around the world who are generous it

means the world and we are able to

represent we’re able to be generous to

meet the needs of people because of your

giving if you haven’t taken the step to

give trust me there is no pressure at

all but if you feel led you can text the

word give to 82 82 82 or you can go

online when we partner together God uses

our generosity to make a difference

again if you haven’t take a moment to

subscribe to the YouTube channel and

more than watch it on YouTube join us on

Sundays every single Sunday we’re here

10 45 CST am we would love to see you

and like we always say go out and live a

transform life