Do you feel like a habit or a sin pattern has a hold on you? Dr. Charles Stanley responds to this email from a viewer concerned about a struggle they can’t seem to overcome. In Touch Ministries, 2011. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to

is there an issue in your life that you

ought to be dealing with God certainly

has a way of making it clear to us when

a habit or sin is in need of attention

he faithfully provides a way of escape

from temptation in the midst of our

weakness but there are many times when

we seem to make little and no progress

in these areas what are we to do then

the day’s email is from Debra who writes

smoking has a strong hold on me when I

get upset or nervous that’s when I tend

to smoke when I quit for a few days I

find myself overeating please help I

want to get rid of smoking before it

gets rid of me well let me ask you a

question how do you view smoking the use

it is a pleasure at times a habit a sin

or a strong whole well it appears that

you have come to the conclusion that

it’s a strong hole in your life it can

be all of those things what you have to

ask is this what is it that ignites this

desire within you to smoke and you

mentioned the fact that you are upset

and nervous what is it that upsets you

what is it that you’re nervous about

it’s important for you to identify what

it is that brings this on there is an

underlying cause smoking is a response

to one of those causes whatever it might

be but it’s a response that is costly it

could be deadly you have to agree with

me that it certainly is not worth the

price that you’re paying so you have to

honestly consider what are the

consequences of what I’m doing this

habit in my life is bringing me it could

bring me in fact to the end of my life

God will reveal the real cause if you

will enter they want to know it and I

believe according to your email that you

do the question is that you believe he

can and will deliver you well I want to

read you several scriptures and the

first one is in frustrations chapter 10

and verse 13 which says no temptation

has overtaken you but such as is common

to man

and God is faithful who will not allow

you to be tempted beyond what you’re


with the temptation will provide the way

of escape also so when you find yourself

tempted what do you do well I want to

turn to another passage here in 2nd

Corinthians and there’s a passage here

in this 10th chapter also that mentions

the same word that you’ve mentioned for

the weapons of our warfare are not of

the flesh but divinely powerful for the

destruction of fortresses or strongholds

listen for we are destroying

speculations and every lofty thing

raised up against the knowledge of God

and we are taking every thought captive

to the obedience of Christ

now when you attempted what do you do

you choose the cigarette why don’t you

decide that from now on I’m tempted I’m

going to choose the Word of God because

there’s a wonderful Psalm that I think

applies exactly that what you’re dealing

with and one that I think if you would

begin to think in terms of when I am

tempted to smoke I’m going to turn to

the Word of God and listen to what the

scripture says here’s the promise if you

will listen to Psalm 34 beginning in

verse 17 the righteous cry and the Lord

hears and delivers them out of all their

troubles the Lord is near to the

brokenhearted and saves those who are

crushed in spirit many are the

afflictions of the righteous but the

Lord delivers them out of them all there

is an awesome promise from God listen to

come to your rescue and to help you

through this here’s what you must

remember when you attempted to smoke

turn not to the cigarette but to God

turn to the word of God because one

offers life the Word of God and the

other offers something that could take

your life when you discover the real

cause and you willing to deal with it

you’re willing to deal with this cause

God will deliver you that is his promise

I witnessed as many times in the lives

of many people who’ve been through all

kinds of circumstances once they began

read the word of God and to believe the

truth of God’s promise to deliver them

something happens sometimes it may take

an accountability partner someone you

can share with and someone you can say

to them here’s what’s going on in my

life I don’t want this in my life I need

someone to pray with me through this

until I have the victory if you will

choose the Word of God and to trust him

believing with all of your heart God

will deliver you that’s who he is

we’re thankful you joined us for this

broadcast I’m in touch and until next

time remember this when you fight your

battles on your knees you win every time

god bless you