This is “Right People, Right Place, Right Plan.” When God chooses to bless you He sends a person. When Satan chooses to discourage you he sends a person. There are people who can help advance your purpose, and there are people sent to snuff it out. In this message, learn to be spiritually discerning and choose your relationships wisely.

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if you’re someone who’s asking yourself

what should I do with my life what is

God’s plan for my life should I take

this job should I move to that

opportunity in another state should I

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I want to talk to you about the right

people the right place the right plan

and I want you to receive because I do I

do believe that I have faith for what

I’m preaching that there can be

impartation more than a service more

than a sermon there can be impartation

into your life today that’s really what

I feel so I’m gonna share what’s on my

heart it is so critical to get the right

voices in your life because if you don’t

get the right voices you will not make

the right choices

if you don’t understand and make the

right connections in life you will not

reach the right destinations and

everything is connected you’ve got to

have the right people if you’re gonna

have God’s blessing upon your life

because God uses people

nobody has ever received the checks on

Jehovah Jireh he used somebody I know

God’s your source but he used somebody

and we need we need to pray for those

power relationships in our life a power

relationship is God blessing you for

transition when when God wants to

transition you from one place to another

place he will put in your life what I

call Kingdom connections or power

relationships people many times who have

done what you’re trying to do already

been through what you’re going through

and they have the ability to reach back

and grab you and pull you through and

expedite your journey in amazing ways

and it’s all about who you get around

something else about the right people

they have they can unlock the potential

that is inside of you if you get around

the right people they can unlock the

potential that god has put in you some

people you know have the opposite effect

they kill your dream they they they will

cause you to abort the purpose and the

plan and the and the thing that God is

put in your heart to do but there are

other people like when Mary got around

Elizabeth the Bible said that John the

Baptist the baby was in her womb and he

started leaping there are some people

that will cause you to abort the baby

you’re supposed to give birth to

spiritually speaking and there’s other

people if you get around the right

people they’ll make that baby leap

they’ll make that dream say yes I can do

it because God’s told me and that’s just

a and they’re feeding that part of you

and so that’s why it’s so critical to

get the right people in your life

somebody is already on the level that

you’re trying to get to and one Kingdom

connection one power relationship can

change everything that’s why I think

it’s so important that every day of our

life we get up and we pray for 20/20

discernment in the spirit that we

understand that when God wants to bless

you he will send a person and when the

devil wants to curse you he will send a

person but either way it’s going to be a

person and that’s why you need that

20/20 discernment to tell and discern

the people who are supposed to be in

your life

the Apostle Paul said in Romans 8 he

said no no man after the flesh but after

the spirit and he they that are after

the spirit do mind the things of the

Spirit and they that are after the flesh

do mind the things of the flesh meaning

this flesh people feeds your fear but

spirit people feed your faith flesh

people tear you down but faith people

build you up flesh people drain your


they they they waste your time they make

you go around the mountain one more time

but spirit people make your baby leap

your dream Lea they speak to something

inside of you that releases your

potential and causes you to have great

purpose and great calling on your life I

call these people Kingdom connections

power relationships for example when

saul of tarsus needed a life change God

put into his life a man by the name of

Ananias Ananias was the right man in the

right place at the right time and God

said go lay your hands on that man he’s

a chosen vessel

I know he doesn’t look like it but you

are going to be the the power

relationship in his life that turns his

life around and Ananias went and laid

hands on Paul and your Bible said that

the scales fell off of his eyes

all of us need somebody in our life that

that that when they pray and talk to us

we see things right we start seeing

things in the way that we ought to see

them not just like we’re stubbornly

seeing them you’re blessed when God

brings into your life someone who can

help you see right the scales fell off

of his eyes and saul of tarsus became by

the power of God the great Apostle Paul

who would go and do so many amazing

things when he wanted to start preaching

the Bible said that nobody in the church

would allow him would give him a chance

to preach because they were terrified he

had persecuted Christians and killed him

and so the Bible said there was a man by

the name of Barnabas again a kingdom

connection a power relationship the

right man in the right place at the

right time and Barnabas had something in

him watch now he says to the churches I

want you to have him on my behalf I am

setting up and I’m telling you I stand

behind him and I want you to trust me

he has no clout I do he has no influence

I do and I’m using my influence my clout

my credibility I’m telling you this man

has something to say and he opened the

door like a bridge became the

opportunity that Paul got to go where he

could have never gone by himself because

he had a power relationship a kingdom

connection a man in his life who said

I’m going to open doors for you that you

cannot open for yourself let me tell you

when you get blessed

it’s when you start believing and seeing

that God has people who can knock the

scales off of your eyes and God has

people who can bridge you into

circumstances and places that you could

never get yourself your name has not

known there nobody’s ever heard of you

nobody knew that Paul could preach like

he could preach but here comes this man

and he says I’ll be a power relationship

a king

connection and later the Apostle Paul

got so discouraged after going through

tremendous warfare and trials that he

said in 2nd Corinthians 7 listen to this

I had Fighting’s on the outside and I

had fear on the inside have you ever had

a day like that

Fighting’s on the outside there’s so

much stuff going on out here in the end

on my job in the family

this Fighting’s on the outside and even

worse than that is fear on the inside

doubting my own ability doubting my own

faith doubting my own mind

doubting my own talent do it do I have

what it takes you that’s a bad day when

the enemy’s not just fighting you

externally but internally fighting on

the outside fear on the inside but

listen to what God did to get him

through this rough season where he was

about to quit he said nevertheless God

sent Titus to me and he encouraged me in

the work of the Lord in that amazing

that God would use a little nobody

nothing nothing guy that nobody’s ever

heard of but Paul said I want to tell

you about Titus he encouraged me when I

was about to give up when I was about to

quit when I was about to throw in the

towel God gave me a power relationship

of encouragement and he encouraged me in

the Lord I’m telling you today that God

has the right people if you’re

discouraged you just start looking God

will start sending people if you don’t

know which direction to go God can send

somebody to knock the scales off and it

was there all the time you just couldn’t

see it and if you are in a situation and

you can’t get your foot in the door you

can’t get in seems like you’re blocked

out and the doors are shut

God says I’ve got for you those right

people like Barnabas who can bridge you

over and open doors that you cannot open

for yourself how many of you would like

to have some Kingdom connections some

power relationships in your life the

right people everybody say the right

people but secondly it’s about the right

place God said to the Prophet Elisha

is coming go to the river Cherith I’ve

commanded the Ravens to feed you there

notice it’s a specific place if he’d

have gone anywhere else the Ravens would

not have fed him if he had gone anywhere

else he would have starved to death God

said my blessing is connected to a place

and I’m telling you Elijah I’m gonna

provide for you but you’ve got to go

there where the blessing is well I can

just go anywhere I want to and

everything’s gonna work out you’re

absolutely wrong had he gone anywhere

else the bird the Bible said brought in

one call meat and in the other call

bread every morning and every evening

can you imagine but if you’re over here

and God said the blessing is gonna be

over there then the blessing will go

over there and you sit here in

tremendous need but over there if you go

where your God has a there for you there

is a place of provision when you get in

that place God will provide he’ll use

dirty Birds he’ll use don’t think

everybody who’s gonna bless you is gonna

be a Christian the Raven was an unclean

bird but God said I’ll use that little

Dirty Bird and he’ll you know why he was

a dirty bird cuz I believe he was

picking the bread there in a famine

where is he getting meat and bread from

every morning every night and only one

rich enough to eat bread and meat is a

ham and Jezebel they would put it on the

table and the dirty bird would rip it up

and take it and feed the prophet you get

in the right place and God will make the

devil bless you he’ll make dirty birds

bless you he’ll make evil business

people who thought they were gonna cut

you bless you Oh hallelujah

you can’t curse what God is blessed and

when a man is in the place where he’s

supposed to be the enemy cannot stop the


and boy I’ll tell you he just sits back

and every morning every evening the

Bravin just just like ups just drops it

off right there into the frying pan he

says thank you very much Lord I give you

the praise and he eats a steak and eats

his bread needs two steak and he’s

getting fatter and fatter everybody else

is getting thinner and thinner but he’s

just eating and eating because he’s in

the right place but then the Bible said

I could just see him in my mind just

when he thinks I’ve really got this down

I got my frying pan out I got the fire

built and I’m just gonna have to teach

the body of Christ how this is done how

to get the birds to feed you and the

river to flow in the middle of the

famine that’s gonna be my number one New

York Times bestseller and I’m going to

put out a brand new teaching series on

it and just about the time that he

thinks he’s got it down the Bible said

the brook dried up and the bird quit

flying God was saying to him when the

brook grows dry it’s time to go back to

your source your source is not the brook

your source is not the bird your source

is God and if you’re in relation don’t

go to God for what you for a miracle go

to God for a relationship if you have a

relationship with him then I Got News

for you you have a miracle every day of

your life it’s all connected to him I’m

talking about I’m talking about places

of blessings places of blessings

Zehra paths Cherith places of blessings

the Lord spoke to me in this and he said

notice in the story of Elijah and Elijah

Elijah Elijah said I want a double

portion Elijah said to him if you’re

with me in the right place at the right

time with the right person when I go up

the mantle will fall and you get double


but it’s dependent upon you being in the

right place with the right people and

I’m the right person I’m a power

relationship Elijah in your life and you

get offended at me you get mad at me you

can get hurt at me and leave but you

won’t get where you’re going five years

from now you’ll still be sitting outside

your destiny because you better learn to

respect the power relationships that God

puts in your life and the scripture said

that as soon as he said you won’t it be

with me in the place where I am when I’m

taking up you’ll get it and the Bible

said I love this text the Bible said and

Elijah broke the plow did it on purpose

that plow was how his family for

generations had provided but sometimes

when God’s gonna do something

magnificent in your life it will require

of you to break the pile will say I know

this is your form of security this is

your form of self blessing this is what

you’ve depended on this is how God’s

always done it but there is a double

portion that is available when God tells

you to break the plow so he follows him

in the first place they go real quick I

want to go through this and I’ll close

right place follows him to Bethel

Bethel’s where God gave Jacob a vision

of the house of God me saw angels

ascending and descending if you want a

double portion if you want the right

place you got to have the right

appreciation for the house of God and it

tells me this Bethel means house of God

God showed him angels ascending

descending it tells me and then Jacob

made a powerful statement he said I have

found the gate of heaven do you

understand that your church is the gate

of heaven for your life do you

understand that God will do for you in a

place and setting like this the heavens

are open and angels are descending while

we’re preaching and ascending and

they’re taking needs up and sending

blessings down and it doesn’t happen

with you doing your own thing when God

assigns you to a house it’s a place of

blessing it is the gate of

Kevin and you don’t need to treat it

casually you don’t put other things

ahead of it it’s the gate of heaven for

your life angels notice if you’re in

church got proof of that

read your Bible read the story of Jacob

secondly he’s got an appreciation for

the house of God now then he goes to a

place called Gilgal Gilgal was where

Israel had to be re circumcised have you

ever thought of circumcision and got a

happy feeling about it notice that

sometimes the place of blessing is a

place of pain that when God is going to

do something we don’t always think that

the place of blessing is a fun place is

an enjoyable place sometimes it will

hurt to be in the place of blessing

you’ll get your feelings hurt you’ll get

your emotions hurt

you’ll get your you get your mind hurt

you’ll want to give up and quit but stay

where God tells you and get a hold of

your flesh and say you know what you’re

not gonna talk me out of what I’m

supposed to do I’m gonna and God as God

is getting you ready saying he gets you

in love with his house he gets you

dealing putting away with of the flesh

dealing with the flesh that anger that

bitterness that gossip you get you start

little by little dying to that stuff

then he takes him to Jericho and Jericho

is where he saw a vision Joshua did for

the city God gives you vision as as

you’re in the right place you get in the

right place and God will begin to give

you vision for your life it’s the right

place he was in the right place the

right people give me two minutes and

I’ll finish this sermon the right plan

it’s so critical to understand that one

plan from God one idea from God can

change your life God is an entrepreneur

that wants to bless you he can give you

one idea one idea from God is better

than 10,000 philosophies of man one idea

can change your world and you need a

miracle God will give you a plan and

it’s going to be scriptural so that when

you look at that plan you know you have

the divine right to it because it’s in

the Word of God when he gives you that

plan if it’s not in line with the word

it’s not from him secondly with that

plan will come a set of instructions God

said to Joshua you’re the right man in

the right place now here’s the plan

March seven times and on the seventh day

seven times and blow trumpets and

shouting the walls will fall down but it

wouldn’t have happened not just the

right place not just the right people at

the right plan God planned for the

family is one man with one woman one

dollar out of ten I said one dollar out

of ten is God’s plan one day out of

seven is God’s plan follow the plan and

you get the miracles wedding of Cana

bring the pots pour the water I’ll turn

the water into wine but here’s the set

of instructions here’s a plan do you

need a miracle God has a plan I close

with this thought but Malachi 3 said

prove me for if you want to know I’m up

here throw me a seed and I’ll throw you

back a harvest if you want to know if

I’m real I dare you believer or

unbeliever begin to honor me with the

tithe and the offering and see if I will

not listen to this see if I will not

open up the windows of heaven which

means you’re either living under an open

heaven or closed heaven imagine every

day do you want to ask you a question do

you this week want to live under a

closed heaven heaven is shut up closed

or is open and the Bible said it happens

according to how you obey the

instructions concerning your giving I

don’t want to go all week long with a

closed heaven I want an open heaven

because it’s not just money I get peace

I get joy I get instructions I get

Kingdom connections I get blessing

people I get I get power relationships I

get all that God

as for me when I’m under an open heaven

how many of you need a kingdom

connection how many of you need a power

relationship how many of you are lonely

and you’re ready for God’s will how many

of you today need somebody to put you in

where you’ve tried to get in and you

can’t get it how many of you feel like

God’s saying break the plow how many of

you feel like the the Creek has dried up

and God needs to give you a new set of

instructions you’re in the right church

today I feel with great authority to

tell you the right people are coming

God’s gonna put you in the right place

it’s going to astound you and he’s gonna

give you a specific plan instead of

instructions if you follow it he will

bring his will to pass for this season

in your life speedily in Jesus name