God always sees the best in you! In this revelatory message by Joseph Prince, understand how God’s acceptance of you in Christ the Beloved makes you His highly favored child. And this blessed position gives you every reason to expect good things happening to you! Learn also how your righteous standing in Christ remains constant despite your state—your changeable feelings about yourself or the challenges you face. Rejoice, knowing that in every area of weakness or failure, God’s good opinion of you never changes. Instead, His grace superabounds toward you to bring His manifested glory upon your life!

now you may or may not realize that your

your carry of God’s favor but I’m here

to tell you church amen

that you are God’s favor going

everywhere to happen it’s best that you

are conscious of it it’s best you are

aware of it

the Bible says one of the things that

Jesus did for us efficient chapter 1 is

here in verse 6 to the praise of the

glory of His grace notice something is

so good that we gotta praise not just

His grace the glory of His grace why by

which by that grace God made us accepted

in the beloved the beloved here’s Jesus

God made us accepted in the beloved and

I’m gonna give you the Greek the Greek

here for accepted is the word carried to

all right from the word carries for

grace carry to the longer word means

highly grace highly favored and is only

used one other time in the New Testament

for Mary the mother of Jesus when the

angel Gabriel appeared the angel Gabriel

says to her hail thou art highly

favoured literally in the Greek one word

hurry – blessed art thou among women

notice among women not above women the

angel told her you are blessed among

women because you are highly favored

what she has you and I have we are all

sorry – we are all highly favored but

God almost like he’s not satisfied with

the with the entire verse God puts in

the word instead of high except highly

favored in the Lord Jesus instead of

Jesus he put on there in the bill it’s

to Jesus but Jesus is the beloved that’s

how accept that you are is almost a

picture of God is hugging you and you

feel so loved and then God says you are

highly favored and it’s not just for the

moment it’s not just transient it is

eternally you are like this before God

praise God this is good news this is

good news all right

praise God now we go back to a fish

aromas five we have this grace we stand

on this favored ground and we rejoice in

hope of the glory of God not only we are

on favored ground what can we expect

every morning when we wake up what can

we expect from the day more of your

boss’s nagging more of your your your

people around you your colleagues

complaining more of bad news no you can

wake up every day in hope just let you

know that the Bible word for hope is not

I hope it happens which will really say

today is uncertain perhaps maybe Bible

hope is certainty

all right the word lp’s justing of elvis

under v2p

LP LP s means confident expectation

confident not maybe of good happening in

your future all right so you have a

confident expectation of the good

opinion of God every morning when you

wake up you may not know what the day

holds but you know one thing this day

the whole day God has a good opinion of

me amen see many of us when we fail we

always think that when we feel someone

does not have the good open of me

anymore because I just felt him I just

felt heard therefore she she no longer

has the same good opinion that she used

to have but with God even when you fail

that position is eternal that position

is secure forevermore can I have a good

amen are you listening people all right

now listen keV I’m gonna show you

something that there are you better puts

it somewhere in your special pocketbook

or whatever and you’re safe somewhere

because this is gonna come back to bless

you again and again and again in the

years to come alright you need to know

that this difference the Bible tells us

that we are highly favored in the


that’s our standing before God say

standing everybody

now in our state say state s tage your

state your emotional state your physical

state your state changes every day

you’re standing doesn’t you’re standing

before God is settle you’re standing

before God as righteous as Holy as

blameless God’s opinion good opinion of


resulting in praise never change never

changes gods but a view of you is right

as righteous as holy in Christ is

eternal is divinely settled you’re

standing never change before God your

state changes sometimes you feel up

sometimes you feel depressed you feel

down if you low there are times you feel


there are times you feel loving there

are times you feel joyful times you feel

sad there are times you want to give

there are times you want to keep

everything you have your state

fluctuates your state is temporal your

state is transient you’re standing

before God is eternal you’re standing is

settle you’re standing is divine your

state changes now remember this forget

anything be summoned don’t forget this

always measure yourself by your standing

never by your step

never measure your standing by your step

okay but always judge your state by your

standing one more time

never never judge your standing by your

step if you still down all right doesn’t

mean you become unrighteous before God

you feel angry you feel bitter that day

you feel like you want to kill somebody

that day doesn’t change your standing

before God amen just because you feel hi

you feel like you love the entire world

and we give all your money away to bless

everyone that’s poor doesn’t add to your

standing your standing is in Christ

you’re standing it forever your state

cannot touch your standing are you


listen always judge your state by your

standing never judge your standing by

your state what do I mean when I say

never judge you are standing by your

state some people say well today you

know I fell it punching my my

schoolteacher well I’m telling you I

feel a punching my boss in the face well

that’s your step you are in an angry

state it in no way means some people

think well man after the day remember

I’m a Christian

some people are quite slowly remembering

they are Christian oh man I just had

that bad thought and I’m a Christian oh

man just yesterday I volunteered for for

to be an usher now God doesn’t have a

good opinion of me anymore I had a bad

part just now god no longer had a good

opine of me in fact if anyone asked me

to pray for them right now say come back

tomorrow I’m not in the right State see

in other words they are allowing their

state to touch they are standing but in

God’s eyes your state cannot alter your

standing cannot because you’re standing

was accomplished by Christ not by you

therefore you cannot undo your standing

all right so the best way to know are we

are we saying to get your state no you

do your state judge your state by your

standing because I am close to God

because I am righteous in God’s eyes

by what Christ has done because I have

influence with God because I’m highly

favored in the beloved

I can ask God to help me with this bad

temper on the road I can judge my state

by my standing