In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2000: Curry Blake’s daughter died and miraculously came back to life!

Sid: My guest’s daughter died and miraculously
came back to life.

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter.

I’m here with Curry Blake, and Curry came
into possession of the notes and the teaching

of a man that lived in the first quarter of
the 20th century, by the name of John G. Lake.

Curry, tell me about this man John G. Lake.

Curry: Well he lived in South Africa for a
time, and when he went to Spokane, Washington

he started a ministry there called the Healing

And during that time there were over 100,000
confirmed healings.

Sid: Wait a second. Did you catch that?

100,000 miracles, 100,000 confirmed healings.

What happened with all the hospitals?

Curry: They started shutting down.

Sid: Serious?

Curry: Serious. One hospital shut down.

That was about 200 people a day that they
were ministering to that were being healed,

not just being prayed for.

That’s 200 a day being healed.

They prayed for even more than that.

Sid: You know, I have found a pattern that
when God has something very, very unique for

someone that it’s almost like there’s an attempt
on their life.

It’s almost a pattern at a young age.

Curry: Yes, that’s true.

Sid: And what was it, 18 months.

Curry: Seventeen months of age.

Sid: Seventeen months of age.

I mean, you’re just a little baby.

Curry: Right.

Sid: And your father, what was he backing
out of the driveway?

Curry: Right.

Backing out of the driveway and didn’t see

I was actually snuck out of a family reunion
and the car backed over me.

My head was caught between the wheel and the
wheel well.

It ripped my right ear completely off.

It ripped the scalp from the right ear to
my left ear.

During that time it ripped the scalp all the
way across my eyes, pulled down.

My grandfather came out, picked me up, picked
up my ear, put me in his truck and took me

to the hospital.

The doctors there told my parents that I was
a hopeless case, buy a casket and get ready

to bury me.

And my mom went to praying and
dedicated me to God.

And it took about six hours of surgery, 172

Every time they would come out and say, first
they’d say, “Well it looks like he’s not going

to make it.”

My mom said, “God, he’s yours.

I’ll raise him for you.

I’ll dedicate him for you.

Let him live.”

Then they came back out about an hour later
and said, “Well you know, it looks like he

might live.”

So they said, “But even if he does he’d be
a vegetable all his life.”

And my mom, they went back to do surgery.

My mom went back to praying.

And she said, “God, that’s not a testimony.

Let him live.

Let him be normal.”

About an hour and a half later they came back
out again and said, “It looks like so far

he hasn’t lost consciousness.

It looks like me actually not have any brain

We can’t be sure.

But even if he does live, he’ll never have
any hair and he’ll never have any hearing

in his right ear.”

Sid: I’m looking at you right now.

I know about your hearing, but look at that
thick hair.

You’re provoking me to jealousy.

So he never will have any hair and won’t have
hearing in the ear that they sewed back.

Curry: Right.

Sid: How did your mother handle that?

Curry: She went back to praying and said,
“God, it’s got to be all or nothing.”

And over the years she taught me how to read.

Actually, I didn’t go to Kindergarten and
she taught me how to read before I went to

first grade by reading the Bible.

Instead of her reading me to sleep, I read
her to sleep.

And I was about six or seven before I realized
that “thees” and “thous” weren’t a normal

language for a person.

And then I was 17, I was in the Air Force
and God called in on the vow that my mom made,

and I answered the call to minister, and at
that time, got out of the Air Force and began


Sid: Now your daughter got very sick.

Curry: Right.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Curry: My first daughter was born with and
what’s called hemangioma tumor.

When she was born it was as big as my fist.

It was in her tongue and made her tongue stick
outside of her mouth.

It was horrible.

It was a horrible to thing to look at, I’ll
be honest with you, even for a parent to say


Of course, we loved her.

But we would walk down the malls and they
actually built a, they made–

Sid: You have a ministry where you believe
in healing.

Curry: Right.

Sid: Your daughter is like this.

Curry: Exactly.

Sid: So you’re walking the mall.

Curry: They had this bonnet made for her that
would actually cover the tongue.

And we’d be walking down the mall and she
would pull that thing off and it would just

horrify people, and little children would
be scared.

It was an awful experience.

My daughter developed pneumonia when she was
right at three years old and passed away on,

actually the day before Valentine’s Day in
February 1981.

Sid: But you believe in miracles.

Curry: Right.

We had been getting good teaching.

Everybody, we had heard that, you know, Jesus
would heal, he had raised the dead, cast out


All that’s for today, it’s all true.

So I picked up the phone and started calling
well-known ministers, if I named them you’d

recognize them, trying to find out somebody
that would pray the prayer of faith and raise

my daughter up.

And every time, what I actually got a hold
of was a secretary and they all said, well

she’s better off, they can’t be disturbed
right now and just excuse after excuse.

And I got extremely upset, one time even said,
“I’ll bet if I was trying to write out $25,000

check I could get a hold of one of them.”

And the secretary hung up on me, which that
was out of line.

Sid: I mean you were desperate.

Curry: I was desperate.

And we buried her on Valentine’s Day in 1981.

And at that moment, I vowed to God that there
was no man there for me when I needed him


And I vowed to be that man for someone later

And we started pursuing a healing ministry,
and healing, and just trying to find out the

truth about healing, not all the hype and
all the things, but the truth about Divine


And we found out a few things.

Sid: Now but when your daughter died and she
wasn’t raised from the dead like the Bible


Curry: Right.

Sid: Why didn’t you just say, well maybe it’s
not true.

Maybe I’ll just throw in the whole towel.

Curry: Actually, most people thought we would.

A lot of people really thought we were going
to turn away from God totally at that time.

And it didn’t.

Actually, we knew where it came from.

We knew why she died.

And a matter of fact, I’ll be honest with
you, I carried guilt for many, many years

because I felt like if I had been ready, if
I had known, I could have done something.

Sid: All right, your second daughter, same
things happens.

What happened to her?

Curry: Well actually, we had another daughter
after her that was an identical twin of the

one that died, and she’s been healthy, but
Satan has attacked her several times with

pneumonia, but she gets healed every time.

Then the third daughter was the one that actually
fell from the window on to concrete.

Sid: How did she happen to fall from the window?

Curry: They had an upstairs bedroom
and somehow the window had been raised, and

they were leaning, my youngest daughter and
oldest daughter, were leaning out the window

on the screen, and it pushed forward, and
she fell out, face first, two stories onto

a concrete patio.

Tried to break her fall.

She landed on her hands.

I was sitting at the kitchen table and just
trying, I was studying the Bible, reading,

and I saw something in my peripheral vision
that I knew something, I didn’t know what

it was, but I knew something had fallen.

And I just assumed it was a doll or something
like that.

So I went out to see what it was and when
I got out there, my daughter was lying face

down on the concrete, and she had tried to
break her fall with her hands, and her hands

were still in that position, and she was laying
face down, totally face down.

Her nose was smashed into her face, her teeth
were knocked back into her gums.

When I picked her up there was no life.

There was no breath, no heartbeat.

Sid: Hold that thought.

We’ll be right back after this word and find
out what he learned between the death of his

first daughter and the death of his second
daughter. Be right back.


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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative
reporter and I’m here with Curry Blake.

I mean, his first daughter dies.

His second daughter attacked.

His third daughter dies?

Did she die?

Curry: She was dead.

Sid: She fell from–
Curry: A second-story window, which is about

35 feet.

Sid: How can you take both, two daughters

Curry: Well when I went outside and picked
her up, the first thing you do is check and

see to make sure they’re okay, and she wasn’t.

There was no heartbeat, no breath.

The blood was in the mouth, it wasn’t coming

And when I picked her up I knew she was dead.

I knew it.

There’s something about picking up a dead
body, you know they’re dead.

It’s not just the wind knocked out of them.

And when I picked her up I started to walk
around the patio, and all of a sudden in my

head I heard all these voices.

I saw, I was back at the funeral with the
first one, my wife crying and my pastor burying

my daughter, and the whole family there, and
the music, and the singing, and all that,

and the crying, and the weeping.

And all that was going on in my head.

But what came out of my mouth was, “In the
name of Jesus, you will live and not die.

In the name of Jesus, you will live and not

I just kept saying it over and over, and over,
and I started to walk around the patio with

her in my arms.

I was crying, but at the same time I heard
these voices and it kept getting louder and

louder because I had to get over the voices
in my head.

And finally after about 15 minutes, approximately,
we took her back into the house, I walked

back in with her, still dead, no heartbeat,
nothing, no change.

And I set her up against a wall in the floor,
and I got down on my knees in front of her,

and I just kept pointing my finger at her
chest and said, “You will live and not die.

In Jesus’ name, you will live and not die.”

Again, I was screaming it.

I was loud.

My wife and my other two children come running
down the stairs.

When they got there my wife started to panic.

She was remembering the first daughter also.

And I just, I looked at her and I said, “Shut

If you can’t believe, leave.”

And instantly she got quiet, and it was like
just silence in the whole room.

And then I went back to my daughter and started
pointing my finger at her chest again, and

kept saying, “In the name of Jesus, you will
live and not die.”

That’s the only thing that ever came out of
my mouth.

And then after about 15 more minutes, which
made about 30 minutes total–

Sid: Did you believe what you were saying?

I mean, wasn’t the devil bombarding your thoughts.

Curry: It was.

Sid: Your first daughter died, this is going
to happen again.

Everything you’re preaching is a lie.

Curry: Yes, everything you just said, that’s
exactly what was going on.

But inside, not in my head, but inside, I
was not going to give up.

There was no way.

She was going to come back.

There was other way around it.

I refused to give up.

I was not going to bury another daughter.

And whenever I reached that point, actually
to be real honest with you, it was easy to


It was the natural thing to do.

Sid: What did she look like?

She was dead, but what–
Curry: She was leaned up against a wall.

Her hands were down by her side and her chin
was way down on her chest because her neck

had just fallen forward.

And then finally, after about the 30 minutes,
she was sitting like this.

And all of a sudden, she just breathed out
and just, when she breathed out she spewed

blood all over me.

It was like someone had punched her in the

It hit her so hard that she literally jerked
and came up, and you could look at her eyes,

and you could see her coming back.

It was like I was looking into her eyes to
the back of her head, and you could see her

coming back.

You could see her start to focus.

And the very first words out of her mouth
was, “Daddy, I’m hungry.”

The first thing.

Sid: I must ask you this question, how do
you know that she died?

Curry: Well then we put her in the car and
took her to the hospital.

I tried to get her to sit up, she couldn’t
hold herself up.

We found out later that both wrists were broken.

Her right knee was broke.

And the doctor at the emergency room at that
time was the bone and trauma specialist for

the Dallas Cowboys.

I believe his name was Dr. Klein.

And through some brain scans and brain wave
tests, they proved that she had been dead,

clinically dead they would say, for at least
30 minutes.

So that’s how I knew.

That’s not what I needed to know, but that’s how
they proved it.

Sid: Well what did this do for your belief
in the power of God, for your belief in the

power of God?

Curry: To be honest with you, it was so humbling
to know that God literally used you to raise

the dead.

It didn’t dawn on me right at first.

It all happened so fast, and I say fast, it
was 30 minutes, but it’s like a moment in


And then you start thinking about it and realizing,
and then you start asking, what did you see?

Did you see anything?

Did you hear anything?

And my, she said that she really didn’t remember
anything or recall anything that happened

during that time.

She remembered falling and that was it.

Sid: How old was she at the time?

Curry: She was six, I believe.

Yeah right at six, six or seven.

And she, so after that, actually, we kept
preaching the same thing, kept preaching the

same thing we had always been preaching, just
we were more emphatic about it.

Sid: Out of curiosity, have you seen anyone
else that was dead come back to life that

you’ve prayed for?

Curry: One other person, one other person
so far.

We’re praying that God give us–

Sid: Tell me about that one other person.

Curry: There was an accident in Sherman, Texas
back in several years ago, ’95, ’96, and there

was a terrible accident with several young

And there were two accidents at the same time,
and one, when we went to the hospital to visit,

one was our associate pastor’s son that was
involved in it.

And while we were there, there was another
accident and they brought the young man in,

and while he was there, the family was there,
and he passed away on the table.

When they told the family that he had passed
away then they obviously started going to

pieces and crying, and weeping.

And myself, my wife, and another lady that’s
a friend of ours, we gathered up and we said,

let’s go outside and pray.

So we went outside, stood outside the door
and started praying, praying like we do, which

means we pray hard and we mean business, and
we’re not going to take no for an answer.

So after about roughly ten minutes of being
outside and praying, we went back inside.

We knew it was done.

It was as good as done in our hearts.

And while we were in there, the nurse came
back out and said, “No, no, no, we’ve been

able to resuscitate him.”

So now somebody might say, well that was the
doctors that resuscitated him.

The doctors, that’s a hit and miss deal.

In this case, we know it was prayer.

It was faith in God, because we had seen it
before and we would not let it go.

Sid: If you saw a dead person, would you pray
for them to come back to life, if you were

right in the circumstance right now?

Curry: Right now, yes and no.

And I know what you’re going to ask, what
do you mean yes and no.

Sid: That’s what I’m going to ask.

Curry: Right.

Yes, I would, we would raise the dead.

No, we wouldn’t pray for him because we don’t
pray to raise the dead.

The Bible does not say to pray to raise the
dead, it says “raise him up”.

There’s a difference.

Sid: You know, there’s something for us to
learn in all of this.

We’ll be right back with Curry Blake and we’ll
find how what happens when he got sick.

We’ll be right back.


Sid: Hello. Sid Roth your investigative reporter.

We’ll be right back with Curry Blake.

But let’s go to Janie in the control room
and find out who’s up next week.


Janie: Sid, you’ll be interviewing Curry again.

He’s going to be back and he’s going to reveal
the secrets that he learned from John G. Lake’s

private writings about healing.

Sid: This was that same evangelist that had
100,000 verified healings.

Did it make a difference when he learned this

Janie: What he learned this, now hundreds
of people are healed of all kinds of sicknesses

and diseases.

He has seen so many people healed of cancer.

Sid: Thank you, Janie.

Now Curry, how many people have been documented
healed of cancer that you’ve prayed for?

Curry: Between 30 and 35.

Sid: In the last month?

Curry: In the last month.

Sid: We’ll talk about that on next week’s

Curry: Right.

Sid: However, you had symptoms come on you.

What was the matter with you, physically?

Curry: Actually, I developed 105 fever, roughly
between 104 and 105 fever and kept trying

to get healed, kept praying.

When I get sick, if it comes on me the first
thing I do is analyze myself and say, okay

God, where did I mess up, where did I let
this thing in at?

And I went to, what I found out, I knew what
it was pretty quick.

It was bitterness.

I had gotten into a disagreement with someone
and God holds me to a pretty high standard

in not getting into bitterness, and I did.

And the sickness came on me, and I actually
had to call this person to come pray for me

before I could be healed.

But when they came and prayed, that night
the fever broke and I was healed by the next


But during that time, and I can’t verify it,
but I do believe that I died that night because

I saw Heaven.

Sid: How high was the fever?

Curry: It was 104 to 105.

My wife clocked it at 105 with the thermometer.

Sid: And you had a visitation to Heaven.

Curry: Yes.

Sid: What did you see?

Curry: Actually when I first got there it
was like you just appear there.

That’s what happened to me.

I just appeared there and there was a small,
grassy area with a creek that ran around it,

just a small little stream and a wooden bridge
that went across the stream.

And when I arrived I could see on the other
side there was, in a distance, I knew there

was a city on the other side of the hill,
and then I realized where I was at.

Well I saw a figure come across in white and
I heard a voice that said, “Daddy, daddy.”

And I turned and looked, and it was my first

And she was wearing a dress from the early

I’m kind of a historian and I like the early
1900s specifically.

And she had on a high-top neck dress, long
white, lacey sleeves with a real pretty frill

on the front, like they had in the early 1900s.

Her hair was done up in a particular way that
had long curls hanging down the back, but

it was kind of high on her forehead.

And when I looked at her I knew who it was.

And I didn’t say anything, but I looked at
the dress, and I remember thinking how

pretty it was.

And she said, “Yeah, I wore it. I knew you’d
like it.”

And the next thing she told me was, well actually,
not the next thing, but the next thing that

happened was I saw a man in a white suit kicking
rocks with his hands in his pocket.

And she looked over at him and said, “Yeah,
that’s John Lake.

He wants to come across cross, too, but he can’t.”

And she said several things.

She said, one was, “You got a lot people talking
up here.”

We were having meetings at the time and people
were getting healed in our living room every

night, every Friday and Saturday night, especially,
and a lot of neat things happened with people

being healed of AIDS, of cancer.

Sid: Wait a second. There is no cure for AIDS.

You’re telling me people were being healed
of AIDS?

Curry: No human cure.

Sid: No human cure.

Curry: Right.

There is a cure and it’s through the blood
and the faith in the Jesus Christ, through

his name.

Sid: So go back to this visitation.

Curry: Well then she said, “They’re having
to clear out his trophy room because the people

that were getting healed, the parts that are
being healed are put into a trophy room in

Heaven as trophies of the healing power of

And they’re going into his room because, and
my trophy room because when you’re in Heaven

you have rooms there and everyone that has
any influence in your life, they get the same

credit for everything you do just like they
did it.

There is not, we don’t split it half and half.

They get the exact same credit.

Well then the last thing she told me was not
to blame myself for her death, which I did.

And she said it wasn’t my fault.

And then at that point, I woke up the next

And when I woke up the fever was gone.

I was breathing very heavy and at that point,
I didn’t even want to share it with anybody.

I grabbed my wife and was hugging her and

And then shortly after that, the second time
that I ever had, what I would call a vision,

was when I was actually asleep, went to bed
that night, and I always prayed, “Lord, if

I’m too busy during the day, teach me what
you need me to know while I sleep.”

And in the middle of that night the Lord came
in a way that my wife saw me physically get up.

I mean, I got up out of bed, I was still asleep,
didn’t know anything, like I was sleepwalking

actually, and she said I went out the front
door, went out into our yard.

And out in our yard there was a street, just
a little two-lane street and she stood at

the door and watched me as I walked across
the yard, and reached down.

She thought I was petting a dog or something
that I could, that only I could see.

And whenever I was doing that, I was talking,
and she couldn’t really hear me that much.

I was weeping so hard, I could hardly stand

But what I was seeing was my yard was covered
with people and I was having to step over


And ambulances were backing down my street,
and they would get to our house, and they

would open up the back door and take people
out on stretchers, put them aside the road,

shut the door and take off again, and another
one would back right up.

It was a constant flow.

Sid: Right now just even as you’re talking
to me, I see your eyes are tearing up a little bit.


Curry: It’s very hard not to cry and every
time I’ve told this I’ve always cried because

when I’m telling it, I’m reliving it.

It’s there again.

It’s real.

And the main thing that stuck out to me during
this was at one point, I kept crying.

I kept saying, “Jesus, I can’t do this.

I can’t get to the people that need help.

I can’t get to them all.”

And at one point I felt his hand on my shoulder
and I heard his voice from behind my shoulder.

And I wanted to turn and look, but I didn’t.

I was looking at the people, and people say,
“Why didn’t you?”

I don’t know, I can’t explain it.

But he said, “This is how I felt.

Now you know how I felt when I was on the
earth because I couldn’t get to all the people.

That’s why I need to minister through you.”

Sid: The harvest is plentiful, but the workers
are few.

Well Curry has told me that since he got this
teaching from John G. Lake, everyone he can

verify that he’s praying with, that he can
get back to, or they get back to him, is being


You see, this is God’s time.

It is the final harvest.

The question is not whether it’s the final
harvest, the question is not whether people

are going to be healed.

The question is are you going to be part of

Have you made Jesus your Messiah and Lord?

Have you repented of your sins and asked for
God to give you the power to overcome?

I don’t care if it’s homosexuality, murder,
pornography, occult, lying, stealing, abortion.

There is forgiveness in the blood, the blood
of Jesus. Press in to God.

Ask him to forgive you.

In Jesus’ name, repent of your sins.

Turn to God and say, God, I know there’s more.

I know there’s more.

I want more.

I need more.

God, I’m desperate for you.

God, I need you.

God, there’s no other purpose for me but you.

God, I want to know you and I want to know
the power and the love of Father, a real

Father, the best Father I ever had, God the

He’s there.