You can have a new life — one of peace, forgiveness, and love. The Creator who made you offered His Son Jesus for the forgiveness of sin so that every person who believes in Him will have eternal life. Dr. Charles Stanley explains this promise of God. In Touch Ministries, 2012. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to

well you may be watching a listening and

you’re not a Christian you say how does

that apply to me listen very carefully

the Bible says if you confess with your

mouth Jesus Christ is Lord and believe

in your heart that God has raised him

from the dead you’ll be saved and

explained that if you confess with your

mouth Jesus is Lord that means that you

are saying that you believe that Jesus

Christ is the son of God and he’s the

Lord of our life and in so doing you’re

placing your life in his hands because

of who he is

for the forgiveness of your sins because

of what he did at the cross you’re

asking him to forgive you of your sins

to give you the gift of eternal life and

the work of the Holy Spirit within you

to enable you to live a godly life all

the days of your life if you ask him to

do that

you have the promise listen you have the

promise of the word of God six to six

books of the Bible you have the promise

that he will do exactly what he says he

will do he will forgive you cleanse you

give you the gift of eternal life save

you forever give you a home in heaven

and walk with you every single day the

rest of your life but it’s conditioned

upon your servant of your life to Christ

confessing your sins and look into the

cross as full payment to your sin you

may be going through a very difficult

time and you’re asking the question

where is God you’re not a believer you

never trusted Jesus as you save and

imitate where he is he’s where he’s

always been just outside

listen just outside the door of your


trying to get in and he wants you to

open the door of your heart and let him

in in the moment you do life will change

and it can happen to you the moment you

do that father how grateful we are that

you are so perfect

we can find no blemishes in your

character or failures in your power but

absolutely perfection holy righteous and

just I pray the Spirit of God will speak

to every person who hears this message

to recognize the only way to live is

through Christ serving you father this

awesome God that we described and I pray

that every person who hears it will stop

fighting against you and recognize that

you are the one true God that’s how

Jesus described you as he prayed in that

17th chapter of John we know that you

are I pray father for people who are

floundering in their life trying to

figure out what to do enable them to

understand at least this much now you

are the answer you’ve always been the

answer you’re still knocking and you’re

still waiting and they can settle that

issue we thank you that the promise you

made to save us you’ve been keeping ever

since you made it

the promise you made to guide us you’ve

been keeping that promise ever since you

made it and all the rest we want to say

we love you in Jesus name Amen