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today you’re not gonna hear from just

one communicator not two not three in

the words of LeBron James not four zero

and I’m just kidding

but you’re gonna actually hear from

seven different communicators today and

it’s going to be so so amazing because

it’s seven in seven so what that means

is they we have seven communicators that

have seven minutes each Oh actually come

on you gotta just smoke Semyon come on

poor guy he he actually did great we’re

just gonna roast him for the rest of his

life no boy we have seven different

communicators I have seven minutes each

to preach the paint off the walls and

I’m telling you it is going to be so so

good so there’s not gonna be they’re

gonna be doing this they’re gonna fill

in the blank my life changed when I

released blank our word for this year is

released and we know that when we

release the things that we’ve been

holding on to it allows God to release

everything that he has for us and I’m

telling you it has been so powerful all

day I’m so excited so we can we get some

intro music for can now stand up to your

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will hockey boy


coming up next she leads us every

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you can go ahead and grab a seat man

that echo thing just really makes you

feel great who’s going to keep that on

there for the rest of forever hey listen

it’s gonna be so good every single one

of these messages are powerful I believe

they’re gonna relate to you in a good

way and here’s one I challenge you I

want you to lean in like hell some

people think preaching is just on the

person on the stage it’s really not true

because the power of a seed is not a

matter of just what’s in the seed but

what ground it goes into so that means

I’m not gonna preach because they bout

to preach but I’m kind of gonna preach I

need you to lean in lean into it say

that’s good

say Amen maybe for the first one say

preach it white boy I don’t know what

you’re gonna say but leaning can you

make some noise for coyote see man oh

man I can already feel this like like

Joe said there’s some good ground this

is live at five I know I know y’all

gonna preach back to us but as he said

my name is Kyle and my life changed when

I released expectation see you’re

already better than the other three

don’t but what I love is that as we

think about releasing things as often

things in our life that are bad things

that hold us back things that that keep

us from what God wants but what I think

and what I am proposing to you today is

that when we release expectation it

actually lets God loose in our life and

that is what my wife and I we have been

living that for the last seven months

you see we’re gonna take a trip back to

November of last year and my wife and I

we’d like to get a word for the year

just kind of a direction just like we

have a word for our church when we had a

word for our family and it was an

expectation and I thought okay that’s

good like we’re really great places with

our jobs and with our careers if what

we’re doing is so man if if this is

where we’re at I mean guys about to blow

roof off of this it did what I learned

is that expectation cost us something

because as I said I was in a place that

I loved I was doing ministry in a place

that I legitimately thought I was going

to retire it loved it so much and it

cost me my security I was praying god I

want you to move I expect you to move I

believe that you’re gonna do great

things he said all right give up your

security okay Jesus then is like okay

okay that that’s okay okay so he calls

me to this great place and I’m here at

TCC now and it’s God God I know that

you’re gonna move you’re gonna be

amazing it’s gonna be great I expect you

to move will you give up your some of

your identity will you give up some of

those relationships that don’t serve you

like they used to

you say you expect me to move but do you

really want to give up the stuff

expectation cost and the other thing

that I learned is that expectation it

fuels our vision and so what as I’m

thinking about what God wants to do in

our lives and the things that what we

expect to happen it 100% will happen so

if you’re sitting here today you’re gone

well I expect to kind of be in that

dead-end job that I know God has more

for me or that dead-end guy that I know

God has more for me or that I know that

I really should are we really looking

for that thing that we expect because

we’ll absolutely 100% always find what

we expect the good news is is that in

Ephesians chapter 2 it says that we are

a masterpiece so there’s where we should

always see our expectation is in a

masterpiece but it’s not because of who

we are it says we’re created in Christ

Jesus so it’s not about who we are it’s

about who’s we are

that’s where our expectation comes we

count the cost

we haven’t fueled us because we’re

created in Christ Jesus to do good works

for which he’s prepared in advance for

us to do so if you’re sitting here today

and you’re going man I know I really

shouldn’t do that thing and but I don’t

know if like wait what God says it’s

true and maybe I’ve stepped out before

and I said you know what like I’ll step

out and I’ll do the thing and then it

fails but the thing about it is that our

expectation and God is not determined on

the outcome it’s on our faith and so

when we are setting before God and we

say do you know what I expect you to do

great things

I expect the marriage to be whole I

expect those things to happen it’s not

determined on the outcome it’s our

belief that it will actually happen and

it is just amazing when I think about

how that changes everything because in

my life I thought it was great and it

pales in comparison when I stepped out

on faith and I said you know what I’m

truly going to expect God to do that

immeasurably more thing and I think

about Peter when he and disciples are in

the boat and they’re out at night and

the storms come in if you know the story

you know Jesus just like kind of walks

on water like that’s a normal thing and

and so he comes up and they think it’s a

ghost that they’re freaking out and

they’re like and Peter you know a Peters

kind of rowdy but he still loves God I

relate to that a lot anybody else and he

says if it’s you call out to me and I’ll

come to you

and he’s like alright Peter come on and

then Peter I can only imagine Peter in

the boat he kind of looks at the

disciples like I mean he did say that


but then he takes the step and for a

moment he’s living in true expectation

of the only one that can hold him up on

that water and the only reason that he

fell was because he took his eyes off

Jesus so what if a entire Church in the

building an online could count the cost

of expecting God to move take out

anything that is not focused on Jesus

can’t truly believe that what God said

is going to come to pass and keep in

mind it’s in advance those good works in

advance so the thing that you only see

with your eyes closed God’s already

there and so our confidence is in that

our confidence is not in our own ability

we remember it’s who’s we are we count

the cost we know that we have everything

we need if we just keep our focus on

Christ and I believe we got a church

full of people that if we could really

embody this it’s real cliche to said it

will change the world but when we focus

on the only one to ever truly do it


Thank You Charles it’s like two people

in there that really are excited about

what God can do in your life if you

release an expectation if we can have a

church that does that in a people that

does that you can realize what it means

as I did when I released expectation

well my name is Ashley and my life

changed when I released rejection anyone

ever felt rejected in this room before

raise your hand if you’ve been to middle

school okay

there you go so when I was 19 I met a

wonderful boy and he loved Jesus and

grunge music in the 90s any Pearl Jam

fans any Red Hot Chili Peppers my people

alright it’s all I needed to know so we

started dating and it wasn’t very long

before we got engaged to be married and

so we planned this amazing wedding we

found a venue my dad paid the deposit we

had a bridal shower we got this cute

little apartment and he moved in about a

month before and we decorated it it was

such an exciting time in my life we were

in love I thought about two weeks before

the wedding I came out to my car after a

long day of work and he was waiting for

me in the parking lot he didn’t even get

out of his truck to tell me that he

couldn’t marry me because he didn’t love

me so even now 20 years later that

really hurts

and it’s hard to say out loud but I’m

guessing in a room this size that you

have felt some form of deep rejection

like that too maybe for you you have

this marriage that you thought was

really great and stable but your spouse

ended up cheating on you

maybe you just knew you were gonna get

the promotion at work I mean you were

the obvious choice and you work so hard

and yet someone else was chosen maybe

your mother or your father abandon you

they left we’ve all felt rejected at one

point or another and so did Jesus in

fact when he was arrested in the garden

it was his friend Judas who led the

soldiers to him it was his best friend

Peter who denied knowing him three

times and when they arrested him and

they brought him into custody

the crowds of people they brought him

before we’re just chanting violently

against him the book of John chapter 18

tells us that Passover had this

tradition where one criminal got to be

set free and it was the people’s choice

and so Pilate who was going to set this

person free on the people’s behalf is he

here with Jesus and he’s asking the

crowds what did he do I I can’t find any

fault with this man Jesus but the crowds

kept chanting loudly and violently

against him and they were asking that

Barabbas be set free Barabbas he was a

murderer Jesus an innocent man

performing miracles in people’s lives

and yet the crowd just was chanting and

rejecting him over and over again and

there is no sting like the sting of

rejection knowing that I’m not wanted

I’m not welcome I’m not chosen

that’s the sting of rejection that Jesus

felt when he went to the cross and the

thing is rejection will make you do some

crazy things in fact it’ll push us to

our deepest places of insecurity and

unless we are secure in our

relationships and in our identity we

cannot operate in confidence and somehow

Jesus on his way to the cross is acting

in calm confidence in fact the Bible

tells us in isaiah 53:7 that he’s like a

sheep being led to the slaughter that

never even opens his mouth he doesn’t

say a word I mean how does he do that I

know for me like this is so opposite of

what I would do like when I get

frustrated when I feel rejected I throw

my arms around I started to fend myself

I try to self validate I’m gonna let you

know exactly what I think that’s not

Jesus how did he do that why it’s

because he knew he didn’t have to prove

who he was to anyone

the thing is when you when God validates

you nobody here on this earth has to

validate you that means that you don’t

have to prove to anyone that you’re

innocent you don’t have to prove to your

ex-wife that you’re a great father to

your kids you don’t have to prove to

your boss that you’re a hard worker you

don’t have to prove to the kids at

school that you’re cool enough whatever

it is you don’t have to do that because

when God validates you you don’t have to

be validated by a human being yeah I

know for me when this boy broke up with

me I felt like I needed to prove myself

to him I was looking for my validation

in a relationship and my identity and

who I would be as his wife and then God

very quickly convicted me and reminded

me no no you are my child fearfully and

wonderfully made like Kyle reminded us a

masterpiece crafted and prepared for

good works far in advance of this thing

happening to me I know that when I start

to feel rejected if I don’t make sure

that I’m spending time in the one

relationship my relationship with Jesus

the one person who can validate me if

I’m not spending time with him I will

very quickly spiral at the hint of

rejection here’s my first point if you

don’t hear anything today I hear this

rejection is the path to a better life

it really is and I know this because I’m

married to an amazing man

Kenny empowers me that means he speaks

life into me he helps me believe that I

can do anything that God is calling me

to do I have two beautiful children they

keep me laughing they’re full of life

all things I wouldn’t have had otherwise

without the rejection and it’s a better


the second thing you need to know is

that the people who reject you are part

of that better plan

so for Jesus it was Judas Peter and the

crowds if the crowds had chosen Jesus

instead of rejecting him we would never

have the cross we’d never been living an

abundant life full of freedom today and

so listen if you are in the middle of

rejection you can release that because

it is a catalyst to a better life right

hello everybody my name is Warren and my

life changed when I released my fear

I’ve got three points I know you guys

are gonna love these points you’ll write

them down you’ll remember them for the

rest of your natural life

but I want to point to you a scripture

that I really really love and it’s in

Psalm chapter 34 verse 4 they’re gonna

throw it up on the screen I prayed to

the Lord and he answered me he freed me

from all my fears you’re looking at

somebody that is totally free from fear

I hate standing up here talking to

people but I can do it in confidence

knowing that I’m not up here alone God

is with me he’s freed me from fear and

insecurity and anxiety and things that

have bottled me up and kept me from

moving forward and all that God has for

me and I can do it in confidence looking

right at you in the face I used to

couldn’t do that has anybody ever

experienced just fear being afraid lift

your hand up real quick look around

there are a bunch of people that have

dealt with that same thing it’s almost

like in my case a screaming and a

yelling in my ear and I’m gonna tell you

kind of what I hear

when this fear tries to attack me

you’re not gonna amount to anything your

best years or they’re back there you

you’ve done whatever you’re gonna do

you’ve you’ve already done it it’s it’s

done you’re not gonna do anything else

your wife is so sweet

so kind so loving everybody loves her

why is she with you why does she even

want to be around you you’re not gonna

live very long you’re there’s something

gonna happen to you there’s some

sickness or disease that’s gonna grab

grab you you’re not gonna make it your

kids they they don’t understand you they

just want what you can give them and it

yells screams right here in my hair when

I was a kid I had a bully anybody have a

bully that’s that’s tormented their life

well mine his name was Willie and even

when I say the name Willie I just think

oh I’m ready to fight Willie and man I’m

telling you Willie

his job he had a mission in life beat me

up take my stuff

beat me up take my stuff it was his

mantra it was the thing he did he lived

for this it was something that he

enjoyed he loved beating me up and

taking anything I had and leaving me for

dead Willie and he lives right across

the street from us so I couldn’t get

away couldn’t run away if 100 degrees

outside all the kids are outside playing

water guns having fun my brother and I


the house mom say hey don’t you go

outside we slip in the garage wouldn’t

even raise the garage door open we’re

just being a garage it’s hot sweating

throwing a ball up against the garage

door she come down what are y’all doing

oh it’s it’s fine mom we’re having fun

we’re in the garage you know I mean we

did not want to go outside and meet up

with Willy one day I just you ever wake

up and just say I’m not I’m not doing

this anymore I can’t take it anymore I

can’t take it anymore

I am NOT going in this garage anymore

I’ve got to come outside I’ve got to

release this thing and I’ve got to face

up with this guy and I’m telling you it

was almost like he was the 1990s version

of Mike Tyson and I was everyone that

Mike Tyson beat up and on the first

round knockout I mean I was just getting

pounded every time with this dude point

number one face your fear you got to

face your fear he grabbed me at the

wrong day and I balled up my fist and I

said okay you may beat the living

daylights out of me I might die I’ll

probably cry this is gonna be over for

me but I swung around here’s a quote

that you guys are gonna really love fear

has a large shadow but he himself is

small I swung out and I missed him I

totally missed the guy I wish I could

tell you blow by blow this beatdown that

I gave him but I truly do not remember

what happened I saw him running I was

surprised he was running I started

chasing after him which also surprised


and I’m chasing them all around the

neighborhood and all up and down the

street cussing and screaming and

hollering and yelling I’m like I’m gonna

get you blankety blankety blank look I

don’t condone that I don’t condone


please don’t wile out on people that’s

not what I’m saying to do don’t do that

point number two starve your fear when

I’m chasing him walking here is old man

you two messed up now if he turns around

you are done if he turns around this is

it for you if he turns around and swings

out can you handle this hit should you

just stayed in bed skip this whole day

just start all over yeah it was bad it’s

bad but you got a star of that fear

you’ve got to face it you better say to

yourself I can do this I’m the

righteousness of God in Christ Jesus

I’m the head and not the tail I’m above

only and not beneath I can do this my

last point replace your fear with God’s

Word you got to replace it with God’s

Word open up the Bible find out what the

Word of God says about you and replace

those fears that you’re constantly

hearing in your mind

replace it with God’s Word I’m not

telling you and I’m not judging you

hey I’ve been afraid obviously you can

see that I’ve had a very traumatic

experience with Willie and it still

bothers me today it doesn’t really but

I’m telling you I’m not questioning that

you’ve had a fear what I want to ask you

is this one thing if God hasn’t given

you a spirit of fear who’s the one that

gave it to you who are you taking the

fear from

when you come to the realization of

who’s giving you the fear just like I

did your life and my life has changed

because we’ve released our fear my name

is Abbie Metcalf and thank you I wanted

to get up here in front of you today and

tell you that my life changed when I

released my anxiety and we can all cheer

and yeah it’s awesome but as I started

thinking about it and thinking about

what I wanted to say I realized that a

more true statement would be that my

life is changing as I’m learning to

release my anxiety if I’m honest anxiety

is sometimes a daily battle for me and

my anxiety started when I was very young

anybody growing up in Oklahoma were you

afraid of tornadoes anybody yes okay two

people all of you guys are really brave

or you’re lying so yeah I was petrified

of tornadoes growing up every time would

rain storm out freak out I was also

really afraid of this dog with the green

tongue I made it up I swear I saw it on

the news though literally my mom

reminded me after service like two

services ago she was like I had to tell

you two years ago that that wasn’t real

I like really thought this bug was real

and who’s gonna come into my window and

like eat me at night I don’t know so

even through middle school in high

school I still was fighting this anxiety

this depression sometimes as well too

and I thought that I kind of conquered

it got it all like done with and then I

had my lovely firstborn son Arlo Phoenix


and he is the most precious little boy

in the whole entire world and people

tell you when you are about to have a

kid they tell you like you’re going to

experience so much love more love than

you could ever imagine it’s just this

overwhelming amount of love and there

are a hundred percent true but what they

don’t often tell you is that that love

is a lot of times partnered with a lot

of anxiety and worry and for me this all

kind of came to a peak when Arlo was two

weeks old I was having a really good mom

day moms you know what I’m talking about

dishes are done house is clean baby’s

asleep like you’ve like need a trophy or

something so I was putting up some

dishes Arlo was taking a nap and I get a

phone call and I answered it they said

is this a mother of arlo phoenix Metcalf

I said yes it is very proudly I thought

they were just gonna tell me it’s cute

or something I don’t know

they say this is your doctor’s office

and we just got a call from the hospital

and Arlo is positive for cystic fibrosis

I asked okay what is cystic fibrosis the

nurse told me that she didn’t know and

somebody could call me back in 48 hours

with more information so the next 48

hours were excruciating ly awful I

couldn’t even go like more than 20

minutes without crying so much worry so

much anxiety I googled what is cystic

fibrosis and cystic fibrosis is a

disease the life expectancy is 25 to 30

years it has to do with lung buildup of

mucus in the lungs and I was just

panicking like I was watching I remember

just watching over our low as he would

sleep and I don’t think I even slept a

wink just watching him sleep making sure

that he was breathing okay and just

panicking think about all these

scenarios or what his life was going to

be like and if I was going to have to

live for the death of my son

and we get a call 48 hours later to hear

someone say the test was wrong

and your son does not have cystic

fibrosis which yes that was my first

reaction was yay my second reaction was

you should be fired like I was so pissed

if I’m honest I was so upset and I wish

that I could stand here today and tell

you that that was the end of my anxiety

with all of that but it is not literally

this morning Arlo has a runny nose and

is coughing and a voice in my head came

up to me and whispered in my ear are you

sure he doesn’t have it are you sure he

doesn’t have cystic fibrosis are you

sure he’s not gonna pass away at 25

years old and it’s really discouraging

because I thought that I was over

anxiety I thought that I conquered it

when I faced the tornado stuff and now

I’m not afraid of those anymore

but Here I am again and one thing one of

the only things that gives me hope in

this is a story of David you guys know

David he is famous for slaying Goliath

he got the stone put in a slingshot pop

glass and head kills him he later

becomes King yay we love David okay well

we often don’t hear about with David his

later on in second Samuel the Bible goes

on to say that David actually fought for

more Giants in his life they were from

the Philistine army same as Goliath and

they were believed to be the brothers of

Goliath so basically he pissed off guys

family and they all came for him I think

the most beautiful thing in this story

is that when David was going to prepare

to fight Goliath God told him to pick up

five smooth stones he used one for

Goliath but he had four more in his tool


that he was able to use in those later

scenarios so for you today for me it’s

anxiety for you it might be lest it

might be addiction it might be anger

when it comes back up into your life

please don’t feel defeated because

that’s exactly what the enemy wants he

wants us to just crumble but remember

the last time you fought it and remember

that you were victorious even in this

song that we were just singing earlier

says that he’s already won all we need

to do is pick up our stuff and fight

when I think about all of this I really

think about that the freedom in all of

this is not in the finish the freedom is

in the fight and it’s when we decide to

continually fight Romans 8:37 says that

we are more than conquerors because

Christ Jesus is on our side so whatever

it is that you’re facing the next time

it comes up instead of crumbling or

feeling bad or beating yourself up about


please just remember that we are more

than conquerors and the same God who

helped you fight it last time we’ll help

you fight it this time

what’s going on guys my name is Chris

and today I want to share how my life

changed when I release my ambition now

how many of us in here are just

passionate about something whether he

sports your family have something you’re

passionate about

okay cool cool cool so that the nature

of who Chris Harvey is is a huge

introvert what do you believe it or not

I’m a huge introvert I love you but I’m

gonna talk to y’all time I’m saying I

love you um by the past couple years the

extrovert didn’t see it begin to grow

out I used to work for organization

called young life and through that I got

opportunities and speaking schools and

stuff like that

the one person young like love you and

through that not the extrovert

tendencies beginning to develop making

the build and God has given me different

cool opportunities especially over the

past 2018 even I got to do 77 last year

um but I just

July a lot of requests beginning to stop

and I’ll be gonna get a little irritable

and I thought I thought that God needed

my help

I thought he’s busy working on your life

so he needed my help and so I decided to

help God finding me another opportunity

speaks I thought you needed my help so I

went through the almighty source we all

know Google and I somehow found out all

the contact information for all of

Oklahoma all of Texas and all of

Arkansas school principals and I sent

the most massive email the most massive

a mess with thousands of principals say

hey my name is Chris Harvey love to come

speak call me beat me you’ve gotta reach

me and I sent the most massive email and

it’s great thousands of people now

thousands and one person responded and

she didn’t respond when she asked me how

much I would charge

I thought 20,000 was enough not this is

my first time I get paid to speak I

thought that was it no okay but the

problem wasn’t in the opportunities the

problem wasn’t in schools the province

was my heart for impact left when the

opportunities income but I love the

Bible y’all I love the Bible because

it’s full of stories or people who do

dumb stuff just like me

in fact there was two people called you

name Johnny James to Jesus boys they

thought they came up with the greatest

idea key words they thought so they’re

planning they comin seeing Jesus and I

are you gonna tell them John because

Jesus loves you a little more okay so

hey Jesus

how you doing okay we had this idea

you’re King you know saying guys are

throwing out there we noticed there was

two extra seats up there and we just

thought that uh is there empty and

there’s two of us that we just sitting

next to you you know say I’ll let you

process that but we just thought it we

want to give to you I love Jesus

response because he’s so gangster Jesus

said do you know what you’re asking do

you know because I didn’t come to be sir

I came to serve so if you’re asking me

to sit next to me you’re not you’re not

asking to be praised you’re asking sir

but what are you order is really you

asking I love it because Jesus is ask

the question of why why do you want to

sit next to me

why do you post everything on social

media it’s a really because you want to

impact the the influence I’ve given you

or you really just want to be seen

you’re perfect so I’m just talking about

myself today

well why do you why’d you buy the boat

it’s really because you want to create a

different experience for your family

that you didn’t have growing up what you

really want to impress your co-workers

what watch you buy the boat why don’t

you buy the shoes why do you go the

extra mile with people is it really

because you have a heart for people as

you want people to validate you the

question is why because there’s a fine

line between what you’re motivated by

between selfish ambition and God there’s

a line when you’re motivated by self is

their mission you always comparing

yourself but when you’re motivated by

God you celebrate what God is doing

other people when you’re when you’re

motivated by selfish ambition you’re

always striving for exposure but when

you’re motivated by God you go deep in

what he’s called you to do allow him to

give you the exposure

there’s a difference what are you

motivated by what what is on what’s this

on the heart of your thought because

what I’ve learned is your calls that can

only go as far as your character carries

it and many of us are are holding the

problem is he planned for us because

they’re all in a vision what we think

needs to happen there’s a difference but

I found something special in the Bible I

want to read to you today I think I

think it will help us is that

Philippians chapter 2 verses 3 through 4

it says do all things out of selfish

ambition no I think that’s how we read

the Bible oh oh no ok do nothing out of

selfish ambition or vain conceit rather

in humility value others above yourself

I think we struggle in that part but not

looking to your own interests but to

each of you to the interests of others

this is the this is the blueprint what

God has called it given us there’s

something on it it’s out of our heart

though each and every one of us have our

own little selfish ambition but God does

give us three different things I want to

show you today identify it I can’t hear

what you act like doesn’t exist identify

it alright god this is this is the area

of my life this is the area of my job my

family whatever is identified in second

I got I gotta give it to you in my

prayer with you and my devotion and my

when I fast I gotta identify the area of

my life and God I need you to come stand

in this situation 33

serve serve is the closest thing we can

come to humility and becoming like Jesus

but many of us avoid it but if you’re

too big to serve too small to lead

but this is my life this is what God is

doing in me and this is as I change as I

release this thing causes truly give me

freedom my questions for you is we do

the same my life is changing as I

release my ambition well my name is

destiny and my life changed as I

released unforgiveness now several

several years ago when I was about 13

years old

before I was tricked into becoming an

adult let you guys know right now that

is a trick don’t fall for it okay before

all of that happened I had the best

thing in the world that was no bills

it was the magical fairy Lance can

anyone relate no bills can we go back to

no bill man fantastic a disposable

income it was great I had that when I

was a teenager because my very first job

was babysitting and I had this family

that I used to babysit for every single

weekend they had three kids and the dad

was actually me and my sister and my

mom’s hairstylist so every weekend I

would babysit their three kids on

Saturday for like 10 to 12 hours and

they would pay me the whopping sum of

$20 $20 every week it was amazing I mean

I feel like much to you but for me that

was like some lip gloss that was really

popping that was some food my mom

wouldn’t let us keep in the house that

was some really ugly clothes from

forever21 like it was some things I

would just never see again it was really

great I thought I was like living the

good life okay but one day when he came

to pick up his kids he said hey I want

to make you a deal I want to offer you a

trade instead of giving you this little

$20 every week I want to offer to do

your hair for free every weekend oh

that’s amazing that’s like an 80 $100

value trade-off here so you guys know

obviously which one I chose the $20 I

chose the $20 let me tell you why I

chose the $20 I chose the 20 because I

had never paid to get my hair done

before I’ve never had to shell out that

$80 my parents paid for that every week

I had no

idea what value what is in making that

trade I think that a lot of us treat

forgiveness that way we have no idea

what it really costs so we treat it like

it’s not worth it it’s not me it’s not

worth me letting go of this thing for me

and it was trading about $20 for $80 in

services for you maybe it’s choosing to

play the victim instead of getting your

piece back for you maybe it’s maybe it’s

holding on to what your dad did 20 years

ago when God is trying to break

generational curses in your family I

don’t know what that thing is for you I

don’t know what that thing is for you

but today I want to examine what it says

in the word about forgiveness there’s a

story that is so powerful that tells us

how invaluable our forgiveness is it’s

in Genesis 32 and it’s the story of

Jacob and Esau they were brothers and

Esau was the older brother and there was

a special thing back then that the

oldest child the oldest brother the

oldest man would actually get a

birthright blessing from the father

before he passed it would be a special

inheritance and um Esau he actually

ended up losing that inheritance to his

brother his brother tricked his dad into

giving it to him instead

Jacob runs away to a faraway land he

gets married he tricked somebody else

and he has to come back home and face

Esau so he tries to gather all these

things it’s gold in this cattle and

money and all these things trying to

make up for what he did to his brother

so we’re gonna pick up in Genesis 33 and

verse 1 so says so Jacob looked up and

saw Esau coming with his four hundred

men he divided the children between Leah

and Rachel and two maid servants he put

the maid servants out in front Lee and

her children next Rachel and Joseph last

he led the way and as he approached his

brother he bowed seven times honoring

his brother but Esau ran up and embraced

him he held him tight and kissed him and

they both went that is such an amazing

example of forgiveness how invaluable

our forgiveness is I mean if you look at

it it really doesn’t make sense to us

and our human minds like how can you do

that literally Jacobs stole from his

brother he stole his inheritance he

stole his blessing from his brother and

he did it at the absolute worst time

possible as his father was dying when

his father died he didn’t come back and

check on things he didn’t make sure

everything was good back at home he left

but he saw freely gave him forgiveness I

think the reason Esau did that is

because he knew that that was something

that neither one of them could really

afford neither one of them can really

afford to have unforgiveness in their

lives and on their hearts I know for me

maybe I think that Esau really did that

because Esau had to spend some time

learning to forgive himself because if

you don’t know earlier on in that story

away a few chapters back Esau actually

traded his birthright to Jacob he acted

all surprised in shock when Jacob stole

it from him but he traded it a long time

ago for a bowl of stew and I think some

time went by and Esau had to face that

in his life and forgive himself first

for what he allowed to happen to him and

I can really really relate to that

because I know for me I have a lot of

trouble forgiving myself sometimes and

for me that came to a head just a few

years ago I was rushing to church one

day and I lost control of my car and I

had a car accident and then literally

every single time I got in the car after

that if anything happened whether it was

my fault or not I would just literally

go into shock and panic I have anxiety

attacks I couldn’t breathe and I just

felt oh my gosh I messed up again this

is gonna happen to me again but I

realized the cycle went even before that

so when I was a year out of high school

and I said I’m finally gonna go to

college and I applied for this school I

wanted and I didn’t get in I thought man

you’re you’re not good enough again I

had to forgive myself for that for

speaking that over my life or even

before that when I first graduated high

school and I wasted an entire year and

didn’t go to school and just kind of sat

around and did nothing and messed up the

plan God had for my life I had to

forgive myself for that I had to learn

to forgive myself when my sister passed

away from cancer and I wish I could say

I had to learn to forgive myself because

I really just thought I could have done

more if only I had been there only but

it was really because I hated her until

the very day she died I had so much

unforgiveness and hate in my heart they

had to learn to bring to God to ask for

forgiveness what I learned through all

of that is that my ability to forgive


my ability to forgive others was

directly tied to my ability to forgive

myself I wasn’t able to give forgiveness

to anybody else until I first brought to

God please God show me how you forgiving

me and how I can turn that back around

and forgive myself and maybe for you

your thinking but I have the right to

hold on to whatever I’m holding on to I

have the right to hold on to the person

that hurt me I have the right because

they should have been there for me they

should have done these things for me we

can think that were justified in that

but if there was anyone else anyone else

that had the right to say I don’t want

to give forgiveness it was Jesus it was

Jesus but instead of choosing to hold

offenses against us instead of choosing

to condemn us he stood on the cross in

his very final breath as he held his

arms outstretched and said Father

forgive them for they know not what they

do and I don’t think he said that

because he thought it was a nice phrase

I think he said that because he knew

2,000 years later people sitting here so

I’ll get forgiveness freely I’d

encourage you today sitcom about who it

is you may need to forgive it may be a

person it may be yourself whoever it is

seek Him and asked him to show you again

the value in his forgiveness and I

promise you it’ll change your life

because my life is changing as I release


whoo wow it’s good guys my name is will

and I’m honored to be up here in preach

alongside these guys they are amazing I

get to talk to you today though about

how my life changed when I released my

will and there’s many definitions of

will but one of them is a determination

despite any difficulties or opposition

so essentially you have this this plan

something you want to achieve and you’re

gonna go out and get it at all costs

we’ve all had something like that right

I mean if we’re thinking I don’t know

what it is for you maybe it was a job

you eyeballed this job that’s promotion

and that’s some some good benefits and

you’re like I’m gonna do everything I

can to get that job maybe it’s you want

to buy a house you’re done renting you

want more square footage and you’re like

I’m gonna this is the year we’re gonna

buy the house and you’re gonna go out

and get get it no matter what

maybe for some it might be a

relationship 2020 is the year that we

are gonna get engaged and married in the

name of Jesus you know I don’t know what

it is and there’s nothing wrong with

those things there’s nothing wrong with

that but what if it doesn’t line up with

God’s will for your life what if that

house that you want to buy so badly is

actually going to set you back

financially and God’s trying to protect

you from what if that that promotion it

looks good and you want it but what if

God is like if you just wait I actually

have something that’s gonna pay you even

more and give you better benefits more

vacation time and maybe that

relationship it’s not bad to want that

but what if God is like you know what

I’m actually doing something in your

spouse’s heart right now they need to

release something to me and they have it

yet but sometimes we can force it

because we want it our way or we’ll be

done we can miss out on God’s will for

us and can I just tell you that his his

will his plan over our lives is perfect

Jeremiah 29:11 it says it the best for

these are the plans I have for you


the Lord plans to prosper you not to

harm you plans to bring you hope in a

future and this is guys this is not the

Lord being like I got something good for

you in the pipeline like just wait and

see the Lord is declaring this over you

and I need you to believe it I don’t

care if you’ve heard the scripture 100

times or the first time today the Lord

is declaring this I have plans for you

but we can miss it when we want to make

it our way our will be done what happens

we win that drive that determination

that I’m gonna go get it no matter the

difficulty no matter the opposition

lines up with God’s will Luke 22:42

paints a beautiful picture of what that

looks like Jesus is about to be

crucified and he is on his knees crying

out to the father father please if

there’s any other way if you’re willing

take this cup from me but then he says

words that will change the course of

history he says yet not my will but your

will be done that statement Jesus

releasing his will and submitting to

God’s changed my life I’ve changed many

lives in here and I believe that it’s

going to change even more lives tonight

here online I believe it’s going to

change your life but it started with

that decision of Jesus releasing his

will and submitting to God’s and some of

you I just I can see it you’re not go

pump the brakes white boy with the

tattoos like I’m not Jesus you know and

I’m not planning on being crucified

tomorrow okay I get that Oh so I want to

tell you maybe it’s just another story

to make it a little bit more real a

little bit more tangible for you okay

it’s about a guy I know and I did ask

his permission to share his story but he

started out doing drugs back when he was

like 13 and it started out normal party

scene but then it turned into something

more and before he knew it he was

drinking and using drugs every single

of his life trying to numb something I

think he forgot what he was trying to

numb he struggled with pornography

he lied to people he cared about he

stole from people he cared about he was

anxious all the time Scott’s his anxiety

crippled him and he couldn’t even tell

you what he was anxious about his

depression was so bad that he attempted

to take his life on multiple occasions

when he was 18 he made a stupid decision

and he got a girl pregnant and if you

sat down with him he knew that he was

young and dumb but there was this part

of him that was excited to be a dad

as the months went on he started you

know hey what’s the the sex gonna be is

it a boy is it a girl what’s the name

gonna be what are they gonna sound like

what are they gonna laugh like he

started getting that excitement

unfortunately that girl she didn’t share

the same excitement and without talking

to him she decided not to keep the baby

in church can I just tell you that this

broke the already broken man his drug

and alcohol you spiraled out of control

he was using so much with just the hopes

that he would not wake up he finally was

arrested he was convicted of two

felonies for selling drugs and he wound

up in the Shu

and if you don’t know what that is it’s

the special hold unit it’s basically the

basement of the jail where they put

people that they don’t want to deal with

because this guy’s coming off of ten

years of drugs and alcohol abuse but

when he was in there about a couple

weeks in their sentence he felt

something he felt the presence of God in

there with him

and he started crying he didn’t know I

was crying but he just knew that God was

in there and he felt God speak to him

and say hey are you done yet are you

done living your way because I have

something better for you and this young

man he just dropped to his knees and he

put up his hands sobbing and he said

words that would change his life forever

he said yeah I am done I’m tired of

feeling this way God your will be done

not mine anymore

Church I will never forget this moment

because this is my life this is my story

I was the one that was anxious I was the

one that was depressed I was the one

that had no hope and felt empty I was

the one that tried to take my life I was

the one that lost that baby but I got

down on my knees and I surrender to God

and everything changed I was the

happiest I’ve ever been and I was in a

jail cell that is the power of God and

now I get to tell you from a stage a

transformation Church in Tulsa Oklahoma

how good god is and that if you’re

thinking he doesn’t do miracles still he

does because it does not make sense I’m

standing up here but I am and I stand

free I stand redeemed I am a child of

God and He has a plan for me he has a

plan for you


but Church it starts here though it

starts here there’s somebody holding on

they’re resisting stop there’s no

progress and resistance the solution is

surrender Church what if we woke up

every morning every single one of us

every single person watching and the

first thing we did was like okay God

your will be done not mine imagine what

you could do my life changed

transformation Church can you give it

for us seven of our communicators today

oh come on you can do better than that

hey guys thanks for watching today’s

message and don’t forget transformation

conference is coming up September the

10th through the 12th guys we believe

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