Dr. Charles Stanley answers an email from a Christian man who is struggling with sexual sin. In Touch Ministries, 2011. For more messages from Charles Stanley, including this week’s broadcast, go to www.intouch.org/watch

have you ever felt trapped in a pattern

you just couldn’t break when we struggle

with ungodly thoughts and sinful

behavior our identity becomes entangled

in a net of our own desires we forget

that in our weakness God promises His

grace and power today’s email comes from

a man longing to be free and his hoodie

writes I’ve been saved for 26 years but

for much of this time I led the sin of

homosexuality to rule my life though I

wholeheartedly disagree with this choice

of lifestyle I sometimes fall into

pornography only to repent with tears I

practice spiritual warfare every night

and know I’m truly forgiven the Lord has

blessed my walk of obedience these last

few years for the peace unlike any I’ve

known but I do continue to struggle I

just need a good word from your brother

well thank you for writing me that and

you certainly do have the right attitude

that is you understand where you’ve been

you understand where you are you’re

willing to confess of what is sinful

you’re willing to acknowledge the

struggle you have and let me just say

this God knows your heart he knows the

longing that you have to walk in his way

and God will give you the victory

pornography is a major issue in this

nation and probably around the world and

as you struggle with it let me just

remind you of what he says in first John

chapter 5 verse 14 and 15 this is the

confidence listen let this is the

confidence we have that if we ask

anything according to his will and your

victory over pornography is the will of

God so listen if we ask anything

according to his will he hears us so he

hears you and if we know that he hears

us and whatever we ask we know that we

have the requests which we have asked

from him

God will enable you through this

struggle he will strengthen you he sees

he understands and he will enable you to

have victory he’ll give you victory over


everything in life that does not fit his

will when you desire and I certainly

believe that you do desire that he does

give victory and he will reward you for

your commitment to him you’ve committed

yourself to live a godly life and you’re

struggling and God sees your struggle as

long as you don’t give in to it and say

well it’s hopeless

God will enable you no matter what you

have already seen how far you’ve come

and God will take you all the way and

remember this the higher the hurdles we

face in life the greater the reward in

store for us well thank you for joining

us today friend touch and until next


fight your battles on your knees and you

will win every time