Tommy Reid walked away from co-pastoring the largest church in world — for a dream — and he knew God was waiting. Now he has an anointing from Heaven to help you get in touch with your God-dream. And do it.

Is there a supernatural

a world beyond the one we know?

Is there
life after death?

Do angels exist?

Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven?

Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural?

Are healing miracles real?

Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of

the supernatural.

Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Hello. Welcome.

Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural.

The largest church in the world,
830,000 members, it’s hard for

me to comprehend, 830,000, South

And the pastor of this church,
when it was very small, had

never seen a major miracle and
frankly thought all the miracles

that were spoken about were just

Well my guest spoke a word to
him and catapulted him into

walking in major miracles to
such a point that my guest was

offered to be the co-pastor of
the largest church in the world,

but he said no.

The reason he said no is he had
a dream inside of himself and

this dream was not South Korea.

Well today, he’s fulfilled his

But because of his obedience,
God has put an anointing and

presence of God on this man that
he will help you get in touch

with your dream and have it
become reality.

Are you interested?

I’m here with Pastor Tommy Reid
and it’s a real privilege for me

because I knew a lot about him,
but I found out a whole lot


He was mentored by some of the
real generals in the world, but

one of the greatest generals
that mentored him was his own


You see, his mother was

His father was alcoholic.

His father got radically saved
instantly, went into ministry.

What is it, Tommy, with me?

That’s the way it happened to

Instantly, the moment I knew who
Jesus was I couldn’t keep quiet

about him.

Others just go so gradual.

What is it?

Tommy: I don’t know what makes
the difference.

All I know I was four years of
age, lived with an alcoholic


He walked into the Wesleyan
Methodist, instantly he was

delivered from alcoholism,
instantly was saved, not only

saved, but healed of bleeding
ulcers created by his


Sid: Now that was a
life-threatening situation.

Tommy: He was going to die.

And I was four years of age.

I would not have had a father.

Walked into that church, heard a
Native American evangelist, gave

his heart to Christ.

His life was totally changed and
our home was totally changed.

Sid: Eight years of age, you’re
afflicted, it’s almost like the

devil knows there’s a call of
God on someone’s life and the

devil tries to stop him before
they even get started.

Eight years of age, you get

Tommy: Polio.

Sid: Tell me what was going on.

Tommy: Well I was laying in my

I was unable to walk and I
remember the Lord walked into

that room and said to me as
clearly as I hear your voice,

“I’m Jesus and I’m here, and I’m
going to heal you today.”

And there’s a lot more to the
story, but all I can tell you is

I knew that was true.

I looked at my, I looked at as
if the devil was there.

I pointed my finger and I said,
I’m eight years of age, “Devil,

you’re not going to keep this
young man in bed any longer.

I’m going to walk.”

Pushed myself up to the side of
the bed.

As I pushed myself to the side
of the bed, I took my first step

and then I had to let go of the
bed and take my second.

That would be a miracle.

I walked across the room.

I looked to the stairs up to my
bedroom and I said, “I never,

ever have walked one stair at a

Eighty-two years of age, I still
don’t take one stair.

I still run upstairs.

I ran up the stairs, put my
clothes down, ran back down,

walked into the kitchen and said
to my mother, “I want a glass of


Sid: Your mother must have…
Tommy: She said, “What are you

doing? What are you
doing walking?”

I said, “I told you today Jesus
is going to heal me.”

And as I did that, my mother
dropped the milk all over the

floor and she looked at me and
said, “Well if you’re going to

drink milk you got to lap it up

because that’s the
last bit that I got.”

She was holding some milk in her
hand and I said, “Well I’ll go

down to the store.”

Ran down to the store, ran back
home and I’ve been walking ever


Sid: You know, I believe that
his mother might have been the

hero in this situation.

Tell me what you learned from
your mom.

Tommy: What I learned from my
mother was the Word.

Every day I would say, “Mom, I’m
going to walk again.”

And she said, “The Bible says
and you say it, ‘I am the Lord

that healeth thee.

By his stripes I am healed.'”
Every day I was informed by my

mother, she not only urged me,
she insisted that I confess the


And I knew that.

It was the Word that healed me.

I learned from my mother.

And she was a schoolteacher.

She worked for Cornell
University as an educator.

She taught me what Jesus did on
that cross and I saw the cross

that day when I walked.

Sid: Did she teach you to hear
God’s voice?

Tommy: Absolutely.

Sid: How?

Tommy: My mother would take me
out to Emery Park overlooking

the community where I lived and
she would lay on the, in the

winter we would walk through it.

In the summer, we would lay on
our backs.

And she would say, we would look
at the sky and she would say,

“What do you see?”

I would say, “That cloud over
there, that’s a car, that’s a

boat, that’s a ship and that’s
an airplane.”

She would look at me and say,
“Tommy, if that’s a ship, where

do you want to go?

Where do you dream about going?”

I said, “Europe,” wherever.

And after she would finish
wherever my hand would lead.

And I’ll never forget a word,
she said, “Tommy, we never quit

dreaming because your dreams
were written by God before the

foundation of the world.”

Sid: Then about the same time,
he starts having visions.

Tell me about these visions.

Tommy: Well I would go to the
altar because my mother was

teaching me, my dad, too, but
especially my mother was

teaching me to be a man of

And I would go to the altar
every Sunday night at this

little Assemblies of God Church
and I’d kneel at the altar.

And the little church around me
had handmade seats and old worn

out carpets.

And all of a sudden, I would
find myself, call it a trance,

call it a vision, call it a
dream, call it being lost in the

spirit, every Sunday night I
would get lost in the spirit.

And I would be another church.

It would be a large church,
beautiful carpets, everything

that I’d dream it being, and I
looked at somebody, a young man

standing in the pulpit, and I
said, that’s me.

Now I was a stutterer.

I could not speak and yet I was
standing as a man in the pulpit,

and I saw myself there, and I
saw the church I would one day


I lived with that dream all of
my life wherever I went.

I pastored, by 26, I was
pastoring Bethel Temple in

Manila with Pastor Sumrall.

I worked with Cho in the
beginning days.

Every place I went, that was not
what the church I saw in my


I had to go back to Buffalo.

That’s where the church would

Sid: He’s a dreamer.

Tommy: I am a dreamer.

Sid: God is a dreamer.

Tommy: Absolutely.

Sid: And God has a dream for

And Tommy says that God has a
dream for everyone.

And the whole world would be
changed if everyone would follow

their God dreams.

We’ll learn more when we come

We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Sid Roth here with Pastor
Tommy Reid.

And Tommy, you had the high
privilege of being sent to South

Korea and there was young pastor
that had potential, and you were

supposed to work with him.

Tommy: Yeah.

Sid: His name was Dr. Paul
Yonggi Cho.

Tommy: Right.

Sid: That then had the largest
church in the world.

But Paul Yonggi Cho had never
seen major miracles, and as a

matter of fact, he thought it
was all hype, but changed.

Tell me about that.

Tommy: Yeah.

Well we went there in the first
year of the ministry.

In fact, I preached the first
revival ever held in that


And while I was there, we were
in, I remember we were in this

old Chevrolet panel truck and he
was sitting in the back of the

seat, and I was sitting in the

And he looked at me and he said,
“Tommy, I’ve never seen a real


I was healed myself, but I have
never seen God do a miracle.

I’ve seen these healing
evangelists come and they report

that it’s a miracle, but I’ve
never seen a real miracle.”

I remember something rose up.

You ever have something rise up
inside of you, you’re speaking

for God.

I looked at him and I said,
“Brother Cho, you will, while

I’m here in this country, you
will see the miraculous and you

will someday heal the sick.”

And he, you know, the miracle
about it was we did see miracles

and he saw, and the more and
more I saw him soften.

We went to a city called
Cheongju, Korea.

We went in a Presbyterian
church, and it was jammed with

people, thousands of people on
the outside.

And the revival was so great,
the miracles so great, they

wanted to go on another week.

So I said to him, “You stay

You preach the second week and
you pray for the sick.”

This is the man that said he had
never seen a miracle.

He said, “I’ll do that.”

Sid: I’m amazed he said he’ll do

Tommy: Right.

So as he, as I went on to the
next city, on the next Tuesday

night, I think they had off
Monday night, Tuesday night,

they came up the hill and said,
“There’s a man dying in the


If you don’t come down and pray
for him he will die.”

So Brother Cho left the service,
went down the hill, walked into

the hospital to a man he was
going to pray for before he

died, and found out he was dead.

Man: I’m sorry, he’s passed on.

Dr. Cho: No, he’s not.

Tommy: He pulled the sheet back,
this man that a few weeks before

said he had never seen a
miracle, pulled the sheet back

and commanded that man to walk.

That man got out of bed, began
to walk and then Brother Cho

said, “Come back with me to

Now it was a huge, steep hill.

He climbed all the way up this
hill, walked into the church and

said, “I was dead, but now I’m

Man: I was dead, now I’m alive.

Sid: Okay.

He then says to you, “I want
you, Tommy, to be my co-,” not

assistant, “my co-pastor.”

How could you have said no?

Tommy: Well I had to say no.

Sid: Why?

Tommy: Because as great as the
revivals were tremendous, there

were times in revivals where
they would take, I remember one

night, they took me on their
backs and carried me through the

city because of the miracles
they were seeing.

And yet, I knew that that wasn’t
my city.

God had called me as a child at
that altar, by a little

Assemblies of God Church, where
I saw the church I would build.

This was not the church.

That was his church, it was not

I had to go back to where I was

That was my dream.

Sid: And you know what I think
is so amazing is when you went

to the city that he was called
to, you would think that because

of his faithfulness that it
would be a breeze.

It would be easy.

But when you went to Buffalo,
New York, how bad was it?

Tommy: It was really bad.

I was ready, the ministry, you
know, I could be pastor of the

largest church in the world
right now, but here I am

pastoring 120 people, barely

I don’t think they even liked

But you know, this wasn’t the
best place in the world to be.

And one day, I’m coming up on
the New York State Thruway onto

a ramp and all of a sudden, I’m

This prayer is coming out from
inside of me.

I’m crying, “God, show me the
world as you see it.”

And I kept arguing with my own
prayer because that was the Holy

Spirit praying.

“God, I know how you see the

And the Lord said, “No you

Keep praying the prayer.”

As I prayed that prayer, it came
out of inside of me.

And as I pulled the car up on
the thruway, I don’t know who

drove it, I don’t know how long
it was, I had a vision.

I believe in dreams and visions.

I believe in the supernatural.

And God took me and I saw the
world, and God showed me the

world as you see it.

It was coming from deep within

And I saw the nail scarred hands
of Jesus coming toward the

world, and here’s what I

Every Sunday night I had
preached on hell and I preached

on judgment, you’re trying to
get people saved, and scared

them to death to try to get the
saved, you know, like we used to

do in our churches.

And I saw the hands of Jesus,
and my first reaction, I know

what you’re going to do.

You’re going to bring judgment
to this bad world.

Instead, the hands of Jesus were

They took and took the world and
he opened it up.

And, Sid, inside, I saw a broken

And my life has never been the

It was within weeks the church
grew from 120 to 800 in one

single week all because of the
revelation of God.

Sid: The revelation of God’s
love for humanity.

Tommy: God’s love for humanity.

Sid: Well you know, the Bible
says God is love.

And maybe, just maybe we’re
emphasizing the wrong things.

God is love.

When we come back, I want to
find out how you can find out

God’s dream for yourself.

I want to find out how you can
move into God’s dream for you.

We’ll be right back.

We now return to
It’s Supernatural!

Sid: Can everyone

have a dream or is it just
special people like Tommy Reid?

Tommy: Absolutely.

Not only can everyone, everyone
does have a dream.

Some time when you were a child,
seven or eight years of age, God

began to speak into your spirit
what the purpose of your life


If he wrote it before the
foundation world, that means

that he’s going to give it to

You had some kind of a dream,
but your mother said, “It’s just

your imagination.”

Everybody said, “That’s crazy,
you could never be president,

you could never preach the
Gospel, you could never do that,

you’re not smart enough to do

And the dream was lost.

And the problems with our world
today, Sid, is because somebody

didn’t believe their dream.

The world is unevangelized
because God put in the heart of

enough people, enough power to
evangelize the world, but we

never believed it.

My passion, I have a passion
today in these years of my life,

I’ve got to get out and teach
this nation that there’s

something that God gave them to

There’s a dream that God put in
their heart, and if I can get

people to believe that, if I can
get people to know that inside

of the depths of their spirit,
look at Henry Ford.

Henry Ford was an amazing man
and he had this dream to put

America on wheels, but there
were no gas stations.

There were no roads.

He changed the world.

In spite of the fact, the whole
world out there was alien him to

his dream.

That’s what’s inside of us.

There’s an evangelist inside of
us and there’s a businessman,

and there’s millionaires, and
there’s billionaires.

There are people out there that
God has intended to change the

world if they’ll only believe

I have a passion to teach that
to America.

Sid: How about that someone that
says, I don’t know my dream, how

can I find it?

Tommy: Well I think, first of
all, there are several things.

It’s hard to say that in a few

You want to go back, remember
what happened to you.

Remember what you thought about.

My best friend growing up was
Paul Crouch who built TBN.

He had a movie camera, I wish I
would have brought it on the

set, a little movie camera.

He would dream of making films.

He would dream of radio.

We fooled with, I can’t tell you
what it was like to live with a

ten-year-old boy that had a

That kind of thing is inside of

It’s in every one of us.

The last thing Paul Crouch did
for me was look in a camera and

say, “Tommy, let’s you and I
keep dreaming because dreams

will change the world.”

Sid: Briefly, tell me your
teaching on the cathedral and

the altar.

Tommy: Yeah.

Well Abraham is my example of
the dreamer because God told him

he was going to have a family
and it was going to be a great


It would be a nation and it
would be a nation that would

bless the world.

And God made a covenant.

He had God the Father and God
the Son walking between the

sacrifices saying, “I’m going to
swear by myself that this land

is yours.

I’m going to swear by myself
that you, I will give you a


This is my covenant and I’m
swearing by myself to make that


Well where did he take him?

He took it out in the open air
in what I call the cathedral of


He’s walking by the water, puts
his fingers through the sand.

“Those are my children.”

He looks at the stars and he
said, “Those are my children.”

I’m not an astronomer to know I
can’t count them.

“Those are my children.”

You take a dream, first of all,
to the cathedral of God in the

open air.

Then you take it, Abraham built
an altar.

Because of the presence of God,
there is the wonder with the


There is the wonder of God wants
to do with you in His presence.

Spend time under the open
heavens dreaming and spend time

with the presence of God letting
God reveal His dream for you.

Sid: Would you pray now.

Tommy: Absolutely.

Sid: That we find our dreams,
that everyone that is viewing

this will find their dream.

Tommy: Yes.

Can I just look in that camera
right now and tell you that you

have a dream.

You may not know what it is.

Maybe somebody has thwarted it,
maybe somebody has tried to

destroy it.

You may be 80 years of age, but
there’s a dream in your heart

that’s never been fulfilled.

I’m talking to everybody, every
single person on the other side

of that camera.

I want to pray for you that
you’ll discover it and you’ll

live it.

Father, in the name of the Lord
Jesus, may the peace of God, the

peace that passes all
understanding come into that

person’s heart and take them
back, and show them what you

planned for their life.

It’s never too late.

I know that, Lord.

Give them the fulfillment of
their dream.

Sid: God is a dreamer.

And before the foundation of
this earth, he knew you and

called you, and have a dream,
has a dream for your life.

Now this is what you have to do.

He’s done it all.

All you have to do is accept it.

He died for your sins.

He died out of his personal love
for you.

He took every one of your sins,
every one of your pains, every

one of your heartaches on upon
himself, and by his blood he

says, “I remember your sins no

If you will ask him to forgive
you and tell him you’re sorry

for the mistakes, believe that
his blood covered your sins and

then ask him to come inside of
you and be Lord of your life,

because God has a dream and you,
you, he’s telling me people are

being healed as I’m speaking,
backs, pains are disappearing.

You are his dream.

You are special.

You are wonderful and fearfully
made, and never forget God is

for you, so nothing can be
against you.


As a young boy, Tommy
Reid was supernaturally healed

of polio and severe stuttering.

As a young man, he was given the
opportunity to pastor what is

known today as the largest
church in the world.

But instead, he decided to
pursue the dream had written on

his heart before the foundation
of the world.

Tommy wants to help you find
your God-given dream.

We will be back with Tommy Reid
in just one moment.

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