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in touch the Teaching Ministry of Dr

Charles Stanley reaching the world with

the Gospel of Jesus Christ next on in

touch the bible more than a book

where do you turn when trouble strikes

you’ve got a lot of choices and people

oftentimes learn the wrong thing

and sometimes people don’t know which

way to turn they just feel helpless and


let me tell you the first place you

ought to turn to and that is to the word

of God

because this book is more than a book

it’s the unfolding revelation of

almighty God

and what you’ll find from beginning to

end God meeting the needs of his people

it’s a promise book but unlike all other

promises the promiser has infinite power

and is able to keep every single promise

he makes right on time

where else could you go

what other book is like this there is

none like it

and as you look at the scriptures God is

all the way through the scripture

working in the lives of his people and


when you think about

what this book is for most people it’s

just another book but I want to show you

why it’s not just another book

it’s far more than just another book

and when you pick it up to read it you

probably are usually looking for

something specific some needs you have

or some issue that’s going on in your



sometimes you can’t find the right place

you wonder well where do I turn it must

not have an answer here listen carefully

God’s word has the answer for every

single circumstance of life

this is the divine revelation of

almighty God given to us to live by to

discover who he is what he’s like and

how we can live every single day

knowing in our heart that we have a

security that is divinely given in

almighty God

so we might ask the question what’s the

purpose of the Bible

well the purpose of the word of God why

why did God have all of this written for

us so that now we have from Adam and Eve

all the way to the end of the world why

what did he have in mind his primary

purpose was to reveal the one true God

they’re all kind of so-called gods and

people believe all kind of things and

they act like they believe

God gave us his word in order that you

and I would understand who is the one

true God the omnipotent omniscient

omnipresent all-powerful God

for example if you didn’t have the Bible

what would you think about God

how would you describe him well you talk

to people for example who don’t believe

the Bible you’ll find out what what the

world thinks when they don’t have the

Bible they think all kind of things

erroneous kind of stuff

but God has given us a very clear

picture of what he’s like the second

purpose of it is to lead us to Salvation

that is to help us to understand that we

are sinners

and only by the grace of God his

goodness and love and mercy and

undeserved favor that he forgives us of

our sins it writes our name into Lamb’s

Book of Life and forever we’re his

children he wants us to know that

then there’s a third purpose for it and

that’s this he wants us to understand

not only who he is and to be saved he

wants us to understand how to live a

Godly life how to live a life that

displays his character

and his ideas his purposes and his works

so there is purpose and if you’ll think

about for example the Epistles of Paul

what are they all about they’re all

about how to live a Godly life somebody

says what’s a Godly life it’s a holy

life it’s a life of obedience not

perfect but it’s a life of obedience and

when there are acts of Disobedience

there is immediate repentance and

restoring our fellowship with him

so it’s there to reveal all of to all of

us who God is what he’s like to lead us

to Salvation to lead us deliver Godly


but there’s a fourth one and that is

he has given us this book in order to

know how to serve him and to share it

with other people so this isn’t just

another book this is a Divine holy

message from almighty God to mankind to

know who our creator is who our savior

is what life’s all about and how we can

end up spending eternity with him they

closed this book is a disaster

for a person to say I don’t have time

for the word of God you don’t have time

to live

to say that it doesn’t have any answers

to my questions you haven’t read it

to criticize the word of God is a sin

because you are criticizing the very

words of almighty God words of promise

words of Joy words of peace all the

words that come to Amman when we look at

the word of God

so that being the case

I want you to look if you will in Psalm

119. Psalm 119 is all about the Bible

for example

the 105th verse

he says Thy word is what a lamp to my

feet and a light to my path all of us

need light in this darkened World a lamp

to my feet so I see what’s going on a

light to my path so I can know where to


so to me that’s the whole Bible in one

verse the Bible is a lamp to my feed a

light to my path and you remember what

Isaiah said one of my favorite verses

about the Bible Isaiah 40 verse 8. the

grass withers the flowers fade but the

word of our God stands forever which

he’s saying to us it does not change for

example somebody says I’d like to change

some verses in the Bible I know what

they are

do you know what they are

I’ll tell you what they all the verses

that talk about Sin and judgment oh hell

they want to change those verses

they change into verse who’s listen the

any verse that talks about their sin

they’d like to eliminate that this is

the divine revelation of God listen you

may tear it out of your Bible but you

can’t tear it out of reality out of God

this is his word innocent his word is

for our benefit

God doesn’t cheat us out of happiness

and joy and pleasure so the question is

all right we declare this Bible is more

than a book why because it’s timeless

it doesn’t make any difference what’s

going on where when the truths of God’s

word are Timeless they are never

outdated under any condition

secondly it is infallible that is it is

without error people will say well the

Bible’s full of error like what

now people think the Bible is full of

error what they what the error they they

bring up or things that have to do with

their sin and so when people have

unbelief about the Bible it has

something to do with their lifestyle and

the way they’re living the Bible is

infallible somebody says well they’ve

got to be mistakes in the bible let me

ask you a question

since God is all-powerful and he created

everything that exists

can he not speak through men’s hearts

and lives and guide them they give us a

Bible that would never mislead anybody

and the answer is yes he can

there may be some things I don’t


but that doesn’t make it fallible the

Bible is the infallible word of God and

listen where in the Bible does he listen

where does he make a mistake

where does he say the wrong thing

no place this is God’s infallible word

it’s the revelation of the one true God

Jehovah it’s a trustworthy God for every

single circumstance of life

you cannot you cannot think of anything

for which the word of God is just lost

for an answer whatever the situation

think about this all the way back to

Adam and Eve to this present moment the

word of God is adequate for every single

need and the word of God is truthful and

where did God ever make a mistake where

did God ever say oops

where did he ever say I forgot that

what did he ever where did he ever say

it let me think about it he doesn’t have

to turn to a book nor a computer nor to

ask someone else this is the absolute

awesome word of the Living God and it’s

adequate for every single thing

a trustworthy guide likewise it exposes

man’s sin and hopeless condition

the wages of sin is death the gift of

God is eternal life and all of us have

sinned and come short of the glory of

God what what people don’t like is it

points to their sin

our whole moral society today is where

it is because people do not want to

believe this book

and they said well you know I used to

believe the Bible well now you don’t

believe it because it nailed your sin

and so the truth is listen God is not

going to overlook anything so you come

to the word of God and you say well this

is my lifestyle well that’s fine what’s

the Bible say if the Bible agrees with

your lifestyle you better stay with it

if your lifestyle disagrees with the

word of God you are in serious trouble

because God judges sin not because he

doesn’t love The Sinner he loves The

Sinner but he wants us to know the truth

and some people want to pick and choose

it’s like you go to the restaurant and

they give you a menu

they don’t just serve you a hot dog

because you walked in they give you a

menu the menu is about that long there’s

something on both sides more than you

could ever possibly eat and you choose

well when it comes to the word of God

there’s no choosing that choosing is

either I believe it or I don’t or I obey

it or I don’t and one of the reasons I

think people have a problem with it is


it pictures for us the consequences of


in other words think about this God

starts out with Adam and Eve and

everything’s perfect

and he warned them there would be

consequences of their Disobedience and

so all the way through the scripture God

is doing what he’s keeping his word he

says there are consequences for


their consequences for Disobedience and

if you’ll think about it in this Society

we live in whether you’re talking about

spiritual things or political or

whatever it might be nobody wants to

talk about consequences

the truth is their consequences of sin

as somebody says well I just don’t

believe that if you’re not a follower of

Jesus look at your own life

you say oh I’ve got everything going my

way for a season

and you’re being misinformed you’re

being misguided

this is a law that cannot change you ask

any farmer you reap what you sow more

than you sow later than you so is that

true sir as a farmer

he wouldn’t be affirm if he didn’t

believe that and practice it because if

I sow beings today I’m gonna get beans

tomorrow and get beans the next day

if I sow

if I plant apple trees I’m not going to

get orange trees or pear trees it’s a

principle that cannot change you know

what god is perfect God is omniscient

and his laws are for our good and that

principle alone is a warning against sin

against God

so when somebody says I don’t believe

the Bible so you just say to them

whether you believe the principle of

sowing reaping oh yeah I believe that

but what they don’t like is the

consequences and my friend their

consequences for obedience their

consequences for disobedience

then I think the Bible is more than a

book because

it tells us of God’s unconditional love

for us

that is God doesn’t love us if

he loves us period

for God so loved the world listen to

this that he gave his only begotten son

that whosoever believes in him would not

perish but have everlasting life he

didn’t say I won’t love him

God loves everyone

whether they’re obedient or not

but by his laws Disobedience brings the

consequences and so when I think about

his unconditional love his unconditional

that’s his nature that’s who God is God

is a god of love and therefore

he loves us unconditionally and he tells

us in his word how we can be saved from

our sins he just doesn’t condemn people

for sin he tells us how we can be saved

you remember what Jesus said to

Nicodemus he said

except the man be born again they cannot

say the kingdom of God then he takes all

the next verses almost the rest of the

chapter to explain what he means by the

new birth

now Paul put it this way if you confess

with your mouth Jesus as Lord

you shall be saved from your sins

and Paul said it another way he says for

by Grace he is saved through faith not

of yourselves not of works less than a

man should boast it’s by grace through

faith that we’re saved

so the Bible tells us how we can get

right with him then of course

the Bible tells us why Jesus came to


he wasn’t just somebody the Son of God

coming to Earth why did he come he came

in order to save us from our sins

that’s his purpose for coming he didn’t

come just to be an example he came to

save us from our sins for God so loved

the world that he gave his only begotten

son that whosoever believes in him will

not perish but have everlasting life

you say well what do I need to be saved

from sin

sin is a destroyer

sin destroys everything that is good and


he came to make it possible for us to be

forgiven of our sins

and that’s why Paul put it this way if

you confess with your mouth Jesus is

Lord believe in your heart God raised

him from the dead you’ll be saved where

did that come from it came from the word

of God


it shows us why we have a virgin birth

is the reason

the spirit of God bestowed upon Mary

that which was necessary for Jesus to be

born of a virgin without contact with

man why because

the Lamb of God had to be a perfect lamb

and you recall all through the

scriptures when they had sacrifices the

sacrifice had to be perfect no sick

Lambs no blemishes perfect

and so that was the picture and the

symbol all down Through the Ages when

Jesus came

he came as the sacrificial lamb of God

he had to be perfect and sinless and so

when normal men and women have that

relationship that nature is passed on

from the man

no father Earthly father God the Father

brought the Lord Jesus Christ into the

world born of a virgin the perfect

sacrifice had to be perfect because of

why he came

so he died on the cross for what reason

he bore your sin and mine in his body on

the tree the Bible says

suppose Jesus had not died on the cross

watch this

supposedly not not had been in a

crucifixional resurrection

then how would you be saved

how many of us have been good enough to

go to heaven none

Jesus came as the sacrificial lamb to

die for the sins of the whole world and

the Bible says that God placed all of

our sin

all of our sin for all Humanity on him

and then God crucified him we say Romans

did it he came into the world for the

purpose of being crucified as a

sacrifice for your sins and mine and so

the Bible explains that the Bible also

explains to us about his resurrection

now we hear about other gods and this

that now and so forth how many other

gods have you heard about who’ve risen

from the dead is anybody

come on anybody they know some other God

that’s risen from the dead no they do

not because there’s no such thing

all watch this almighty God in his love

for us in his desire for us to

understand his whole plan and that we

would believe it put his son through the


and then raised him from the dead to

give proof that he was the son of God

and that he was everything he said it


and so Jesus rose from the dead by the

grace of God his plan so that you and I

would never have to wonder if he’s going

to keep his promise or not and the

ultimate test the ultimate test of all

of God’s promises was and is the

resurrection of Jesus Christ if he can

raise him from the dead in keeping with

his promise what promise can he not keep

he can keep everything this is not just

the book this is a book of the

revelation of the plan of God for all

mankind and so

somebody says well where is Jesus now

he’s where he said he would be at the

father’s right hand he says in Hebrews

doing what interceding for us

he’s the living Christ

and for all of us who have been saved by

his grace and love and mercy and that’s

how we’re saved all of us who’ve been

saved know that Jesus is real and that

he is alive and that he is seated in his

father’s right hand listen answering our

prayers comforting our hearts healing

our bodies you name it all the things

that he’s doing and there’s no other

explanation but what he does

and then of course

somebody says well what about God the

Father it tells us where he is he’s

Seated on his throne he sees all the

sinfulness and the wars and the

Bloodshed and all these things but think

about this from the very beginning In

the Garden of Eden God’s hand has been

active he gave us the Ten Commandments

for example

he gave us 10.

It’s a Wonderful number he gave us

enough that we’d remember and not too

many to remember and I’ll ask you this

what what would you add to the Ten


God has given us his law for our good

and he gave the Ten Commandments for our


and anytime you break them you violate

God’s choice of what he knew in his

infinite all good mind of his what was

best for us then of course the Bible

explains to us the person of the Holy

Spirit and his work in our life

this isn’t just another book for example

Jesus said to his disciples he said now

I want you to know I’m going to leave

you but I don’t want you to I don’t want

you to be upset because here’s what I’m

going to do I’m going to send another


who’s going to be with you in you and

upon you and what I want you to do is I

want you to sit down in the city of

Jerusalem after the resurrection and

because then the holy spirit is going to

come and he’s going to be in you with

you and upon you and he’s going to he’s

going to give you explanations of what

I’ve been trying to teach you he’s going

to he’s going to empower you to do what

I’ve called you to do and you’re going

to impact the whole world

Jesus told them that well he says when I

leave the spirit is of God is coming to

be in you with you and upon you and

think about this so that you and I will

never have to worry about our Salvation

whether we have it today and lose it

tomorrow here’s what he said he said

when the Holy Spirit comes and he comes

upon every single believer when you

trust Christ as your savior the Holy

Spirit comes into your heart to Bear

witness of that and listen to what he

says he seals you until the day of


now who can break God’s seal nobody

that’s why when you are saved by the

grace of God you are saved for eternity

now I know some of you don’t believe


I’m sorry you don’t I used to not

believe you when I grew up I grew up

with people who taught me that if I

sinned against God I’d be lost I was

miserable as a teenager I thought dear

God how am I going to make it

until I find the deck recognize

salvations not watch this once you are

saved it’s not conditioned upon anything

the grace of God Saves us for all

eternity if we disobeyed what happens he

says he he gets the rod out it’s a lot

of Grace but it it’s it can sting he he

talks about his Divine loving


and so God in his awesome love for us

saves us and listen he saves us not

temporarily when Paul says we are sealed

unto the day of redemption until the day

he calls us home we are sealed by his

grace not by our good works that’s the

goodness and love of God this is the

unfolding revelation of how God works

how he thinks and how he loves us and

how he judges wickedness and it’s a

promise book the promises of God watch

this a not simple statements that

somebody wrote In the book the promises

of God are the promises of God listen

backed by the awesome power of God to

keep his every single promise God

doesn’t fail to keep his promise we can

make promises that we intend with our

best intention with all of our heart to

keep and we can’t keep them sometime not

true of almighty God

and then of course

uh it is sure it removes the fear of

death and in one verse Paul said absent

from the body

present with the Lord what does the Lost

person say

what do you think is going to happen to

you when you die and you’ve lived an

ungodly life well I’ll just disappear no

you won’t I’ll disintegrate no you won’t

you see you’re not reading the scripture

you’re just trying to work your way out

of going to hell

the Bible says it is appointed unto man

wants to die and after this the judgment

if you’re saved by the grace of God

absent from the body present with the

Lord that’s his awesome promise to us

let me ask a question

if you don’t have Jesus Christ is your

personal savior who died on the cross

laid down his life voluntarily sent by

the father for the purpose of dying for

your sin take in your sin debt upon

himself and dying a substitution or

death for you if you don’t have him to

deal with your sin who’s going to deal

with them

nobody but yourself

and you know what

it’ll be too late

if you want to die one of these days

which you will

and you go to heaven you ask the Lord

Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sin

surrender yourself to him and all these

questions you have about this and the

other will be cleared up how many times

have I met people who said I used to

doubt this question that doubt and I and

argue with people when I got saved

somehow that all seemed to disappear you

know why because you began to understand

who God really is

what will you do about it

will you listen to this message turn it

off and still doubt and play the fool

oh you listen carefully and realize

you have everything to lose

and nothing to gain

by turning away from the truth of God’s


I pray that will not happen to you

and father how grateful we are that

you’ve given us your word

I grateful we are that you’re patient

with us

that you have given us the Holy Spirit

to help us understand the word

and you’ve given us the opportunity to

live it out day by day and then to share

it with others so that they too can know

Christ and so they too can go to heaven

one of these days when they die

we love you and we praise you and we

pray that all of our Lives will be

living expressions

of the truth of the word of God

and we love you father for reminding us

that the grass will wither the flowers

will fade but your awesome word will

stand forever

we love you father

for Grace

that we cannot comprehend in Jesus name


thank you