This is “Praise is Our Purpose Part 1”. Lucifer was not always the devil; he was once the anointed cherub of praise, created to praise and bring glory to God. But he rebelled and was cast out of Heaven. Now, the devil wants to take out your praise because we took his place, and he knows the power of our praise. Will you release the power of praise in your life? To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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if you have your Bibles I’m going to ask

you to open them with me to the Book of

Ezekiel chapter 28 verse number 11

moreover the word of the Lord came to me

saying son of man take up a lamentation

for the king of Ty and say to him thus

says the Lord

now uh there’s a section in this Study

Bible that I I have a study Bible I’m

reading through right now is Adrien

Rogers Study Bible and he has a whole

thing on the side on the power behind

the throne is saying it’s a letter to

the king of TY but sometimes when you

read the Bible you have to understand

the setting and this is really talking


Lucifer these scriptures are talking


Lucifer when he was in heaven his name

means lightbearer Lucifer one of the

Three Arch

angels and this is what he says you were

the Seal of perfection

full of wisdom perfect in Beauty Lucifer

Satan was perfect and is still I would

imagine perfect in Beauty he doesn’t

look like some horrible demon terrified

perfect in

Beauty you were in the garden The Garden

of God every precious stone was your

covering this is

astounding he had all all of the stones

that is mentioned the Sardis the topaz

the diamond the Burl the O the Onyx The

Jasper the sapphire turos and emerald

with gold all of those stones are the

exact same stones that were in the high


breastplate Lucifer was in heaven

lightbearer he was Heaven’s worship

leader and he and he had those

stones in his created being and body the

next part of the verse says the

workmanship of your timal or tambourines

or percussions and pipes wind

instruments trumpet saxophone anything

that requires wind to produce the sound

they were created in him they were

prepared for

you on the day you were created you are

or were the anointed cherub a cherub is

a singer cherub is an

anointed Angel

singer you were the anointed cherub who

covers I established you you were on the

Holy Mountain of God the holy of holies

you walk back and forth in heaven in the

midst of the fiery Stones you were

perfect in your ways from the day you


created until iniquity was found in

you I think it’s pretty astounding when

you understand that Lucifer was created

by God for a Divine Purpose and it was

to praise and worship and bring glory to

God when Lucifer in heaven as Isaiah

chapter 6 talks about the Lord’s would

fill his glory would fill the temple and

the angels would begin to sing hope holy

holy holy and it would be

Lucifer who for centuries of creation

would lead the worship in heaven it was

it was unbelievable he was beautiful he

had these

stones in his being and when the light

or the light bearer would light up as

the glory filled the temple that light

would shoot through those colored stones

each one of those stones being a

different color and it would be like a

kaleidoscope of of of worship even in

the pageantry of worshiping the almighty

God and then Lucifer would explode and

he had stringed instruments in his body

that would begin to vibrate with worship


praise percussion instruments in his

body music no wonder the enemy uses

music and the Arts and entertainment he

is the

original created with those particular

gifts and they would burst forth in deep

expression of adoration and praise unto

God and then there came a day that I

want you to hear what I’m going to talk

to you about briefly this morning the

devil has not always been a

devil he used to be Lucifer the anointed

cherub but there came a day when he

chose to become the


when I think

about how important praise is how

important worship is how that when

Lucifer was cast out of

Heaven you and I the high priest in the

Old Testament would wear those same

stones on the breastplate when he would

go into the holy of holies because we

are Satan’s replacement we are Lucifer

the light bearer’s replacement when we

sing and when we worship and when we

praise and when we speak praise to God

and thank God and give him honor and

give him glory we are literally taking


place and I’m so thankful today that

whom the sun sets free is free

indeed that we are liberated and we’re

set free but we are here for a purpose

he did not just save us to save us as a

matter of fact the Bible said in 1 Peter

chapter 2 and verse 9 you are a chosen

generation you are a royal priesthood

you are a holy

nation you are a peculiar or special

people in the earth who’s he talking to

the people who have been washed and

cleansed and saved by the blood of Jesus

Christ and he says here’s why you’re

chosen you’re Royal you’re holy you’re

peculiar people he said that you would

show forth the Praises of him who has

called you out of Darkness into this

Marvelous Light that’s not just some

figure of speech he said there is one

purpose for which you have been saved

now that you are saved that in whatever

you do in life you give praise and glory

and honor to God you replace Lucifer

with your praise you don’t take the

glory you don’t keep it in ins side to

yourself but you give God the glory and

you give God the praise I just I just

want to praise him this morning that I

am saved and I’m satisfied I am happily

saved and I’m satisfied I am not only

saved from sin but I’m satisfied and I

don’t crave it anymore Hallelujah I

thank God I’m not burning for drugs this

morning morning I’m not burning in lust

this morning I’m not burning to have an

affair or go out and be drunk today I am

thankful that I’m saved and I’m

satisfied I’m not saved and miserable

I’m not saved and crying over what I

can’t do and where I can’t go I’m so

happy I’m free I’m so happy I’m saved

and I’m satisfied I don’t want anything

that pulls me further away from

Jesus and if I do have a tendency and I

still do doesn’t mean you’re sinless but

when you do have a born again experience

your Nature has changed and I have to

fight a little voice that says that’s

not right you’re not that’s not who you

are that’s not your new identity and

that’s a

blessing praise is our purpose we were

raised to praise he brought us from

death to life to worship and he said let

everything that has breath Psalms

150 praise the Lord do you know that in

the Book of Genesis chapter 2 God

breathed breath into the nostrils of man

and he became a living being and then

before Jesus left on a cloudy elevator

and went to heaven the Bible said he

breathed on them and said receive the

Holy Ghost are the Holy Spirit In other

words the holy spirit is nothing less

than the Breath of God and what it was

saying was let everything that has the

Breath of God in it those who have been

redeemed let them praise the Lord with

that breath now if you don’t have the

Breath of God on your soul then you sit

there but if you have the Breath of God

that means let

everything that has the breath I’m alive

today and I’m saved and I’m

satisfied woo come on and take a praise

break you forgot how lost you were you

forgot how Hellbound you were but he

reached down his hand for me to God be

the glory and as long as I have breath

I’m going to praise him how about


hallelujah hallelujah

we were Justified to glorify we were

liberated to love him he took those

cigarettes out of your hands so you

could clap them and praise him he took

that weed out of your fingers so you

could raise them and say I’ve been

delivered to God be the glory I’m so

glad a vape doesn’t get my breath God

gets my breath with every breath that I

have I’m going to praise him my body

belongs to God my lips belong to God my

voice belongs to God my ears belong to

God I’m going to give him

praise shake those sin shackles off your

feet you used to dance into club like a

wild person but you sit there like a

wooden inion this morning my God every

once in a while you ought to get up off

your Blessed assurance and give him a

praise because he deserves deserves a

standing ovation Hallelujah I feel the

Lord in this

place he took your profanity out of your

mouth so you could praise how many of

you used to cuss people out how many of

you used to at the slightest provocation

just throw up a half piece sign and

start cussing but now the Lord all you

do is when they look at you praise the

Lord hallelujah and if you’re not they

are yet go on in practice praise the

Lord we’re not crazy we’re not crazy if

they can go crazy at a ball game we can

go crazy for Jesus we can get loud for

Jesus he deserves the highest

praise never be ashamed never apologize

for giving God the glory and God the

praise are there any liberated people

any free people at Free Chapel then give

him a praise of

Freedom pardon the

noise it’s a sound of

Freedom it’s the sound of

Freedom we’ve been washed to

worship we’ve been redeemed to rejoice

and I’m here to defend old fashion

worship where we

unapologetically start start getting a

fire burning and people you know in the

old Pentecostal church I grew up in the

Baptist used to come on Sunday night to

watch us burn Hallelujah now I was born

in the fire and I can’t live in the

smoke I got to have some praise around

me I want my children to grow up in a

church where people shout and praise the

Lord and they’re not asham and you can

make fun of it and you can belittle it

but I tell you one thing when you find

out what we’re shouting about you’ll


too one more time if you’ve got breath

give it back to him with a

praise look around you look around you

look to your left and to your right all

around you are former alcoholics our

former jail Birds our former drug

addicts our former

depressed man manic depressive suicidal

people but Jesus set them free what do

you mean tone it down what do you mean

be quiet why not give him great praise

for this purpose we were born to give


praise how many of youve got a house you

didn’t think you’d have how many of you

have got a car you ought not to praise

him less you ought not to become up at

the more God blesses you it ought to

Humble you you ought to Fall on Your

Knees every once in a while in that new

house and weep and say God you did it

you did it you gave me everything I have

I’ll give you back the

praise bless

God as long as I live there’s going to

be some shouting around here y’all can

do what y’all want when I’m

gone there’s going to be some tongue

talking there’s going to be some laying

on hands and slapping oil and I know

where I came

from I’m like David if you think I’m bad

now the older I get I got more to praise

him for at 60 then I did at 30 wo I know

what he can do now I thought I knew then

but I know who he is I know how he can

raise you I know how he can take what

the enemy Miss for your evil and he can

turn it around for good we will give him

the glory he will come out with the

victory if you’ll praise him he’ll fight

your battles give him another praise and

I’ll I’ll try to calm

down oh I love this anointing I know

y’all saying I wish he’d calm down but

it takes too long to find this Vin and

I’m in it and I feel like you’re one

praise away from a breakthrough I feel

like you’re Hallelujah away from the

battle turning I feel like somebody’s

about to see a demon run up out of your

house with one more Hallelujah to the

lamb you can get your body healed right

here right now with one praise the

Lord healings in the house throw your

hands up healings in the house everybody

praise him for


wow anything is possible says the Lord

anything I inhabit the

Praises of my

people and if you like it you may be

seated if you like a an Alive

Church if you like praise

if you like

Freedom if you like the moving of the


Spirit if you like

worship if you like it you better do

it I don’t want this church to become

lukewarm I don’t want them to say they

used to

shout they used to

dance they used to


they used to have Mighty moves with

god well now that God’s given us a

platform we might as well show the world

but we knew in secret it’s time to shout

it from the

rooftops come on let’s praise the Lord

together if your praise and my praise

ever get


you know you know what keeps you in a

Heavenly atmosphere the only thing is

worship you think it’s something small

you think it’s something you do at

church but if you ever learn the secret

of praising the Lord in the good times

and the bad times worshiping him putting

on music listening l in playing singing

songs Ephesians 5 singing song spiritual

song singing making melody in your heart

unto the

Lord singing praises to them not for an

audience when people are

watching my greatest times of worshiper

in my office or walking through the

woods or sitting at my piano when


there and just singing to the Lord and

playing to the Lord or picking up my

horn and playing my sack and just

praising the Lord to

myself singing a song from me to

him it’s gotten me through everything

I’ve ever faced and fought every demon

and every devil that tried to kill still

and destroy our family destroy this

ministry I learn how to put on the

Garment of Praise for the spirit of

Heaven life will beat you down life will

kick you in the tea life will bloody you

up but I tell you what Paul and Silas

teach us they teach us as long as I’ve

got a praise there it they took a beaten

but they said as long as I’ve got a

praise I’ll get out of this I’ll break

loose of this prison I’ll see God’s

goodness in the land of the living have

you still got a praise I don’t care how

you’re bleeding I don’t care how you’re

broken if you’ve still got a praise you

will come out and see the goodness of

the Lord in the land of the Liv somebody

offer him a sacrifice of praise out of a


battle there’s something powerful

Lucifer he was Heaven’s choir director

he was the worship leader in heaven he

until iniquity was found in him and he

was dismissed and he was demoted and he


distance from the Throne of

God and you and I

sin and Jesus God put on skin and came

down and bled and died and carried a


Cross to pay the way for us to come back

to him but when Lucifer sinned God said

you are

banned from the throne room

I will never allow you back there is no

way back why what did he do that was so

horrible did he murder masses of


no his sin was pride self-exaltation and

Rebellion that’s the inward sin but

notice this the outward manifestation of

inward pride and self-exaltation was the

refusal to work

worship see worship is not this out here

that you do on the outside worship is

what’s on the inside if you don’t have


worship do you have anything on the

inside the more you have going on on the

inside the more your outside wants to

express what you

feel uh John chapter 4 uh they that

worship must Worship in spirit and in

truth and the hour has

come this is so good the hour has

come that the that the spirit is


seeking I mean I’ve sought God but there

is a way you can reverse it to where God

says I’ll search the Earth for you if

you’re a

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