This is “Eliminate Plan B from Forward 2023”. People don’t quit if they only have one option. The main reason people quit is that they have an alternate plan in mind. But that very thing you are holding onto is holding you down and preventing you from going up. If you’re going to live by faith, you must cut the ropes to option B! Satan is trying to weaken your determination to keep going. You must make the decision today to cut the rope to plan B and stick to God’s plan. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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look with me in your Bibles

to Acts chapter 27. let’s go down to

verse 30. and as the sailors were

seeking to escape

from the ship

when they had let down the skiff or the

Lifeboat into the sea

under pretense

that word pretense means they were


like they were putting out anchors from

the prowl

Paul said this to the Centurion and

soldiers unless these men stay in the

ship they cannot be saved

this is a strange verse verse 32 then

the soldiers cut away the ropes

of the Lifeboat or the skiff and let it

fall off

and I’m preaching tonight on eliminate

Plan B

in 1853 America hosted the world’s first

world fair in New York City

they built a beautiful exhibition Hall

called Crystal Palace

but they built this Crystal Palace it’s

the World’s Fair the first one

and the latest and greatest inventions

were to be showcased it was a massive

room like this room

and there was an inventor there by the

name of Elisha Otis

he was the inventor of the first

elevator safety break

and he was a brilliant man when it came


advertising his product

here’s what he did

he actually built a platform

from the roof of the building there were

thousands of people like this room and

imagine that suddenly you look up and

there’s a platform up in the sky they

actually have a picture of it

and this man Elisha

Otis he he built this platform

and he began got the whole attention of

thousands of people as he was over top

of them

and he did something very dramatic it

was an amazing sales pitch

he had a man on the side who had a sharp

ax and big muscles

and as he was standing there and he was

saying who he was and he said I have

invented a break that will catch an

elevator and not let it fall and kill

people and nobody believed him and at

that moment he turned

and he looked at the axe man and he said

Cut the Rope and the man swung the ax

and when he cut the rope the platform

began to fall

and suddenly every person in the room

began to grasp for breath and gasp for

breath and they begin to to to

scream and they didn’t know what was

going to happen and sure enough the

elevator break kicked in and the

platform stabilized and the world

thought everybody thought in that room

that if he cut the rope he would go down

but the truth was

if he would just have the courage to Cut

the Ropes that were holding him back

an elevator would take us higher than we

could ever imagine human beings could go

in an elevator

recently there was a story in the

newspaper that said America is becoming

a nation of quitters

as long as you have a plan B you are you

are someone who has in the back of your

mind I can always quit and revert to

plan d

Jesus did not die for you to have one


in his kingdom and one foot on Plan B in

case you give up everything for him and

it doesn’t work out it will work out

you’ll go higher not lower he’ll release

you to high places that you never

dreamed you could go when you surrender

everything and eliminate Plan B

in Acts chapter 27 there were Sailors on

the ship

who wanted to abandon ship and who

wanted to give up

they said to themselves and the Bible

said they that Paul told them

I know that we’re in a storm let down

anchors and they catch this now and they


to let down anchors

let down a Lifeboat

they were

on the good old gospel Shield

and in that moment the Apostle Paul

discerned exactly what they were


and he says I’ve had an angel Stand By

Me This Night

and he said I know you’re pretending and

the Lord sent me to tell you except you

stay on this ship

you will never be where you thought you

would be because Plan B is not the

answer God’s way is the answer God’s

plan is the answer

the alternative is not the answer

I don’t know what your intentions are

after this conference

I don’t know what next week holds maybe

you got somebody that you’re planning to

go off to the beach with and you don’t

know what you’re going to get into I

don’t know what you’re planning about

next year in school but the Holy Spirit

sent you to this conference to cut some

ropes off of you so that whatever comes

your way you won’t give up you won’t

give in you will not jump ship because

those roads are coming off of you

tonight if you believe that give the

Lord a great praise right now

it’s time to let the Holy Spirit cut

some Roots off of your mind off of your

body off of your past cut some ropes of

Shame cut some ropes of condemnation I

don’t care what you’ve done I don’t care

how bad you’ve messed up God can cut the

rope and sever the soul ties from the

wrong people and the wrong places and

the wrong choices and you can go up in

his elevator to a new place of freedom

and joy and truly standing cleansed by

the blood of Jesus Christ

Goodbye Mr dope man

I’m cutting that rope

goodbye wrong friends I love you and one

day I might get to come back and be good

friends with you but I’m Gonna Cut the

Rope after forward conference and I’m

going to let God build me up so strong

that if I get around it it won’t get in

me I’ll be a light I’ll be powerful for

God you have to cut the rope we can

shout we can get up here and raise our

hands and pretend but it’s not until you

cut some rope some of you need to cut

the rope of alcohol cut it

oh I didn’t come to play games tonight

the Lord is ready to do something you’re

pretending and I know you say Well That

Sent Me to Hell no it’s not going to

send you to hell it’s going to send you

to heaven a lot sooner than you want to

go though and it’s time for you to cut

some roads and get free come on somebody

take a praise break and say Lord cut

some ropes off of me cut some depression

off of me cut some fear off of me cut

some addictions off of me

in Ezekiel chapter 8 and verse 16.

the Bible

said that Ezekiel had a division and he

went into the temple with this vision

and the Bible said he said I saw there

25 men with their backs to the temple

and their faces out toward the east

and they were worshiping the sun I want

you to look at me just a moment I want

you to imagine that this beautiful

piece of art or whatever that is right


is the holy of holies

in the temple

this is what your Bible says Ezekiel Saw

in the temple

he saw 25 young men in the temple

but they were not facing the Ark of the

Covenant they were not facing the

presence of God they were in the temple

but they were looking



the world

they were in the right place

but they were looking in the wrong


and it’s possible to be in the right and

I just want to preach a minute the

church is the right place

being with your youth group at forward

conference is the right place

reading the word of God is the right

place I don’t care what any Professor

tells you being in God’s presence is the

right place there’s no place like this

place surely the presence of the Lord is

in this place this is the right place

I was raised in church my parents are

were my dad’s gone on to be with the

Lord my mother’s still with us and boy

they taught us to be a part of church

and so I grew up in church and I grew up

playing musical instruments in church

and all I ever knew was church

but when I hit 15

I was in the temple

but I felt a little shift and a little

turn and it seemed like the world just

looked more and more and more attractive

to me and I had friends pulling on me

and I had peer pressure pulling on me

and I I was getting invites to parties

and just everything just looked so much

more exciting out there in the world

I started working at a Chinese


I’d bust the tables and clean the tables


and they served wine in this restaurant


all my friends were drinking

all my friends were partying and all my

friends were getting drunk and hiding

sleeping with one another

I started just I just felt a turning I

was still in the temple I still went

ever I did I still went to church I was

even participating I was playing musical


but while I was in the temple

I started getting me a little

little Lifeboat

an escape boat

and sometimes on Sunday night when the

Holy Spirit would really move

I I would think about I was in the

temple but I was looking in the wrong

direction because I knew a party was

coming that Friday night

I knew what I was going to do

I had it all in my mind and I was

fooling everybody

and I started getting the wine off those

tables and I just drink it

I just drink if they left a half a cup

I’d drink it if they left a half a glass

I’d drink it you know teenagers are

crazy y’all are crazy I didn’t I didn’t

care about germs I didn’t care about

is wine

and I wanted to feel the buzz I liked it

and the more I did it the more I liked


there was a boy that worked there with

me about the same age he and I together

would do that

sometimes he would bring weed and we

would smoke the weed

now I want you to realize Satan was

lying to me saying you ought to take

this this this this little Escape boat

right here

I didn’t know the plan God had for me I

didn’t know I’d be standing in an arena

in Atlanta

for 20 years in this Arena preaching to

thousands and thousands of teenagers I

had no idea

later the Holy Spirit I had no

but the enemy said you need Plan B and

I’ll never forget it we didn’t we I was

raised in a preacher’s home and we

didn’t have any money or anything we

didn’t get to go on big Vacations or

anything like that ever

the thing we did was we went to Church

of God camp meeting

and we got to stay in a hotel and it had

a swimming pool

and I snuck me a bottle of wine this is

crazy I put the bottle of wine in the

bail of my tenor saxophone listen how

talk about pretending I knew my parents

knew I was acting shady

they knew something was off with me they

could tell in my spirit because you

ain’t fooling nobody when you’re


so I got smart I said I know they’ll

check my suitcase

so I’m gonna tell them I’m gonna play my

saxophone in the band at camp meeting

praise the Lord praise the lord I can’t

wait till after this service on Friday

night I’m gonna go back to the room and

I’m gonna get my bottle of wine up I

wrapped it up in a hotel


while out of the hotel went down after a

Friday night camp meeting service went

to the pool and I started drinking and

oh I was feeling good and then one of my

relatives walked around the back way saw


called my daddy Billy Franklin

two weeks after camp meeting

he came in and he took his big long belt

I was 15 years old and he beat the red

wine out of my behind

he didn’t wait on me to cut the ropes

Cut the Ropes for me and I want to say

thank God for some people some parents

who will stay in your business they love

you they’re telling you the truth and

you need to listen because the enemy I’m

telling you I I know I know I know I

know everybody does everything now but

that’s all right we’re going to cut the


we’re gonna cut the rope

we’re gonna cut the rope somebody throw

up your hands see nobody don’t want to

get excited about this yet but the holy

spirit is going to cut some ropes

in Acts chapter 19.

the Holy Spirit sent such a Revival see

we can’t we can’t just have good


and many of those who practice Magic




talking to crystals

say answers

playing with white magic black magic

just playing with it reading occultic


those demons haven’t died

some of them have come the forward

conference but greater is he that is in

us and he that is in the world and we’re

going to cut those demonic ties off of

your life you don’t have to be a slave

you don’t have to look in the mirror and

hate yourself you don’t have to go and

kill yourself you don’t have to listen

to those demons that say you don’t

matter and nobody loves you we’re gonna

cut that rope tonight

and many of those who practice magic

brought their books together and burned

them in the sight of them all

and they counted up the value

and it totaled 50

000 pieces


and you know what the Lord said to me

after he saved me I didn’t know I didn’t

know to do this he said I want you to

take all that music that you partied to

because if you keep listening to it

there is a soul tie that takes you back

to that moment and that place where you

were committing sins to that music

and I can hear that music now

but as a new Christian

it was connected to a spirit that I knew

could destroy me

and until the Lord

severed those cords in my life

and for a season

he said I want you

to cut all the ropes

cut all the people that keep you get

around them and there’s something in

them that pulls you down Cut the Ropes

and in that moment

that’s when God marked me

when I said yes

and it was not legalism it was not I

could it had something to do with giving

Jesus my everything

and I know this is a different message

and I know some of you

may not understand everything I’m saying

but the Holy Spirit knows how to talk to

you about the roots that are holding you

down because the thing that I want you

to understand more than anything else is

I promise you when the holy spirit says

cut it loose

if you’ll do it

and even more powerful if you’ll let him

do it tonight

the elevator is going to open

and he’s going to take you up

to a place that he has for you

that you’ve never been before

I think tonight

it’s time to

it’s time to eliminate Plan B

Cut the Ropes of Shame

Cut the Ropes of pretending

Cut the Ropes

of cutting

Cut the Ropes here’s a big one I can’t

believe I wrote this down Cut the Ropes

of cussing

Cut the Ropes of being a systematic liar


there’s no joy in that there’s no

freedom in there it’s when you sell out

to Jesus and you cut the rose

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