This is “The Wind Of The Holy Spirit”. The wind is a type of the Holy Spirit all throughout Scripture. The 4 powerful winds in the Bible (North, South, East, and West) represent something different in Scripture. Regardless of the winds that come into your life, God controls them all and uses them for your good and His glory. Do you want the wind of the Holy Spirit to move in your life? All you must do is ask. To hear more inspiring messages from Jentezen Franklin, visit…

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if you have your Bible I would like for

you to open them with me to the Book of

John chapter 3. I’ll begin reading with

verse 6. that which is born of the flesh

is flesh that which is born of the

spirit is Spirit

do not Marvel that I say to you you must

be born again I get happy every time I

say that verse because I’ve been born


I’m not the same man that I used to be I

am born again and then notice this verse

the wind blows where it wishes and you

hear the sound of it but you cannot tell

where it comes from

and where it goes so is everyone

who is born of the spirit the wind blows

where it wishes

now I want to talk to you about the wind

of the holy spirit because in the


the holy spirit is always

likened unto the wind

when he came in Acts chapter 2 on the

day of Pentecost he came like a mighty

rushing wind and the wind is a type

throughout the Old and New Testament of

the presence the power the anointing of

the precious Holy Spirit

wind can be so powerful it can tear down

trees it can be so powerful that you can

see the news people stand sometimes in

hurricanes and they’re bent over and

they’re trying to walk and they walk

like an old man because the wind is is

blowing so hard it has the power to move

to create to destroy to create upheaval

and to destroy

about 30 feet above the ground the wind

is basically always blowing the windiest

part of the Year lasts for seven months

and the windiest day of the year because

wind has patterns they know this is

December the 31st the calmest day if

you’re planting something outside

September the 8th

the wind always is calm that time and

it’s kicked up the other time

the wind most often comes from the West

and Pilots know this is something called

a Tailwind that if you fly from the west

coast to the east coast you’ll pick up a

lot of miles per hour just because of

the wind that comes from the West most

of the year

that there are several other weeks and

months that the wind comes from the east

from July to August and then the wind

comes down from the north October

through February the 16th it’s very very

clear patterns of the Wind

the wind blows where it wants to as the

text says and then he Likens it and you

can hear the sound of it but you can’t

tell where it came from

so is everyone who is born of the spirit

the Bible talks about the Four Winds

amazing confirmation of even scientific

facts the Bible was written thousands of

years ago and it gives Revelations about

the winds there are Four Winds North

winds South Wind East Wind West Wind and

God is in control of all of them if you

do a study on the winds in the Bible

each one of them have certain

characteristics every time they show up

and there are all four keeps showing up

over and over and over and over

when it says a North Wind came that is

the direction in which the wind


it starts in the North or it starts if

it’s a West Wind from the west and it

goes out across the other direction

the Bible talks about first of all the

East Wind

it’s the wind of judgment in the


when Joseph had the dream of the seven

skinny cows the Bible says this in

Genesis chapter 41 it was a prediction

about a famine that was coming for seven

years and the scripture said that there

came a blast from the East Wind that

sprang up in his dream and he saw the

cows go from fat to skinny because the

famine came but notice what brought that

famine the East Wind the Bible says in

Exodus that when the plagues were

released onto the Egyptians that it was

the East Wind in Exodus chapter 10 and

verse 13 the East Wind that brought the

locusts the plague the Judgment of God

upon that Nation

the Middle East

when a sandstorm comes it comes from the

East it’s judgment Hosea chapter 13 and

verse 15 in the East Wind shall come

after prosperity and so on and the East

Wind shall come and The Fountains will

dry up and spoil the treasures the winds

that blow that we don’t enjoy the

destructive winds I want to declare to

you today they hit all of our Lives the

destructive winds the the bad stormy

winds that tear our life to pieces and

when they come even then God is the

master of the wind he is in control of

the storms and it feels like they are


destructive winds that are destroying

our lives and tearing them all to pieces

even then God is still master of that

wind so the East Wind has to do with

destruction and pain and and upheaval

and and tearing up of lives it brings in

bad judgment or bad Direction and and

into our life and we think we’re

forsaken by God when in reality God’s

the master of that wind he’s doing

something and he’s going to use that

wind for his glory

and then there’s the West Wind it blows

in from the sea

and when that West Wind Blows in

it can change

and suddenly the season of your life

changes and then there’s the south wind

it’s described as a warm wind job 37 and

verse 17 how are your garments warm when

the comfort of the south wind comes

Jesus in Luke chapter 12 said when you

see the south wind blow you say there

will be heat because they recognize that

the south wind brings heat and brings

warmth and then there’s the north wind

lastly and it’s a cold wind and these

Seasons hit our lives destructive winds

that tear Our Lives to pieces and we

wake up one day and say what happened it

feels like my life is I got a bad report

this happened I lost my job my life is I

don’t know what I’m going to do and then

there’s other times those a wonderful

sweet southern wind the south wind will

fly will will come into our life and

flow into our life and warm us back up

good things have happening then a North

Wind will come sometimes and then

sometimes a balmy wind from the sea the

West all of these Seasons my point is

God is in control of them all he’s

working all things together for our good

God uses all those winds to purify you

and to sanctify you and to draw you

nearer to him

they’re all working together how many of

you believe it’s all working together

it’s all working together maybe you’re

going through a storm maybe you’re tired


but I just want to encourage you today

God’s using all of it

and not to destroy you but to bless you

and get you ready

get you full of his spirit

get you full of faith yet you’re full of

total dependency Upon Jesus he makes

them all do his work the Bible said in

Psalms 148 and verse 7 Praise You the

Lord from the earth you dragons and fire

and hell and vapor and stormy winds that

fulfill his word the stormy winds

fulfill the prophecies and the promises

and the word of God you can’t have the

Fulfillment of the word of God in your

family in your life without stormy winds

it’s not just Sea Breeze and pleasant

breezes but it’s stormy winds that

fulfill and bring to pass it’s usually

right after a stormy wind that a

fulfillment of a promise will come

through just when you were thinking

about giving up just when you thought I

might as well throw in the towel that’s

when you throw your hands up and you say

in the middle of the storm God I don’t

know where you are but I know you’re The

Peace Speaker and he knows how according

to Mark 7 to step out of the boat and

raise his voice and speak to the wind

and say peace be still and when he does

he’s going to reward you on the other

side of that storm and he’s going to

fulfill his word through the stormy


God is Sovereign he rules from the

heavens he knows what he is doing do you

know the Bible said in Exodus chapter 13

that the East Wind brought the locusts

but this is interesting and then he sent

a West Wind to take them away

it says in verse 19 that he sent a

different win a West Wind so if God

allows things to hit you and devour

because that’s what locusts do Devour

the fruit Devour the Harvest God says

I’m just going to try and see if they’re

in me for the if they’re with me for the

stuff or do they really love me with all

of their heart mind and so and if you

hold on this God sent one win and it and

it brought the Locust but he sent a West

Wind and it took him away I’m so

thankful he’s got a wind that can blow

your problem away today and you can walk

out of here knowing that my God controls

the wind in his fists

God can reverse the wind shall amen


God can reverse it this morning

I don’t care what the doctor has said

God can reverse it I know when we

appreciate them but I’m going to tell

you they don’t rule the heavens and they

don’t rule the Earth and the Holy Spirit

is more powerful this wind can blow

cancer out of your body this wind can

blow disease and demons out of your home

this wind can say to Satan this time you

lose because the wind can take it out

and take it away and reverse the curse

Hallelujah let the wind blow let the

wind move let it move in your life this

morning do more than hear a sermon

believe and ask for the wind I’m hungry

for it this morning

you know God is revealed in the wind if

you’re having a storm I want you to

picture and visualize what I’m saying

because the Bible is clear that when God

shows up he uses wind as his vehicle

the Bible said

that in second Samuel 22 and verse 11 he

rides upon a chariot and did fly he was

seen upon the wings of the Wind

if the wind is blowing you may not see

and feel God like you like you when

you’re on top of the mountain and it’s a

sunshiny day and then there’s those days

when the winds and the storm is Raging

category five but I promise you

according to that text that’s what he

rides in on

he’s Mighty and he’s strong and he has

the wings of the wind Psalms 104 bless

the Lord O My Soul you are great you

stretched out the heavens you make the

cloud your chariots and you walk upon

the wings of the Wind

don’t resent the wind that’s how God

comes to you it’s how he gets things


Nahum chapter 1 and verse 3 the Lord has

his way listen to this in the Whirlwind

when it feels like your life is going

crazy when it feels like you’re losing

and being

just Torn to Pieces the Bible said that

job the Lord answered job anybody feel

like you’ve been in a storm like job the

Lord answered job not out of sunshine

out of a whirlwind

out of a whirlwind

when God’s Gonna

let his voice be released if he ever

speaks to his people it’s when they’re

in that kind of tornado activity that’s

going on and you feel like it’s out of

control that’s when his voice will begin

to Boom but I’m with you and I promise

you I won’t leave you and I won’t

forsake you

Isaiah 59 and verse 19.

he said when the enemy comes in like a

flood the spirit and the word spirit in

Hebrew is breath the wind of God will

raise up a standard against him don’t

resist the East Wind don’t resist the

South and West and the north winds tell

God just let it flow because if he

releases one of them he will release the

other ones and ultimately he’ll get

Glory out of whatever is going on in our

lives God has always been in the wind in

Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 in the

beginning of creation he formed man and

breathed into man’s nostrils the Breath

of Life he’s always been in the Wind

if you ever drive from California LA

area uh to Palm Springs or going to

Vegas in the road trip we’ve done that

before with our family

and there’s one area where they have

hundreds of these big wind

propellers that are in valleys and

sometimes in mountains and sometimes

just on the desert but they’ve learned

where the current of the wind goes

and I mean you’ll see thousands of them

thousands it’s unbelievable

and the strangest thing

is you may see a thousand of them just

to spin

but always there’s one in there

and I just want to say 10 000 windmills

can’t be wrong

if the spirit’s always moving over here

and over there and over here and over

there and you’re sitting there like


I don’t know about you

but I’m saying Lord let it blow in this

house this morning God I’m so tired of

dead religion my sails up I’m ready I’m

ready Holy Spirit however you want to do

it if it comes from the northeast corner

of the top balcony all you got to do you

know get one on every row if you can get

one on every row and how long are you

gonna sit there like this when the

spirit’s moving at some point you gotta

say Here I Am the Lord and you grow

right here I’ll respond I want to be a


come on give him a praise

go with the Wind

I’m waiting on God to speak to me

and everybody around you wow praise God


ten thousand windmills can’t be wrong

it’s blowing you’re just not receiving

I like this sermon good preaching

brother Franklin amen I agree

thank you

I’m almost done


but what is interesting about wind is


do you know that you can cause the wind

to blow

where does it come from

takes two things number one you have to

have high a high pressure area up in the


and then you have to have a low pressure

area down here

and what happens is

out of that low pressure

there comes Heat

and the heat is what goes up

and that’s what gets the wind to moving

down through that cycle in other words

what I want you to understand is when

you’re in the low pressure areas of life

time to heat up

it’s time to heat up your prayers

heat up your praise

what do you do when you’re low and under


you heat up

because if you want the wind to come

it’s going to take some heat and low


turn up the heat Where You Are

this is what Elijah did the Bible said

that he prayed and the servant came and

said I don’t see nothing and then he

turned up the heat and prayed again and

prayed again and sent him back seven

times and on the seventh time the

servant said there is a great wind that

is coming and in the wind is a hand and

in the hand is a rain and something is

headed our way because when you get in

that low pressure area you have to heat


and a great win

a great cloud

and great rain

came now I want to close with this Acts

chapter 2 verse 1.

and when the day of Pentecost was fully


and they were all in one Accord

in one place

I want to get in one service like this

before I die and go to heaven

I want to get in one service where every

windmill is spinning

no resistance


they were in one place

in one Accord and suddenly

there came a sound from heaven

as a mighty rushing wind

and it filled all the house

where they were sitting

I want to be so sensitive to that wind

they’re appeared unto them tongues of


they began to speak

in the Holy Ghost it said upon each of

them and they began to be filled with

the spirit and speak with other tongues

as the spirit gave them the audience

you know he’s still doing that today

you know he’s still baptizing people in

the Holy Ghost and Fire you know he

still wants to feel you so full of the

breath and the wind of God I want to be

so sensitive to that spirit that if it

starts moving we just go with the Wind


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