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Rabbi Jonathan mentioned the mystery of

days and how all of the recent shakings

in America were tied to God’s ancient

calendar it explain this yeah it’s

amazing when when I when I first saw

this you know manifesting that is think

of the year of shakings 2020. okay

what’s the first what’s the first holy

appointed day of God in his ancient

calendar it’s Passover Passover is the

only Feast that has to do with a plague

think about it right and so when so the

thing about for those that don’t know

yeah it was uh if you don’t let the

Jewish people go which was a Biblical

mandate that the Jewish people are

entitled to the physical land of Israel


a plague will come on you Egyptians

there’s the play and it comes on

Passover night and so and so the people

so so when does Passover come in the

spring okay so now Jewish people are all

celebrating Passover in their houses

talking about the plague passing through

the land and there’s a plague passing

through the land and here’s Sid think

about this Passover is the first time in

the in the history of the world that

there was a national lockdown

think about that you’re right my family

and friends in Israel were upset we are

all we are all we’re told go into your

houses because a plague is passing

through your land so they did so all the

Jewish people are are actually reading

the story of the plague and the lockdown

while there’s a lockdown and a plague in

their other houses in Israel they’re

actually told on that day you have to

stay in your house until until the

morning first time in 3000 years so

that’s that now Passover okay there’s so

much more in the book but let me go now

what’s the next the next major Feast is

called Shavuot or Pentecost what is

Pentecost well Pentecost is when when

the Holy Spirit comes and the spirit of

God is the Breath of God Jesus breathed

on them and said receive the holy spirit

in in Hebrew the word for spirit ruach

is breath the Breath of God so we got

breath and it’s also the time when the

fire of God came down the fire the

tongues of fire the fire the baptism of

the fire it’s breath and fire what’s all

these things now become judgment what’s

the next shaking of America it begins

with breath a man a man says I can’t

breathe and all of a sudden all of a

sudden Shaking All Over America the

Riots of of and and they’re all they’re

chanting I can’t breathe I can’t breathe

fire what happens Across America fires

all the city the cities go on fire

remember all the shaking okay when did

it start it started the Jewish people on

shavuo Pentecost of the night of May

28th they’re they’re lighting the

candles saying the blessing of the fire

that is the night it all exploded across

the country on the very time and it led

right into Pentecost Sunday we’re

talking about the fire of God that’s for

us but there’s a fire of judgment as

well so that’s that now what’s the next

one the next one I just alluded to

before but I’m going to get the next one

we said Feast of trumpets okay the

trumpets are blown but what is it and

you know this Sid from your child or

from my childhood it’s all about the

Judgment of God and it says that he’s

gonna in his Heavenly Court he decides

he makes the decree so the eyes are to

turn to the most high court and the

judge and the judgment and what happens

on the Feast of trumpets all the eyes of

America turn to its highest court the

Supreme Court when the judge when a

judge is taken away it says that God

decides on that day who passes from the

earth so the judges take it away judge

Ginsburg and and it’s really God is the

judge and the thing is that that is the

very act as we alluded to opens the door

fisa trumpets is about turning back

turning away from your evil because the


voted the right way that’s what it’s

going to lead to and actually the next

holy day was actually Shabbat Shiva the

day of the Turning when the replacement

comes so it’s all and and that’s it and

and during the during the Feast of

trumpets one of the prayers that

everybody’s praying the Jewish people

are praying the prayer says remove the

evil decree remove the evil of the

decreed now think of Roe versus Wade 60

million children it was the Feast of

trumpets that God began the removal of

the evil decree who could do this it is

beyond imagination this irrefutable

evidence put before you

that the Bible is from God how are these

Mysteries tied to something like January

6th and the events that took place on

Capitol Hill Rabbi well this is once in

where one of the books I I re I spoke of

here called the Paradigm speaks of the

leaders of America and how they they

parallel these ancient leaders one of

them was Trump now this is one example

of something that we spoke about for

years before it happened and then it

came true it’s in it’s in the book but I

put it in now the Josiah mystery the

Fulfillment and here’s the thing jehu

Trump you want to understand Trump

understand jehu Trump follows the

Prototype of Jehovah can you explain J

Hillary who is a wild guy he’s

unpredictable he nobody knows what he’s

going to do he doesn’t but he’s used of

God to to turn back and uh the fall of a

Nation an evil thing so he comes to

power suddenly crazy it’s all crazy but

he actually turns back to a degree okay

now Trump is so much to this he actually

comes Head to Head head against the

nation’s former first lady jehu did so

did Trump so did Trump hold there’s so

much but I won’t go into it but the

thing is that so the thing is at one

point I never shared this before is that

jehu calls for people to come to the

Capitol a national gathering and then

this is not about we’re not judging it

well I’m just telling you this is the

template this is the mystery and so then

he his people are are stationed around a

great capital building okay and then the

people of jehu enter the building and

storm the building while there’s

proceedings going on in the building

okay and I’m not going to go into all

the stuff except I’ll say this okay the

at the end of that week of the Capitol

Hill Riot so it all happens there it all

happens again it all replaced at the end

of that week there were the the Capitol

Police announced how many people they

arrested who stormed the building okay

or part of this and they said 80 people

they arrested 80 80. go to the Bible

you’ll see the word about jehu you’ll

see shmoneym ish it says the number of

people that went into the building were

80 men

now the thing is now I want to throw in

more okay just the time we have that is

that at this it’s this war between jehu

and the Temple of Baal remember jehu was

against Baal Baal was about child

sacrifice so Donald Trump whatever you

think of him became the president more

than any other who said in motion the

ending of Roe versus Wade I mean because

that’s all in jehu but the thing another

thing said strange thing it’s like a

Warfare between Bale and jehu that when

Trump was rising to the president what

he announced his presidency the Temple

of Baal in the Middle East actually fell

to the ground two months later and then

when he was about to become president

the arch of Baal appears in New York

City I actually we were actually filmed

it it’s actually on on the DVD exactly

film and then remember when they had the

remember they had the hearings about

Kavanaugh you know because it was about

abortion they didn’t want to know that

was part of the overturn well as they’re

having the hearings now the arch appears

in Washington right in front of the

Capitol building this is a war between

bill just clarify about what it’s what

what did it say it was the arch of Baal

which is the archery the recreation of

the Archer Baal from the Temple of Baal

that was in the Middle East that fell

when Trump announced his candidacy now

they recreated it and it appears in

Washington and New York and the thing is

that even after he was out of office Sid

it’s what he did by appointing those

three ones particularly Amy Barrett the

one vote the child of the Nile we’ll get

it to actually pulled down the house of

Baal Roe versus Wade

could Haman Mordecai and Esther actually

hold the key to the events that changed

America’s history Rabbi Jonathan said

that many of these Mysteries are tied to

specific events that happen on specific

days in the Bible but they also

correspond to the exact days of recent


what do you mean in the Book of Esther

Haman the the evil man that it rises he

issues a decree to bring death and

destruction to the Jewish people okay

now that decree is linked to the month

is is dated at Adar 13 or the 13th day

of the 12th month okay now this is

something I just saw Sid the day we

spoke about this this evil decree of

abortion the day that Roe versus Wade

was heard between at the Supreme Court

was December 13th it was the 13th day of

the 12th month the day of the evil

decree that’s when it came now but in

the Book of Esther an answer comes

Mordechai you know and S they issue a

second decree to nullify the first

decree you know and so there actually

was another case that came up and that

actually nullified Roe versus Wade it

was called Dobbs versus Jackson and

that’s what overturned abortion so so

you got the evil decree then you know

this well the day that the that

Mordechai issued the good decree that

nullified the evil decree was the day

called Sivan 20 T3 in the Hebrew the

23rd day of the month of Sivan that day

became a day in the Jewish World to pray

for the undoing to the reversing of evil

decrees so all around the world okay now

the day that Dobbs versus Jackson was

sent to the Supreme Court it was June 15

20 in 2020 but on the gods calendar it

was Sivan 23 the day of undoing the evil

decree the day of the second the second

document that that undoes the first

document so while it’s going it’s going

to undo Roe versus Wade on the day of

undoing the evil decree and the Jewish

people are praying Lord undo the evil

decree God has it all in his hand I mean

it’s amazing and I’m gonna I’m gonna

throw this in I didn’t plan on this but

but because there’s so much but to say

that also that decree when you look at

that that case that Undead did Rover’s

way everything follows the same mystery

of the Jubilee but Redemption for

instance it goes to the court fifth not

just on the day 50 years to when Roe

versus Wade it it is accepted by the

court 50 years from Roe versus weight to

the month it is it is true it is given a

hearing 50 years to the to Roe versus

Wade to the month it is actually even

leaked remember the leak in this yes it

was leaked 50 years from when Roe versus

Wade was leaked and and finally when Roe

versus way was overturned it was

overturned right in the middle of its

Jubilee the Year of Jubilee the year

that God undoes reverses and brings



it’s turned a few but when you see all

of these and you know you haven’t even

scratched the surface

how can someone say I don’t believe the

Bible is from God

impossible yeah and and you know what I

didn’t even say this you know you know

there was a day in the Bible another

when when the the people in Exile came

back to Israel they started rebuilding

the temple but oppositions they stopped

working on God’s thing and and so haggai

the prophet comes to them and says says

there’s a curse on the land because you

stop it stopped the hurt well well they

say okay we’re gonna we’re gonna rebuild

it they rebuild it the day that they the

curse was broken was the 24th day of the

sixth month okay 24th day of the sixth

month okay

Roe versus Wade was overturned on the

24th day of the sixth month the day of

breaking the curse the day who could do

that and and another thing said there’s

something called the child of the Nile

and I’ll mention this and I’ll just say

the principle quickly and that is that

you know Moses was the baby when they

were killing babies he was the baby who

went to the Nile who could have been

killed he survived he grows up to undo

all those things you know he he’s the

one who broke the power of Egypt that

tried to kill well could there been a

baby born during the during that initial

uh Slaughter of children that actually

grew up to overturn well there was and

her name was Amy Barron she was born

right in the midst of it when she was

born right in between the hearings of

Roe versus Wade in the Supreme Court she

grew up she be Trump appointed her on

the day of the Trump at that moment when

everything’s coming together remember on

the day of turning Shiva she comes to it

her first basically most of her first

year in office it’s her Jubilee year and

she votes to over 2 turn Rover’s way

she’s the casting boat the one vote on

her Jubilee she’s 50 years old when it

happens and that and and that all

converges we’re talking about God is


irrefutable proof now earlier Rabbi

Jonathan spoke about a supernatural

event that he witnessed that changed the

history of America we have that footage

Rabbi give us a brief yeah understanding

yeah this was the day that remember he

said all the holy days kind of leave

well this is the holy day of Shabbat

Shiva and the year of the plague the

first year and we had this Gathering God

says turning the turn of repentance says

return return we have the Gathering the

National Mall return it turned out to be

it was called the day turned out to be

Shabbat Shiva the day of the return or

the Turning of a Nation God appoints it

for the Turning of a Nation on that

actual day Trump is at the White House

and he is setting in motion the turning

back of abortion on the day of the

turning and then we got to the end part

and I’m on the mall and I said now we’re

going to seal it with God’s sign the

trumpet shofars we had about six men up

there they sound I said now we seal it

shout when you hear it Jericho and I

said now now the the go forth the power

of God and I said go and the day the

exact time code was was five o’clock

four minutes and 33 seconds at the White

House at the same exact moment Trump

opens his mouth and he begins the

overturning of abortion began at 5 00

p.m 4 minutes and 33 seconds on the day

of turning at the moment of turning with

the child of the Nile at his side jehu

everything came together that moment

irrefutable proof let’s look at that

actual miraculous footage right now

from here and Lord we as we seal the

return and the power of God now Lord let

the sound of your power go forward to

the world and yet Jesus yeshua’s name go

I stand before you today

today Phil one of my highest and most

important duties under the United States

Constitution the nomination of a Supreme

Court Justice

what can we expect

expect the same end time Glory that was

released on the White House that was

released in Cuba right here next


right back to It’s Supernatural

I’m going to tell you about one of the

most unique exclusive prophetic things

that I believe you’re not going to want

to miss and that you can’t get in any

store not an Amazon or anywhere the

Josiah Manifesto uncensored this is the

only source of the uncensored material

with eight one-hour DVDs I’m going to be

sharing with you the Deep Revelations of

God I can’t share elsewhere and not only

the deeper Revelations of the Mysteries

in the book but I’m going to open up

entirely other Mysteries and you’re not

only going to read of the Mysteries

you’re going to actually see them unfold

before your eyes you’re going to see

prophetic manifestations even that of an

ancient god or a spirit on the streets

of New York City you’re going to

actually see the events the prophetic

moment that altered the course of

history of America and much much more

and I’m going to be sharing what you

need to know to be prepared to stand to

survive to Prevail in the days ahead in

the last days and in all that is yet to


It’s Supernatural

Jonathan what are the prophetic

ramifications of the Josiah moment yeah

this is this is where it all comes and

and the book is revealing where we are

and what’s ahead of us what it what we

are in is this Josiah moment which is a

crucial moment really the most critical

moment because Josiah not only he lived

at the end of the Kingdom so it was a

kingdom that had fallen from God in

apostasy actually dealt with gender and

dealt with all with offering children

and it was it was heading to judgment

and so one hand the the sign of the

broken altar is linked to judgment but

it’s also linked to Revival one person

here so the thing is that the whole

nation was hanging in the balance and I

believe right now America and also

others are hanging in the balance and

God’s people are critical and the thing

is that and even we are even seeing

God’s people who are kind of being Swept

Away by the darkness While others are

standing stronger so this is going to

separate the graves are disappearing and

and the dark is going to get darker the

light is going to get lighter and that

is why that is why all we’re talking

about all these Mysteries today all

these things are leading to really a

message from God and that’s why much of

the last part of the book which is the

last third is all about the manual for

God’s Josiah’s right now whoever you are

God has a plan and there’s and we have

to pray for this nation because that’s

where we are but what do we do and can

we actually change history that’s what

the manifesto that’s what it’s all about

well I believe that we’re about to see

history changed what are some of the

revelations revealed in the manifesto

well it’s gonna it’s number one it’s

gonna tell us how to live as it was a

mystery to the book of Acts because we

have to live that way now you know and

there has to be and we have to know we

have to take a stand and we have to get

become radical revolutionary this faith

has to return to where it was at the

beginning which is the book of Acts

that’s where the power and that’s where

the spirit is and so there is so Josiah

was revolutionary and I wanna I wanna

there’s so many things in the manifesto

that I want people to have but what I

want to say is one part at the near in

his the midst of his life he was led to

go to Bethel there was an altar there he

he struck down the altars and at that

point a man turns to him and says it

says this is the place where the man

prophesied you would come there the man

named Josiah would come and do what you

did in other words centuries before

Josiah did that that it was prophesied

he was a person of Destiny Okay and one

of the things about what the manifesto

is for how do you find your destiny in a

time in in such such as this you know

these are evil times but it didn’t stop

the light of God it didn’t stop Josiah

fulfilling his calling nothing can stop

you fulfilling your calling in God

nothing can stop the purposes of God

either and there’s a way to do that

there’s a way to do it one of the things

it says in the manifesto is that Josiah

was born for his age he was appointed he

didn’t just he just live we are

appointed for this age everyone watching

you were appointed to live for this age

and you have a job to do we have a job

to do in this earth and the thing is

that and there is a destiny as well and

the question is you know can one person

actually change history the answer is

yes Josiah was one person and he changed

the history of his Nation you are

whoever’s watching you are one person

and we are together we are powerful one

person can change the world you know 12

people can change the world 12 disciples

could change the world and this

generation so each of us we were

appointed so don’t fear the end times

and don’t say you know oh I wish I was

living in some of the time God chose you

to be living in this day and age so the

this is just a small taste of the

manifesto but what do we need there are

specific things we need to do but God

has a plan God knows the plan God has

the way and that’s what that’s what’s

going to be revealed at the end of the

Josiah Manifesto and I have a word for


God has not given up on you no matter

how far away you are from God his heart

is still reaching no matter what you’ve

done his heart is still reaching out to

you and wants to embrace you with a love

that you’ve never experienced before

something happened in Cuba that is a

foretaste of Hope

for the world in the midst of such

Darkness we began Sid in Cuba when you

asked me you handed something to Fidel

Castro that was actually a sign of how

much time he would have well at the very

beginning when they I was asked to come

and open up this this month of

Celebration Cuba of the Gospel freedom

for the first time for one month and it

was the theme was Jubilee Jubilee

Jubilee and when I when I that night the

first night I was asked to speak to this

night Gathering and that night God

revealed himself in a way I’ve never

seen and that is that I I had the

message I was going to share was I was

led to share was the message of Joel if

you’ll come back to God if you’ll repent

for a nation or for a person God is

going to restore the years the locusts

have eaten God’s gonna break the curse

God’s Gonna open the heavens and he’s

going to pour out the spirit so and

blessings so I’m ready to do that Sid

and I have my I have my tablet I have my

show which we have here because we’re

going to do it and the thing is that as

I’m about to before I could even get to

the stage all of a sudden there’s a

plague of insects now job opens up with

a plague of insects all of a sudden I

was swarming over everybody I opened up

the Bible to Joel and the insects are

landing on the on the scriptures about

the insects and then then it says it’s a

day of darkness and the next thing

happens everything goes dark there’s

there everybody said dark and they’re

praying and these are Christians they’re

praying and praying and then I won’t

even go into even more happen with a

light I won’t even do that but I get up

on the stage and now I’m going to speak

about Joel now if I had spoken about

tomato farming they would have repented

at that stage but the thing is I’m

speaking and I say you know God’s going

to open the heaven the next thing in

Joel is their repentance so if they’re

praying repentance that’s the key repent

and pray for Revival so we are then all

of a sudden I say I’m going to sound the

shofar I I sound the so far I said let

the power of God like in Washington I

said and all of a sudden the heavens

open up and rain comes on everyone the

next thing in Joel is as I will open the

heavens and bring rain

then then I said you know it just stops

then I said you know what God’s going to

bring Revival like that I leave the

stage and about 20 minutes later a

second Joel says a second rain the

latter range the same rain comes the

lottery and now it comes as a little

drop then it comes then becomes a

downpour then a deluge and then and then

it explodes into Deluge and the people

don’t leave because as the rain came

down God says I will pour out my spirit

in All Flesh and all of a sudden the

spirit the rain is coming and the

spirit’s coming and the people are

exploding in worship the children are

worshiping they never left and this

revival broke out in Cuba on the day of

Joel and so God and God was saying you

know they called it the unforgettable

night in Cuba and the thing is I said

Lord what’s that about he said this is

what this is what’s coming I promised

there was one outpouring in Israel

there’s two pourings the former Reigns

and the latter Rays there was one

outpouring God says I’m given another

one so listen everybody you know God has

promised that for us we have to pray for

it we have to be like Joel but whatever

you have to do in your life get it right

go full blast for God turn to God God

says I will open the heavens on your

life and on the nation and on the world

and I believe that will happen as

Jonathan blows that shofar this is the

shofar and by the way what I gave to

Fidel Castro was a shofar one of the

things I gave

that’s my father’s tall eight you be

careful John I’m gonna that’s more

pressure and this is the sign of God’s

power and we’re going to pray right now

for the power of God to come upon the

Earth of the world to pray for the end

time Revival to pray for Revival in

America and to pray for Revival in your

life and all that you need lift up your

hands to the Lord be consecrated to him

and receive as from the Lord the sound

in the name of Yeshua we declare the

power of God and Revival the end time

outpouring father and your power for

each one right now in the name of





and may the power of God the Shekinah

Glory be upon you and your house and on

this world Amen

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Lives what are these Mysteries and what

exactly do they have to do with us is it

possible that they are impacting the

modern world and specifically America

did they forewarn of a catastrophic

event that shook America and the modern

world was an altar to an ancient god

actually built on the streets of

Washington DC what is the mystery of

days the return the Josiah moment who is

the child of the Nile the modern jehu

and where is this heading all these

things converge with a Biblical sign of

the broken Altar and that sign not only

tells us where we are but where we are

heading and all these things point to

what I call the Josiah moment and this

goes back to the Ancient King that

actually holds the key about where we

are and what we need to do what you need

to do now and in the days ahead and

what’s coming and the end times that’s

why it is so crucial that I knew I had

to write this book for such time as this

the end times are not just darkness it’s

also light and it’s not just the power

of evil it’s the power of good and we

have to live in that power and how do we

do that how do we live victoriously now

when everything’s going on how do we

live the way God called us to live for

this hour for the last days because God

doesn’t want us fearing he wants us to

Prevail and there’s there’s a secret and

there’s a key to this that has opened up

at the very end of the Revelation I

believe it’s a blueprint from God that

really opens up the key to the end times

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