Transforming, energizing, life-giving — there’s nothing like praying to Almighty God. Yet so many of us struggle with spending dedicated alone time with Him. In this motivating message, Dr. Stanley details how to build a powerful prayer life and explains the benefits that come with doing so. As we spend time on our knees before the Lord, He is busy transforming the world around us and the world within us. What could be better? This message is Part 4 of the series: How to Talk With God – Volume 2 How to Talk With God – Volume 1 CD Series:…

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with a message from God’s word here’s


Stanley a powerful prayer life and if

you’ll look in Luke 11 and I want us to

read the first four verses of this

chapter together and it came to pass

that as he that is Jesus was praying in

a certain place when he ceased one of

his disciples said unto him Lord teach

us to pray as John also taught his

disciples and he said unto them when you

pray say Our Father which art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come

thy will be done as in heaven so in

Earth give us this day by day our daily

bread and forgive us our sins for we

also forgive everyone that is indebted

to us and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from Evil

the apostles had watched the Lord Jesus

Christ heal they had watched him teach

they had watched him perform Miracle

after Miracle but there was something

very unusual about him when he had come

out of a place of private prayer and so

in this particular verse it says it came

to pass that as he was praying in a

certain place when he finished one of

those disciples said to him Lord teach

us to pray now not just so much how to

pray but Lord teach us to pray

as John also taught his disciples to

pray I want you to listen very carefully

to this statement your private prayer

life can

transform your life and your human power

your natural power into the

supernatural power of God your private

prayer life can transform your natural

power your human power power into the

supernatural power of

God when you look at the life of Jesus

Christ and watch how he prayed I want

you to look at some scriptures if you

will and if you’ll begin with Mark

chapter 1 because what I want us to talk

about today is your personal prayer life

and if I should ask you to describe your

personal prayer life some of you could

write it on the end of your little

fingernail and you’d have to write n o n

e because the real truth of it is you

don’t have one you may pray on the run

but that’s not what I’m talking about

and I want you to look how the Lord

Jesus prayed in verse um in chapter one

of Mark and and beginning in verse 34 he

healed many that were sick of different

kinds of diseases cast out many devils

and suffered not the Devils to speak

because they knew him so he was busy

healing and teaching and Performing

Miracles and verse 35 says but in the

morning or in the morning rising up a

great while before day he went out and

departed into a solitary place and there

he prayed after a very V busy day of

serving his father the scripture says

that Jesus went aside early in the

morning which I believe was the habit of

his life just about every day and he got

along with the father and talked to him

about his life and about the events of

the day if you look in Matthew chapter

24 chapter 14 for a

moment and um Jesus in this 14th chapter

of Matthew has

um this is the discussion about John the

Baptist being beheaded and so forth and

um then comes the Performing of the

miracle of feeding the 5,000 and in the

midst of all that uh verse 22 says and

straightway or immediately after he’ fed

these 5,000 besides men women and CH

women and children verse 22 says and

immediately Jesus constrained his

disciples to get into a ship and to go

before him and to the other side while

he sent out or sent the multitudes away

so having performed these Miracles he

says it’s time to stop all this and

verse 23 says he went up into a mountain

apart to pray and there was a loone when

the evening time came so he finished the

Day of Service in prayer look if you

will in Luke 6:2 and Luke uh is the um

uh writer of the New Testament who gives

us and teaches us more about the prayer

life of Jesus than anyone else

but Luke chapter

6 uh Jesus had been having some real

problems here with um the people who

were arguing with him about this that

and the other and verse 10 says and look

around about on them he said to the man

stretch forth th hand and he did so and

his hand was restored whole as the other

they were filled with Madness and

commune one with another what they might

do to Jesus and it came to pass in those

days that he went out into a mountain to

pray and continued all night in prayer

to God and when it was day he called

unto him his disciples and of them he

chose 12 of whom also he named Apostles

now that night he prayed all night long

because he knew that the next day he had

one of the most momentous decisions in

his life to make and that decision was

he had to choose among all of his

followers 12 men who would follow him

now you know that Jesus prayed at his

baptism he prayed um uh when he was

tempted by Satan all throughout his life

he was praying and he was God now if the

Lord Jesus Christ who was God felt the

need to begin his day in prayer and felt

the need to end his day in prayer and

felt the need to pray all night long

before he made great decisions how much

more should you and I feel the need of

personal private prayer and that’s what

I want us to talk about today and that

is your prayer life and my prayer life

and the first thing I want us to look at

in this 11th chapter and that is the

motivation what is it that motivates us

to get alone to pray I’m not talking

about praying in groups now I’m not

talking about praying with your family

not talking about praying with your

friends I’m not talking about a Bible

study I’m talking about you getting

alone with God and spending time alone

with him just the two of you together

which many many people who name the name

of Jesus Christ do almost none of

because their excuses that they’re so

busy doing so many things that they’re

too busy to pray but I want you to

examine for just a moment several things

and I want you to listen very carefully

what is it that motivates you to pray

let me just tell you what motivates some

people to get alone to pray but many

people they do not get alone to pray

unless there’s a time of decision that’s

what motivates them when there’s a

decision that they don’t seem to be able

to get an answer for then they’re

willing to stop and take time to get on

their face before God or kneel and talk

to him for other people it is a time of

great difficulty when the surroundings

or the situation is such they don’t know

what to do next and so they begin to

pray and ask for the Lord to give them a

sense of guidance and direction for some

people they have to get to the point of

being absolutely desperate before they

fall on their face before God in private

communion with him and begin to pour out

their heart and express their desire and

their need out of difficulty and

discouragement and Desperation decision

making we are driven and motivated to

pray privately and earn ly before God

but would you not agree that the one

thing that ought to motivate us to pray

above everything else I mean to get

along with him is the fact of our own

Devotion to Jesus Christ should that not

be sufficient reason to motivate us to

get along with him because we love him

because he’s done so much for us because

he desires fellowship with us and

because we ought to desire fellowship

with him of all the things that ought to

motivate us to spend time time alone

with Jesus Christ ought to be that we

have a genuine allc consuming love and

Devotion to him and in order to build a

relationship to him that’s what we must

do we must spend time with him but then

there’s the last reason that I think is

so essential one that ought to motivate

us in our own private devotion and that

is the desire to develop our

relationship and to strengthen our

relationship to him there’s not a woman

in here who will not agree with this and

that is she would say to her husband if

you want to build a relationship with me

you and I must spend time alone every

man in here knows that if he’s going to

build a relationship with his wife or

his children he’s got to set aside some

time to spend time with them alone I

don’t mean the family outing and the

family vacation I mean personal private

time alone how in the world can you and

I develop a relationship with God the

Father through his son Jesus Christ if

we’re always with someone else and

always in the midst of noise and always

in the process of doing this and going

there and being busy here and Y it is

absolutely impossible to build a

relationship with Jesus Christ where

there is no time given to him alone he

longs to have time with us alone where

he has our undivided attention where he

has us shut up unto himself where he can

love us where he can cover us with his

presence where he knows that we are

absolutely and totally consumed with

loving him Express in our love toward

him and worshiping him in private not

going to church you can go to church

every Sunday of your life you can read

the Bible every day of your life but if

you neglect that time alone with God on

your face somewhere I want to tell you

you remember this that you will live no

better than you pray a man preaches no

better than he prays sings no better

than he prays teaches no better than he

than he prays we do nothing any better

than we pray and the reason the body of

Christ is so weak and the church is so

weak in preaching and teaching and

singing and leading and and all the

areas of service in the body of Christ

the reason there’s so much weakness is

because our prayer life is so weak we

are so uned with so many things that

absolutely flood us and cover us and

harass us and fill our minds with so

much we say to poor God I don’t have

time to pray when every single one of us

knows that we may have excuses for not

having private time with him but there’s

not a man woman boy or girl alive who

can offer God a reasonable

acceptable reason for not spending time


him well what motivates you to get along

with god listen will it take God causing

the bottom to drop out in your life to

get you on your face before him or do

you love him enough that every day you

just want to get along with him you

don’t need any troubles you don’t need

any heartaches you just love him enough

that want to be alone with him listen

list you show me a teenager young person

college student or an adult who is

really and truly in love man they can’t

F can’t wait to get home the guy can’t

wait to get over to his G’s house or

vice versa you know why because love


them and you see a prayer life that is

weak and feeble and filled with

everything else but relationship to

Jesus Christ says something about I love

to him man we can sing that we blew in

the face oh how I love Jesus and he’s

not impressed in the least what he wants

is not our

singing he wants our silent

submissiveness unto him quietly

prayerfully before him and then when we

have been alone with him he doesn’t mind

us being publicly with him talking and

praising and praising him there a second

area here I want you to notice and that

is the battle we have of mastering a

time to pray and to be alone with him

the devil will fight you over your

private Devotion to Jesus Christ above

every single thing in your life it is a

constant battle in my life it is a

constant battle in the life of every

person who wants to be what God wants

him or her to be there’ll always be a

struggle in that sixth chapter of

Ephesians when Paul has described the

armor of the believer he says the helmet

of salvation breastplate of

righteousness loin G about with truth

feet sh with the preparation of the

gospel of peace he says the sword of the

spirit and above all the shield of faith

then he says praying always what is he

saying that a man must be prepared to

pray that we will often times have to

battle Satan Even in our prayer

L Satan had rathered you read the Bible

than to pray he’d rather me preach than

pray you sing then pray you teach then

pray witness then pray do anything you

want to do but stay off your knees at

all cost because the devil knows that

when you and I fall upon our face before

God he begins to transform our natural

into the supernatural our human into the

Superhuman God does a very special work

in the life it’s like he covers that

life with that which is absolutely

humanly Indescribable when you and I

fall upon our face before him and begin

to worship Him and love him and listen

to him and express our devotion to him

in privacy alone with him and no one

else he’ll transform your life your

family God can ignite a little teeny

itsy bitsy flame in this place that

could spread across the world but I want

to tell you he’s not going to do it by

preaching he’s not going to do it by

singing he’s only going to do it by

praying and that doesn’t start with

corporate praying it starts with private

praying so there four things I want to

say to you first of all if you’re going

to develop a prayer life that’s going to

make your life powerful in the eyes of

God the first thing you’ve got to do is

you’ve got to decide that you’re going

to set aside some time now let me just

let’s think about this and let’s just

throw off all the cloaks and forget all

about I’m the preacher and I want you to

listen this hear this from God Almighty

if people who Nam the name of the Lord

Jesus Christ in

America would spend one tenth of the

time on their knees that they spend


television God would bring about an

Awakening in America that would Shake

every square inch of this

globe now the only way for me to say

this to you is just say it this

way it is a

sin for

Christians who have heard the gospel for

years and years and years and have

watched God answer prayer over and over

and over again to sit down and spend 1 2

3 4 hours a night watching ing

television and get up where their minds

boggled with the

world and then whisper oh Lord bless me

tomorrow and help me in my job and bless

my family take care of my kids and

Supply needs in Jesus name on my way to

sleep you know why I didn’t get too many

laughs because you know it’s the gospel

truth amen amen it is the truth and

that’s where God’s people spend their

time bowing down before the god

worshiping the God of this world the

pleasures of this world before

television when there is Almighty

Supernatural omnipotent omniscient

loving God sitting in heaven waiting to

pour out his blessings upon his people

but they’re too

wellfed with the

world and there is absolutely


excuse amen there is no

excuse don’t ever tell me you don’t have

time to pray

don’t tell God you don’t have time to

pray there is always time

listen if you don’t I have a start could

I make a

suggestion would you just decide Lord by

your help and your strength and I going

to tell you this don’t say now Lord if

you’ll help me forget it when you and I

know what to do we can do it if it is

God’s will we have all the assistance we

need I want to challenge you to do


I want to challenge you to start today


tomorrow to set aside 15 minutes


today by yourself alone before God and

just start talking to them you say well

now look I don’t know how to pray let me

tell you how to pray you just talk to

him like you’re talking to your best

friend don’t use any the big words don’t

try to impress him just talk to him now

here’s what’ll happen for some people

you’ll pray about 5 minutes and you’ll

say goodness I’ve been praying an

hour let me show you something something


interesting you’ve been there haven’t

you let me tell you something very

interesting and I see this and just

blesses me you watch your fell get saved

and God began to work in his or her life

and they first start praying they pray

about 5 minutes and they’ve prayed all

the way around the world they’ve covered

everything there is to cover they think

I’ve been praying an hour and then as

God begins to deepen their

life he just turns that over and they’ve

prayed an hour and they think my

goodness haven’t been praying very long

long been praying must have been praying

about 5 minutes and then it’s an hour

you see it says something about my

relationship to Jesus

Christ got to set aside time listen

there’s not a man woman boy girl don’t

care how early you have to get up in the

morning what you have to do there’s not

a person here who can’t start with 15

minutes and you just open your Bible to

some passage of scripture and read it

and tell God you want him to get you

ready and start the day off listen if

Jesus Christ who had the ministry he had

could spend all or the early hours you

say well he didn’t have to go to work at

a certain time don’t fool yourself the

crowds were thronging him often times at

Daybreak that’s why he had to get up a

great while before day to

pray 15 minutes to start with and tell

God that you want to develop a

relationship with him like you’ve never

had before and just tell them I don’t

know how to I don’t know how to pray I

don’t know what to say but I’m just

going to tell you the best I know and

somebody said you know this lady said

she said I discovered with a group of

ladies and we started praying together

we didn’t know how to pray but when we

got burdened we learned how the only

play only way to learn how to pray is to

pray you don’t learn to pray listening

to sermons reading books and going to

seminars You Learn To Pray by praying

those things may help but they don’t

teach you to pray second thing you’ve

got to have is a place you say why can’t

I pray driving down the expressway and

going to church and all these things

sure you can but let me ask you this

isn’t it evident in the life of Jesus

Christ that as he walked the Dust the

roads of Galilee and as he preached and

taught and heal and perform Miracles and

discuss with his disciples that he was

in a prayerful mood all the time but

that wasn’t sufficient for

him a great while while before Daybreak

he prayed all night he prayed somebody

says well you pray all night you’ll be

so dead the next morning you can’t even

pray you can’t even work I want to tell

you something that is the devil’s lie

there is a mystery there is a

supernatural mystery about prayer for

which there is no human explanation

allthough world that a man can pray all

night long and the next morning he’s

absolutely fresh as a blooming

Daisy he said how do you explain that I

wouldn’t even begin to try an off an

explanation for that there is no

explanation for that that’s the

supernatural power of God but I can tell

you this there’s a little verse in

Isaiah 40 which I have to quote to

myself very often but they that wait

upon the Lord shall renew their strength

they shall Mount up with wings like an

eagle they shall run and not be weary

they shall walk and not faint but what

about that place

when I was growing up as a kid sometimes

live in two rooms as so I didn’t have a

place I had to go to the bathroom pray

that’s the only place I could go only

place I could get by myself and close

the door you may have a place in your

home maybe your Den when everybody’s

gone in your bedroom or an extra room or

a closet I went to visit a family in

this church not long ago and they were

playing a tape for me of some music and

in the midst of doing that the fellow

opened the door of his a folding doors

of his a large closet there in fact not

too large but um May maybe about 3 ft

deep and maybe 7 ft long and so forth

and he opened it to get another tape out

and I noticed I could see a Bible on the

floor with a pencil and and a

pad I Knew by looking in his closet

that’s where he prayed there’s always a

place to pray when I was growing up and

there wasn’t any place it got a little

older I found the Sunday school class

room we in the basement about you had to

go through four doors to get to that

room just a tile floor hard cool back

then the summertime cold back then the

winter time but I knew that was a place

that I could get along with God and

battle at all the decisions and all the

battles I had to face there’s something

about a place and let me tell you why

the place is important when there’s a

place in your home or somewhere where

you come with God and you battle out the

big decisions in your life all of a

sudden you wake up to realize one of

these days that place has become your

altar before God that place is very

special and if it can be a different

room and a place that you don’t do

anything else in necessarily or an extra

room in your house or or a some other

place maybe it’s in the basement

somewhere put you up a few 2x4s and put

you some old wallboard and make you a

place to pray it doesn’t have to be

pretty in fact you don’t want anything

in it but four walls if necessary

because you don’t want to be distracted


anything you don’t want to glorify and

picture and beautify a place to pray you

want it absolutely with nothing there

but a place that lie down stretch out

before God but I want to tell you

something that place will become sacred

and holy to you you and here’s what will

happen if it can be a place that’s

separate when you walk in it’s like God

prepares you just like that because

that’s the thing you do when you get

there and so your mind is programmed

that when you walk in that place and you

kneel at that particular place it can be

down beside your bed if you’ve got a

particular spot or over in a particular

chair where you kneel in over behind the

chair in a corner now if you say well I

can just pray just as well any old way

then you haven’t tried what I’m talking

about it’s interesting to me that the

Bible says that Jesus went up in the

mountain apart to

pray he was always getting up there away

secluded to pray because he knew the

value of seclusion being shut up to the

father without being interrupted by

anyone else there’s something precious

and special about the

place then let’s talk about the purpose

when you get along with the Lord what’s

the purpose of that you say well that’s

very simple you’ve been talking about

praying no now wait a minute what is the

purpose of our spending time along with

the Lord

is there any purpose except interceding

for others and petitioning God for um my

needs is there any other purpose for

prayer than that and I want to tell you

that there is a higher purpose than

making petition a higher purpose than

interceding for God in the behalf of

others the greatest purpose of prayer is

not so much what I get from God but it

is the fact that I am in the Lord’s

presence and I am aware of his presence

shut up to him loving him pray praising

him worshiping him being quiet and

listening and talking to him what does

he do I’ll tell you what he

does when you and I get along with God

kneeling before him it is like the Lord

begins to move over our life like he

covers Us with an awareness of his

presence you say well I’ve been praying

I never felt that keep praying brother

if you’ll just keep praying and you’ll

ask God and tell him that that more than

you want anything that he has to give

you want him and you see the the

greatest profit in praying is not what I

get from God or by some material thing

the greatest profit of praying is what

as we are in his presence we are being

gradually conformed to his likeness for

example what we look at and what we

focus our attention upon what we think

about most is what we become like so

what so you on your face before God and

you’re looking to him now you’re not

going to see him physically but you can

close your eyes you don’t even have to

picture what it looks like because none

of us know what he looks like you can

close your eyes and talk to the Lord but

one thing for sure whether you’re face

down flat on the floor or kneeling and

looking up to him your face is pointed

toward almighty God now listen what is

happening while you’re praying and

talking to

him your countenance and my countenance

is going to reflect what we look upon

the most what we think about the most

when you and I get on our face before

God and we concentrate on him and we

talk to him and we share our heart with

him and we open our soul to him and we

pour out our innermost being to him what

are we doing with focusing our

countenance upon him and what does he do

in the process of our praying privately

along with him he is very silently but

quietly doing what transforming us into

his likess fashioning us into his

likeness giving us his mind working into

our life his very being pruning out of

our Lives those things ought not to be

there you can never come out of a place

of private Devotion to him

like you

entered but there’s one last thing and

that is you ought to have a plan because

if you’re not careful here’s what you’ll

do somebody will say I need you to pray

for them and you’ll pray two days and

that’s the end of it you forget it so

let me just tell you a real simple thing

that you can do just buy yourself a

stenographers pad it’ll set up because

it has um little wire on the end of it

it either set up if you want to set up

you can flip the pages lie it down

anything you want to do at the top of it

you write on the left hand column left-

hand side what you’re praying about at

the end of that put the date you started

praying and then as God answers that

prayer draw one line through it don’t

draw more than one line so you can see

what you have there draw one line

through it and write the date that God

answered your prayer and here’s what’ll

happen as you begin to add things to

that prayer list and as God begins to

answer your prayers and you keep drawing

lines through those things every time

you pick up that pad and you see all

those lines every one of those lines

says that what God answers prayer God

answers prayer God answers prayer God

answers prayer because each one of those

lines represents an answer and out to

the side of it you have a date you’re

talking about building your faith

nothing will build your faith nothing

will deepen your desire to be alone with

God like keeping a record of what God

has been doing and is doing in your life

and don’t get you a pad and go home and

fill it up you get your pad and you go

home and before God you say the Lord I

want you to show me what to pray about

God will show you what to pray about

what he intends to answer answer and God

will work now that’s four simple little

suggestions that every single one of you

can utilize if you are wise enough to

take heed to what you’re listening to

now here’s the question the big question

is always this what am I going to get

out of

it what’s God going to make me if I if I

if I really give myself to prayer is God

going to make me more eloquent so I can

speak better is God going to make me

more eloquent so I can teach better is

God going to call me to the mission

field make me a great missionary am I

going to be able to sing better am I

going to be able to exercise leadership

better what thing is going to happen to

me if I

pray well what would happen to you if I

told you as far as the world is

concerned more than likely

nothing some of you would say well I I

don’t have time for that well I want you

to do me a favor I want you to turn to a

beautiful Pastor scripture that more

than likely you’ve never seen it like

this in

Isaiah chapter 32 now don’t want I want

you to read it I just want you to turn

there for just a moment Isaiah chapter

32 and when you get that I want you to

hold that just for a moment and I want

you to think about

something when you and I develop a

relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

and we become devoted to him we want to

spend time with him because we love him

want to open the word in his presence

want him to work in our life here is the

most beautiful picture in the scripture

I believe of what what happens to a man

or woman who really and truly develops a

private intimate relationship with Jesus

Christ through prayer now watch

this chapter 32 of

Isaiah verse

two and a

man shall be as in hiding place from the

wind and a covert from The Tempest as

rivers of water in a dry place as the

shadow of a great Almighty rock in a

weary land and listen to this I want you

to look this way

watch when you and I begin to pray and

God when you and I begin to establish

that private time alone with him being

quiet and God is able to hover over our

life hover over our life and cover us

for those minutes orever how long you

choose to pray God begins to conform you

and transform you know what’s going to

happen the anxieties disappear the

worries disappear the direction becomes

clear the Fogg that hinders your

decisions begin to lift God begins to do

a sweet wonderful work in your life for

which and where which whereof you will

find no other place and no other action

that’ll bring about the same

result but all that’s private here’s

what God will do in your life in behalf


others as you become a person

whose life is characterized by prayer

listen he will make you a

man who is like a hiding place to others

when the Winds of trouble begin to blow

against them he says you’ll be like a

hiding place to those who are being wind

blown with the troubles and the

heartaches of life he says when the

storms beat down upon them they’ll find

you like a covering where they can run

to and find some help and some

encouragement and some protection he

says when those lives are walking

through deserts and they’re empty and

lonely and frustrating and hurting he

says what you’ll be like a beautiful

spring of water flowing in the desert

like a river in dry

places when our prayer life is like God

wants it to be he says that you and I

will be like what like he says

watch as the shadow of a great rock in a

weary place and you know when you have a

great Rock and you have a shadow and the

Heat of the day is there in the shadow

there is coolness and when I read this

page of scripture I thought

Lord you want your people to be like

that rock a place in the midst of

heartaches and burdens and storms and

the Heat of the day and the blood

blowing winds the hot Winds of trouble

that come across us when a man’s in that

kind of trouble he needs or she needs to

meet a person who’s been alone with the

Lord nobody in the world may Ever Know

You by name except the folks around you

but let me ask you this would you say

that to become that type of

person to the people around you would be

worth you spending time alone with God

because what he’s really saying is

you’ll become an

Oasis in somebody else’s desert if you

learn to stay alone with God until he

transforms your life and until that

becomes a habit of devotion and love and

praise to him