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I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that God

can heal you everywhere you



hurt one in every 150 person alive is

considered a victim of human trafficking


I did have choice because I believe them

that they were going to hurt my

family do you feel you’re making

progress absolutely I have never been

more excited about the possibilities of

what we can do


together if I

can help with my story just for one

person just one it’s for me it’s


victory Joyce Meer Ministries and our

Outreach armed Hand of Hope have been

invested for many years now in fighting

against human trafficking all over the

world and much of it started right here

in Thessaloniki Greece you see Chris and

Nick Kane had a vision to make a

difference in this huge problem that

many people felt was too big to even

tackle and so we were able to jump along

beside them and say hey let’s see what

we can all do together and it’s been a

privilege now for 15 years and we have

seen incredible things happen now you

may be asking what kind of a difference

can I even make in a problem that’s so

big well stay with us I think you’re

going to hear some things that will



late last night we left our hotel in

central Thessaloniki Greece and drove

less than 15

minutes in just a few blocks the scene

changed from a modern metropolitan area

to one of filthy Alleyways shrouded in

Shadow a truly horrific Place

thessaloniki’s red light district row

after row of cement block buildings and

most had this in common one heavy metal

door a few small Windows covered by iron

bars and neon lights inviting men to


inside here in Greece these brothel

operate openly prostitution is legal

however much of what is happening behind

those doors is far from legal behind the

doors are many women who’ve been ens

snared promised a new life a good job

even real love but what they find is

slavery they’re held prisoner by

physical violence Financial constraints

threats to their families and emotional

manipulation I’ve witnessed many such

places around the world Asia Africa

Europe even the United

States and while they vary one constant

is the vacant stare in women’s eyes


emptiness every time we do this it turns

my stomach but tonight I realized that

touch of nausea well it’s a good

thing there are some things we can never

grow accustomed to God please please

don’t let this ever be just another red

light district my eyes keep going back

to those metal doors it almost doesn’t

seem real from this side as men freely

walk in and out but she’s right there

all that stands between us is that

door but I know Behind the Steel bars

are broken promises broken bodies and

broken lives

I think of how she must suffer as man

after man after man enters that room and

leaves with another piece of her


soul it’s a lot to process those doors

that separate

us I have a choice I can remain here on

the outside forget about what I’ve seen

and let those doors stand forever as

safe separation or or I can face the

ugliness and do


something the next morning I sit down

with ra R has lived behind those doors

if you can call it living ra is not her

real name she can’t share that for

safety reasons and because her family

has no idea what she’s been through as

she put it how could a mother survive

knowing her child has experienced such



things would you like to tell me a

little bit about your story what brought



here sorry when I was young one of my

schoolmates asked me if I would like to

to go to Greece for work in um Hotel

just as uh just clean cleaning lady uh I

said of course because it’s big

opportunity so I came here and um in

just few minutes it all changed

because we met other people uh and they

told to me and one other girl that we

must work for the money for the tickets

it was work in um brel uh we couldn’t

say we couldn’t show

that this is against us this they they

are pushing us to do this they’re

telling you that uh we know where you if

you leave we know where you live in your

country where’s your parents we know

everything about you if you want to see

them alive you must work and it was uh I

couldn’t tell no so they didn’t think

about us that we are human or something

like that that we are just like some

kind of robot we must work and that’s it

when I was with those people I get

pregnant and then when I was 8 weeks

pregnant they made abortion I wanted


baby I didn’t have

choice because I believe them that they

will going to hurt my family even for

the worst enemy I wouldn’t give not even

one second of that life with I which I

had lived then not even one

second from other side I’m telling thank

God that I’m came here because I met I

can say my second family the girls

from a21 because they are now my family

they are everything for

me because if not them I know that I w’t

be now here and uh that I can have

normal job and be normal person with

freedom and be for myself and be happy I

never thought about



that I 21 helped me 2 years I was in

them program and they help me with the

place where I can sleep food they help

me with psychologist for 2 years I was

so thankful

because I was broken and when I listen

Joyce Meer she say it’s not about how

you start it’s about how you finish

because I

started no good 8:21 and the her the

Joyce Myers videos was help me lot of

this years

it’s been incredible to watch her

journey of healing and restoration and

how from a broken person that was left

on the streets being full with hope and

that journey of restoration has been

really incredible yeah how did she

become connected with a21 in particular

what what was her trafficking story she

was drugged by a person she trusted then

she was placed in a hotel room where she


being sexually exploited we were able to

relocate her back to Bulgaria and so

this happened outside of Bulgaria yes

yes it happened in a European country

when I was coming back from

Bulgaria uh they start help me for 2

years every day somebody work with you

yeah and they this how they did it that

was love and commitment yeah was it

difficult to trust in the beginning yes

I I didn’t trust nobody I didn’t trust

myself I didn’t know who I am somebody

did something good to to me I don’t

understand what is done you saw a lot of

terrible things I’m

sure this is such a horrific thing that

happens to people it’s so difficult to

imagine how a woman overcomes a

situation like this um because you’ve

seen so many come through this is it

possible ible for her to to really have

healing to to start over and and have a

a new

life it is possible it’s a long process

and that’s why one of the goals of a21

is to to have the holistic approach each

staff is aware of trauma and we also

work with professional uh counselors

that also help in the process we do a

lot of art therapy which really helps

because most of the time survivors don’t

want to talk much and it’s

understandable but when they start doing

crafty things with their hands then all

of a sudden there is a

conversation they open up they share

more and that’s how trust is built you

said before that you didn’t know who you

were yep Who Who Are You Now I’m child

of God and he’s my father how does

knowing that change your life oh love

change when I talk about him’s

love I remember how he saved me every

day in the

street oh he was so good to me yeah give

me hope and future I can say

now I can be in the place when I can

give to somebody hope this for what now

I live

how beautiful is that that he gives you

everything that he makes you his child

but he also gives you the opportunity to

help someone else and this is what it’s

all about to help another person

somebody help me know I can’t

help you know ra and stanka are really

two bright lights in this world they

have been through so much but God has

helped them an incredible ways and did

you know that you are an important piece

of the puzzle for women like them and

their healing and right now you can help

rescue and restore more women will you

do what you can through your gift today

toward our project girl outreaches you

will be a part of the work we do

together with a21 and many other

outreaches all around the world work

that is bringing people out of the

darkness and into the light of God’s

love and you can be part of their

healing Journey your gift not only helps

to combat human trafficking but you will

offer education fresh water and the

truth of God’s value and love for women

and girls everywhere this is so

important to Joyce it’s so important to

me and I know that it’s important to you

sometimes you just don’t know what to do

to help well where to start is to go to

Joyce find out more about our

project girl initiatives and just do

what you can pray and give anything that

you can to truly help we must understand

the tragedy of what is happening we must

meet the women who are devastated by it

and understand the potential impact of

our actions you see we can all make a

difference because God is working to

pull them out of


Darkness we’ve been in a whole lot of

different types of red light

trying to help women in different

countries and they’re all so very

different whether it’s a very

impoverished country or it’s in the

United States we still see the same look

on women’s faces of just emptiness and

hopelessness you think of how long the

journey is to learn who they really are

absolutely you’re rebuilding that

self-image that self-worth because it’s

been absolutely Torn to Pieces and even

rebuilt in a different way like we

actually see a reconstruction of of how

people see themselves

uh it’s very just it’s demonic and we’re

going to turn into one of the big

busiest streets here now with with where

we will see a lot of brff

and so what happens for most of these

women during the day these Bruff run

24/7 any day of the week any time of the

day so there’s definitely no rest no

time for healing no time for anything

the other thing is that there can only

be one woman working per address what we

are hearing from the victims that are

being rescued to that there are many

bedrooms in these places the way that

it’s functioning is almost like a

carousel these rooms are being filled in

many rooms and the woman literally goes

from one room to the next room where the

next guy is ready to another into the

next room where the next guy’s room so

when we hear about some of these women

being abused and forced to have sex with

20 40 50

60 men a night oh my goodness even from

a logistical standpoint that is that is

how that is

facilitated and the amount of women that

you have to have to fill all of these

places must be astounding it is and it’s

a whole system we’ve often had victims

who were rescued and they were moved all

over the SE they have no clue where they

were the whole time and we’ve seen this

happen as well like in their process of

being broken into this the the

trafficker will bring in people dressed

like law enforcement and and they will

try to trick them to trust them to open

up so complete emotional manipulation

complete so you’re removing every sense

of self worth every sense of trust in

Authority every sense of trust in other

people you cannot even fathom the

mindset and the physical trauma these

poor people are going through uh it’s

absolutely heartbreaking this many of

them will talk about how they have

learned to kind of sewn out and actually

not be present in their mind but just

kind of switch off and they don’t know

how long they’ve been there or how long

they’ve been working for so what is the

most successful route that you find for

women to come out of a place like

this yeah often it is when they are

arrested or they get put in a Detention

Center because they don’t have legal

permission to be in the country or

something like that something where

they’re removed from the environment but

where we can interact with them to make

them realize hey you did not choose this

you uh were actually taken advantage of

they exploited you and but that’s a

journey yeah yeah and it can be a long

one do you feel you’re making progress

absolutely I I have never been more

excited about the future and the

possibilities of what we can do together

we’ worked here now for 15 years and

we’ve seen an

incredible um partnership with law

enforcement partnership with the

government at the highest level um where

we are training law enforcement in the

police academy where we are working with

labor inspectors where we are working to

improve legislation and laws in the

country where what an accomplishment I

mean that that in itself is so important

and really amazing yeah that God’s

opening those kind of doors yeah for 12

years now we have operated the national

human trafficking Hotline in Greece is

this not just a hotline where victims

can call and find help they can do that

but it is a resource line for the

general public they can call and report

what they’ve seen law enforcement they

call us they’re like we have someone

here we think they might be a victim

what should we do so they’re coming to

us for that assistance and help and we

can actually collaborate very closely

like that to actually see a case brought

through you had some um amazing results

not long ago with a a large rescue at a

hotel tell me about that we received an

email from a lady who managed to escape

by herself and she left the country and

she stated that there is a hotel in

Athens H where there are located many

girls who have been trafficked we send

this information to the police and as a

result 15 uh women from Latin America

were rescued when when you hear a story

like this sex trafficking at a

well-known Hotel it could give you that

feeling of wow this is this is just

everywhere it’s too big to fight it is

too big indeed um but we focus on the

one person that will be rescued and we

focus to this one girl who will be

willing to change her life I don’t think

I have words to express how it feels

like um seeing people gain their freedom

back um it is a sense of relief that

something has changed at that point but

at the same time we do have a sense of

responsibility H and we are trying our

best the team is trying our best to um

show them genine love and care when we

do see a victim find Freedom it’s a big

deal when we win a court case and see

traffickers um find Justice for their

crimes that’s a victory and and we need

to uh remember all those moments along

the way that’s so important down to a

Survivor finding a job or starting a

family having a child or finishing an

education whatever it is we got to focus

on these things when we were here not

too many years ago we came to um a


and you still have that available for

people who need it but now the Freedom

Center is kind of the the next logical

evolution of of a better way to make

something available where the people

feel their own Freedom it’s all about

making them feel at home right we found

that the shelter model works really well

in those emergency situations those very

early moment of just coming out of human

trafficking um where you come out of a

very extreme situation that may be

needful medic care and perhaps that

there’s an investigation going on where

trafficker is still uh free and roaming

and and so there’s a security element to

that as well and so we needed to find

another model um to have the longevity

of our care the Freedom Center is all

about empowerment is about utilizing the

services of the community um so we are

partnering with with legal services with

schools with with counselors with

dentists with with all the different

services that are that are needed to

actually help people

forward let’s talk about how the Freedom

Center Works um this is a place that

represents exactly what the name says

they can come and go as they like get

what they need and always know that the

doors are open to them and and this is a

little bit different model for you yes

the Freedom Center um is designed to be

um the heart of the model um for the

survivors um we want it to be a location

of safety and a place where they can

learn dream always with the goal of

becoming independent they can choose to

be taught about finances budgeting Greek

lessons are an essential that survivors

ask for or even nutrition and meal

planning and then there’s other programs

that that are more focused on

understanding what trauma is how it

affects your body basic skills to combat

um the effects of trauma we don’t have a

plan that we create and set it out

before them but we sit down with them

and say okay um look this is what we can

do which way would you like to go so

you’re restoring choices and dignity to

them again thats is very important yeah

tell me about the change you begin to

see as time goes

on um that’s that’s the most beautiful

part um seeing the change in eye contact

UM is the first thing you know um in the

beginning early days they avoid eye

contact when that starts to change when

interactions become a lot more friendly

but also when uh you can see when she

has um relaxed enough to be able to

share a little bit um about what’s going

on inside of her rather than the um the


only do you remember the first day that

you came here yeah what was that like um

I couldn’t opened up I didn’t want to

tell them what I feel how I feel it was

like when I was working they didn’t let

me speak for my myself they spoke for me

now I have voice I can say them what I

think what what what I feel that this is

most important what’s important for you

to say today sometimes I like to go

outside and just scream I’m free and I


feel when Radia first came in here did

you work with her from the very

beginning yes when I met her I I could

see the pain uh in her eyes but but at

the same time I could see a woman that

she really need needed support and um

she’s a strong heart how did you nurture

those things in her um the strength and

and the potential that you could see in

her that she could no longer see in

herself after all the situation that she

had been through she had forgotten her

value um uh what she’s capable off and

when H the Survivor H realizes that uh

we uh really want to give love and care

I think this is the key in the start she

was just I could say my

doctor now she’s more than a friend from

the day one beside me she showed you

unconditional love

yes I didn’t believe her at first

not a word but still she is helping me

if I’m not okay if if if I just have

doubts about my work about my personal

life she will going to push me in the

way she knows how to push me and this is

the most important now that she’s been

through the program you’ve had a lot of

time with her she’s had a lot of time to

get away from the situation that she was

in what things do you see in her now

it’s really amazing how far she she has

come eh and H how many things she has

achieved um she has a job in fashion

designing uh she loves it and she’s uh

really um she’s amazing in that yes she

has a talent and every time she’s trying

to do better and better and I’m really

proud of here the girls told me you are

strong you can do it you can you you

wasn’t that horrible state of your life

then you survived now look how far you

get you are very brave I’m trying if I

can help with my story just for one

person just one it’s for me it’s victory

because if just one person will going to

think oh my God this is happening it it

will help so many people I hope so

undoubtedly I hope so

you know I’ve had the honor to sit down

with women like R all over the world

when they share their stories it’s

really a gift it means so much and what

keeps us going is knowing that even in

such terrible situations we can make a

difference you see this is so important

to Joyce because of the experience that

she had in her childhood the sexual

abuse that she endured and the healing

that God has brought her it’s important

to me because I can just imagine my

daughters or my granddaughter in a

situation like this the question is what

makes it important to you you need to

put a face to this you need to think why

it matters because these women deserve

for you to reach out and help

them we want all women to know that they

have value that you have value and that

you can do something

important one thing you can do is to

join us today your gift toward our

project girl initiative through Joyce

Meer Hand of Hope is going to make such

a difference it will help in situations

like this working with a21 all over the

world and in many other places it will

also provide fresh clean water education

all those things that are so important

in the lives of women and girls today so

we just want you to know know that you

have value that we appreciate and love

you and that you can make a


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