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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world you ain’t got no issues so

you got time to be talking about how bad

somebody else’s issue is and you got all

these issues and

secrets and they killing you come on

because you still trying to do it

through your performance and your

self-effort because you don’t believe

that Jesus is

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now come experience

change this is your world so let’s vow

to make it a better

place let every heart that me to

know you love is here to say oh it’s we

live a new

life let us love shine right in

you we’re Sav by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are


change but religious based

Christianity wants to tell

you you ain’t right cuz you ain’t

keeping all the rules

and I’m telling

you I did a great effort at trying to

keep all the rules I wrote the all the

confessions now till I had five pages of

confessions and I’m thinking man I ain’t

going to never get out of here with all


confessions because I thought I had to

make all the confessions come on

sir I thought I had to pray for two

hours or I wouldn’t be

anointed and I was scared as a preacher

if I don’t pray two hours if I don’t

make all these confessions if I don’t

fast all the time if I really want to be

anointed if I really want to be anointed

I’m going fast at least twice a

week I was doing a meeting in

Minnesota and uh I had fast it all day

long I got out there and I started

seeing double people I was

dizzy somebody said that was the devil

no when I was just

hungry and the Lord said why you keep

doing that I said I said I’m doing that

so I can be anointed he said when I

called you I equipped you when I called

you I anointed you and you are trying to

do what I have already done you’re

treating me like I’m not enough you

don’t believe that I’m enough you don’t

believe I’m enough for your salvation

you don’t believe I’m enough for your

healing you don’t believe I’m enough for

your Revelation you don’t believe I’m

enough and now you think you got to


me you trying to be like me without

me and we come to church this is the way

we come to

church look at what she got on look at

what she got they ain’t none of your

business they Ain none of your business

you’re you’re saying that as if like you

got a a a hand up over those people who

are not performing according to the law

maybe that’s all they got maybe they

ain’t got no long dresses maybe God just

delivered them off the strip joint pole

and bought them to church the next day

maybe they didn’t have time to go get no

no dresses but I’m I going to condemn

them to hell because they don’t dress

like I want they’ll be all right the

Holy Ghost is going to be working under

the New Covenant we have the

administrator of the Holy Ghost and

through this Covenant of Grace he’s

going to show us and perfect us and he’s

going to give us the desire to do stuff

that we don’t even know why we want to

do it because the Holy Ghost is the Holy

Ghost hasn’t been given so we can shape

rattling roll he hadn’t been given us so

we can do cartwheels and he had been

given us so we can drink that ain’t what

the Holy Ghost is been given us he’s

been he gave us the Holy Ghost so the

Holy Ghost can lead and guide our lives

and say hey go here hey you might not

want to do that try doing this instead

of this you know I know you’re messed up

last night but I love you anyway get on

up we got some work to do because part

of learning how to walk is falling part

of falling

is y you follow what I’m

saying fall fall falling is a part of

learning how to walk

walking is a part of learning how to

run but religion doesn’t give you the

opportunity for any of

that just got

saved I mean when I when I just got

saved I was still cussing I I I mean you

know I mean I was cussing instead of

saying praise the Lord I’m

like you are laughing cuz I’m talking




cuz there’ll be a day for everybody in

here yes sir yes sir the greatest day of

your life is when you sit on one day and

say I don’t know how to do

this I keep missing it

I keep missing

it I’m sad I’m depressed I’m tired of

going to church

acting I’ve perfected phon inness so

much people think that I’m just Flawless

and I’m just

awful and don’t nobody know you like God

and you know

you and you and then what makes it worse

is he comes and does something good for

you after you have did something

crazy he trying to show you

I can do this better than you

can but I need you to change your mind

about what you

believed and believe the

gospel look at Romans chapter 10

verse4 so the law was given to make you

guilty the law was given to get you to

perform and then come back and say it


right the law was given to push you

towards a need for a

savior it wasn’t given so you can try to



nobody has been successful in keeping

the law amen except one


Jesus Jesus kept the law perfectly no

man has ever been able to do it I had I

had some friends of mine one time they

say well I I tell you what we’re

supposed to be under the law and I’m

going to go and keep the law I didn’t

fuss with them I said

goone man them jokes was miserable by

the end of the week like something’s

wrong you can’t keep it that’s

right he said for Christ is the end of

the law for righteousness to everyone


believeth change your mind about living

by the performance-based law

here here’s the thing that gets me the

law was extended only to Jewish

people now here’s what’s amazing how in


world did we get tangled up into

something that wasn’t even yours in the


place and then we use it to condemn

people I’m doing a right now

on every Wicked

War slavery Spanish

Inquisition throughout history started

with a misinterpretation of the

scripture Hitler all that started with a

misinterpretation of scripture and you

don’t think this is important cuz

somebody went in the Old Testament and

got something out the Old

Testament and said do this

and then all of a sudden you charging

the capital right that that came from

scripture on you don’t know that that

was somebody’s

preaching taking Old Testament scripture

out of

context and using it to Pro to prove a


Satan yeah 1 Corinthians 15 15 and

56 watch this 1 Corinthians 15 and

56 The Sting of death is

sin the

strength of

sin is the

law what strengthens

sin the

law so what do you think happen if you

decide to live by the law and ignore the

gospel of

grace you you’re just strengthening sin

amen I know I cannot do this without

Jesus amen and the things that have

gotten better in my life they got better

because I trusted

God and that he didn’t beat me up when I

fell down he just said Get on Up Baby

it’ll be all right come on come on you

just learning how to walk come on but

some Christian people soon as you fall

down sit there you need to pray some

more now let me help you up that’s what

Jesus did that’s what Jesus did Peter

fell and started sinking in the water

cuz he started looking at his

circumstances and he began to doubt and

when he begin to sink Jesus reached out

said come on I’ll walk back to the boat

on the water with

you for you to be critical of somebody

else the way they’re living somehow you

got to be deceived about the issues in

your own

life really you a you you you you ain’t

got no issues so you got time to be

talking about how bad somebody else’s

issue is and you got all these issues


secrets and they killing you come on

because you still trying to do it

through your performance and your

self-effort because you don’t believe

that Jesus is

enough I put it on the line guys I had

to talk with my wife I said I’m going

for it she said she going for it amen

and if the church closed down at least

we’ll be able to stand in front of Jesus

saying we did what you told us to

do I could have get just kept preaching

everything I’d been preaching for what

almost 30

years just get up there and preach

something you already know tie the

church up

holler and hoop and get org behind me

get real

inspirational and prophetical and talk

about how we going to have a

breakthrough for the 15th

year I can’t do that I can’t do

that I love you too much amen praise God

to shut

up about this gospel of

grace I can’t do it

well brother dollar you mess with

people’s tithe and that’s why that’s why

you know Harvest ain’t coming no more

please listen to me before it’s a tithe

that’s a

seed you’re blessed because you so

seed not because you tried to feel a

percentage obligation because somebody

said if you don’t do it you’re going to

go to hell well is in the Bible is in

Malachi yeah he was talking to the

Levites not you

right now this is pretty amazing here he

says do we then make void the law


faith do we void the law through faith

he said God

forbid yay we establish the law here’s

the word translated establish we

esteemed the law Romans said the law was

good but we were not that’s why it

didn’t work

we were falling men trying to keep

something that was too perfect for us to

keep that’s why he gave it to you he

gave you something perfect to reveal the

sinfulness of sin in our

lives for God forbid yeah we esteem the

law what do you mean esteem the law

because if it we not for the law we

would have never seen our need for a

savior that’s what he don’t mean keep

the law he said esteem it it’s steem it

because had it not been for the law you

would have never saw the need for a

Jesus and some people still don’t see a

need for Jesus but the need for Jesus is

this please understand

something the wages of sin is

death did you notice nobody under the

law got

saved nobody could get saved because

Jesus was the only way you can get

saved and if the wages of sin is death

then every sin that you and I have ever

committed in our life legally deserves

death subtract Jesus out of the

situation and we are all on our way to

hell cuz everybody in here done

sin and he said the wages of sin is

death the women you done slept with the

men you done slept with the weed you

done smoke the folks you done cuss out

who you done Rob the bad thoughts you

had all of that at me everybody in here

everybody in here going to

hell Keep Jesus out your life everybody

going to hell because the law says the

wages of

sin is

death but God loved us

enough say here what I’m going to

do you need a

savior so I’m going to send my

son to do what you could not

do live a sinless

life keep every jot and turle of the

law and then I’m going baptize you into


Perfection so no matter what happens if

you’ll believe in

him that situation will be

cancelled but no man can get to the

father unless he go through the


nobody thank God for the gospel of

grace I got a few seconds left Romans


here’s what Paul said he says I’m not

ashamed of the gospel of Christ he’s

talking about the gospel of of Grace I

did teach one time showing you that the

gospel of Christ is the gospel of

grace for I’m not ashamed of the gospel

of Christ for it is the power it’s the

power of God unto salvation it’s to

everyone that believeth yes sir I’m not

ashamed of the gospel of grace it’s the

power of God yes sir yes sir it’s the

power of God sir and notice what he say

says here in 2 Timothy CH

3 and

verse 5 I believe in the

NLT he

says uh go there right

quick uh go to the to the regular U King

James having a form of

godliness that’s what that’s what the

church has without Jesus you have a form

of godliness you dress Godly you talk

Godly you walk

Godly but you deny the power

thereof from such turn

away a form of godliness religious we

look churchy we act churchy we talk

churchy a form of

godliness this is how you defeat the


repent change your mind and believe the

gospel so whatever you was believing

under the law change your mind and

believe the gospel change your mind and

believe the gospel change your mind and

believe the

gospel for almost two years I’ve Ted a

series on Grace and before I continued

on I’ve got three

more areas to cover

I thought this would be a good time to

bring this to your

remembrance change your mind catch

yourself when you’re trying to earned

something that Jesus has already

accomplished you are not Achievers you

are receivers Jesus is our great

achiever and we are receivers of what

Jesus has

achieved now I don’t know how this hit

you you

today but believe me this may be the

only planet right the only planet the

only and we finding out we got a lot of

them too uh this may be one of the

churches there may be some more that I

could even talk like

this because it would take much more

detail just to get them to understand

the first scripture I

shared but for


the devil will not have any

more anymore or anything else against

you because you’ve changed your

mind you’ve changed your

mind I can’t do this by

myself I need a

savior I need a

savior if this wasn’t

true I’m


if this isn’t if if this isn’t the truth

I ain’t got no

hope I’m going to

hell if this if this is not

true it’s over with for

me I’m actually well get out of this


pit and just do whatever it is I want to

do before the time come if this isn’t



but it is somebody say how you

know cuz he has reached deep down on the

inside of me Chang my desires and giving

me the desire to do what pleases

him I changed my

mind the question is you think you going

to be able to do

that cuz if you walk away today after

hearing what I just heard

dude you got to accept responsibility

for everything else that happens in your

life because now you’re going to attempt

to try to prove something that the word

made clear that you can’t do by

yourself bow your heads let’s

pray father we

uh we need

you we need you in this crazy time that

is about to visit this Earth

we need

you in the midst of Brokenness and hurt


pain and

rejection we need

you economically

when technology is about to come to try

to create a new class of poverty Lord we

need you you are

enough help

us to change our mind and believe the

gospel help

us to know beyond any Shadow of Doubt to

know that you are

enough Jesus you are

enough let us not continue to give the

devil a foothold in our

lives We Are Holy because of you we are

Sanctified and righteous and redeemed

because of you and you’re changing our

hearts and you’re changing our desires

and we look in the mirror we’re like who

is this person the one that you’re

creating that we want to do right not

because out of fear but we want to do

right we want to give not because to

fulfill an obligation but we want

to we want to pray not because it’s the

thing you’re supposed to do it’s the

thing we want to do it’s the thing we

get to

do help

us take away performance-based

Christianity out of our

Lives give us the

authenticity of walking as a


unashamedly trusting and dependent on

you we praise you for this now



name lift your hands

up that the grace of

God be upon these precious people on


families their

households their

finances and everything that concerns

them give proof of what I have Tau

today every life that’s represented in

here that they may hear your voice with


Clarity that they will know that surely

Jesus is the head of my

life and I

release an enormous amount of blessings

over you

today in Jesus

name amen put your hands together give

the Lord a big than


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