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God has a good word
for you this year.

Today, I want to share with you

how you can restore
what you have lost

in the area of your good fortune.

The name Eutychus
is fortunate or prosperous;

there’s a meaning to it.

It applies to your life—
how to restore

the kind of success that
God wants you to have.

This year, live life 24 hours a day;

Sunday is a special day
ordained by the Lord.

It’s a day where He reveals
His finished work and His person.

No wonder the Bible says
everything that’s

a curse will become a blessing.

It’s a picture of
being under grace;

a new order has come.

I said, a new order has come!

Hi, this is Joseph Prince.

I want to warmly welcome you

to this week’s
Gospel Partner episode.

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I pray that as you listen to
today’s sermon,

you’ll experience a
fresh and personal touch

from our Lord Jesus. God bless you!

Praise God. Are you ready to present your
three prayer requests to the Lord later today?

Praise the Lord. But before that, we have some
testimonies, a couple of testimonies to share

with you. And one of the testimonies, in fact,
has to do with the three prayer requests. In fact,

the first one, and it’s a sister from
Singapore, and she writes that she works

in the IT or information technology industry.
In June 2022, she was made redundant. Nowadays,

you know when they retrench you or they let you
go, they say you’re redundant—not a very nice word

to use on people. I was made redundant because
the company wasn’t doing well. By God’s grace,

I landed another job a month later, but before
the year ended, I was let go again as my role was

outsourced. Now, they outsourced, so redundant.
What a double whammy to be laid off twice in such

a short time. So, my 2022 didn’t end so well, but
I saw the opportunity to put my job expectations

down as one of my three prayer requests for
2023, which is to get a position where I can

be a blessing instead of letting grudges and
condemnation consume me. I turned to the Lord

for His direction. Praise the Lord for that.
God led me to take my job search restfully and

showed me that it was a good opportunity for
me to explore other areas like cybersecurity.

My church friends also stood in faith with me
and prayed for my job situation. In March 2023,

I was approached by a headhunter for a position
in a multinational corporation (MNC). I went for

the interview and prayed for wisdom, favor, and
good success. So before you go for an interview,

before you sit for an examination, pray for
wisdom, favor, and good success. I followed

my dad’s advice on looking up the company. That’s
good advice as well from the father. I also felt

the Lord tell me to enjoy myself at the interview.
How many of you enjoy yourselves at the interview?

So, how do you think you can contribute to a
company? Well, alright—with a smile on your

face and look excited throughout the interview. I
felt calm and answered the questions honestly and

truthfully. At the end of it, I was shortlisted
for the second interview. At the second interview,

I felt a peace that surpassed all understanding,
and later I was informed that the company would

be offering me a contract role. I believe this
is a huge open door for me. Interestingly, the

dance item just now about an open door. My past
few jobs were in small and midsize enterprises,

and I’ve been praying for bigger opportunities.
Furthermore, this role also gives me time to learn

how to fit into a big corporation. Eventually, I
was given an offer, which was 30% higher than what

I expected and 65% more than my last drawn salary.
I was also given 18 days of annual leave and a

mobile allowance. Wow, what about a mobile phone,
right? Besides that, I would also be covered by

the company’s insurance. I barely contained
myself when I heard the news. I had never,

capital N, V, R, I had never gotten such a big
offer before. And do you know how kairos the

call was? And she said, “Do you know how kairos
the call was? It was during my birthday month,

right before all the birthday celebrations. It
was my best birthday gift ever. No words can

express my gratitude and happiness on receiving
this blessing. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord

for this beautiful testimony on God answering her
prayer. Next testimony comes to us from a sister

who’s Korean. She says, “I’m a Korean who has been
attending New Creation Church since 2017. There’s

a friend of mine whom I have kept in touch with
since high school. Though we don’t send messages

to each other often, we would still exchange
birthday greetings, and we follow each other

on a social media platform. From her pictures, I
could tell that she travels a lot with her mom,

and it’s evident that she cares deeply for her.
Not long ago, I messaged her, complimenting

her resemblance to her mom, and she immediately
replied, saying that her mom was diagnosed with

Alzheimer’s two years ago. And that is why she
and her family have been making efforts to spend

quality time with her. I was shocked when I heard
this, and I asked if I could share with her about

the Holy Communion since she’s a Christian. I sent
her the prayer that our church uses to pray during

the Holy Communion and a short video of Pastor
Prince’s message about the Lord’s Supper. Thank

God for friends like that. I also encouraged
her to partake of the Holy Communion with her

mom as often as she could. She then replied,
saying that she prayed to God the night before,

and she believes that my message was an answer
from Him. A few weeks later, she messaged me,

saying that a miracle had happened. That was
when I remembered that she was supposed to take

her mom to the hospital to see if she could be
given a newly invented shot for her condition.

She went on to share with me that during
the examination, her mom showed no trace of

Alzheimer’s, and eventually, the doctor declared
her Alzheimer’s-free. Hallelujah! Let’s give Jesus

the praise. And she goes on to add that her friend
says that she kept telling me that she couldn’t

believe it and thanked me for sharing the Bible
truth with her and asked me to share her story.

And that’s what she did. I’m amazed and thankful
for this miracle. All glory and praise to the

Lord Jesus. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord, church,
for these wonderful testimonies. And right now,

let’s welcome Pastor Prince. One of the
things that you will hear us say often,

if you have not heard already, is that we talk
about the RMA word. In the Greek, there is logos,

which is the general word. You know, it’s more
of the general word, a discourse, a teaching,

a body of doctrine that is delivered in the form
of logos. Amen, logos. Okay, like, for example,

you say eulogy. In English, you say eulogy. Yogi
is actually in the New Testament, which is taken

from Greek, not English. Everywhere you see
blessing, okay, it is not everywhere. Some of

them are makarios, but many of them are from the
word eulogy. Blessed with all spiritual blessings

in heavenly places in Christ. Eulogia, where you
get yogi. But unfortunately, the world today,

when they talk about eulogy, is like going to a
funeral. All right, you come up there and say a

few good words. So, EU in Greek is good. EU is the
word good. Loi or from logos, good word. You see

that? So, blessing means good word. So, God has a
good word for you this year. That’s how He blesses

you. You see, when I pray for you just now, I
release a good word over your body. All right,

God releases the good word through me, right? But
it’s His healing, but the good word produces the

blessing of health in that area. So, eulogy is not
something for a funeral. Unfortunately, the world

is like, all the Bible, right? They minimize
it. They downgrade it. For example, 15 grace,

15 minutes grace in this car. You know what I’m
saying, right? The riches of His grace is eternal,

right? Take a minute grace. Okay, you can redeem
your coupon. Redemption becomes like just instead

of paying just a small coupon, right? No, the word
redemption is so beautiful. It’s to buy you back

from the slave market, the slave market of sin and
darkness. The Lord came and bought you back. The

Greek word there is exagor, from the agora, the
market. He exagorized you. He redeemed you. Isn’t

it beautiful? That word is used also in Galatians
3:13. “Christ has bought you out from the curse

of the law.” Amen. And the curse of the law,
we know we can see it in Deuteronomy 28. It is

basically threefold: sickness, disease, spiritual
death is one of them, as well as not prospering,

not having enough. Amen. There are also others
within this, like under sickness, there’ll be

depression. You know, you wish that it’s day,
night, and night, nighttime. You wish it’s day.

Amen. Your life will hang in doubt. All that is in
the curses of Deuteronomy 28. Christ redeemed us

all from the curse of the law. Can I have a good
amen today? I want to share with you how you can

restore what you have lost in the area of your
good fortune. Amen. Now, those of you who want

to criticize me, get your pen ready, okay? I’m
going to say some things today that I think will

give you a lot of material. So, get yourself, go,
go, go get your pen, all right? Don’t waste time,

all right? I’m going to tell you right now,
if you’ve lost your prosperity, all right,

I’m going to share with you how to get it back.
Amen. If you have lost the thing where people say,

“This guy is very fortunate. That guy is
very fortunate. You know, his company is

very fortunate. You know, he’s a fortunate man.”
Well, I tell you, I wish I’m now the guy. He’s a

fortunate lady. He’s a fortunate she’s a fortunate
lady. He’s a fortunate. That boy is very fortunate

to live with, you know, the kind of thing you
love for being fortunate. Right? Amen. Isn’t the

Bible okay? Well, anyway, good things happen when
you lose your prosperity or fortunate. All right?

What do you do? Why? What happened? Where did it
go? Now, the Christian life is not a life of just

things going smoothly. There’s no crooked place,
no trial. No, there is, especially if you’re a

believer. The Bible promises you, what? Suffering.
What is that? You will be persecuted. People will

persecute you. See, the person with the pen
getting ready to write something against me,

you see, I even welcome the persecution. Amen.
Right? So, I even prepare them for it. So,

the Bible says, “All that live godly shall suffer
persecution.” In fact, the opposite. Jesus said,

“Woe to you if all men speak well of you.”
So, I’m going to share with you, basically,

this is a truth about the church, but you can also
narrow it down because there’s in the Word of God,

there’s a first interpretation and then there is a
second interpretation as well. Amen. So, when God

shares the story and God puts names there, there’s
always for a purpose of illustration. The Apostle

Paul said of himself that, “I’m a pattern.”
And the word pattern there is “tupos,” which is

actually “type.” I myself am a type. He says, “For
example, when you see him being lowered to escape

the persecutors and those who try to kill him, all
right, his fellow believers, those who love him,

lower him down in the basket.” Amen. That basket
was used. Look up the word basket. There are two

kinds of baskets. One was used for the feeding of
the five loaves and two fishes with 5,000 left,

and then there’s another one that was used for
a larger basket to feed 7,000. So there are two

feeding of the multitudes. The larger basket
is used to feed like 7,000, 7, um, 7,000 men,

5,000 here, and here, the basket full left over
was 12 basketful. So, you know, it’s Jewish, 12

tribes. This one here is Gentile, seven nations.
Seven nations, and the Bible always mentions about

the Gentiles. And the Apostle Paul was lowered
in which one? The big one. The big basket. So

it’s a meaning there. You get what I’m saying? The
Apostle Paul’s journey, even in the book of Acts,

his shipwreck, when he was on the boat, the entire
thing talks about the church life. Amen. You can

also talk about your own life. There’s a secondary
application all the way when he bought the ship

and how it ended up in a shipwreck, and finally,
on an island called Honey, a place of milk and

honey, the promised land. Amen. And how things did
not prosper when they didn’t listen to Paul. Paul

says things like, “You should have listened to me
on the ship.” He told the captain of the ship, and

he is actually a prisoner. He says, “You should
have listened to me.” Amen. Paul’s teachings. Are

you with me so far? Whenever we deviate from the
main revelation, I’m going to share with you a bit

more. You’re thinking of Pastor Prince. We follow
Jesus’ teachings. I understand that. Follow me

now as I bring you to this story on why you lose
your fortunate position. As we sail away, Paul and

Luke, his partner. Luke is a doctor, by the way.
As we sail away from Philippi after the days of

unleavened bread, and in the five days, join them
at Trest where we stayed seven days. Now on the

first day of the week, when the disciples came
together to break bread, you see the first day of

the week is Sunday. On the first day of the week,
they came together to break bread. What is that?

Communion. Do you know who is there? Who is the
speaker? It’s Paul. What a wonderful opportunity,

right? To come together to hear Paul. If we wrote
this, we’ll say, upon the first day of the week,

um, they had a guest speaker, because this place
is Trest. Trest is, by the way, Troy. You know

Troy, Helen of Troy, Trojan hor. Trojan is from
the word Troy. All right, this is Trest. This

happened in Trest. So Paul just arrived in Troest,
Troy. Okay, and he was looking for believers to

gather together, and on the notice, they gathered
on the first day of the week to break bread. Not

even to hear Paul. Wonderful as that privilege is,
they came together to break bread. The church has

deviated from that. Number one, number two, let’s
keep on reading. Now on the first day of the week,

when the disciples came together to break
bread, Paul, ready to depart the next day,

spoke to them and continued his message until
midnight. See what you all got to complain about,

huh? There were many lamps in the upper room where
they were gathered together, and in a window sat a

certain young man named Utus. It’s pronounced
as U. I know how you say Utus, but actually,

it’s Uus. Who was sinking into a deep sleep.
He was overcome by sleep, and as Paul continued

speaking, he fell down from the third story and
was taken up dead. So all those of you out there,

alright, while I’m preaching, don’t sleep.
All right, you will sleep very deeply. Right?

Based on this story, right? Okay. Do you think
for one moment God mentioned someone by name?

He never. It’s not always he mentions someone by
name, but when he does, there’s a meaning to it,

right? And I’ll give you the name of this man,
Utus. His name means fortunate. Do you see the

EU in his name? Uus. All right, it’s actually made
of two. You, good. Tuano, tyus. Toano. From Toano.

Toano is to hit the mark. What is sin? Sin is
defined in the Bible. All right, in the Greek, as

well as in the Hebrew word, is to miss the mark.
Amen. Going to take paper. I want to throw it at

Pastor Mark. I missed it. I missed the mark. All
right, and Pastor Mark go around. Ha, you love

at me. All right, so I missed the mark. When you
miss the mark, it’s like an arrow. You miss the

mark. That’s sin. Sin is missing the mark. God
has a higher life for you. God has a greater

life for you. God has an overcoming life for you,
but you are settling for less. You’re missing the

mark. Amen. So the word success is to hit the
mark. Guess what? Toano is to hit the mark.

It’s the word success. It’s the word fortune.
It’s the word prosperous. In some word studies,

you find the name Utus is prosperous. So it’s
fortunate or prosperous or can say successful.

Now, when I say that, okay, the one with the
pen, I’m always referring. Okay. Prosperity,

the way the Bible teaches it. Amen. Joseph
was a prosperous man. He was in the house of,

he was a slave in the house of the Egyptian.
And the Bible says he was a prosperous man. Man,

he has no bank account. He has no financial
statement to his name. In fact, he hardly has good

clothes to wear. He was a slave. But the Bible
says he was a prosperous man. A new version says

he was a successful man. And all that he did, God
made it to prosper. When he planted watermelons,

it became bumper crop. Amen. When he was in charge
of a few other slaves, they were highly motivated.

That’s success. Success not about money. Mr. The
pen, it’s not about money. All right, you can say,

but it also includes money, but it’s not a
main priority. Yes, I want the church to be

prosperous in the sense of Galatians 1. You see,
before the God’s people can take possession of

their inheritance in the Book of Joshua, right
from the first chapter, God tells him, “What,

I want you to meditate on my word. What’s the
result? You’ll make your way prosperous and you

will have good success.” Not bad success. Good
success. Amen. Good. You in Greek, success. Too,

you us, right? Good success. Bad success is that
you are successful but you lose your family. You

are successful. Right, people know you all over
the place. You are famous, but you are struggling

with something, a secret. That people might find
out. Amen. You feel like taking your life even

though you’re famous. So all these things don’t
satisfy. That’s not success. God wants you to

have good success. Amen. Time to enjoy your loved
ones. Amen. Yes. So the Bible promises that before

they embark on the promised land, God, from the
start, God says, “I want you to meditate on my

word day and night. Whatever you do prospers.”
Amen. When I say prosperity for this church,

amen, I mean prosperity the way the Bible teaches
it. Amen. Whatever you do prospers. Sometimes God

even brings good out of your mistakes. That’s
right. All right. That is something that you

cannot learn from books. You cannot make yourself
prosper in all that you do. Well, Pastor Prince,

I used to be that. I remember I was so blessed.
I enjoyed the presence of the Lord. But somewhere

along the way, I don’t know what happened. I lost
it. I lost this prosperity. I lost this flow.

I lost this good fortune happening to me. Well,
let’s see what happened. Utus was sinking into a

deep sleep. He was overcome by sleep. And as Paul
continued speaking, he fell down from the third

story and was taken up dead. Now, Luke was Paul’s
partner. He wrote. Luke was the one that wrote the

Book of Acts. He’s a doctor, physician. When he
says, “was taken up dead,” later on, they say,

“When he was brought alive, they were not a little
comforted.” That’s the Bible saying that they knew

he was dead. If he was just resuscitated, no point
saying they were not a little comforted. Wow. He

was dead. Dead. Then dead. Dead. Matteo kaput.
All right. Dead. So you feel like your prosperity

has died. Used to be alive in your life. Life.
It’s dead. How to bring it back. And this is a

message for pastors and leaders as well. Although
I’m preaching to you, your personal life, because

this applies to your personal life, but it’s more
of secondary interpretation. But the primary one

is like the primary one interpretation is actually
to see the church and see why the church has

lost its good fortune. It’s a time. It’s for our
time. This is what the Lord gave to me. He says,

“For our time.” Why? Because it says in verse
7, “He continued his message until midnight.”

It’s a dark, dark, dark time in the world, you
see. So instead of seeing this as just a story

that God puts down there to amuse all of us,
he has a meaning in all these stories, even in

the name. Let’s finish reading. So the guy fell
down and was taken up dead. But Paul went down,

fell on him, and embraced him, said, “Do not
trouble yourselves. For his life is in him.” Now,

was Paul raised him to life, and the word life
here is, “Life is in him,” is actually Paul is

saying, “His soul is in him,” which means his
soul came back. And for the Jewish people,

they understand the term, like, for example,
the Jars’ daughter died. Jesus called back her

soul. Amen. By one word, “Talitha kum.” All
right? Her soul came back. So at what stage

the soul leaves and all that? So Paul is saying,
“Right, his soul is in him.” That means for them,

they understand he’s been raised back to life.
Okay, now, when he had come up and broken bread

and eaten and talked a long while, again, is
he talked a long while? You all, are you know,

you thought a long walk and raised the dead, you
see, and talked a long while, even till daybreak.

He departed. My son asked me one time, in fact,
no, yesterday he asked me. I was sharing with him

some of this truth because he was so full. He came
near me, alright. Whenever he comes into my study,

right? I got to P to someone he loves to be
with his father. So, I just put him on my lap,

I hug him. I said that I’m going to
share with you this story about utus,

and he started listening. He enjoyed it, and then
he says, “ABA, how come Paul preaches so long? R,

do you think he’s a coffee drinker? See, I, I, I,
I don’t know what is a coffee drinker. Maybe he

drinks the 5-Hour Energy drink. But I tell you
something, okay? Your father is the same. Now,

sometimes I go out with the pastors, right? We
go to a certain place at 10:00, alright? Drink

coffee or whatever. I can finish preaching to them
at 2:00 a.m., and I’m preaching, you know. Am I

right? Because it’s not just a job. You enjoy
the Revelation so much, you know. You can’t,

you know, you want to keep it to yourself. You
want to share with the world. You want to share

with those who are, and those who are near you
will get the blessings. Some, we say that, “Hey,

if only we have a video,” you know, sort of like
kind of. But sometimes the floor comes. No proper

setting, like a studio setting for recording. We
just share it, amen. I think it’s the problem when

a pastor doesn’t share the word. Just joke, joke
all the time, outside, thought about other things,

talk about natural stuff, worldly stuff. Is he
really a cult? Because you’re cult, you cannot

stop, am I right? So, Paul knew that tomorrow he’s
departing. He wants to share with them as much

as he can. You get what I’m saying, right? And he
departed. He preached until Daybreak. He departed,

and they brought the young man in alive, and they
were not a little comforted. So, it’s not a matter

of resuscitation. It’s a matter of Resurrection.
He raised this guy from the dead. That’s why it

says they were not a little comforted. The Bible
term is very, uh, it’s quite amazing. The Bible

used to, like, they were not a little comforted,
right? Yesterday, Liverpool’s SC, I tell you,

I was not a little excited. Today, we… It sounds
like, are you excited or not, alright? That means

very excited. I wasn’t a little excited, you know,
today means can mean another. But back then, they

were very comforted because they knew he was dead.
They even had a doctor there to verify, okay. So,

let’s look at the story and see what secrets we
have before we leave, shall we? So, it applies to

the church. It applies to your life, amen. How to
restore good fortune in your life, how to restore

the kind of success that God wants you to have
in your life, amen, amen. So, the first thing is

this, have you noticed that, uh, in verse 7, there
are four time periods: the first day of the week,

the next day ready to depart, the next day? I
like the, uh, Old King James. The moral, ready to

depart on the moral, midnight. Three in one verse,
three time periods in one verse. The fourth is

found in verse 11. Now, when it comes up, right,
he preached till Daybreak. So, there are four

time periods in this story, and I believe that God
wants us to pay attention to them all. Number one,

upon the first day of the week. This year, I
believe God puts this on my heart really strong

because I tell you this, I, I, I also, um, I’m
one of those, sometimes, you know. Look, we are,

we under grace, therefore a particular day is not
very important or whatever, but God is saying we

need to restore back the glory of the first day of
the week, amen. There is a difference. Do you know

what the first day of the week people Sunday is?
It is not Sabbath. It is not Saturday. Sabbath is

on Saturday. You can say I’m taking a Sabbath
day off. It’s not a Sabbath day off if it’s

another day. The law is the law, amen. Saturday
is Sabbath for the Jewish people. For them,

it’s like they work and then they rest. For us,
under the New Order, under the New Covenant,

under grace, God starts us with rest, amen,
and then we can work. So, one principle is do,

and you will live. But Grace says live first, have
the life, and then you are able to do, amen. So,

there are four time periods. So, the first one
is the first day of the week. Jesus rose on the

first day of the week. When you think about
it, some say, you know, uh, uh, um, actually,

we should be resting, observe the Sabbath and
all that. There are books written on Sabbath ab

and all that to be strict about it. And the Bible
says that when we’re talking in terms of the law,

and the Sabbath was before the law, yes, but don’t
forget that when God ordained the Sabbath, it was

on a Saturday, okay. Because God rested from what
work? Creation work. And then what happened? Adam

and Eve sinned, and since then it broke God’s
rest. God has been working sin. How do I know? Go

when Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath day, they
accused Jesus, and Jesus says this, “My father has

been working up till now, and I work.” So, because
the Sabbath rest was broken by the sin of man,

God started working on behalf of man to restore
man, and Jesus says, “My father has been working

up till now, and I work.” Are you with me so far,
okay? So, God is telling us a new order is coming,

a new order of rest, and that’s why the father
ordained the Feast of first fruits as on Sunday.

Jesus was crucified on the Feast of Passover, 3
days later he was raised from the dead on Sunday,

not Saturday. Saturday, he was buried in the
Tomb, but on Sunday, he rose from the dead. Okay,

number one, God ordained based on the Feast
of first fruits, he has fulfilled it. So,

in other words, the Divine godhead is in the
choice of the first day of the week, amen. Are

you listening? We can show them the first day of
the week, early, very early in the morning. That’s

the Sunday. The women came, and of course, they
didn’t find the body of Jesus. He has risen from

the dead. Drop down to John. Now, um, the same
day at evening, being the first day of the week,

on Sunday, the morning Jesus rose from the dead,
that same day, that evening, Jesus appeared. Jesus

came and stood in the midst and said to them,
“Peace be with you.” What were they doing?

They were assembled, just like Acts 20, right?
Paul was there, they were all gathered together,

right? Jesus appeared in their midst. There was
fear. Now, do you know fear is a sin? If you read

the book of Revelation, the group of people that
goes into the Lake of Fire, the first one is…

fearful never thought it’s a sin right you want
to point fingers other people extrovert sins

right fearful being fearful is a sin so instead of
judging each other based on their sins let me just

tell you this you base on the big ones that you
think is big God doesn’t great on the curved so

Mr writer pen whatever is not of faith is sin amen
so here it goes here here it says Jesus stood in

the midst of them and he says Shalom peace be with
you now here’s a pattern again of what he wants to

do every Sunday every Sunday on Amen so this year
listen carefully he’s going to appear in our midst

right and perform Miracles those Miracles cannot
happen those healings cannot happen without his

presence so he tells us every time we are gathered
on Sunday he’s there he’s there on that’s why it’s

called the Lord’s day Sunday is called the Lord’s
day a new order has come we are not under the old

order under the law under creation we are under
Redemption creation Sabbath rest is on Saturday

this one a or the next day A New Beginning it’s
also called The Eighth Day it’s called The Lord’s

day also like uh The Book of Revelation John says
I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day and I heard

behind me a loud voice as of a trumpet saying
I’m the alpha and the Omega the first and the

last it’s like a pattern telling us on Sunday
you will hear his voice a voice that reveals

who he is amen praise the Lord because when you
know who he is you know who you are because God

put you in him and you’re a join air with Jesus
Christ one of the healings uh uh um uh one of

the gifts rather I should say is that the healing
that you experience just now is actually yours you

inherited it by seeing Jesus Lord amen amen so go
back to John and you see here here’s a patter in

in the midst of our sin in the midst of our fear
in the midst of being fearing Jesus came and stood

in the midst looks like their sin does not stop
him from appearing but when he appear where they

were assembled together in one room this was the
upper room he appeared in the midst and what did

he say peace be with you when he had said this
why must say when he had said this focusing on

the piece that he just said when he had said this
he showed them his hands and his sight what is

that the finished work in other words the basis
for you to have peace peace of conscience is to

know that I paid for your sins here is the Divine
receipt prise the Lord here is the Divine receipt

and you know something I bore your sins and God
turned his back on me pour out his WTH the back

parts of God is where the WTH and judgment fell
on Jesus when he was carrying our sins he never

sinned he never did any sin but he carried our
sins and God’s punishment fell on him that was

meant for you and I now the fact that he can
God can him from the the date means what it’s

a finished work God made him sit on his right hand
such an honor placs on him are you with me so far

okay so he’s telling us then when he said this
he showed them his hand so peace comes by knowing

the finished work all right and then the disciples
were glad when they saw the Lord now they see his

person they are glad what is this now Joy so peace
and joy will happen when you come together on a

Sunday remembering the Lord now this goes against
every you know everything you hear about oh those

people down there they only Sunday Christians
aren’t you glad they are still coming on

Sunday why criticize people
you know there are a lot of

people out there who don’t even
attend church at all except for

Christmas for felis na that to sing that
and then go home right and then you are

you are criticizing people who attend church on
Sunday yes I understand we have to be Christians

Monday Tuesday Wednesday all the way yes I
agree with that but Sunday is a special day

ordained by the Lord don’t say it’s not special
it’s a day where he reveals the finish work and

his person the finished work ministers peace
his person ministers Joy no wonder the Bible

says that everywhere you go you shall be a
blessing you shall go out with joy and and

be led forth with peace and everywhere you
go the Trees of the field will clap their

hands you will be a blessing everywhere you
go all the Crooked places made straight all

the Tony bushes will give for flowers
everything that’s a curse will become a

blessing when you go out with joy and
be led forth with peace and here it

tells you the pattern I believe
that going out with joy and being

for with peace look at the context
it’s really after the finished work

after Isaiah

53 amen also on Sunday Jesus expounded on the
road of EMAs Sunday he expounded to them things

concerning himself his person and their hearts
were warm that’s Joy their hearts were warm they

felt the love of God how many of you you when
when the word of God is unveiled then you see

your heart is warmed yes you’re going to see
more this year am amen you’re going to see more

I I pray that you’ll be you’ll be looking
for that warm heart you know not not not

not Co intellect you don’t you can keep your Co
intellect at home but a warm heart we want your

intellect of course you know but amen you need
intellect what to criticize right so so bring

your intellect don’t don’t leave your intellect
at home okay we just have to wash your intellect

this way the the the blood of Jesus and then put
it back you be okay put it back the other way I

mean you’ll be all right amen most Christians I
tell you you turn back their brain right become

normal like the kingdom of God is put on the
reversal you want to be great surf amen you

exalt yourself you’ll be pushed down amen it’s
opposite from what the world tells you go for

number one right take care of number one forget
about others Jus says serve you’ll be great amen

right even the principle of companies that are
successful in all that they learn to serve the

needs of the people the company that does that
with Integrity they will last long and they will

grow the moment they forget it’s all about the
people and think about profit margin only they

start to dwindle so even in the natural these
principles apply okay don’t distract me let’s

finish it all right so even on the day of EMAs
when he walked on the EMAs it was a Sunday what

happened he expounded things con concerning
himself and they ended up with the Lord’s

Supper on a Sunday and that’s why in this church
I don’t impose this on all the pastors all the

churches it’s just a personal revelation with
me every Sunday we remember the Lord’s Supper

why it’s on his finished work it Focus us back on
him amen and Pastor Prince it can become a ritual

right you know something eating your food every
day can also be a ritual right right something

you eat and I ask you what you eat you got to
stop and think about what you eat eight just

now right you know it’s convenient we say that
kind of thing no friend do it with revelation

of cost do it with love amen so the Lord supper
got it are you with me so far what happens when

you don’t attend church one one Sunday that very
Sunday the the same Sunday Jesus uh appeared to

them in the upper room someone was missing his
name is th Thomas he was absent we call doubting

Thomas it’s a bit unfair that his name becomes
doubting Thomas like Alzheimer you know go back to

his family reunion the mother asking him how come
your name become like you know you discovered you

should be rewarded but not punished forever more
your name is like right thank God for that person

who you know thank God for all the discoveries
but church here we see that Sunday is important

because Thomas wasn’t there and Thomas became an
unbelieving believer it’s a misn noral unbelieving

Believer you know of unbelieving Believers just
one Sunday want 10 Church become unbelieving

believer the world is stronger so he says unless
I see the print of his the nails in his hands

I will not believe so the next Sunday Jesus
appeared stop why didn’t Jesus appear to him on

Tuesday why didn’t Jesus appear to him on

Thursday because pastor at that time menu and
Liverpool were playing know why Jesus waited for

another Sunday is a lesson for all of us to tell
us how valuable and how important it is that day

to him and to tell you that even the Holy Spirit
not just the father ordained the Feast of first

FRS on a Sunday Jesus rose himself the second
person of the godhead rose on a Sunday but the

Holy Spirit the third person of the godhead came
and baptized the church the birthday of the church

in Acts the book of Acts in the upper room he came
on a Sunday wow pente Pentecost is 49 days right

from here 49 itself is actually Sabbath 50th day
Pentecost is 50 from first fruits the Feast of

first fruit he came on a Sunday so the Triune God
is the one you know this idea about worshiping on

Sunday and all it’s man’s Tradition now you hear
is the Triune God is involved John say says I was

in the spirit on the Lord’s day and I Heard a
Voice I think God is telling us he will speak

to us in a clearer way you know Christians are
always very uh super spiritual you know you tell

them that we’re coming for this tree request and
a every day I can make request to God right they

don’t see God’s ways there are there are occasions
of seasons and special anointing even in the Old

Testament the people outside were praying at The
Hour of Prayer Zachariah John’s father was at the

altar of incense and they were waiting for him to
come out because altar of incense is a picture of

prayer and they were praying outside because they
know that at The Hour of Prayer When you pray God

hears their prayers so back then they have an hour
of prayer for us we can pray at all times yes but

there are special occasion you find you find for
example when they came together as a church we one

one voice they prayed and the place was shaken and
they were filled with the Holy Spirit there are

different ways ways of prayer if one way doesn’t
seem to work you come through another way amen

are you with me so far so there’s an anointing
that God released many years ago God said to

me make every year a year to tell the people to
focus on three requests and I believe there’s a

special anointing I believe that there are seasons
yes you can pray any time amen but let me advise

you if you are praying on your own things are
not happening maybe God wants you to se someone

out all right for example the one that’s writing
against me if you find that your prayer is not

working in any area whatever it is maybe God wants
you to come to me to pray for you in that way you

have to humble yourself sometimes that happens
for example the Samaria when Samaria received

the word of God all right they didn’t receive the
Holy Spirit right so what happened the church had

to send Peter and John over to pray for them to
receive now the Samaritans and the Jews they have

no Fellowship it’s a way of humbling them for them
to realize although they’re safe they need Peter

and John Jewish people the Jewish church people to
come over so sometimes you know we say no no God

answer my prayer I’m sick here but I don’t want
to ask anyone it’s pride and God loves you so

much and God wants to break that Pride that pride
is hindering you from saying sorry to your wife

sorry to your kids even this year let’s destroy
all these things Amen in the name of Jesus so

let’s go to the story itself because uh time is
uh flowing and I I need to finish it off okay wow

time just flies should I preach till midnight okay
so I told you just now right four time periods so

we have first day of the week by the way also
first day of the week 1 Corinthians 16 it says

uh on the first day of the week let each one of
you Paul is writing lay something aside storing

up as he may prosper ER okay first day of the week
collection offering isn’t the Bible wow can I give

another day of course can but God’s ordained way
and it shows how much God honors the day so Sunday

is not man’s idea it’s a picture of being under
grace a new order has come prise the Lord I said

a new order has come so even for Thomas the next
Sunday Jesus appeared right after eight that’s on

a Sunday his disciples were G insight and Thomas
with Jesus came didn’t happen on a Monday didn’t

happen Tuesday it didn’t happen on Wednesday it
happened on the next Sunday and Jesus told Thomas

reach out your finger here look at my hands do
not be unbelieving but believing so Thomas had a

privilege of touching Jesus after he rose from the
dead hey yours is better because he goes on to say

you believe because you have sinned blessed are
those who have not seen and yet believed you got

a blessing that Thomas didn’t have amen okay back
to Acts 20 all right Paul was long preaching there

are many lambs okay so there are four time periods
I mentioned the first one already and we are

stuck stuck because of Revelation and the
sweetness that’s dropping from the honeycomb

it drops slowly is it honeycomb don’t drop it
drop slowly all right in the song of songs the

the the bridegroom looks at the bright Jesus
looks at at the church at the believer and say

your lips drop as a honeycomb right slowly with
sweetness amen but you’re in a Hara so I got to

give you some honey just spread them all out you
know all right there were many lambs okay they so

they Paul was ready to depart the next day ready
to depart what is that tell you yall got this the

holy spirit in you bear witness ready to depart
what time period is that the Rapture the Rapture

anytime can happen Okay so that is forgotten the
holy spirit is showing us why the Church of Jesus

Christ today is not as successful as prosperous as
it was in the book of Acts at that time period you

know there was a time in the Middle Ages when the
church is no more prosperous they lost their uus

right and what happened God raised Martin Luther
and Martin Luther preached something that was

preached already what was it Pauling Revelation
now here’s where I come to come this ready to

depart the next day who was the one that gave up
the gave gave us for the first time the revelation

of the Rapture the Apostle Paul I want to tell you
something about the Apostle Paul a lot of people

say Pastor Prince you know you preach a lot from
Paul’s letters and all that listen the whole Bible

is for us I said the whole Bible is for us every
scripture is God brief and it’s profitable okay

for correction reproof instruction for the man
of God that be fish okay you be perfect complete

equipped now listen carefully having said that the
Old Testament when you read if you get stuck in

the Old Testament all the time you can be very
legalistic after that you can be very heavym

minded you can be very judgment conscious my wife
got stuck on Ezekiel one time and she she she was

telling me wow I’m I’m trying my best to persevere
she has a daily reading right but she was reading

Ezekiel Jeremiah and all that oh a lot of crying
for Jeremiah came to eel po po Ezekiel they all

rejected him you know so I make sure you read the
New Testament yeah I read the New Testament also

you got to make sure they interpret everything
in the light of the new you shall bring forth the

Bible says the Treasures of the old because of the
new so in other words you got to be established in

the Pauline Revelation why do you say Pauline
Revelation because God chose Paul that is not

to say we are not we’re not disparaging Peter and
John their Ministry is equally important all right

indeed indispensable all right what they share
but God has given a special honor to Paul to write

three fours of the New Testament and it’s through
Paul’s Revelation that we know justification by

faith which Martin Luther when he preached the
church was restored back to its prosperous State

and people began to prosper in their lives people
began to be blessed it was the restoration of

justification by faith it’s a well-known fact that
was it was Paul John was there at the cross he saw

the cross didn’t fully understand what happened
he was there physically with Jesus mother Mary

and then Peter was was was Far Away looking at the
cross all right he knew something happened he knew

Jesus died in the general way lat on he preached
in the book of Acts he knew generally Jesus died

for sin and all that but not justification by
faith that’s something that Jesus the ascended

Christ gave to Paul Paul says I took PE believers
and I threw them into jail I persecute them when

they were stoning Steven the first Mar of the
church I was holding the the clothing of the the

people that stone him and he was the one of the
highest Authority there giving his approval go

ahead kill him well on the way to Damascus Jesus
appeared to him and he fell from his high horse

literally and Jesus says why do you Saul Saul why
do you persecute me Paul says I was a blasphemer

I’m the chief of Sinners but I received this Mercy
you know what he says uh in Ephesians 3 assuming

by the way that you know God gave me Paul is
talking the special responsibility extending his

grace to you Gentiles as I briefly wrote earlier
God himself revealed his mysterious plan to me as

you read what I have written you will understand
my insight into this plan regarding Christ God

did not reveal it to previous generations you read
the Old Testament and it’s profitable okay you can

learn a lot from there but remember they’re not
written to you don’t accept the judgments there

as for you you can learn from their lives just
like if I read something from a celebrity that

that uh we all admire a football style whatever
you know uh Cristiano Ronaldo wrote to to someone

who is a a fan and then uh I said can I read it
he said sure and I read it but some things are

personal he might say hey I find that vitamin D
helps me a lot if he says that all right maybe you

can use that also and they are kind of friends
you know but I I I read that and I said maybe

that will help me also but not everything there
is written for me you follow what I’m saying so

be aware of that that’s all but when it comes to
the Epistles it’s all written to you it’s written

to the church it’s written to those under grace
amen all right so Paul says that uh God did not

reveal it to previous generations but now by his
Spirit he has revealed it to His Holy Apostles

and Prophets and this God’s plan both Gentiles
Jews who believe the good news share equally in

the riches all right now look at verse seven by
God’s grace and mighty power I have been given

the privilege of serving him by spreading the good
news drop down though I’m the least deserving of

all God’s people because he persecuted the church
before he knew Christ God graciously gave me the

privilege of telling the Gentiles the non-jews
about endless Treasures I was chosen to explain

to everyone this mysterious plan I was chosen to
explain everyone this plan that God the creator of

all things had kept secret from the beginning that
God would send his son so that you will not just

be forgiven but justified by faith that’s a pollen
Revelation amen are you listening amen the Rapture

is a pollen Revelation the Lord supper for example
Paul Paul in 1 Corinthians 11 he could have gone

to Matthew Mark Luke and and say hey tell me
about about Matthew at Matthew and Mark he can

go to them and say hey tell me about the Lord’s
Supper but no Jesus himself revealed to John uh

to Paul he says I receive of the Lord Jesus the
same night that he was betrayed he took bread

he received the Revelation that’s why he touches
more on what happened what is all this about disc

Discerning the Lord’s body you won’t die before
your time you’ll be healed you’ll be strong it’s

because people don’t discern the Lord’s body so
Paul has a revelation he sees the cross others

see the cross they see a mar dying for them
others look and say a poor man you know he’s

a good man why did he die but Paul when you look
at that the holy spirit gives him the Revelation

you see the old creation is finished there you’re
going to rise from the dead and you will rise a

new creation in him the mystery of the the body
of Christ was given to Paul the High Calling of

the church and its inheritance was given to Paul
amen are you with me so far the Rapture a Rapture

is not man’s idea oh someone in the 1800s you
know uh came up with this idea of the Rapture

you know uh uh uh these people um anyhow just no
my friend Paul himself says in First Corinthians

4:13 he says I say to you by the word of the Lord
I say to you by the word of the Lord then he talk

about the Rapture not all of us would die he’s
coming for us all right the dead in Christ will

rise first wo my mother will be young again not
not you know not like a spirit flying you know she

be clothed she have a body a body that’s forever
forever young strong healthy can never die we’re

looking forward for that so Paul Paul preached
still ready to depart the next day or the King

James says Morrow the morrow so what is that
tell us just imagine this year live life this

what he told me to tell you live life 24 hours
a day just think of 24 hours a day you can make

plans and all that but the problem making plans
sometime if you worry about it then stop making

plans live now tell the person that you love
you love them now leave in the 24 hours it’s

amazing what that does to worry panic attacks
and all that it’s always based on what’s going

to happen tomorrow what’s going to happen next
week what going to happen next month stop that

live within the 24 hours because tomorrow you
are departing he may he may come tonight he may

come afterwards we do not know but we leave
our life ready to depart yeah I’m not saying

die know I’m saying he’s coming for us we’re
going up not down that’s a Christian posture

to wait for his son from Heaven the Bible
says every generation has that privilege

but I believe we are very very very close amen
and then what happened uh Paul continued his

message until midnight it’s dark it’s dark
all around it’s very very dark am I right

hello around morality and all that there’s
moral corruption there’s like oh my goodness

you cannot even believe that 10 or 20 years ago
people allow these things to happen getting very

dark all around where where our children going
to find the compass the moral compass the the

The Godly character that builds a successful life
where it’s Darkness all around so you see it says

Paul preached until midnight what happened is that
we need to be listening to Paul’s Revelation all

the way even until midnight so someone did not
write let’s follow there were many lamps Paul his

message until midnight there were many lamps in
the upper room where they were gathered together

many many lights many lamps it was a beautiful
picture it reminds me when I read this of the

time when there’s Darkness all around in Egypt
in Exodus 10 there was thick darkness in all the

land of Egypt three days they did not see one
another nor did anyone rise from his place for

three days but all the children of Israel God’s
people had light in their dwellings now if you

think for one moment right oh let means they were
able to have more fuel lamps hey all the Egyptians

also in fact the the Israelites were slaves the
Egyptians are not the Egyptians had a lot of fuel

candles and lamps they have access to all these
things but they could not produce the light that

those nights it was a supernatural Darkness they
cannot get rid of it but in the house therefore

in the house of Israel the light there must also
be Supernatural so I’m telling you this year this

year your house dwellings all the individual
families dwellings there is plural right your

house will have Supernatural light and I’m praying
that for my children my family my son will be 12

years was old this year I’m praying that he will
see more and more light when you see the light

you cannot unsee it or else he’ be influenced by
the media social media influenced by his friends

influenced by what’s on TV you know influenced
by all the it’s Darkness all around we got to

pray that that light be in our families am and
somehow when they depressed in that Darkness you

know they they lost in that that self occupation
and obsessive thoughts and all that at least they

know where to come back home to where there’s
light and when there’s you know you don’t have

to even uh uh curse the darkness or kick the
darkness out when there’s light darkness is

gone see many many times you sit down here you

don’t understand everything
I preach yeah but light came

on the light come in you see I see I cannot
explain it but I see it amen because that

happened to me many years ago as a as a Young Man
in a church the light just came on I said wow this

is real this is not just playing Church you know
this is real God’s presence is real the Bible is

real okay let’s go back to the story hey y’all
don’t hold me back quick let’s finish off come

on there were many lambs in the upper room where
they were gathered together it’s a picture of

there was midnight all around that that that
Upper Room the area right in the third floor

where they all gathered but there were many
lambs means what it was bright Paul was there

and I think all these lamps can be down through
church history there have been many lamps in the

church Martin Luther is one of them amen D Moody
and all the heroes of faith that down through the

years we have seen them many lamps in the upper
room upper room is like a picture of the house

of God the Church of Jesus Christ and here you
can also apply in a secondary way the Lambs in

your house make sure there’s a lot of things in
your house that Minister light good books all

around amen surround your family to make sure
that they see verses on on you know don’t fill

up with worldly stuff then you wonder I wonder
where he learned that from you know from you you

surround them and they Feit on these things the
Bible says put the verses around Amen in fact in

the book of Deuteronomy literally it says put it
on your door post put it on your Gates yeah make

sure that they have access make sure they have a
time to themselves hope you told them yesterday

have you thought about your threee requests amen
take time to pray get excited about Sunday start

getting excited and your children will also get
excited that is the best day of the week amen I

can’t begin to tell you God is my witness I’ve
heard so many testimonies I know myself before

I became you know full-time Pastor when I
was working out there that I would preach

in church I wasn’t full time yet I preach and I
hear so many other testimonies of people saying

the same thing I preach I put in a lot right but
Monday I have to go to work somehow right Monday

I got so much blessings on Monday business people
tell us that they got some of the best deals on

Monday amen we need the help of the Lord huh we
need the grace of God one guy came to me and said

you know in in our church many years ago you
know Pastor Prince I do not know about favor

and all that all that is good now I God favor
God helping me but actually I work very hard

now very hard to get all this uh sales coming
so he was the top sales person that that that

month you see so he was saying oh you know I I
I did a lot so I said what’s your problem said

my problem is that I don’t not know which part
is God blessing me God giving me all this and

which part is my effort so I put my hand on
your shoulder I said very simple very simple

I said okay you you want to be clear right what
is God’s part what is your part right I’m going

to pray for you right now okay I’ll pray for you
right now I’m going to ask God to remove all his

involvement all right revoke all his favor all the
places where he make your crooked places straight

even before you came on the scene where he work
on that on that client’s heart even before you

met him where he where he gave you favor with
the boss even when you’re not in the room the

boss all think about favorable thoughts about you
it’s from God okay all that I tell God to Lord

not one inch okay just for one month I said then
at the end of the month you come back and tell

me he put his hand on my hand and say Pastor
I’m just asking only just saying just saying

just amen anyone want me to pray if
you you doubt God’s involvement just

you shall remember the Lord your God
it is he who gives you power to get

wealth amen not not any welfare state not the
government not the world not your boss they’re

not your thoughts God is amen quick I’m want
to finish it or not quick all right so let’s

drop down what happened how did Mr fortunate
fell off from his high place he he was he was

sitting at the window okay one thing let me tell
you this don’t sit at the window okay you forget

anything I preached today just remember don’t
sit at the window what does that mean okay

when you sit at the window okay in a way right
you are actually you are sitting at the window

it’s what you call sitting on the fence wow
you can see Darkness all around in fact you

see more Darkness because it’s white outside
there you look in front It’s All Bright there

are many lamps but you are in between that
is the problem that we have today especially

among the Young Generation this this one here
is a young man God tell us how to reach to

this next next generation and one of the things
that God told me very clearly all right is this

year reach out to the young people on purpose
all the youus and bring them to the house of

God Amen and by the way yes I cannot let goola
this one sitting on the window right window is

usually square right square right you’re watching
everything that’s happening all the lights all

[Laughter] right you’re not involved you’re not in
it you’re sitting on the fence and you’re here and

there something’s very exciting I thought I heard
a owl Crow you look outside you’re looking at the

darkness you’re looking at the light and Bible say
very clearly he felt as Paul continued speaking

and not not only that but church has switched off
her years to Paul’s preaching justification by

faith Pauling Revelation they say that I read
my Bible gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John I

just read the Reds the words in red listen Jesus
words these are Jesus words but these are Jesus

words where he’s speaking to the Jews most of the
time as well as also many of them are applicable

to us today for sure but the places where he
says go not to the way of Gentiles go to the

rather to the lowship of the house of of Israel
doesn’t apply today all right take a sock with

you there’s one part he says doesn’t apply today
are you listening but at the end in the upper

room Jesus said to them I have many things to say
unto you that means all all the rest of his uh his

ministry three and a half years is not it’s just
milk milk and it’s not the meat that comes through

Paul in Revelation but Pastor I rather believe
Jesus than Paul there’s no competition listen

Paul words are not Paul’s words Paul’s words
first Thessalonians 2 for this reason we thank

God Paul is saying without ceasing because when
you receive the word of God which you heard from

us you welcome it not as the word of men but as it
is in truth the word of God which also effectually

works in you who believe Paul is Paul is saying I
receive my teaching about justification by faith

the Rapture the Lord’s Supper uh uh the mystery
of the body of Christ all that I receive from the

Lord so in other words you are saying I I read
only the gospels and the teachings of Jesus in

the gospels all right if that’s all then you are
you are following the teachings of Jesus where he

he said at the end of his Earthly life I have many
things to say but you’re not able to Bear them now

but when the holy spirit’s come so in other words
Paul’s Ministry was eluded there as well because

he wrote three fours of the New Testament and
Paul’s words are not paulse words as you see here

is the words of the ascended Christ not Christ
when he was on Earth but the words of the ascended

Christ therefore all of Paul’s letters you can
read freely is All For You amen amen amen find a

church where you feel that the Pauling Revelation
is being expounded New Creation realities are

unfolded this young man fell at Paul’s
preaching you would have thought be so

exciting to hear all this revelation
all right why he was looking at Two

Worlds and Paul was preaching you know there
can be death to your mind which means what you

can’t remember things anymore all right death
can be depression in your mind death in your

relationship was what you lose someone you loved
you’re no more together once you were so in love

now you are at odds finding fault with each other
that’s death has come in so God is showing us why

no more fortunate no more prosperous in the
area why death has come in what’s the answer

do we just say fall down dead yeah I serve him
right notice from where he fell fell from the

third story that’s the place we are seated with
Christ you know there are three Heavens the Bible

talks about it all right atmospheric Heaven the
universe Heaven and the third heaven which you

can cannot see your eyes that’s where God dwells
so beautiful perfect and we all seated with Christ

there how do I know this Paul in Revelation
Paul’s letters paes we are seated with Christ

and when you forget the truths you fall from
your high place listen carefully in the in the

New Testament doesn’t say backslide backslide
is like this you know watch backslide means

on the same level is this backslide okay oh see
stumbling block uh there’s a difference there’s

a difference that’s backslide this is stumbling
block make sure you don’t lay a stumbling block

in front of your brother or behind your brother
right you know what’s fall or not fall up there

you fall down Old Testament says God says I will
heal your backsliding Israel because they’re all

on the level low level but the Fall From Grace
in the New Testament is falling from grace that

means what Grace is higher here The Mercy Seat
is here in the Ark of the Covenant the law is

here when you go back to the law you fall from
grace You Fall From Grace by trying to keep the

law okay so he fell in deep Sleep what’s the
answer let’s come to the answer the conclusion

and yall can go home all right the answer is
Paul went down church this new generation of

people we cannot just wake them we cannot just
hold them we got to go down to their level Paul

went down fell on him and embracing him said
do not trouble yourself for his life is in

him they Embrace Paul’s res Bible says Paul’s
handkerchiefs can even drive out evil spirits

and those handkerchiefs are sweat handkerchiefs
you know imagine that I’m waiting for the day

man W hallelujah amen the resurrection power of
Jesus is such that you can just take a hany put

on someone and evil spirits will leave that person
amen their bodies are healed amen so Paul was like

that he was so anointed he just he just grabbed
the person I’m sure he prayed in the name of Jesus

and the boy was raised from the dead what does he
do okay since this happened you all break up with

me again tomorrow no they went back up when he
had come up had broken bread and eaten and talk a

long while still preach say okay in conclusion in
conclusion in conclusion and you’ll say wow this

guy really not like the Apostle Paul you know
now you see for yourself that’s why I preach

this the guy is writing down a lot W this
one now when he had come up and broken bread

he talk a long while even till day break day
break is what when a new day day arrives where

there’s no more night the Bible says there’s
one a day coming that there’s no more night

during Jesus return now not the Rapture now
at the end Jesus returned see the church is

waiting for the bright and Morning Star Israel
is waiting for the sun of righteousness what’s

the difference Morning Star appears very early
you see about 4 plus 5 a.m. you look out you see

a bright star usually it’s Venus planet
all right it’s known as The Morning Star

okay early in the morning Jesus rose from the
dead early in the morning we are we’re going

to get raptured first Israel will still be here
except for those among them who are saved many

of them are still and unbelieved therefore
they are waiting for sun of righteousness

Sun later on comes after the morning after the
day break so Paul preached until day break and

they brought the young man in aive and they
were not a little comforted it’s very very

interesting but in the days to come I’m going to
share with you also about this way of raising the

dead that’s very interesting Elijah embraced
the child that was dead his successor elishah

embraced another dead child both were raised
from the dead here you have Paul embracing this

young man we do not know how oh he is probably
a teenager he embraced him he was raised from

the dead God spoke to me about all all these
Embraces ask the Lord because in this coming

year all right there’s something about this
I must be wait until next week so I’m going

to tell you not just the Next Generation for
the church but also your own children how to

bring them back how to bring them back to life
how to bring them to the things of God bring

them back to the high place in Christ amen amen
it’s not for no reason utus is called prosperous

and he’s a young man God is telling the church
that your Prosperity your blessing lies in the

Next Generation for this year our eyes must be
focused on helping them giving them the tools

they need they need and reaching out to them
as well amen and in the days to come I’ll be

sharing in the weeks to come I’ll be sharing on
what God showed me about this embrace all three

instances they Embrace a dead body amen praise
the Lord are you yes amen give Jesus the praise

then so we’ve learned to Value the first day of
the week and yet leave life like the tomorrow he

coming all right this could be the last day and
it’s psychologically it’s good also to leave one

day at a time you may plan but please plan with
no worries no Strife but live today live just

for today don’t let your mind drift to tomorrow
H Jesus said this in Sermon on the Mount don’t

worry about tomorrow tomorrow will have his
own worry leave one day at a time sufficient

is the day okay number two it’s midnight all
around have you have you realized that it’s

midnight it’s one of the darkest times you kind
of thought to be sitting on the fence I come to

church once a while you know I still love the
world I still love this because death will come

into your life and I don’t mean physical death
I’m talking about death in some cases there are

physical deaths I I know about cases like that
as well people lose their life because they

left church and then no more in the teaching got
into all kinds of bad habits or whatever and then

they died because of drugs or whatever di I can
trace it back all the time to where the parents

might just say don’t have to go to church okay
never mind it’s okay oh you’re too tired today

never mind every Sunday is important Thomas
became an unbelieving believer Jesus appeared

from Sunday to Sunday in his resurrected
[Music] form amen have you lost your good

fortune have you stopped listening to Pauline
Revelation New Testament preaching have you

stopped listening to the means that now in
this church we Endeavor to preach a lot on

the pollen Revelation have [Music] you let’s
make a roundabout face right now let called

repentance let’s change our mind and say we
going to priortize the Lord’s Day partise the

Lord’s supper now I just give some mention about
the Lord’s Supper but it’s there crucial crucial

I believe for our Health and Longevity and then
also the younger generation amen praise the Lord

so before we pray for the three requests if you
have never received Jesus as your personal Lord

and Savior the Bible says believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ you shall be saved in your house

pray this prayer with me right now say heavenly
father I thank you for your great love for me and

I confess Jesus Christ is my Lord and my savior
father thank you that Christ died for my sins

and you raised him from the dead when all my sins
were cleared at that cross thank you Father I’m

seated with Christ in Heavenly places in Jesus
name amen congratulations you are now a child

of God Amen your sins forgiven welcome to the
family of God stand to your feet Church you got

your uh your Tre prayer requests ready all right
it’s just like Zachariah you know the people are

waiting for him right outside you know for The
Hour of Prayer so there’s a special anointing

right though you can pray at all times but these
three requests I’ve seen so many amazing answers

to it now do you have it in one form or another
okay your phone or whatever it is just leave it

up before the Lord it was so sad that Zechariah
came up and he was dumb we cannot have a dumb

priest amen and the it’s because he didn’t believe
the word of the Angel but we who believe in Jesus

Christ we preach we open our mouth and preach
Grace in the revelation of Paul that God gave

him the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and it’s by
his grace we receive this three requests yeah God

says it’s kind of funny I just heard this some
of you you have number one A B C D number two

A B C D and and it’s like the Lord just showed
me you know just God showed me and in case you

are wondering whether God will answer he just
assured me he will answer okay yeah one of your

requests wisdom has been given you already lift
up your hands father we thank you Lord for your

word today we thank you Father God that you have
hidden secrets in your word Lord to be revealed

to your people and these truths that we have
seen these are truths Lord that will chart our

course make straight our pathway for this year
2024 Father in heaven we thank you and we ask in

Jesus name that as all these requests are lifted
before you father you told me Lord number of years

ago that to do this every year so I know father
that you are ready to answer all these requests

far exceeding and abundantly more than they can
ever even ask or think and in the name of Jesus

father answer this requests as we bring before
you Lord as an Act of Faith right now we lift up

before you father and all my three request as
well father we lift up before you father here

and send your answers send your healings send
your deliverances send your break truths and

let them all Manifest this year this year Lord
in the name of the Lord Jesus we asked and all

the people said amen God bless you I’ve kept you
long enough be blessed and have your tiers back in

your life amen you are dismissed introducing the
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habit of starting your day right with the word of
[Music] God let’s pray this short prayer together

heavenly father thank you for your deep love and
detailed care for me I’m grateful that you value

me so much and that you know even before I ask
what I really [Music] need help me to remember

that no problem or need is too small for you to
handle I bring all my cares to you knowing that

you are attentive to every little detail of
my life in Jesus name amen today everyone is

looking to amuse thems they are engaged in social
media because there’s a constant craving to be

amused musing is opposite from Amusement
Muse means you are silently contemplating

meditating so shut down everything else
that will distract you spend time bring

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