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Ministries coming up next on changing


world hello everybody and welcome to

this special Christmas edition of

changing your world I’m K Lo doala and

all week we have been dealing with the

Practical side of our Christmas

celebration and today we’re going to ask

a very interesting

question is Jesus

enough for our

Salvation or should we add something to

Jesus this is going to bless your life

stay tuned and I’ll see you right after


message this is your world so let’s vow

to make it a better

place let every heart that me to

know you love is here say oh it’s time

we live a new life oh let us Sun sh R in

you we saved by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are


Chang if you have your Bibles go with me

to the book of Acts chap

4: 10-2 we’re going to read it in the

King James and then read verse

12 in the

NLT I want to talk to you for for today

this is so very important I keep hearing

people saying they make these long list

about all the things you have to do to

be saved and and if you don’t do that

then you know you’re going to go to hell

and if you don’t do this then you’re not

really saved uh but I thought I got

saved the day I got saved now well no

that was you just really and um and and

I’m wondering is Jesus enough for our

Salvation so I want to talk about that

today is Jesus enough to keep our


or are we going to continue to be

instructed to keep adding stuff to it is


enough to keep our Salvation cuz that’s

pretty important right now you need to

know it and you need to be very secure

in what the word word of God says about


salvation because if you leave it up to

some people you if you breathe wrong you

you you ain’t say come on you’re going

to be in Hell by 12:00 you know it’s

like do it’s like we have this thing

about loving to send people to hell and

using fear as a mechanism to try to keep


saved look at this acts

4: 10-2 he said be it known unto you all

and to all the people of Israel that by

the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

whom you

crucified whom God raised from the dead

that same Jesus even by him doth this

man stand here before you

whole verse

11 he said now Jesus now is the stone

which was set at not of you of you

Builders which is become he’s he’s

become the head of the Cornerstone

so Jesus is the head of the Cornerstone

he said this Stone but Jesus is the head

of the

Cornerstone neither is there salvation

in any

other for there is none other name under

Heaven given among

men whereby we must be

saved nobody

else but

Jesus and then look at the look at verse

12 in the

NLT he said there is salvation in no one

else God has given no other name under

Heaven by which we must be saved there

is salvation in no one else there is no

salvation in nobody else but

Jesus and then in John St John chapter

14 and verse 6 and the King

James St John 14 and verse 6 and the

King James he says Jesus saith unto

him I am the

way the

truth the

life no

man how many is no man no

man cometh unto the

father but By

Me Nobody nobody’s coming to Father

nobody’s getting into heaven nobody’s

coming to the father’s Throne except by

Jesus Christ well I don’t agree I

believe there are many ways to God Ain

but one way to


now traditionally

speaking what about the grounds for

keeping our

Salvation what about sinning willfully

after having known the

truth that if I if if I want to stay

saved I got to make sure I don’t sin

willfully what about bearing fruit and

if I don’t bear fruit I’ll be cut off

and somebody says you go to

hell what about being hot

you can’t be hot or cold but you got to


lukewarm and if you Loew that ain’t

going to get it cuz God say he going to

spit you out his

mouth and that mean you ain’t save no

more what about not having enough oil in

the lamp when Jesus returns what about

forgetting to confess your

sins well the Bible says you got to

confess your sins well what if you get

what if you forgive get

one what if you can forget the sin that

you went to the restaurant and you just

had a bad attitude that’s sin anything

that fall falls short of Love is sin

what you seriously seriously think calm

down C you seriously

think that God is going to you know

you’re going to lose your salvation

because you forgot to confess something

he’s already taken care


uh go to Hebrews chapter 10:28 in the

New Living Translation I I think that’s

it Hebrews chapter I think it’s 928 in

the in the Hebrew in the U

NLT what about the unforgivable

sin oh the unforg the unforgivable sin

if you if you commit the unforgivable

sin you lose your salvation we spent

more time trying to find reasons for

people to to lose their salvation and

this morning I just want to set the

record straight we believe in the word

of God I I have to set the record

straight uh Hebrews chapter 9:28 before

I start this he says so also Christ was

offered once for all times as a

sacrifice to do what take away the sins

of many

people he will come

again not to deal with our sins

what he’s coming again but not not to

deal with your sins why is he not coming

again to deal with your

sins cuz he’s already dealt with it sin

is something that’s dealt with it’s it’s

a it’s a done deal he’s already handled

that and if you’re still struggling

trying to figure out how to handle it

yourself he says I’m not coming back to

deal with your sins I’ve already handled

your sins but I’m coming back but to to

bring Salvation to all who are eager

waiting for him and that’s the salvation

of your your your your your new body

that’s going to be put on your glorified

body now let’s get into this let’s study

the scriptures carefully and find out is

Jesus enough or do we need to add

something else to him is he enough

because some Christians are convinced

that Jesus is enough

let’s begin in John chapter

15 verse 2 in the King James let’s look


Jesus plus bearing fruit what’s the deal

there is there see I believe that it’s

Jesus plus nothing but let’s let’s for

this lesson today look at Jesus and say

all right well you got to you got to

handle that issue with bearing fruit

okay well let’s look at just what he

says about this bearing fruit issue he

says every

branch in me that beareth not fruit he

taketh away and every branch that

beareth fruit he purges it that it may

bring forth more fruit now how many of

you know the Bible makes it clear that

he is the vine we are the branch say out

loud I’m a branch I’m a branch okay and

notice that the fruit appears through

the branch but if the branch is no

longer attached to the

Vine it it Withers away and it dies

right so you you can see where people

are going with this they’re they’re

saying well you know every branch in me

that beareth not fruit he taketh

away so if he takes the branch away cuz

you’re not bearing fruit then you no


saved Branch can’t be living because

it’s detached from the vine now think

think about your God whose nature is

love does that sound like something God


do does that sound like something God

would do some of you still not sure are

you cuz you’ve been camped out there for

so long you’re like well that’s what I

heard all my life but there’s one

problem with that and this is the thing

when we don’t rightly divide the word

and study it we we we we we we look at

this at first glance this scripture

seems to say that unless you bear fruit

you will be cut off from Jesus and if

we’re cut off from Jesus then when’re no

longer saved so what does this really

mean now follow me

carefully you see the phrase every

branch in me that beareth not fruit that

phrase underline it taketh

away taketh

away or another translation may say cut

off that originates from a a a Greek

word and you can look it up for yourself

strongs I think I wrote it down strongs

number one 142 and it’s the Greek word

Arrow a i r

o we translated it in English with two

words taketh away or cut

off this Greek word means this it means

to lift from the ground or to take up

you see a Vine dresser who understands

that if the branch is not getting enough

sunlight it needs to be Beed up or

lifted up or adjusted up here’s what

he’s saying every branch in me that

beareth not

fruit God’s going to Bear you up or lift


up he going to lift you up until you’re

able to bear fruit he not going to cut

you off or take you away he’s going to

prop you Up Lift You Up straighten you

up so you can bear oh my



if a person Bears no fruit at all we

don’t send that person from the church

we put him in a fellowship group so

somebody can bear him up until he’s able

to do what he needs to do this is

similar to The Vine

dresser how is it that our theology can

convince people and and and and what

kind of fruit we looking for anyway do

you think bearing fruit means money no

bearing fruit what fruit the fruit of

the spirit if this person who is now a

part of the vine is not bearing the

fruit of love and joy and longsuffering

and he’s not bearing the fruit of the

spirit let’s get him let’s hold him up

let’s bear him up though here’s the

context those those who who are strong

bear the infirmities of the

weak so you don’t need to add this to

Jesus we are connected to Jesus tree and

our fruit will be Jesus fruit glory to

God so we need we don’t need to connect

we Jesus still enough because Jesus is

the one that’s bearing you

up all right well what about the other

part and every branch that beareth

fruit he purges it that it may bring

forth more fruit now this is interesting

the second part of John 15:2 says and

every branch that bears fruit like uh

fruit he prunes that’s the word for it

he prunes that that that that that

branch that it may bear more fruit I’m

getting ready to prune some trees on my

property because it hadn’t been pruned

in it needs to Bear better fruit it’s

going to I I pruned some a rose bush and

I thought oh my God it’s destroyed

forever but when it came back the Roses

were bigger and and more red and it it

was just beautiful and here’s what he

says is he I believe that much of this

pruning is to remove religion and

mixture from our

lives yeah he’s getting ready to pre


self-dependence he’s he’s getting ready

to PR see whatever you thought about the

scripture before you got here today and

you hear and gain an understanding of

what I’m showing you right now you being

pruned baby and whatever you might be

going through in your life God may allow

some stuff to happen in your life but as

you trust him and depend on him and you

didn’t see it coming you didn’t see your

deliverance coming you didn’t see the

money coming you didn’t see the

promotion coming but all God’s trying to

do is prune you away from religion prune

you away from self- dependence get you

to a place where you say I can depend on

God that’s Jesus so it’s not Jesus plus

you got to Bear some fruit it’s Jesus

who going to help you bear the fruit

it’s Jesus who’s going to help prop you

up Jesus is enough to keep your

salvation oh come on somebody Jesus is

enough to keep your your

salvation number

two should we add the caution

of not sinning

willfully is Jesus enough to keep my

salvation or I mean sinning willfully

that that’s so strange to me since all

sin is an act of your

will when you say when you create a

category like willful sin it’s almost

like you’re saying and then there’s the

sin that you call I made a

mistake oh excuse me I cuss you I I

ain’t mean

to now I I I want to I want to walk you

through this one go go to the book of uh

Hebrews chapter

10:26 Hebrews chapter

10:26 it’s time to get it

now the end of the end has begun I don’t

I don’t know how many you know 20 30 40

50 more years I don’t know but I know it

started and what’s happening now I can

find it to you right in chapter and

verse and I can tell you what’s getting

ready to happen next I don’t have to

watch the news on this one baby it’s

already been prophesized before the

time all right now watch this carefully

so we we we got to we got to get out of

this self dependence and this religion

that’s keeping us in bondage to bad

Doctrine and bad teaching Hebrews

chapter 10 verse

26 Now read verse 26 out loud with me

the King James he says for if we sin

willfully after that we have received

the knowledge of the truth there

remaineth no more sacrifice of sin so

here’s what he’s saying here here’s what

I heard

it if you sin

willfully then there’s no more sacrifice

for you and and I I took it as okay if I

sin willfully in other words I know what

I’m doing and I did it yes God I did it

well there ain’t no more sacrifice for

you boy you going to

hell they didn’t have to tell me I

assumed that they were saying there’s no

sacrifice no more sacrifices left for

you because you sin willfully therefore

you don’t you you have lost your

salvation because you have sinned

willfully that’s not at all what it

means context is

king So sometimes in order to get the

context you got to back up several

verses of scripture I mean if we going

if we’re going to quote the Bible we

might as well know what it

mean don’t get don’t park in bad

tradition and not understand you you you

got to get the context in order to know

what it means like Malachi 3 what’s the

one that say you curs with a curse and

and I don’t even read it no more you

cursed with a curse and and uh you have

robbed God and you you you robbed the

whole nation and you done curse with the

curse you know yes that’s a horrible

scripture and we use it today to to to

get people to to to tithe but I’m

telling you if you back up about two

chapters the whole

thing was a conversation to the


priesthood he says you guys are cheating

me on what you giv me you give me the

worst of what you can give me

and then he said you know what you are

cursed with a curse we it couldn’t be

talking about us because we’re born

again and Jesus took away the curse so

is Jesus somebody that’s going to take

away the curse and then put it back on

you then take away a curse and then put

it back on you sound a little double

minded to

me that’s not even for us and we are

quoting it like it’s for

us wow man you know when you start

looking at you know is Jesus enough to

to back us up so we can bear fruit or is

he going to is he going to you know

destroy the branch and then we die and

go to hell and and you find out that’s

not it he’s he’s got our back or or when

you when you look at the the issues of

blasphemy and you realize that this is

an issue of

unbelief thank God for the birth of

Jesus Christ thank God God that he is

enough and I want you to know that I

want you to know that through your

celebration this Christmas Jesus is

enough he’s enough to be your peace he’s

enough to be your joy he’s enough to be

your provision and I am thanking God for

that so have a Merry Christmas celebrate

Jesus and understand throughout this

celebration he is enough and let me say

this this he’s more than enough God

bless you merry Christmas

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