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I just want to drop one thing in your

heart about right time right place this

year get more into prayer prayer is so

simple God Is So Close pray as

conversation with god it’s a life of

dependence it means what I cannot I

depend on him nothing is too small to

pray about I believe that when I pray

God answers again all these religious

thoughts and all that you know you gotta

find out your sin before you can talk to

God before God can hear you and all that

this kind of Consciousness can rob you

of a prayer life

you gotta know that you’re forgiven of

all your sins pray God hears your prayer

you’re a child of God

hi this is Joseph Prince Romans 1 16

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hello once again Church praise the Lord

I’m back to show you some good news and

uh three wonderful testimonies to share

with you today uh the first testimony

comes to us from a sister from Romania

in Europe and she writes that I was very

discouraged in the last two years

because my dream to become a violinist

to play the violin all right to become a

violinist seem to have failed when I

couldn’t get into the university I

wanted and sometimes we go through that

kind of disappointment where you don’t

get into the school University or course

that we want and she says that as and as

we were in the midst of the pandemic

circumstances we’ve helped me from

continuing to pursue my dream at that

time I remained home without a job or a

degree so I decided to spend more time

with Jesus that is a very wise woman

Hallelujah to get to know him more and

to let him fix my life God led me to

Pastor Prince’s sermons and my life has

completely changed I learned that true

life comes when you realize that Jesus

is all that matters

to know him is real success I had no

idea what to expect for my future but I

knew that with God nothing is impossible

so I asked him to give me a position

even though I had no degree what bonus

what faith praise the Lord and she goes

on to add in December 2022 someone heard

me play the violin in the church

see in the church not out there in the

church and took notice of me that day

the following month Pastor Prince

declared that 2023 was the Kairos year

of right time right place and he ended

the service praying for us to experience

Kara which is right happenings even in

the coming week

the day after Vision Sunday I got a call

about a job opportunity in music

teaching the person who noticed me some

weeks ago recommended me for the job so

she first got noticed in church and she

was recommended for the job I knew that

it was a favor of God he placed me to be

in the right time right place at the

right time now I have a job I’ve always

dreamed of all praise and glory to Jesus

thank you Pastor Prince for always

pointing to Jesus praise the Lord

Church you are never short changed when

you serve Jesus amen hallelujah

the second testimony comes to us from a

sister from Singapore and she writes

that when Pastor Prince shared the theme

of the year my heart leapt for Joy it

was such a good word for the dark times

we live in and I’m glad to be found in

the house of God to receive the word for

myself after the service my husband and

I started sharing what we had caught

from the sermon wonderful for husband

and wife to to discuss and to share what

you’re caught from the sermon for me I

could not stop thinking about what

Pastor Prince shared on the prayer of

Abraham’s servant when he was looking

for a bride for his master’s son Isaac

and how Rebecca came along and offered

him and his camels water so I told my

husband that this is the Kairos here and

I am loved and chosen by God therefore

things will happen in my favor after all

Pastor Prince did say that God can

change the laws and orchestrate

circumstances just for us the next day I

received a text from my company’s human

resource department one thing to have an

urgent chat with me regarding a change

in my P so when you receive a text or

email from your human resource

department right how do you feel right A

change in your pay so it’s just my heart


as it didn’t sound like good news to me

and I thought I had to pay back some


so I met up with a human resource staff

and honestly I dreaded it but to my

complete disbelief the staff told me

that I was supposed to receive a salary

increase close to four years ago when I

took my no pay leave however somehow it

was not credited to me and they

apologized for it

the staff even said they would pay back

the increment they owed to me for the

last three years including the bonuses

can give Jesus the praise now

so beautiful and then she goes on to Ed

I was trying to contain my excitement

when I heard the news because how would

I have known that they owed me money

as the staff was calculating the amount

to pay me I mentioned that it must have

been a lot of work doing this for me and

the others but the staff smart and said

thankfully it is only you

I felt so loved by the Lord and teared

there and then I know beyond the shadow

of a doubt that there was a Kairos

moment for me by the end of the week I

received the payout what an incredible

week just in time for the Chinese New

Year thank you Pastor Prince for

releasing the word I’m looking forward

to more Kairos moments the Lord has for

us this year praise the Lord beautiful


and the final testimony comes to us from

a sister from the United Kingdom and she

writes a couple of years ago while

changing a nappy on a baby at work I

felt an extrusion cruciating pain in my

lower back when I turned to take a fresh

nappy off the shelf the pain traveled

down my left leg though I completed my

task I was hobbling and bent over

somehow by praying for strength and

courage I managed to complete the day

while hiding my pain

that was the last day I worked for the

next seven months during those days I

could barely walk without crutches and

had lost my Independence as I was no

longer able to drive I was prescribed

painkillers which did not help and was

signed off with

t-shirts sorry enough pain that runs

from the lower back to the feet I was

sent to a weekly physio but could not

perform the exercises I felt very low

and frustrated as I could not walk I

could not walk could not play with my

grandchildren or perform simple tasks

I made an appointment to see a back

specialist several months later and I

was banking on them to fix me but by the

end of the appointment I was at the

lowest I’ve ever been as the specialist

told me that my spine was so damaged

that there was no way she could operate

on me and I would need to accept that my

previous active lifestyle would no

longer be possible

at that time my daughter had been

watching new Christian Church online and

asked me to watch it too praise the Lord

for her daughter one Sunday I tried to

go online to watch a service but

encountered a problem

by the time I tune in I miss missed much

of the service but after about 20

minutes Pastor Prince went into a time

of healing a time of ministry he told

the congregation to place their hand on

where the problem was so I put my left

hand on my lower back and joined the

prayer when he finished praying Pastor

Prince said to do something we could not

do although I had not felt anything I

bent and touched my toes praise God I

was able to touch my toes I jumped

hopped and cried tears of joy and

wonderment God had healed me I returned

to work a week later after not working

for seven months I can Garden Drive and

live my active life once more and I

forgot to say I’m 71 years old praise

the Lord for this beautiful testimony

the year off


the Kairos year of right time

right place


and the verse we’re going to start off


for today’s word from God is

Ecclesiastes 3 verse 11.

he has made everything beautiful

in his time

he has made everything beautiful

Everything is Everything in the Hebrew

call the word call everything

he has made everything beautiful in his

time and this is what time

in the Hebrew over here is the word Eve

which I mentioned before and the

counterpart in the Greek the Septuagint

version the Greek version of this is

for time is Kairos

he has made everything beautiful in his

Kairos so we’re learning from the Lord

that God gives times of refreshing and

literally that’s virus God gives you


of refreshing there are seasons of

refreshing we just we just even like

specifically we just went through that

just now a time of refreshing Reviving


our entire being spiritual body do you

know that right now you are stronger you

are healthier

you are more energized

a man for having been in the presence of

the Lord you’re experiencing something

that the people the galileans

um the people who followed Jesus the

multitudes that flocked to him

when he was here on Earth they sent this

sensed the presence of the Lord

the Majesty of the man

descends the the princelyness of that


by all our appearances

a lowly man and yet there’s such a

dignity the Bible says excellent as The

Cedars of Lebanon there’s meekness and

yet Majesty

I just love looking at Jesus in the

Bible and to be like him you need to

understand why we want to be like him

because there’s no one as lovely as him

he has no characteristic that

preponderates one is greater than the

other you know his meekness is not at

the expense of his majesty he has it all

in beautiful balance in the Holy


when he’s kind he’s not soft I’ve said

before amen when he is zealous he is not


for us we go into extremes

and we are all known for our certain

character characteristics Lewis Solomon

is known for his wisdom you look at at

Paul he’s known for his his revelation

of the Church of the Mysteries of the

New Testament you look at Peter you you

see a person who is

very zealous for the Jewish things

for his Nation Israel

different ones have different

characteristics all of us like that but

Jesus has all of them all together

lovely the Bible says all together

lovely that verse in the Bible

and I see many times that he’s not he’s

not vexed he’s not easily vexed look at

you and I we are so easily vexed look at

him every time you know the people we

interrupt him and these are people who

are entire him all right these are not

friendly people these are uh people who

are who have any more City in their

hearts towards him and yet he’s never

vexed he’s never frustrated

amen sometimes you speak sternly as

especially the Pharisees but he never

speaks friendly uh in that way to the to

the tax collectors or the prostitutes or

the the Sinners the common Sinners of

the day it’s only those who are blind

that Jesus used strong words

and yet such a beauty even in his words

even the strong words

that gives us revelation

and a man he’s a real man’s man

a man who single-handedly drove out all

the money changes from the temple

now you know right money changer and

their money no one can separate them

amen he did it single-handedly he spoke

two words follow me and strong fishermen

who have worked for years in the

industry look at him he’s not a

fisherman but two words follow me that

the Marines have copied the U.S Marines

have copied done through the years

follow me and they left everything and

followed him

what man is this this is exactly what

the disciple says when he was sleeping

at the end of the boat

and there was a storm and he was still


what come

what Majesty

what beauty what peace

that you and I can have

looking at this man

when he rose from the dead

he’s still the same Jesus

amen and that’s why you asked them for

broadfish and honeycomb why’d he eat in

their presence to throw hey I’m not a


I have a body you can touch and feel

except now

I can appear and reappear

there’s no coming and going anymore it’s

a appearing and real reappearing

Vanishing and appearing Vanishing to

physical sight

that’s our new body next time

so you look at Jesus

even when they came to arrest him his

mind is on the


flock his disciples you have found me

let this go

amen as he carrying the cross on his

back that’s so brutally lacerated by the

stripes and they put the cross no wonder

they had asked Simon the siren to help

him Carry the Cross to Calvary because

his back was so badly lustrated your

thoughts will be all about your pain

yourself amen you and I

near you and I we who boast so much that

we can do this we can accomplish this

night look at that man

as he falls and he carries the cross

and then his thoughts is not about

himself he looked at the woman crying he

paused and he tells them Daughters of


don’t weep for me

do not cry for me

but cry for yourselves and your children


at the cross who was he thinking of the

criminals on his side

right they were actually they start off

both of them start off like you know

persecuting him insulting him and he

said to one who turned to him later he

repented when he saw the way Jesus says

father forgive them forgive them all

so they don’t know what they are doing I

believe that one of them repented and

look at Jesus as Lord remember me

in fact the other one was still sort of

like persecuting Jesus mocking him from

the cross and the other one’s corrected

and rebuked the other one

he said we got what we deserve this man

has done nothing amist

the Centurion when the Centurion saw how

Jesus died the center and the strong you

know uh Heathen Centurion who doesn’t

believe in God

said that suddenly this was the son of

God seeing the way he died even the one

who betrayed him Judas threw the money

down and says I have betrayed innocent


even the the again uh a governor they

governed the land whom everyone is

afraid of because he represents Caesar


it doesn’t worship any God

except Caesar

what did he say

he says that I find no fault in this man

you’re looking at a man that even the

world your enemies

will say there’s no fault in him


but when we look at him we see him

deeper we see him all together lovely

to be like him

I said to be like him I look at myself

sometimes you know I say oh I still have

that that shortness of temper I still

have that irritableness I still have

that being easily vexed otherwise Jesus

not he’s not irritable he’s not it’s not

easily vexed

amen he moves among people by his

independent of them

they don’t control him just by saying if

I say this you are jump you’ll get angry

at me see I say this you respond you see

we’re all people who respond we react

he doesn’t react

to be like him

Amen to have peace

when they walk him up all right it

wasn’t a cry

of the storm right the Ferocious storm

that stood up the Sea of Galilee it was

a cry of his own disciples

it’s like a mother and a slipping

through the storm you know the moment

her baby cries a bit she gets up the

storm never woke up it’s like her

hearing got Prejudice you know


the Lord hears your cry

in the midst of the loud storm when they

say Lord he got up

he rebuked the storm and there was a

perfect calm and they said the same

thing I said just now

what kind of man is this

how man is this

then you turn around not that he has


and quieted the outside storm

he quieted the storm in their hearts by



why is it you have no faith

why is that


and the word used there is Mega storm

in the Greek

I don’t have to Define for you what’s

the matter

and the word that says there was a great

come have you noticed that you write

your English Bible there was a great

Psalm the word great is

you might be going through a mega storm

but he can in one word

give you may God come

to be like Jesus now do you want to be

like Jesus

all right the simple man amen

and I want to say something else

he’s humble

he’ll say things like you know

I don’t do these things as a father

Within Me

amen I I don’t do things out of my own

initiative but the father speaks to me

and I do and I obey him and look at us

we’re so disobedient amen we do things

our own way and yet the humility and the

humility is not like something uh you

know you look at a person who is like

that there is no standing there is

completely poor and he’s a sorry sight

you know when you look at him

it’s not the kind of humility

it’s a humility that has dignity

when he is humble no one takes advantage

of him they tried but they couldn’t even

the disciples who lived in and out with

him you know they say that you you’re

not a hero to your own valet you know

what that means right it’s an old saying

from ancient times no one is a hero to

his value so the guy goes into battle is

dressed in his his flat in his shiny

armor he wins the battle he comes back

the whole town the whole village the

whole place the whole country Praises

him right he’s the hero but to his valet

he’s never a hero

so no no one is a hero to his valet to

his armor Bearer you know why because

they see the inside and out

they see all the The Temper that you

have lost

they see all your irritability

and put him properly

and they see all that and we’re all like

this right

but Jesus is never like that because

when he’s with the disciples and

remember this they go through all kinds

of situations they sleep in every you

know most of them they sleep outside


where you must have go together to wash

and bathe and all that

and they are together in and out and yet

the Bible says towards the end of the

journey they were discussing who will be

the greatest the Bible says none of them

dare ask him

there was that that Dignity of the Lord

that day they’re not even definitely

he’s not a hero to his Valley in that

sense he is truly the Lord Jesus

to them amen

okay Ecclesiastes this tree verse 11. I

just want to let you know when the Bible

says that we are all to be conformed to

the image of Jesus Amen you need to know

what’s the image of Jesus

what kind of man is he

a man who speaks and it’s done you must

include that as well to be conformed to

the image of Jesus is someone who speaks

and it’s done


and I see that parents we

we need this in our lives not force our

will upon our children

not to make them obedient by threats and

bribing bribing them or blackmail but we

speak and it’s done the effect goes

right into their hearts I want to speak

more on this a while on okay but let’s

go to

at least he has this tree in heaven he’s

made everything beautiful in his Kairos

in his Eve in his favorable time what is

Kairos again

the opportune time a time of favor amen

so God has declared for us

Amen in this church in this ministry

and those who follow this ministry amen

the year the Kairos year of right time

right place the testimonies you heard

just now are just a few of them that we

have received of right time right place

I’m still receiving it and I’m sure that

many of you have experienced this you

bum into people and you know I now I see

whoever I bum into by the way outside

and I go out a lot okay if I bump into

them I know that God has something for


I know we are supposed to meet you know

I bump into more than one person that

watches online

so you know what I say right

join us come on this is a personal

invitation the Lord sent me to you of

all the people I could have met I met

you you know right we could have been

like Singapore is small but hey it’s not

that small we can get lost even you try

to meet someone it’s hard right you

something you give a a location you can

still lose each other

and to bum into it you want to come on

is a sign to you



whatever happens in our lives as

Believers this is not true for the world

that’s why there’s cairos here and all

that please don’t start projecting this

into the world uh into the uh the the

world situation and the politics of the

world and the happenings of the world

this God is talking about his people in

his kingdom

amen the church and the church again

when I say the church always learned to

replace that not with a building but

with the many members safe Souls out of

every nation out of every race amen

out of every part of the world Amen this

is the Church of Jesus Christ the

greatest organization the dream of the

Father’s Heart

the father and his family


amen so this is something that I want

you to know

um is in God’s heart and for you this is

your inheritance

every Kairos moment he’ll make things

beautiful in your life not only that

we rip we have been sowing we’ve been

doing a lot of things but we see that

there’s no Harvest it seems amen we do

it for him nonetheless right but we want

the Harvest as well because Harvest

meets our needs with plenty left over to

meet the needs of others am I right but

when when will we read the Bible tells

us in Revelation 6 very clearly that let

us not be wary while doing good for in

due season we shall reap if we do not

lose heart

we don’t lose heart now notice when will

we reap in due season do you know in due

season is one word in the Greek


Kai Ross

when will we reap in Kairos when will

God make things beautiful in your life

in his Kairos

amen want to live in that Kairos place

I said we want to live in that Kairos


amen as much as possible amen you know

the the Bible talks about good days and

evil days right right am I right like

for example Ephesians 6 he said put on

the armor of God that you may be able to

stand in the evil day

in the evil day

be definite article Evil Dead day

singular I love it because the Bible

says in more than one place Old

Testament and New Testament and of

course the Old Testament saying for he

there will love life

and see good days


so good days are plural for God’s people

evil day

good days evil day so we all go to an

evil day or an evil season even but

whatever afflictions you go through it

is only for a season

brought our job sufferings and all that

it’s all it was about nine months

Scholars tells us about nine months less

than a year amen and God gave him double

all that he lost



good days

are upon you

but you see but every time I look at the

news and all that you know like evil day

is pasta again you’re projecting into


world and not only that it’s worse you

are taking from the world

and putting into your life

now I’m not against people watching all

these things but if you don’t watch the

word and you’re watching uh you’re not

reading the word or spending time in the

word and you are looking at all these

things no wonder you’re depressed

no wonder you’re fearful no wonder

you’re no longer to have the helmet of

salvation uh hope of Salvation because

hope means a positive expectation of

good in your future

watch your mind watch your thoughts and

then when you are depressed when you are

that’s then you are very easily

irritated you’re not so you know you

don’t you don’t mean to be irritated

with your spouse but you are irritated

because you are worried

your spot your spouse doesn’t know that

so your spouse responds to your

irritation and then you get more

irritated because he doesn’t understand

then he doesn’t understand why you don’t

understand it he he trains trying to be

understanding then you get everything

although while the problem goes free

because the problem is actually your

worry and your care

see all these things that the Bible

teaches us makes for a successful


Wonderful Life

he makes things beautiful in his time

amen if you are a person who is not

easily irritated for example and the

Bible says pray this prayer Paul Praises

prayer listen you know what prayer

praise he say that to be strengthened I

pray for you all that you’ll be

strengthened with all might by your

spirit wow that sounds like there might

be something a purpose for this there

must be something powerful that you’ll

be able to accomplish maybe performing

signs and wonders and miracles in the

lives of people maybe that’s it but no

why strength and revolve might with all

might by yours but by God’s spirit

you pray that prayer it says

strengthened with all might by his

Spirit unto all

endurance this is adverse circumstances

and only that and patience with joy

patience is towards people

with joy what that part I’ve been

praying this prayer some parts I get the

joy but I haven’t got

still working on it sometimes I’m joyful

sometimes I’m not that means what

endurance towards adverse circumstances

and patience towards difficult people

with joy

the only happened when the Holy Spirit

strengthens you with all might


me and Pastor might have problems on the

road still

we both have confessed to you our sins

have you confessed yours

amen let’s be on the road I don’t know


everyone else is driving wrong

except me right we have this attitude

and and one one good way the Lord has

taught me also I’m perhaps it’s a

manifestation of that prayer I pray this

prayer every day you know

and the more I pray this prayer the more

I encounter these people on the road

so is it a safe way for the Lord to

train us

every time there’s a you know a moment

to be irritated so he wants you to be a

cool person he wants you to be a

peaceful person he wants you to live

long because now science will tell you

that if you are someone who is highly

stressed and always very hurried the uh

what a type A you know temperament and

and most likely you you might end up

with heart attack

it’s proven now

that these are the type of people that

end up with heart attacks with with

disease heart disease and all kinds of

cardiovascular problems

it’s proven

the the ones who are slow

amen Jesus speed is always like slow

and slower

amen imagine someone someone’s daughter

has died he turned to the father on the

way there and he stopped because a woman

touched the Hem of His government and

got healed right so he talked to the

woman on the way to raise Jairus

daughter who was dying

he got time to stop

and turn around you know what I’ll do

excuse her sorry another time another

place okay wrong time wrong place all

right I’ll go down there you know what

I’m saying y’all don’t laugh like you’ll

be same right amen but Jesus

there is like he knows the father will

make everything beautiful in his time it

follows the timing of God the Temple of


amen he just follows and he stopped and

talks to the woman daughter

she’s the first woman in the Bible in

the gospels Jesus calls daughter

he did refer the daughter of Abraham who

was Loose by the daughter of Abraham but

he has his daughter he calls her why she

needed to have to know that this is a

family blessing when he says daughter

he’s not treating her like he’s a he’s a


a benefactor

right a patron a benefactor rather all

right you know what I’m saying you know

Patron benefactor they’ll give you this

gift but I’m high and mighty you are

down there no no family


be of good Comfort your faith made you


I love Jesus


then someone came from the house Jerry’s


we put the Jairus

the daughters did

don’t trouble the master anymore

and immediately when Jesus knew what the

guy said

he told you Iris don’t be afraid

fear not only belief

and she shall be made whole

put yourself in that situation when you

hear this

how was your response laugh in mockery

he’ll put you out

you won’t be able to join Jairus and he

only brought Peter and James and John

into the house


Peter James and John Peter mean Stone

James supplanter replaced John is God’s

grace the stone has been replaced by

God’s grace the law has been replaced by

God’s grace

if it’s the law none of them can go in

into the place of the Dead

if it’s by law that woman the issue of

blood cannot touch His Garment

can I even be seen in public

it’s not law it’s Grace

came down

Grace became a person

amen praise the Lord

and he raised Jairus daughter from the

dead yeah Hallelujah


praise the Lord this is our lord Jesus I

tell you all the heroes in the world are

the Marvel can come up with their latest

Heroes uh I must mention DC also right

balance DC can come up with their own

you know hero and all kinds even the oh

Heroes all changing to present Heroes

now all right the old Hiro don’t know

okay no more we are the modern Heroes

I’m not knocking any of them but they’re

not all of them are fictitious

don’t hero worship them I’m talking to

young people now especially

there’s one they can really worship and

he’s real

and a hero okay at the most right even

you want to take a picture with them

they’ll have a hands you know they kind

of attitude

yeah but you know they have false they

have failures this one comes near you

he draws near you he wants to hear your


amen you want to see your face

he wants you to draw near to him

and the nearer you draw you cannot find

fault with him celebrities are afraid

you come near you find you know you find

fault with them you so they they put a

distance because it’s easier to be put

on a pedestal and no one see your fault

but G is not like this he lived day in

and day out with his disciples

the more you come near the more you see

the Perfections and the beauty of the




praise the name of Jesus

okay so Pastor is there anything the

Lord is telling us

about Kairos yes I just want to drop one

thing in your heart about Kairos okay

about right time right place this year

the thing that he wants us to do and

this is what he said to me very strongly

he says my people need to learn to pray

and get more into prayer now the moment

I said that some of you are saying oh

you know it’s very high I don’t have the

time and all that because you have this

religious idea about prayer

your idea of prayer is that one hour

prayer or two hours prayer like you hear

some man of God the new around there

they pray for one two hours and three

hours or whatever it is and there’s no

way I can do that Pastor Prince no I’m

talking about communication with God

the one of the most outstanding things

that the disciples saw about Jesus is

that at any time he’ll talk to God

the one time they were persecuting him

and all the he was talking about the

cities that rejected him corazin bedside

Capernaum and all that at the moment he

lift up his eyes and says father I thank

you that you’ve hidden these things from

the wise and The Prudent of the world

but you’ve revealed them unto babes

he prays his father I thank thee oh

Father Lord of Heaven and Earth do you

hid these things from the wise and

prudent and revealed them unto babes

an intend to his disciples and said come

unto me all you that labor and a heavy

leader while he was being persecuted

while he was being rejected by all these

towns and Villages amen

he was rejoicing talking to the father

and then looking at the disciples and

says come unto me owe you that labor the

beauty of the men amen amen

some ought to be crushed

I pray to you another time no I’m just



and they’re so very freely he can talk

to God anytime even when you’re driving

a pastor I must close my eyes don’t

so all these religious ideas come into

your mind amen and and

I want to say this okay listen carefully

especially for this church and those

that are following this ministry do you

know that you can even allow the

knowledge of Grace

to stop you from praying because you’ll

say it’s by Graceland Grace what

happened in Grace you know no no no

Grace is the idea you cannot

but the Lord can

it is actually conscious weakness

you will always your your place of

strength before God your place of power

before God is conscious weakness but

don’t stop there if you’re oh I’m so

weak I’m so weak I’m so weak no no don’t

stop that but you need to know or else

you’ll be going around the mountain to

learn the lesson that you are awake

you’ll find that you’ll fall and fall

and fall until you learn that you are


people think they are weak but they’re

not weak enough that’s why you can’t

save a drowning person too fast you

don’t jump in the water too fast why as

long he has he still has strength he’ll

pull you down you must wait until he’s


you’re gonna help himself he’s gonna

save himself then you can save him we

are still quite strong we think we are

we are weak but we are not

but we actually we

that’s why always all these daily


God allows them to come in

so that you want to be more like Jesus

one of the best things you can do when

you’re arguing your spouse and your

impatient and all you can think of is

her fault his fault her fault his fault

her fault his fault is to stop and judge

that irritability in you

and tell us off I judge that

irritableness Joseph Prince why are you

so irritable

don’t talk about the rightness of the


live that for a while why are you so

irritated why are you so vexed why are

you so angry I don’t want that in me I

judge that


and then you realize that has been taken

at the cross


so conscious weakness on one hand and

then dependence on God on Christ

these are the twin these are the power

Twin for victory

in your life

so we see the first occurrence of right

time right place Genesis 24 is this when

the servant at the well he prayed his

prayer then he said oh Lord God of my

master Abraham please give me success

this day and show kindness to my master

Abraham so we all know the story or you

heard the story for the past few

messages that we have shared the servant

doesn’t know which girl The Village has

a lot of young girls and they’re all

coming out at the same time to take

water it was the the responsibility of

this young girls to take water for the

family okay usually they have two

timings early in the morning and uh in

the evening all right when it’s less hot

and they all come so at the time in the

evening the Bible says the Abraham

servant who was sent on an assignment by

Abraham to look for a bride for Isaac

right he said at the well he doesn’t

know which girl right so he prayed oh

God give me success

so the word that is

the what day in the Hebrew is Kara

all right which is right happening

right happening good happening fortunate

happening the world causes serendipity

all right you happen to

happen to chance upon a favorable

opportunity amen

a surprise but a pleasant surprise you

didn’t plan for this that is what God uh

is all about right

time right place

that’s Kara happening to you so he

prayed for Kara give me a right time you

know God actually stopped for some

reason God just stopped all the young

lady from coming out

that while he was praying he didn’t

finish his prayer yet he told God the

woman they will come and offer me water

the young woman offered me water he

thought that there were many many women

I can’t draw water but the one that

comes Lord the one that come and offered

me water and only me water but all my 10


and one camel 30 gallons minimum well

turkey mentioned she will also give them

water she is the one that you have

appointed he made it hot

but while he was still speaking before

he finished speaking the Bible says

before he finished speaking show them

verse 15 and it happened before he had

finished speaking that behold Rebecca


so I went to know something

we learned that prayer

is mentioned

with Kara

prayers mentioned and it’s not a long

prayer it become the the the length of

the prayer it’s not the most powerful

prayers short prayer

yes we have instances of Jesus praying

through the night

amen we have instances of of a certain

protracted prayer in the disciples lives

we have a corporate prayer they all pray

together but most of the prayers you see

are short prayers you come to the prayer

Jesus thought his disciples Our Father

who are in heaven you come with a

stopwatch it’s fast but this idea

religious idea you’re gonna spend hours

in prayer is not from God

at one time we met a lot out of one hour

prayer I still remember that

I tell you I I put a clock there I

started praying I thought I don’t know

one hour already I look at my clock ten


but we don’t do that we were talking to

our our good friend you know um in a

cafe we sit down there and then we

always say what wow the owl just fly

how do you think God feels you’re right

you know it’s combo it’s compressed

conversation with god

amen so you don’t just dream about Grace

I’ll have success like you know by Grace

I have success did you pray

I said did you pray

oh I’m gonna talk to my son afterwards

you know he did something just now

did you pray

say God will give you wisdom favor with

him that your word will go deep did you

pray it’s a small thing to pray God is

telling us this is conscious weakness

that I cannot convince him but you only

you can

there’s a conscious weakness and

dependence on God dependence through

Christ that you will get through to him


oh yeah I I you got to make an important


you know in fact I was confronted with a

number of important decisions to make

you know for for for someone else even I

gotta ask God God give me wisdom but if

I think that I’m smart oh yeah in a life

with the pros and the cons and the pros

and the cons but all the pros and cons

can I put you at the right time in the

right place

we shared that before even stopping

accidents smart people die

professors die

doctors die Amen in an accident there’s

not even their fault other people’s


wrong time wrong place

it’s not their fault

I’m just telling you church we need to

depend on the law so the amazing thing

is that before he had finished speaking

Rebecca appeared so even when you are

praying God has answered so God is

outside the time zone

he sends the answer that you’re going to

pray later on on in on this Earth he

sends the answer before you pray because

he knows you will pray

what do you think Rebecca was cooking

yeah putting some turmerics put in some

chili powders but it’s a very spicy food

all right she’s cooking and all that ah

no watch I have to go uh and tell me

this time 10 minutes time I have to go

and take water and all that she


and poop she appeared in front of the

well and the elderly man is down there

praying you think it happened like that

no God always send the answer put the

put the desire in her heart all right

and put the desires in all the other

women a young woman’s heart all right no

I have to do other things so I I’m very

busy I cannot go through the world today

my brother can go through well some you

know something like something like that

happen so God was answering prayer

before he was prayed

so the prayer that he put in your heart

to pray you think you are praying but

actually put it in your heart to pray

the prayer that he wants you to pray

and the answer is on the way

there’s a beautiful promise here in

Isaiah 65 it shall come to pass that

before they call I will answer while

they are still speaking and that’s what

happened to Abraham’s servant while they

are still speaking I will answer

you know what Jesus said when he taught

on prayer whatever things you desire

When you pray believe that you receive

them and you shall have them wait wait

wait when do you believe you receive

them when you see it happen

when you touch it you can feel it in

your body you can see it outside when

the manifestation comes when when you

stand praying Mark 11

verses verse 24 when you stand praying

belief what things so ever you desire

When you pray believe you receive them

and you shall have them

so when when do you believe you receive

while you’re praying is this while they

are still speaking I will answer I

believe that when I pray God answers

you’re going to have that posture that

you know you are you are Redeemed by the

blood of Jesus again all these religious

thoughts and all that though you know

you gotta find out your sin before you

can talk to God before God can hear you

and all that you know and and you’re

unconfessed in right that’s why I’m I’m

telling you this kind of Consciousness

can rob you of a prayer life

you’re gonna know that you’re forgiven

of all your sins

amen and thank God for them True

Confession is hormone lawyer to say the

same thing with God about our sins what

does God say about our sins in the New

Covenant they’re all forgiven by Jesus


confess that

the more you believe that you won’t fall

into sin I’m telling you

because you won’t be sin conscious

before you fall into sin you are seeing



pray God hears your prayer

you’re a child of God

pray every situation pray be like every

day it’s not so much of hours of prayer

it is like the whole day right any

situation comes up you are praying you

find you’re lacking or something pray

that pain I felt in my body Apostle

Prince can you pray for me did you pray

I follow you this morning you’ve got no

time to pray you’ve got no time to pray

you got time to eat

you got time to go toilet no

when you feel the urge you do it right


pray so simple God Is So Close nothing

that you know you’ll demolish all these

religious thoughts you must get close to

God you must get close to God you are so

close already you are in Christ you know

where are you not seated in Christ at

the father’s right hand

so sometimes in times past when I pray

father like God Is So Far Away father

father in Heaven and I’m I’m trying to

cite myself into a place where I think

that I’m I’m close to God it never works

the more I try to be close to God the

more further I am because why is the

negation of the truth

and the spirit of Truth cannot bear

witness with a lie when when he has when

he has

let me put this way when I’m already in

Christ I’m so close to God the Holy

Spirit Bears witness with that truth

if I act like I’m So Far Away amen

there’s nothing for the Holy Spirit to

Bear witness it’s a lie

so when you act like God doesn’t heal

praise God it’s so far away or I didn’t

go to church for a few days or whatever

amen then repent of that and just come


and thank God there’s forgiving you of

that sin I’m not attending physically

okay I’m just joking all right

you know I got a slightly not all of

them okay I just don’t want you to miss

the corporate anointing amen people


amen and know that while you are praying

not after while you are praying God is

hearing God is reasoning the uncertainty

and sometimes just like Abraham’s

servant boom he appears right before you

so nothing we need to see is this while

he was praying he what he pray he gave

me Kara in the Hebrew your English Bible

is a success

right so listen pray for Success the

amazing thing is that you know John 1 2

right it says what did John 1 2 says one

beloved I wish above all things

do you prosper and be in hell no that’s

the King James version you know what’s

the word there I wish is actually I pray

it’s used in other places for prayer

do you know you can pray I pray for my

children I pray for my my spouse I pray

for my church and I pray this for you

also I pray that you prosper and be in


even as your souls Prosper you see the

Bible says you have not because you ask


and this mentality you know God knows my

my needs one you know uh God Knows My

Name exactly but if you live like that

in a marriage you are heading towards a


there’s no way your wife would tolerate

somewhere along the way is going to be

breakdown breakdown breakdown until the


if you don’t talk to your wife about

your concerns your needs or not there’s

no communication

she knows that she knows Mila she knows

Mila she knows Mila she knows Mila the

one day she left I don’t know her

and it’s too late

communication is the lifeblood of the

rich you know if you have concerned tell

your wife

amen when she has a concern

should tell you and listen guys she won

your shoulder or your hearing here

remember this when she talks not so much

your mouth talking back to her getting

Solutions Sometimes women are like that

they talk taller then they feel better

all right

don’t give solution we guys are

different you see the thing you must do

is this we come with solution too fast

and she haven’t finished talking ladies

am I right

I’m a guy guys I know from experience

I have a solution look look look


thank God for you Wendy you got Pastor

Prince to cancel you

okay so what you do is there are three

things you must do okay

come on baby baby listen there are three

things you must go she haven’t finished

talking yet

all she wants is to pour out

and I’m giving her my mouth

instead of my

shoulder or

is it my hearing year

right listen

they say okay I think I got the answer

already how do you say anything but she

got the answer

some of these things happen right

that they got the answer and they are

talking true your teenage son your

daughter and all that is the same they

know they talk to you they get lecture

they call it lecture

all right surprise them

from today surprise them when they talk


and the urge will rise up oh he’s doing

something that I’ve done before and I

know the answer shut


and you’ll make things beautiful

in his time

a man



conscious weakness if you’re truly if

you are living by Grace Grace all about

God resists the proud but gives Grace to



God resists the front Jesus grace to the

humble what does that mean who is the

humble those who are conscious

of their weakness

actually the place of your weakness is

the place of your strength

do you hear what I’m saying the very

area that you you’re frustrated about

when I’m weak not before or after when I

am weak then I’m strong but you don’t

realize you’re strong at the point

so the world glorifies your strength so

we we show our strength we don’t show

our weakness we show our strength we

build our strength we cover up our

weakness in the kingdom of God is the

opposite show God your weakness and his

strength manifest in that area

I’m going to show you something else if

if someone argues about pasta brings

akara and all that success it’s not

success and all that okay if you argue

that way all right later on the same

servant would rehearse he would narrate

the story to uh leban amen but what

happened earlier at the well and this is

what he said to leban look below and

this day he’s talking to leban I came to

the well and I said O Lord God of my

master Abraham this is a leban Rebecca’s

brother he says I came and I pray see

what he said I came to the well and I

said oh Lord God I’m a master Abraham if

you will now Prosper the way in which I

go now he used the word Prosper not Kara

and the word in the Hebrew is

foreign prosper

so you must understand in the Hebrew

mind Kara right time right place is

synonymous with


whatever area prosper in your

relationship with children

amen don’t think our prosperity is

making money making money making money

in fact I find that that the people who


desire to be Hasty to be rich or be

Hasty to be rich there’s a generation

coming up they don’t want to work they

don’t want to have uh you know the

discipline of a work life they want to

make money fast

at home at the touch of your fingertips

make money fast

amen I’m not saying this is wrong

all right if the Lord leads you he

there’ll be a lot of fingerprints to

show that

it wouldn’t hurt many people

even cause them to lose money and just

you make

that’s not the nature of God

starts companies and all that that

profits many people not just the one


and we will not allow that also

we see that happening

so listen carefully

Prosperity is not about becoming rich if

you your only thought is to become rich

become rich become rich become rich

you’ll never be content with what you


you’ll never enjoy your journey

on your way to your goal

does God want to give us with more than

enough yeah not just enough more than

enough so that we can be a blessing

those who have just enough Me Myself and

little Jimmy

give me give me give me give me

all right

they can’t be a blessing

a man

so you’re gonna be blessed with more

than enough when Jesus blessed the

multitudes the five thousand is a

feeding right 12 basketful left over

after they were full there were 12

baskets full left over


roof eight at Boaz stable during lunch

time after cleaning the Bible says she

ate and she was suffice she had enough

and left over but she brought back to

her mother-in-law

there’s more than enough not only that

she went back to cleaning again and

before the evening was over she had to

put on her back and IFA which is 10 day


because Boaz told the man dropped

handfuls of purpose purposely put down

on the ground right purposely for her

until it was 10-day Supply

that’s the way God provides

say plenty left but if your target is to

become rich financially Rich one more

million of 10 more million but if that I

aim for half a billion you know you’ll

never be happy if that’s your only goal

in life

Pastor get on preaching this is not

right time to say this kind of thing yes

it is it is right time right place


so in the mind is prospered God wants us

when I say Prosper is always prosper in

every dimension in life

if you study the Bible God wants you to

prosper in every dimension of your life

why why why cut off this uh

short-temperedness and all that because

it will cause you to prosper in your


correct think about it when you have no

more that kind of thing you are someone

people will love to flock to you be

around you amen if you’re an unharried

person you’re a calm person people who

are stressed and depressed like they

hang around you because it rubs off on


and you think people like this when it

comes to a a you know the boss

estimation of the workers and all that

they have a good attitude they’re

working they don’t come late you know

they work as if if I’m not around I

found out they’re working hard

and they’re always thinking and they’re

going one step ahead

who will I promote and he has Integrity

he has honesty or she has Integrity all

right she’s she’s well loved and yet she

doesn’t deceive manipulate her way

she’s not selfish who will I promote

the problem with us that we are proud

you see if I say that again stop there

don’t judge me judge ourselves when I

when I think right I judge myself Joseph

Prince do you still have pride

why is it bless my seat she took my seat

why do you say that pride no it’s her

problem no it’s your pride you gotta

hear you know and your God is exposing

this wonderful and God expose it you can

heal it

it’s sad when I see in the body of

Christ people not talking to each other

because of pride

I want to talk about

notice why did he pray because he has

conscious weakness there’s no way I’m a

very experienced man I’m an old man I

should know what kind of girl and all

that all right I’m experienced I can

look at her at a at a you know a gold

digger whatever it is I can see but he

doesn’t depend on that yeah

doesn’t depend on his experience

he depended on the Lord that’s prayer

don’t allow the knowledge of your grace

to rob you of Prayer

knowledge of Grace should lead you to

prayer because it’s a life of dependence

it means what I cannot I depend on him

nothing is too small to pray about

can I be good amen surprisingly you ask

people have you prayed about this uh uh

yeah I am getting to it

huh okay I’m gonna show you this in

closing look at this guy shamgar and

judges after him was Shem God the son of

anaph who killed 600 men of the

Philistines with an ox goat he also

delivered Israel now before we talk

about him this chapter 3 in chapter

three you finally got uh the life of the

judges as after Joshua died God didn’t

raise uh Keynes in Israel God then

raised uh you know like uh uh those

people that would rule in terms of the

prophets and later on Samuel him but no

prophet they were called judges God Sam

every time the enemies came to East

first of all Israel’s sin and then God

allowed the enemies to come in


so you live for the enemy this is what

the enemy is like all right the enemies

come in then they cried to the Lord and

God is always merciful God’s God raised

a judge okay and the judge will

accomplish the victory that God gives to

Israel through that judge okay so the

first chapter three here is spent about

nearly 400 years and the last one being

of course uh uh Samson the last judge

actually after the story of Samuel the

young boy

with Eli and all that who became a

prophet he’s also a judge but

technically it ended with Samson

okay so here we go after him was Shem

God the son of anaph who killed 600 men

of the Philistines within what oh god

no it’s a sharp thing that you got the


y I don’t use expression like that

you’re good you got him all right

actually it’s like it’s not it’s not

very sharp it’s a bit blunt at the end

but he gets the point


all right so you if you’re plowing

you’re plowing and the Goat refused to

move you just take the ox goat and you

just you just you know give him a little


you got him on then he moves okay so is

it just a blunt instrument it’s not very

sharp it’s not definitely not sharp on

the sides either okay so it’s instrument

used for plowing


now the Bible says shamgar

he killed 600 Philistines


Ox good

and he also delivered Israel when you

think about it chapter 3 starts off with

a very very very fat king that

represents the flesh

being aglon


the king his people have dominated the

people of Israel

and he he was so fat

and God raised a judge named ahut who

was a left-handed man now in those days

many people are right-handed

all right not over there any dexterous

most of them right-handed but if left

hand that means it’s a weak hand

it’s known as a weak hand and he’s from

The Tribe of Benjamin it’s a weekend

Bible purpose to say oh left-handed man

you God use a left-handed man and he

could go into the presence of the king

with one gift in one hand in his right

hand holding a gift but most people

check for your Scabbard before the King

right check down here because you are

right-handed you’re pulled like this but

because he’s on on this side

they didn’t check and he was holding the

gift and this guy was so lustful for the

gift I mean he was just like coming

coming Bring the present here all right

and we’re just near with his left hand

he took it out and he stuck him dead

issue was liberated

so again he got used weakness


600 Philistines died


and then we have after that the next

chapter we have God raised a lady called


Deborah became a judge

amen and a prophetess

and she encouraged Barack to be a leader

of Israel at that time the the king


was attacking them

and they they were numerous their armies

they were conquering conquering all the


until Deborah arose and encouraged a man

to do it

now you must understand one thing in the

Bible the Bible says clearly women in

terms of the physical it’s a weaker

vessel now today there’s a lot of

argument out there I’m just telling you

what the Bible says weaker vessel

so the man in Warfare women do the

supportive role not so much of the

fighting role I know you see a lot in

Marvel Comics and all that all right

just know that you know that you know

that you know okay all right just go by

the Bible

we can’t that’s why we chivalry is there

because of the Christian values

we take care of the woman in our lives


God use Deborah in leadership and before

the chapter is over

one of the commanders of King jabin fled

and went into a tent he he pretended to

be a runaway and he just asked for water

and there’s a lady there called Jal

and he gave him milk you know that milk

puts you to sleep instead of water water

revives you he asked for water he gave a

meal he was sleeping Yael took her

a packed iron pack which is a giant nail

and a hammer while he’s sleeping put it

on his head bang he’s dead

killed by a woman

how embarrassing is back home in their

country to hear what happened to the our

commander yeah yeah


yeah a woman killed him what right you

know what I’m saying

don’t mess around with the women of

Israel now this true strength true

strength is using weak things

conscious that and God will use whatever

witness that you have because

she’s the one that built up the tents

for her family

and the built tension must have the nail

and the hammer

notice she didn’t use the ox goat like

sham God did because her job is not with

the goats and uh and The Oxen it’s with

the 10.

she’s used to them

God told most he won’t answer Moses

what’s that in your hand

hey man can go on in on Gideon

when he got the angel came to him he

says don’t you know

he didn’t say the angel says hey your

Valiant man he says don’t you know that

I’m the

weakest the leaf in my family and my

family is the poorest in Manasseh

see how God chooses people

your disqualifications is the

manifestation a chance for him to

manifest his strength and his grace

so in your beside my situation right

we’re so strong we’re gonna solve it

ourselves that’s the problem and then we

get more into this kind of situation

no friend

on prayer

prayers conscious weakness I depend on

God that’s Grace



then Gideon was afraid right to attack

the medianites

there were so many of them what did God


God send Gideon if you’re afraid go down

by Stealth at night near the cam of the

medianites and listen to the

conversation he listened to conversation

guys hey I had a dream last night what

was your dream oh our drama oh man I’m

telling you there was this uh uh uh Bali


rolling down all the way and hit the

Giant 10. all right the poor people eat

Bali bread in Israel the rich eat wheat


right more commonly found is Bali bread

simple barley bread rolling into the

enemy’s tent can destroy the tent

it encouraged Gideon he had his men from

32 000 God dwindled them to

300. what’s God saying

if 30 000 win you might say it by the

strength of the numbers causes

Israel will be proud

but 300 men against thousands upon

thousands upon thousands

there’s something else

and find a man for what sword no they

mentioned the sword of the Lord and

Egyptian but it was Earth and vessel all

of them held Earth and vessel inside was

the the light

all right the Earthen light vessel and

then they use the trumpet not a sword a

trumpet they’ll break it and all the cam

of midianites will see lights all around

and this is a picture of all of us we

have this treasure in our Earthen vessel


and the next verse talks about we are

cut down but we are not cast we we we’re

brought down but not

brought out


we are knocked down not knocked out in

different versions that’s how it says it

and that was problems will come but

there’s something inside us there were

riser that’s the treasure in the Earthen

vessel the falling down the

discouragement that bad temperedness is

all our Earthen vessel but there’s a

treasure inside

amen God allows us to go through these

things to break that Earthen vessel so

the light can shine forth

you’re not a good amen

let me finish with this last one shemgar

probably saw 600 Philistines come all

right and he’s probably in the field how

I know because Oxford is used in the

field he’s trashing trashing you look at

them coming his way the path and he’s


oh no it’s them again I know what they

are for after they’re after the Harvest

if I don’t fight them

my children will have to

if I don’t fight them the future

generation will suffer

there’ll be no Harvest for them

is now or never what do you have in your

hand shamgar Oxford


a picture of conscious weakness

his chart he charged towards them with

the Oxford they were laughing look at

this guy what’s happening hey man coming

to God Paul one back die immediately 600

men fell before an ox goat

we all know it’s not the Oxford it is

the Lord

imagine the report they go back

right to the king king what happened to

all of you uh 600 died the rest all

wounded here

some some

intelligent work before you go down spy

or whatever this Mighty I mean it’s not

Mighty on me you know what I mean is it

it’s Israel right yeah it is Israel but

it’s not Army not an army what is it

it’s a man it’s a man it’s what it’s a


Soldier Mighty Soldier farmer

you must learn what kind of weapon he’s

using must be a machine gun

uh uh ox


yeah I know he’s the greatest of all

time good


looks good you mean the thing they use

for plot


I tell you what listen

if one man with the ox goat can defeat

all of us let’s not bother them anymore

do you know how long they didn’t bother

Israel Philistine never came against

Israel until the time of Samson which is

about a few hundred years

don’t mess around

don’t finishes and leave them alone why

he got a farm again defeat his underman

leave them alone the midianites came the

moabites came the king of Canaan uh

cicera’s King came but not the

Philistines until later on probably this

generation passed on or whatever another


the lesson for us is this

what other

Ox go today for us the Bible says

Ecclesiastes the words of the wise are

like goats

look up here look up here look up here

when you talk to your children

you need to correct them please correct


all right but you say Pastor praying

they don’t listen to me that’s what you


but your words are like goats

even a word of encouragement a word of

warning a word of exaltation they all

will go deep

but you believe that your words cannot

carry away you believe they are Friends

words the social media words will carry

away no God has given you something they

don’t have

Creator is he that’s in you than he

that’s in the world depend on the Lord

and just a little word of exaltation a

little word of admonition a little word

of warning a little word of correct of

even comfort and love spoken in the

heart will stay there the Bible says

David had a son who exalted himself and

David never corrected him Eli had two

sons that rebelled against him live a

licentious lifestyle and they died early

and you know he says Eli never corrected


why they will not listen to me I I think

I’m going to trouble them you don’t

trouble them today with some corrective


they will trouble you big time in the


right so listen my friend

Shem got Ox goat is like simple word we

say our words are not important no your

words have traveled you’re not covered


God covert comes from God God gives you

glory in your words

simple words sad

the devil say there’s no power in your

words don’t say like he won’t listen one

he won’t say Korean son this is not the

right thing to do son don’t follow the

values of the world son they want to

influence you with their son this is

God’s way

enough of that you know what it doesn’t

look interested he’s listening back off

says Lord I Thank you the words are like

God thank you Lord you sunk him believe

that believe as you are praying all

right God is answering believe as you

are speaking the words are entering


amen and most importantly before you

talk to to them I’m using an example can

be married live with your husband and

wife can be your boss and you and all

that but please pray before you do it

unless you are confident you can I can

handle him I know what to say to him no

you end up in your temper you end up

pray and you’ll be amazed how the Grace

will be there

and pray for favor with him as well amen

have you been blessed okay praise the

Lord thank you Jesus amen took some time

to uh flow in the spirit to make sure

that the needs of the people are met as

the spirit of God has led me I just want

you to know that the lord loves you very


and he’s watching over this church

amen praise the Lord he’s watching over

this church

praise the Lord friend if you have never

never come to a place where you see that

you are a sinner and all that you do is

all stained with sin even the good

things that you do will never reach the

height of God’s standard and the Bible

says we are all sinners for all of us

are like sheep that have gone astray we

have turned everyone to his own way but

God didn’t leave us in our sins God sent

his son Jesus Christ who died on the

cross for our sins and my friend today

you can be safe if you believe on the

Lord Jesus Christ you’ll be safe and

your house

pray this prayer with me say heavenly


I thank you

that although I’m a sinner

Christ died for sinners

I thank you Father God that you raised

him from the dead

Jesus Christ

is my Lord

and my savior


I thank you Father all my sins are put


I’m now greatly blessed

highly favored thank you father in Jesus

name amen praise the Lord stand to our

feet lift your hands all across this

place the Lord bless you with the

blessings of Abraham throughout this

week May the manifestation of Kara and

Kairos happen to you and yours this week

and the Lord keep you preserve you from

harm danger sickness and from all the

powers of darkness in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord favors

you everywhere you go be conscious the

favor of God is on you and every word in

your mouth carries the kavod of God in

Jesus name and all the people said

God bless you we’ll see you again


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode but

don’t go just yet if you’d like to

receive prayer share your testimony or

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I’ll see you in the next episode