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Ministries coming up next on changing


world when was the last time you sat

down and you started thinking about what

you’re thinking

about think about what I’m saying right

now when was the last time you sat down

and started thinking about

what you’ve been thinking

about and that’s my question what have

you been thinking about whatever you

focus on the

most that has the most power and

strength to determine your

output so what have you been spending

most of your thought life

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change this is your world so let’s vow

to make it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to stay oh it’s

time we live a new

life let us sun right in

you we sa by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love Today We Are


if you have your

Bibles go with me to the Book of

Proverbs chapter 23 verse

7 we’ve been talking about how to defeat

the Devil in your

mind and today our focus is going to be

the battle of the

mind the battle of the

mind your mind is the arena of

Faith your mind is where the battle


place and the Bible says for us to be

aware that we have an

adversary who has come to kill still and

to destroy but Jesus says I’ve come that

you might have life and have it more


ly for those of us who understand what

Jesus has done and we understand the

power of God’s

grace we are not trying to defeat the

Devil the devil has already been

defeated he is a defeated

foe we are not trying to get the

victory Jesus has already obtained the

victory for us our job is to maintain

what he has already

obtained so this is not

where you know I’m going to wake up this

morning and I am going to defeat the

Devil and get the victory no the devil

is defeated and Jesus is Lord amen the

victory has already been

obtained but we’ve got to understand

there is strategy that’s formed against

us Strate strategy to try to humiliate

and undo he can’t undo what Jesus has

done but to try to to make a mockery of

what Jesus has done to try to get us to

think that it’s not done the greatest

fear that a Believer can have is the

fear that what God promised won’t come

to pass the fear of what God has done

that he really didn’t do it and so his

job again to kill steal and to destroy

he he he wants to he wants he wants you

to be miserable in every sense of the of


word the way he does it is through your

mind your will your emotions your

mind is the is the center point the

resting place of your

emotions and so emotions will move you

in the directions if they’re good

emotions they’ll move you in a in a good

direction if they’re bad emotions

they’ll move you in a bad directions and

I’m telling you when you get emotional

if you don’t recognize that this is the

enemy enough to at least be

quiet the Bible says a man that can

control his tongue can’t control his


body there is a daily strategy to try to

attack you in your

mind that is real that is serious and

that is something we want you to look at

today as we look at in evaluate the

battle of the mind I I subtitled this

watch out for the

landmines the first place that your

enemy will attack you is your mind your

mind is your your your your soul is what

we call it your we we’ve we have over

the years we thought the soul we use the

word Soul and Spirit interchangeably as

if they are the same you are a spirit

being you have a soul you live in a

physical body that is the tripart being

of a man the anatomy of a man you are a

spirit so when you leave your body the

real you leaves the body you are a

spirit being say out loud I am a spirit

being I am a spirit being now you

possess a soul now your soul is

interesting your soul is made up of your

mind your will see you have a choice in

everything your will you didn’t slip up

and cuss you made a decision to

cuss your mind your will and your


emotions uh and so the enemy understands

how can

I disrupt your

soul your emotions your

thinker your

feeler your

Chooser that’s where he wants to make

the impact to try to bring destruction

in your life in your thinker your Feeler

and in your

Chooser your

mind is the arena of the

Battleground for your life’s

output see nothing just happens out

here you’re your mind is the arena it’s

a battle for the

output and if he can affect

inwardly in your mind your will and

emotions he can also affect the

output and so the battle’s not won once

he gets out here you cutting somebody

ain’t winning no

battle the battle has already been won

and you got to maintain that up here up

here he’s gonna tell you it has

not and up here is where you got to over

and over again said I already have the

victory I already am righteous I already

am delivered I already have wisdom I

believe what this is what it is it is it

is believing that even when you’re

looking at something that contradicts

that you’ve got to know how to play this

chess game in a sense and it’s it’s up

here you’ll hear things that’ll move you

emotionally hear things that’ll anger

you hear things that’ll hurt you hear

all these kind of things and you’ve got

to understand

that is an attack that has been launched

against you that’s where it

starts the fear that starts when you go

to a doctor’s office and they got bad

news and and they tell you the bad news

cuz this is what they saw this is what

they diagnosed and everything about you

wants to settle for that except you know

something in here that he’s trying to

change that if you’ll keep it it’ll

change the

output oh my

God but if he can stress you in here and

that stress begins to

transform into the physical body and

into your emotions and into all of the

outputs that come from what he can cause

you that’s the battle that’s the battle

and so you will lose or win in life

based on how you handle and fight in the

battle of your mind you will win or lose

in life based on the how you handle and

fight in the battle of your mind please

remember it ladies and Gentlemen please

remember nothing just happens what’s

already on the outside look at the

outputs you have already all of those

outputs came as a result of the battle

in the mind

now so let’s go through it I’m going to

give you the warnings of some

landmines some things you need to pay

attention to and right here he says in

Proverbs 23 and7 he says for as he

thinketh then in his heart so is he eat


drink uh eat and drink

saith uh eat and drink saith he to thee

but his heart is not with thee so as a


thinketh that’s what’s going to be in

his heart your heart makeup is going to

be made up of what you’ve been thinking

so the question is what have you been

thinking what have you been thinking all

the time every day

often what have you been

thinking that now becomes a part of your

heart now once it gets in your

heart that’s where that’s the Chute if

you will that releases it in the output

into life let me show you this next

scripture look at uh Proverbs 423 in the

NLT Proverbs 423 in the

NLT he says to guard your

heart Above All

Else guard your heart before in in

essence your heart is the soil that’ll

grow things just like you have soil and

you can put seed in the soil and it’ll

grow food your heart is is is the soil

that grows the output your heart is the

soil that grows


H guard your heart therefore above

everything else that’s a pretty powerful

statement above everything else put a

guard over your heart now how are you

going to guard your heart you’re going

to have to guard your heart by

discovering the the entrances into your

heart how many different ways into a

man’s heart well there are three through

the ear gate what you hear deposits seed

into your heart through the eye gate

what you see will deposit seed into your

heart through the mouth gate A lot of

times what you say if it’s not lining up

properly will deposit seeds into your

heart once it’s in your heart it has a

potential to grow and produce life he

says guard your heart above all else for

it determines the course of your

life guard your heart above everything

else because it determines the course of

your life next

verse now notice what he says here verse

24 we’re going to keep reading he says

avoid all perverse

talk stay away from corrupt speech what

is he saying a gate a gate stuff that’s

coming through these Gates go to the

next verse look straight ahead and fix

your eyes on what lies before there’s

the third gate there’s the gate we we as

humans in

society people outside of Christ they

don’t think about stuff like this

they’re just wondering how come that

happened and look who gets the blame how

come God let that happen there’s a devil

loose we we we we think no big deal and

it’s a big deal every day eye gate ear

gate what comes out of your mouth he

said fix your eyes on what lies before

you next verse Mark out a straight path

for your feet stay on the safe path

stay on the saith path don’t get

sidetracked keep your feet from

following evil what is it saying all of

the stuff that comes through those three

gates and they get into your heart will

eventually get into your feet and you’ll

start going that

way oh my goodness you’re start going

that way so what are you to do with this

information I’m giving you right

now what are you to do with it with this

information you can you should be able

to change your

outputs you should be able to change

your outputs now of course you’re going

to need God’s help of course you’re

going to always need God’s help but at

least you’re understanding the anatomy

the makeup and the system by which the

strategies of the enemy are being formed

and formulated against you to try to

take you down but what he really wants

you to do is to not be believe

it ignore what your ears your eyes your

mouth ignore your heart ignore the

different paths and just think this is

my life I’m going to live it the way I

want to live it you know what you are a

free moral agent which means you can

make a choice and you can live it any

way you want to live it you can frankly

do anything you decide to do but it may

not be good for you amen

are are you listening to me

now so that’s a landmine you need to be


of we got to start thinking about what

we’re thinking

about when was the last time you sat

down and you started thinking about what

you’re thinking

about think about what I’m saying right

now when was the last time you sat down

and started thinking about what you’ve

been thinking

about and that’s my question what have

you been thinking about whatever you

focus on the

most that has the most power and

strength to determine your

output so what have you been spending

most of your thought life

with somebody says well that’s where an

addiction comes from of course

is whatever you spend your time doing

the most thinking the most watching the

most that’s what you end up

doing this is what this is how life

works and God knew it because he created

us let’s look at this second mind land


what are your ears exposed

to look at Mark

4 verse 21-2 in the NLT

Mark 4: 211-2 in the

NLT I I you know I I was all I’ve always

tried to well there’s got to be some

balance in

this and this is the reason why I

believe God had me to teach on this

battle before I I’ve got like three more

messages in in that yearlong series on

Grace and the next one is about Christ

the preeminent one and preeminent means

no one or nothing holds a greater value

and position than

Jesus watch this verse 21 through 24 I

think I said then Jesus asked them would

anyone light a lamp and then put it

under a basket or under the bed of

course not a lamp is placed on a stand

where it light will

shine for everything that is hidden will

eventually be brought into the

open and every secret will be brought to

light anyone with ears to hear should

listen and

understand then he added pay close

attention to what you

hear the closer you

listen the more understanding you will

be given and you will receive even more

now that that’s what that before I read

verse 25 that’s when anything especially

you single people who go on a date pay

close attention to what you listening

to because that person will tell you

everything about

themselves well I don’t understand why I

keep drawing the same kind of no good

for n man because you keep ignoring

what’s being revealed at the very

beginning you’re not paying attention to

the things that are listen somebody told

me one time if somebody tells you they

are a fool believe

them but you s up there you’re just so

you’re just so oh my God look at look at

her beautiful hair oh wow look at his

eyes and you you ain’t listening you not


attention somebody said is that the

devil I don’t know it might be getting

your attention off paying attention you

not hearing the man telling you I’m a

fool and you like ooh my baby going to

have nice hat look at that

hell he said there’s something about

paying close

attention to

people to where you’re going pay close

attention then he said verse 25 to those

who listen to my teaching more

understanding will be given but for

those who are not listening even what

little they under little understanding

they have will be taken away from them

there is something Supernatural that’s

happening right now as you’re seated

here listening to what Jesus has to say

he’s going to give you more some of you

going some of you probably getting more

while I’m talking but when you leave

here and you listen closely you you

you’re going to get more you’re going to

understand more you’re going to see some

some illustrations in your life because

of how you’re listening and that’s what

we got to do as Christians we got to we

we’ve got to get to a point where we

want to listen to God’s word

let’s listen to God’s word so I can hear

it so I can see what’s going on yes I

love inspiration yes I love shouting and

dancing and and lifting hands and

talking in tongues and having a fit I

love all of that as long as you don’t

turn nothing in church I love every bit


that but then there comes a time when

you got to listen if you going to do all

of that and when the time comes to

listen you nodding dude you you’re not

you you’re not you’re not listening

carefully you you you probably see the

Holy Ghost right now cuz you’re nodding

just so quick you don’t know what’s


on there is a power that is invested in

the person who’s careful how they hear

and how they listen and the enemy knows

that and he’s he’s hoping you don’t

listen because it’s amazing how when you

don’t listen to God’s word how open and

available you make your attention to the

things that are not God ain’t it amazing

you try to teach your kids something but

let them hear somebody cuss on TV

they’ll remember that quicker than

anything and your kids be coming around

just saying that same cussing word blank

blank blank be like baby where you get


from and some in them know something

wrong with

it this is the battle this is the battle

that still goes on

today now this is a big one here

Colossians chapter

2 verse 8 and N in the

NLT Colossians chapter 2 in fact let’s

let’s start at verse 6 let’s read verse

6 7 8 and N in

NLT number three here’s a landmine

Beware of the philosophy of

men let’s define philosophy this is

where we left off last week philosophy

is a theory or attitude held by a person


organization that acts as a guiding

principle for

Behavior a theory or an attitude held by

a person or an

organization that acts as a guiding

principle for

Behavior so it’s a theory it’s an

attitude that a person or an

organization came up with doesn’t have

to be truth but this is what they

decided to use as a guiding principle

for how they

behave now listen to what the Bible says

about this you you just don’t want to

adopt somebody’s principle it’s like the

norms and values of the world the norms

and values of society says if a whole

bunch of people of society think this is

right then it’s right because all these

people think it’s right those are the

Norms in values of society Society gets

together and they take a survey and they

say I don’t think nothing wrong with

this I think that’s fine and then now

it’s right not because it’s really right

it’s right because the norms and values

of of society has set this as being

something that’s right and then you

adapt it and then when if you’re not

here when they did that then Generations

down the line it it becomes like a norm

of course nothing’s wrong with that of

course that’s right and that’s why the

Bible says there’s coming a time where

people will call the things that are

wrong right and then they’ll call the

things right wrong I think we’re already

there on that one aren’t


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