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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world you have settled that your

life can’t do nothing more than what it

has already done and God’s got so much

more he wants to bring through

you so much more you settle for

everything thing and I’m saying get rid

of the settling praise God don’t settle

for average praise God stir yourself up

when the pruning takes place you just go

ahead and and and fight for the joy of

the Lord in the midst of the pruning

pruning because he’s doing something man

you’re going to produce better fruit

than you’ve ever produced before in your


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now this is your world so let’s vow to

make it a better

place let every heart that needs to

know your love is here to St oh it’s

time we live a new life oh let us love


you we Sav by his grace so we Embrace

Your Love

today we are

Chang the chastisement of the Lord


punishment is it

punishment cuz I you know if if it’s

punishment then all I’m doing is you

know releasing fear into the atmosphere

get ready God’s going to punish you but

the chastisement of the Lord is not the

same as

punishment punishment is a consequence


wrongdoing whereas chastening chastening

is a form of discipline that is in

intended to correct and

refine God’s not punishing you for your

wrongdoing somebody said well it kind of

sounds like no no no Jesus took your

punishment Jesus was punished for you so

you wouldn’t have to be punished I’ll

show you that in a moment chastening is

a form of discipline or correction

that’s intended to cause refinement God

does not punish his children but rather

seeks to guide them towards total

dependence on on him and like I said

besides all that Jesus was already

punished in our place look at this

Isaiah 53 verse 4 and 5 in the King

James Jesus was already punished in our

place that was Jesus job Jesus took our

punishment so we don’t have to be

punished now what that sound like if he

took our punishment so we don’t have to

be punished and then you’re still

expecting to be punished so now you got

to change your view and your perspective

of how you’re looking at these things

that are happening to you this is not

punishment God is trying to guide me

God’s trying to correct me God’s trying

to show me some things he said in verse

4 surely he hath borne our griefs and

carried our sorrows yet we did esteem

him stricken smitten of God and

Afflicted but he was wounded for our

transgressions he was bruised for our

iniquities the chastisement of our peace

was upon him and with his stripes we are

healed look at this same thing in the

New Living Translation I want you to get

a picture Isaiah 53:3 in the New Living

Translation I want you to get a picture

of the punishment that Jesus went

through and I I’ll probably read most of

this chapter here he says here he was

despised and rejected a Man of Sorrows

acquainted with with deepest grief we

turned our backs on him and looked the

other way he was despised and we did not

care yet it was our weaknesses he

carried it was our sorrows that weighed

him down and we thought his troubles

were a punishment from God a punishment

for his own

sins but he was pierced for our

Rebellion crushed for our sins he was

beaten so we could be whole he was

whipped so we could uh be healed this is

awesome here because he was punished and

and and check it out he was punished so

we could get the

benefit the chest ment of our peace was

on him he was being chastised so we can


peace verse six all of us like sheep

have strayed away we’ve left God’s path

to follow our own yet the Lord laid on

him the sins of us all he has oppressed

and treated harshly he was oppressed and

treated harshly yet he never said a word

he was led like a lamb to the slaughter

and as a sheep is silent before the

shearers he did not open his mouth

unjustly condemned he was led away no

one cared that he died without

descendants that his life was cut short


Midstream but he was struck down for the

rebellion of my people he had done no

wrong and had never deceived anyone but

he was buried like a criminal he was put

in a rich man’s

grave when he sees all that is

accomplished by his anguish he will be

satisfied and because of his experience

my my righteous servant will make it

possible for many to be counted

righteous for he will bear all their

sins it’s Poss I will give him the

excuse me I will give him the honors of

the Victorious Soldier because he

exposed himself to death he was counted

among the

rebels he bore the sins of many and

interceded for Rebels wow sing Oh

childless woman you who have never given

birth break into a loud and joyful song

over Jerusalem and it goes down some

some other stuff about the Covenant of


peace he’s been

punished with our

punishment so we could

receive something awesome and goodness

that we didn’t


chastisement ends up in

benefit so if you’re being chastised

corrected disciplined

pruned it’s for your

good take your

medicine go through what you got to go

through because at the end it’s going to


good my

God my


now here’s the question I want you to

think with I’m going to just ask this do

you think

that we deserve punishment do we deserve

judgment from God the answer to that is

yes they’re observing it we deserve

50,000 lifetimes of pain and

turmoil and grief we deserve Eternal

punishment in

hell all of us in here deserve hell

don’t you get get it straight now that’s

what you deser


deserve that’s what we deserve we

deserve the penalty that was

promised that the wages of sin is death

that’s what we deserve praise God but

that’s not what we get if we truly trust

and depend in Jesus Christ as our Lord

and savior when we made him the Lord and

savior of our life we’re no longer

getting what we

deserve we now get what we don’t

deserve amen

so why do we not receive Eternal

punishment well I showed you because

Christ already endureed the punishment

for our sins on this cross why do we not

receive punishment in our lives as

Christians did you not hear me because

Christ already endured the punishment

for our sins on the cross so the

sufficiency of the Cross of Christ is a


peace to our living

today other than that you got to be

careful because you’ll get back into

self-righteousness you got to always

remember everything you got you don’t

deserve you don’t deserve God’s attent

you don’t even deserve his

chastening why if he’s going to chasen

you and correct you I mean we don’t

deserve any of that we got to receive

everything from him as a

gift praise God now let’s now use the

synonym for


purging and see what the scripture says

about that look at uh John 15: 1 in the

NLT we’ll look at verses

1-8 now he’s going to use this

illustration we are branches he is the

vine and he’s going to tell you all the

things that are going to happen you

can’t ignore this


and if you get a hold of this man you

you’ll never be the same again verse one

says Jesus is speaking here he says I am

the true grap Vine and my father is the

gardener okay The

Gardener verse

two The

Gardener cuts off every

branch of mine that doesn’t produce


fruit what is he doing he prunes the

branches that do not that do bear fruit

he prunes the branches that do bear

fruit so that they will produce even

more I tell you I freaked out when I

came to church one day and all of the

branches of the trees were cut

off I thought what the

heck oh when I came home one time Jamie

you remember this and I looked against

the house and all them bushes were

pruned and I’m

like my cousin and lost his

mind listen to me cuz this is the same

thing that happens going to happen with

us he prunes the branches that do not

bear that do bear fruit them trees were

looking good to

me but if you prune the ones that do

bear fruit so they will watch this

produce even more

yeah I mean I got a hold of this

principle I’m pruning every tree that go

down the driveway it’s going to look

like a scary

picture look at verse

three you have already been pruned and

purified by the message I have given

you remain in

me and I remain in you for a branch

cannot produce fruit if it is severed

from the

vine and you cannot be be fruitful

unless you remain in

me yes I am the vine you are the

branches see how loud I’m a branch I’m a

branch say it again I’m a branch I’m a

branch all right so you know the the the

branch has got to be connected to his

life source so since you are Branch

don’t expect to ever bear no fruit in

the branch if you leave your life Source

God those who remain in me I and I in

them will produce what much fruit for

apart from me you can do what

nothing anyone who does not remain in me

is watch this anyone who does not remain

in me is thrown away like a useless

branch and

Withers such branches are gathered into

a pile to be

burned but if you remain in me and my

words remain in you you may ask for

anything you want and it will be

granted when you produce much fruit you

are my true disciples

this brings great glory to my father

what brings great glory to the father

producing much

fruit now listen carefully here

now what what Jamie understood and what

these guys up here

understood was that they knew that a

bush the life of a

bush actually increases with


you’re the

bush your life is not going to increase


pruning you’re the

bush your life is not going to mature


pruning pruning is a necessary

part John 15:2 notice what he says in uh

John 152 and the NLT

and this is concerning you and I he says

he cuts off every branch of mine that

doesn’t produce fruit and he what prunes

the branches that do bear fruit so they

will produce what even more fruit so

Jesus was

telling the disciples and all

Christians that he was setting them

apart for a lifestyle of bearing

fruit their fruit would come as a result

of God’s


pruning or

chastening it comes as a part of God

intentionally doing

that it’s a plan of

gods pruning is a plan of God this idea

that now I am saved I don’t have no

correction no discipline no afflictions

no pruning and then the worst thing

about it is once you get some you think

that’s the de devil it was God that was

cutting that thing

off he will prune us of course

differently but this is a this is a

process we entrust to him knowing that

he is good and that he is at work in our

lives pruning us he promised now that he

was going to mature us and he is at work

in our life pruning us our

trials are times to depend and to trust

God to use even our pain to make us more

like Christ and to make us more

dependent upon Christ so this thing of

I’m Christian no more tribulation no

more persecution does not line up with

the word they that live Godly shall

suffer what persecution why going to be

used for some pruning going to be used

for the prun now you’ll have these

people who just you know you know la la

la la and say well no God God will not

prune you yes he will how are you ever

going to bear more fruit by you thinking

that just how you living is fine there’s

so much more fruit that God expects from

our lives that we can’t get at without


pruning you cut up a rose bush real good

you think it was actually producing nice

and pretty roses prun that thing real

good next season man you got all kinds

of beautiful roses coming out there see

we got to stop settling from where we

are right now you have settled that your

life can’t do nothing more than what it

has already done and God’s got so much

more he wants to bring through

you so much more you settle for

everything and I’m saying get rid of the

settling praise God don’t settle for

average praise God stir yourself up when

the pruning takes place you just go

ahead and and and fight for the joy of

the Lord in the midst of the puning

pruning because he’s doing something man

you’re going to produce better fruit

than you’ve ever produced before in your

life Hallelujah the pandemic didn’t do

nothing but set you up to do it better

than it’s never been done


before James 1 2-4 in the NLT shows us

that and then I’m going to give you four

reason why God chastens and prunes


I believe this it it kind of it helps

you to go through you know if if you’re

not careful you’ll start beating

yourself up every time you have a trial

yeah every time you have a trial you go

to God what’s wrong what did I do did I

make you mad it’s like would you

stop you assume you presume upon

yourself that you good you that you

where you need to be and God is like for

what I called you to do you’re nowhere

near where you need to be I need to PR

you you still acting like a baby you

still dogging people out you still don’t

know how to walk in forgiveness you just

you just need to be pruned some more you

got issues I know you had the issue in

the first place but I’m going to prune

you it ain’t got nothing to do with well

I don’t want to be pruned what if I

don’t want to be pruned and God say I’m

grown you going to be


prun you know your children come ask you

a question well why you do this she say


grown and you proceed not to give no

explanation I’m grown and we go before

God well God why is this happening he

ain’t saying

nothing you going to go through this and

you going to understand better bye and

bye somebody said that song Ain’t

according to the word yes it is how

manyan you know there’s a lot of things

you were going through you didn’t

understand why you were going through it

but when you came out of it and a little

later on bye and by when the morning

comes all God Saints are going to gather

home I ain’t gonna sing that tell the

story how I got


pruned then we understand it better

watch this bye and

bye dear brothers and sisters when

Troubles of any

kind come your

way consider it an opportunity for Great

Joy what now Joy is not and and

happiness are a little different Joy

comes from what you

know so consider it great joy cuz you’re

not ignorant about this trouble that has

come your

way what you do is say uhuh it’s it’s

it’s growth time it’s growth season and

I’m going to show you how to tell when

you’re in a season of

pruning how do you know some of you may

be in a season of pruning right now and

you may not be aware of it loss and that

season go hand in hand yeah well I don’t

understand why I lost that I don’t

understand why I lost that you being

pruned girl you being

pruned God got a seven F of job waiting

on you and he can’t get you to leave

that one so he going to prune you so he

can get you where he need to be cuz he

he needs to use your heart to be able to

move some stuff where it need to be he

can’t do it because you just you just

shut your ears down you don’t memorize

your scripture he been trying to talk

and nudge you the whole time so he said

okay they need some

chasing some pruning clip woo what was

once attached has now been

lost dear brothers and sisters when

Troubles of any kind come your way

consider it an opportunity for Joy verse

three for you know that when your faith


tested your endurance has a chance to

grow so let it

grow for when your endurance is fully

developed you will be perfect and

complete needing nothing he says I got


outcome but I need to do some pruning in

order to see that outcome come and so

you can see the beauty of what comes as

a result of that

pruning so why does God chasen or prune

us his branches why would he do that


one so that we will bear more

fruit so that we can bear more fruit God

does not prune us because he is angry at

at us nor does he prune us because

Jesus’s sacrifice was not

enough God prunes us so that we may bear

more fruit just like John 15:2 says so

we can bear more fruit another words God

looks at our Christian lives and he

concludes that we are not bearing as

much fruit as we could

bear we are out of balance we’ve had we

we we we have dead branches and and and

and sin is draining away our spiritual

Vitality we need to

prune we need to do some

pruning wonder how many bad branches you

got around you it need some pruning to

take place why does God chasing to prune

us so that we will become more dependent


him too often we become proud and

independent of God and the impure of

self- dependence begins to lead our Liv

lives instead of depending on

God so God loves us enough to prune us

so that we will learn to abide and to

rest and to depend on

him our father the vine dresser trains

us to learn and practice not only in

precept but he trains us to learn in

practice so we can truly

truly come to the place where we can do

nothing without

Christ that we’re practicing dependent

on him cuz we now know we can’t do

nothing without him just like the branch

can’t do nothing without

Divine as vital as it is for that that

connection to

remain so likewise equally as as vital

as it is for the connection between you

and your father to remain


three why does God chasen or prune us to

assure that we are truly

saved God does not prune unbelievers in

order that they may become more

fruitful for their fruit and I say

unbelievers he’s not he’s not pruning

unbelievers because their fruit would

just simply consist of more dead Works

they’re not saved

they’re unbelievers what is that a prune

the whole thing’s


okay and so instead he eventually throws

them into the fire and they’re

burned John

15:6 it is the true child of God who is

chastened by the heavenly father this is

a father chastening and pruning it’s not

the illegitimate


do you ever wonder if God is punishing

you in his two message series The

discipline of Grace cffl dollar uncovers

the truth about how God actually

corrects and guides his children

self-dependence is impure God’s

chastening is to correct and to purify

if a thought comes up oh my goodness

because of God’s punishment I’m going

end up in hell no no no your destiny has

already been set you’ve already pass

from Death to life you are being dealt

with by a father who loves you this is

chassing of the lord it’s the father

dealing with you in love but he is going

to be dealing with you both messages can

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