Throughout the Old Testament, recurring prophecies and insights are revealed regarding a future on earth where there is no war, no overlooked injustices, and an overall theme of restoration – an era wherein the Creator serves as King. In addition to the prophets speaking of this and Jesus’ disciples anticipating it, the apostles reinforced it. What is the Millennium? Is it something to come or something that’s being experienced now? Is it something to be taken literally? Tune in for Pastor Mike Golay’s exciting journey through the Scriptures for answers to these questions and more! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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Ancients the first century Church those

people throughout church

history would have paid a dear price to

sit in the time period that you’re

sitting in right

now okay so let me qualify that because

some of you are like uh okay uh I don’t

know what you mean uh I just got got

through with a horrible week and uh I

don’t know what that means well

prophecy plus the Fulfillment of events

that we see visually on an overwhelming

amount of

concentration leads us to conclude that

even maybe apart from the first century

with the first coming of Jesus which was

a big deal I mean in one weekend he

conquered sin demonic forces and and

death I mean what did you do last

weekend okay we’re talking about the

second coming which is the introduction

of the Rapture the Antichrist War all of

the judgments culminating into Israel’s

salvation the king coming and then

1,000-year reign of pure peace that’s

kind of a big deal as well I mean that’s

don’t you think that’s a seismic shift

in culture uh internationally so I think

that we are at the cusp of seeing these

events beginning we call them the birth

panks Jesus called them the birth panks

today I’m going to take you on a journey

as a tour guide into what life will be

like in the

Millennium all right nobody talks about


Millennium is it literal there’s been a

lot of debate a lot of people think this

is just a

Fantastical uh misguided view of the

future so that weak-minded ignorant

people that have the religion as a

crutch can have a false sense of

self-worth and live their meaningless

lives and get up in the


okay let me roll back the clock to to

World War

II this last 100 years the earth has

experienced more Wars more technological

advancements and more cultural change

than any other period of time in human

history that’s not my words that’s the

words of research and commentators

historians archaeologists and people

that have gone before over the span of

the last few years and have really been

impressed at human Ingenuity but also


destruction in World War II particularly

with the introduction of the atom bomb

the introduction of uh really refining

fully automatic weapons and aircraft

this was a period of time where people

could see that there was evil that was

on the face of the planet that was

unprecedented the complete genocide of a


Nation now I don’t know if you know this

but Marvel Comics found its roots within

the Jewish Vision of Hope for a

Hero I don’t know if you’ve heard of

Stan Lee maybe Jack Kirby they formed

Marvel Comics and they used uh normal

people that were exposed to either

radiation or they had a special special

gift but they weren’t like super

men and they did this because they found

a way to make people around the world

feel good with a heroic figure that they

could relate

to okay now this is coming from a Jewish

mind and a lot of the the Jewish people

that had survived Holocaust one of the

coping mechanisms that they used within

the concentration camps was um

entertaining each other with jokes to

escape from the

horrors and after World War II and Jews

went back to uh life if they if they

were able to survive this

continued and a lot of Jewish people

found their way into entertainment

industry and comedy as a way because

they got so good at at it and they gave

the world a lot of what you and I have

today in Hollywood and other places you

say wow okay that is true but the thing

that that’s

ironic as Paul said in Romans 9

through1 it is the Jews and God’s

covenants with them that give you and me

the filthy pig eating Gentiles the

ability to be grafted into the olive uh


which is the faith-based tree that

Israel provides to you it doesn’t say

they were

uprooted and then replaced with a

completely different tree you and I have

the privilege of being grafted in and it

also doesn’t say that he’s going to

remove all the branches because many of

them did and will come to

Faith but the Bible forecasts a time of

Hope where the Messiah will come back

and for many Jews the the first coming

of the Messiah because they don’t

necessarily believe in the

this the first coming the way you and I

did 2,000 years ago that he will

establish a rule and Reign on this Earth

for all of us to see the Perfection of



now Jason’s running slides and so by the

way Jason where are you are you back

there in the yeah see the the waving

hand Jason and I work as a team we go

all over the place Jason is just as much

of this ministry uh as anybody on the

pulpit or or anybody teaching so what is

the Millennium let’s look at it real

quick Millennium comes from two

different words it comes from M and Anum

these are two Latin words that equal

together mean Millennium it means 1,000

years it’s a 1,000 years why 1,000

years why not 1,000 years it’s a long

time 1,000 years is plenty of time to

test new governments it’s plenty of time

to test new education systems new

political systems new law enforcement

systems it’s plenty of time to test

pretty much any system that you can

introduce to the land and and it’s also

good to do that internationally not just

locally so that’s why um we have 1,000

years it’s a great period of time for

the Earth get to get used to near

perfection in a still in a still sinful

and Fallen fleshly World we’re going to

talk about that okay you and I will have

been raptured before the Millennium of

course even if you’re premid or post

trip you’re still you’re still raptured

okay so if you have any you know mid

trips or post trips we’re all in good

company here at least we can agree on

Jesus will return before the Millennium

okay so we’re good with that all right

even our Jewish friends will say yes

it’s very very true yes we are we are

also agree from you okay so they also

agree all right what do you do when you

have 1,000 years well you show the

world Perfection to the max within a

sinfully flesh flesh Fallen World the

best it’s ever

been imagine a day you have a perfect

King no

corruption perfect government no

corruption imagine a legal system where

you have no corrupt judges no corrupt

juries no misguided people lawyers

actually have a

conscience okay imagine an

economy forget Dow Jones NASDAQ and all

these other losers okay that’s that’s

like that’s like Mambi pambi land

compared to what this is going to be

okay a perfect education

system perfect medical system

medicine doctors pharmace pharmacists

that actually want to glorify Jesus

imagine a transportation system imagine

the the deals the Delta Airlines will be

running in the

Millennium if they even exist

environment forget this climate change

nonsense with all these people wanting

to do what they want to do imagine the

Jesus climate movement of of Jesus

ordering it okay so let’s look at this

uh because I know there are Skeptics and

1,000 years is just symbolic it’s

figurative language you know it was just

placed in there and we don’t really know

much about it well let’s let’s uh let’s

play the role of a lawyer now a good

lawyer is the Millennium literally 1,000

years is it literal or is it symbolic

and figurative like many have said that

have gone before I’ll let you judge

based on what we read and we’re going to

read some of the texts here Revelation

20: 1-6 by the way this message is

designed to give you hope to give you

encouragement whatever you’re going

through right now whatever challenge

you’re going through none of that none

of what you can produce in your own life

can rival the principle of inevitability

of what you’re going to experience in

the future and by the way the Millennium

is just

intro that’s right right we haven’t even

begun to talk about the new Heaven and

the new Earth which comes later okay so

let’s say you just lost your job and

your loved one just left you you found

out that you have a disease that’s very

rare and the only place there’s only one

doctor and his name is uh Shas rabad and

he lives in hyderbad and he’s the only

one that can operate but he’s booked out

for five years and so you don’t know

what to do that let’s say you’re that

person you you will have nothing to

worry about at the end of this knowing

what God’s promises are for your future

okay revelation 20:

1-6 then I saw an angel coming down from

heaven holding in his hand the key to

the bottomless pit and a great chain and

he sees the dragon that ancient serpent

who is the devil and Satan and bound him

for a thousand years how

long 100

years thousand years and threw him into

and it seems like there’s a literal

train going on here so why would we

deviate but let’s for the sake of

argument let’s continue and threw him

into the pit and shut it re sealed it

over him so that he might not deceive

the Nations any longer until the

thousand years were ended after that he

must be released for a little while so

there’s clear time here I don’t know why

the Bible would try to fool us with

metaphors here um but let’s keep let’s

continue verse four then I saw Thrones

and seated on them were those who to who

uh to whom the authority to judge was

committed I also saw the souls of those

who had been beheaded for the testimony

of Jesus and for the word of God see

that’s literal I mean he’s he’s on a

literal train here and those who had not

worshiped the Beast or its image and had

not received its mark on their foreheads

or their hands they came to life and

reigned with Christ for a thousand years

now he’s talking about right before the

Thousand Years launches so isn’t this

interesting that uh we’re going to get

into this in a minute that there is a

resurrection of of all of those martyred

Saints and all of those people that were

righteous that died in the tribulation

period the rest of the Dead that did not

come to life until the thousand years

were ended this is the first

resurrection blessed and holy is the one

who shares in the first resurrection

that’s the one before the Millennium and

then the second resurrection of course

all of the non-believers that are judged

and thrown into the Lake of Fire Blessed

Are Holy of those who share in the first

resurrection over such the second death

has no power but they will be Priests of

God and of Christ and they will reign

with him for a thousand years so this is

the only place in scripture where we see

that the Millennium is defined

specifically as a thousand years in that

metric uh but there’s plenty of written

there’s plenty that is written about it

in the Old Testament and uh I’ll give

you just an example of what Jews

believed in Jesus day about these

resurrections so follow me here once we

pass into well the Believers are

raptured the word World passes through

seven years of tribulation along that

train are Jews coming to Faith and then

they really come to Faith when Jesus

returns and they look to him whom

they’ve pierced and They Mourn for him

as one Only One Mourns for his only

child and they receive Jesus as a nation

that’s the prediction but there are many

people that become Believers in the

tribulation tons of people many nations

and many of them will die for their

faith all of these people will raise to

life at the time Jesus comes back and

then they will go into the Millennium

now there the Jewish view of the end

times was also that the Saints of all

the Old Testament from Adam all the way

into the tribulation and through the

tribulation all those Jewish saints that

believed in God would also be

resurrected and then go into the kingdom

or the Millennium in fact here is a

snapshot this is a leak of

theology with with Martha in the Gospel

of John in in fact if you have your

Bibles uh John

11:4 Martha said to him he she says to

Jesus I know that he will rise again in

the resurrection of the last day this is

her theology as a Jew of a family member

that had passed away and so she has the

expectation and hope this is Lazareth

that he would rise again in the last day

at the second coming and then go into

the Millennium that was Jewish theology

so it was a Jewish Jewish expectation

there a few things I want to say about

this and then we’re going to take a time

machine into the future and I’m going to

show you what the B what we know but

there’s going to be a little bit of

Sanctified imagination in this game so

as to encourage you and so as to give

you an idea of how to speak to friends

and family

members that the Bible makes Promises of

a future that is far greater than

anything any human being can produ

produce cuz let’s just pause for a

second and let me just challenge

you the world and the people of the

world right now are trying to come

together in a movement called globalism

and the premises is that they’re saying

we can make this world better with our

skills with our wisdom with our

Ingenuity we’ll start with the

environment and we’ll work on that we

will then move to economy and work on

that and try to equalize all the wealth

we we have ideas that we can do through

technology through influencers on social

media we can get people addicted to our

rhetoric because people will respond if

we dress it up real nice and have

celebrities and all the favorite

musicians and singers to really

influence people to think in a certain

way and this is going on in Sydney in

Tokyo it’s going on in Cape Town in

London in Berlin and New York in in sou

Paulo Brazil they’re all thinking the

same way and and they’re offering you

you a big buffet table of Hope when the

Bible is kind of smiling off to the

corner saying nice

try yours won’t work it’ll end in a


wreck and they believe that the Bible is

a joke yet the Bible continues to be

fulfilled literally if those are paying

attention and who’s the fool at the end

of the equation who’s going to actually

have the better version of Hope and so

what I love to do is I love to take

whatever the world has to offer I’ll say

hey I’ll take that argument did you know

that the Bible has said the same things

even better for the future and so what

you have here is a dilemma where are you

going to bet your soul yeah are you

going to bet the soul on what your bet

your soul on what the the world has to

offer which changes by the way every

five years it’s like nailing Jello-O to

the wall it doesn’t never stick or are

you going to bet your soul on what the

Bible says and forensically let’s

analyze the historicity and its

reliability of prophecies that have

already been fulfilled that’s a fun game

if you ever want to enter into that with

friends so I’m going to give you some

lawyer stuff right now and then we’re

going to give you some fun hope all

right the prophets spoke about this I’m

going to read a few texts from the from

the Bible just so you think that John

just didn’t pull this out of the air and

throw it into the New Testament this is

actually a Jewish concept Isaiah 2:

2-4 and it shall come to pass in the


days that the mountain of the Lord’s

house shall be established on the top of

the mountains and shall be exalted above

the hills and All Nations will flow to

it he’s talking about

Jerusalem Mount Zion many people shall

come and say come let us go up to the

mountain of the Lord to the house of the

god of Jacob he will teach us his ways

and we shall walk in his paths for out

of Zion shall go forth the law and the

word of the Lord from Jerusalem he shall

judge between the Nations and there be

many people they shall beat their swords

into plowshares and their Spears into

pruning hooks Nations shall not lift up

sword against Nation neither shall they

learn War

anymore peace and Justice that flows

from the capital of the world called

Jerusalem Jeremiah chapter 30 uh 23 5-6

behold the days are coming says the Lord

that I will raise to David a branch of

righteousness a king shall reign and

prosper and execute judgment and

righteousness on on the earth in his

days Judah will be saved and Israel will

dwell safely now this is the name by

which he will be called the Lord our

righteousness given the circumstances in

Israel it would be really nice to have

this conversation with a lot of Jewish

people which I’ve been doing and they

want to believe this but the trauma and

the situation is so overwhelming right

now it’s it’s nearly impossible to

conceive Daniel chapter 7 but it’s true

yes this is going to

happen amazing isn’t it well you’ll say

that later even more once you find out

when we do the time machine exercise of

what’s going to be like in the the

actual Millennium Daniel chapter 7: 7 uh

13-4 I was watching in night visions and

behold one like the son of man coming

with the Clouds Of Heaven he came to the

Ancient of Days and they brought him

near before him then to him was given

dominion and glory and a kingdom that

all peoples Nations and languages should

serve him his Dominion is an everlasting

Dominion which shall not pass away in

his kingdom the one which shall not be

destroyed that’s

Daniel you I’m going to I’m going to

read one last one from Zechariah then

we’re going to move into uh a few other

texts uh just to kind of close the mouth

of the skeptic that the Millennium is

just a


metaphorical kind of a a fake hope

cartoonist you know type of Hope

Zechariah 141

16-20 and it shall come to pass that

everyone who is left of all the nations

which come against Jerusalem shall go up

from year to year to worship the king

the Lord of hosts and to keep the Feast

of Tabernacle see they celebrate Jewish

holidays because Israel is the world’s

superpower and the Jewish Messiah King

station in Jerusalem executes Justice

accordance with all of the promises God

made to ancient Israel and it shall be

that whichever of the families of the

earth do not go up to Jerusalem to

worship the king the Lord of hosts on

them there will be no rain so there’s

going to be

consequences if the family of Egypt will

not come up and enter in they shall have

no rain they shall have they shall

receive the plague with which the Lord

strikes the Nations who do not come up

to the keep the Feast of Tabernacles

this shall be the punishment of Egypt

and Punishment of all the nations that

do not come up uh to keep the Feast of


and by the way that’s one of the Jewish

feasts that is congruent or

proportionate to the prophecy which I’ll

talk about in a minute and that in that

day Holiness to the Lord shall be

engraved and the bells and the horses

the pots of of the in the Lord’s house

shall be like the bowls before the alar

yes every pot in Jerusalem and Judah

shall be Holiness to the Lord of hosts

everyone who sacrifices shall come and

take them and cook in them in that day

there shall no longer be a Canaanite in

the house of the Lord of hosts and

that’s language for there there be no

corruption there will be no

evil all right the apostles hope for it

okay one verse Acts 1: 6-8 look at this

therefore when they had come together

they asked him saying

Lord will you at this time restore the

kingdom to Israel tellas they wanted to

know look we understand your mission

you’re going to give your life as you

know as a ransom for our sins you’re

going to conquer death sin and demonic

forces but uh what about the kingdom

would be nice to have you ruling and

reigning and he said to them it is not

for you to know the times of the seasons

which the father has put in his own

authority but you I’ll give you

something better but you shall receive

power when the Holy Spirit comes upon

you and you shall be my witnesses to me

in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria

the utter ends of the

Earth you us we are living that dream

God think about

this in the ancient days they had the

Ark of the Covenant and the shakina

glory of the Lord of Yahweh would sit on

it and it was

so holy that even if a person touched it

lightning would flash and they would die

you know that is explosive power

remember the incident when they were

transporting the ark incorrectly

somebody reached out to save it and the

power of God went out and the poor guy


the stupidity of somebody else got him

killed okay basically all of that Glory

all of that Splendor all of that power

the shakina glory dwells within the

believer after Pentecost it dwell that

power is this power of the holy spirit

that lives in you the power the same

power of the Ark of the Covenant that

surrounded the Ark of the Covenant with

the presence of God the spirit of God is

living in you the only way that’s

possible is if you’re a holy vessel amen

amen we you we need to think of

ourselves as who we really are we’re

actually children of God we are actually

people that have said yes to the

Salvation process and the spirit of God

lives in us his thoughts sometimes come

to your thoughts you care about things

that you normally shouldn’t care about

because he cares and now you care you

normally would not have done certain

things but now you do those things to

reach out to people because the spirit

of God prods you there’s also things

that you were never disgusted of and

that you partook in with sin and now you

are disgusted and you don’t want any

part of it how do you explain this

process do you explain this process

through psychology no no the power of

God dwells within you and it’s an

amazing gift and a lot of us miss that

when we wake up in the morning we have

the ability just to say God use me today

for your glory and I’m along for the

ride you get in the driver’s seat and

let’s have fun together as we develop

your kingdom here on Earth it’s an

amazing thing it’s an amazing gift and

so if that’s not enough Jesus is saying

it’s not for you to know the times or

Seasons it’s coming it’s only going to

get better is what I’m saying you think

this is good it’s only going to get

better now some people believe that

there is no Millennium they call them am

Millennials not Millennials like in

culture but am Millennials people that

don’t believe in the

Millennium if that theory is true and

let’s just say this is just a bunch of

fantastic language that the early church

said was fulfilled during John’s day and

it was always they were talking about

Rome and the persecutions of Rome and it

ended and there really is no Millennium

it’s just kind of a a hope of symbol a

symbolic hope for the

people let me give you the consequence

and then the reality first the

consequence how many of you have been to

the yadvashem museum in

Jerusalem okay some of us you walk in

and the very first exhibit that you see

is the strategy that Hitler used to

utilize the churches to disseminate the

Nazi rhetoric how did he do

it he said that the

church replace replaces

Israel their Israel failed on their

mission and therefore now the church is

being called in to fix what Israel

failed in and then it indicted Israel

and Jews for killing the Messiah and

indicted them for not delivering and

agreeing with some of the truths of the

New Testament and so on

and they were

framed and all of the replacement

theology that had already existed up

until then really took off and allowed

people to be justified in their

conscience seared conscience mind you to

kill the Jewish



that’s the

consequence the other part of this that

I want to look at is if the first

century fulfilled The Book of Revelation

and the prophecies that we know and that

the Millennium is just a symbolic vision

of Hope for people going through


times why then does the early church

comment on it and still anticipate it in




I want to go to point number three there

Jason this is just one example the early

church defended the Millennium this is

from irenaeus against heresies this was

written in the 2 Century even right

there at the close to the third Century

look what he

says if if this is all a Fantastical

thing that was fulfilled in the first

century and there really is no

Millennium the predicted blessing

therefore belongs unquestionably to the

times of the Kingdom when the righteous

shall bear rule upon their rising from

the dead when also the creation having

been renovated and set free shall shall

fruit fructify with an abundance of all

kinds of food from the Dew of heaven and

from the fertility the Earth as the

elders who saw John the disciple of the

Lord relating that they had heard from

him how the Lord used to teach in regard

to these times so he’s talking about the

second coming and the

Millennium and so it’s a a beautiful

future now you can look forward to it

are you ready for a tour you ready to

get into the time machine all right this

is going to happen you are going to have

a new body you’re going to be ruling and

reigning with Jesus somewhere on the

earth who wants who wants the territory

of the Aborigines

anyone I’ll take I’ll take Northern


okay what’s so great about the

Millennium first the best King

the best King all right Isaiah 11: 1-5

there shall come forth a rod from the

stem of Jesse and a branch shall grow

out of his roots the spirit of God shall

rest upon him the spirit of wisdom and

understanding the spirit of counsel and

might the spirit of knowledge and the

fear of the Lord his Delight is in the

fear of the Lord and he shall not judge

by the sight of his eyes nor decide by

the hearing of his ears but with

righteousness he shall judge the poor

and decide with equity for the meek of

the earth he shall strike the Earth with

the rod of his mouth and with the breath

of his lips he shall slay the wicked

righteousness shall be the belt of his

loins and faithfulness the belt of his

waist he will be the best King this

world has ever ever seen because he’s

going to be perfect the perfect ruler

imagine the president of the United

States being Jesus right now imagine

what this country would look like Satan

will attempt to make himself the king

during the tribulation he will try to be

woried by the Nations it’s going to end

in a train wreck things the fur is going

to hit the fan with the Bold judgments

and Jesus is going to have to come back

and when it says that when Jesus comes

back he destroys them with the word of

his mouth can you imagine the Earth is

probably going to launch all kinds of

rockets at him maybe even nuclear

they’re going to take their guns they’re

going to shoot at him and all Jesus is

going to do is he’s going to come back

and he’s going to say

no for if if you’ve ever seen the movie

The Matrix all he does is put up his

hand and all the bullets just they

freeze and then they just come down

you imagine what Jesus can do and from

that point on he establishes his Rule

and reign as an absolute perfect King

executing justice but also looking after

people in need a perfect blend of the

two in the best political system which

leads me to point number two the best

government Isaiah 2: 3B and 4 for out of

Zion shall go forth the law and the word

of the Lord from Jerusalem he shall

judge between the Nations and rebuke

many people people they shall beat their

swords into plowshares and their Spears

into pruning hooks Nation shall not lift

up sword against Nation neither shall

they learn War anymore we already read

that passage earlier no more Corruptions

in courts in the legal system

criminals because they’re still able to

sin will have real Justice and the crime

rates will be at an alltime

low jails will be like hotel rooms cuz

there’s going to be so much

space there’s going to be no fake news

no riots no extremism no lag time for



imagine three the best

worship you thought today was

good it really was in fact I I was

sitting here and I was thinking this is

ironic this is like Millennium style

worship today like Millennium level

maybe maybe the first day of the

Millennium will will be here in this

church worshiping with this group that’s

the template that goes on you see best

worship Jeremiah 3131 through

34 behold this is the New Covenant

behold the days are coming says the Lord

when I will make a New Covenant with the

house of Israel and with the house of

Judah listen to the refreshing New

Covenant not according to the Covenant

made with their fathers in the day that

I took them by hand to lead them out of

the land of Egypt my Covenant which they

broke though I was husband to them says

the Lord but this is the Covenant I will

make with the house of Israel after

those days says the Lord I will put my

law in their

minds and write it on their

hearts I will be their God and they

shall be my

people no more shall anyone teach his

neighbor and every man his brother

saying know the Lord for they will

already know me everybody will know me

me he’s saying from the least of them to

the greatest of them says the Lord for I

will forgive their iniquity and their

sin I will remember no more no more

wooden dead religion no more go through

the motions and check the boxes and have

a false sense of selfworth and standing

before God Jews will actually have a

personal relationship with the Jesus

Christ on the same level as you all

already do

now think about that right now you can

go to Jesus for absolutely

anything he hears you amen you have a

relationship with him in its

Dynamic and that’s available right now

all day every day

247 do you know what you have

Hallelujah do you realize what what kind

of all the Ancients uh before Jesus even

Judaism even if you even go to Israel or

even Jewish communities today and you

say I have a personal relationship with

Jesus they’re like what does this say he

is God you can’t just jump up onto his

lap and have fun this is not come on

he’s a holy you know you must to do many

good things you must to do a

religion unless you know Jesus amen amen

these are these are some of the things

that is great as the Millennium

is you have the fullness of the godhead

that dwells with inside of you yes

through the power of the Holy Spirit

right now it’s it’s something that I

think we should emphasize now did you

know that there’s going to be a temple

there’s going to be a temple of worship

in the Millennium where they’re going to

bring back sacrifices not for atonement

but for worship they’re actually going

to reflect on the sacrifice and the work

of Jesus throughout human history and

people need a visual reminder to give

them a sense of Connection to the Past

the present and the future so that they

can worship in spirit and in truth and

understand and identify with the

sacrifice that Jesus made on their

behalf because after a thousand years or

even let’s say 475 years into the

Millennium you can start to take things

for granted and that’s one of the things

Ezekiel gives a very

detailed uh temple with dimensions in

chapter 4 through 44 if this is

metaphoric why such detail this is a a

diagram constructed with those those

dimensions and so this is the fourth

temple the first temple was of course

Solomon’s the second temple was um

zerubbabel’s Temple which was renovated

by Herod that’s the second temple the

Third Temple is the temple where the

Antichrist will defame in the

tribulation and this of course is the

fourth and final Temple before we go

into the new heavens and the new Earth

where Jesus himself is the temple

amazing all right so number four the


education and we’re we’re starting the

downward into the uh airport here with

our time the best education Isaiah


2:3 many people shall come and say come

let us go up to the Mount of the Lord to

the house of the god of Jacob he will

teach us his way and we shall walk in


paths no rigged

curriculums equal access of education

for all without the need to tax

everybody okay will there be student

loans in this time period no even Bernie

will say wow that’s really

impressive if he ever becomes a Believer

I don’t know but think about that the

educational system will be run by Jesus

and it’ll involve all of the Sciences in

a responsible and truthful manner

without any politics manipulation or

social uh experiments amen and you’re

going to some of you are going to be

running that program somewhere because

you’re going to be ruling and reigning


Jesus number five the best economy I’m

just I’m just I’m just giving you like

shotgun approach here just showing you

what the future holds the best economy

Amos verse uh chapter 9: 13-1 15 behold

the days are coming says the Lord when

the plowman shall overtake the Reaper

and The Treader of grapes him who SS

seed the mountains shall drip with sweet

wine and the hills shall flow with it

see the abundance there I will bring

back the captives of my people and they

shall build the waste cities and inhabit

them they shall plant Vineyards and

drink wine from them he’s speaking about

the Millennium they shall also make

Gardens and eat fruit from them I will

plant from them plant them in their land

and no longer shall they be pulled up

from the land I have given them says the

Lord your

God what I love about this is you have a

Plowman that normally starts in October

okay and then you have to wait for the

reaper so when the Reaper’s finished and

then the the one who C that comes and

Treads on the grapes in July he’ll find

the pl are still sewing new seed because

there’s so much fertility during this

period that the workers are constantly

working and they can’t keep up the

economy and the situation of the

Millennium there’s going to be a jaker

and the worth of all the currencies of

the Earth or the single currency we

don’t know is going to constantly climb

it’ll be sheer wealth and prosperity for

everybody Hallelujah I mean think about

that look at what we have now compared

to this Vision this is going to happen

you will be part of this it’s very

exciting the best health for number six

I’m going to start going through these

faster the best health Isaiah 33: 24 and

the inhabitant will not say I’m sick the

people who dwell in it will be forgiven

of their

iniquity and all of that sinful

lifestyle that they used to know with a

good thinking and good physical health

leads to good psychological health and

sicknesses will go down down down no

expensive health

insurance no more medical professionals

that you’ll have to compare prices

with it’ll be the most healthy time that

the history of humanity will have ever

known no Satan or demons that’s a

bonus we read this earlier Revelation

20: 1-3 then I saw an angel coming down

from heaven having the key to the

bottomless pit in a great chain in his

hand he laid hold of that dragon that

Serpent of old who is the devil and

Satan bound him for 10,000 years and he

cast him into the bottomless pit shut

him up and set a seal on him that he

should not deceive the Nations anymore

until the thousand years were finished

but after these things he must be

released for a little


why why after such a long time you want

to play around with what’s if it’s not

broken why not why don’t F you don’t

have to fix it you don’t have to mess


it parenthesis before we

continue think about it 1,000 years


perfect Satan and his demons are bound

the only thing that can happen is human

flesh living on the face of the Earth

can commit crime and mess

around there’s no excuse to blame the

devil anymore or

demons after a period of time God is

saying to humanity that’s going through


Millennium this is one last chance

you’ve seen what Perfection looks like

in a sinful Fallen World with people

that still have the flesh I’m going to

release Satan and I’m going to give you

one final chance I have given you the

best of the

best and it’s your decision and those

who CH choose to follow Satan can and

their destruction is inevitable and

those who still believe and say yes this

is truly the this is worth following

Jesus amen we will continue to follow

this is the last

filter of the world in the face of every

person when you have Jesus running every

every single thing within the Earth and

if you still don’t want Jesus that’s it

that’s what Satan is able to accomplish

and then the inevitability it’s very

these are very stupid people they end up

getting judged and then thrown to the

Lake of Fire not long after where they

suffer and they say oh it’s so worth it

whatever World Peace even in the animal

kingdom number eight Isaiah 11 the wolf

shall dwell with the lamb that’s

impossible right now the leopard shall

lie down with the young goat the calf

and the Young Lion and the fatling

together and a little child shall lead

them would you throw your child into a

den of exotic beasts that are hungry and

ask that little child to lead

them no the cow and the bearer shall

graze their young ones shall lie

together and the lion shall eat straw

like the ox the nursing child shall play

by the Cobra’s hole hey Cobra how’s it

going yeah yeah you know know can you

imagine this isn’t a mongoose situation

this is a child okay look at that little

cute nose you know can you imagine the

tongue and the the fangs and th look I

this is a picture of some of the most

dangerous beasts with some of the most

sensitive people like children and there

will be such peace that you don’t have

to worry about all these dangers anymore

it’s a beautiful

picture all right we’re going to close

up shop here and then I’m going to give

you some encouragement

what does this mean for me today go

straight to that

slide number one what does this mean for

you today here in Orange County you got

in your car you chose to come to church

we worshiped now you have this kind of

odd guy giving you a sermon

today nothing else matters let me just

whatever you did didn’t hear or heard

don’t miss what I’m about to give you


now your relationship with God today

deter detm your future

tomorrow what you believe

today is your

tomorrow so if you say I don’t really

know where I stand with god well then

tomorrow you won’t either if you say yes

I believe in Jesus then you will

tomorrow you’ll go through hard times

but you will believe in Jesus tomorrow

if you are of the persuasion that you

say I’m not ready to make a commitment

right now um I’m just I’m just I don’t

know where I stand with Jesus then that

will be the case tomorrow what if


happens what if something

happens you’re betting your

soul on something right

now it says in 2 Timothy chapter two for

if we died with him we shall also live

with him you see the absolute if we

endure we shall also reign with him if

we deny him he also will deny us and

he’s speaking about positions we hold or

people that hold in general if we are

faithless he remains faithful he cannot

deny himself he is who he is you can

count on him so if right now you want to

say I want to renew my relationship with

Jesus and understand what you’re talking

about with this shakina Glory leading

and guiding me on a daily basis so that

I’m a Storyteller to those around me so

that I see Miracles around me so that I

see God using me to build his kingdom it

is a simple yes that yes transmits into

tomorrow if you say I’m not ready right

now I’m going to wait for the future

then tomorrow will be the same and

you’ll still be waiting and waiting and

waiting for what for what what do you

have to

lose jump all in Say Yes to Jesus that’s

number one your relationship with God

today determines your future tomorrow

number two if you gamble with your

soul you will

lose The House Always

Wins you don’t believe me 2 Corinthians

chap 6: 1 and 2 we then as workers

together with him also plead with you

not to receive the grace of God in vain

for he says in an acceptable time I’ve

heard you that’s now in the day of

salvation I have helped you behold now

is the accepted time behold now is the

day of

salvation if you gamble with your soul

you will

lose this is my final uh few words I’ve

been through a journey this last year

and yesterday I confess that there are

subliminal Idols that we can follow in

this life subliminal Idols are the idols

that we don’t think are Idols you know

are things like taking care of oursel

going to the gym family the love of our

kids the love of ministry the love of

all of those good things that Society

parades and says yes this is what we

should do uh I love being in the

military and I love serving our country

but I found myself with all of these

equations not serving God with passion I

found myself serving all of these other

things which were good and I found

myself in a relationship with God that

was very weird I felt like I didn’t know

him anymore and I felt like I was doing

all of these things in my own flesh in

my own strength and I came to a point

where I’m like what is

this I cannot believe that I’ve Let

Jesus sit in the backseat of my life

while I’m driving all of these other

areas that Society

applauds I was risking my soul and

betting my soul in me being the driver

of my life and I was missing out on the

supernatural power of God on a daily

basis by just worshiping him and letting

all of these other areas benefit from

that relationship you have the same


today where do you stand with Jesus is

he standing saying I want you back I

want to have those good old times like

we used to have I want to I want to be

in your subject of prayer I want to

answer your prayers I want to show you

my Miracles I want to give you

breakthroughs in life I want to give you

send you challenge I want to bring you

to different environments and develop

you amen this is a decision that you

have to

make if you don’t you’re risking your

soul to something else and you’re

settling for Less why would you do

that let’s pray Lord the Millennium is a


era and it’s exciting that we’ll get to

be there right now all of us have to

make a a hard

decision what we’re going to do with our

relationship with you and I’m speaking

to you Believers in the room

specifically you want to renew your

relationship with

Jesus secretly pray with me Lord it’s

time that we get back

together it’s time that we start

to relate more

Lord lead me and guide

me show

me in fact maybe you came in this

morning and you don’t even know if you

know Jesus you don’t even know where you

stand in fact if you die today you know

that you might go to heaven or hell you

you just don’t know you got to know

that’s you you can’t risk your

soul come clean and just say Lord Jesus

I sense your presence here and I need

you to forgive me for my

sin and he

will if you got that far just say Lord

just come into my life as my Lord and

Savior and show me what this means I

need you save me and he will he will do

it Lord we don’t

deserve all of this but you chose us and

here we are and we thank you we bless

you and Lord we want to see all of your

kingdom come here on Earth as it is in

heaven we pray this now in Jesus name