In this sermon, I share some moments that ultimately helped set me free. Anger is never the answer… and here’s why! What areas of your life have you neglected to forgive? The longer we hold onto sin, the longer it has a hold on us! Here’s to Freedom! #lisabeveresermon #Lisabevere #lisabeverteaching #lisabeverestudy #lisabeverestrong #lisabeveresummerofstrong #woman #minister #freedom #womeninministry #radicalfaith #purpose #calling #unity #sermon #bestsermon #withoutrival #comparison #Godistruth #findingyouridentity ______________ Chapters: 0:00 – Intro 1:44 – A Fast 2:55 – How I Ended Up in Ministry 4:02 – I Wanted to Take This Back… 4:33 – My Problem With Anger 7:19 – I Broke the Window 10:54 – My Son Took the Blame 14:00 – I Snapped and God Snapped Me 15:42 – Crying for Freedom 17:32 – Be Angry and Do Not Sin 18:34 – How to Not Sin in Anger 21:52 – The Power of Remitting Sins 28:22 – Every Morning is a Reset 31:11 – How Many of You… 32:25 – Closing Declarations ______________ Make a one-time donation to help fund our livestreams, content, events, and more:

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I’m going to actually uh paintt a little

bit of a picture of what is going on in

our culture so I am uh

63 no that’s a lie what year are we in

2024 right I will be I am 63 I will be

64 in June and John and I had the

privilege of hosting the guest speakers

at the church we were at for uh for like

a year and a half that was John’s job

and I remember there was this one

Minister who came who I was terrified of

his name was Lester sumerall he was a

minister in the Philippines he’ been a

missionary he was Gruff he was rough and

he would say things like uh you guys if

you’re five minutes late I’m I’m leaving

and so we’re like okay so we’re like

early scared and he said I need to take

you and your wife to breakfast John be

there tomorrow morning at 700 a.m. well

I didn’t have children I wasn’t anywhere

at 7 a.m. I worked retail I waited till

10: before I had to actually get up so

we show up at breakfast and I’m thinking

he’s going to try to cast a demon out of

me I’ve had my husband pray over me

before we show up I’m like if there’s a

demon let’s get rid of it I don’t want

it to happen in a restaurant in

public and he begins to share with us

what he’d seen on the missions field he

began to share with us the power of God

in overseas and ways that we’ve never

seen on a regular in the US and then he

said I’m going to tell you some of the

things I see coming he said I see a day

coming where people’s lives will be

controlled by a box they hold in their

hands John and I thought he has the scal

moment it was

1984 phones were on the wall phones were

on desks but he saw a day coming where

people would bow to a world they could

hold in their hands and some of you it’s

going to be great to fast food but it

might be more important for you to put

down your

phone I love that we actually can put

down the phone nobody’s going to show up

at your house and say pick up that phone

right now you can put down that phone

but a fast is something that you address

the thing that is holding you back from

the presence of God and so some people

it’s not food some people it’s TV some

people it’s online some people it’s

shopping so you need to ask God what is

that thing that I need to fast that is

holding me back from you so I’m going to

just kind of paint a little story how I

ended up in the ministry for first of

all my husband was the youth pastor at a

church and he was you know I was great

with him speaking I was great with doing

all the background work but in

1988 you guys weren’t even born in

1988 I prayed a prayer I prayed a prayer

that went along with a song in 1988 kind

of the top five Christian hits one of

them was take me in to the holy of

holies Take Me In by the blood of the

Lamb take me in to the holy of holies

take the coal cleanse my lips here I am

cassette tapes rewind rewind rewind New

Year’s Eve

1988 I expected to go to bed have an

angel appear offer me a coal maybe I

could Testify the next day at church I

remember in this moment of sensing the

holy spirit’s invitation I prayed

something that I tried to take back for

two weeks I said God I want you to

excavate my

life two weeks later I was like

landscape I meant to say landscape I

meant to say accessorize my life I did

not mean to say excavate my life because

when you ask God to go into those

things then God’s like did you guys hear

that Angels get her just go for it all

of the sudden I had just had a tiny

problem with anger just a little bit of

a problem with anger John is Italian I

am Sicilian Italians are known for

feeding people Sicilians are known for

killing people of course I was born

angry I had some anger going on and see

it was really John fault that I was

angry because I would say don’t push me

when you push me like that I am not

responsible for my actions I had an

entire list of why I was angry half

Sicilian of course Apache Indian

somebody had stolen my land I had

English Scottish I was like this is a

turmoil inside of me people are lucky

they’re alive I remember that John would

like say I don’t understand why you get

so angry and I’d say you make me

angry but when I prayed excavate my life

the anger that was just once a month

possibly my husband would be like are

you getting ready to start I’d be like

stop it it’s not that it’s not that and

it was that but I said it wasn’t

that then it was not once a month but

like every two weeks well that was when

I realized we were under spiritual

attack the witches in Orlando were

probably significantly targeting a

single youth pastor they were coming

after my husband in the spirit and so

possibly the witches were causing me to

freak out twice a

month then it went from twice a month to

once a week and I remember remember John

saying I feel like the you know the

animals in our neighborhood go running

because I would wake up feeling like

there was a Tremor inside of me and I

would say things like John just just

don’t push me today is not the day to

push me but John loves to push and he’d

be like what’s going on what’s going on

come on you need to talk to me and and

we would like go to bed and he would say

you’re still mad at me he would turn on

the light he would pull off the covers

he would stand on top of the mattress

and say we will not let the sun go down

on our wrath and I like we started

fighting when it was dark

out I have till tomorrow he’d be like no

so I mean I was like okay this man’s

crazy and I remember we were in the

kitchen and I was trying to hold my

tongue because I had read the scripture

that you and I are going to give an


of every Idol word and I could just see

my time in before the throne room like

they’re going to be like are we still

talking about Lisa’s Idols were I mean

it was going to go on and on and on and

so I would try to be quiet and John just

said something and before I knew what

happened the plate in my hand became a

frisbee I pulled back I threw it at John

he ducked kind of like a matrix

move missing Decap itation it went out

the window the problem was the window

was closed I shattered our picture

window in our apartment I remember

thinking what have I done and my husband

was like I can’t believe you just did

that I said I know I can’t even throw a

frisbee I can’t believe I just did that

either he’s like no Lisa I’m serious he

said I am not going to life for you when

they come I am going to tell them that

my crazy Sicilian wife threw a plate at

me and broke the window and I said you

know what you’re a man of God I don’t

want you to lie but I will not be here

when you tell them this and so I got in

our car and we and I just prayed in

tongues I mean I just prayed in tongues

I was like Jesus Jesus you can put that

window back together before they come I

Jes like I had gotten the plate off the

lawn I was like Jesus you can do this

and I was like I I will offer my

firstborn child because that’s all I had

I will offer him for the full-time

Ministry if you will fix the window I

mean I like try to negotiate everything

possible I imagined the worst things I

could imagine I saw the Orlando

sentinel’s newspaper headline youth

pastor’s wife breaks picture window at

post Lake Apartments I imagined all the

older women at the church were already

troubled by the fact I had double

pierced ears saying I always knew it I

always knew it that when I’d come to

church on Sunday they’d be like it’s the

double piercing I’ve seen it seen it

before I was just I covered myself in

shame I prayed I waited for about 3

hours and then I come home and I walk in

and John looks at me and he said you

must have really been praying or God

must really love you you and I said okay

why he said well well the guy came in I

was in the bathroom and he said Addison

who was two opened the door he said when

Addison opened the door the guy walked

in and goes whoa what happened here I

mean the big window broken he walks over

to the window looks down and there’s a

Tonka truck behind the sofa he picks up

the Tonka truck he has it in his hand

when John walks out the guy was like

don’t worry about this this is why we

have insurance at the apartment complex

I have a 2-year-old too and my my

husband was like it’s it’s not the

2-year-old it’s my it’s my 28-year-old

wife but the guy said say no more say no

more so John said I said no more he said

say no

more so I let my 2-year-old

son take the wrap for me breaking a


window and I remember I went from being

like sad and feeling so much

condemnation about it to climbing into

bed with my husband that night and


see see you shouldn’t have pushed me see

see like that was that was a covering

for me that was the Lord covering your

wife who you’re going to dishonor I went

from a place of broken conviction to a

place of

justification then I had my second child

can I just say it this way one child is


accessory you dress them

up they behave well they’re cute it’s

all a trick to have you get you to have

more children I remember when I had my

second son I thought I will never brush

my teeth before noon again I remember

that John would leave with our only car

to go be a youth pastor and I’d be like

pray for me pray for me he’d be like

you’re going to be okay I’d be like no

pray for me pray for me right now pray

for me and for the safety of your

children and he was like you’re you

you’ve got this but what John didn’t

understand was now my first born who had

been so perfect he couldn’t take a nap

he couldn’t take a nap because I might

be kissing the second baby while he was

taking a nap and so basically every

single day I got up and my my firstborn

would not go down for a nap back then

again phones were not portable this is

how old I am phones were not portable

when the phone would ring my son would

be like she’s captive he would jump off

of his bed and he would go into the

playroom and I would be on the phone

with somebody stomping my foot waving a

spank spoon at him and he’d be like I

see that hand but I am not going going

anywhere he would just stay up there and

so basically right when I finally got

him to go to sleep the baby would wake

up my milk would let down and then I’d

know I was going to flunk the tests that

I was flunking every single day my

husband would come in and he would look

at me I’d be standing there with the

babies in my arms my nursing flaps down

a spank spoon in my other

hand a three-year-old on my leg and he’d

be like what did you do all day and I’d

say I don’t

know but I was busy people are calling

and saying they’re going to commit

suicide and I am offering to join them

John was like Lisa

seriously I don’t know why we had a

listed phone

number but we we thought it was holy but

you should not call postpartum women for

counseling just remember that okay so

anyway I just remember one day my son

came down the

stairs and I just snapped I no longer

saw a child I saw an enemy I thought

this is the one who keeps me from

getting anything done and as he came

down the stairs I came running up to

meet him I grabbed him and I stormed

into his bedroom and I thought what can

I do so he stayed

on this bed and I heard slam him against

the wall and put him down it’s not funny

slam him against the wall and put him

down on the bed that he’ll know and I

remember I was lifting my son up and I

was just getting ready to slam him into

the wall when I saw something I had

never seen

before my son was not afraid of what I

was going to do

he was afraid of

me and I remembered what it was like

growing up in a physically and mentally

abusive household and every time I was

slapped every time I was slammed into a

wall every time I was kicked every time

I was hit I made myself a promise and it

went like this I will never treat my


that way but here I was a born again

Spirit-filled pastor’s wife getting

ready to hurt my son and it broke me I

remember I put him down I said I’m sorry

I scared you and I hit the carpet and I

said God it’s not my husband he’s not

here it’s not the witches it’s not my

parents it’s not Sicilian it’s not

Apache it’s me I have a real problem

with anger and I don’t know how to get

free and I don’t know if you’ve ever

cried until there is

nothing but in the nothing in the

Stillness when a storm has gone through

your soul and you cry in a quietness

settles over you I heard God say because

you’re no longer justifying this I’ll

set you

free you

see what we

justify we buy we say we’ve earned the

right to be this way because of what’s

been done to

me you know the Bible says the wrath of

man and can we also say of woman never

works the righteous

purposes of God it doesn’t even say

sometimes it says never works the

righteous purposes of God I have never

seen I have never met I have never read

the words of so many angry people as

right now and if anger was an answer

we’d have a solution but anger is not an

answer anger is a

deconstruction of

answers all right Ephesians 4:2 6- 27

you guys are worried I wasn’t going to

use the scripture says be

angry and do not sin that means you can

be angry about something but you don’t

have to sin with your anger see when

you’re angry and sin you’re looking for

a Target in your anger do not sin and

then it says do not let the sun go down

on your anger and give no opportunity to

the devil another version says don’t

give the devil a foothold that’s like

when he puts his foot in your door and

the anger allows him to come in now I

know none of the other women in the

church have ever done this but I would

be angry at my husband and go to sleep

one way have Angry dreams about him and

be like you know what you did last night

he’d be like I was not in your dreams

like no no you don’t even he I would

wake up even

angrier so how do we walk through

anger and not

sin first of all you have to know that

you can let things

go oh that’s hard if you want to be

right all the time but you have to know

that you can let things go because it’s

more important to be rightly

related than it is to be right

and fighting with people on social

media is just silly most of the people

that you are fighting with like

seriously they’re sitting in a basement

of their mother’s house fighting people

I mean if you ever like some of the

people that attack you have you ever

gone to look at their profiles it’s like

a dolphin or

like an anime I’m like you’re not even a

real person

you’re just you’re just a pretend person

that’s angry and when people are angry

they look for a

Target but the truth is the wrath of man

never works the righteous purposes of

God when people are angry they think

everybody owes them

something listen it’s it’s gotten crazy

out there I don’t know do any of you

guys own slaves

no okay any of your parents own

slaves any of your grandparents own

slaves see we actually

forgot that the Bible says that the

children are not to pay for the sins of

the parents so how much more the

grandparents great grandparents or great


grandparents and when I’m actually

looking for people to pay me that aren’t

paying me I’m just going to get matter

and matter and matter and then I’m going

to think that they’re my problem instead

of God my

answer my family came over from Sicily

my on my dad’s side uh again as you know

crazy people uh but I don’t think our

family has ever ever

ever own

slaves and yet we were slaves to anger

and rage and hate and

vendettas and so we have to be a people

who understand that the world is

actually looking for us to act like

Christians to act like Christians so uh

after that moment where God said to me

because you no longer Justified this I’m

going to set you

free I

remembered that the one thing that I

never for forgave my mother

for was the one thing I almost did to my

son see my mother had slammed me up

against a wall when I was seven and she

had said I will never be a mother to you

your brother is mine you’re your

father’s and you’re going to regret

loving your father more than you love me

which I didn’t even know that was a

thing and so what I did is I shut down

my heart and my mother had come to me


when she had become a Christian and I

had become a Christian and she had asked

me to forgive her but you know what I

did I forgave her of

everything but the one thing and the one

thing that I didn’t forgive my mom for

was the one thing that I almost did to

my son because the truth is the sins

that you retain they’re retained and the

sins that you remit they are remitted do

you understand the power that God has

entrusted to you and I to actually remit

the sins of people that we’d rather

punch do you understand that so

Galatians 5:116 is where God took me

after I picked up the phone and called

my mother I was crying and I said Mom I

I need to tell you something that almost

happened I almost slammed Addison into

the wall and my mom was just like

Lisa I’m so sorry she said that’s the

one thing I’ve never been able to

forgive myself for and I said that’s

because I’ve never forgiven you for it

will you forgive me for holding that

against you to imprison you and keep

myself I thought safe from you because

it was safe from you and dangerous for


children and so I remember we prayed

together on the phone and we said we

will be the beginning of a thousand

Generations who love God keep his

Commandments and we break the power of

abuse and anger and hostility we break

it and do you know how empowering that

is to understand that you can go into

one day one way and leave completely

different Galatians

5:116 through 26 says keep in step with

the spirit

that’s why I love you’re doing a fast

when you fast your spirit Comes Alive

you guys I get scared when I don’t cry

at certain things when I get little hard

when worship songs don’t touch me the

way they used to I have to say ooh


something something that’s got a little

of a shell over it and I know it’s it

feels safer to have a hard shell but you

need a tender heart God says guard your

heart not imprison it and too many of us

we put our hearts in lockdown and God is

saying I need you to treasure it not

shut it

off keep in the spirit it says but I say

walk by the spirit and you will not

gratify the desires of the flesh for the

desires of the flesh are against the

spirit and the Spirit uh the desires of

the spirit are against the flesh for

these are opposed to each other and keep

you from doing the things you want to do

what did I want to do I wanted to be a

great mother what did I want to do I

wanted to be a loving wife what did I

want to do I wanted to be a good example


transformation but because I was not

walking in the spirit I was walking in

blame and

excuses I wasn’t doing what I wanted to


blaming puts us back under the

law under the law there is no mercy

under the spirit there is Mercy he goes

on to say I warn you as I did

before that those who do such things

actually I think I’ve got I might have

missed some verses oh well anyway he

goes through all the works of the Flesh

and through the works of the flesh is it

up there yep okay all right here we go

it says now the works of the flesh are

evident sexual

immorality you guys that’s not it evil

spirit it’s a work of the flesh work of

the flesh impurity sensuality idolatry

you think what is idolatry idolatry is

when we Elevate something to a higher

level of

Supremacy than God’s word God’s Will and

the scripture in our life okay sorcery

enmity Strife jealousy fits of anger

that was me I remember I would go

through the house stomping my feet and

John be like oh my gosh this a fit it’s

we’re we’re doing this today aren’t we

slamming doors throwing a fit

rivalries competition with other people

that is a work of the flesh goes on to

say dissensions division Envy

drunkenness orgies and things like these

I warn you as I warned you before that

those who do such thing another version

says practice such things what’s a

practice practice is something like a

doctor has a practice an attorney has a

practice it’s a habit it’s something we

do without thinking it’s our natural

default those who practice such things

will not inherit the kingdom of God okay

now you know there’s no greater for that

I’ve heard some people say wait you’re

not in the Kingdom

but you’re in the suburbs I don’t want

to be in the suburbs because what if

that’s not true and why would Paul say I

warn you if the suburbs were a good

option will not inherit the kingdom of

God so I had to deal with my own anger

he goes on to say but the fruit of the

spirit is love joy peace patience

kindness goodness faithfulness

gentleness self-control against such

there is no law and those who belong to

Christ Jesus are cruci have crucified

the flesh with its passions and desires

if we live by the spirit let us also

keep in step with the spirit let us not

become conceited provoking one another

and envying one another life in the

spirit life in the spirit is a daily

decision it is a daily decision where we

say okay and here’s the thing you know I

I just love the the new yor kind of is

like a reset but every single morning is

a reset God says his Mercy is new every

morning but the beautiful thing about a

new year is everybody knows they’re

getting a reset and so in a time of

reset life in the spirit means that I’m

going to be slow to speak oh that’s

that’s so hard for an Italian slow to

speak quick to listen oh John and I

we’re like you’re not listening we’re

we’re formulating the response the whole

time the other person’s talking but what

we had to learn to do is actually listen

to what the person’s saying and say it

back before we respond because Italians

use things like never always we use

extremes on

everything and so we had to back it down

and say are you saying that I never do

this well no you don’t never do I always

no you don’t always but sometimes and so

I can deal with sometimes but I can’t

deal with the absolutes of never and

always and so we are slow to speak quick

to listen slow to wrath I remember I

laid in bed every single morning after

my encounter with holy spirit because I

knew that anger was a habit yeah Spirits

can aggravate a habit habits become

habitations they become strong holds but

I laid on my bed and I would say holy

spirit put a watch over my

mouth father I thank you that I will

slowly speak that I will quickly listen

that I will slow it down

and do you know what that child now this

was you know like here’s the thing never

ever wanted Addison to even know that

was a

possibility and then like eight years

later I had given my testimony on 700

Club and the TV was on and my son walks

in and he hears me telling the story

about how I almost slammed him into the

wall and I remember panicking thinking

oh my gosh oh my gosh and he turned and

looked at me and he said I can’t see you

doing that I could see me still doing it

but he couldn’t see me he couldn’t see

me doing that and that is the Redemption



so here we

are how many of you want to live by the

spirit okay that’s awesome how many of

you have figured out that anger is

actually not causing you to get the

things you want in your life anger is

not healing your marriage anger is not

restoring your family anger isn’t

getting you the job you want anger isn’t

getting you the peace you seek anger is

not causing Christ to be formed in you

and there’s a lot of people that will be

more than happy to feed your anger

there’s a lot of angry women and there’s

a lot of angry men who are watching and

waiting for you and I to love one

another well

I am tired of women attacking men and I

am tired of men attacking women but I’m

going to say this to the women you need

to remember what you are you were

created to take something that was not

good and make it good you’re supposed to

open your mouth with wisdom and

kindness not with foolishness and anger

and so we need to speak to one another

and bring healing to one another so can

I get everybody to stand up it’s awesome

you guys are amazing I can’t even

believe you’re 8:45 you feel like an 11


right I want to say heavenly father

father I want to walk into this

year led by the spirit L by the spirit

forgive me forgive me for making excuses

excus for the very things you died to

set me free from I’m going to be slow to

speak slow to slow to I’ll be quick to

listen quick to listen I almost did it

wrong sorry guys and slow to

wrath I am believing I am for an

outpouring for out of your power of your

and I know that I can’t be striking out

at people or striking out at your

provision I am asking for a fresh

baptism of the Holy Spirit that I would

have eyes to see ears to hear a voice to

speak and a healed heart to carry to

carry all right look at me people are

hurting like no other time people are

hurting people are changing their gender

to try to find

wholeness and you know what the church

does a really good job we do a really

good job of saying that’s wrong but we

don’t Point them to the healing that

makes it

right I was I was studying the

scriptures and I thought hm has there

ever been somebody who was incredibly

uncomfortable in their own body and I

thought that had to be Jesus can you

imagine being the Son of God and

stripping yourself of every Divine

privilege at taking on the nature of a


the frailties the woundings see I

believe that God is going to bring a

Revival where people have gone to seek

healing in one realm and then found

disappointment that we the church cannot

be judgmental but we need to speak the

truth in love and because we haven’t

always spoke the truth in love the

culture has responded by preaching love


truth love is not love God God is love

and God says I’m the one who made you

I’m the one that formed you we cannot be

houses divided with our own bodies with

our husbands with our children the

Church of Jesus Christ and Hawaiian

Islands I could still remember the first

time that John and I came here see

everybody thinks Hawaii is beautiful

because of its

landscape but John and I know that

Hawaii is beautiful because of its

people there’s a a lot of places that

have beautiful

landscape but Hawaii has been prophesied

to be carriers of the presence of God of

the glory of God of the Revival of

God so I can’t have you angry at the

mainlanders because I believe you might

be a Gateway for God’s

glory so it’s

incredibly important that you get this

right and it’s an it’s an it’s a

privilege to stand alongside Mike and

lisak Kai and see this great thing that

God has done John and I get to go all

over the world and what you have here is

beautiful you have Community you have

laughter you have strength you have men

that are men and women that are women

you have a celebration of family you are

allowed to make mistakes but you’re not

allowed to make excuses

and so I want to see this church Inspire

others to arise in jesus’ name