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BILL: You gotta be
willing to walk through

the wall of shame to get
to the hall of fame

and you walking through
shame, meaning that you say you

are healed, yet you’re still
kind of just barely making it,

but you gotta walk through the
wall of shame to get to the hall

of fame. You got what I’m
saying? Sometimes you got to

call things, come on, that be
not as though they were.

BILL: 99% of the things Jesus
did, he did with what?

Words. A man decomposing,
stinking. And he said,

roll away the stone.
Then he used words,

Lazarus come forth. And
when he said that the power

of God raised that man up
put his skin back together. Come

on. Made the organs come alive
again. Am I right about it? And

that man came to the tomb, the
door of that tomb wrapped up and

he said, loose him and let him
go. I think some Christians are

still wrapped up. They’re alive,
but they wrapped. I command now

the devil to lose you in Jesus
name. Paise God. Now, what am I

saying about this? This money
thing- not money thing. This,

this, this, this word thing will
control money. Weather. Watch

how the heathen will want to use
this. This is found in Genesis

chapter 11. Now Genesis chapter
11 start in verse 6. This is

when they were gonna build a
tower up to heaven. All right?

Now these were not full Gospel
having, organ dancing, Bible

toting uh, businessmen. These
were devil worshipers. But he

says here they are of one speech
and one language. Meaning that

they spoke all the same thing.
And he said nothing will be

restrained from them once they
have imagined to do. So what you

can see and say you can have. A
lot of people got a big mouth,

they say a lot of religious
things, but they can’t see

nothing. See if they can see
some wealth, they’ll be out of

that poverty. You got churches,
people, hallelujah, praise the

Lord. That’s fine. But what can
you see? See, I’m trying to make

it so we can, we can move all
the religion out of the way and

get some life, get some eternal
life. So what you see and say,

you going to have. Here’s what
my friend David Oyedepo said.

Bishop said this, if your faith
has no proof, it’s a fake. Some

of y’all been faked out. Now
what I’m here to do is expose

the fake so that you can produce
what God says you’re supposed to

produce. So you can get on into
that promise land. Say amen to

that. Can I keep preaching? So
they said nothing. So notice

they’re saying the same thing,
the whole earth. One speech, one

language. But notice what God
did to stop the building. He

confused their speech. Now you
got different nations speaking

different things. Right next
door to US, it’s Mexico. Right

next to, are you following what
I’m saying? A different language

which makes it a different
nation. So I’m saying words got

a lot to do with your destiny.
And notice they were in the

wilderness and they had to go
into Canaan, I got good news for

you in Canaan you’re gonna have
to say something. Say amen to

that. You gonna have to say
something to get something. And

a lot of times we don’t wanna
say it cause it doesn’t look

like or we getting pressure
not to say it or it doesn’t look

like it’s so. The way you make
it so is to say it. And if you

can see it and say it, God will
deliver it. One more time. If

you can see it and say it, God
will deliver. Now what I told

you, you gotta be willing to
walk through the wall of shame

to get to the hall of fame.
And you walking through shame,

meaning that you say you are
healed, yet you still kind of

just barely making it. But you
gotta walk through the wall of

shame to get to the hall of
fame. You got what I’m saying?

Sometimes you got to call
things, come on, that be not as

though they were. Come on,
you got to call yourself a

million… Now the enemy knows
that kind of power is in your

speech. So he wants to take away
the revelation of what you say

so that you won’t know that what
you say has got connection to

what you’re going to get. You
see what I’m saying? But this

power that you’ve got is not
only the power of human words,

but their power of the words of
the kingdom. Now, watch this. So

here, and I taught this on a
Wednesday night, but God told

me, bring that back up. So here
were three, uh, Hebrews. And

they had Nebuchadnezzar the king
of Babylon had built this image,

this statue. Well he said when
you hear the music plays. Now, I

don’t know what kind of music
they were playing, whether they

were playing some jazz or
whether they’re playing you

picked a fine time to leave me
Lucille or I don’t know what

they were playing. Country.
What? But they were playing

something. Whatever it was,
you’re supposed to bow down. But

the three Hebrews had read their
constitution. And in the Bible

it says, do not bow yourself
down to any other gods. Come on,

you with me? So they refused to
bow. Well, Nebuchadnezzar now

you fronting him off. He said,
wait a minute, you boys were

pretty good up until now. I’m
adding my own translation. You

boys were pretty good up until
now. We thought, I thought we

was doing okay, but now you’re
trying to make me look bad. He

said, uh, get that fire ready.
He said, let me give you one

more chance. Can I do this
like a uh, uh, gimme some music

(Imitating music)
Okay. Uh, you’re not, you’re not

going, you’re not gonna bow.
Okay. Uh, boys heat it up seven

times hotter than normal. Now
what I ask is this, how hot does

fire have to be to burn? Now now
I, if you put your hand, come

on. How hot does it have to be?
Okay. Cause fire kinda change

colors. It’s sometimes it’s
yellow, then it get to be blue.

Come on. But this is white hot.
And a white hot fire is used for

forging. Forging what? Steel.
When I was a little boy, I was

in, in grade school, they took
us up to Birmingham, Alabama. I

was in Tuskegee, Alabama, took
up Birmingham. It was called

Steel City. And they took us
by US Steel and we saw all this

steel company. And I’m telling
you, they were pouring this

white hot steel that were
pouring it in this thing and

this fire, uh, I mean everything
was, and you couldn’t even stand

close to it. That’s how hot it
was. It says in the scriptures

that the people who threw the
three Hebrews in the fire, all

of them burned up. So the fire
would burn. But if you’ve got

the right speech, my goodness.
If you believe what you say is

gonna come to pass, do you
hear what I’m saying? So what

happens? He heated it seven
times hotter than normal, you

know and I know then all you got
to do to get burned with fire is

put your hand in it and you’ll
get burned. Am I right about

that? So he didn’t need to heat
it up. So there must be another

reason why this fire was heated
up. And the fire was heated up,

not for the burning, but for
them to change their speech.

Because if they could go through
that fire, they going to change

his law. Come on. Now I’m saying
there’s places you can’t go

without going through the
fire first, but you are here to

change laws. You are here to
change some of the bad laws

that’s on the books. Am I right
about that? Lord, have mercy.

No, it wasn’t, it wasn’t that
the enemy turns it up on your

tongue. He turns it up on
your tongue. He needs you to get

another confession coming
out. He needs you to give him

something he can work with. But
what you won’t give him some-

give God is something he can
work with. So you always got to

say what God said. Am I right
about that? The Bible says in

John chapter 3 verse 34, I think
it is, that Jesus spoke the Word

of God always. So God gave him
the spirit without measure. No

limit on it. It says over in
first Timothy I think chapter 6

in verse 13, how he Jesus stood
in front of Pilate. It records

the fact that he had a good
confession. Cause no matter what

kind of pressure was put on
him, he never would say anything

other than what the Father said.
Now, this is where we’re going

because that’s where the
promised land is. That’s where a

billion flow is. Before you hit
that billion flow, I’m telling

you right now, there’s some
pressure coming from somewhere.

Now look what it says in Mark
chapter 4 verse 35. So they’re

going over to the other side. So
they’re going over to the other

side. Here was the disciples
get in the boat with Jesus. Now

Jesus fell asleep. The disciples
were still busy rowing or

whatever they do. But here comes
a storm. Now the storm did not

just happen to come up. The
storm was not there to test

their faith. The storm came to
do one thing, kill them. Say

amen to this. And now here comes
this storm. And what do they do?

They begin to try to, I’m sure
naturally try to get this, this

water out of this ship. But they
can’t beat the devil naturally.

So I’m saying there’s some
places that you about to be sent

that you can’t beat the devil
naturally. Say amen. You need

the supernatural and you’ve got
the supernatural. And it’s going

start with what you see and what
you say. Is there somebody here?

So I’m saying now the pressure
is coming. Now why is the

pressure coming? The pressure
is coming to get a person to say

what will give Satan liberty to
do what he plans to do in their

life. Let me tell you folks,
that promised land, you know, it

takes it’s, it takes some words
to do it because notice when

they came back from spying out
the land, notice what happened.

Lord have mercy. Y’all with me?
Notice- Lord Jesus. No. See you

coming into a time now where,
where saying what God says is

not going to be an option.
I’m coming into times now that

saying what God says is going to
be mandatory. See, they finally

put it on the green deal. See
they’re trying to get enough

windmills and so forth and take
away all the fossil fuels and so

forth. Whoa, whoa, whoa. That
ain’t gonna save it. That ain’t

gonna save Mother Earth. What’s
going save, what’s gonna save

the planet is to deal with the
curse. And you can deal with the

curse through the blessing. But
the blessing is released on that

level through words that I’m
going to have say what God says

even when it don’t look like I
can do anything about it. But

when I say what God says, the
word becomes flesh. When I say

what God says, God goes to work
with me. When I say what God

says, angels take off and make
things happen. Right now with

you in here, you got angels
right there. They are packed in

here. They like to hear me
preach cause I give them

something to do. And I’m telling
you right now, God’s got some

land he wants you to take. But
you gonna have to say something.

You gonna have to say house, I’m
talking to you in the name of

Jesus sell to me now. Sit down,
sit down. Here’s my wife and I

in, uh, in, in, uh, Minnesota
before we left there and we

bought this nice big house on
Bristol Circle, so forth that,

our executive from Honeywell or
something had and, and, and we

were trying to, you know, go and
see the house. We said more, I’m

telling you. But it was nice
house. I mean, so we got back to

the apartment and God said, get
on your knees with your wife and

pray about that house. So I
prayed and as soon as I got

down, God said, get on your,
get up off your knees, take your

wife, go over and point at the
house. Now this is taking me

from this level that I was at
before up to speaking the word

only. Are you following what I’m
saying? We went over there. Pull

up in front of that house. That
time of night when you don’t go

in there that, time of night if
you ain’t a certain color, but

I’m just saying notice we went
over there and pointed at the

house and said house, I command
you. You see Satan’s got stuff

behind gates, but the gates of
hell shall not prevail against a

spoken word. Nobody can stop you
from having what you are seeing

and saying, now say it with me.
No one can stop me from having

what I am seeing and saying.
House, we’re talking to you. I

commend you, sell to us. Boom.
Once we did that, it was done.

The transaction in the the
Spirit was complete. Nobody else

could get it. Somebody offered
him more money than us. And this

is what he said about us. You
know I didn’t sell it to them

because I like you all. I don’t
blame you. I don’t- we come from

the most high God. We ain’t some
loafers off the street. We’re

kingdom kids, glory to God. When
we got on our knees, I said,

baby, I got up off my knees. God
told me to ask you, which one of

these do you want? She said
this, watch this. She’s right

here. He said, ah, you mean
which one can we afford? I said,

that ain’t what God told me to
ask you. I’m gonna talk to you

now. That ain’t what God told
me to ask you. He told me to ask

you which one you want. Come on,
come on, come on. It all belongs

to. Got that house. Say amen to
that. So what am I saying? They

to. Got that house. Say amen to
that. So what am I saying? They

go to the other side and here
comes Satan. He came at the

three Hebrews. He wasn’t coming
because- he wasn’t offering the

fire. He was trying to use the
fire to change their speech.

And here comes the disciples
with Jesus sleep. And they said,

master, don’t you care? I’m
putting it in my own words. We

about to die. Jesus got up,
rebuked the wind, said to the

sea, peace, be still. And
they made it to the other side.

Watch, watch this. Suppose Jesus
wasn’t on the ship. You got what

I’m saying? I’m saying there’s a
destiny that God’s got for you

that can only be attained
through words. One more time.

There is a destiny that God
has for you that can only be

attained through words. I’m
gonna come over here. There is a

place God’s got for you to
go that you going to only get

through words. And I really
believe the promised land is

full of stuff that can only be
gotten by words. Some people

don’t know what I’m
talking about. When they went to

Jericho, what did they do? God
said march. He said march around

it. And he said, when you do let
nobody say anything. And they

did that for seven days on the
seventh day, then God said, do

one thing, shout. Come on, come
on, come on, come on, come on.

All right, all right, all right.
Sit down, sit down, sit down.

All right, all right, all right.
Sit down, sit down, sit down.

Can’t you see what I’m saying?
He just told Moses, just speak

to it. You don’t need to do
anything else. Everything’s been

already done. All you got to do
is close the deal. The tongue is

the pen of a ready writer. Just
say it. This is your season. All

the pen of a ready writer. Just
say it. This is your season. All

the work has been done. Say amen
to this. The gates of hell shall

not prevail against the people
of the living God. Now, out of

this, he’s going to promote you
because once you go through the

hall of shame, you going to end
up, I mean through the wall of

shame, you going to end up in
the Hall of fame. So I’m saying

to you today, simplify life.
Stop trying to work it out. It’s

already been worked out. Now you
gotta shout it out. You, you got

just do what he says because
it’s already done. So, and they

put ’em in there. They were tied
up, but they wouldn’t change

their confession. And they
looked bad for a minute. But

there’s a little distance
between I believe I received and

there it is. You see, he said,
trust in the Lord. What? Now the

angels are standing around you.
And David knew that. That’s why

David could talk so bold,
because he had a revelation that

God had already supplied what he
needed. And he said, this day,

big guy, the Lord shall deliver
you into my hand. And I’m gonna

take your whole army out. Talk
big. Talk, talk, talk the size

of the God that’s in you. Man,
I decree that the days of small

things in your life is over. I’m
talking about promises now. God

has got you here as a miracle
worker. The biggest reason why

you were born is to glorify God,
not to have babies. Come on, not

to do this. Come on. All of
that’s good. But that’s not the

biggest reason you were born.
You were born to give God glory.

And he said, if you don’t praise
him, he’ll have the rocks to cry

out. Cause somebody gonna praise
him. I don’t know about you, but

somebody gonna praise him. I’m
gonna be in that number. I’m

gonna praise him. I’m gonna
praise him when I’m up and

praise him when I’m down. I’m
gonna praise him when things are

not going right. I’m going
to praise him when I

don’t have much, I’m going to
praise him when the

doctor gives a bad
report, I’m gonna praise

him because praise
will bring you out.

BILL: Well, praise the Lord.
Trust that you enjoyed this

teaching on miracles.
I tell you, miracles excite

people. They really do. You
see, we were made for the

supernatural. We really were. We
were made in the image of God.

God is a supernatural provider.
You know, we were made for this.

And uh, these miracles and
teachings on miracles help

people to become more miracle
minded. Why? Cause in somebody’s

life at one time, they’re gonna
need a miracle. They really are.

And God has had the church out
as miracle workers. Isn’t that

powerful? In his name. Praise
the Lord. Now here’s what I said

in this particular teaching, you
must be willing to walk through

the wall of shame to get to
the Hall of Fame. Isn’t that a

powerful saying? Must be willing
to walk through the wall of

shame to get to the Hall of
Fame. I remember one time when I

was, uh, uh, first believing in
miracles and being taught these

things, my car wouldn’t start.
And it was a really cold day in

Chicago, I mean below zero,
way below. And so I went out. It

wouldn’t say anything. So I
said, Hey, I heard that I could

point at this car. I heard this
other teacher said, he pointed

at his bills and pointed at his
car. I said, if he can do it, I

can do it too. So what do I do?
I got out there and, and in that

street, you know, look both ways
to see what’s coming. You know,

see if anybody’s gonna be
looking at me, why? I have to

walk through the wall of shame
to get to the Hall of Fame. I

pointed at that car and said,
car, I’m talking to you. Listen

to me in the name of Jesus
Christ, I command you to start.

I went back in the house for
about a a half hour, watch the

ball game came back out and
it started right up. Well, how

about the three Hebrews? Notice
what happened. He was trying to

get them to bow down, you know,
to all these false statues of

Babylon. And they said, no,
the God that we serve, he will

deliver us. But what did the
king do? He put ’em in the fire,

the wall of shame, put ’em in
there. But he looked in there

and said, don’t I, didn’t we
throw three men in there and

said, yep. He said, I see four.
And the fourth one looks like

the son of God walking around.
So I’m saying to you at first,

it may look like something that
if it doesn’t work, you’ll be

ashamed of some- step out. Don’t
let that block your way at all.

Be of good courage. Step on out
and I’m stepping out on it, look

at this shopping mall. I stepped
out in faith. I was down at a

barber shop and, and they say,
ah, Reverend, I heard you’re

going to buy that shopping mall.
I say, well, yeah, I believe I

receive. See, I had to walk
through the wall of shame

to get to the Hall of Fame.
Glory to God. Well,

that’s all we have for
this time. We’ll see you

next time. Until then,
keep walking by faith.

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