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Welcome to our Friday’s broadcast of the

Gospel truth today I’m ending my third

week of teaching on financial

stewardship I’ve got a book on this 166

page book and this is for a gift of any

amount and then I have an a little brief

summary of it about a 50 page booklet

that we’re giving away as our free gift

today is the end of my third week I’m

going to continue this teaching into

next week’s programs but I encourage you

to please get the materials and not only

only have the booklets and the book here

but I have CDs DVDs we also have two uh

DVDs with testimonies of people who have

taken these truths and they have

prospered themsel and so we’re showing

you that it works not only for ministers

it works for anybody they’re just

principles of God’s word I’ve been

sharing a lot of things there’s no way I

can go back and summarize everything

I’ve I’ve shared some things that are

very very contrary to religion teaching

on finances especially the evangelicals

they just uh really believe that

finances are something that just come as

a byproduct and there’s no effort

there’s no faith put into it there’s no

renewing of your mind if you’re just

doing what God wants you to do then

he’ll take care of you and it works

automatically nothing else in the

Christian Life works like that healing

doesn’t just come automatically

sovereignly uh marriage doesn’t just

automatically happen we have to renew

our mind and everything else and it’s

the same with finances and so the things

I’ve been sharing are really really

important and I encourage you to please

get hold of these truths this week I’ve

talked about 2 Corinthians chapter 9: 7

where it says let every man give as he

purposes in his own heart not grudgingly

or of necessity for God loves a cheerful

giver and that led me to talking about

the tithe because the way that the tithe

has been presented primarily in the body

of Christ Christ has been about Malachi

3: 8 and9 where if you don’t pay your ti

you’ve robbed God and you’re cursed with

the curse I’ve shared that Jesus

redeemed us from the curse of the law if

you aren’t paying your tie and uh

Malachi CH 3:8 says it’s not only tithes

it’s also offerings that could be up to

as much as 33% of your income if you

aren’t giving 33% of your income to the

work of the Lord according to Mal chter

3 you’re cursed with the curse but under

the New Covenant Christ redeemed us from

the curse Galatians chter 3 verse 13

does that mean that we shouldn’t be

paying ties no because ties were paid

before the law came into being uh

Genesis chapter 14:20 says Abraham paid

ties to melchisedek and ties are still

in the New Testament Hebrews chapter 7

talks about that so tithing is a

Biblical principle but the curse that

was placed based on not tithing and not

giving offerings in Malachi 3: 8 and9

has been removed under the New Covenant

does that mean that we shouldn’t do it

that we don’t have to do it well it

means that it’s not going to affect your


salvation you can be born again and have

a relationship with God but I can

guarantee you if you aren’t giving

whether you call it a tithe or just

giving if you aren’t giving you are hurt

in your own finances uh it in 2

Corinthians chapter 9 Paul likened it to

planting a seed a person who eats all of

their seed and then gets upset because

they don’t have any Harvest come in they

didn’t plant anything they ate it all

well there you know you’d consider a

person who does that something’s wrong

with you if you want a harvest you got

to plant some seed don’t eat all of it

plant some of it well it’s the same

thing in the spiritual realm God loves

you but you’re just dumber than a bag of

rocks if you aren’t taking some of what

God has given you and planting it and

wanting a harvest if you want a harvest

you got to plant some seed and according

to 2 Corinthians chapter 9: 6 if you

seow a little you’re only going to reap

a little if you seow a lot you’ll reap a

lot you can determine the amount of your

Harvest so anyway we’ve been talking

about all of these things I want to

specifically talk about Malachi chapter

3 and verse 10 remember let me just read

from verse 8 on we’ve already uh dealt

with verses 8 and n it says will a man

rob God yet ye have robed me but ye say

wherein have we rob thee in tithes and

offerings ye are cursed with the curse

for you have robbed me even this whole

nation so we’ve already talked about

that Christ has redeemed us from the

curse of the law we aren’t cursed

anymore because Jesus bore our curse but

we still should be tithing we still

should be giving if we want to to expect

a harvest so where do you give in verse

10 it says bring ye all the tithes into

the storehouse that there may be meat in

mine house and prove me now here with

sayeth the Lord of hosts if I will not

open you the windows of heaven and pour

you out a blessing that there shall not

be room enough to receive it did you

know the context of this uh written in

the Old Testament this Storehouse was

talking about into the Lord’s work into

the U the body of believers in the Old

Testament it was the synagogue the

temple and things like that but in the

New Testament we would relate this to

being the church and he says you do this

that there may be meat in mine house so

this is talking about supporting the

ministers supporting the work of the

Lord and this is where you’re supposed

to give your tithe most ministers most

pastors of

churches will say that the tithe belongs

to the local church and then offerings

go to Media Ministries like mine or

traveling Ministries or Ministries that

are helping you know those that are

caught in the sex trade or uh helping

the homeless and on and on it goes but

the tithe goes to the local church and

then all of the offerings go someplace

else let me just say that I agree with

that if you go to a good

church in other words a storehouse it

says bring all the ties into the

storehouse you know what a storehouse

was where people kept their food they

would go to the storehouse to get their

food in other words I believe what this

is saying is you give where you’re fed

and did you know that a church can feed

people in a way that I never

could uh you know if you need prayer in

the middle of the night you can’t call

me when I first went on radio I was not

going to be one of these preachers that

had an unlisted number because I didn’t

want to put myself a above other

people and I wanted to be there for

people and stuff so I remember I started

on radio this is before I was on

television and I was on radio and at

2:45 or something in the morning I got a

call from a drunk in New York and he

said I know you’re up because I just

heard you on radio and he started

calling I’ve had people uh call me in

the middle of the night and do stuff and

So eventually I got an unlisted number

because I’d realize that man I just

can’t be there for every single person

did you know you can’t call me in the

middle of the night I’ve got an unlisted

number if you need prayer you can’t call

me but you could call your local Pastor

or whoever he’s got designated the

people on a local level will be there if

you have a crisis to be able to minister

to you if you need help with your

children you aren’t going to be able to

come to me and I’m not going to be able

to go and sit down with your children

and counsel them but you should be going

to a local church that can do those kind

of things if you have a need and say for

instance somebody in your family died

and you need people to come over and for

a period of time fix food and help you

so that you don’t have to be just

overwhelmed with that you’re dealing

with all of the grief that’s what the

local body is for people are there to

help you and to train you there’s people

there for marriage counseling there’s

people there that will help you in every

single area of your life I can’t do

those kind of things things so I would

say that in a perfect world if you go to

a good church you should put your ties

into a local church because they can

minister to you in ways that I can’t did

you know there are many pastors of local

churches who may not be as Adept at

teaching as somebody like me on

television or somebody else they may not

be the best teacher but they are

ministering to you in a way that I

can’t you need much more than just just

the word of God I’m not trying to

minimize teaching from God’s word at all

I think it’s the most important thing

you can do for your spiritual growth so

I am saying man the word of God’s where

it’s at but there’s more to it than that

you need Fellowship you need friendship

you need people that when something goes

wrong they can come over and just give

you a hug maybe you already know what

the word says but you just need god with

skin on to be able to come over and

minister to you you the local church

provides things that a Ministry like

mine never

could so if you go to a good local

church that is ministering to you and

providing those things I have no problem

whatsoever in saying that you give your

tithes to that local church because they

need your support they are providing

things in your community that I never

could and so I agree with that 100% but

let me also also add that there are not

that many good local

churches sad to say today most churches

meet a maximum of one hour a week some

might make meet two hours a week or they

might have two days a week but in most

cases the church just sits there idle

empty they make try and compensate by

having what they call home fellowships

or something like that but many of those

things aren’t around the word of God

they they are about just all kinds of

things anyway the point I’m trying to

get across is not every church is a good

local church and for you to put your

tithes into something like for instance

there are many churches today where

they’re ordaining homosexuals to be the

pastors of the church they have gone

woke they are supporting all kinds of

ungodly things they are pushing this

transgenderism they’re coming against

all kinds of things that are in the word

of God

if you go to a church like that for

whatever reason you are wrong to put

your money into there there’s a lot of

people that think no I just support the

local church with my ties that’s wrong

if it’s a good local church that is

ministering to you well then yes that’s

what you do but if it’s not a good

church don’t put your money into

that you know the guy that runs our

finances for our ministry like I said he

he works for CPP and Krauss and he also

is our CFO and he said that he thought

that there was uh I forget the exact

number but it was thousands of churches

that may never open their doors up again

after all the covid and after being shut

down and things like this and you know

what most people don’t think that’s

terrible I think it’s good because those

are the churches that were not

ministering to people they’re just

religious people and we need some of the

woke churches and stuff to close down

the only reason that they continue to go

is because people just put money into

there and they aren’t ministering to

people they Minister maximum of one or

two hours a week and yet they’re

expecting people to give their tith

there you know you shouldn’t even go to

a church like that but there are people

that are sometimes if you’re in a

smaller town there may not be very many

options and you may not have a church

that is truly preaching the word of God

and the fellowship that you get from

going to that church May compensate to

some degree over the lack of teaching

that they have there or there are people

that uh I’ve talked to people before

that their mate will go to a certain

church and it’s really not a good church

they aren’t truly preaching the true

word of God but they’re preaching some

of it and they figure that it’s better

to go to a church like that than to go

to no church at all and so some people’s

people you know they they justify going

to these churches that aren’t preaching

the word of God for multiple reasons I

think I disagree with most of them but

if you really feel that you’re supposed

to go to some church that’s not

preaching the word of God at the very

least you shouldn’t put your whole tithe

into there there are many of you and I’m

not saying this for any ulterior motive

I’m just saying this because it’s the

truth but there are many of you that you

do not get fed in your local church and

you are bootlegging the gospel through

me and through other people that are on

television and this is where you’re

being fed and yet you’re giving

someplace else did you know I’m on a lot

I’m on I think it’s 450 something

individual stations I’m on 16 television

networks and did you know that these

individual Christian stations these

networks man it cost a lot of money for

them to do what they’re doing and you’re

benefiting from them you are being fed

through them and yet you put put your

money into something that is preaching a

social gospel that is a woke church

that’s wrong that is just wrong that’s

like eating at McDonald’s and going

across the street and playing Wendy’s

you’re supposed to give where you’re fed

this says bring all the ties into the

storehouse the storehouse is where you

go to get your food from you should give

where you’re being fed and if you go to

a good church that church is feeding you

in ways that I can it’s not only the

Ministry of the word it’s all of these

other functions that a Godly church is

supposed to be doing and if you go to a

good church well then man put your ties

in there and give extra offerings to

Ministries like mine and to these

television networks but if you are going

to a church that isn’t feeding you and

yet you’re putting your ti there and

you’re coming over here to be fed that’s

wrong that is wrong wrong

wrong and the only reason that churches

can exist that aren’t truly ministering

to people is because people feel some

obligation that this is where I go to

church and so you just do it uh because

it’s the thing that you’ve been taught

to do not because you’re being fed there

that’s wrong if people would only give

where they’re being fed it would get rid

of the charlatans it would close down

the woke churches and the churches that

are truly preaching the gospel and are

standing up and are making a difference

in people’s lives and in their Community

I guarantee you those churches would be

overwhelmed with resources they would

have more than enough they could start

going on television and radio they could

start making a difference during

elections they could go out and make a

difference in their community and stuff

if people gave to the people that are

truly feeding them and doing the work of


Gospel but there are so many Christians

that are just giving out of debt I had

one woman tell me that I’m a Methodist I

was born a Methodist and I’m going to

die a Methodist and I told her I said

lady you’re already dead you don’t know

it she was going to someplace just

because it had that name on there and

she didn’t like it it wasn’t feeding her

I was the one that was feeding her

that’s the reason we got into that

conversation and yet she was just a diet

in the wool Methodist I tell you that’s

that’s wrong well people say but that’s

where I got saved well what would have

happened if you got saved in a bar does

that mean that you give all your money

to that bar that you continue to go

there and patronize the bar because

that’s where you got

saved that doesn’t make sense this says

you give where you’re fed and if people

would follow this I guarantee you it


transform the body of Christ because

again charlatan people who are

manipulating people and using all of

these Madison Avenue techniques to get

their money they aren’t truly feeding

people they aren’t being led by the

spirit of God they aren’t anointed it’s

not God flowing through them it’s

nothing but just carnal it’s selfish and

the reason they do it is because it

works you know I went to a television

network that no longer

exist and they were at the time very

popular and Christians were just

supporting them they had lots of money

coming in and anyway I went to this

place and I was there for two days I was

scheduled to be interviewed but I never

made it because uh they had a movie star

that was there and the person who ran

the network was just enamored with them

so anyway I never made it on the

interview program but they kept me in

the back room just in case and then they

put me on some of their evening programs

and I got to minister over their

television network but anyway because of

this the people that were working there

felt really bad about bringing me out

there and then never getting on that uh

program and they just started

apologizing and I was ministering to

them and and things and anyway they

opened up to me and I had the guy who

was the CEO of that Ministry and he left

because the the leader of that Ministry

went to jail and he could see it coming

and he took me into a room and this room

was probably 15 by 20 foot or something

like that and it was stacked from floor

to ceiling with letters that had already

been written it was already personalized

with people’s names on it and all it had

to do it was in a window envelope and

all they had to do was just put a

sticker on there and put the person’s U

name and address on there and mail them

out and the guy told me he says these

are our crisis letters for two years in

advance six month crisis letters every

six month they send out a letter talking

about that they were in a crisis and I

said how can you write a letter about

what your crisis is going to be two

years in advance and he says you can’t

he says these are all manufactured

they’re all made up and we’ve just

learned that it’s crisis that caus

people to give and so they had already

written the letters all they had to do

is just put the label on there and the

postage and they would send them out and

uh it was all a sham it was it was a

scam you know why they did that of

course that guy went to prison that

network is no longer in existence but

you know why they did that because

Christians gave where they were begged

the guy who actually gave me the the uh

hotel that we mov moved into in Manitou

Springs Colorado we moved in January the

1st 1980 and the man who gave me that

hotel he stayed and worked for us for

about six months and he began to see how

that man we were struggling financially

we needed lots more money than what we

had and he came to me and he says why

don’t you ever say what you’re why don’t

you tell people how desperate the

situation is he says I gave away

$25,000 last year and every time that I

wanted wanted to put this money

someplace I prayed and I said God where

do you want me to give it and he said

you were the first one that came to my

mind because you’re the one who’s

feeding me and the one who’s made such

an impact on my life but because you

didn’t beg for money he gave to this

network that I was just talking about

the one where the uh leader went to jail

and he said I gave to them because they

were always in a crisis and they always

needed my money and so I gave where I


begged and I said and you just reward Ed

them and I said people who don’t sit

there and pressure people and they give

materials away and are trying to meet

people you don’t give to them because

they don’t beg that’s wrong the body of

Christ has been basically conditioned to

give where they’re begged where they’re

co- that is not what this says you bring

the tithes into the storehouse if you go

to a good Storehouse a good local church

that is meeting your needs then give to

them man I bless you that’s the thing

you’re supposed to do but if you don’t

go to a good church for whatever your

reason is don’t put your money there and

if a person is pressuring you and

telling you that they got a crisis if

that person doesn’t feed you if that

person doesn’t minister to you it

doesn’t matter what their crisis is

don’t give to them the only exception

I’d make to what I’m saying is that you

need to have some benevolence giving

when it comes to the homeless the people

that are ministering to the homeless may

not minister to you but you are giving

them to them that’s like missionary

giving that’s benevolence giving you

can’t trust a missionary who is spending

his time overseas to be the one who’s

really feeding you but you give to him

as an Outreach so there is benevolence

giving missions giving Outreach giving

whatever you want to call that where you

aren’t being fed but you are giving to

help people reach other people but the

vast majority of your giving the bulk of

your giving ought to be giving where


fed and if somebody feeds you if some if

God is speaking to you through somebody

you need to be a part of that it’d be

dishonest for you to go into a

restaurant and eat a meal and then get

up and leave and not give them anything

they would say something about it that’s

not the way it works you give where you

you’re fed if you’re fed someplace you

give and yet most Christians are

bootlegging the gospel through these

television networks through my program

through other min program you’re being

fed here but you’re giving your money to

where you’re begged or to where you know

because your grandparents have their

name engraved on a plaque in the hall

someplace you’re giving there that’s the

wrong motivation for giving you should

bring your ties into the storehouse and

I tell you these networks that are

airing my program I pay them for my

programs with the exception of one

network Victory Network they put their

people on for free but all the rest I

pay for but they they have expenses that

are far beyond just what one uh

programmer can give you need to support


things I want to thank you for watching

our YouTube channel and the programs

that we have available and I want to

encourage you that you can get the

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