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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

will you go to First Corinthians the

12th chapter please


we love and devour the word

you notice here everybody brings their


we tell people they don’t come with a

Bible they’re naked you you this is your

clothing right here this is your garment

praise the Lord just leave it open to

that chapter because that’s where I’m

going to be

all morning

speak to you this morning

on the ministry of the Holy Spirit the

ministry of the Holy Spirit don’t forget

the services three o’clock and six

o’clock this afternoon we have camp

meeting all day here all three different

Services there are no repeat Services

they’re all different services so keep

those in mind if you will

the ministry of the Holy Spirit

from First Corinthians 12th chapter

Heavenly Father

uh I need you

I must have you

because I’m talking about the Holy

Spirit I’m talking about the godhead

oh Jesus what a sacred thing

and I pray you sanctify me

and sanctify every word that goes out of

my mouth and Lord sanctify our ears give

us ears to hear what the spirit has to

say it is written he that hath ears to

hear Let Him hear what the spirit saith


we need to know the ministry of the holy

spirit so that in these last days with

so much confusion we will not be carried

away but we will be rooted and grounded

with an understanding of the work the

calm the ministry of the holy spirit in

Jesus name I pray amen

now Paul

makes it very clear that God does not

want his children to be ignorant

of the ministry of the Holy Spirit why

the Holy Spirit came why he was given

and why he indwells these human bodies

look at chapter 12 verse 1 now

concerning spiritual gifts Brethren I

would not have you ignorant

he said it’s absolutely

important that you understand

I think it’s very sad that today

many people who are in what is called

the charismatic movement who boast about

being baptized with the Holy Ghost

Spirit-filled spirit-led Spirit directed

they they have the Theology of the holy

spirit in a measure they talk about the

Holy Spirit but they don’t understand

his ways they don’t understand his

ministry for if they understood the

ministry of the Holy Spirit there

wouldn’t be the abuses you wouldn’t have

millions of charismatics running all

over the world trying to find some new

work some great Revival some touch of


they have not understood why the Holy

Spirit has come they don’t understand

his mission and his eternal purposes

and this is why we have so many abuses

of the Holy Ghost today this this

ignorance of the purpose and the Reason

God sent him

now the Holy Spirit we know to be the

third person of the trinity

he is of equal deity with God now get

that the holy spirit is equal deity with

God we can worship the holy spirit

because he too is God he is God

the holy spirit is of the same essence

of God himself

he is God high and holy

and all through the generations all past

Generations up to this this last

generation the Holy Spirit was held in

such high esteem

see the Holy Spirit was there when the

world was created the Bible says the

spirit moved upon the face of the waters

the Bible said the Holy Spirit moved

upon holy men of God and they gave to us

the scriptures this has all been the

work of the Holy Spirit and for

centuries the Holy Ghost was held in

such dignity and such awe and such


but you see today we have stripped the

Holy Ghost often in many circles we

stripped him his dignity

we have stripped him of the awe and

we’ve made him to be one just like

ourselves Mr Buddy Buddy he just didn’t

know that well uh hi Holy Ghost uh you

know it’s almost as if he is here now uh

not as Creator God

not as the creator of all things not as

he that is high and holy who is God

himself but he’s some kind of a cosmic

Genie who’s here just to make sure that

I’m comfortable and that I’m happy and

that I’m joyful and they have missed

entirely the Eternal purpose of the Holy

Ghost and why he was sent he is not your

or my personal Genie just to take our

Commandments and make us comfortable and

happy here on Earth

that is not the purpose and the call of

the Holy Ghost he’s not an ordinary Joe

we have taken the Holy Ghost

the the reverence and the all and the

respect there were people who even

mentioned his name in Years Gone by

there was such a holy reference for the

the very name and the personality of the

Holy Spirit

how that has changed

this is why we it is so important to


the ministry and the reason that God

sent the Holy Ghost to the earth now why

is it so important

first of all it’s important because the

sin against the Holy Ghost is the only

sin mentioned in the Bible that is


it cannot be those who blaspheme the

Holy Ghost cannot in this age or in any

age be forgiven the scripture says in

Matthew 12 32

whosoever speaketh against the Holy

Ghost it shall not be forgiven him

neither in this world neither in the

world to come

God is showing us how important it is to

know who he is and why he’s here so that

we do not do despite to his name in fact

the Bible makes it clear that those who

did despite to the spirit of Grace that

there’s nothing remaining for them but a

certain fearful looking of judgment and

fiery indignation which shall destroy

the adversary he said you dare not to

despite to the spirit of Grace because

the holy spirit is the spirit of Grace

the scripture says this coming a time of

great delusion on the face of the Earth

and we are in that time of delusion when

many many uh well-meaning Christians

because they they do not have an

intimacy with Jesus they don’t want to

pay the price they want to run around

somewhere and get somebody to give them

a word or lay hands on them and slay

them and solve all their problems and

they don’t want to go in the secret

closet and seek his face they don’t want

to pay the price to get to know who the

Holy Ghost is and so they’re carried

away the Bible said in the last day by

winds and waves of doctrines these winds

and waves the winds are going to sweep

from the north to south and east and

west all kinds of new doctrines every

one of them claiming to be the voice of

the Holy Spirit

and the Bible said many are going to be

swept away and they’re going to come

into delusion

does that not concern you Christian is

you sit in this church that it’s

possible and it’s happening right now

multitudes of well-meaning people are

being carried away swept away and into

losing believing a lie to be the truth

doesn’t that concern you

should concern every believer in this

place today

it’s impossible to understand the work

and Ministry of the Holy Spirit

until you understand why God said him

why he was given now all false teaching

about the Holy Ghost is a result of the

ignorance of his purpose and his

ministry that’s why we have all the

abuses today

the heavenly father has provided two


by which he would redeem lost souls

remember when Adam sinned sin was passed

upon all of the posterior of mankind

and God

was not caught off guard God had a plan

and there are two means by which God

purpose to bring man back to himself and

to redeem all of lost mankind first he

would give his son

he would give his son Jesus to die for

the world and most Christians have a

pretty fair concept they have a pretty

good Doctrine about why Jesus came most

of you in this building hearing me now

you know about the crucifixion you know

about the sacrifice of Jesus you know

that he died to justify some of our sins

and you’re quite settled in that

knowledge it’s it’s brought you to a

major peace and rest but you see God had

a two-part plan first of all he would

send his own son he would give his only

son secondly he would give the Holy

Ghost he would give the Holy Spirit and

Jesus when he left this Earth said I’m

going to the father but another is

coming and he is going to finish my work

the work of redemption

beloved listen to me please the Holy

Ghost was sent to make up for the

absence of Jesus Christ on this Earth to

finish Redemption to finish calling lost


to the new world to the kingdom of God

that is the purpose that’s why the Holy

Ghost was sent

the Holy Ghost was sent to finish the

work of redemption and the Holy Ghost

will never Veer to the right or to the

left everything he does centers on


that he does has to do with the winning

and to bringing back of lost souls

that’s why he comes to convict of sin

and righteousness and judgment that’s

why he was sent

I want you to go to John the 14th

chapter if you will please the 14th

chapter of John

beloved we’re studying the Holy Ghost

and his ministry this morning

it’s so important that you and I

understand it

John 14th chapter

beginning to read verse 16.

and I will pray the father

and he shall give you another comforter

that he may abide with you forever

even the spirit of Truth whom the world

cannot receive because it seeth him not

neither knoweth him

see the world out there doesn’t know the

Holy Spirit they don’t know anything

about him but you can’t be in ignorance

the Bible says You must know the Holy

Spirit you must know his workings you

must know what his purpose is

because it hath not seen him neither

knoweth him but you know him for he

dwelleth with you and shall be in you I

will not leave you comfortless I will

come to you

look not down at verse 25 and 20-27 but

the comforter

which is the Holy Ghost

whom the father will send in my name he

shall teach you all things and bring all

things to your remembrance whatsoever

I’ve said unto you

peace I leave with you my peace I give

unto you not as the world giveth give I

unto you let not your heart be troubled

neither Let It Be Afraid will you turn

over now to John 16.

turn to page John 16.

beginning to read it verse 5.

but now I go my way to him that sent me

and none of you asked me whether goest


but because I’ve said these things unto

you sorrow hath filled your heart

nevertheless I tell you the truth it’s

expedient for you that I go away for if

I go away the comforter will not come if

I go not away the comforter will not

come to you but if I depart I will send

him unto you

and when he is come

he will reprove the world of sin and of

righteousness and Judgment of sin

because they believe not in me of

righteousness because I go to my father

and you see me no more of judgment

because the prince of this world is

judged I have yet many things to say

unto you but you cannot bear them now

how be it when he the spirit of Truth is

come he will guide you into all Truth

for he shall not speak of himself but

whatsoever he shall hear that shall he

speak and he shall show you things to

come he shall glorify me he shall

receive a mind and shall show it unto

you all things that the father hath are

mine therefore said I that he shall take

of mine and show it unto you

beginning to tell you just a little bit

about the call or the coming in the

ministry of the Holy Spirit

notice it says when he is come

he will reprove the world of sin of

righteousness and judgment now folks

that is his mission


the winning of lost souls worldwide

China India Africa Mozambique every

country represented here you heard all

the countries represented here in Times

Square Church this morning

the Holy Ghost has come

to redeem the lost in your nation in

your country all the Lost in the United

States South America and the whole world

all nations all all tribes

the Bible says you shall receive power

after the Holy Ghost has come upon you

shall be Witnesses unto me

now that’s why the Holy Ghost was poured

out on the day of Pentecost

that through us the Holy Ghost has to

use bodies doesn’t use angels

the Holy Ghost is a spirit

he is his spirit

he has to use human form he has to use

human instruments so the Holy Ghost came

down to keep his eternal purpose and he

says I’m going to feel you and you are

going out and my spirit will flow in and

through you to win the World to win the


to witness you shall be Witnesses unto


you are going to do the work the holy

spirit says your body is going to become

my temple I’m going to live in you I’m

going to sanctify you and I’m going to

send you out into all the world he says

to preach the gospel and make disciples

that is the word keep that in mind if

you keep that in mind you will not make

a mistake about his ministry and his

works and his gifts

because they all are focused on that

Eternal purpose of his coming

but I’m trying to make this very very


scripture says how shall they believe in

him whom they’ve not heard

and how shall they hear without a


you know that every one of you here now

are called to be a preacher of the

Gospel of Jesus Christ I don’t mean here

standing here I don’t mean a piece of

paper that ordained you folks that piece

of paper is not worth much more than

it’s the cost of the paper

that doesn’t make a preacher out of


I know a lot of ordained preachers ought

to be Deacon ditches

I I said lovingly they’re not called but

they have the paper no we’re all called

We’re to be baptized of the Holy Ghost

to go out and win the lost that is his

eternal purpose

I believe the grief of the holy spirit

in these last days

goes beyond the abuses of the gifts and

all of his gifts all nine gifts are

being abused today

and beyond all the foolish barnyard


that’s not what Grieves the Holy Spirit

it’s not people sounding like chickens

and lions

that’s not what Grieves the Holy Spirit

it’s not the charismatic circus that we

see in so many parts of the country


it goes beyond representing the Holy

Ghost as an Entertainer who goes around

tickling his children

he’s not an Entertainer

my God’s not laughing at what’s going on


you know what the real grief of the holy

spirit is

and what so many people are calling

Revival today and outpouring to the Holy

Spirit now thank God there are genuine

outpourings there are places where God

is moving and working and souls are

being saved

I mean genuine conversions

and where the true gospel is being


but much of what we see today

is is is so far removed from the mission

and the ministry of the Holy Spirit when

the spirit fell on the day of Pentecost

they didn’t stay in the upper room God

sent persecution to get him out of their

church and to send them out all over the

Nations and around the world

but you see the grief of the holy spirit

is the apathy

and the unconcerned

among those who claim to be full of the

Holy Ghost the apathy and unconcerned

for a lost Dying World

I tell you this and I tell you weeping

if if I were invited

they would invite me but if I were ever

invited to some of these so-called

revivals where people are sitting around


Harley games with the Holy Ghost I call

them just partner games

wanted a word wanting somebody to knock

them out wanting some feeling some

manifestation in in all of their

laughing and all of their noises and all

of their exalting and and what is

supposed to be moving the Holy Spirit if

they allowed me to get up for half an

hour and I talked about the dying

orphans we’re supporting in Mozambique

if I talked about all the drug addicts

are dying on the streets in Colombia

where our Teen Challenge Center is if I

stood up there and told him about the

dying masses in India and China and

around the world and we had to be on a

face sweeping and crying oh God Jesus is

coming and this world is lost

I would get a contraception

and somebody’d say get him out of here

I heard one evangelist man was laying on

the floor and he kicked him he says

don’t pray this is not a prayer meeting

get happy

nice I see people watching this isn’t

that wonderful and I those who know

Jesus are Weeping over it

we’re talking about the mission of the

Holy Ghost

there are large churches today with

thousands of members multiplied millions

of dollars spent on their plants with

gymnasiums and all kinds of things and

I’m not against that but folks the

problem is there is no money for

Missions there’s no burden for Missions

the young people are not being called to

lay down the American lifestyle and go

to countries like they used to we used

to send missionaries all over the world

beloved give me a church with all night

prayer meetings for the Nations give me

a church where this there are hundreds

going over sea for short-term missions

give me a church where they’re all night

prayer meetings give me two or three

hundred people that are so absolved so

interested in missions praying for

Mission and seeking the face of God give

me that kind of church I’m talking about

Times Square Church that’s what we have

become Hallelujah we’ve got hundreds now

that’s the kind of Revival I want to see

I don’t know how many I’ve already

angered here this morning

my purpose is not to anger you

a purpose and make you think and line up

with this scripture

some would say well brother Dave doesn’t

the Bible say the Holy Ghost is our

comforter is it not his ministry to lift

us out of our despair

has he been sent to heal our wounded

hearts and turn our mourning into

laughter is he not here to make us

rejoice and be glad as the word commands

us to

beloved he does that and he does even

more he sanctifies us he purifies us he

guides us he quickens us he teaches us

but folks all the comfort and all of the

quickening the sanctification the

edifying he comes to edify that all the

gifts are meant to edify the church but

why because

he he’s not going to send his children

out full of the Holy Ghost unless they

have an experimental religion

it tells me a theology it can’t just be

uh some fuzzy thinking it has to be

something I have lived I’ve experienced

I can’t go out and tell the world the

Holy Ghost has power if I’ve never been

comforted by him I can’t be a witness

unless I’ve been edified I’m not going

to go out of Sourpuss Christian without

the comfort and the edification of the

Holy Ghost

he gives these gifts to build up his

church build up his body that they may


Unshackled powerful Witnesses

everything he does for us all the gifts

are meant not to take us happy

yes make us happy for one purpose but

you see here’s here’s here’s what


all of this comfort for example of the

Holy Spirit why has he Comfort us listen

who comforted Us in all our tribulation

that we may be able to comfort them

which are in trouble in any trouble by

the Comfort where with we ourselves are

comforted of God

whether we be comforted it is for your

consolation and salvation who to all

those who are in trouble the Holy Ghost

says I will comfort you I will Quicken

you I will bless you

I will bless you

why does he do that so that you can go

out as a comfortable blessed witness

saying I know I know I know because I’ve

experienced it


wherever God sees

uh a city

a country where he set on winning many

Souls the Lord does this I can’t figure

it it’s all in his sovereignty but

sometimes God sets himself like he did

at Corinth

he he told Paul he told the church I

have many people in this city and

because he’d set his heart on the city

of Corinth he poured out all the nine

gifts all the nine gifts were operating

in the church at Corinth but the purpose

was the reason God so gifted the

Corinthian Church is because God said I

have many people in this city is I was

on all those lost people so he sent all

these gifts and there were nine gifts

that are mentioned wisdom knowledge

Faith healing working miracles prophecy

deserving of spirits tongues

interpretation of tongues

but you see what happened the city of

Corinth when God poured these out

purposely to equip the Saints to reach

all those many people that God had his

heart set on


tried crept in

and they got so enamored with the gifts

they forgot why the giver was had come

why the Holy Ghost had been sent they

forgot all of those many people out and

just came together and met to show off

their gift

in fact the 14th chapter of First

Corinthians Paul is trying to correct

the abuses everybody had to show off

their gift of tongues their

interpretation everybody’s prophesying

to one another and nobody was out there

winning the Lost

and so there was a Godly family there

the household of clothes the scripture


and the household of clothes saw

disorder creeping into the church

because here’s what happens when people

just sit around in church edifying one

another with their gifts

and pride and ambition comes in and

people are always something said I’m an

apostle I am a prophet folks they line

up here almost every week

I have I have Apostles come to me to

correct me all the time I have to turn

to walk away I say you’re no Apostle

because if you were the Holy Ghost you

wouldn’t condemn me because I’m of Jesus


thus saith the Lord

how dangerous to say thus saith the Lord

if God hasn’t spoken

but you see the church the Corinth was

now in disorder

it was focused on manifestations and


and they lost their burden for souls and

the household of Khloe seeing this

disorder and saw quarterly because

people become inbred then and they begin

to fight with one another and someone’s

right I’m appalled I’m of Apollos and

they they they begin to taste sermons

and they begin to judge sermons that was

a five that was a ten


Paul was alarmed

Paul knew what was going to happen

they lifted up in Pride now because of

their gifts

and every time a guest would come they

had to show off their gift


God help us because they they exercise

the miracle gifts above all others so

that finally even the Lord said there’ll

be many that will exercise these gifts

they’ll be able to heal the sick and and

and cast out devils and do Mighty things

and the Lord says I don’t even know them

they became so enamored of these gifts

they forgot those many others that were

out there that God had his heart set on

Paul set out to show the Corinthian

Church and all believers that there is

an absolute Duty and responsibility of

every believer to try the spirits

try them test them to see if they’re God


you’ve got to listen to me

and listen clearly I want you to go to

first John 4 please

first John 4.

for the new Believers it’s if you get to

Peter turn right and it’s just before

Jude in Revelation

first John the fourth chapter

nobody mad at me

wouldn’t matter anyhow

I’m not trying to be facetious folks I

got a burdened heart

first John 4.

first three verses beloved

believe not every spirit

you know that’s that’s it think of that

some people go to meeting just believe


because they say Jesus Jesus Jesus

and say the right words

but try the spirits whether they’re of

God because many false prophets are gone

out into the world

did you hear that many what kind of

prophets false prophets the Lord said

there’s going to be angels in life come

they’re going to preach another Jesus

they’ll have another spirit and another


all the right words

for people who can’t discern

verse 2.

hereby know ye the spirit of God every

spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ

has come in the flesh is of God and

every spirit that confesseth not that

Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is

not of God and this is the spirit of

antichrist where all you have heard that

it should come even now already it is in

the world now look at me oh this is

where we have missed it this is where

there’s been such ignorance because

people say well if I go and if I’ll just

go up to that Pastor and say is Jesus

Christ did Jesus Christ come to the

Flesh of course he came in the flesh you

know even the devil can get up and say

Jesus Christ is come in the flesh

that’s not what it means just just

somebody confessing it using the words

no no no what he’s saying do you believe

that Jesus was the Christ

and that he was also God

he was a man he was God he was God man

do you believe that he’s right now in

glory not only is God but man he kept

his manhood we’re still he still touched

with her feelings our infirmity in glory

right now there’s a man who has a hair

who has eyes he has teeth he has hands

he has legs there’s a man in glory

now I want you to to listen there’s a

testing of the spirits that you have to

have your pastor can’t do it your pastor

can’t Trail along with you every meeting

you go to and every time you turn on

television well I hope you don’t have

television but you turn your radio

and you hear all of this stuff you had

better no you don’t have to have the

gift to deserve it

all you have to do we’re going to we’re

going to gonna show you what what Paul

was trying to say to the Corinthian

Church don’t be fooled by those who go

around saying thus saith the Lord or

that Jesus is Jesus is coming to flesh

Jesus Christ is coming of Flesh

remember the false prophets that stood

before Ahab and Jehoshaphat

and they were prophesied go up go up

because false prophets always flatter

people or every word they get you’re

going to be a great evangelist you’re

you by the doors are going to open and

and if you’re single you’re going to

have a wonderful husband a wonderful

life it’s always peace mattering

but the Bible says the true Prophet the

true Prophet shows people the difference

between the holy and the profane what is

white and what is wrong what is sin and

not sin that is the ministry of the true

prophet and the work of the Holy Spirit

and and uh Jehoshaphat said is there no

Prophet that can come and give another

word and so they call Micaiah and

Micaiah prophesies a different message

he says you’re going to be defeated on

the battlefield and here comes the false

prophet zedekiah who had been saying

thus saith the Lord you’re going to win

a great Victory now you know there was

no Victory you know Ahab uh was

absolutely annihilated in Jehoshaphat AB

was fact killed in that Battlefield and

so zedekiah who said thus saith the Lord

with his false prophecy

slept Micaiah on the face and then he

said which way went the spear the Lord

for me to speak to you

when did I lose the Holy Ghost and you

picked him up

the man lived less than a year

in Revelation 2 2 Jesus Paid a great

compliment to the Ephesian Church don’t

tournament listen he said thou has tried

them which say they are Apostles and

they are not and you found them to be

Liars you know what Jesus is saying he

said thank God you weren’t fooled by

these people go around saying their

prophets and apostles and you you

suspected something was wrong you

listened and you heard a word that

didn’t set right with you because the

Holy Ghost is in you and you knew it

didn’t line up to the word you knew

something was wrong you felt it you knew


but thank God you knew they were liars

and not prophets and you called them

what they were they were Liars

you were Liars

I had a listen to a man

preach in California once


I never saw such flesh such stinking

flesh in my life

such abuse of the Holy Ghost

his wife

came to me after

I said I’m sorry

and I can’t tell you what I had to tell


the Lord won’t let me tell you

but I just had to tell it straight and

it proved to be right

folks there’s evil

there is evil behind so much of this

false work and moving to the Holy Spirit

there are men who are not righteous

he said you knew it and he complimented

them and Paul gave the Corinthians and

he’s given us an infallible test of all

Ministries and here’s how you test

here’s how you test every Ministry

here’s how I want you to test me you

test brother Carter I I challenge you to

test everyone who comes in this Pulpit

every time you hear the word of God

here’s a test

listen very close before I go any

further let me tell you the holy spirit

is vitally interested that you get this

because it has to do with his ministry

it has to do with with with us walking

in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and

not opposing his work so this you must

understand if you don’t understand

anything else and what I said you must

understand this now

Galatians just listen Galatians 1 8. but

though we are any

other angel from heaven now that would

have to be a fallen angel preach any

other gospel unto you than that which

we’ve preached unto you let him be


let him be accursed


here is the issue right now here’s how

you test

it’s a doctrinal test

it has to do with what a man is saying

it has to do with what he’s teaching and

what he is preaching now we’ve just read

this hereby we know the spirit of God

every spirit that confesses that Jesus

Christ has come in the flesh is of God

now I’ve told you that it’s not just

words you can speak those words and not

understand it let me tell you what it


for example the Prosperity Gospel let me

tell you why I have been so incensed

against this damnable doctrine of

prosperity that’s being preached because

I knew where it was headed I knew I

talked about it years ago where it was

going to head

and you know where it’s head its head

into the new age Theory the new age lie

you know what the new age lie is we are

all little Gods we are Gods we are

little God I I was in a motel once

listening to a on television to a

California station and and these

well-known preachers were right there


uh they were saying you’re a God and

you’re a God and and you’re a God

do you know what that means

if Jesus was God

and they claim to be a little God

they’re claiming to be a little Jesus

you know what that does

that’s exactly what Paul the Apostle is

trying to talk about right here now

they’ve taken away they’ve Stripped Away

the godhood of Jesus Christ that he’s

just another man and we’re all like him

and he’s a wonderful spirit he’s a

wonderful Prophet he’s a Healer but you

see he really wasn’t God we are all gods

the new age gospel says that the spirit

of Jesus is the god in all of us he it

is he’s just a god spirit

so Jesus now is made a spirit not a man

but just a spirit and that’s why they

can say that Jesus this man had to go in

hell and submit himself to the devil and

when our Eternal salvation in Hell

rather than the cross

and my Bible said it was impossible for

death to hold him

some of you have been listening to tapes

and you’d better throw them away

you better get him out of your house

because it’s a damnable Doctrine it

takes away from the godhood of Jesus

Christ it makes people be able to

sweetly talk about Jesus being their

lord talk about lord lord lord and still

in their heart not believe that he was

God almighty

Jesus cannot be broken in little pieces

that takes away from the sacrifice of

the single he said he’s the only

begotten son of the Father the only

begotten son

no other name

and I tell you lovely to your face if

you’re into the Prosperity Gospel and

you’re believing this little God garbage

you believe that blasphemy then you’re

the one who stands before the Lord

um they said we did all these things

Lords I don’t know you because you

didn’t know me you didn’t know me as God

you were God you were your little God

oh God help us God open our eyes that’s

not the Eternal purpose of the Holy

Ghost the Holy Ghost has come to show

that Jesus was God that he died to save

Mankind and you trust in the only

begotten son

and to to make a million little Gods a

million little jesuses on the face of

the earth is to absolutely smatter the

sacrifice of the cross

the second thing that’s happening now

and it’s happening in two of the

so-called major revivals now a young man

stands up and he says the scripture is

not the only revealed word the new

present Revelation that coming is just

as important as the Bible

listen to me please this is a lie that’s

going to sweep this nation and you get

ready you’re going to you’re hearing

from this Pulpit now and I want

everybody that calls Times Square Church

your home be ready and be prepared

they’re they’re getting up now and

believing see what they do there are

many now who are in Revival and the

pastors who once dug in and were in

their closet for a day seeking God and

and and and studying and coming into the

pulpit prepared you know what’s

happening today they they call it

winging it

you just get up and whatever comes you

just wing it and please as the Holy

Ghost to put it in your your mind God

uses some exhorters in that way but they

get up now believing that everything

that comes out of their mouth is a


you know what that says

when when they say that the present

Revelation that many so-called men of

God are getting to date is to be trusted

just as the scripture

that is the saying that is saying that

Jesus Christ is not God In the Flesh let

me tell you why

the Bible says in in John the first

chapter in the beginning was the word

and the Word was God the word was with

God and my Bible says the word became

flesh and dwelt Among Us that’s Jesus

that’s Jesus and when you say that any

other Revelation equals that you’re

taking away the godhead because this

scripture this is Jesus this is Jesus

you can’t separate this book from Christ

they’re tearing Jesus out of the pages

that’s what Paul’s saying


beloved you don’t need a gift of the of

discernment there are Gifts of

discernment but all you need to do

is if you just wait long enough you’ll

hear it you’ll hear a lot of things that

sound right it sound 95 and then in

comes this other

I have a revelation

I have something from God if they can’t

back it up by the scripture it’s a lie

it’s borrowed from another man it’s

borrowed from their dreams or it comes

from the Devil Himself don’t accept

anything that doesn’t come in total

conforming with this Holy Scripture this

is our book this is where I learned

Jesus this is where I get my faith

Hallelujah stay with the word

I’m going to close in just a minute

let me tell you how you can know that

the holy spirit’s in you

and in your temple and that he’s doing

his work his way

you see there’s nothing wrong with

seeking the gifts he said seek earnestly

the best gifts God wants to gift this

church he wants all the gifts to be in


but he doesn’t want to create a little

bless me Club where people around say oh

Jesus bless me and everybody’s waiting

for a word they want a blessing they

want somebody bless me my family we’re

so we’re so interested now in our

problems our family our little group

know God says if you’ll get a i for the

whole world I’ll take care of your

problems you trust me I’ll see that all

these things work out but if if you want

to know the Holy Ghost is really at work

in you doing his work his way you’re

going to find it easy to read his word

you’re going to find no preacher has to

push you into it you’re going to have a

thirst develop for this word you’re

going to have a heart that’s drawn into

a secret closet of Prayer

where nobody has to bombard you with

scriptures to convict you to get you to

pray because the Holy Ghost will begin

to pray through you we don’t know how to

pray but when the Holy Ghost is working

in you the if he’s living in your temple

you’ll find yourself talking to him

like I tell everybody in New York

you can talk to Jesus out loud anywhere

in New York everybody’s talking to

themselves anyhow

I walk right down Broadway thousands of

people around said Hallelujah Jesus I

love you I glorify your name nobody

turned nobody looks

but when the Holy Ghost doesn’t work in

your heart

you’ll find yourself beginning to pray

for the Lost

you begin to crawl God give me a concern

and one of your great

word without words we wanted your great

concern is oh God don’t ever let me

become so self-centered because when you

become self-centered you become a

corollary and a gossiper and a fighter

nobody fights you as a burden for the

Lost nobody gossips as a love for the


doesn’t happen


why is the Holy Ghost come to finish the

work of redemption

Hallelujah God help us to bring the Lost

into this church God help us to witness

on the job and everywhere we go pray all

Holy Ghost is this going to be a Holy

Ghost Church it’s going to be a

soul-winning church


I know four or five churches in this

city that are they don’t talk much about

the Holy Ghost but they’re sure full of

the Holy Ghost because they are

soul-winning Church they are loving

churches they’re everywhere witnessing I

bump into them everywhere they’re here

and they’re here from Times Square

Church and others God bless you



let’s stand

father move Now by your spirit go

through this congregation and find every

person Lord who has strayed from you

every person Lord who’s hurting and

wounded everyone Lord Jesus

who’s been grieved in some way they

stand in this service this morning

carrying grief maybe over sin maybe over

some lost hope but oh God find them now

Lord I know that you have many people in

this city

you’re concerned about them you have

many people in this church this morning

who need a miracle they need their heart

changed they need to come back to their

first love

now while we’re standing in his presence

asking the Holy Ghost to speak directly

to some individuals that are here maybe

for the first time maybe you’ve been

here before

but you need

you need to make a decision

and you need to make that decision

before you walk out of this church this


whether or not you’re going to go deeper

in the Lord

I I heard somebody say recently you

talked to somebody about the things the

Lord and that person said look I’m

satisfied where I’m at I don’t want to

go any deeper I don’t want to go any


there’s some of you right now that are

on the brink

you either have to go deeper in the Lord

and go further with the Lord are you or

you go back

and some of you reading not right with

the Lord and he’s reaching to you right

now some of you are running from your

first love you had a love for Jesus but

you’re standing here in this church

today cold in fact there’s some of you

the message

you may have been touched a bit or

amused I don’t know but it didn’t touch

your heart that’s that’s the beginning

of hardness and that’s so dangerous I’m

asking to shake that off I mean I would

fight that if there was any hardness in

me if the word wasn’t getting through to

me and if I sat here this morning bored

Restless I said oh God have mercy on me

and I’d run I’d run to God I said oh

Lord I don’t want to get I want to be

tender I want you to be able to move on

my heart

there are a number here up in the Falcon

the main floor

you can’t walk out the way you came in

you have to change because the spirit of

God has confronted you today the Holy

Spirit wants to heal your spirit he

wants to heal you

I want you to get out of your seat and

come even now when I’m talking I want to

pray with you and believe Jesus for a

miracle in your life up in a balcony go

to either side down those stairs and

come down any aisle and meet with us

here there’s gonna be a lot of people

coming you won’t be alone holy spirit’s

here to finish a work in so many many

hearts because the Holy Ghost been

tugging at you and pulling at you that’s

the time to obey him

I believe there’s uh there are a few

husbands and wives need to walk down a


you came with your wife today it’s your

first time here

and Jesus wants you to settle it he’s

been calling you this is your day

come and Obey him

so they don’t do very often but I I have

to obey the Holy Spirit I feel that

there are three or four people here

I don’t know who you are where you’re at

and I’m not going to try to point

anybody out because I don’t know where

you’re at the holy spirit’s impressed

this on my heart that there are three or

four that are in a real battle here this

morning you’re fighting a real battle

don’t let the enemy win that battle

the holy spirit in you win that battle

don’t come unless the spirit’s drawing

you but if the spirit of the Lord is

tugging or pulling at your heart

you obey him because you know you know

because the Holy Spirit tells you he he

shows you the need that’s in you he

shows you where you’re wrong and he does

it because he wants out of great love of

God for you

the Lord’s not mad at you but he says

you can’t persist in your sin you can’t

stay where you’re at he’s asking you get

off that Mark get off that line and take

a move and sometimes that first move

then the victory comes but please don’t

move unless the spirit of God it has to

be the spirit of the Lord that tagging

that wooing that precious wing of the

Holy Spirit if it’s tugging at your


what a wonderful time to say Jesus I


talking holy spirit moves at any time

you can come join these that are

standing those that are here look this

way for just all you that have come up


how many of you

that have come up here have never been

at this altar before you’ve never been

up here before raise your hand please

your first time to be up here raise your

hand yes yes

God bless quite a number Lord bless you

all right

you can put your hands down

let me talk to you for just a moment

do you know why you came

that was the Holy Spirit

you can’t be saved except by the Holy


you can’t be convicted except by the

Holy Spirit and everything that’s

happened to you in the last 45 minutes

is the work of the holy spirit that

means he’s at work it’s you means he’s

here he’s not out there he’s right here

in your heart

he’s in there tugging he’s in there

pooling he’s in there

ready to reveal Jesus to your heart

that’s the Holy Spirit you know


some people think the only way you can

know the Holy Ghost is on you as if he

shakes your body and

you know when you’re when you look in

the Old Testament most of the shaking

was done by demons

they would shake and lay him and folks

I’m not they’re crying at there are

times God bless I I work with sister

Catherine Cole for five years I saw

great numbers hundreds of people just

slain by the power of God

but I I’ve also been in places where

people think the only way the Holy Ghost

can be judged has been upon them is to

jerk their bodies around

no you see the Holy Ghost he can get you

to dancing

but see there’s when the Holy Ghost does

it there’s a rhythm to it there’s a

wonderful rhythm to it and it’s a

beautiful sight

but some of you that are here now you

say well brother Dave I just feel warm

inside I feel pretty good that’s the

Holy Ghost that’s the comforter he’s

comforting you saying I’m going to bring

you through this I’m going to bring you

to Jesus you’re going to be forgiven

you’re going to be set free and God’s

going to Holy the Holy Ghost is going to

start guiding you and leading you in

your life Hallelujah and he’s going to

do something else he not only going to

solve your problem he’s going to make

you a soul winner he’s going to give you

a burden that’s the Holy Ghost work I

want you to lift your hands to the Lord

just lift up your hands and I want you

to pray this prayer right out of your

heart dear Jesus

I bring my sins to you

and all my doubts and all my unbelief

and I say Lord I believe

help my unbelief

oh Jesus

thank you for sending the Holy Spirit

and convicting me of my sins

now reveal the righteousness of Jesus to


and give me your heart and your burden

for my family

my loved ones

and the Lost

fill me Holy Spirit

with your desires and Lead Me and guide


and keep me

from the wicked one

now I’m going to pray for you while you

have your hands raised Jesus I come now

through the power

and the wisdom of the might of the Holy


and I speak your word of faith into

these Hearts right now

greater is he that is in you now than he

that is in the world

greater is he

say this within right Jesus

I give you my heart

I give you my body

My Soul and Spirit

as a sacrifice

Use Me Jesus and give me wisdom

and a desire

to reach other people

and to win people to Jesus

use me Jesus

oh hallelujah hallelujah excuse me Jesus

use me


this is the conclusion of the message