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Ministries coming up next on changing


world many of you sit here today and you

walk with the Lord and you

figure uh can God use me my answer to

you is yes emphatically

yes he

will use whoever makes themselves a

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this is your world so let’s vow to make

it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to St oh it’s time

we live a new


let riding you

we saved by his grace so we Embrace Your


today we are


change you know um we’ve been studying

David and we’ve been studying the men of

God in the Old Testament we’ve been

looking at different people and the

things that they’ve gone through in

their lives so that we can begin to

glean from it David was a man who wasn’t

perfect David was one who um the Bible

says was a man after God’s Own Heart and

you know people look at the outward

appearance people look at the mistakes

you make people look at the flaws um

they’ll begin to amplify maybe areas of

your life maybe your age or maybe your

past um all kinds of things to even

disqualify you or to discredit you and

so uh in spite of David’s Brothers his

family who had disqualified him and said

that you know you just need to stick

with the sheep and stay out there where

you are and you’re too young and

inexperienced and untrained to be where

we are and so David didn’t allow that to

face the Giant in his life he didn’t

allow that to keep him from being used

by God and to understand the importance

of that and so we want to look at some

other examples today I uh am blessed

because I have always studied the life

of Rahab in the Old Testament and I want

to spend some time with it as it relates

to uh what we want to talk about today

and what we want to title this is is the

god of Second Chances the god of Second

Chances uh I don’t know about you I’m

thankful that he is a god of not just

the first chance but the second third

fourth fifth 6th 10th 20th 30th 100th a

thousand a million in chance and uh it

just keeps going on and on and on

because he is so full of love and so

full of grace and it just amazes me

because as a parent as a wife as a

mother that I can begin to tap in

through his example as a heavenly father

and uh as a Earthly parent to try to

model that same love to model that same

Grace to forgive and to give chances

over and over and over again and uh it’s

just so

wonderful to be able to see God’s love

as relates to how he used David how he

used Moses how he used the Apostle Paul

how he used Saul um just the list goes

on and on and on how he used Joseph I

mean it was no

one that uh didn’t make mistakes because

we’re human and we’re going to make

mistakes but yet God was able still to

allow them um to get to that place to

fulfill the will of God for their life

and so uh we may just go ahead and jump

into this let’s turn over to um the Book


Joshua and we’re going to look at where

we see some of the things that reference

this woman who trusted God in the Old

Testament and so let’s

start in

chapter two and then we’re going to go

through um up to chapter


now this is


um a story of a woman who as we know uh

if we don’t know she was a woman who was

a prostitute and prostituted herself for

a long period of time and and uh made a

decision that in spite of that she was

going to trust God and so um let’s look

at chapter

6 verse

23 chapter 6 verse

23 and we’re going to look at this from

the New Living Translation and then

we’re going to look at a couple

scriptures from the message and uh look

over at how the Bible describes her in

Hebrews as even you know her being a

prostitute that she was included with

the Heroes of Faith think of that think

of that that she was recognized in

that way so it says um here in Joshua 6:

23 the

men uh who had been spies there were

some spies who had come and needed to be

hidden and she made herself available to

hide them it says the men who had been

spies went in and brought out Rahab her

father her mother brothers and all the

other relatives who were with her

they moved her whole family so not just

her but all her her parents to a safe

place somebody say safe place safe place

they moved our whole family to a safe

place near the camp of

Israel then the Israelites burned the

town and everything in it only the

things made from silver gold bronze or

iron were kept for the treasury of the

Lord’s House and so we see here that

because she was willing to give of

herself as she uh had a place to hide

those who were spies and then as a

result of that um she was able to put

this Scarlet Red um piece of fabric out

and then they bypassed her and as a

result she was preserved and she was

kept safe and so you know uh this was

the thing that caused her to be

recorded as one of the Heroes of Faith

amen now let’s look at this here God

Saves those with the

past no matter what our past Whispers to

us no matter what our past holds our

past is the reason why Jesus was born so

God Will Save to the

uttermost people like Rahab people like

ourselves with a past and so Rahab had

come across and she is one who the Bible

speaks of and we know her profession we

don’t know why she chose to be a

prostitute or prostituted herself uh was

in the you know in this day of time what

considered the adult entertainment world

but she came maybe she came from a place

of Brokenness or childhood trauma which

I see in many instances um women who

choose that uh style of Life uh perhaps

there’s some situation from the past or

you know I don’t think that a woman

would just decide hey I’m going to be a

prostitute but I think circumstances and

situations many instances lead to that

maybe her past was one of pain or abuse

that left her trapped by disrespect and

shame maybe Rahab had been uh rejected

or abandoned or made a choice but night

after after night we know and we see

that this was the decision and this was

her life so the good news today is that

no choice we ever

make no scars ever inflicted can keep us

from the saving grace of

God our past is never good enough to

earn God’s salvation nor enough to keep

us from

it so number one I want us to understand

this morning that God Saves those with


past God

Saves those with a past we all have a

past and like rlo was saying the other

day we just choose not to live in the

past I’m sure Rahab you know when she

was presented with this situation or

maybe it was an opportunity to save the

spies people around her may have thought

what is she doing she’s a prostitute who

does she think she is why in the world

would a prostitute choose to get

involved in this


but for whatever reason she made up in

her mind that she would be a blessing

and that she would get involved and then

as a result of her choice and her

decision it saved her family and kept

everybody safe not just her she wasn’t

thinking about herself but it saved her

her parents it saved so many things to

the point that everything else that

wasn’t affiliated with her was burned

down and so I applaud her in the fact

that she trusted God despite her past

despite where she had come from the

whatever trauma if there were trauma

Brokenness or whatever uh led her into

that but God was so important to her to

the point where she was willing to trust

him and to allow him to use her and as a

result we see her name even included in

the genealogy of Jesus when we look at

Matthew and we look at the genealogy

through which Jesus came uh the lineage

and how he was birthed into the Earth

Rahab is mentioned there and we’ll look

at that in a minute but God will save

those with a past that’s good news this

morning and so you know we think so many

times that our past has to be squeaky

clean that I have to just do everything

right dot every eye cross every T before

God will use me but you know what if God

can use a prostitute how many you know

God will use whoever makes themselves

available whoever chooses to trust in

him but it begins by making a decision

making a quality decision that I’m going

to live this life life and use my life

as a sacrifice look at what he says here

in Romans 12:1 as it relates to being

used by

God Romans 12:1 says I beseech

you therefore Brethren by the mercies of

God that you present your bodies a

Living Sacrifice and see the thing I

love about Rahab is the fact that she

was willing to sacrifice herself when

she took in the Spy because after the

spies had been taken in they came to her

they were looking for the spies she had

put herself in danger by making this

decision but you know what she was

willing to do what she felt needed to be

done at the time to present her self her

body as a Living Sacrifice

holy acceptable unto God which is your

reasonable service so the first stage of

finding God’s will for our lives just

like Rahab was able to find God’s will

for her life she was able to be

considered one of the Heroes of Faith is

by becoming a Living


holy acceptable unto him as we read here

and so number two God uses those with a

past he will use those with a past asked

we looked at David we looked at um many

people in the Old Testament uh Moses how

he got himself in a situation where

someone was murdered but in spite of

that he was able to be used because he

trusted God he renounced his past he had

an assignment on his life and just like

Moses Rahab made the decision to do the

same thing God used Rahab

mightily despite her past in the first

battle to conquer the promised land god

used Rahab to not only save the spies

but to save her family which we just

read in verse

23 and

so God had even more for Rahab God used

Rahab to shape the character faith and

godliness of a man named Boaz who would

one day res rescue a young moabit let’s

look at that uh situation here over in

Matthew chapter 1 Book of

Matthew chapter 1 and um we’ll look at

how it’s included here I think it’s down

in verse

15 Matthew 1 chapter verses 1-5 chapter

1 chap verse 1-5 verse 1-5 thank

you now the book of the generation of

Jesus Christ the son of David the son of

Abraham the book of the uh it shows how

Abraham begat Isaac Isaac

Jacob Jacob begat

Jonah uh Judah feris and Zarah of

thear uh let’s go to verse

four Aram

aminadab so forth and so on sees here

and Nan


Salon look at what it says here in verse

5 and


begat Boaz that should be

Boaz of

Rahab and Boaz begat OED of Ruth and oad

begat Jesse so isn’t it interesting

how of all the

people that could have been a part of

Jesus’s Jesus’s

lineage he used Rahab to be a part of

how the Son of God the

Christ would be birthed into the Earth


fact that there were probably more noble

people who maybe didn’t have a past like


who maybe were not flawed as much as

Rahab uh maybe not scarred from having

so many relationships with men but the

fact that God would choose someone like

her and

mention Rahab because he used her in

spite of her

past and to the point where

Boaz was born and we know

Boaz uh was engaged to Ruth and married

Ruth and and uh they had kids and things

like that and um it’s just shows an

attest to the power of God and once we

begin to understand God’s will for our

lives that we too can be used by God in

spite of our

past many of you sit here today and you

walk with the Lord and you

figure uh can God use me my answer to

you is yes emphatically

yes he

will use whoever makes themselves

available and the enemy wants us to

discredit ourselves discount ourselves

to count ourselves out

and God says no count yourself in

because when we understand the past and

the uh shame and the condemnation that

the enemy wants to bring

on the mind and to cause one to think

that they’re unusable that causes us to

make a decision that we have to lean

rely and trust in

God and to abandon this ability in and

of ourselves to be able to do God’s will

but because we can do it through

God he’ll be able to work through

us and


Salon is the

father of



Rahab is his is his mother so Rahab was


she was a part of this in fact let’s

look at a couple things concerning her

life turn over to um James chapter

2 verse 25 James chapter 2 verse

25 God wants to use you

more then you want to be

used he wants to use use you more than

you want to be used if you make yourself

a Living

Sacrifice and commit your life to the

Lord he will start developing your

talents and directing you as soon as you

get usable God will use

you and let it just be a

living testimony I never had imagined

that I would

be before you to day sharing scriptures

and talking about the

Lord just is a

living uh testament to God’s grace and


power uh that he will use you he will


you and he will do it in a way that is

unimaginable so look at what it says

here in in James chapter 2 verse 25 it


likewise also was not Rahab the Harlot

justified by

works when she had received the

messengers and had sent them out another

way look at this in the New Living

Translation it says that she’s the

Harlot that was justified it says Rahab

The Prostitute is another

example because I know sometimes you

know in the church we wonder why you

know do prostitutes have a place do the

drug dealer have a place does the person

who does a thug have a place it’s like

you know what why why who who are we to

determine who God can

use and who is welcome into the house of


Lord he says Rahab The Prostitute is


example I want her to be an example for

you this morning you know some people

might say well you know I can’t learn

anything from a prostitute well the

Bible says and mentions her and

describes what she did and we can learn

from her example of course we’re not

elevating and making it something to

glamorize but the Bible talks about how

she was shown to be right with God by


actions she was

shown to be right with God think of

that that she was

justified despite her

past with what she had

done the men that she had done it

with it says that she was right with God

by her actions when she hid those

Messengers talking about the spies that

we were just reading about in Joshua

chapter 6 when she hid those

spies and sent them safely Away by a

different Road and so we see here that

the scripture says that she was right

with God somebody say I am right with

God I am right with God and when we

receive Jesus as our our Lord and as our

personal savior we got to remind

ourselves that I am right with

God when he comes and moves on the

inside of us I am

right I have the opportunity to be an

example I have the privilege by which my

life can minister to someone else that

it can be used

to change someone else’s life and so

that’s what Rahab was able to

do and so we must understand the will of

God because she trusted God we need to

get to a point that we’re not doing what

we do out of our own ability out of Our

Own Strength but getting to a place

where we do what we do through the power

of God

like she did where she trusted God and

then as a result God was able to trust

her and use

her do you feel that life is an ongoing

string of spiritual battles begin again

and let God’s grace redefine your life

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cause us to understand his power is

revealed through the mundane and in the

humble things thank God for the big

things but I want to see God in the

small things we must not forsake the

small thing God works through the small

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listen to me closely right now God is

not mad at you he is not tallying up

your sins holding your sins against you

Jesus Paid the price he paid the debt

and he has made Available to You Grace

and salvation through the precious blood

that was shed on the cross that’s how

much God wants to have a personal

intimate relationship with you he wants

to be set free from anything that has

you bound and then eternally you can be

with him so if you’ve not received Jesus

as your lord and as your personal Savior

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right now Heavenly Father come into my

life save me I believe Jesus died and

shed his blood for my sin come into my

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salvation and I’m seated at the right

hand of God the father in Jesus name

amen all right just that simple God

bless you thank you for tuning in

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