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The main language of the Holy
Spirit is visions and dreams.

But have you noticed that both
dreams and visions are pictures?

Be alert to the pictures that’s coming
up to what the Holy Spirit brings to your

mind. You can bring
things to our remembrance,

especially before you walk into a
meeting, before you go for an interview,

before you talk to your son. When you
ask God, God, why do we speak louder?

I want to hear your voice. Listen
closely and you’ll hear him say to you,

lovers, don’t shout because you are close.

You are acting like I’m not close.

That’s why you can’t hear my
voice for the people of the world.

They don’t have the Holy Spirit.
You have and you know what?

You’ll be the right time,
right place, right. Action.

Good morning, church. Are you ready to
hear some good news? Praise the Lord.

I have four testimonies to share with you
and I pray that every testimony shared

will encourage you as you believe God for
your very own healing and breakthrough

and even for that of your family
members and loved ones. Amen. Right.

First testimony.

It comes to us from a sister from
Indonesia and she writes that for the past

three months I had struggled to sleep.

Sometimes I couldn’t sleep at all
for three days, which led to anxiety,

shortness of breath, and a blurry vision.
This had never happened to me before,

so I was devastated and afraid.

Then the Lord led me to a doctor who
explained that my troubles were due to

hidden stress and prescribed medication.

So I prayed that God would grant me
a sound mind and refresh my soul.

I also took my medication and listened
to Pastor Princess sermons every day and

every night before I attempted to sleep.

That’s a problem because
you attempt to sleep.

I think so soon I was getting better,

but still experienced
some sleepless nights.

One day I looked at my
husband’s face. Wow.

Sometimes he can have different
meanings. I looked at my husband’s face,

he looked tired and old.

Suddenly fear and guilt overwhelmed
my heart. Since I couldn’t sleep,

my husband would try to keep me company
and refuse to sleep himself so sweet of

him. I cried out to the Lord.
We’re still in our thirties.

Should I live like this? My whole life,
struggling to sleep and aging faster.

On Sunday the 21st of January,
2024, I tune into new creation,

church online service,

and Pastor Prince invited those who found
themselves becoming more forgetful to

stand so that he could pray over them.
I stood up because I’d indeed become more

forgetful lately, and those of us were
in the service back then in January.

We remember that,

but then Pastor Prince quoted
Psalm 92 verses 12 to 15,

tears started to flow from my eyes,
a warm feeling envelope my heart,

and suddenly amidst all the fear
I had, I heard the Lord say,

that will never happen to you. You
are the righteous because Psalm 92,

verse 12 begins with the righteous
of flourish like a palm tree. Amen.

That week,

my husband and I recited the verses every
chance we got and every night before

sleeping. Since then, I haven’t had a
single sleepless night. I wake up early,

feeling refreshed and strong
with no more fear or guilt.

Thank you Jesus for making me righteous.

Now I’m excited to declare more of
God’s word and possess my promised land.

What a wonderful testimony. Hallelujah.

And for those of you
having difficulty sleeping,

I pray that you experience sweet sleep.
Not now, but tonight. Amen. Hallelujah.

Next testimony comes to us from a
brother from Singapore and he writes that

recently I experienced sharp pain in
my left knee accompanied by a clicking

sound that bothered me as I
moved around. Additionally,

I suffered from back pain,
so pain in his left knee,

clicking sound and back
pain on resurrection Sunday.

As pastor Prince ministered
in the gifts of healing,

he specifically addressed
knee conditions while seated,

I began to move my left leg up and down
and realize the pain had disappeared,

but God did not stop there. During lunch
with my care group, after the service,

I noticed the pain in
my back was also gone.

I know I’ve been healed just because
Jesus loves me all glory to Jesus.

Hallelujah. Beautiful testimony.

So notice that the back pain was gone
when he had lunch with his care group

after the service. So that is the
secret. Hallelujah. Of course,

Jesus heals him through any
means. Amen. Hallelujah. Right.

Next testimony comes to us from sister
from Singapore, sorry from Canada.

Sister from Canada writes
that three months ago I
strained my right arm at work.

About a month ago I also put a
muscle in my back. As a result,

I couldn’t use my right
arm to lift anything,

not even to open doors. Additionally,

bending my back caused pain and walking
for more than an hour was unbearable.

On resurrection Sunday,

pastor Prince ministered the
Lord’s healing and declared
that healing was taking

place. He encouraged the congregation
to do what they normally couldn’t do,

and immediately I got out of bed and
began moving my arm hand and bending my

back to touch my toes. Wow. Bending
her back to touch your toes. Amazing.

Then when Pastor Prince declared,
you have been made whole,

the pain in my back vanished. As others
began testifying of their healing,

the pain in my arm also disappeared
completely. The following day,

I went to work without feeling
any pain. Upon returning home,

I did something I hadn’t been
able to do with my right hand.

In months turn and press down the lock
on my door, opening it effortlessly.

Now I can lift that whole things
with my right hand. Praise the Lord.

Thank you Jesus for healing me.
Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.

And the final testimony comes to us from
a brother from Singapore and he writes

that I’d been suffering from double
vision for about eight months as my eye


tissues and nerves were damaged
due to a serious hyperthyroidism.

This was caused by Graves disease and
autoimmune disorder I was diagnosed with

exactly one year ago. As a result,

I had to wear special prism glasses
to allow me to see without distortion

and without them I would be unable
to go about my basic daily chores,

let alone work on resurrection Sunday,

my family and I attended the second
service at Marina Basins ballrooms.

During the healing ministry time,

pastor Prince called out the
condition of double vision,

which he also mentioned someone in
the first service had been healed off,

and those of you who are
here would remember that we
immediately claimed healing

for my eyesight.
Nothing happened there and then,

but in the afternoon after a short nap,

I realized that I could miraculously
see clearly without the need for the

special glasses.

I immediately managed to reach out to
my ophthalmologist that same evening and

to check my,

to check and test my condition and was
informed that the muscles in my eyes had

improved vastly, which I can only
attribute to the Lord’s healing touch.

Since Sunday,

I no longer need to wear the pair of
prism glasses and have even gone out for

business meetings and activities. My
eyesight has been healed and restored.

It is so surreal to be able to see
again after almost a year long struggle,

both for me and my
family to say the least.

Indeed my failing eyesight has been
resurrected on resurrection Sunday.


All glory on and praise to our Lord
Jesus for his love and faithfulness.


And he goes on to end by saying that
indeed our God is the God of time and

space. Even though we
were not at the star,

we could still receive his healing
at Marina Bay And praise Lord.

Thank you Pastor Prince for your obedience
to the prompting and leading of the

Holy Spirit to call out the condition.

Praise Lord for all these wonderful
healing ies church. Hallelujah.

And right now, please join me
as we welcome pastor. Praise.

As the word goes forth
even more powerfully,

you’re able to receive because faith
comes by hearing, hearing by the word.

Okay? So don’t ever be in a
place where you’re not expecting.

This is different from watching a
movie or watching a drama on TV or

just watch entertainment on your
phone. They don’t do that to you.

I said they don’t do that to you.
Amen. If anything, you are more tired

with those that keep on watching again
and again the next episode, whatever,

it just tires you out. It
robs you of time. But God,

whenever you hear the word,
there is an impartation.

You don’t have to even wait to apply
it. Yet while you’re hearing the word,

the word is life.

The those who find them and health
and healing to all their flesh.

Amen. So I pray in Jesus’
name that you will always

be aware. Be conscious of the peace
that Jesus has given to you in the upper

room. He says this in the upper room,
but the helper, the Holy Spirit,

the helper, I love it. The Holy Spirit.
He’s not there as the condemner.

He’s not there as your judge.

He’s there as your
helper in the Greek para,

the Miss para is alongside clit,

help one call alongside to help. Amen.

Amen. One call alongside
to help if you’re lost,

ever had this experience,

you are overseas on holiday
and then you are really lost.


And then you do not know you are in
a deserted place and in a mountainous

area. It’s very dangerous.

You have your family with you
and there’s no one inside.

And finally someone came and tell you,
oh, this is the way you turn right,

turn left. You’re so grateful to see
that man out of, he said, turn here,

turn there, turn there.
And then he goes off.

And then you’re trying to
memorize what he just said.

You are afraid that you might make
a wrong turn and snow is falling.

Okay? I’ve been there before.

Snow is falling very thick
and I don’t see a single soul.

I’ll tell you another time,
another story, okay about that.

And that guy went off,
but another guy came.

You prayed and another guy came.
This guy tells you the direction,

but he tells you, what can I come
alongside you? Now, nowadays,

you’ve got to trust law before
you let the guy in, isn’t it?

But he looks trustworthy enough because
his face reminds you of Pastor Mark,

he’s smiling all the time
and then you let him in.

Now he’s there alongside you to tell
you. Now turn right here. Turn left here.

I leave over there. Over here.
Now you need to go down here.

You found your highway.

All of a sudden a lot of people are there.
You’re very happy.

You know that this guy is a good guy
who has brought you out from your

wilderness, right?

So the Holy Spirit has been
called alongside to help. In fact,

he’s in us and the guidance
come from within. Amen.

So the help of the Holy Spirit,
whom the father was send in my name,

he will teach you all things. How many
things does that include? Parenting?

Does that include your work?
Come on. All things. All things.

So don’t let religion teach religious
ideas and teachings or things that you

heard in the past about the Holy Spirit
limit you. Instead of all things,

only certain things to do with spiritual
things, all things means all things.

Or else people will start looking for
guidance for all the other things from

other sources. Amen?

So I don’t like it when people
say, oh, pastor Prince heal.

No, I didn’t heal. Repent for saying that.

Who healed Jesus. I always say, if I
can heal, I put my hand on my face.

I always say, don’t laugh too
loud, not nice. Amen. Amen.

I will. And some of you, I’ll put my hand
on your face as well. Praise the Lord.

So the Lord is the one that heals
and this a gift of healings.

The gift of healings operate as he would.

Sometimes it’s this condition from
that condition, but he’s sovereign.

Amen can have a good
amen, praise the Lord.

But if you didn’t receive your
healing through the gifts of healing,

you can always receive by faith
because the work is finished.

The same body of Jesus
that bought your sins,

also bought your diseases Himself
took our infirmities. Amen.

So in the upper room he
says, the Holy Spirit,

the helper will teach you
all things and bring to your

remembrance all things that I said to you.

one of the ways he teaches you is that
he bring to your remembrance all that he

said to you, set his past tense.

He must have spoken to you somewhere in
the past. So when you really need it,

you are confronted with a situation or
a crisis or a challenge that you have no

answer for. Be alert to what the Holy
Spirit brings to your mind. Amen.

Be alert to what the Holy Spirit
brings to your understanding.

I want to tell you this,

you must understand you go to another
country unless you have some of those

translator apps and all that.
Nowadays they have quite a few.

I have a good one actually.

Any country in fact covers all
the languages of the world,

the known languages of the world,

and I can speak into it and
it’s not the iPhone one, okay?

I can speak into it and immediately it
will translate for the other person to

hear. It’s been very, very helpful for
me. So in other words, wherever you go,

you need to speak the language or have
the person understand where you’re coming

from. Am I right?

The language of the Holy Spirit?

You want to speak the language
of the Holy Spirit? Yes. Now,

I’m not talking about speaking tongues.

Speaking tongues is when he prays through
you that prayer in an unknown language

sometimes in known languages,

but that’s more ministering to the people
with the interpretation of tongues.

But usually it’s an unknown language. Yes,

there’s a language of the Holy Spirit,
yes, but that’s for you to pray.

It ministers to you.

But the main language of the Holy
Spirit is visions and dreams.

Visions and dreams. It says in
the book of Acts quoting Joel,

the apostle Peter says, shall
come to pass in the last days.

I’ll power up my spirit upon all flesh.

And your sons and
daughters shall prophesy.

Your old men shall dream dreams and
your young men shall see visions.

It’s got nothing to do with
only old people. Dream dreams.

Young people see visions because actually
some people say because old people

sleep a lot, it’s not true.
In fact, old people sleep,

lesser young people sleep a lot. Okay?

So the idea is that both young and
old were dream dreams and sea visions,

it’s an expression.

But have you noticed that both
dreams and visions are pictures?

I said dreams and visions are pictures.
So they are pictures that come to you.

But many a times we are thinking of the
kind of vision that is an open vision.

We think that an angel appears in
my room or I see Jesus come to me.

Does the Lord do that? Now this
yes he does, but don’t look for it.

If it happens, it happens. Amen. If
it happens, there are certain tests.

You must test that vision
by whether it’s a prophecy,

whether it’s a gift manifestation,
always test it. Who does it glorify?

Does it glorify a man? Does
it glorify someone else?

Does he glorify? That’s the first
thing, or does he glorify Jesus?

Every gift of the Holy Spirit
in the upper room. In fact,

another place in the upper room, Jesus
actually says about the Holy Spirit.

He shall glorify me.
He shall testify of me.

He will take the things that
is of mine and show it to you.

It’s all about Jesus. The Holy Spirit
doesn’t even talk about himself.

Amen? It talks about Jesus.

So you can tell that someone is full
of the Holy Spirit anointed by the Holy

Spirit if he talks about Jesus
and points to him constantly.

Amen. Can I have a good amen?

So I want you to know that the language
of the Holy Spirit is visions and dreams

and many a times because we are looking
for the open vision. We are not alert to

the visions and the mental pictures
that are coming up when we are praying

tongues, when we are praying the spirit,

we are not alert to the
pictures that’s coming up.

When you’re praying for your
child and you pray in the Spirit,

the Holy Spirit want to speak to you.

And many times there’s a picture that
come to your mind about your child,

but you push it aside. A man,

if I have a picture of
Justin and he’s not with me,

let’s say he’s in school or whatever,

and I see a picture of an accident and
all that, I just don’t shake it off.

I say I bind that in the name of Jesus.

I use the authority of
Jesus. Oh, by the way,

just to let you know that
also in the upper room,

Jesus taught this two kinds of prayer.
One he says,

and of course we know that
the final form of prayer,

that the prayer of Lord was actually
in the spirit in tongues. Paul says,

I thank my God I speak with tongues
more than you all but in English,

Jesus actually said in your own language,

there are two types of prayer he taught
for the first time in the upper room.

I’m going to tell you real
quick right now. Okay,

so he has thought about the Lord’s prayer.

We call it actually the disciple’s
prayer. You can call it the Lord’s Prayer,

but no problem, it’s a prayer of
the kingdom before Jesus died,

rose again. Amen. It doesn’t
even end in the name of Jesus,

but there’s a prayer in the upper
room for the first time He said,

whatever you ask, up until now,
you have asked nothing in my name.

That includes even the Lord’s Prayer
because they’ve been praying the Lord’s

prayer ever since he taught them.
So in the upper room says, until now,

you have asked nothing in
my name. Ask the Father,

ask the Father in my name and
he who will give it the Father,

he will give it to you up till now.
You have asked nothing in my name

whatsoever. You ask the Father in my name,

he will give it to you. Okay?

So when you ask in Jesus name, the Father
is like, he doesn’t see you anymore.

He sees Jesus making the
request in my name means

you are actually no more standing
in your own ground, your own merits.

You are standing in the
person of Jesus, his merits.

Does he merit and answer
prayer? Oh yes. And how? Amen.

Amen. Are you with me
so far? So notice this.

First you ask the Father the
source of all the blessing.

Whatever you ask the father, he will
give it to you. Who will give it He?

But there’s not a place in the upper
room where Jesus actually says,

if you ask anything in
my name, I will do it.

Obviously it’s a difference.

Now notice he didn’t say
whatever you ask the father.

Now he says he will give it. He says,
I will do it. If you ask anything,

I will do it. Now that ask can
be asked, can be and treat,

but it’s also a Greek scholar actually
said this word actually can mean

command or demand, command or
demand. So when it comes like this,

and I said just now when I see that
bad dream or vision or whatever I have

of something in the future that is
bad, I’ll say in the name of Jesus,

I bind that from coming to pass
in the name of Jesus. Remember,

Jesus has given the church the authority,

the keys of the kingdom of
heaven. Whatever you bind
on earth shall be bound in

heaven. Whatever you lose on
earth shall be loose in heaven.

It’s a Hebrew idiom.

It’s actually a well-known Hebrew
idiom during the time of Jesus.

Whatever you bind means, whatever
you allow, heaven will allow.

Whatever you disallow
heaven, were disallow.

So there’s a lot of things we have
allowed and we are saying to God,

God do something. Do something.
God says, I’ve authorized you.

I have authorized you can’t imagine a
traffic police standing in the middle of

the road and he’s directing
traffic and all that.

All of a sudden there’s a big a tree,

turner truck coming
facing him and all that.

The first time I ever see this thing,
I got this job and I dunno what to do.

He calls headquarters, what shall
I do? Please tell me what to do.

And every time there’s a big
truck that comes along his way,

he keeps on calling hq, what shall I
do? What shall I do? What shall I do?

He’ll be out of job in no time.

They realize that this guy is not the
material for to be a police officer.

It is not always asking.
Once you know what is God’s,

will you authorize your problem
is not your father in heaven

who is in the healing, saving, blessing
business. Your prom is the devil.

And the devil is like this.

Unless someone with greater
authority than him comes on the scene

and say, take your hands off. Amen.
Your child is sick, rebuke that fever.

It’s not God. Don’t say God, please
heal. Please heal. Please heal.

You can pray that no problem at
first. After that, take authority.

You are child of God.
Jesus says in my name,

if you demand that fever
to live in my name,

I will do it at the end. It is still
Jesus, healing it, healing the child,

healing the condition. Amen. He says,

I will do it.
If you demand in my name, I will do it.

But what if you don’t demand in his name?
Notice you’re not demanding from God,

you’re demanding from the devil or you’re
demanding from that disease or you’re

demanding from that
whatever challenge. That’s

from the power of darkness that is
standing in your way. You can demand it.

I remember not too long ago, I was
actually over in a hawker center somewhere

and I will mention it
and as I was walking,

I remember all of a sudden there
was a commotion and there was a huge

loud altercation.

It was a couple actually,
whether a husband and wife
or boyfriend or girlfriend.

And the guy was shouting at her

and she was shouting back and
everyone was just staying clear.

It was so loud. Usually when
I see this kind of thing,

I just passed by to the safer
and quietest side of life to eat.

But somehow I felt the Lord telling
me about this couple. For all we know,

they’re here already safe. When the
Lord leaves, there’s always a purpose.

And the Lord tell me, take
authority. Take authority.

So I stood not too far away from
the couple and I say in the name of,

and the guy was about to hit her

and she was crying and
he was about to hit her.

No one was people just cleared and
he was yelling and all. And I said,

in the name of Jesus,

I take authority over this spirit of
strife that is animating this person.

Lose him and let him go in the name
of the Lord Jesus. And just like that,

I’m telling you, he looked down,

he look around, he changed his
expression. It’s like something left him.

His face is no more dark.

And then he touched his wife
or girlfriend, I don’t know,

I think I can see. But it is
almost like he’s in tears.

Then he hug her and then
the he’s don. I walk away,

my business is done.
But I’ll tell you this,

that as far as I’m concerned it
was a spiritual is a spirit being

animating the guy. See, many of
us we see quarrel, for example,

Ella is because she don’t understand and
she said he doesn’t understand me or he

takes me for granted or
she takes me for a ride.

All the while it’s like we think
that our warfare is with flesh and

blood, with that spousal, with
that colleague or with that boss.

We don’t realize it’s
crucial warfare involved.

And today it seems like the subject
of warfare is no more mentioned in the

church, which is very sad.

The devil is happy to keep quiet
doing things just out there.

No friend. You are in a warfare. We
wrestle not against flesh and blood,

but against principalities and powers
and you have the authority. I said,

you have the authority. All
right? You might be small.

A traffic policeman might be small
facing the tree. Turn a truck, amen.

By put up his hand, the guy has to stop.

Why behind him is all the police force.

Behind the police force
is the military force.

The might of the military
is behind that man.

Amen. Amen. He’s not
standing in his own name.

Right? So you say in the name of Jesus,

it’s as if Jesus is doing
it. It is Jesus doing it.

He says, you demand anything
in my name, I will do it.

So he taught that in the upper
room. So what do you demand?

You demand things that for
sure you know it’s God’s will,

but you don’t know it’s God’s
will. How can you demand it? Amen.

You pray when you should be
demanding and commanding and you

command when you should be asking.
Alright? So in other words,

there are things you ask God for
wisdom. For example, you ask God for it,

the devil is not holding you. Go,
devil, let go of my wisdom. Devil says,

I don’t have your wisdom. I must myself,

I’m not very wise or else I
won’t be in this condition.

So there are things you
need to ask God for.

So the more you hear the word of
God, the more you learn. Amen.

The word of God, the Bible
is not a religious book.

It is the manufacturer’s handbook. Amen.

These are instructions for life and
not just for life, for eternity.

Because our life is not
just here enough people,

it’s just not to make money and more
money because one day they will cover you.

If Jesus terrace cover you as shroud,

life here is temporal. In
fact, our eternity has begun.

When you’re born again,
you are an eternal spirit.

That’s why you’ll never
see death believer,

a believer in Christ will never
see death. What does that mean?

Does that mean your heart never stops?
Your body drops or your body just slips?

Yeah. In the sense Bible uses the
word sleep for the believer. Why?

Because the Holy Spirit wants to know
that death or the believer is like sleep.

You just step out and the real you that
is eternal must be housed somewhere else

and that’s heaven for the unbeliever,

it must be housed somewhere that’s
eternal and that’s the never region.

The Bible says Hades or hell listen.

The Bible Jesus talked about
hell more than anyone else,

the most loving person that ever walked
on earth spoke about hell more than

anybody else. And if
someone ever comes to you,

now there’s a brunch of teaching in
Christianity that says hell is spiritual.

Lemme tell you this, hell is not
spiritual. It’s a real place.

Jesus purposely said this,
when you talk about hell,

the fire is not quench
and the womb does not die.

That means what? It’s literal.
When you use a figurative speech,

you don’t use expressions like
this to confirm that speech.

It’s literal. Okay?

It gets very quiet when
you talk about hell.

But somewhere in church
we must preach hell.

Hell no. Hell yes, it exists.

Okay, so Gio says this, he’ll
bring all things you remember.

And so unless you have
heard the preaching,

maybe you came to church and
you heard a certain preaching,

a certain word I preached last time,

and now you are asked to share with a
group of people and you’re not fully

prepared at that time.

But you know what the Holy Spirit at
that time will bring to your remembrance

what I have said,

whether it’s through Pastor Prince or
whether it’s through another pastor or

another minister,

another Bible teacher or even your
hag group leader or someone else.

But you heard from Jesus
through that person.

You know something at the right time. The
Holy Spirit bring to your remembrance.


So that tells me also the Holy
Spirit can help people not to

suffer dementia

Alzheimer because he’s in the business
of bringing to your remembrance.

And the devil’s work is
always stealing your memories.

Even he steals your memories. Oh yes,

he steals your memories very
quickly the tune of Israel was

going into the wilderness and very fast,

they forgot their life
as a slave in Egypt.

How many times they forgot.
So memory is very important.

That’s why the tune of Israel, there are
other celebrations is now gone finish.

Why? But the Jewish people, in fact,

this month they are celebrating
the Passover. What’s the Passover?

What’s the Passover? 3,500
Years ago

the Passover happened the first night
when he got told Moses to tell the

children, Israel put the
blood up on the doorpost,

the blood of the lamb on
the doorpost. See the cross,

the two posts and the lenal. You see the
cross and eat the lamb on the inside.

From then on their generation, God says,

don’t forget when your children ask you
why is this night different from other

nights? Teach them. Teach them.

So some rituals are important
because until today when other

celebrations are forgotten,

people still remember until all the
Jewish people all over the world still

celebrating Passover this month.

So we got to keep some of these
things in our family alive.

Our birthdays, they come every
year. Nevermind. Celebrate,

don’t celebrate anniversary,
nevermind. No, it thinks is slight.

There’s no occasion for families
to get together. Okay, nevermind.

That’s not my sermon.
Praise God. Thank you.

So Jesus also said in the context
of the Holy Spirit teaching you all

things and also bringing all things to
your remembrance, Jesus also said, peace.

I live with you. My peace I give
unto you. Not as the world give now,

not as the world gift
is what kind of a piece

after a spa, treatment, massage,

spa, treatment and you are happy
inside there. They play sweet music,

good music. I dunno, do they still play
music in the spa? Alright, okay. Anyway,

the music is like a different
world. You sit down there,

you so relaxed,

nothing aggravates the mind, nothing

troubles the emotions in a spy
environment and then they help you relax

and all that kind of thing, right?
For about how long? One hour,

two hours for a while and
after that you pay your

money and then you go out,

right? Am I right? You’re back to the
real world. Not as the world give,

I give to you. Let not
your heart be troubled.

Jesus is neither. Let it be afraid.
Let my peace ruin in your heart.

Don’t let your heart be troubled,
neither. Let it be afraid.

Now that one is your
part. So I say before,

make it a game. If this
you make it a game, okay?

In order for Jesus peace,

that’s already inside me because
he says peace I live with you.

The word there is like I
bequeath, this is my inheritance.

The one you saw me sleeping in the
boat so peaceful every time you see me

operate in peace, never trouble.
Amen. That peace I give you.

And don’t forget, the word for wholeness
in Hebrew is the same word as peace.

Shalom. Shalom is both mental peace
as well as health for your body.

Shalom is wellbeing,
shalom is wholeness. No

is complete ease in
every part of your body,

Amen. In fact,

the Bible says A tranquil heart is
the life of the flesh and the Hebrew

there is ape heart, a relaxed
heart, a healing heart.

It’s life of the flesh,
not the spirit flesh.

The Lord said to me, if you can keep
yourself there, so every time I fall sick,

I have symptoms. Where
did I miss my peace?

Who did I allow to rob me of my peace?
I got to get back to that place.

Amen. He said more to Meah, he said
that if you maintain your peace,

you’ll live long. And not only live long,

people wonder that you
still look young. Amen.

Health quality, no point living long
are you’re suffering all the time.

Okay? That’s what the Lord said to
me, and I’m not there yet, okay?

That’s why grace and peace, not the
grace and peace go together like twins,

power, twins, grace and peace.

Grace and peace. How do you get it?

Grace and peace be multiplied to you
through the knowledge of our Lord Jesus

Christ. Amen.

The more Jesus grace
and peace is multiplied,

can I be good? Amen. Amen. So
the holy Jesus, by saying peace,

I live with you right after you talk
about how the Holy Spirit will teach you

all things, he’ll bring things to
your remembrance and then he says,

my peace I give to you, the Holy
Spirit actually speaks in such a way.

The language is such that
sometimes it’s weightless.

You see when a couple is in love, when

you ask God, God, why do you speak
louder? I want to hear your voice.

You can just tell me where to go,
what to do. I would love it. But God,

your volume a bit soft.

Listen closely and you’ll hear him
say to you, love us. Don’t shout

when you’re so close you don’t
shout because you are close,

you are acting like I’m not close. You
are proceeding from a false premise,

false base. That’s where you can’t
hear my voice, which is soft.

One time God brought Elijah to
Mount Sinai and there was an

earthquake and then the Bible says the
Lord was not in the earthquake and then

there was a fire. The Lord was
not in the fire the Bible says,

and there was a strong wind and the Lord
was not in the wind and the wind crack,

a lot of the rocks came falling,

falling down from Mount Sinai,

but the Lord was not in the
wind. And then after that,

at first earthquake, then wind, then
fire, and the Lord was not in the fire.

And then the Bible says this,

there was a still small voice.

I read that in the Hebrew it can mean
all these things and the different

versions you find. It says
there was a gentle whisper.

There was a gentle whisper. So
God, even though he’s almighty,

he doesn’t do things like
lightning. That’s God.

And we miss God,

we can’t hear his voice because
he comes to you in the sweet,

soft, small voice. The Bible says,

gentle whisper inside. So
when lovers are, I like that,

love you baby. And you’re
signal down in the park, right?

You want string to hear,

you cannot hear you all speak
louder when you hear your say,

right? They’re in the world of their own.
So when the Holy Spirit is inside you,

he is in the most intimate
part of you, the Spirit.

So the Spirit and the
Holy Spirit bear witness.

And then sometimes he manifests
also by mental pictures.


Now that’s why the devil wants to program
your mind wants to put your mind with

pornography, with unclean
thoughts, unclean imaginations,

dirty thoughts, negative
thoughts, gloomy thoughts,

depressive pictures and
darkness in your mind. Why?

Because he knows the Holy Spirit cannot

have the priority When your heart is
filled with all these imaginations,

right? What do you do? Bring
down those imaginations. No,

look out for the Holy Spirit’s
imagination. Where do you find them?

First of all, in the scriptures, the
mother, the year of his own vision.

All those pictures in the Bible,
God speaks in pictures. For example,

my God says this man is blessed.
This is a prosperous man.

What do you mean Lord? And God
gives this to us. In Psalms one,

he’s like a tree planted by the rivers
of water, one tree, but rivers of water,

oversupplied for one person. He’s
planted by the rivers of water.

It doesn’t matter if other places
are dark, other places are dry, airy,

there’s no supply. Doesn’t matter
what happens in the world for you,

child of God, you’re
always supplied. Sorry,

you are oversupplied. That’s
God’s promise. When I see that,

I’m meditate on that. Oh,
I see myself like that.

Now there’s a picture
imparted, but you see,

but that didn’t come from
the Holy Spirit. No, no,

the Holy Spirit wrote this picture in
the Bible. But I take that picture,

I put it inside me. That’s one way. Also,

the Holy Spirit speaks to me
language of vision and dreams.

Sometimes I pray and it’s
spontaneously, there’s a picture.

Maybe it’s not from the Bible,

but it’s a picture that I know
is from the Holy Spirit comes up

and maybe do a modern setting.

I see you in a building and the name
of the building is a modern name

that’s not in the Bible. Maybe God’s
destiny for you is in that building.

Your job is there. Be alert to the
language of visions and dreams.

By the way, as I was
preparing this message,

as I was being open to the Holy
Spirit, I had a dream. And by the way,

not all dreams are from God.

I had a dream a few days ago
and I dreamt that we were all,

and I knew that all of you
were like a huge building

and I was somewhere in one of
the apartments in the building.

I can see the rooms in the building

and I was looking out at the
balcony of this building.

It’s a big building and I know
it’s our church. All of you

were there because I knew it’s the church

now. I was turning from far,
I saw like a beautiful nature,

beautiful countryside from
far you can see the mountains

and then the valleys and the ravines.

But then from a distance I
could see a pillar of cloud,

a pillar of cloud.

And I saw the pillar of cloud coming
closer and closer and closer and close

and closer and closer until I saw
that right underneath the pillow

cloud is actually the
high priest of Israel.

Alright? You’re seeing the picture
right with the bras split of righteous,

the of back. Then they call
it judgment decision, right?

And he’s wearing the rope and I saw him,

but the moment I saw him,
listen, watch this part here.

At first it was very
slow, the clout, right?

But when I saw that underneath the
cloud is the person, the high priest I,

it’s Jesus. And he appears in that way.

It’s not that he comes wearing
the high priest garments.

All this in the Old Testament that is
outward are types of what is intrinsically

true of our Lord. Those things
are outward to teach us a lesson.

And blue means heavenly, he’s from
heaven. That’s why I blew today.

I just happened to realize that. Okay? So

the bells are the geese of the Holy
Spirit, the bells and the fruit,

the bell and the fruit, the bell and the
fruit. The fruit of the spirit is nine,

right? And there are nine
categories, right? The Holy Spirit,

the geese of the Holy Spirit.
Amen. Are you listening?

Nine, manifestation of the
fruit of the spirit. Nine,

manifestation of the gifts of the spirit.

So I saw Jesus the moment
I saw Jesus watch this,

he started going towards us, our building,

and he came very fast like he’s
walking, but I cannot disrupt you.

It was so fast. I actually
said, stop the video.

Slow it down. I actually sat in my sleep.
I think I was still in the work mode

working with our people, the
creative arts department.

I was saying slow down the video.
I said, slow down, he’s too fast.

He started walking,
but it was really fast,

really fast all the way
and went into the entrance.

And now I woke up and I
realized that dream is from God.

He’s saying what used to take a long time

is going to happen in an accelerated
manner. In these last days,

I think he’s coming back and gives me a
new understanding of what he means when

he says, in more than one place,

have you read this?
Jesus talking by his coming back,

he has come once to be our savior.

He’s coming back to rescue us
before the worst happens on this

earth. Can you see with all the
advancement of human intelligence and

technology, AI and what
have you and all that,

people still want to heal
one another. People are still

morally not in a moral
excellence. In fact,

if anything it’s a
moral degradation. Amen?

People are just fighting
against each other.

And every time I look at the social
media, a lot of people are angry, angry,

angry, angry. A lot of business.

What happened with the advancement of
human intelligence and breakthroughs in

science and technology and
all that it’s made, man what?

He always was a sinner. Except
there’s more manifested now.

We need Jesus. And the
what’s going to happen.

The Bible talks about World
War iii. Bible talks about it,

but I believe the rapture is
going to happen before that.

I believe it may happen before.
It may happen before that.

But what I saw in my dream was that the
coming of Jesus will be so fast that

I understood what he meant
in more than one place.

When he talking about his coming,
he says, behold I come quickly.

So I look up the word
quickly in the Greek,

in the original and it says
it can mean time, right?

I come quickly, but it can also
mean suddenly. Suddenly I come.

You don’t even expect it. So for
years people thought it was time,

but it’s time before I come quickly.
He said that 2000 years ago.

So time cannot be the application here.

The idea be before I come quickly
means when I come it’ll be so fast.

It’ll be sudden. Just like the way the
Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost,

suddenly there was a
rushing mighty win suddenly.

Amen. Okay, that is my dream there.

But you don’t have to
accept. But that dream,

I believe is from God many a
times. My dream is from the roti.

Tai ate last night.

So don’t think that every
dream you have is from God all.

But if you have a negative dream,
a tragic dream, when you wake up,

just bind it in the name of Jesus. Say,
I bind that dream in the name of Jesus.

Amen. Amen. Praise the
Lord. Praise the Lord. Why?

Don’t try on your pimple first
you got pimple right? Say pimple,

I curses you in the name of the Lord
Jesus. Alright, start there. Amen.

Look at yourself in the mirror head,

be fruitful and multiply
in the name of Jesus. Amen.


I don’t feel like doing that. I sound
so stupid. Okla. Just have your ways.

Okay? Jesus don’t mind talking to trees.

He talked to one tree. The tree died
because the tree was unfruitful.

He curse the fig tree. From now
on, no one eat fruit from you here.

After forever the tree
died. He spoke to demons,

they left. He spoke to
storms, they obeyed.

So you want to be smart and
don’t speak to all these things.

Only speak to human beings.

You don’t realize you are
limited and the devil loves it.

Alright? As for me and my house,

we’ll speak to sickness and
disease and want to remain healthy.

We’ll speak to our trees to
grow luxuriously, abundant.

If we have trees in our house or garden
or whatever, we’ll speak to them.


Pastor Mark May experiment one time
of plants in his house in a beaker

or he put them in a beaker of glass and
he grew them with the cotton and all

that. And one of them he cut,
cut cus I dunno how long he was,

a few months or he has the pictures.
Another one he spoke in tongues over it.

Another one he just blessed,
you’ll grow. Well, I love you.

He’s talking to plants after some
time. I forgot how long it was.

The one that he cursed, that plant died.

Maybe we’ll get him to preach next time
and show you that picture. Okay? Yeah.

It’s timestamped that picture. He’ll
tell you when he did it, it died.

And the ones that he bless and the one
that he spoke in, tongues flourish.

Isn’t it interesting? Amen.

So you don’t realize the
power you have in your words,

but it’s not you having the power.
The power is the Holy Spirit.

Are you with me so far? Are you learning
people? Come on. Are you learning?

I feel the Lord is bringing our church
into a new dimension of authority and

power. Amen. Alright, so

the absence of the presence of peace
is how the Holy Spirit leads you.

Just like Romans eight 16, we
learned the spirit himself.

Best witness with our spirit that we are
there. We are children of God. You see,

how do you know you’re a child of God?

The Holy Spirit and your spirit
best witness. I can’t explain it.

I do not know all the verses. I’m a
young Christian. I’m a young believer.

I just know I’m safe.

How do you know this is your church?

There are many good
churches all over the world,

all over our nation as well. But you
came here, you felt like at home,

right? If you don’t feel at home,
what happens? This is not your church.

Amen. Right?

But don’t start feeling that way
just because you’re been corrected.

No one feels at home after
they’re been corrected. Right?

That’s not a good reason
to not feel at home.

If it’s home and there’s love,
there will be correction. Amen.

So Colossians three 15 says,

let the peace of God rule in your hearts.

And the word rule here is very
interesting. In the Greek is the word,

sorry bra. Ba. How do you
get it right? It means

to act as an umpire.

You know what umpire does
in a game? An umpire says in

out the ball is out, right?

Let’s not talk about VAR now,
okay, I’m talking about the

umpire is the one that finalized the

result, the final result, right? So
the Holy Spirit, this is the word,

the apostle Paul,

the Greek word there is the
word means to act as empire.

Let the peace of God rule act
as an empire in your hearts.

Okay? Tu man, marry. Amen. Who to choose?

Ladies, listen carefully. When
you are in love with someone,

oh in you see, I always feel peace one,

when I’m with him.
Wait till the fight first. Okay?

That’s when you are dating and you
see all the good in the person.

It’s not time to get married.

You must see the bad and the ugly

and then let some time pass and see
whether this is the person you want to

marry. But if deep down in your
heart, deep, deep, deep down,

where is the most intimate place,

where the Holy Spirit dwells you sense
there’s no peace. There’s no peace,

there’s no peace. But when you’re with
him, you fall in love with him again.

He knows how to, he
abuses you emotionally.

He abuses you verbally and all that.
But you’re with him. Say, I’m sorry,

I didn’t mean, lemme tell you this,
that guy is a dangerous person to marry.

I dunno why I’m saying this. I
didn’t prepare for this by the way.

Just let you know.
Alright? Don’t marry him,

okay? Amen.

I’ve seen people marry the wrong one
and the spiritual life. Just slide down.

Amen. Become questioning,

become the way the world rise.

No more walking with God
and watch out for this.

The fruit of God’s teaching
will never produce bitterness.

And bitterness is a dangerous
thing. Lemme tell you this.

Bitterness is a dangerous thing
long before there’s bitterness.

There is no long after that’s
bitterness or not even long after that.

It can be long after death or
even short, shortly after death,

there’ll be sickness. I can
prove to you from the Bible,

the first time God revealed
his name as Jehovah Rafa,

I’m the Lord that heals you. Where
was it at the Beatle waters of Marah.

It was because they tasted beaten us.

And God is trying to tell them this
bitterness and disease is synonymous.

Now that bitter is both bitter in
terms of human experience with one

another as well as bitterness.
If you hold a grudge against God,

even about your life experience and
all that, the bitterness is bitterness.

I look up the Hebrew and all
that. It is the word bitterness.

Even in relationships We’ve learned,

it can even cause heart attacks.

You let go of the bitterness.
You let go of your disease.

The person can just be happy. The person
you’re bitter with can be very happy.


Like bitterness is like
unforgiveness. Bitterness resent.

It’s like preparing poison for
someone, but you drink it. Hey,

not smart a man. It’s like preparing
poison and then you yourself drink it.

The person can be very happy.


Really matter how justified your case is.

There’s no justification for bitterness
in your heart. Forgive the person and

go on every time you forgive. Have you
realized you must pay the price? Yes,

but God loves it. God is a
forgiving God. He wants us.

Doesn’t mean that the cost is
normal there. No, the cost is there,

but you bear it. Nevermind. I forgo my
loss. He cheated me, but I forgive him.

Now, forgive doesn’t mean that you have
to make the person your best friend. No.

If the person has shown to be
a person who is untruthful,

the person is a conniving person.
I forgive him in my heart,

but I don’t have to marry him. Marry her.

I’m editorial wheel. What are we
coming into? I’m trying to tell you.

All right.

It’s not someone you want to have a
relationship with or get close to,

but we are the body of Christ. Pastor
Prince. Yeah, but the body of Christ,

we are one. We forgive.
Love must be there. Alright?

Doesn’t mean you get close to everyone
when you know that they are manipulating

you. Even the body, one whole body, right?

The nose and the armpit should
not fellowship too much. So

let the peace of Christ act
as empire in your heart. Amen.


Also watch out for people that
use prophecy right to manipulate

you. When you hear someone saying,

when I teach you all these things and you
find that you’re beginning to be aware

of God’s voice or God’s leading,

I don’t like to use the voice because
people are looking for voices.

It’s more like an inward peace or absence.

If you meet someone and the person is
telling you, this is good investment.

I’m telling you, God spoke to me about
this investment and your heart field,

there’s no peace. Don’t invest.

There’s no peace. That’s how

Ponzi scheme succeed.

Do you know Ponzi scheme succeed with
people who are intelligent celebrities get

involved in it. Not only that, people
who know about money and economics,

finance people,

famous finance people are involved
in the past global Ponzi schemes

that we all heard about.
When it falls, boy,

a lot of people are affected.
Some of them commit suicide.

But you see this is the
intelligence of the world.

They go by what they see by
their minds, by their heads.

They don’t go by what’s
in their heart. But again,

for the people of the world,
they don’t have the Holy Spirit.

You have someone come to you and
say, oh, I’m very nice things.

I mean they flatter you up and down.
You’re a great person and all that.

There was one person, lemme tell you this,

sorry whether you know who is this,

who’s standing at the door of the church
and he says this, you know something,

the pastor don’t really care about you.

I see a calling on your life when I
look at you, man, I see you’re anointed,

but I dunno why you’re
not called to be a leader.

I dunno why such potential
in you is this your baby?

So cute and slowly,

slowly the heart of the people
were stolen. And then David,

you know the story, alright?

It’s a story of David and
who was the one at the door,

his son and Epcon says, your costs,

the problems you bring up
to me are valid problems.

But the king is not listening to you. Oh,

if only I’m king. Of course,
forget it. How can I be king?

What’s your problem? By the way,
he looks so good. This is how

Satan works.

And that’s how Absalom stole the
hearts of the people of Israel.

His own son, David own son.
But you know the story, right?

He ended up with Sal’s
death and God’s vindication

of David. Ever since then,

there’s also Spirit Slo watch of
people who use God’s religious people,

especially they learn this from now on
everything God tell me, you must do this.

God tell me, God, tell me what God
show me this. No God, show me. Oh,

by the way, my investment, this one,
I just tell you, God told me this. No,

God said, watch out. The more you
hear God say God, say God said,

remember what Pastor Prince said?

Those who really hear God let
the results speak for itself.

Those who hear God will let
the results speak for itself.

You don’t have to have someone
come, don’t have to praise yourself

and say that God said, God said, God
said, you, God, sit even just now,

I shared my dream, right? I tell you,

you don’t have to accept it
because not part of the Bible,

although personally I believe
it is godson speak to me later.

Most of my dreams are not
from God. I dream a lot

Just like your vision. When you
pray for someone, not every vision,

especially when your mind
has been defiled a lot,

not every floating vision, but you
can see the norm that God has for us.

He speaks in the language of the
Holy Spirit’s, visions and dreams.

Maybe there’s a picture he wants to
sanctify your heart with your mind with.

It’s a picture of the Psalms one.

That’s why I quoted that just now
that you are planted by the rivers,

you see an oversupply and that’s in
your mind. You see yourself as the man,

whatever he does,
prosperous, whatever he does,

prosperous and that day so happened,

you made a mistake at work and now
the boss is after you and all that.

But you say, whatever I do,
prosperous even my mistakes. Amen.

Whatever he does,
prosperous. So in closing,

this looks like it might become
a serious, we’ll see how,

but can this be applicable, pastor? I
know that many of these things apply.

Lemme just finish off. I feel the spirit
of God wants me to continue on that.

How do I know it’s God? If someone
prophesied to me and someone valid,

it’s my hell leader or someone because
we don’t to put away the gift of prophecy

completely. It is a valid gift. It’s
one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

So the gift of the prophet in the
New Testament is for exhalation,

encouragement, comfort,
identification. Alright,

so this must be the,
it builds you up. Okay?

It’s not about investments.

It is a word that comes to you and
say, confirm what I had in my heart.

The other day I was speaking to
a brother in Christ overseas.

He happens to own a hotel

and he sent me the article about his
hotel and I saw a name in the article.

So on the phone, I said,
as we were talking,

we were talking about other things
and all that. I said to him,

this person who is running
your hotel, he says, yes,

please let go. I said,

let him take full charge.

Don’t always be micromanaging him.

I just saw his name just now only.
He sent me the article and I said,

this person who is running the CEO of
your hotel, and he owns a hotel, said,

let go. Don’t micromanage it. Let go.

Trust him. He’ll make mistakes.
A few mistakes here and there,

but you know what? He arrives to the
occasion. He says, you are a prophet. No,

I’m not. Okay. He said that. I’m
just telling you what he said.

This is you are a prophet.

Because just today I was chewing him out.

So that happened only two
days ago. So in other words,

if there is a word, I think he
comes saying, God says the Lord.

I just felt impressed to tell him that.
And if the words from God,

it will confirm what the person has
really, you see in the New Testament.

It is not like the Old Testament.

Prophet Samuel will say something that
that person has never heard before.

Prophet Isaiah will say something that
that person has never heard before. Amen.

It’s directional. But in
the New Testament, prophecy
is conformational. Why?

Because God is in you. Amen.
He says, I will walk in them.

I will dwell in them. Every one of us
can know the Lord, not just the pastors,

not just the leaders.
All of us can hear God,

but leaders have a greater authority. Yes,

because of the opposition
of accountability to God
and to watch over you

as those that care for your souls.
So there is a great degree, yes.

But you come to them
for what? Confirmation,

not direction. If someone gives direction,

you are to go to this country,
that country, whatever,

and you’ve got no desire for that
country. Bring along that prophet.

See you go with me

because if you tell me to go later on,

you must also be the one to
tell me when to come back.

You say all of a sudden
he says, no. This call,

I feel God is saying
it’s only for you. Okay?

I got people who tell me things
like this and I tell them, they say,

God said to me to tell you Pastor Prince
this. I say, God, tell me to tell you.

What you heard is not
from him. I know him also.

Well, isn’t it wonderful if God
speaks to us? Isn’t it wonderful?

I got so much more to share with you.
I got so much more to share with you.

So when someone gives you a
word, doesn’t speak to you,

it doesn’t confirm what you
have put you on the shelf all,

especially when they’re asking investment
or financial investment from you.

Okay? Watch out. They use God’s name.

I would rather people
in church come and say,

these are the pros and the coins and
all that. You just pray about it.

See whether you want. I
appreciate people like that,

but I don’t appreciate people coming.
God said. God said, God said, God said,

The more they say God said, most
likely they’re not in tune with God.

So we learned that the Holy
Spirit teach us all things.

He can bring things to our remembrance,

especially before you walk into a
meeting, before you go for an interview,

before you talk to your son about
some corrective issues, right?

Ask the Holy Spirit to put his words
in your mouth. Give them Luke 21.

It says, it will turn out for
you as an occasion for testimony.

The contacts here is that when you stand
before the judges and the Saint Hein

in those days and all that,
because you’re a believer,

they call you on the carpet and you
have to give an account. Jesus says,


settle it in your hearts not to meditate
beforehand on what you will answer.

For. I will give you a mouth and wisdom,

which all your adversaries will not
be able to contradict or resist.

I will give you a mouth and
wisdom that none of your

adversaries are able to contradict.

Pray this before you talk to your son,

before you talk to your boss
or potential boss in the

interview or whatever it is, just
Ask the Lord,

put your words in my mouth. I
tell you this, I’m desperate.

If I go to an important meeting or
whatever and I realize I haven’t prayed,

I’ll go to the toilet first. Excuse
me. I go to toilet first and say, Lord,

put your words in my mouth
because I know Joseph Prince,

if his own words come up, finish,

Put your words in my mouth and
you, God has promised the covenant.

I’ll close with this because of time, I
got so much more to share. My goodness.

Alright? As for me, it says the
Lord. This is my covenant with them.

My spirit who is upon you and my words.
This is my covenant. No, he says,

my spirit who is upon you and my
words, which I have put in your mouth,

shall not depart from your mouth, nor
from the mouth of your descendants,

nor from the mouth of your descendants,

descendants says the Lord From
this time and forevermore.


All of a sudden you say something
that the person is disarmed.

Is someone trying to catch you
in your words like Jesus shall

master, master. We know
you are such a good man.

We are wondering that. I’m sure you
do. I’m sure you do. But just think,

should a man pay Texas to Caesar

and just answer. Right? Jesus says,
give me a coin. Whose face is this?

The guy. Look, Caesar
says, give the Caesar.

What is Caesar give to God? What is God?

Amen. That’s it. The
woman caught an adultery.

Does Jesus want to rescue her?
Save her. He wanted to. Right?

But how can he do it
without breaking the law?

The law says such should be
stone. Back in those days,

master Moses says, such should
be stoned. What do you say?

Just asking. And the Lord said nothing.

He wrote with his finger on
the ground. But when he got up,

the words that came out of his mouth
was this, he that is without sin.

Throw the first stone. And
one by one they departed.

He didn’t say, don’t stone.
He said, the one without sin.

You throw the first one, the departed.

We need wisdom like this for
our jobs, our ministries,

for the church, serving in the church,
for our parenting, our children.

And we need to teach them what we
are learning in the things of God.

Pharaoh, look at Joseph after Joseph.

A slave. No.

Executive experience. You have
time. Just a few more minutes.

Last one real quick.

Look at him. A slave, no experience.
You what He says, amazing,

the wisdom. He says, prepare seven
years of plenty hip aite, right?

Seven years of family is coming.
And after that final man,

discerning and wise set him up over this
whole thing. And Joseph White smart,

he says, settle man. And he was
the man he knew. So in a way,

he was promoting himself
without promoting himself.

So Pharaoh looked at him and Pharaoh says.

Guys, can we find such a man?

He interpreted my dreams
and it’s accurate.

And can we find a man in home.

Is the spirit of God? Even the people
of the world will start saying,

can we find such a employee?

Such a man in home is the spirit of God.

Early on the master who is not a
believer saw Joseph. And whatever he did,

the Lord made it to prosper. Even
the people of the world can see that.

So I’m here to tell you it applies
in every area of your life.

You don’t have to be trained to
do the job that the Holy Spirit

can keep you an impartation of. You know
what you’ll be right time, right place,

right action now. Amen. Give
Jesus a praise. Every head bow,

every eye close as by no means
this message is finished.

Well, you keep on coming. We don’t know
the days to come if the Lord leads me.

All right? I’m going to
share on this Father, okay?

If you have never made Jesus your
personal Savior and Lord friend, listen,

the gospel is this
wonderful Jesus, this cool,

glorious man. God sent
him. He’s actually God.

And he became flesh for what purpose?

To die on the cross for our
sins. And on that cross,

he bo our sins. The Bible
says He bo our diseases.

He bo our curse so that we’ll
never ever bear these things,

the judgment that was meant for you.

And I fell upon him so that we’ll
never be judged by God ever again

for sin. If you trust in him,

if you put your faith in the
Lord Jesus. And on the third day,

God raised him from the date, hallelujah

is a declaration. That death,

that final enemy is
also put under his feet.

He has conquered it for you and
I. He didn’t do it for himself.

He did it for you.
And I. If you believe on the Lord Jesus,

the Bible says you confess him as your
Lord and Savior, you will be safe.

So wherever you are right now,

you pray this prayer and
in an instant you are safe.

If you pray this prayer from
your heart, say, heavenly Father,

I confess Christ died for my sins.

He was raised from the
dead for my justification.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and
Savior. Thank you, father.

I’m safe, and I’m now
greatly blessed, highly,

and I’m so loved by you in Jesus’ name.
Stand to your feet. Praise the Lord.

If you pray that prayer,
you are now a child of God.

You are a brand new creation. And
since you got safe in this church,

continue coming. Praise the
Lord. Amen. For the rest of you,

we’ll continue probably on this vein
here because we’re so much more to share.

Amen. In the days to
come, praise the Lord.

Lift your hands all across this place.

The Lord himself bless
you and your loved ones,

every single one of you this coming week,

may you see the manifestation
of his blessings,

especially in a tangible areas of life
that the people around you will see you

like Joseph and say, Hey, he
is someone blessed of God.

Whatever he touches,
prosperous may that manifest

this coming week all
the way to Sunday. Amen.

And may the Lord keep you and
your families safe, secure,

free from dangerous hum
from sickness and disease,

especially all the way
to this coming Sunday.

Thank you, father in Jesus’ name,
and the Lord grunt you all peace.

In the name of the Lord Jesus, all
the people said amen. God bless you.

We’ll see you again.