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Ministries coming up next on changing

your world and so we have

to make up in our mind are we going to

allow like the Israelite Army did 40

days of fear anxiety intimidation to

just parade itself in our our

lives or are we going to deal with the

situations in front of us are we going

to like David did be willing to face

it be willing to confront it be willing

to take responsibility Lord I need you I

don’t know what to do but my eyes are on


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reunion this is your world so let V to

make it a better

place let every heart than me to

know you love is here to St oh it’s time

we live a new

life let us love ring

you we Sav by his grace we we Embrace

Your Love

today we are


changed so thankful for you being here

this morning so thankful for you who are

tuning in

online I just believe that this is a

time where we can just continue to stay

full of God and to be in the

Overflow uh I don’t know about you I’m

learning the importance of just how

beneficial it is to keep your tank full

instead of running around on E how many

you know it’s just such a peace in

knowing that you can be in a place where

God is able to speak to you God is able

to uh do things in your life because

you’re positioning

yourself and putting yourself right

where he wants you to be it’s something

about being full of God that puts you in

the right place at the right time

will allow you to have the right

relationships that will allow people to

come into your life at the time that

he’s appointed for your

life uh being full of God just causes

our psyche and our conscience to be

awakened to what God is

doing and so that’s what this time is

about this morning Bible study I just

kind of tag myself in Pastor Kim Pastor

Carol the other ministers who normally

do and I just want to share uh some

things today that I think will help you

last week we talked

about uh you will never win a battle you

don’t show up

for anybody remember that you never will

win a battle that you do not show up

for I think we talked about and titled

it hope win its heart and so we

emphasize the importance of just showing

up that was what d Avid did he showed up

and he was

one that was equipped because he was

right there at the right place at the

right time you know he wasn’t in the

shepherd’s field uh he was at the Battle

Ground and doing what he was instructed

to do and as a result he just began to

walk in a victory that he had never

envisioned that day for his life and so

today we want to continue on and we we

want to talk about why we we run why we

run and I want to begin today and I want

us to look at the importance of not

running from

battles the importance of not running

from battles we all have moments in our

life where we just may want to run hide

disappear thinking that if we do that

that things will be different but you

know what God wants us to learn some

things today and get a hold of some

principles and examples that we can look

at and glean from in Genesis 3:

10 uh this is an example of why Adam and


ran uh God was looking for them God had

been spending time with them and he

thought that they were in a place where

he could continue to spend time with him

but on this particular day after they

had eaten from the fruit of the tree God

came along and he

says where are

you and they had made a

decision to move from where they were

accustomed to

being and so many times in our life we

have to ask ourselves are we running

from battles in our

life are we hiding from situations in

our life

I heard someone say that man is not what

he thinks he is he is what he

hides and so we have to understand and

recognize where did running from

problems come from and we can look at

that in Genesis 3:

10 and this is where it all started in

Eden when Adam and Eve felt God when

they ate of the fruit of the tree they

ran away and wouldn’t face it or God and

so it is in our life that we can do the

same thing in verse n let’s look at this

I’m going to back up one verse and the

Lord God called unto Adam and said unto

him where art thou Where Art Thou and he

said I heard your voice this is Adam

speaking in the garden and I was afraid

God he heard God’s voice he was in the

garden in Eden he heard God and so in

response to him hearing God he says I

was afraid because I was naked and I hid

myself and so I want to look at this in

1st Samuel chapter 177 because we’re

going to continue on with this uh story

here that we looked at last week as


to uh David when he faced the Giants in

his life and we know know in these last

days there are some giants that are

trying to raise their ugly head in our

lives it might be the giant of anxiety

it might be the giant of depression it

might be the giant of

loneliness um


addictions uh it might be anything that

you could be dealing with in your life

but I want us to look at what David did

and how he

responded because like I said he showed

up for the situation and he did not run

like Adam and Eve did

from the situation he did not run from


battle he did not uh hide from

Goliath the Bible talks about how

Goliath would go around and for 40 days

and 40 nights morning and night it says

that he would strut himself around just


intimidate the army of

Israel he would on

purpose do this because of his size his

stature and because he was so big you

couldn’t miss him and so problems and

circumstances in our life we have to

decide how are we going to deal with

them are we going to let them deal with

us are we going to show up to the battle

are we going to hide and say the battle

doesn’t exist I’m too afraid like some

of the brothers that David had or are we

going to do what David did so here in

verse 24 1st Samuel chapter 17 verse 24

look at what it says and all the men of

Israel when they saw the man referring


Goliath they fled from him and were sore

afraid so we have to decide if we’re

going to be like the men of Israel when

they saw their problems when they saw

the Giant in their life they fled they

ran because of how big and how

intimidating the situation was so we

have to make up in our mind are we going

to continue to run or are we going to

deal with

situations uh there’s a decision to

either cover up like Adam and Eve did

they covered up the situations they

covered up themselves when they hid they

were trying to to protect God from

seeing what was going on there’s this

word of escapism and also there’s this

word of avoidance so we have to make

some decisions today on how we are going

to deal and address things that happen

in our life giants that happen in our


let me read this to you I thought I

might just kind of start with this to

kind of make it a little light here uh a

father passing by his son’s bedroom was

astonished to see the bed was nicely

made and everything was picked up then

he saw an envelope propped up

prominently on the pillow it was a dress

dad and with the worst premonition he

opened the envelope and read the letter

with trembling hand

the letter

said Dear

Dad it was it is with great regret and

sorrow that I’m writing you I had to ELO

with my new girlfriend because I wanted

to avoid a scene with Mom and you I’ve

been finding real passion with Stacy she

is so nice but I knew you would not

approve of her because of all her

piercings tattoos her tight motorcycle

clothes and because she is much older

than I

am but it’s not only the passion dad


pregnant Stacy said that we will be very

happy she owns a trailer in the Woods

has a stack of firewood for the whole

winter we share a dream of having many


children Stacy has opened my eyes to the

fact that marijuana doesn’t really hurt

anyone we’ll be growing it for ourselves

and trading it with other people in the

commune for all the cocaine and ecstasy


want in the meantime we’ll pray for

science to find a cure for AIDS so that

Stacy can get

better she sure deserves it don’t worry

Dad I’m 15 and I know how to take care


myself Someday I’m sure we’ll take we’ll

be back to visit so you can get to know

your many grandchildren love your son

Joshua PS dad none of the above is true

I’m over at Jason’s

house I just wanted to remind you that

there are worse things in life than the

school report that’s on the kitchen

table call me when it’s safe to come

home how many you know we can easily try

to avoid and

hide and cover up our problems that’s a

way of of us addressing and in some

instances thinking that we’re dealing


them and so uh you know this is

something that I am learning you know as

a woman as a leader as a wife as a

parent because these aren’t things that

I was taught and perhaps these may be

things that you haven’t been taught just

how to deal with opposition how to deal

with problems how to navigate through

life and so when we get over into the

things of God and we recognize that

there are going to be battles in life

and obstacles and challenges and all

kinds of things and a pandemic how many

you know we’ve got to begin to learn how

to face these things to face the Giants

in our

life to face the situations in our life

just like David did he

faced the Giant in his

life and so it is we must face the

goliaths we must face things

and you know what it’s so vital that we

understand this important area

of Our Lives let’s look at some

ineffective ways that people deal with

problems some ineffective ways that

people deal with problems number one

they ignore the problem and hope that it

will go

away I’m sure that maybe the guys the

older brothers the ones who were in the

Army you know for 40 days Goliath

the scripture says that he strutted

himself he strutted himself is what it

says in the tlb translation for 40 days

and so you know they probably just

ignored him in hope in hopes that he

would just disappear that this giant

would go away that this problem would



and so look at what it says here in

verse 16 of chapter

17 verse

16 it says

um and the

Philistine Drew


morning and what

evening and presented

himself not just one day not just every

now and then just to remind them of who

he was but what it said twice a day and

presented himself for 40 days and I’m

telling you that’s what the enemy wants

to do in our lives he wants to

constantly bring things to make them

appear bigger than life to make them

appear as if they they are

impossible but it’s so

vital that we begin to understand that

one of the ineffective ways that people

deal with

problems is they ignore the problem in

hopes that it’ll go away another way

look at verse 28 of that same

chapter verse 28 and

elab his older

brother heard when he spake unto the men

and eliab’s anger was kindled against

David and he said why comest thou down

hither and with whom H has thou left

those few

sheep in the

wilderness I know your pride the naess

of your heart that thou art come down

that thou mightest see the battle

another ineffective way to deal with the

problem is to minimize


and it’s so interesting that his older

brother was more focused on David being

at the Battle and being in the

commenting about David being there I

know why you’re here I know why you’ve

come to be nosy I know what you’re doing

in hopes that

Goliath would be

minimized and that the situation would

be minimized look at verse 25 another

ineffective way of this same

chapter chapter

17 verse 25 let’s look at what it says

here and the

men of Israel

said have you seen this man that is come

up they were talking among themselves

about the problem about the giant about

this situ situation this man that won’t

quit he keeps coming out not just in the

morning not just you know every now and

then but every day have you seen him

have you seen this giant have you

seen and so they asked themselves

amongst themselves have you seen this

that this man is come

up surely to defy Israel is he come up

and it shall be that the man who kth him

the king will enrich with great riches

and so another ineffective way that we

deal with problems we talk about the

problems with

others we

talk about

it with others like they did

there and then another ineffective way

is we do

nothing we do absolutely nothing and you

know I’m just being honest because

sometimes we don’t know what to

do verse 11 talks about that look at

verse 11 they did absolutely nothing

when Saul and all of Israel heard those

words of the


they were

dismayed and greatly afraid they were

dismayed and you know what they did


nothing and so we have

to make up in our mind are we going to

allow like the Israelite Army did 40

days of fear anxiety intimidation to

just parade itself in our

lives or our we going to deal with the

situations in front of us are we going

to like David did be willing to face

it be willing to confront it be willing

to take responsibility Lord I need you I

don’t know what to do but my eyes are on

you I don’t know what’s going on right

here I

don’t want to just ignore it because I

know the more I ignore it it’s not going

to change

anything the more I try and minimize it

the enemy just comes back with more and

more darts more and more thoughts to try

to get the attention over on these

things I don’t want to be idle and just

allow this thing to just parade itself

around in my life

Lord how many you know that’s when you

got to go to

God and ask the Lord to help

me to deal with the battles of Life help

me to deal with this

situation in my life because I’ve never

done this

before never been in this

situation so we have to make up in our


we have to be cognizant of the need

to uh make a decision the need to not

allow those things to be bigger than

what they really

are so one of the ways that we can do to

stop running away from our problems is

to be bigger than your

fears be bigger than your fears I

remember before before the pandemic

started Klo called me and he said uh I

got a call from the mayor of South Fon

he says we’ve got a cancel Services

we’ve got to shut down the building we

cannot allow any more than whatever the

number was at that time and we were

right on the cusp of our annual

conference and I said dear Lord this was

like second or third week in March

before you know things just began things

were just kind of starting to

happen and it was this toiling between

to cancel it or the decision to have it

now granted that was before any events

were virtual before things everybody and

during that time was just cancelling

everything all the major events were

cancelled music festivals sporting

events everything was cancelled anybody

remember that

and so I said Lord I just need to not

allow my fear to govern dealing with

this situation dealing with this

problem and so I realized the importance

of just being led by God and knowing

whether or not I’m doing what God wants

me to do cuz I’m more concerned about

pleasing him than I am


and you know we had some things in place

thankfully that we could easily

pivot and make the meeting virtual and

that’s what we decided to

do are you trying to ignore the trouble

spots in your life are you tired of the

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victory in the midst of Trials he gives

us Solutions he doesn’t leave us

stranded he doesn’t leave us in a place

where we’re worse off than where we were

before you got to make up in your mind

God Will Save Me God will deliver me God

will heal me there are answers that are

waiting in the presence of the Lord

thank God for him being the same

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you listen to me closely right now God

is not mad at you he is not tallying up

your sins holding your sins against you

Jesus Paid the price he paid the debt

and he has made Available to You Grace

and salvation through the precious blood

that was shed on the cross that’s how

much God wants to have a personal

intimate relationship with you he wants

you to be set free from anything that

has you bound and then eternally you can

be with him so if you’ve not received

Jesus as your lord and as your personal

Savior and you’d like to have a

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after me right now Heavenly Father come

into my life save me I believe Jesus

died Di and shed his blood for my sin

come into my heart right now I believe I

receive salvation and I’m seated at the

right hand of God the father in Jesus


amen all right just that simple God

bless you thank you for tuning in

today the preceding program was brought

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