Amir joins Tony Perkins for a discussion on the Biblical perspective of Israel’s enemies throughout history and today, God’s faithfulness to Israel, and how miracles have kept the nation strong despite existential threats. What does Bible prophecy tell us about Israel’s future? What about Iran and Hezbollah proxies? Watch this entire episode of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins here:… Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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welcome back to Washington watch We’re

broadcasting in Jerusalem we’re at the

studios of CBN News here in the heart of

Jerusalem and I want to thank you for

joining us Amir Sara my guest great to

see you again to see Tony so you know

Amir um enemies have risen up against

Israel and God’s people since almost the

beginning of time um how

important is it to have a biblical

understanding of that as we face this

current what’s been described on the

program already today as existential

threat toward it yes well first of all

it’s important to know that God is in

control and throughout history he’s

always been there for his people so the

promises that we have in the Bible are

that he’s going to get us through all of

these things nothing surprised him so

it’s important to hold a Biblical

perspective of the history of Israel in

order to understand that he’s still on

the throne today and he will carry us

through this even in the future so not

to fret not to think that we’re look a

lot of a lot of people uh that are

holding the replacement theology for

example they think that the state of

Israel is an accident they think that

it’s not exactly the will of God so

miracle of God exactly it has to be a

miracle because it was Against All Odds

well every time something like this

happens they think okay well we may have

been right after all and they’re not

going to last and over and over again

again since 1948 through 56 and 67 and

73 throughout the Lebanon war and the

Gulf War and all the intifadas and the

second Lebanon war God has been faithful

and we’re still here and we’re strong

and we will win it goes back even

further than that I was reading here

this morning in my my reading in our

two-year Journey Through the Bible

reading in Numbers Chapter chter 19 and

20 Israel coming out of the 40 years in

the wilderness is interesting they they

marched out of Egypt they wandered in

the wilderness but they marched into the

promised land but what was interesting

is they sought peace they just wanted to

pass through the the various countries

that the the regions want to be on the

King’s Highway and they wouldn’t let him

pass they didn’t pick a fight but when

the fight came not only did they win but

they got all the real estate it’s like

every time somebody comes against Israel

to take what God has given him Israel

ends up with more and that’s the

testimony of Rahab when she talked to

the spies in Jericho she said we’ve

heard of your God and what he did to all

those kings the rumor went out and when

you have a Biblical perspective you

immediately immediately birs God-fearing

so let’s talk about that biblical

perspective for Christians not not not

the folks here in Israel they have a

history they know what’s going on but

you have a lot of people in the church a

little ambivalent about what’s happening

right now yeah well they are because a

they let the median ites feed them the

media this is the secular media uh so

that’s the first thing and also they are

not 100% sure that God is going to push

through this with Israel that Israel is

going to survive they they let fear

crawls into their hearts and disbelief

it’s important that we understand it’s

the same God who fought for us then that

is fighting for us right now Miracles

upon Miracles yes October 7th was

horrific and yes even the Holocaust was

horrific but that doesn’t mean that God

is done with us it means that evil was

crawling trying to make its move and God

stopped it and I look it’s let me just

add to that because the plan I

understand in talking to some of the the

leaders and the various ones we’ve met

with that the plan was to occupy

absolutely they they have occupied a

portion of the land for 3 days we’re

talking about dozens of Israeli

settlements and a few of the military

installations were occupied because

civilians actually came in behind the

Hamas army yes yes exactly it was first

Hamas Special Forces then civilians in

the second second wave and they have

occupied for 3 days it was and by the

way the plan was to go further all the

way all the way into major air bases

into major strategic military bases this

wasn’t a hit and run terrorist attack we

found in their pockets we found plans

for what I think should have been months

of fights and the reason is they were

banking on hisbah the houthis and the

resistance in in in Iraq and Syria to

join they they thought yes we may have

surprised them we may may have pulled

the gun early and we may have made the

move un you know without coordinating it

with everybody but when they see how

successful we are they’ll join and that

was a miscalculation and yes Nala began

shooting at us on October 8th but he did

not really try to occupy Northern Israel

and just so you know Tony we

more afraid of Nala in Lebanon than of

Hamas and so on in the first few hours

of October 7th the special forces of

Israel were actually on their way to the

north we thought this is a distraction

and the real problem is going to come

from the north so explain to our viewers

and listeners why that threat is greater


hisbah if Gaza is the largest military

the largest Terror base in the world

Hezbollah is the strongest milit

terrorist organiz iation on planet Earth

right now they’re holding quarter

million Rockets they’re holding Special

Forces underground facilities uh uavs um

they can shoot from surface to air from

surface to surface and they can shoot

from coast to Sea they have the latest

technology the latest weapons they are

the tested ground of the uh Iranian

revolutionary guard for whatever new

that is coming out and so hisbah is out

there as the front of of the Iranian

regime to be the their buff the buffer

in fact Iran doesn’t want Israel to

attack Iran so they created an army of

proxies that will do the job for Iran

and will cause us to be busy and

exhausted by fighting the proxies and we

were absolutely convinced on October 7th

that morning that the worst is actually

coming from the north and Hamas was also

surprised that nothing came from the

north and that was a miracle Tony it was

a miracle if Israel would have been

attacked simultaneously from the east

from the south from the north and from


southwest I’m not sure we would have

this conversation right

now I was talking to a

uh retired uh General who’s now in the

government and another agency and he

said we failed on October the 7th so I I

I pressed him on that he said it several

times I said all right you mentioned you

failed explain was it over Reliance on

technology what was it he said yes it

was over Reliance on technology but it

was also arrogance it was arrogance

exactly I’m glad he said that we

underestimated them and we overestimated

ourselves and it was arrogance and not

only that I think the military in Israel

was captured in a conception that Hamas

is deterred that we’re strong and to you

know the worst is that in the last 6

months before October 7th the military

was more engaged in the political

upheaval than taking care of what the

military is there for you are uh

listening and watching Washington watch

we’re in Jerusalem Amir s my guest Amir

I want to thank you for coming down to

you live actually in the northern part

of Israel you drove down to be with us

today let’s talk about what’s happening

up north uh just this week uh number of

Rocket attacks very short period of time

what’s going on you know over the past

one week more Israeli strikes in in in

Lebanon than the last four months

combined we’re at 4,500 strikes in

Lebanon whereas the first four months

were less than 1500 that means that

Israel decided that we can now we can no

longer allow this situation where for no

apparent reason we’re being attacked

from the north and over 82,000 Israelis

are not at home they’re they’re gone

Israel’s always had this agenda that if

you want to fight me fine let’s do it in

your territory and now for the first

time although we fight in their

territory Northern Israelis deserted so

so explain to our our viewers and

listeners for just a moment when you

have the Biden Administration talking

about well we need a two-state solution

that’s not even workable when you

consider Samaria judeo the heartland of

the Bible which would essentially cut

out the middle of of of uh Israel and

allow them to be um right there in the

heart of Israel I think that it’s a

mantra that the state department has

been holding on of for the longest time

Tony if it was up to the state

department Israel would have not been

acknowledged as a state in 194 that’s

true so put it this way but I do want to

to explain that there are some strong

powers in the US Administration right

now and also some of them are behind the

scenes that are pushing hard for a two-


solution because they are taking

advantage of this crisis as an

opportunity they think that right now

everybody wants to put an end to this

war so the best thing is Boom two states

by the way Hamas doesn’t want

it the Palestinians don’t want a Jewish

state next to them they can tell you

that and Israel doesn’t want it

especially now wasn’t Gaza I mean was it

that what a two-state solution looks

like exactly and and you know that look

everywhere the Palestinians are saying

the same thing they’re

saying Israel is Palestine we don’t want

another Palestine our our emblem is the

state of is the the map of Israel we

teach our children that that’s our

country this is our country we’re not to

for us to agree and sign on a paper that

says that this piece of land is not ours

it’s not going to happen right it’s

never going to happen so before you fix

a solution why don’t you ask the two

parties what they think about it that’s

actually kind of arrogance on America’s

part it is but I don’t think it’s all of

the America I think that the this

Administration is a puppet admin

Administration biggest very big powerful

elements are behind the scenes working

their way to bring about a forced

solution to a problem that will never be

solved politically yeah never yeah right

you know I think we can have a a managed

piece in this

region um it’s going to be temporal but

I mean at its heart there’s not a

political solution there’s not a

military solution there is I mean I’m

sorry to say but there a there were a

lot of Israelis who were known as peace

nees they believed in peace they

demanded peace they sang For Peace they

voted for peace they were in the caboots

they lived right there the strongest

presence of pings that I’m talking about

lived on the border of Gaza and they

were those who were butchered by the

people to whom they helped and extended

a lot of Aid and all of that and they’re

they’re now filled with questions

because I’ve talked to some of yeah

let’s put it this way 80% of them are

now questioning things 20% are still

captured in that you know political view

of you know it’s our problem it’s our

mistake they’re innocent blah blah blah

but look I’ve always said to be a

leftist is a is is not just a political

view it’s a mental state I’m sorry to

say that to be a liberal leftist who

really truly believe that when your

enemy says he wants to kill you he

actually means well

it’s it’s also a spiritual it’s a

spiritual because you can’t determine

right from wrong so we call it spiritual

yeah but but they will not agree with

you no you’re well they wouldn’t agree

with me on a lot of St that’s true so

Amir uh let’s talk about you got a new

book coming up correct on Daniel yes a

little bit of biblical prophecy there

yeah absolutely you know Hamas may have

tried to determine the future of Israel

um maybe the enemies all around us

they’re trying to shape and form the

future of Israel God has already told

thousands of years ago to the prophets

what the future of Israel is going to be

and the most comprehensive revelation of

the future of Israel was given to Daniel

and I when when I started writing this

book it was way before October 7th and

to have the book coming out in a couple

of months it’s just amazing timing for

me so yeah I’m urging people to go and

grab it so where can they find cop it

didn’t until May correct May 4th but

they can pre-order it yet now already on

Amazon and if the pre-orders numbers are

good we will find this book in secular

places such as Walmart and Target places

that are promoting the exact opposite

agendas so what questions will this book

answer for people this first of all it’s

a book that will explain the Book of

Revelation much better for you because

the two goes together Jesus himself

talked about

what is written in the Book of Daniel

explaining the future events of Israel

but also it will help you understand the

complete picture of the future of the

people and the City of Jerusalem and

let’s face it it’s all about Jerusalem

let’s face even hamas’s attack

is it’s the flood of ala yes it’s all

about that that is the temp exactly that

is what that’s what they’ve they call

this entire battle yep so we we going to

talk about that what’s going to happen

who’s going to run the

show and what the future is going to

bring it’s it’s phenomenal

because even at the time Daniel was so

accurate and he would tell King

Nebuchadnezzar of a future Greek king

that will come without even knowing who

I I mean it’s unbelievable it is so just

the way it was so accurate then it is

even more accurate now and more

important now to hold on to the biblical

truths and plans of God and not to let

the enemy mess up with our minds all

right Amir we only have like 10 seconds

left so where are we in God’s time table

I believe we’re literally right before

the Great War of Ezekiel and I believe

that that Great War of Ezekiel will

eventually lead to the rise of the

Antichrist which means as far as I’m

concerned we’re out of here before that

well brother I appreciate you praying

for you thank so much for uh for joining

us today thank you Amir surfa check out

the new book on Daniel you can you have

a website as well we’ll have that at the

website all right folks we’re out of

time for today from Jerusalem I’m Tony

Perkins you know what to do when you’ve

prayed when you’ve prepared and when

you’ve taken your stand by all means

keep standing