Our identities are often formed through experiences that lied to us and left us with pain. But God is adamantly intimate, able to heal our pain, separate darkness from light, and awaken our true self. When we allow God into the intimate places of our hearts, it sets us free from the lies and false labels we’ve lived under so we can know and experience the truth He speaks over us. Watch my full Adamant Course on MessengerX: https://app.messengerx.com/en-US/watc…

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you are actually way more than what you

can see you are way more than what you

do you are a daughter loved without



you know we’ve already learned that this

adamant is invincible and it’s

impervious and it’s unassailable so I’m

going to introduce another concept to

you that’s going to seem completely out

of character with everything that is


adamant is also about God being intimate

God is adamant that he would have an

intimate relationship with you and to

kind of position this I’m going to tell

a story that I’ve I’ve actually never

told before

um when I was growing up I was in

incredibly difficult child I had an

imaginary world if my mom sent me to go

clean my room I redecorated it I moved

all the furniture and then like 15

minutes later when she came in the room

was worse than it ever was and she was

like what were you doing and I was like

I remember I was supposed to be cleaning

but I forgot I forgot and uh and I also

was just very very strong-willed very

very stubborn my mom said that when I

was two one time that she was you know

going somewhere with me and I looked at

her and I said I am never going to be

like you and she was like why would you

say that and I said you’re weak and so I

had this very strong personality that

really wound did my mom brought a lot of

pain to her she had always wanted a

daughter that she could feel connected

with and I just constantly was you know

adamant adamant and so I had three boys

and I was so happy that I had never

inherited the curse of my mother that I

hope you have a daughter just like you

and I had been foolish when I was young

and I would say I hope I do too because

I understand her I think Julie had one

of those like me but um but we all

understand her but you know so I would

you know I just lived in a terror that I

actually would have a daughter and when

I became pregnant with my fourth son but

didn’t know I was pregnant with a son


I remember praying and having this

terrible overwhelming fear that I was

going to have a girl and I thought I

would ruin her I thought I would hurt

her I thought I would do damage to her

the way I had damaged my relationship

with my mom and the way my mom had

wounded me and I just didn’t want that I

thought I can do boy I can’t do girl and

so I remember I was at actually a prayer

meeting I was in the back of the room

and I was praying and I don’t even know

who was there but I just remember there

was worship music going on and I really

pressed in to a very intimate place with

God and I said to him

you know what if I’m carrying a little

girl I think this is a huge mistake I

think this is a big problem and I I need

you to change my heart because I don’t

want to hurt her I don’t want to ruin

her I need you to help me and all of a

sudden while I was praying my eyes were

closed I saw myself in this beautiful

field of flowers and it was just like

this one of those Open Fields where you

were just like I want to park the car

and I want to run it just said run and

in the distance there was a tall tower

and the tall tower was just a single

Tower it wasn’t like part of a castle it

was just a tower and it had it had a

diagonally spinning different Arrow

slats I didn’t know they were Arrow

slats at the time but different slats of

Windows just really narrow windows and

it was out in the field and I remember

thinking I’m going to run to that Tower

and I ran to the tower like in in my

prayer time I saw myself just going to

this Tower I opened up the door and I

could tell there was light a light

source up at the top so I walked up the

winding staircase and when I got to the

top of the stairs there was a platform a

wood platform and there was a chest and

I remember thinking to myself

there’s going to be weapons or there’s

going to be treasure in this chest I’m

going to go and open this chest and I

went over to the chest and I opened it

up and to my surprise it wasn’t weapons

and it wasn’t treasure it was photos

all the photos of me when I was a little

girl had been lost in a flood my parents

basement flooded and all of the photos

were lost but they’re in that treasure

chest was all of the photos of me when I

was five and six missing teeth you know

seven all these different silly pictures

of me there’s one picture of me I picked

up I’m like squinting I was like Popeye

I’ve got sun in my face and my dad is

taking a picture of me and I’m going

through these photos

aware of what I look like as a little

girl the imagery had been so distorted

for me of what I was that I looked at

these photos and I was like oh and I

heard a voice behind me saying I always

thought you were funny

and I was like

what and I turned and I knew that I’m

going to cry I knew that Jesus had just

been there and he knew exactly how to

speak to me to say I always thought you

were funny you know I was growing up

when I was called a smart alec but not

that word I was told I was told oh

butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth and

it was so beautiful

that Jesus actually went right to the

place where he knew that it would

dismantle the pain now I had a boy so it

made things really easy thank God but

here’s the thing

God wanted me healed that’s right

whether I ever had a girl or a boy he

needed to heal me and let me just tell

you something Jesus remembers all of the

moments you have forgotten he remembers

every single moment about you growing up

that made him smile made him proud made

him laugh he celebrates you he is that

adamantly intimate that he’s going to go

to the very core of your pain and heal

you but you have to allow him to do that

you have to bring these fears to him and

allow him to speak directly to this see

we actually lose sight of our identity

when we attack them attach them to the

wrong images

I had words that attacked me attacked my

imagery of myself attacked my identity

of myself I had my mom’s fears put on me

she was so afraid she would say things

like don’t ever don’t ever give your

whole heart to a man they’re always

going to betray you and those things

were things that Jesus had to come into

my life and uproot and so I want to talk

to you about some things that may be

attached to you and I hope I hope you

already know this but I can’t assume

that everybody that is part of adamant

has read without rival but you are

actually way more than what you can see

you are way more than what you do you

are a daughter loved without rival there

is no competition for your place in the

heart of God you cannot be measured by

what you own or by what you lack you are

somebody that nobody can even see and I

have to be honest with you you don’t

even know who you really are you don’t

even really know who you are because

there’s been so many mixed messages sent

to you but I’m going to tell you

something God is adamant that you have

an intimate healing he is adamant that

he’s going to go after those wounded

places that he’s going to strip away the

names that you’ve been called yes and

even the names that you’ve called

yourself the labels that you’ve worn

he’s like I’m sorry I’m gonna have to

take those things off

you are more than your gender you are

more than single divorce married you are

way more way more

I’m in my house right now which hey

welcome if this whole place burned down

and I lost everything that I’ve ever


I would have lost nothing of real

treasure because the real treasure it’s

me and the real treasure is not what I

look like on the outside the real

treasure is actually that I am a spirit

and you are a spirit and we have to

worship God in spirit and in truth and

so I want to merge some of this spirit

and Truth John 4 24 says God is spirit

and those who worship Him must Worship

in spirit and in truth spirit and a

truth what does that even mean see our

flawed human frames find this world this

temporal body a really awkward fit but

our spirit is being renewed I’m 57 and a

half I’m gonna turn 58 in June by the

time you’ve got this I’m going to be 58

maybe 59 who knows but here’s the thing

I feel stronger and younger in my spirit

sometimes I look in the mirror I’m like

who the heck is that that is not who I

am but that’s because I am not my body

yeah this is just the the outside this

is my house this is this is something

that is temporal we are spirits having a

very uncomfortable Human Experience and

if you try to be comfortable in The

Human Experience then you will realize

you’re going to be fighting a losing

battle you were made for the presence of

God the body apart from the spirit is

dead James 2 26 tells us and Faith apart

from works is dead everything that

brings life is from the spirit second

Corinthians 3 6 says the letter kills

but the spirit gives life what does that

even mean well I don’t want you to

settle for religion that is void of the

presence of God and I don’t want you to

settle for labels not not just religious

labels labels that other people put on

you that are void of what is truly

valuable in you your spirit your spirit

until we see that live living by letter

and label is going to undermine every

new thing that God wants to do in our

lives we’re going to be trapped and

we’re going to be stuck in that place

Genesis 1 verses 1 through 2 when I was

writing this I just felt such a strong

impression to revisit the creation

mandate and here’s what it says it says

in the beginning God created the heavens

and the Earth you’re like we know this

Lisa but this is what I want to hone in

on and it says the Earth was without


and void and darkness was over the face

of the deep and the spirit of God was

hovering over the face of the waters

the Earth was flooded the Earth was

drowning in darkness and Shadow the

Earth was formless it was voided

but God didn’t say I’m so disappointed

in the Earth

I’m I made it and it fell or whatever


he came here

and it says the spirit of God

hovered hovered he waited because see he

didn’t say look at you you’re formless

and your Void he drew near because he

wanted a new beginning he wanted a

Genesis I was completely captivated by

this word hovering the spirit of God

hovered it’s only used two times it’s

used here and then it’s used later in

Deuteronomy but it’s the Hebrew word and

I believe it’s raqqa but it’s

r-a-c-h-a-f and it means to flutter over

and to approach with cherishing gestures

so the spirit of God wasn’t like we need

to straighten this out he was drawing


in like a maternal sense he was drawing

near like a sleeping child or a

frightened child he was drawing near to

bring something forth that had been

flooded with void and futility we see

the word in Deuteronomy 32 10 it says he

found he found him in the desert land

this is talking about Israel he found

him in the desert land in the howling

waste of the Wilderness he encircled

them he cared for him he kept him as the

apple of his eye like an eagle that

stirs up its nest that flutters over its

young spreading out its wings catching

them bearing them on its opinions the

spirit of God hovered over them with

protection as he led them from a place

of desolation to a place of promise and

the spirit of God wants to do the exact

same thing for you he wants to take you

from a place of desolation and word

curse things and Wilderness to a place

of promise you know the the spirit of

God was hovering getting ready to call

something forth and this ego is hovering

in anticipation I want you to be

expected as you’re going through this

course I don’t want to choose to be like

one more thing that you learn added to

the list I want you to have an

expectation that the holy spirit is

going to hover because God hovers when

something new is going to begin and then

he also hovers now you’re born again

now we’re going to fly when he caught

them on his pinions and carried them so

he’s hovering in the face of chaos and

darkness that is actually in our land

right now and a lot of our marriages and

a lot of our relationship God is calling

for an Awakening he spoke Dawn and a new

day and that is what we want to go to

Genesis 1 3-4 says and God said so after

he he looks at all this he’s hovered

over it he’s like what words am I going

to form

that’s going to call forth something God

said let there be light and there was

light and God saw that the light was

good and God separated that light from

the dark this is not the sun this is

actually God speaking his very essence

this word let there be light is the

Hebrew word light that proceeds from God

God actually looked at the Earth and

spoke who he was into it he breathed

light into this word a world of deadness

and futility God is light and he

quickens light in us with his very


and the light was good because God is

good and when God wants to do something

new in your life he actually begins to

separate light from Shadow yeah

he’ll say I love you

but this is Shadow yeah I need you to

step into the light because I want to

bring forth something new and then in

Genesis 1 9 it says God said let the

waters under the heavens be gathered

together in one place and let the dry

land appear and it was so God called the

dry land Earth and the waters that were

gathered together he called seas and God

saw that it was good you know that there

is something inside of you that you have

not seen because it has been submerged

for far too long but God is actually

speaking to those places in your life

those places that you thought no that’s

desolate it will never happen again he

is calling forth that Earth he is going

to give you something to land on he is

going to give you something to stand on

he’s going to make your life a garden

again you’re not going to be Barren

anymore and this Genesis actually

continues all of this was in preparation

for man all of this was in preparation

you know I’m just going to make it

personal for you for you do you under

understand that you were created for the

image of God that he went to all of this

trouble so that we could be a reflection

of him that he created an environment

but we’ve got to allow him to separate

the light from the dark in our lives and

then in Genesis 2 7 that says then after

all the things were set in place the

Lord formed the man of the dust from the

ground and breathed into his nostrils

the breath of life and the Man became a

living creature you are a Living spirit

how intimate that God actually gave us

his own breath the dogs the horses and

everything I don’t know where they got

theirs from but we got our breath

of life from God so this is what he

wants to do

God wants to reveal some things to you

and I’m just going to go through a

couple things because I want you to hear

the tone as you read this chapter I want

you to hear the tone that is written in

God will not allow the lies that have

been spoken over you

to remain he will not allow the things

that you’ve said over yourself to

continue to be your standard others may

call you failure he calls you daughter

you may call yourself homosexual lesbian

transgender I’m sorry you know what he

calls you he calls you his own he calls

you his own you are not your gender you

are not your sexual expression you are

not your flesh we talked about this you


Spirit you are a spirit I am a spirit I

am living in a woman’s body but in the

end of the day I am spirit and you are

not just in the little crevice of this

Cornerstone that is called Christ he

didn’t hone out a place and you’re some

guest or intruder

he’s one with you he’s one with you you

are created for him and by him very

specifically and he doesn’t he didn’t

like start to love you in the New

Testament because Jesus said you know

listen they’re messed up but I’ve acted

like a man now for 33 years and it’s

hard no no no God is always loved you he

has always loved you Jesus was sent

because of the love of God God Is So

adamantly intimate that he said I’m

gonna have to show my will to these

people by becoming like them because

they can’t hear me they don’t see me

when I read that Deuteronomy thing how

he encircled them how he carried them

how they were the apple of the eye you

know it’s very different than how a lot

of people portray the Old Testament my

Rabbi friend said if you see the Old

Testament as an angry harsh God in the

New Testament is a nice God you will see

it all wrong it’s always been this story

of a loving father leading his children

with everlasting love but he wants us to

allow him to draw near I don’t know

what’s going on in your life I don’t

know if like me you were scared of

having a daughter or maybe you even

resented being a female maybe you’ve

been a place where you were violated

because you felt vulnerable because of

your I don’t know what’s going on but

here’s what I do know I do know that if

you ask the Holy Spirit to draw now that

the spirit of God is already hovering

over your life and all he’s waiting for

is permission so I’m going to ask you to

invite the Holy Spirit to come into any

place in your life that is under the

sway of Shadow and to begin to separate

light from Darkness I’m not going to

tell you what those are I want you to

have an intimate conversation like I had

with God I’m not some special person to

God it’s just that to be honest with you

I was so desperate when I got bored

again that if this didn’t work I had no

more no more choice so I’m going to

challenge you to lean in to the adamant

intimate God he is alive and he wants to

bring you back to a Genesis and a new

beginning in Jesus name