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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

my message tonight a baptism of love God

I need that unique function that unique

anointing that makes a sermon a message

that leaves something in the heart when

they walk out the door

something that people can eat and taste

for the word becomes life and dwells

Among Us

God moved through this message this is

needed it’s vital so speak to us now


you can speak with tongues and still be

a bigot

you can boast about being full of the

Holy Ghost but still be exposed as a

person full of prejudice envy and hatred

you can tell someone to their face that

you love them and be telling the biggest

lie you ever told in your life

if you’re not careful you can hate the

Communists so much that you learn to

despise even the poor lost souls who are

doomed behind the Iron Curtain now

friends it’s one thing to hate communism

it’s another thing to hate the

Communists who have souls that could die

and go to Hell Without Christ

now I love the Communist soul but I hate

communism there is the difference

you can break God’s commandment and

despise and ridicule the authorities

that God has ordained and that includes

the president of the United States you

can make dispersing remarks about those

in authority and God says that that is

not right that is not love

you can go to a polling Booth you can

pull the levers and vote for the

candidate of your choice and carry into

that polling Booth a heart bursting with

hatred for some politician that you

don’t like in fact you can sit in your

front room and call them all kinds of

names and get your blood pressure up

over the boiling point

you can smile while you sit in your

church pew and look like a loving little

cupid doll

and put on an act like you love all your

brothers and sisters but that ain’t

necessarily so

you can carry a grudge against Sunday

school teachers or against the Deacon or

the pastor you can accuse the deacons of

disloyalty the associate pastors of

laziness secretaries for worldliness and

criticize the way the churches run and

how the pastor conducts his meetings you

can say the church is dead or it’s got

too much life and if you tried to please

everybody you couldn’t please anybody

or worse yet you can be so sure of

yourself that you’ve got all the truth

and all the knowledge and you see you’re

not going to study anymore because the

Holy Ghost is going to teach you you’ve

learned it all

and so in your boastful way you talk

about your Liberty from bondage and

legalism and become so dignified and so

precise that you’re able to look down

the end of your nose at the little Holy

Roller group down the road who sing like

Hillbillies and clap their hands like

thunder and dress like Salvation Army


no there’s nothing wrong with dressing

like a Salvation Army Lassie or you can

be at the Other Extreme vice versa you

can be a member of that big fancy Church

or other of that little church down by

the railroad track you can be a member

of that small group and you look at that

church and the people going in it and

you can accuse them of worldliness you

can talk about their lipstick you can

talk about their earrings and their

short dresses and you could even say

isn’t it terrible their choir even sings

in robes

when I was a boy in my dad’s church that

was the very height of worldliness that

a choir should ever sing in ropes

I’ve heard I’ve heard sermon after

sermons about the mark of the beast

wearing robes

you can talk about love you can sing

about it and still not have it

because we’re not to love in word or

indeed or in song or rather in mouth but

we’re to love indeed and in truth

now what is the truth about love

let’s look into it

I say that love is the most important

evidence of the baptism of the Holy

Ghost the most important

I have said it once if I’ve said it once

I’ve said it a thousand times the

baptism of the Holy Ghost is a baptism

of love

the baptismal Holy Ghost is a baptism of


God actually is instructing the wild

tongue in the knowledge of Love he’s

taking the hatred out of the Heart by

way of the tongue for out of the

abundance of the heart the mouth

speaketh now the moment you stand up and

testify to the world that you’ve

received the baptism of the Holy Ghost

you say I’ve been filled with the

baptism the Holy Ghost have been

baptized then you must also be able to

quote Isaiah 50 verse 4. the Lord hath

now given me the tongue of the learned

that I should know how to speak a word

in season to him that is weary

he awaketh me morning by morning he

awaketh mine ear to hear as the Learned

once you’ve received the baptism the

Holy Ghost you should know what it’s

like to be awakened by the Holy Spirit

you should know what it’s like to be

instructed in the ways of knowledge in

calling a person in need

spreading a word of Love here and there

how easy it seems to be for some quote

Spirit-filled end of quote Christians

who are able to lash out with tongues of

bitterness and stripe look here and look

there and like a machine gun their

tongues mow down all the opposition and

everything that they don’t like or that

which they deem to be ungodly or


how easy it is for some Spirit-filled

Christians to have holiers and thou


how much disgrace has been brought upon

the charismatic experience through some

people who have never understood this

marvelous truth of the baptism of the

Holy Ghost being a baptism of love

I would be awake in morning by morning

he waketheth mine ear to hear as the

Learned now which is more pleasing to

the Lord to use that gifted tongue that

is now baptized only to edify a man’s

own soul

or to dedicate that tongue to seeking

out weary friends and edifying them in

the spirit

and all friends if there was ever a need

today for people who knew how to say the

right word at the right time it’s now

you’d be surprised I’ll just sometimes

just one single word of encouragement

means so much to a man I remember a

minister a friend of mine recently going

through a terrible time his church had

persecuted him and and he was having

personal problems in his family and in

his home

and all I did was put a hand on his

shoulder and say past it I’m still your

friend and no matter what happens you’ll

always be a friend he broke down and

began to weep it was the only word of

encouragement he’d had and he moved on

to Victory and God brought him through

on that word of encouragement

how seldom do we go to the pastor

when he pours his heart out and just

take him by the hand warmly and say

Pastor that was a message from God

I’m praying for you I’m standing with

you it’s all he knows that well that’s

just the reason you don’t tell your wife

you love her sir because you say well

she should know it

go to that individual the Sunday school

teacher I’m talking about spreading that

love that God fills us with

sadly too many baptized tongues have

been used to stir up strife

the Bible says proverbs 10 12 hatred

stirth up straight but love covereth all

sins I was never able to understand that

verse until last night

in fact early this morning in prayer God

began to speak very clearly to me about

this verse if you look at it at face

value this verse seems to be saying that

love covers all sins in other words love

would dismiss all the wrongdoing that’s

not what it means at all


this means love gets over all sin it

gets over things it doesn’t hold The


love is able to Fly Above It

love is able to get through love is

there when lust is conceived and love is

still there when it brings forth death

now I covered 3 000 miles today to get

here I covered 3 000 measured surface


now how did I cover those miles I flew

over them I Rose above them I got here

in five hours

I covered three thousand miles this is

really the interpretation of this verse

that love gets over sin it mounts up

like wings of an eagle it’ll last no

stumbling blocks to hinder it no grudges

to ground it then no Winds of adversity

to stop it love is not stopped by what

people say or do love keeps on going

I say that it’s absolutely impossible to

be baptized with the Holy Ghost and

still be prejudiced

Prejudice I think is a childish thing

the Bible said when I was a child I

speak as a child I understood as a child

I thought as a child when I became a man

I put away childish things

that I witnessed a very tragic brand of

childishness when we were conducting

Crusades in South Africa they call it

apartheid these good Dutch reformed and

other Protestant Christians refused to

sit in my meetings anywhere near a black


in fact in Johannesburg in the stadium

meetings there the blacks had to sit in

a special stand outside I fenced they

weren’t even allowed inside the fence

and it bothered me I tried to preach and

before I preached one night I said

pastor what would happen tonight if I’d

opened that gate over there and let all

the blacks come in and sit with us Lily

white people

he said Mr Wilkerson 80 percent of your

crowd would leave and 80 percent of the

pulpit would leave too

can imagine my surprise when we got at

the airport and one of the ministers

who’d invited us to South Africa as well

as informed us that the black man in

Africa South Africa didn’t even have a



and you know

that same brand of childishness

is still existing in America today if

you know something the most prejudiced

in Alabama Southern Texas Tennessee or

Southern Baptist Pentecostals and other


who don’t even allow black men to sit in

their Church

can you imagine the hypocrisy of can you

imagine why the hippies run out on our

religion you don’t wonder why they walk

out on us and say it’s phony because we

sit in our church and we sing give me

that all-time religion makes me love


except the blacks

bring them in bring them in just so

they’re not black

send out the lifeline

just watch who gets it


you see the other hypocrisy none of our

songs make sense none of our worship

makes sense at all if we carry hypocrisy

and all my friends this political

program or what do you call this

campaign that we’ve got now it is

pregnant with all kinds of racism and

talk about violence and and this is

going to be one of the most hotly

contested campaigns of all times but I

want you to know that I personally

believe and I believe the scripture

backs me up that it’s impossible for a

Spirit-filled Christian to carry any

Prejudice through any election I don’t

care who you’re for all I’m saying is

that this is the time my brother’s

sister we need to pray for this election

and keep Prejudice out of our heart and

ask God for his Divine will for this


and I I believe it’s impossible for you

to maintain a true relationship a warm

Godly relationship with your heavenly

father and still carry Prejudice of any


let me have a little amen out of that

what furthermore

Christians charismatic Christians are

supposed to love the Jews the Japs the

Italians the Pollocks the hippies

the masses at Red China Czechoslovakian

even in Russia

that’s right

how wonderful it was for me to sit in

Helsinki there was a man who was a car

dealer a good Christian man who read my

book in The Finnish language and he had

a sauna in his home a finished son and

they wanted me to try a sauna bath

and I’ll tell you it how I lived through

it I don’t know

they stuck me in this little thing and

burned me up and then he took me out and

threw me into snow and it put me back in

that thing

and I was pleading the blood the whole


they kept telling me you’ll feel better

you’ll feel better you’ll feel better

well I kept feeling worse

that after the sauna

we were having a nice finished lunch

and he began to tell us about his trips

to Moscow he sold moscovitch automobiles

the Moskowitz

one beautiful pile of junk

I mean that sincerely he said that


that he would go to Moscow and he’d

smuggle my books into Leningrad in


and he told me of people who were

worshiping the Lord in Russia he said

there are literally thousands of

Christians that are serving the lord and

saved and filled with the Holy Spirit

and we talk about communism friends and

often we forget that behind this

Communist front that there are literally

thousands of young people who are and

adults over there who need our prayers

our love and our compassion

I say maintain your strong stand my

brother sister gets communism but don’t

forget God is called upon us to love The

Souls of the Lost there

behind the Iron Curtain

secondly love makes you go out of your


love helps you to stick your neck out

for others Paul speaking of Priscilla

and Aquila said of them who have for my

life laid down their own necks unto whom

I give thanks Romans 16 4. now Paul the

Apostle knew something of that love that

was willing to give without getting

anything in return

because speaking to the Corinthians Paul

said and I will very gladly spend and be

spent for you though the more abundantly

I love you the less I Be Loved now

friends let’s start with you dear wife

can you say that in your home when you

honestly have to look yourself in the

mirror and say my husband no longer

deeply loves me he’s lost his first love

can you say that when you feel that

others around you your innermost circle

of loved ones have lost their love for

you can you say I will gladly spend and

be spent for you though the more

abundantly I love you the less I Be


and I can’t understand that kind of

human love we’ve seen it at teen

challenge for the past 10 years I’ll

take a drug addict and he’s been in jail

maybe 10 15 times

and he’s never home but once every five

or six months and sometimes he’s gone

two years at a time but he’s got a

little wife

who lives on relief

and she’s faithful to him she waits year

after year hoping against hope that

someday somehow a miracle will happen

I’ve seen them sit in my office and cry

like little babies she said I’ve waited

for him for 10 years she’ll go to jail

every time he’s in jail every day she’s


she’s there to talk to him and comfort

him and she’ll maintain that love he’ll

abuse her he’ll cheat on her he’ll curse

her he’ll beat her and yet she’ll stand

there Faithful Little Puerto Rican girl

little negro girl or little white girl

just waiting for that man to straighten

out and friends is someone human without

the real love of Jesus Christ can sow so

much love without getting anything in


I’ve often thought how much more should

Christians give out of their love in

spite of the fact that people Grudge you

in spite of the fact that people talk

about your misuse you or mishandle you

to love even though you’re despitefully

used without getting anything in return

I love you even though the more I love

you the less I Be Loved

that’s the baptism of the Holy Ghost

now answer this when certain individuals

really hurt you and say and do unloving

things what kind of reaction do you have

you still spend your love on them or you

take it back

the Lord himself

revealed a great truth he said that love

is better when given than when received

love is much tastier it’s much better to

give it than to receive it I’ve heard

saying that love is give and take

not according to the scripture love is a

process of giving with no concern about

receiving now you young couples that

want to know about real love if each

individual determines in his own mind to

get nothing back but just to give

imagine what kind of love we would have

in our homes

I have showed you all things how that

laboring you ought to support the weak

and to remember the words of the Lord

Jesus how he said listen to the words of

our Master it is more blessed to give

than to receive

charismatic Christians are commanded to

love even their enemies

love your enemies bless them that curse

you now this is hard to take friends but

you better take it it’s his word do good

to them that hate you and pray for them

which despitefully use you and persecute


think of that one person in your life

who has misused you and persecuted you

and troubled you think of the one person

you may consider an enemy the Bible says

love them

bless them

love your enemies

I want to move on because

isn’t it really true that we would

rather rejoice when we seem to be

justified and our enemy Falls the Bible

said Rejoice not

when thine enemy falleth and let not

thine heart be glad when he stumble it

what happens in your mind and in your

heart and in your spirit is a baptized


when somebody

Falls and stumbles too often it goes

like this well I could have told you


if they would have just listened I knew

that I expected it what do you expect

they’re reaping just what they sowed

in the handbags Clinton it wouldn’t have


you see that’s what you get

if you heard that kind of language we’ve

all used it

the Bible said Rejoice not when thine

enemies stumbleth Rejoice not when they


if you’re going to follow that through

to the logical conclusion that means

that even when government officials

politicians that you despise Paul you’re

not to rejoice in it

you’re not to gloat over these things

that take it to the Lord in prayer and

say Lord lift me give me a heart of

compassion give me a Heart of Love I

want to tell you something I’ve

disagreed many times with some of the

policies of Mr Lyndon Baines Johnson

but I’ll tell you something

when I found out this man’s popularity

went down to 28 percent

and I thought of this man carrying the

weight and the burden of a Nation on his

back and having to pick up the

newspapers and read of all the criticism

in spite of all the mistakes I could

have nothing but compassion and pity in

my heart

and I wonder sometimes friends if we as

charismatic Christians think that it’s

all right to to to spend our bitterness

or our hatred not so much our hatred but

our ill feeling as long as we don’t do

it toward a Christian brother that we

can spend any kind of uh of emotion as

long as it’s not among our own brother

and sister

this says all our enemies

Holy Ghost love will take you out of

your way to be kind to your enemies

therefore if thine enemy hunger feed him

if he’s thirsty give him drink for in so

doing thou so he pulls a fire on his



recalling this evening

a number of years ago having to deal

with a young lady one of my workers

she found it convenient to break our

rules and counsel with the boys now we

have a rule at Teen Challenge the girls

work with the girls and the boys of the

boys and every time somebody breaks that

rule there’s always been trouble and

thank God it we’ve had very little of

only three or four cases and it’s been

tragic we had one girl run off with a

drug addict at one time she broke that

rule she had an illegitimate child with

him he went to jail for murder and that

little child was taken from her and I

saw her a few years ago she was working

for the Salvation Army in New York and

was totally cold in her heart

and and she was afraid ashamed to even

look me in the face

another Preacher’s Daughter The

Minister’s daughter broke that rule went

out with a drug addict fell in love with

him broke the rule and they’ve both been

living a life of hell and misery ever


but this young lady

was sneaking out the back porch against

all the rules

and she was counseling with this boy he

would tell her all her troubles and this

boy was a con artist this boy was there

just to to play on our emotions he had

never really surrendered his heart to

the Lord he was still possessed With the

Enemy this boy had ruined numbers of

young ladies and made prostitutes out

into support his habit boy’s name was


one day she came to me and said Mr

Wilkerson I’m in love with Angelo I want

to marry him

it’s frightened me

I called her in my office I said now


Betty I’ve told you once I’ve told you

twice and I’ve told you over and over

again that we don’t allow you to talk to

any of the boys here you’re supposed to

stick with the girls and I told you

there’d be trouble that boy is really

unconverted I’m going to make him leave

this Center that boy’s still full of the

Devil he’s just going to get you make a

prostitute out of you and damn your soul

I got on a telephone call her mother in

Virginia and I told her the story and I

said I want her to come home tonight I

had the secretary call the bus company

she was to leave that night at six

o’clock I gave her the bus fare she had

her bags packed I’d already asked Angelo

to leave he had left an hour or so


I thought she went home

imagine how surprised there was a week

or two later when one of my associates

came and said Mr Wilkerson you know that

Betty is living in a hotel just two

blocks from the center

and Angelo’s visiting her in her hotel


I got the name I got the number of the


and the associate went with me we

knocked on the door

and nobody answered for about five

minutes I could hear somebody screwing

around inside

and then in about five minutes she came

to the door and opened it sheepishly her

face was burning red

she said what do you want Mr looks and I

said I thought I told you to go home

she said well you’re not my boss anymore

I said well I want to come in and I

pushed my way in with my associate and I

said is Angelo visiting you she said oh

no no I said is he in the apartment

right now so he said no

and I went in the bedroom and I looked

in the closet and I looked behind the

chair and I looked everywhere I went all

over the apartment looked everywhere

except under the bed

I should have

I went into the living room

satisfied that he wasn’t there and I sat

down for the next 15 minutes and I told

her what I thought I said this boy is

full of the devil this boy is going to

make a prostitute out of you this boy

has he can’t possibly love you because

you’re unequally yoked together with an

unbeliever it’s unscriptural it’ll never

work and I said that boy is no good yet

until Christ can get a hold of him

there’s just no hope for you

and I noticed my associate trying to get

my attention he was shaking his hand and

and I couldn’t understand

in any most important I walked over

toward the door I looked in the bedroom

there I saw two feet sticking out under

the bed

I said okay Angelo I know you’re here

now you can come out

he came out all right his arms wailing

and he was cursed and he jumped on me

and it was going to beat me up and he

got me down fortunately I had my

associate with me my associate pinned

him up against the fireplace there and

put his hands behind him with his hands

behind him I felt pretty strong and


I went over to him I jumped up and Shake

the Dust off and I said to myself bless

God I’m a man of God nobody touches me

nobody gets away with that I’m nobody

touches God’s anointed I’m God’s man and

he’s going to know it

and I went over to him and stuck a

finger right on his chest that was easy

his hands were pinned behind his back

I said look Angelo the Bible says touch

not my anointed do my prophets no harm

and I’m God’s anointed if you got away

with this my life wouldn’t be safe

anywhere on the street he said look I

know where you walk on the street one

night I’m gonna find you put a knife in

your back

and I said look nobody talks to me like

that I said


nobody talks to me like that

I like to think I was righteously

indignant about just plain old man

I’ll walk huffing and puffing back to

the center I said Joey’s not going to

get away with it I’m going to get a hold

of God and sent judgment on him


I went back to my room into my office

and I knelt down

and I put my cause before the Lord tears

rolled down my cheeks poor little David

stood there before his mighty God said

now Lord you know I’ve given my life for

these drug addicts

and you know how he did me wrong now he

could have killed me and he’s threatened

to kill me Lord

and you know that I

can’t stand for anybody trying to

threaten me or my life won’t be a savior

on the street put him on his

oh God’s profit was all stirred up

I was zealous over a righteous cause

after all I was right oh friends I was

right believe me I was right


the thought burst in my through my

subconscious what do you want me to do

David called fire down out of heaven and

burn him up

and then I remembered

the disciples

threatening to call fire down out of

heaven and the Lord said I came not to

destroy man’s lives but to save them the

Lord said David I called you to New York

to show compassion and love no matter

what they do I came I called you to New

York to save these boys and not to

destroy them

and when I saw it and I knew it was the

Holy Ghost talking to me it was then in

that room that God showed me that the

baptism of the Holy Ghost is a baptism

of love not well that’s springing up

inside of you is a well of Love That

Springs up and the Bible said it cast

out all fear perfect love his holy ghost

love his perfect love and when it flows

up through you it casts out your fear It

cast out the fear of all those around

you and that is The Well of Living Water

that Springs up and I raised my hands

and said oh God forgive me fill my heart

with love for that boy help me to Love

Angela save you more don’t let him be

lost in my mind I could pick him just

the last little drug addict had been led

us sprayed by the devil and I was on my

way an hour or two later I had to leave

for the airport to go to Dallas Texas

for a crusade Nikki drove me to the


and uh I was telling Nikki heard about

it and he’s known where I got the boys


and uh I said well that’s all right we

don’t need him

and all the way down to Texas and do the

Crusade and back on the plane God filled

my heart with love for that boy oh it

did it was just bubbling in me a love

for that boy I couldn’t wait to get back

Nikki met me at the airport he’s at

eight Mr Wilson he got company waiting

for you backyard of the center I said

Angelo he said yeah

he said don’t worry I got the boys there

look he’s always got his boys there

I said that’s all right Nikki he said I

I need to see him I get out of the car

and everyone’s sitting in the back porch

on the steps his hand

on his head and he was he was scowling

at me

and I knew he couldn’t wait to get a

fist in my face and a Chim knife in my


but by now I didn’t have any figures see

perfect love cast out off here you see

the fear of the Lord’s only the

beginning of wisdom

but the maturity of wisdom is perfect

love that cast out that fear

and so there was no fear now I said look

answer before you say that come on the

office I’ve got to talk to you a minute

and I was walking through the kitchen

and and Nikki pointed two boys by the

door at my office got his boys there you


walked in and he sat down he flopped

down the chair beside me I said Angelo I

said before you say it do anything I

just want you to know that God’s put

love in my heart for you and I said now

I want to apologize I said I wanted to

send God’s judgment on you

but I said I think I could have done it

but God showed me that wasn’t the reason

I said I just want you to know that I’m

sorry for my attitude I said before you

do anything just shake hands with me and

tell me you forgive me

I reached out to take his hand and he

looked at it and then turned away they

looked at me again

and that kid flopped down in his chair

and then he turned and knelt and broke

and began to sob like a little baby

and I got up

no I I gone back to my chair and I got

up and walked over there and I stood

over Angelo as as he was just sobbing

his heart out just crying like like he

was dying and I looked at that little

mass that poor little lost sheep and I

thought what would have happened oh God

and it shut it a friend I can still feel

what happened in me

and I I said to myself what would have

happened if I’d have walked in here it’s

God’s big man in the hour God’s men of

faith and power and said Angelo received

the Judgment of almighty God

may have honored that request for me

but I’ll tell you there was

there was something rise up in my heart

because that boy was sick all along that

boy just needed a bit of love

you see Love Takes you out of the way

on another occasion I remember one of

the girls one of our workers coming to

me and said Mr Wilkerson you’ve got to

pray for me I’ve lost all my love

she said I came she’d come from from the

Midwest from a farm she said when I

first came to Teen Challenge I was so

full of love I used to cry and weep and

walk the streets but I feel so cold I I

just feel so cold I had three or four

tell me that after the the first service

back here in the room Mr pray for me

I’ve lost my love I’ve lost my love and

and she had spent two weeks she said for

two weeks I’ve been fasting and praying

in the chapel God give me back my first


I said

I want you to quit praying I want you to

quit crying wipe your tears and I said

here’s an address and I gave her an


on the fourth floor an apartment house

on 102nd Street Up In Harlem I said go

knock on the door and when you’re done

there I said go right down that whole

apartment all four floors just knocking

on doors and find out what kind of need

in the house if they need to this is

done do the dishes whatever it is get in

that house and witness for Jesus she

said all right she took another girl

with her seven hours later

she came back bubbling over

she said Mr Wilson I know now I know now

what you were doing she said now I see

it she said I hadn’t lost it she said it

was there all the time I just needed

some victims to put it out on

I just needed somebody to love

all my friends it’s not a matter of

losing it as much as being in a position

where there are those around you that

need it to bring it out of you

some of you sitting around here worried

about losing your love your first love

and all you got to do is get up and walk

out and find somebody that needs some

love and you’ll find you’ve got more

than you can handle

oh yes love

a baptism a baptism of love

love overpowers fear first John 4 18

there is no fear in love with perfect

love cast without fear because fear hath


he that heareth is not made perfect in

Love Now friends if you have fear and

anxiety and torment in your spirit you

better check your love something’s

missing because love casts without fear

now I say that the baptism the Holy

Ghost is a mighty rushing wind of love

that’s sent to sweep out and cast out

all your fear that’s why God has given

the Holy Ghost a mighty rushing with to

clear the decks of all the fears and the

anxiety you don’t need a trip to the

psychiatrist you just need to let the

baptism the Holy Ghost demonstrate for

you through the power of His Spirit how

he can sweep these things out of your

life if you exercise that love that he’s

given you

you’ve got to see the importance of this

truth or your baptism is in vain that

fountain that Springs up is that

Fountain Of Love

now there is evidence of the baptism

Holy Ghost and there’s a test of the

baptism and love is that test love is

above the gift of tongues though I speak

with the tongues of men and of angels

and have not charity I become as a

sounding brass and a tinkering symbol

the truly baptized person is one who

loves all his enemies he loves his God

with all his heart mind and soul and

strength and he loves his neighbors


by this shall all men know that you’re

my disciples if you love one another

we know that we have passed from Death

unto life because we love the Brethren

he that loveth not his brother abideth

in death if a man say I love God and

hateth his brother he is a liar for he


loveth not his brother whom he has seen

how can he love God whom he hath not


I remember a young man coming to me

young negro lad about seven eight years


I was holding a crusade in Albany New


and he knocked on my hotel room he said

Mr Wilson can I come in and talk to you

I said yes

he said

I read your

literature about what’s happening down

at teen towns in New York he said I want

to come and work with you

and I I said look son do you have love

if you’ve been baptized the Lord goes oh

yes I said you have love for souls he

said well I don’t think so

he said I don’t know I don’t think I do

I don’t have too much love

I said well then

I can’t talk to you anymore I said I’ll

be here another day

you go to prayer tonight and ask the

Lord to show you what it means to be

baptized with love let him open up that

Fountain of love and then come back if

you could tell me you really love the

lost and you’ll walk the streets with

love in your heart then I’ll take you as

a worker

he knocked on my door the next day

and I said yes

he said I still want to work with you Mr

Wilson I said fine did you pray last

night oh yes you have love no

I’m not sure

he said but I’ll tell you what God told


he said the Lord I asked the Lord what I

would do if I had real love and he said

I’ve told the Lord that if I already had

love for the Lost I’d go out in the

street and work for at least six or

eight hours a day I’d go out and put my

arms around anybody and I just I just

pour out everything I have I wouldn’t

hold anything against anybody I give my

life I I would stay up with drug addicts

that are kicking cold turkey I would

wipe the sweat from their brow I’d hold

the bucket while they were vomiting he

went on it listed all these things that

he would do if God would just give him

love I said well that’s just what I want

from you son he said well God told me to

go out and do it until I get it

so I said look that sounds good enough

for me son that’s all right I accept

that and I invited him I like that kind

of language so he came to New York and

had boy started walking the streets it

was nothing emotional he was walking the

streets six eight hours a day he stayed

up with the drug addicts and that boy

worked and with compassion and love that

boy gave it himself no talk about love

he didn’t even think he had it didn’t

even know what it was

but he was doing it

in about three weeks later we were glad

tidings Tabernacle never forget it and I

gave an older call and here came this

young negro lad to the front and there

were three drug addicts he’d brought in

off the street right outside glad tidy

Tabernacle and he was kneeling there

with his arms around him tears were

streaming down his cheeks and those drug

eggs were getting converted and I said

and I I said look son it looks like now

that God has given it to you

he said well it doesn’t make any

difference now Mr Wilson I’m doing what

I do if I had it anyhow

it’s not a matter of making something

it’s not a matter of taking that

inspecting it say do I love do I have

this much love or this much love is it

there examining it introspection no it’s

just a matter of giving yourself it’s a

matter of saying this is what should be

done and I’ll do it feelings or no

feelings emotions or no emotions just


giving of yourself

and I’m pointing to the importance

friend of another

matter of love and that’s the gift of


you know I’ve been holding meetings for

Catholic friends and all these nuns who

come forward my Crusades

they come backstage and cry I’ve seen

something in those dear nuns that I see

very seldom I see the gift of gentleness

the fruit of gentleness that quiet

Gentle Spirit of giving


doesn’t it

have you ever stopped to look at


have you ever stopped to think that that

critical tongue that you have with will

you run down the church you run down

people you judge people the way they act

the way they dress and you say that

you’re a Christian that you’re baptized

with the Holy Ghost and that tongue of

yours has been dipped in Gall and


oh God help us to dip that tongue in

love ask God to take it out and what

happens in your home friends do you

trade coldness for coldness

you trade argument for argument or are

you a holy ghost Peacemaker in your home

have you learned to take things instead

of just dishing it out all the time

and there are some people that think

that they’ve been raised up by God to be

prophets to set everything in order

including the pastor the deacons and

everybody else they accuse the the

pastor taking too much in his hands and

they accused assistant pastors of

laziness and the music director not

singing too fast or too slow

and I’ll tell you we could write a book

we can write a book on the kinds of

criticisms that Spirit-filled people are

guilty of

now come on Friends things shouldn’t be

that quiet right now

I can’t tell you why I preached like

this tonight

I haven’t talked to the pastor

but I’ll tell you this I know that I

preach in the will of God and I’ve got

his message for this hour right now God

wants to take out of our hearts that

bitterness that criticism and give us a

baptism of Holy Ghost love l-o-v-e

love for everybody your enemies the

pastor the sonics will teach all the


and your wife

and your husband and your children and

everybody your next door neighbor that’s

right the next door neighbor even though

he hasn’t returned your lawnmower for

the past two years

then he wants to put a kind of love in

your heart that you don’t come home from

work and kick the dog

oh yes

and grab that newspaper and yell and

scream around the house like little King

Tut and there sits the holy ghost man

sitting there he’s already blasphemed

the whole family he’s yelled and

screamed all over the house and there he

sits God’s man

God take that out of us God give us a

spirit of gentleness I don’t believe in

cowards and sissies but I believe that

God wants to give us a baptism of love

in our homes in our lives on a job in

the church

now tell your friends if you don’t

humble yourself and come his way

he has a way God has a way

that weighs hard

I would like in my own heart now and say

Jesus give me love even for the

long-haired bearded hippies

no more talking about

her screaming about the way the actor

behave we don’t have to be a partaker of

their sins we can cry out against their

sins but God give us a heart of

compassion you know some our young

people are trying to say something to us

today and Dad mom sometimes we refuse to

listen that God would give us an open

heart to love

the heart of compassion

do you have that tonight do you have a

baptism of Love Is there anybody that

you hate is there anybody tonight you

have a grudge against

is there anybody in the womb but I want

to say something like this is not

boasting but I I God has been so good I

can’t think of anybody in the world


that I despise I can’t think of anybody

that I have a grudge against

I I just it makes me feel so warm

tonight to know that there’s nobody

now I know a lot of people may not feel

that way about me

bless your heart I just refuse to hold

those things in because that love I’ve

just said Lord You’re the baptizer just

sweep it out take it out now let this

well spring up within me this well of

love father do that for us tonight in

this meeting tonight

take out the bitterness take out the

critical tongue

take it out Lord because bitterness and

sweetness cannot pour out of the same


if we’ve been baptized with the Holy

Ghost our tongue should be dipped in oil

oh God take out the bitterness help us

Lord to speak a good word in season to

the weary heart help us to encourage and

edify and exalt and lift up others oh

God help us not to act like prophets

help us oh God not to belittle or to

criticize help us not to touch God’s

anointed or do his prophet’s harm but

help us O Lord to know that we’ve been

baptized with love

forgive us forgive us


I’ve confessed humbly for the night

but I needed this message

because ministers are just as guilty as

anybody else and I want you to do the

same thing tonight I wonder how many

there are that would say Mr Wilkerson

I needed that tonight and I want you to


that I’ll allow him to baptize me with

his love I need a new baptism of love I

need to see that the Holy Ghost baptism

that I have is a baptismal love and I

want that love to operate through me in

my home and all over Everywhere I Go and

all that I do I want a new Taste of love

I want you to stand for my prayers right

now but just stand up all over this