a message has been burned in my heart

for a couple weeks in a really

know in my heart that the Lord wants me

to deliver it this morning I didn’t know

who would be here so if you can’t say

that I prepared it for you I had no way

of knowing you would be here I knew a

few of my staff would be here

and few of the regulars but I have no

way of knowing you

would be here so the Lord has prepared


a Spirit of Slumber

and it’s

it’s a heavy message but I want you to

know I deliver it in love this morning

I believe that’s the role of a shepherd

to speak

with the authority of the Lord Jesus and

the power of the Holy Spirit

but when the holy spirit gives a message

it’s up to him to make it real to the

heart I can’t do that he he has to do it

we’re going to invite him to do that

right now because unless the word gets

through to some of us this morning we’re

going to fall into the Spirit of Slumber

into a deep sleep and never recover

outside of God’s miracle Grace and his

Sovereign work

there’s some of you sitting here this

morning that need to be awakened you’re

on the verge of falling asleep

you’re in the verge of going into a

spiritual coma from which you may never

recover and it’s a very dangerous thing

there’s a warning in the scripture about

it and we’ve all got to hear it

I have numbers of my staff here and I

invited a lot of my staff to come today

to skip from their church and come not

because I’m directing at them but I want

them to hear

because when I stand before the Judgment

seat I don’t want to have one say that

you didn’t minister to me

and it should never be that you can come

to a service like this and not hear a

clear word from God

and then have to go elsewhere because

something I don’t mean another church

but go to into or call to go into

anything else because you’ve not heard a

clear word from heaven

Heavenly Father make it clear this


I want you to baptize me with love so

that I can Minister this in love and not

Wrath Lord I have no wrath in me I’ve

got your love and yet you said show my

people their sins Lord you said to

minister your word in power and unction

and authority and I can’t do that Lord

that comes from your hand but I pray for

that special Divine Touch from Heaven

Lord you gave me this message and I pray

that you drive it deep into our hearts

don’t let anybody walk out of here this

morning unchanged we’re not here to be

stirred this morning we’re here to be

changed changes from glory to glory to

be more and more like you if there be

any Lord on the verge of slumbering and

sleeping awake us this morning get word

into our hearts awaken us and do

something deep within us oh God I pray

for your touch I pray for that open mind

that you give freedom of the holy spirit

that the word would go forth the

Simplicity and the truth of the spirit

in Jesus name amen

now you won’t be able to farm in your

bobber because I’m going to give you a

lot of scripture and I just weave it

into it so just if you will close your

Bibles for a moment and listen to me

I’ll give you the references and then if

you want more you can call my office and

I can make sure that you get it I’m

going to go through quite a few

scriptures I’m going to begin with

Romans 11 chapter the 7th and 8th verses

Israel hath not obtained that which he

seeketh for but the election hath

obtained it and the rest were blinded as

according according as it is written God

hath given them the Spirit of Slumber

eyes that they should not see and ears

that they should not hear to this very

day then Isaiah 29 10 and 11 for the

Lord hath poured out upon you the spirit

of deep sleep

and hath closed your eyes the Lord hath

poured out you’ve heard of the Holy

Spirit been poured out the Lord hath

poured out upon you the spirit of deep

sleep and God hath closed your eyes the

prophets and your leaders and the seers

hath he covered in other words you don’t

understand your preachers anymore and

the vision of all is become unto you is

the words of a book that’s sealed closed

the book is closed to you now you don’t

hear preachers because I have poured out

upon you a spirit of deep sleep and then

I’ve told you Romans he calls it a

Spirit of Slumber and I think Romans 7

11 7 has got to be one of the most

heartbreaking scriptures in all the

Bible here it is Israel hath not

obtained that which he seeketh for

Israel has not obtained but the election

has obtained it and the rest were all

blinded they were blinded now think of

it an entire race of people spent their

whole lives looking for truth and

satisfaction they were looking for the

rest they were looking for fullness and

they never found it even to this day

there’s only a small remnant of Jews who

believe in Jesus Christ just a handful

of Jews and you know that they found

grace through faith the rest of them

were blinded Paul says emphatically God

has given them the Spirit of Slumber God

has given it to them they’re absolutely

blind and deaf to the gospel there’s not

an evangelist there’s not a teacher on

the face of the Earth it can penetrate

their Darkness not Billy Graham there’s

no Prophet there’s nobody penetrates

that wall that blindness that darkness

that Spirit of Slumber that God has

given to the Jews

and very few are saved and Paul calls

them a Remnant according to the election

of Grace Just A Remnant elected by grace

Paul says this coming a day when all

Israel shall be saved and the deliverer

shall turn away the ungodliness from

Jacob now I don’t understand all of that

but evidently there’s a day coming when

God Will Open the Eyes of the Jew and

they will see the Messiah and suddenly

he who’s been here all the time will be

recognized by them they’re going to see

him whom they’ve pierced and they’re

going to come by way of the cross

but I do know that right now

there is a deep sleep there are Jews

that are dying right now and going to

hell they’re dying in a spiritual coma

there’s a Darkness there’s a blindness

if you ever talk to a precious Jew

have you ever talked to him about Jesus

have you ever tried to show him Jesus

Through Moses if you tried to show him

through the law and if you want Jesus

he’s all through the book and anybody

tells me you don’t see him in the Old

Testament the Old Testament has no

meaning for a day hasn’t seen Jesus yet

in the Old Testament if you see Jesus in

the Old Testament he comes a precious

precious Covenant

they need not die in blindness Paul said

and they also speaking of the blind

slumbering Jew if they also if they

abide not in unbelief shall be grafted

in for God is able to graft them in


in other words if they sit in a meeting

like this and hear the gospel and

believe they’re grafted in

the grace is still there the offer is

still there

has it ever amazed you that missionaries

can go to the darkest heathenous

countries in the world in the heart of

Africa and all over the world and preach

the gospel and darkened unbelieving

Heathen suddenly have their eyes open

that they see Jesus they begin to

worship Him and suddenly they receive

him there’s no Slumber there’s no sleep

they receive the Lord gladly

drug addicts alcoholics prostitutes on

the street the street services this

summer we look with forward to his

anticipation because of the hunger

they gladly received the gospel and they

see it you preach it one time to many of

them I see it I want it

Christ has revealed manifest before

their eyes

but that the Jew

on the other hand is still under the

Spirit of Slumber a deep sleep from the

Lord and they understand nothing that is

said or preached about Jesus did God

cast the Jew away did he say uh just uh

arbitrarily I’m going to cut them off

from the vine so that the Gentiles can

be grafted in

were they predestinated to be blind

were they predestinated to be in a

Spirit of Slumber absolutely not Paul


he said very clearly because of unbelief

they were broken off

but to Israel he said all day long I

stretched forth my hand to you but you

were disobeding stubborn people

all for years I called and I called and

you turned your back on me said you were

the natural branches

you didn’t attain what you were looking


they should have accepted Jesus Christ

because they were his own and he came to

his own and his own received him not

they should be the present-day

evangelists traveling around the world

Jerusalem should be the headquarters of

Christian Christendom right now

Jerusalem should be the capital of the

Christian religion right now the faith

of Jesus Christ would be originating out

of Jerusalem the Jews should be the

greatest evangelist on the face of the

Earth right now one day they will be but

they should be that now but unbelief

cast them off unbelief caused the Spirit

of Slumber from the Lord to be cast upon

them they said this man shall not Reign

Over us we want nothing to do with him

so they hardened their hearts and they

provoked the Holy One of Israel they

tempted God they proved him they saw his

mighty Works yet the Bible said they had

in them an evil heart of unbelief they

wouldn’t accept him

they would not hold on to confidence in

the Lord

they preferred Moses to Christ

not one of them could enter into the

rest they couldn’t find what they were

seeking and God grieved over them

God grieved over his precious people

Paul wrote so we see that they could not

enter in because of unbelief now why is

the Jew blind because of what unbelief

hardened in his unbelief his unbelief

turning into a Spirit of Slumber

God really turning his their hearts over

in their minds to that which was in

their hearts blinding their eyes

but Paul

the think of that that’s a tragedy

millions of spiritually hungry in the

Jewish hungry spiritually hungry star


but they can’t find it the Messiahs come

he’s here in the world he’s alive the

spirit is working

they see nothing it’s like talking to

the wall

you can’t penetrate it there’s this

there’s a slumber it’s a deep sleep

try it go to a precious Jew on the

street and talk to him about your Jesus

you’ll know what I’m talking about

you see Paul was writing this to

Gentiles to Christians his message

really is this don’t say poor blinds

slumbering Jew

so don’t

pity the slumbering Jew

but rather

say poor slumbering Saints

because this is written to Saints this

is written to the Gentile Saints

Paul is warning all of us he said well

in other words that’s fine because all

of unbelief they were broken off that’s

one matter he said Paul said this is one


because of unbelief they were broken off

and you stand by faith you’ve understood

Christ you’ve accepted him haven’t you

at least you’ve made a profession

whether you’re living up to fullness or

not you made a profession you said I

know Jesus

but be not high-minded but fear for if

God spared not the natural branches take

heed lest he spare not you

he said you think you stand be careful

that you’re not cut off like the Jew is

cut off because of unbelief because of

lukewarmness because of rejecting him

Paul even goes further and he warns of

the severity of the Lord God

and in a day when we hear God is love

God is love you’re loved that’s true but

that’s only half the gospel listen to it

behold therefore the goodness and

severity of the Lord the goodness of God

and the severeness of God two sides of

the same coin

I’m glad he sold me his goodness first

you know Paul or Moses made two trips to

the mountain remember he spent 40 days

up there and the first time he came down

with the law his face didn’t shine the

second time he came down his face did

Shine he had to put a veil over his face

because the sinful Jew couldn’t stand

the sight of their Holiness written on

the face of Moses but what caused his

face to shine the law doesn’t make your

face to shine it was because the second

time God hit him in a cliff of a rock

and caused his goodness to pass before

him and he saw the goodness of God and

the goodness of God made his face to


and when you know the goodness of God

you have that shine on your face

but I’m glad I know his goodness and I

also know his severity I know how he

judges I think it was Irene Raven who

said you’ve got to know God’s love but

you also strike when he strikes and

that’s the severity of God listen to it

behold therefore the goodness and

severity of God Romans 11 22 on them

that fell severity but unto thee

goodness if

unto you goodness if you continue in his

goodness otherwise thou shall also be

cut off

we hear so much of this

goodness of God but he’s severe the

scripture says to those who do not

continue in his goodness and Harden

their hearts you know there are people

who preach once in the vine always in

the Vine

that once you’re in you can never be cut


well I’ll let the Bible explain now what

does the Bible say the goodness of God

to you you know him you’re in the faith

that’s fine as long as you continue in

that goodness by faith otherwise you’ll

be cut off

oh toward the goodness if thou continue

in his goodness otherwise thou shall be

cut off for if God spared not the

natural branches take heed lest he not

spare you if he wouldn’t spare his own

people the Jew how is he going to spare

an unbelieving faithless Christian

and there are unbelieving faithless

Christians believe me

I wish every drunken Sergeant adulterous

Baptist could hear that this morning

let every lukewarm Pentecostal hear it

and every Playboy Christian take key

lest he spare thee not the Bible says

you know our teams are out Roger’s team

goes out in these small towns in Texas

and down along the border towns and they

go down where the bars are and hold

Street meetings and you see deacons

coming out Baptists Dickens and

Presbyterian deacons and some of them

Pentecostal Deacons

a few of them and they’re coming out of

these bar rooms staggering and they’re

drunk and they’ve got a harlot or

prostitute draped over their arm and

they come up saying praise God

I’m saved just like you are I reckon

myself Dead with Jesus

in a drunken

they’re unbelieving but some preacher

told them that once in Divine always in


no my Bible says take heed lest you be

cut off

if he spared not the natural branches

how is he going to spare you if you’re


they come stumbling down the streets

full of adultery and their eyes are

closed and they’re going to hell in a

deep sleep

last summer in New York four prostitutes

one night came up and they had their

tricks hanging on their arm they all

went to uh once in Divine always in

Divine Church

they’re standing there looking at me and

I’m saying let me pray for you need

Jesus oh we’re saved we’re just as holy

as you are Mr Wilkerson you’re no judge

of us

we are dead in Christ Jesus looks at us

under the blood we are in Christ Jesus

dead to sin and off they walk with their


they’re sleeping they’re in a deep sleep

there’s no preaching the world can

penetrate that and nobody’s going to get

through to their minds they’re locked

they’re in a deep sleep they’re in a


and I listen to this kind of talk in

fact I when those four harlots said that

I stepped back and I thought oh God how

can anybody say that they’re serving the

lord Jesus when his eyes are too holy to

even look upon evil and here they are

living as prostitutes the tricks right

in front of me bring him right into a

holy ghost meeting

and then I remember

the scripture says that they’ll be under

a strong delusion that they should

believe a lie and they’re fast asleep

they’re fast asleep those prostitutes

were in this Spirit of Slumber this deep


now folks I’m more concerned about the

deep sleep that’s falling on Believers

in the house of God than any other kind

the parable the ten virgins says they

were all slumbering and sleeping this

suggests the whole church is going to be

asleep when Jesus comes just prior to

his coming into Christ made behold the

bridegroom cometh go out to meet him

they all slumbered and they all slept

and really we are asleep compared to

where we should be in the Lord

when the Midnight Cry was made they all

awoke and they went out to meet the

bridegroom but five of them had lamps

that were going out

and those words send a chill down my

spine lamps going out

lamps going out

lamps that used to burn with holy oil

those that once had an unction and

annoying took a deep love for the Lord

Jesus Christ lamps going out

I’ve been thinking about all week about

that and all the people I knew

who once maybe years ago were so devoted

to Jesus so filled with his love so

filled with the Holy Ghost so on fire

for the Lord they burned and passed into

the Lord nothing else mattered they told

the whole world what Jesus meant to them

you know look at their lives now and I

see them slipping away and I see the

coldness and I see the deadness in them

and I say their lamps are going out and

that really frightens me

a vessel in which there’s no more oil

the anointing is gone

it’s midnight and Jesus is about to come

and there’s a darkness in them there’s

an emptiness the joy is gone the faith

is gone there’s no leading there’s no

convicting of the Holy Ghost In other

words the glory of the Lord is departing

from people just before Jesus comes the

glory of the Lord is departing from

their lives

there are many preachers preaching today

in puppets Across America that don’t

have an ounce of anointing they haven’t

spent an hour in prayer they’ve rushed

from their handball court into the

pulpit and not us they picked up

something from an old message Barrel

from uh their former church not a fresh

word from God and they’re standing In a

Pulpit with lamps going out

our male just cries people from all of

America cry where can we find a church

where there’s something that changes the

heart that warms our soul where it can

be moved closer to the Lord Jesus Christ

and there’s very little of it today in

America because the church is asleep

preachers are used to Thunder with

unction anointing they’re squatting in

front television set with their junk

food getting fat

down at Freddy Garcia’s a couple weeks

ago when I was talking about getting rid

of that Idol and spending more time

seeking the face of God I heard those

dear young preachers stand up preach

like a house of fire and then when they

heard the message come back to me

backstage and talk point to the big

belly and see how I got you know I got

that big belly squatting in front of a

television set three and four hours a

night eating junk food watching every

pitiful thing out of the pits of hell

now I said I wasn’t talking more about

it but I can’t help it

you have any Sunday night in America you

look out and what the Lord must see he

sees millions and millions of your

Saints with the lamps growing up parked

in front of Dynasty in Dallas and

watching the pits of hell and losing the

fire the oil is leaking out of their

vessels evaporating gone

Christians who were once on Fire full of

love and joy looking for his return and

drifting Cold full of Doubt half asleep


look at these wise virgins the Lambs Are

Burning Brightly


full of the Holy Ghost Fire and

excitement they’re going out to meet the

bridegroom they’re on their way to the

marriage supper of the Lamb they’re

rejoicing and they’re seeing there’s

fire there’s excitement there’s joy

and then look at these foolish virgins

you can see the sputtering lamp and some

of them already died there may be one or

two Sparks left it’ll sputter and it’ll

go out and they’re trying to protect

that little flame

but they’re running around weeping

saying somebody help me oil I need oil

my lamps going out

that’s why I wanted some of my staff


I’m going to tell you even though you

minister with a man who prays

and you hear me bring the word to your


so my own staff I see it the Lambs going


you always have to be prodded always

have to be pushed and you keep saying

someday I’m going to read I’m going to

be a student of the Bible someday I’m

going to open that and learn to love it

and see Jesus in it I’m going to grow

and be cleansed by it

but you have time for everything else

but this word

you’d say one day I’m really going to

pray I’m going to lay down every Idol

and I’m going to start cleaving to the

Lord and I know he’s coming soon I’m

going to go out to meet him

but that’s talk

let’s just talk

until you shut everything else down in

life and say I don’t care what it is

nobody nobody can meet me now because

I’m going to shut myself in the secret

closet and I’m going to become a man and

woman of prayer quit talking about it

Saints do it

do it

because there’s danger

that that slumbering

Spirit on you now is going to turn to a

deep sleep

if we really took God in his word we

wouldn’t be lazy and half-hearted

see I don’t fear the devil and all the

Demons of hell as much as I feared God’s

causing a Spirit of Slumber

and no demon in hell can do to me what

God can do to me

there’s no demon in hell that can put me

to sleep

I take it just as it’s written here God

hath given them a Spirit of Slumber

I take it as the Bible says it

God hath given them the Spirit of

Slumber for the Lord hath poured out

upon you the spirit of deep sleep you

are blind your death the word is sealed

up to you now

I remember going to hear

when he first came to America

Reverend Moon

Sun and Moon

and I sat there appalled as he said

I am the Forerunner of the Messiah

and some of you will come to realize one

day that I really am the Messiah

here’s this little ball-headed man

standing up there saying he’s Christ

and I remember what Jesus said many will

come say on Christ and so I go out in

the hall I get up while he was preaching

not in the Hall these nice dressed young


very intelligent most of them college


and I there were four young people

standing out there by the hall selling

literature and I said come here you hear

what that Korean saying that he’s Christ

you hear it

do you believe it yes sir

get my Bible out and I said look what

this says false Christ

look at me with this dumb look he’s


he’s Christ nothing I could see they

were sleeping there was a slumber

after sleep

every cult the same thing passed asleep

I refuse to shrug off this awesome

warning to the people of God because

he’s talking to those who are once


but now they’re a rebellious unbelieving


and I’ve seen Christians who are living

under the spell of this deep sleep not

just Moonies but I’ve seen Christians

under the curse of a deep sleep from the

Lord and when that happens

you can sit and Witness

and you can talk

they don’t hear a word

they just I don’t see it

just don’t understand I’m not convicted

I don’t feel anything anymore there’s an

emptiness there’s no Zeal there’s no

fire there’s no commitment they just

coast along you can preach like Paul the

Apostle to them they sit through

precious Bible studies

they can be around Christians who are

growing in the Lord but they’re going

nowhere themselves they simply shrug it

all off they don’t believe it’s

necessary to change anything in their

life they’re not hearing what God is

saying they’ve rejected the Lord so long

they’ve wallowed in fear and unbelief

they have complained and murmured and

griped they’ve lived for themselves for

so long they’re falling into asleep

I’m gonna have somebody come into my

office and spend three hours they say

I’m desperate I’ve got to talk they’ve

got a problem in my life

not go home and honey says you spent

three hours there David you must add

some prayer meeting and said no he

didn’t hear a word I said

shook his hands

brother Jack Rice calls him yes but yes

but yes but yes but

they’re numbed

they go around in a soul sleep

just looking at this scripture

Ephesians 4 18 having the understanding

darkened being alienated from the life

of God to the ignorance that’s in them

because of the blindness in their hearts

who being past feeling have given

themselves over to lasciviousness to

work all uncleanness with greediness and

that’s where it ends if you get this

Spirit of ignorance in you and you come

into the sleep of this number you

finally become Godless sensuous and


that’s why I can’t understand

when ministers write to me said my my

wife was active in church he loved the

Lord and she ran off on me she ran off

with an ungodly man who doesn’t even

love the Lord and she’s drinking she’s

smoking she’s cursing

I’m dealing with the preacher in El Paso

right now has been asking for for help

and his wife was with him in Mission

field for eight years

came home at the airport and said

goodbye to him and ran off of the drug

addict and she’s living now with a drug


and you talk to her one passed after

another’s talked to her and she says I

had don’t care what you say I love the

man I’m staying here

wouldn’t matter if Christ himself the

Holy Ghost came down she can’t hear

anymore she’s asleep

she’s in a deep coma

the Spirit of Slumber from the Lord

because of hardness lukewarmness and

unbelief because of murmuring and


I’ve been going through my Old Testament

and I’m finding how

severe God is on his children who murmur

and complain

and who have no faith who question his

power question his guidance

he said I’ve demonstrated my power to

you I’ve given you no reason to doubt me

but he said you go through life thinking

well this is just my words I’m not

hurting anybody yes God says I read

every I read every thought I know what

you’re thinking

a Spirit of Slumber leads to two

hopeless conditions

an inescapable trap in the church and an

everlasting burden in the home and I’m

going to show it to you in the scripture

and David saith let their table be made

a snare in a trap and a stumbling block

and it recompense to them or reward them

and bowed down their back always

and he was quoting Paul’s quoting in

Romans 11 9-10 from David in Psalm 69 22

let their table become a snare before

them and that which should have been for

their benefit or their welfare let it

become a trap to them that which should

have healed them that which should have

ministered comfort to them let it become

a trap a stumbling block reward their

Disobedience reward their unbelief

reward their bickering their

self-centeredness reward them by making

their table a stumbling block and a

snare to them and let them carry a

burden the rest of their lives

oh listen David said thou be past the

table before me in the presence of my

enemies 23rd chapter Psalms you know

that what’s he talking about the table

of the Lord is worship it’s the house of

God it’s Godly friends

it’s it’s all that God gives us to build

us up in the faith to make us grow it’s

the house of God it’s the presence of

the Holy Ghost

it’s the table he spread forth this

morning right here in worship and praise

it’s the sense of the body right here

this morning all being one in Christ

this is the table of the Lord

then he said you that are in a deep


you who continue in your unbelief

and I called and I called and I called

and you refused and you refused and you

were sleeping and you’re eventually

going to fall fast asleep and God is

going to give you over to your sleep and

that’s the Deep Sleep of the Spirit of


he said the time will come

that every time you walk into the house

of God it’ll be a trap

you’ll be trapped every song you sing

you’re digging your grave deeper

every moment of worship is just a snare

to you because you don’t enter in you

don’t understand it

and yet you’re caught in a No Man’s Land

because you don’t want to go back to sin

there’s nothing there for you you’re not

comfortable out there with the ungodly

crowd but you’re not comfortable in the

house because you’re not entering into

the worship you’re numb

you just sit there numb

numbed by unbelief

and fear

this is unspeakable it’s almost too

awful to think about

but those who overcome by this deep

sleep because of their stubborn unbelief

and here’s how it works every message

you hear only hardens you now

it’s just another layer of hardness upon

layer after layer after layer of

hardness caused by every time you walked

into the house of God it becomes another

trap to you another layer of hardness

and some of you here this morning even

though the Holy Spirit has been here

manifesting himself revealing Jesus you

didn’t sense it you didn’t feel it

you’ve been sitting here dead even while

I speak now you’re dead

God himself coming down here and

fleshing Jesus Christ could not

penetrate you now

you’re here trapped

you don’t want to go out with that

Wicked crowd but you’re uncomfortable to

hear you’re not comfortable anywhere

you’re in a trap

pours you

go through the motions it’s a spiritual


because when you’re lukewarm you’re in a

no-win situation

you enjoy nothing

you have to endure God’s house

so then because Thou Art lukewarm and

neither utter cause spew out of my mouth

and I wonder sometimes why some people

come to church I really do

they don’t enter in they get nothing out

of it they come and they sleep

and they’re dead it’s like a man in a

hospital he’s in a coma but he hears

every word and he wants to reach out

he’s screaming and saying side saying I

can hear you and they’re talking as

though he’s dead they’re talking about

pulling Accord and he’s hearing every

word but he’s in a slumber he’s going to

come he can’t move there’s nothing he

can do and I’ve talked to some like that

say I’d like to get saved they can talk

but they can’t act

I used to be saved I used to be on fire

for God I used to have a touch from God

and I’m going to look you all in the eye

and I know there are 10 or 12 of you

here that once knew the Lord and you’re

cold and you’re indifferent and

everybody in the world’s loved you

everybody’s trying to get through to you

and right now you’re you’re just about

to go so fast to sleep and you’re going

to slip into that spiritual coma God

says all right I’ve loved you I’ve

stretched out my hand to you disobedient

gang saying I’ve loved you I’ve done

everything I know how go to sleep

you want sleep sleep

God hath given them the Spirit of


thank you

and every time the church door opens you

walk into a trap

that which should have been to your

comfort that which should have been to

your welfare that which should have been

a blessing to you that which should have

couraged you and set your heart aflame

only adds to your slumber

then secondly he said bow down their

back always

David goes on to explain what that heavy

burden is that God says I’ll put a

burden on your back for the rest of your


Psalm 69 25 let their habitation be


that’s your home

let their home become a place of

emptiness lovelessness


he said they’re going to go to church

and walk into a trap and then they’re

going to walk home to a burden what

could be worse

what could be worse than to walk into a

home where there’s no love

where there’s emptiness

trapped everywhere you go

and when are we going to wake up and

realize that the Desolation in our

Christian homes as a result of a

complaining unbelieving lukewarm Spirit

that’s what it is

it’s not a husband and wife problem it’s

a Jesus problem

the problem of the Holy Ghost and you

then the home becomes a burden there’s

no more refreshing there there’s no more

joy there’s death and Gloom

that Grieves me that thousands and

thousands of Christian couples are just

merely existing now putting on a false

front there’s a deep sleep in their home

a spirit of slumbers endangering them

David said let none dwell in their tents

let none dwell in their house nobody

wants to come and visit because there’s

such Gloom the kids don’t want to come

and as soon as they get old enough they

run they don’t want to be there the

husband and wife finally end up closing

it down in the for sale sign goes up on

the house let them no longer live in

their tent let their habitation be


well that’s prophetic from the word of

God that’s David prophesying what

happens to those who won’t wake up who

show God touch me

God keep me cleaving to you

God doesn’t go around with a like a

sandman with sand in his face just

promiscuously spreading the Spirit of


no he watches patiently and Tenderly

calling and dealing and dealing and

finally God says I cannot deal with you

any longer you persist in it and I’ll

tell you what if he gave up the whole

tribe of Israel except for three men

and they were cut off

and I look I look at Christian homes now

I see people come to church and I see

them not entering in they’re such a


how many are there in this town in Linda

and all these towns around here just

going Sunday morning

I suppose that’s why I could never

belong to a Baptist Church

and I’m not putting a Baptist down

brother sister but when I go to church

and I see Sunday morning and I see all

deacons everybody stand there smoking

their cigarettes and they can’t even

spend two hours without puffing their


and I’m not saying no cigarettes along

and send them to hell

but when is it coming a time where we

can find people not just looking at the


not just common because it’s a thing to

do on Sunday morning

but just coming longing hungering

thirsty for him

and I see these couples

come to church and you can see them when

they sit here

you’ve got a Discerning Spirit you can

see it you know that there’s been


fear there’s no joy

and they say well I think I’m losing my

love oh yes you are

for him

your Lamb’s going out

and that’s where everything else is

going out

the relationships are burning low

everything else

not I I look at the way

you know

I think it was week before last we got

between five and six thousand prayer


you know male

and our staff has been broken by and

Gwen and I were reading hundreds of them

Christian wives and my husband

I wish married 25 years my husband just

walks off

it doesn’t happen just like that he just

walks off

no see bowed down their back

is because you’ve been asleep

you haven’t been awake to the Lord

and I look at all this and I so God how

severe you are to those who are

unbelieving how severe

caught much of this is you’re allowing

you’re allowing it because of the Spirit

of Slumber and unbelief

and I say oh God why can’t they see it

why won’t people just wake themselves

and Shake themselves and say my God help


wake me up

all right now that’s the bad side let me

give you the good side

God’s given us a glorious promise that

there’s going to be a mass Resurrection

from the dead

that multitudes of sleeping slumbering

Saints are going to rise up as an army

of Overcomers Hallelujah

Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones

remember the hands of the Lord was upon

me and he carried me this is Ezekiel

talking carried me out in the spirit of

the Lord he set me down in the midst of

a valley which is full of Bones that’s

the church

bones dry bones

and caused me to pass by them around the

boat you’d see Ezekiel he’s walking just

like there’s been a war 10 years ago and

everybody died and the bones are

bleached and the carcasses are empty the

birds have plucked every bit of Flesh

including their bowels everything is

gone they’re dead and dry and he’s

walking through this Valley and behold

they were many in the open Valley Lord

they were very very dry

now that doesn’t picture the church one

big Valley very very dry Bleak bones

nothing does

but listen and he said to me son of man

can these bones live and I answered oh

Lord only you know

that’s what I’d say

only you know

God I can’t how can I say these bones

are going to live again and this is the

question I think God’s going to ask

every preacher who preaches the gospel

now he looks out and God says do you see

how dead the church is do you see how

dead my people are you see the death

that’s hanging over so many now you see

this great vast Valley dry bones

don’t give up on my church

don’t give up on them

I’ve just written

it comes out about two weeks it’s at the

Press right now a book about judgment on

America now I’ve written a chapter

called building of temples Hosea said

when my people backslide they build me


and I’ve taken a strong stand against

television Ministries that are building


and yet the Lord told me I couldn’t

preach that unless I started praying for

those men in loving them

and every day now I bow before God and

pray Lord baptize me with love in my

heart for these men and God says don’t

give up on any Ministry don’t give up on

anybody you’re not the judge you speak

my word and then love and try to heal

and bring back restoration and listen to

what the scripture says glory be to God

God’s saying don’t give up there’s a

great shaking coming I’m going to

breathe once again before I come there’s

going to be new life resurrected Saints

Once Dead are going to be raised in

power listen to it again he said unto me

prophesy upon these bones and say unto

them oh yea Dry Bones hear the word of

the Lord now I’ll preach the

congregations that were the valley of

dry bones

not here thank God behold I will cause

breath to enter into you he said here’s

your message you preach you go after

this dead dry church and you say oh dead

dry church God says he’s going to

breathe on you and you’re going to live

and I’m going to lay sinews on you and

bring up flesh upon you and cover you

with skin and put breath in you and you

shall live and you shall know that I am

the Lord

now I I believe it’s a day of

Destruction I believe America is going

to be destroyed by fire no question

about it and I believe I’ve given enough

scripture to prove it in a book and I

don’t care what anybody thinks God made

my face like flint and put a steel rod

in my backbone and I don’t care what

anybody says but I do know that before

judgment comes there’s going to be a

Revival like you’ve never known there’s

going to be a restoration the slumbering

states are going to be breathed upon

again the dead dry church so I

prophesied as I was commanded and as I

prophesied there was a great noise and

be all the shaking and the bones came

together bone to his bone and when I

beheld low the sinews and the flesh Came

Upon them and the skin covered them and

there was no breath in them

I think that’s about where we are now

there’s been a shaking there’s been a

bit of movement then said he unto me

prophesy again

this time prophesied of the Wind

and prophesy son of man

prophesied with son of man and say to

the wind thus saith the Lord God you

know that’s my message that’s our

message today oh Breath of God come from

the Four Winds o breath and breathe upon

all these slain that they may live and

so I prophesied as he commanded me and

breath came into them and they lived and

they stood up upon their feet and

exceeded great Army

in otherwise says only a Remnant is

going to be saved but you know if only

10 percent usually a Remnant in Israel

was ten percent of 10 percent of the

world’s population going to be saved

that’s over half a billion

that’s some remnant isn’t it

that that’s that’s uh millions and

millions out of America alone even a

Remnant a remnants compared to the great

masses of people that are being Damned

but what a what an army that’s going to

come forth out of the drive bones of the

valley all my people God says Ezekiel 37

12 14. oh my people I will open your


and cause you to come out of your Graves

now put my spirit in you and you shall

live When God Says live you live

God says I’ll put a deep Slumber upon

you but he said before I come I’m going

to breathe on you

oh Hallelujah Breath of God an exceeding

great Army that’s going to rip off their

grave clothes

we’re going to come walking out of


these dead dry churches God go move in

the audience and the preacher’s gonna

sit there wondering what’s happened

people walking out of their graves right

in front of him

and he may see him get out of the grave

and he’ll want to get out of his grave

and suddenly the Holy Ghost will hit him

and some of the deadest driest churches

in America God go and just breathe on

him he said I’ll manifest myself to

those who sought not after my name I’ll

breathe on them

now that doesn’t mean he breathes on

those who stay in their hardness it

means that they’re people they’re

praying and seeking the face of God and

God’s answering

God’s answering God’s moving even though

it’s Sovereign he moves sovereignly on


who’ve been calling on his name you say

well how can I call if I’m dead asleep

well I’ll tell you something this

preacher was sleeping

and I want to tell you I thank him for

waking me up

the past few years and what he’s been

doing in my life I thank God for this

dear man came to me

and just lovingly

showed me I was going the wrong way

and I’m glad because I was sleepy I

wasn’t fast asleep but I had a spirited

that could have led me off into deadness

and dryness

and I’m glad for that moment not

Awakening and I I I look back at it and

I said Lord there wasn’t a good thing in

me there was nothing I did to deserve it

it wasn’t one good thing there wasn’t

one good thing in the upper room that

deserved the outpouring of the Holy

Ghost Peter had denied the Lord they’d

all forsook him and fled they all

everyone in that Upper Room had failed

the Lord

they weren’t worthy God doesn’t do

anything because you’re worthy of it

Hallelujah for one of these days


and I believe it’s right now

I believe he’s breathing right now I

believe some of you are sensing God’s

saying I’m going to breathe on you and

you’re going to live

the devil been lying to you telling

you’re going to die no he said I’m going

to breathe on you and you’re going to


I’ll feel his breath every waking moment

now I feel the breathing let it breathe

on me let the Breath of God

though he is the spirit his breath let

it breathe let his breath Breathe on Me

if you and I knew how close we are to


this nation is going to be rocking with

earthquakes like you have never known

this nation is going to be judged

America has committed the unpardonable

sin he’s God said your cure your wound

is incurable but there’s still time for

individual repentance

individual repentance

and I’ve delivered my heart to you and

I’m not gonna

push it any further because I believe if

I preach what the Holy Ghost told me to


and you needed it well I pray is going

to drive it to your heart

we had bad

breathe o Breath of God

I prophesy to the window Breath of God

come and breathe on these

said I’ll bring you out of your grave

Lord there are some that are not only

sleeping they’re dead they’re fast

asleep in death

breathe and waking Lord this morning

free though Breath of God

I’m going to do something that we have

not been doing here in these service but

I’m going to do it today

I’m going to give an old-fashioned Alder


I sure am

going to ask God I want to ask every

Christian to pray that the breadth of

god let’s prophesy to the window

Brethren God come and breathe Breath of

God come and breathe on this house

breathe life

breathe life upon us right now the holy

life of Jesus the life of the Holy Ghost


breathe o Breath of God on every one of

us wake us up

all right now look just a moment while

your head’s above just a moment

this is for my staff this is for

visitors this is for everybody that’s

here this morning

somebody been murmuring complaining

you once had

something with the Lord that was so

powerful So Glorious

you’ve been asleep

you’ve been slumbering

the Lord’s saying it’s time to get

down to business with me

no more games are you going to cleave to


you’re going to seek my face


will you seek my face

will you let me breathe on you

now don’t you dare come unless

you have you no be on any shadow of a

doubt that God’s dealing with you today

and there’s been a spiritual Slumber of

sleep in you and you want God to shake


and awaken you and breathe on you

then you get up and come and stand here

just as many as we can accommodate here

you get up go lay hands on you and ask

God to wake you up

wake you up

just stand right here

you don’t come please don’t come unless

you know that

that’s truth to you