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About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. Posted with written permission of Time Square Church Copyright © 2016 Times Square Church, 1657 Broadway, New York, NY, 10019, USA. T: (212) 541-6300 F: (212) 541-6415 About Ahava Jerusalem The website and the Social Media Channels are a Christian host for devotionals, sermons, and videos with a focus on Jesus Christ and His Word so that the Church may be built up. MISSION: that Christ is formed in you (Gal 4:19) and that you may be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Ro 12:2) so that you may grow to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13) Like 👍 & Subscribe – @Ahava Jerusalem today to stay updated. #fyp #forgiveness #salvation #light #heaven #time #Youtube #Google #Internet #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Father #HolySpirit #Faith #Hope #Love #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #HolySpirit #World #Word #Love #Grace #joy #future #grace #amazing #best #live #life #bestsermons #home #family #parents #children #sermon #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love #sermon #God #Jesus #Christian #Future #people #ahavajerusalem #Truth #Bible #Peace #Kingdom #HolySpirit #JesusChrist #God #Holy Spirit #Bible #Word #Love #Grace

are you ready to hear the
word revelation 19 read just one
verse oh let’s read the first seven
verses start verse one and after these
things I heard a great voice of much
people in heaven saying Allelujah
salvation and glory and honor and power
unto the Lord Our God for true and
righteous are his judgments
for he hath judged the great which
did corrupt the Earth with her
fornication and Avenged the blood of his
servants at her hand and again they said
Allelujah and her smoke rose up forever
and ever and the 4 and 20 elders and the
four beasts fell down and worshiped God
that sat on the throne saying amen
Allelujah and a voice came out of the
throne saying praise our God all ye his
servants and ye that fear Him both small
and great and I heard as it were the
voice of a great multitude and as the
voice of many Waters and as the voice of
Mighty thundering saying Allelujah for
the Lord God omnipotent reth this is the
verse I want you to focus on let us be
glad and rejoice and give honor to him
for the marriage of the Lamb is come and
his wife hath made herself what ready
simply tonight are you ready are you
ready his wife the bride hath made
herself ready Holy Spirit I stand before
you in need of your touch I can’t preach
Without You Holy Ghost my voice would
fall straight in front of me right to
the floor it would not pierce it would
not penetrate it would have no meaning
I’m asking you Holy Spirit to come now
to cleanse me sanctify me give me a
clear voice Clean Hands Pure Heart let
the word come forth of Purity let it
come forth straight to the heart Lord
don’t let anybody leave here tonight
without having been moved and challenged
and changed Lord do something deep in
our hearts this is a simple very simple
message but oh God Smite us with it we
pray in love Touch Me Lord please in
Jesus name
amen I had planned to speak to Sinners
tonight and I had uh the message quite
well on its
way but yesterday day in prayer the Holy
Spirit came on me and and and said David
my people aren’t ready they’re not ready
and over and over again I felt some of
the pain and the grief of the Lord’s
heart he kept saying David my people are
not ready and I said Lord what do you
mean not ready your people not ready not
ready for what first of all we are not
ready for the awful judgments that are
about to fall on this land we are not
ready when when those in Yugoslavia what
was former
Yugoslavia they had no idea that those
quaint little towns one day would be
bombed to Pieces Friday night we had a
film a a presentation here a slide
presentation from our missions group who
just returned from Bosnia and
herana and and showed the bombed out
cities and the towns those people were
never ready that thought those little
tourist towns that had had stood for
centuries would never be touched the
people would never be uprooted from
their homes and suddenly the bombs were
falling and and there was a blast
everywhere and the whole nation in
turmoil people lost their homes in fact
we’re helping support a Ministry
there uh in fact we we’re we’re trying
to get deeply involved in helping the uh
men and women that are coming out of
those countries out of Bosnia es
especially who have lost everything we
heard the testimony of one young lady
who lost everything but her bicycle and
she wrote out and she said they can’t
take from me what I have in my heart
they couldn’t take Jesus from her but we
are not ready we’re not ready for the
calamities that are coming now there are
I’m not talking about getting prepared
the way many of the extremists are
preparing today for what is coming they
see a holocaust coming they call them
right-wingers they call them extremist
that all the mountains and hills of of
Kentucky West Virginia especially
Colorado and into Wyoming and some of
the mountainous areas that are not very
well populated here in the United States
every piece of land is being bought up
every little log tabin and people are
taking trailers out there and going out
into the woods they have a stash of guns
they have a year or two supply of
ammunition five 10 year supply of food
and they’re digging in because they
believe that hard times are coming and
they’ve got to get ready and there’s a
preparation going on there are
newsletters going all over the nation
get prepared get ready there’ll be riots
in the cities people are going to flee
now folks I’ve had I’ve had visions of
what it’s going to be like and I’m not
trying to scare anybody in fact for for
a while I said a few years ago I said
God uh people not listening to any of my
prophecies anymore people are not really
being moved by them uh people just don’t
want to hear it anymore and you know
it’s not it’s not fun coming to
congregation bringing bad news I’d
rather get up and bless everybody you
know it’s not I stood in this
congregation a few years ago and warned
of explosions coming some of you were in
that meeting you remember that four
months ago or five months ago I sent out
a newsletter and if you’re on my mating
list you read there were five things I
saw coming and number three was a huge
explosion that was going to take away
the security of the
land it was sent out to almost 700,000
th000 people and I got weary of
prophesying because people weren’t
listening people weren’t hearing and I
don’t like that kind of of a of a thing
to have to do but I’m telling you now
folks I’ve seen some of the Visions
what’s going to happen especially here
in New York City when these riots begin
to happen I have seen I’ve seen every
Highway in New Jersey and upper state
New York filled with people people
sleeping in their cars out in the open
Fields grabbing whatever the food they
can and going out trying to find find a
little place of security outside of this
city you know I’ve been prophesying over
a thousand fires will be burning in this
city and folks I believe that’s just a
statement of fact that there’ll be many
it could be two three 5,000 at least a
thousand fires burning I’ve seen that
time and time again when I stand on the
30th floor apartment and I look out over
the city I see it burning in New Jersey
I see it in Newark I see it all over New
Jersey Long Island everywhere riots
fires burning
and I’m not talking about the
preparation the physical preparation
that so many are making what kind of
preparation can you make here in New
York City what are you going to do uh
you don’t have enough room for your
clothes now in your closet where are you
going to store
food some of you have to squeeze in to
sleep into your
apartment how many locks do you have on
your door let’s see I’ve got I figured
it out we’ve got the chain lock I’ve got
three dead
bolts and the biggest Angel you ever saw
right outside my
Hallelujah the angel of the Lord
encamped around about them that fear
Him you and I can’t stockpile food I
don’t have a
gun and I’m not about to blow a gun
because I’d probably blow my hand
off and I don’t think you need a gun if
you have the Ang of the Lord camping
right about
you I I I hear Christians all over the
country they’re they’re loading up with
guns and
ammunition I I I have a feeling Angels
say well you don’t need
me take
care now I’m not putting down people who
prepare the these people that are are
are writing these news they say get as
many gold coins get get thousands of
dollars gold coin and silver and and and
folks I was into that a number of years
ago about 20 years ago I got into that
so deep and we had a ranch in Texas and
and uh I was I was preparing for the
tribulation I I was prepared I thought
America was dead and gone and and so I
bought 50 headed cattle Black Angus
Cattle we had 200 acres and I had a
full-time bulldozer and we bulldozed in
like seven eight lakes and stocked It
with Fish I would going to ride out any
storm that ever came to America I was
going to ride it out looking back I got
to thinking how stupid it is that that I
I was going to take care of myself my
family and our little group and let let
the rest of the world figure out where
they’re going to go what to
but the Black Angus got bangs disease
and had to sell them
all fish
died big
Garden you know what it cost when you
figured out you know how much it cost us
to grow just one dozen iric corn
$8 by the time you figured up all your
equipment all the fertilizer everything
else all this garden and all this stuff
that we were going to do I had compost
pil we had everything we were going to
write out the
Judgment ended up giving the place away
mostly what sort of profit a man if he
gains the whole world talking about
security and loses his own soul because
he’s made all the physical
preparations and he’s made no
preparation from his heart I’m going to
tell you something you get your heart
ready for the coming of Jesus you’re
ready for anything that comes to New
York City you’re ready for riots you’re
ready for anything you don’t have to
have bullets you don’t have to have guns
you don’t have to anything but the ANS
of the Lord but if your heart is right
with God you’re making the proper
preparation you don’t have to have stock
piles of food you don’t have to worry
about gold and silver my Bible said when
the riots and the Judgment comes they’re
going to throw the gold in the streets
and it’s going to be absolutely
worthless a cow would be worth more than
$100 million worth of gold one
cow no I’m talking about heart
preparation let’s talk about heart
Readiness a Readiness for the loss of
all things now folks there was a
generation that lost everything and Paul
the Apostle said you took joyfully the
spoiling of your goods now it can come
to that I I don’t believe that I can
stand as a pastor here and tell you
everything’s going to be all right that
when judgment comes to New York City
you’re going to escape it and I’m going
to Escape it I don’t believe that for a
minute that’s what happened in China
there were missionaries who who kept
saying well the Communists are coming
but not one of you going to die you’re
not going to suffer you’re going to go
right through it and then when many of
them were killed there was Bloodshed
many suffering they lost everything they
were not ready they got angry at the
missionaries and they turned many
against Christ because they said we were
warned no there there’s going to be a
lot of suffering but the Lord said he’s
going to see us through and and and and
folks the Paul the Apostle said you took
joyfully the spoiling of goods they lost
everything every every bit of their
goods their houses their lands and
everything it was lost do you have
something in you tonight are you
prepared to lose everything you have
lose everything you have and still cling
to Jesus with all your heart that’s what
it may come to Hallelujah that’s why
it’s important to cling to
Jesus now I want focus on getting ready
to meet the Lord as a bride for the
marriage of the Lamb has come and his
wife ha made herself
ready remember the story in Matthew 25
of the 10 virgins five were wise and
five were
foolish and the five wise had oil in
their lamps their lamps were trimmed and
burning and they had a supply of oil now
the five foolish virgins were not
prepared the Bible said in fact it’s
very clear clear the scripture and while
they went to buy oil remember the five
foolish versions when they heard it said
the bridegroom come go out to meet him
now what it means by having a trimmed
lamp is a burning lamp that’s all it
means it means to be on fire it means to
have it be inflamed there’s a fire
burning and five of them had a fire
burning in their heart the word came the
word was the bridegroom cometh they had
the word in their heart and the Word was
a flame in their Spirits now the other
five had the capacity to learn they had
the capacity of the others but they
didn’t have a burning word in their
heart there was nothing burning there
was no fire there was no flame inside
now I want to talk about this with you
what is the lamp the Bible says Thy word
is a lamp under my feet and a light
under my path now you have a lamp that’s
this Living Word of God you have a lamp
the scripture Isaiah talks about that
word in Zion that burneth as a lamp the
word of righteousness in Zion Isaiah
62:1 the prophet said the word of God
should be as the burning of a lamp your
lamp should be on
fire his word Jeremiah said was in my
heart as a burning fire shut up in my
bones every time Jeremiah got tired of
prophesying or tired of of the rejection
of his message he’d say God that’s
enough I don’t want anymore but there
was a fire burning and God could he
couldn’t stop the fire burning in his
bones folks I couldn’t stop preaching if
I tried there’s a fire in my
bones when I was a little boy when I was
eight nine years old I was out with my
Bible I I preached to dogs I cats
anybody there was a fire burning in my
heart when the Lord put that book on my
heart set the trumpet to your mouth my
wife here tonight can testify
we we would be outside on and the I
remember one night out in front of the
house on the patio and we had some
visitors sitting there and all of a
sudden I got up and started prophesying
to the woods and the trees at the top of
my voice the Spirit came on me and I
fell on the ground prophesying to the to
the woods I wasn’t even look at him I’m
prophesying to the woods because there
was a fire burning in my bones that
should be in all of us the word that you
receive should be on
fire the word you receive should be
inflamed in you so that it’s not
forgotten that it works the work of the
Holy Ghost in
you now if Bible statistics mean what I
believe they do half of God’s people and
not going to be ready to go to the
married supper of the
Lamb because the Bible says and while
they went to buy oil the bridegroom came
and they that were what ready they that
were ready went in with him to the
marriage and the door was
shut 50% of them were missed 50% had the
door locked in their
face the foolish had all the capacity
capacity all the ability every bit of
capacity that the wise virgins had you
know I grieved over certain
Christians that are still in this church
and some that have left this church and
I grieve over them and I’ll tell you
I have stood in this Pulpit for almost
years I have bled spiritually I have
never stopped giving the full counsel of
God to this church this church was
birthed in my bosom the bosom of the
Holy Ghost and God brought me to these
streets 10 years ago I walked with Jim
simol a pastor booklyn Tabernacle up and
down 14th Street we looked at a theater
near 14th Street two years before we
even came here weeping and crying
praying seeking the face of God for two
years and then I remembered coming into
this city for Street rallies and I Tell
You Folks I I I stood before a devil
almost face to face because I went up
and down these streets weeping my wife
was staying in in the the hotel right
here and uh I would get up at midnight
and I would walk down Time Square and I
would pour my heart out to God and I
knew what it was to have uh
turban turban man stand right next to me
he doesn’t know me and he says get out
of this city you don’t belong here it
was the Devil Himself speaking I knew it
was to walk up 8th Avenue over here a
woman pushing a baby cart and someone
trying to steal the baby and the cart
turns over and I try to rescue the baby
the mother turns on me demon possessed
and says you get out of this city don’t
you touch anything in this city you
don’t belong here get out of this city
curse me I had saved your
baby the Devil Himself time after time
saying get out of this city but there
was a fire god birthed Something in My
Heart in this church I was alone there
was no other preacher with me there was
nobody with me but the angel of the Lord
and he said I’m going to raise up in
this city a church I’m going to raise up
people who are going to move on with God
I’m going to raise up a holy Remnant
people and you go David if it cost your
life you go and you be a Shepherd to
those people and I have not once ever
I’m going to tell you now to your face
everybody in this building there’s never
been a time I’ve been in this Pulpit
that I haven’t received a word from
Heaven directly where I have been on my
knees I don’t get it from books I get
along with God like I’ve done all week
and I hear from heaven and I bring you
the the heart of God nothing else I have
delivered you the heart of
God I have not fled from this Pulpit I
have not abandoned my position I have
been here I’ve been faithful to this
church and I have preached the whole
counsil of God but here’s what Grieves
me some of you have heard enough gospel
you have heard enough truth you have
been warned you have been warned with
holy Thunder you have been warned with
righteousness the pastors that stand in
this church are righteous men I stand
before God is an open
book I stand before God as an open
book and I want to tell you God has
raised up a voice out of this church
that’s gone around the
world absolutely gone around the world
and the devil would do everything in his
power to stut that voice down he’s after
the voice the devil’s a head hunter just
as he was after John the Baptist the
devil’s not satisfied said give me
herodias herodias says give me his head
on a platter and the devil go goes after
the head of every man of God that
preaches the truth in righteousness and
Holiness he said I want your head
there’d been a price on his head there’d
been a price on my head there’s a price
on any man of God who prophesies and
preaches righteousness there’s a price
on his head right out of
hell but what Grieves me is that some
have heard so much gospel been so warned
and yet they’re so quickly absolutely
Blown Away they are blown away by winds
and waves of Doctrine they’re Blown Away
by gospel they’re Blown Away by slander
and they don’t stand I I say did not any
of the word get into the
spirit did the word not come to
life you know why God calls Godly
pastors who are not afraid I don’t fear
any man if I’m in righteousness if you
do that which is right the about who can
harm you who can harm
you but listen listen to
me I want you to go to Hebrews and I’m
going to show you something that
absolutely staggers me it just staggers
me Hebrews fifth
chapter now I’m going to tell you Holy
Ghost going to speak
now he is going to speak to your
heart folks look at
me before you go any
further I’m talking to you as a
pastor who’s called to give his life for
Sheep to lay down his
life I’m not boasting I’m telling you
what I know in my heart from God the
Ghost but I want you to hear something
let me talk to you as Pastor I’m not mad
at anybody I’ve got the anointing on
me Hebrews 5: 11
11 of whom we have many things to say
this is
Hebrews fth chapter 11th verse of whom
we have many things to say and hard to
be HED singing you are dull of hearing
you’re slow of hearing for when for the
time you ought to be teachers you have
need that one teach you again which be
the first principles of the Oracles of
God and are become such as have need of
milk and not of strong meat now look at
me if you have been sitting here for at
least two years if it’s more it’s even a
bigger burden on you but if you’ve been
in this church for more than two years
and you have been listening to the word
of God Paul the Apostle says up to this
time with all the gospel you’ve heard
you ought to be a teacher I’m not
talking about being in a classroom I’m
not talking about being a Sunday school
teacher I’m talking about being a
teacher to those around you the aged
women are supposed to teach the younger
women to be sober minded and to be
submissive to their husband husbands and
to walk in righteousness they to be
teaching them and the men are supposed
to be teaching the younger men everybody
that has been sitting under the gospel
he said you’ve heard enough now if you
have really listened to it if hasn’t
gone in one ear and out the other if
you’ve been just a hearer and not a doer
that’s something else but if you’ve been
a hearer and you want to be a doer and
if you’ve been asking the Holy Ghost to
make the word alive in your heart you
ought to be a teacher why are you being
tossed and turned by gossip and slander
why aren’t you teaching those people
from The Book of Proverbs what the Bible
says why aren’t you teaching them why
aren’t you shutting the mouth of
gossipers and Slanders all around you
why aren’t you stopping winds and waves
of Doctrine false Doctrine and error you
ought to be a
teacher you should be
teaching there ought to be hundreds of
here he said why after all this time why
aren’t you a teacher you’re still a baby
with a bottle in your
mouth you’re a
baby can you imagine a 12 a
seven-year-old boy walking around with a
bottle he said you shouldn’t be a
baby you know who the babies are the
babies have to have it spoonfed they
have to have just milk they want just
simple little message they don’t want to
be reproved they don’t want to be
challenged they want that simple little
message and they don’t want any
responsibility they want to just come
and praise and worship the Lord they
don’t want to get
involved the Bible says you should be a
teacher by
now the word says a wicked doer giveth
heed to false lips and a liar gives ear
to a a gossiping
tongue Proverbs
17:4 now folks is that true or is it not
is that God’s
word you’re getting quiet on me
here now why isn’t it why doesn’t that
work why why don’t you go into the Book
of Proverbs why doesn’t every chrisan go
into the Book of Proverbs and underline
every verse that you can every verse
that you you can underline
it and start teaching
it I I was sitting at a table recently
and there were
ministers one on each side of me we’re
just talking and suddenly they one
looked across me to the other minister
and said did you hear about Brother s so
he’s appointed certain position he was
appointed The Other M oh
no he’s a
phony he said
cheat the other said yeah I know can you
imagine being appointed in a position
like that guy never had an honest bone
in his body and I’m I’m I’m sitting
there listen to this I said these are
ministers ministers are the biggest
gossipers in the
world I was a part of that until the
Lord saved me out of it convicted
me I’ve had you know I’ve had to call
I’ve I’ve called over 15 people that God
brought to my mind that over the past
12- 15 years I I had said something or
hurt them and I had to go and apologize
and I repented before God and every one
of them been healed with
me but since God taught me that I I’m
very conscious whenever I hear it now
and and I suddenly one of the ministers
saw my reaction I was getting up to
leave because I don’t want to hear that
and I have no part of it I walking away
and I noticed this one Minister stop
younger minister so I took this Minister
as side I said because I see something
in you I want to show you what you did
you just slandered a pastor you
slandered a man you said something about
that I had no need to know I don’t want
to know anything about it and God won’t
allow me to listen to it I don’t want to
hear it and I’m sorry for you and I said
if you don’t deal with this it’s going
to destroy your Min going to destroy you
and this young Minister said thank you
so much once I was convicted right in
front of your pres I was so convicted
folks if there what why is it why is it
do you think for one moment that people
who sit around in restaurants and talk
people who sit around in the homes and
get on the telephone you think you’re
going to be ready when Jesus
comes when they’re gossiping and like
you think you going be ready for Jesus
comes the Bible says Paul the Apostle
said that strong meat belong to them
that are a full age even those who by
reason of use have their senses exercise
to discern both good and evil if you are
established in the word of God if you
believe what’s been preached from this
Pulpit you’ve got to have discernment if
the word of God is a frame in you other
words I can stand in front of you I’ll
quote scripture to you I’ll show it to
you from Proverbs I’ll show it to you
from Psalms I’ll show it to you in the
word of God you’ll just come right back
as if I hadn’t said a word because it’s
not on fire you really don’t believe it
if the word of God is a flame and
burning in your heart you can stand and
not be shaken by any wind or wave of
dark nobody can move
Hallelujah the Bible says a tail Bearer
reveal the
secrets but a faithful Spirit covers the
matter a hypocrite with his mouth
destroys his
3:16 let the word of Christ dwell in you
richly in all wisdom teaching and
admonishing one another in Psalms and
hymns and spiritual songs singing with
Grace in your heart to the Lord folks if
you’re going to get together with
anybody and you’re going to talk here’s
what the scripture says you to do let
the word of Christ dwell in you richly
all wisdom teaching admonishing one
another in Psalms and hymns and
spiritual songs singing with Grace in
your hearts oh folks Martin Luther King
had made a statement I have a dream
folks I’ve got a dream also I have a
dream of a
church of a people who are so Bible
literate they are so into the word of
God they have searched this book they
have it marked and the word is alive
because this is the mirror they’ve
searched their hearts through the word
of God folks if if you don’t have the
Book of Proverbs marked every page you
don’t know the Bible at all you ought to
be into the Book of Proverbs BS and I’m
telling you now if you go home in the
next two weeks and just totally Master
The Book of Proverbs it’ll change your
life it’ll change your life I have a
dream of a church where people rise up
and they become teachers they don’t go
around putting people down they don’t go
around condemning people but anybody
tries to put poison in their system
anybody tries to destroy the Church of
Jesus Christ they get the word of God
say brother sister let me tell you what
the word says let me take you to the
book and sit and teach teach teach
I would like I’m going to stop I want to
stop for just a
minute I would like to know in the
balcony here in the main floor how many
have been attending this church
regularly for at least two years will
you stand
please at least two
years about a third of this congregation
remain standing please I’m going to do
what the Holy Ghost I I slipped away
from up on platform went back to the
room to pray the Holy Spirit told me to
do this I’m going to ask I’m going to
ask God to bring you out of the closet
you’re going to come out and you’re
going to take your role as a teacher
keep standing I’m going to ask God to
anoint you right now I want everybody
standing to make yourself a promise you
don’t have to promise me or God make
yourself a promise that you’ll go into
the Psalms and you’ll go in to Proverbs
and you will get your penciled and you
will Mark and you will study that with
everything in your heart so that the
word of God and ask the Holy Ghost to
make it fire in your bones make it fire
in your bones and I’m going to ask God
to bring you out to take your
responsibility as a teacher I dream of a
church where people are so ingrained in
the word of God that nothing comes
against that church can bothered or hurt
it because it’s so strong in the word of
God and I want you to take your role
your calling as a teacher you have need
he Paul said after all this time you
should be teachers you ought to be a
teacher I’m going to ask God by his
Spirit to make you a teacher so that you
you don’t go around condemning people
but you go around anybody anybody wants
to talk anybody wants to say anything
about any brother any sister any
Ministry not just this ministry any
Ministry if it’s slandered on your job
against your boss don’t get involved
with it be a teacher even to those who
don’t know Jesus teach them say well my
Bible says and start memorizing some of
these verses Mark them
and have it ingrained in you I’m going
to pray for you right now I’m going to
pray for you on look at this choir look
here amen I’m going to have a bunch of
teachers behind us teachers hallelujah
how many are willing to take this on if
you are raised both hands will I pray
I’m going to stop my message and I’m
going to pray right now hallelujah holy
spirit you said you ought to be teachers
by now I’m asking you to send the Holy
Ghost upon everyone that has a pure
heart everyone who loves you with
everything in in them God sanctify them
purge them if there’s any poison in
anybody’s system take it out and Lord I
pray you raise up teachers who are into
the word of God they’re not they’re not
just preaching for pastors they’re not
teaching for pastors they’re not trying
to protect anybody they’re protecting
the name of Jesus Christ and the word of
the Living God lord I pray you anoint
them God anoint teachers to teach their
families husbands wives teaching one
another saying here here what the Bible
says here’s what the word says here’s
what the truth is God you shall know the
truth it says and the truth shall set
you free Hallelujah give us this church
oh God that you will raise up teachers
who will stand firm unmovable
unmovable in Jesus
name amen amen let all teachers be
Paul said though we speaking of
preachers or ministers though ministers
or an angel from heaven preach any other
gospel let him be
accursed if an angel called a special
meeting in this
city somebody came to you and said you
you go hear this
Angel and he preaches another
gospel there is not according to the
heart of Christ the Bible says let him
be a cursed because you see those who
are established in the word of God are
unmovable they are strong they are
teachers and they have this ability to
stand strong firm because nothing can
shake them when you’re on the Rock the
word of God you can’t be moved you
cannot be
moved and Paul makes it clear that if
preachers or Angels try to move you away
from that truth that you read and
observe and becomes a flame in your
soul leave it alone
Hallelujah you want to be
ready well he needs when he comes he
should find you teaching
what have you been doing have you been
teaching people have you been teaching
others how to walk how to
live how to honor those do honor is
given to those who are in Authority do
you do
that the Bible also said the bride hath
made herself herself ready and I this is
the second part first of all this bride
has late this bride has the lamp burning
and bright she marching in with the lamp
burning and bright that means her heart
is a flame the word of God’s a
flame folks when when you hear a message
like this you ought to write the verses
down or get the tape and then go look at
refer to the scriptures and replay it
and go back and and say Lord I’m going
to keep reading that verse until it’s on
fire and you have to ask the Holy Ghost
you have to plead with the Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost it’s a dead letter unless you
come and bring it life it it brings
death it has to bring life Holy Ghost
make The Word Alive to my heart
Hallelujah give me another five
minutes this bride got ready first of
all by setting her lamp Ablaze the word
of God alive in her heart and she’s
she’s worthy now she’s taught all of her
sisters she’s taught others and now I
believe also she was heart she was daily
in heart searching I believe that she
made herself ready by searching for
anything that would be a spot of wrinkle
and saying God I want I want everything
unlike my bridegroom I want everything
unlike Jesus out of my life I want it
out I I want God to search everything
you know you can have so much uh Zeal
you can have so much experience with God
and still have a place that that it’s
under uh blindness it’s under darkness
and you need the search light of the
Holy Ghost for the Lord searcheth all
hearts and he understandeth all the
imaginations of the thoughts and he that
searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the
mind of the spirit another verse for the
spirit searcheth all things y the
deepest things of God Jesus himself said
I am he that searcheth the Reigns and
the hearts I search you
out folks when I I see the way some
Christians are going after
sitting even when I see some ministers
the way they go after all they’ve
preached there’s something that cries
inside oh God are these are they
searching themselves are they getting
alone with God are they said oh God am I
saying anything doing anything that’s
going to grieve you am I doing anything
folks I do that every day I do that
every day I did it between Services I
went home laid myself out and before the
Lord and said oh God if there’s anything
in my heart search me turn it on I’ll
obey you just show me show me anything
that’s unlike you anything I say
anything I do it’s unlike Jesus let me
see it let me know it expose
it this this Bride made herself ready
because there when she came in to the
marriage supper of the Lamb she was so
prepared for this man she knew his likes
and dislikes she had prepared herself
she was without spot a wrinkle the Bible
says she dealt with everything in her
life that could Mar her relationship
with her husband to be and oh folks I
believe this with all my heart if you’re
here this this evening and you want the
Holy Ghost to search you he’ll do that
he will search you he’s not in hiding
he’s faithful and he he will not beat
you over the head he doesn’t come with a
hammer he doesn’t come to beat you down
the Holy Ghost is gentle he’s a
comforter and when he shows you these
things he does it only to heal you only
to save you only to make you a teacher
of his word the Holy Ghost is faithful
if you will get alone with God quit
Consulting with people don’t go to men
don’t go to them go on your face folks I
would never I would never ever be
concerned or worried or grieved over any
saint or believer in this church if I
knew you were on your knees searching
yourself be the Holy Ghost you would
come to the church Purge and clean not
by my preaching not by Brother Carter
Conlin’s preaching or any else anybody
else in this Pulpit you would have
already been purged by the holy ghost in
the secret closet you would come here
free and clear and we could start
preaching to Sinners and I’m telling you
when we get to that place God will
release the pastors to preach the
Sinners he’s cleaning up his church
right now he’s trying to turn the search
light unto our hearts and when he’s done
with that when he’s got a People when he
has a people who will go
alone and shut themselves
in I mean every
day search me oh God David said try me
see if there be any wicked way in
me search
me oh he’ll tell you but then you got to
act on
it and if you won’t act on it he not
going to tell you anything else until
you act on that first but if you act on
it not only does he tell you he helps
you deal with it he gives you the wisdom
the courage he comes and empowers you to
obey his will
Hallelujah very
simple I want the word to be a flame in
my heart I want to really believe it and
I want to live by
it I want to live by it I don’t want to
teach by it I want the word so flamed in
me that I I can teach I can speak the
word and I know it’s the heart of God
and secondly I’m going to search my
heart so that there’s nothing in me
that’s unlike my
Jesus if I do that I’m ready to go I’m
ready to go I can say with Paul I’m
ready to be offered
Hallelujah then no Darkness can blind
your eyes no deception can deceive you
no false prophet no nobody can get to
your spirit because you have been led by
the Holy Spirit
hallelujah hallelujah will you
folks let me tell you something about
church this church is going into
Revival God’s moving us
on GNA be this altar this past
Tuesday the altars were so crowded went
all the way back both sides across the
back the Holy Spirit came with such
power and
God’s been speaking to me more and more
recently about preaching
Evangelistic and I think it’s because
he’s about to bring in Sinners on all
sides and going to save and save and
save but tell what he’s going to have
he’s going to have a a body of
people so
searched so in love with the word that
nothing can move them and they’re ready
to teach all these that are coming in my
all you that stood what a what a a
wonderful host of people that can teach
these new conerts that are going to be
coming in we’ve had more people saved in
the past couple months than we’ve had in
the history of the church and yet folks
that’s just the beginning that’s just
beginning folks we’re not just for
we’re not just looking for chist we’re
not looking for numbers we want to see
God move in the city we want to see your
saved if you got unsaved husband wife
relatives we want to see them saved we
want to see Jesus bring them to the
place and folks when that comes uh you
know the Lord the Lord doesn’t keep
reproving once there’s obedience he
moves right on and and he gathers up his
children with Grace and love and joy and
says now I want to use you God wants to
purge us to use us that’s his whole
purpose Hallelujah Lord I pray tonight
that that you will speak into the hearts
of so many that are here as they walk
out of this building tonight as they go
to their cars or the Subway or bus as
they go home Holy Spirit keep this
ringing in their ears you ought to be a
teacher by now you ought to be a teacher
by now teach my word learn it teach it
let it be on fire Search Your Heart see
if there be any wicked way and Lord then
we’ll be prepared as a bride we will be
prepared as a bride the bride prepared
herself Lord let us prepare ourselves
now for what is coming and Lord if we’ll
do this we’ll be ready for the riots
we’ll be ready for the fires we’ll be
ready for explosions we’ll be ready for
anything we’ll be ready to lay our lives
down Jesus because nobody can rob us of
that hope that we have in you
Lord if it’s instant death it’s instant
Glory it’s instant Glory so we have need
no need to fear Hallelujah glory be to
hallelujah this is the conclusion of the