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I really want to share something that’s

been on my heart for a

while and

um something that I’ve spoke

about with some people

and it seems now that I speak about it

now more than ever nearly all people I

meet I think we live in very challenging

and demanding

times and it seems that everywhere we

look and everyone we look at there’s so

much pressure


people just to fit in and just to live

in what is considered as normal

society the standard of living has risen


much there’s so much pressure so much

stress and so much worry on young and

old people alike just to fit

in people have so many problems now and

it seems now more than ever now listen

we live in a real world we’re real

people we know that the world is full of

problems there’s always been marriage

problems there’s always been family

pressures there’s always been money

worries there’s been different work


stresses social

difficulties these are normal and

expected obstacles that people must face

in life and eventually overcome to try

and build a better future and provide

some sort of stability for ourselves and

maybe even for our families

we know that we have to face certain

things we know that we have to overcome

certain things in life with or without

Christ Christian or not we know that we

have to fight and we have to battle and

we got to push on in order to try and

build some sort of a future for

ourselves and our

family but it just

seems now more than

ever the fight is literally been beaten

out of

people and the whole of society

regardless of what they have or where

they’re at or who they’re with people

just seem so

fragile people seem so

brittle life just seems like it could

all fall

apart by strong strong G the

wind regardless of what people have

whether it’s little or

much so many people today seem to be

just barely hanging on by a

threat it seems that after all of our

best efforts all all of our trying to

get better and be better and do

better things have only got

worse can you honestly look at life

around you and say that today we are

better off than we were 20 years

ago are we better people than we were 20


ago are we nicer people are we more

moral than we were 20 year ago I don’t


so the problem is we bought into the


we bought into the LIE of the world and

the LIE of the devil and even the lies

that we tell

ourselves we think that we become better

people because of what we have or where

we go or who we hang around

with stuff

possessions friends even they don’t make


better I think the contrary is true I

think that these things are actually

making us

worse it’s sad to say that I

think that there’s an obstacle which is

now growing and it’s bigger and bigger

than ever before and it’s different

unlike all issues that we have ever

faced this one isn’t external it’s not

on the outside it’s not something that

we can go to work and earn some more

money and overcome it or go on a holiday

and get away from or spend some time

with family and friends because this is

not external the problem that we’re

facing the one that is growing and

growing and growing larger and larger

and is getting out of control is

internal it’s this obstacle has probably

become the biggest enemy to

humanity that we have ever

known and the obstacle is called anxiety


depression you could be a beggar on a

street and you can be a king in the

corner and you can both suffer with the

exact same thing you can be in a cold

field in the middle of Sur or you can be

in the

Bahamas and you can still suffer with

the exact same thing because this is not

something that you can leave behind this

is not something you can run away from

this is not something you can hop on a

plane train or an automobile and try to

escape from wherever you go we seem to

be bringing this pressure this internal

pressure this worry this stress this

depression with

us there was a Harvard psychiatrist in

America his name was Dr Armand

Nikolai very accomplished man very

intelligent man he said this he said

depression is such a serious problem

whether it’s mild or severe depression

now affects more people in our culture

than any other emotional

disorder it’s now estimated that between

30 and 40 million

Americans twice as many women as men

will experience depressive illness at

least once in life he said that

depression is so common it is now called

the common cold of mental

illness depression rates have grown so

much that every year it’s

2.1% so they’re saying that every year

2.1% more children aged between five

five years old and 19 have been

diagnosed with

depression in 2006 suicide was the 11th

leading cause of death in the United

States of America it claimed 33,300

lives per year on

average but now suicide rates among the

youth between 15 to 24 have increased

200% in the last 50

years and you’re telling me life is

getting better

you’re telling me that Society is

developing and evolving and we’re making


better the suicide rate now is an an

all-time high in people who are 85 Plus

an 85y old a 90 year old some of them

can’t haven’t got the patience no longer

just to wait for God and to die of

natural causes that their life is so

depressed that pressure is so much that

we have 90 year olds killing

themselves in

Switzerland they now have legalized

euphanasia what that means is assisted

suicide if you just decide you don’t

want to live anymore rather than going

through the hassle of killing yourself

you can go and book yourself in a clinic

and they’ll do for

you and it’s now

legal four times more men than women

kill themselves so for every one woman

who kills herself four men kill

themselves but three times more women

than men attempt

suicide now as Born Again Believers we

understand and we know that the world is

a wicked place we know that the world is

a hopeless place we understand that also

possessions and riches and relationships

can offer some sort of

fulfillment above all

we would like to Proclaim and we’d like

to profess and we’d like to say that

only true fulfillment and contentment

and joy is found in Jesus Christ we all

say Amen but one person said

amen and that’s 100% true amen

amen but it’s still also 100% true that

even as

Christians we can still get

depressed we can still feel lost we can

still feel hopeless we can feel hollow

like there’s nothing inside that there’s

just nothing you’re just empty have you

ever felt that way

yes the meaning of the word

anxiety the word anxiety means to be

nervous or to be

worried because pressure is so great on

society and in life we see so many

people who are worried about so many

things Miley preached a fantastic word

on anxiety a few days ago best I ever

heard probably best I ever heard because

I can relate to it so

much anxiety means to be very

worried but the word depression has two

meanings number one depression means to

be pressed down to have so much pressure

applied upon you you are feeling very

low number

two depression means to be made Hollow

empty and the difference between anxiety

and depression is this in simple terms

when you’re anxious when you have

anxiety you’re worried about everything

you’re worried about the children you’re

worried about the husband you’re worried

about the wife you’re worried about your

parents you’re worried about your

friends you’re worried about the church

you’re worried about what to wear what

to eat where to go it can be very

anxious thing and it’s a horrible thing

because you don’t want to worry you know

you shouldn’t worry but you begin to

worry about everything that’s that’s

anxiety depression on the other hand is

when you’re worried about

nothing when you wouldn’t care if the

whole world blew

up so you can imagine these two are

complete Polar

Opposites but the worst thing about the

whole lot is when a person is suffering

for these two opposite things at the


time when you’re so blocked up with so

much pressure and so much worry and

you’re getting so pressed down by the

weight of all of these worries that

eventually your strength is dried up

you’re brought to the point of emptiness

you’re Hollow you’re beat down and

you’re only a shell of the person that

you used to be and your head and your

emotions are so mixed up you don’t know

if you’re worried you don’t know if

you’re not worried you don’t know what

to do so all you can do is give

up and you despair of life you don’t

want to be around people you don’t want

to be around Church you don’t even want

to be in the around God because in

church among Christians we’re expected

to walk in with a Pentecostal smile and

a spring in our step and everything’s


Rosy and it would be lovely if that was


truth but life is real and life is hard

and anyone who tells you different

hasn’t experienced much life that’s

right maybe you’ve been in that state


quite possibly you’re in that state


now you probably come to this Mission

as one last go on the merry go

around cling into some sort of hope that

God is going to speak to

you maybe you have sickness in your

family maybe you have lost loved ones

maybe you got a sick child a sick parent

maybe you’re sick yourself maybe you’re

not sick maybe you’re as healthy as a

trout but you have so much worry and

pray pressure and anxiety worried about

what people think of you worried about

how you look worried about where you go

worried about this worried about

that you’re just fed up of everything

and you cannot wait till the day you

close your eyes and you don’t ever wake


again I think it’s worse for us to

suffer such

things because we’re the people of the

book we have the word of God we’re the

ones who are meant to trust in God word

we’re meant to be the ones who have all

of the

answers we’re meant to be the ones who

know all the answers and if someone is

to come up to us in the world we can say

look Jesus can offer you hope Jesus can

offer you uh life he will give you

fulfillment and these things we know

don’t we you probably point out a few

scriptures you probably shared a few on


media but let me tell you this brothers


sisters it’s one thing knowing the truth

and it’s a different thing entirely

trying to put that truth into

practice we know that Christ gives joy


fulfillment but sometimes it can be so

hard to see through all of your problems


worries the Bible says grab a hold of

the promises of God how do you do that

you don’t do it with your hands the

Bible says see that the Lord is good how

do you do that you don’t do that with

your eyes taste that the Lord is good

you don’t do that with your tongue so

this goes beyond you and I this goes

beyond the Physical Realm this means

that we have to step outside of dealing

with our own problems the way we usually

do and we have to think as and live as

spiritual people and trust in

God I’m going to give you a wonderful

biblical example of

this turn with me to the Book of Psalms

in chapter



42 in this particular

Psalm King David and the sons of Kor

they seem to be in Exile what that means

is that they’ve been run out they’ve

been chased out of their own home by

their enemies and they’re no longer in

the place where they’re comfortable

they’re no longer in the presence of God

they’re no longer worshiping the Lord in

the temple with the sacrifices in in

Fellowship and they’re under so much

pressure and they’re under so much worry

it seems like everything and everyone

has come against them family friends

enemies I guarantee you felt like that

at some point in your life where

everybody’s come against you family

friends and

enemies but you know who the worst and

most overlooked enemy of all times is

especially when you’re in that


yourself yourself you can be and I have

been My Own Worst Enemy at times like

this because you’re completely locked

away with your own thoughts you’re in

the prison of your own mind you’re

trapped only you can open that door if

Christ opens the door only you can walk

out but you become so

comfortable you don’t think you need to

get out or if you do want to get out you

just don’t think you have it in you to

get out and everything is up and


look at what the salala says here verse

one as a deer pants for the water Brooks

so my soul pants for you oh God my soul

thirsts for the God for the Living God

When shall I come and appear before God

my tears have been my food night and day

while all the while they say to me where

is your

God as a deer pants for the water I am

completely thirsty y I am dried up and I

know that my soul pants for you oh God I

know that you’re the solution to my

problem I know that you’re the only one

who can give me rest you’re the only one

who can give me

Comfort how long oh Lord till I come

back into your

presence how long till I get back before

the Living God you’re in a complete

Despair and you’re asking yourself Lord

I know that only you can help me and I

know where I need to be but I just don’t

know how to get there look how long Lord

why do I have to be left like this why

can’t I just come into your presence

now why do I have to wait for so long in

this place where I’m at this dry and

thirsty Lonesome place my tears have

been my food all night and day the only

thing I can put to my lips is the tears

rolling down my face and I know that

you’re the solution I know that you’re


answer but

when when

lord well all the while they say to me

where is your god you complet you you

feel sorry at this time completely

abandoned Forsaken and

forgotten you’re forgotten about by the

people of God nobody cares for you in

the church nobody Rings you nobody

textes you nobody checks on you you feel

completely abandoned and forsaken by

God and the people who you would like to

get some sort of encouragement for maybe

your family maybe they’re unsaved the

church didn’t do it so you run back to

the unsaved and only thing they can say

is where is your god nice Christian you

are about the

giant where’s

yours and all because of that you feel


ashamed and you don’t want to tell

people your problems you don’t want to

wear your heart and your sleeve instead

you want to conceal it and you want to

hide it and you don’t want to speak

about it because you look weak you look

foolish you look

stupid till you lock it away inside your

heart and your mind and all of a sudden

it’s CLA from the inside out and it’s

destroyed draing you from the inside

out but our

pride our anxiety what people think we

look like what we’re

doing he said these things I remember as

I pour out my soul within

me he’s pouring out his soul he’s laying

it all before God and he’s remembering

he’s reminiscing he says for I used to

go along with throng and Lead The

Possession in the house of God and with

the voice of joy and Thanksgiving a

multitude keeping

Festival I’m remembering all of the good

things I used to do in the presence of

God when I had so much happiness I had

so much joy did you ever say to yourself

if I could ever get back to the person I

used to

be I know I’m a

mess I know I’ve messed up I know I’m

down I know I’m lonely I know I’m broken

but if I could ever get back to the

person I meant to be I remember years

ago back in 197 6 and so on and so forth

and we try and convince ourselves and we

try and remember the good things in

order to bring ourselves

up but at the same time we’re so down

traing we’re trying to convince

ourselves that this is only a season

it’s going to pass and we know it’s

going to pass and it will pass that’s

the truth it will

pass but sometimes memories is not what

we need we need to hear and out don’t

we then all of a sudden he asks this

question he’s remembering he’s pouring

out his soul he’s crying before God he’s

asking when Lord will I come into your

presence he’s remembering when he was in

God’s presence we’ve all been there then

all of a sudden he asks this

question he says why are you in despair

oh my

soul he’s trying to figure out in his

own heart in his own mind he’s saying

why have you become this Disturbed


me the question now is not when but why

how did I get myself

here why am I in this situation why is

my soul Disturbed within me why am I in

such a morbid horrible

condition when you already know the

answers that’s the worst thing about the

whole lot when someone comes up to you

and tries to give you scripture or

someone tries to share with you the word

of God you’ve heard it all before and it

just doesn’t seem to resonate it’s not

clicking in brain because I’ve already

heard I don’t want to hear no more and

you’re looking for answers outside of

the truth that you already have this is

the confusing thing about depression

because he says this in the very next

verse hope in God for I shall again

praise him for the help of his

presence why am I Disturbed why am I in

despair that’s the question here’s the

answer hope in

God I know the answer me me

head just can’t seem to grab a hold of

it in me

heart he says my God my soul is in

despair within

me so now he’s looking outside of

himself he’s looking back towards God

he’s saying Lord my soul is in despair

within me my soul is broken my soul is

desperate therefore I remember you from

the land of the Jordan from The peaks of

Herman and from Mount

Mah do you know the word worst part of

the I think the worst thing about

depression is you don’t actually know

what caused

it have you ever felt really down or

really depressed and you just you just

wish you could crawl up in a ball and

die and someone keeps saying to you

what’s wrong with you what’s wrong with

you I don’t know you must know what’s

wrong with you I don’t know I genuinely

don’t know if I knew I’d fix it it

wouldn’t be wrong with me would

it that’s the problem with

depression you don’t actually know where

it’s coming from from you can’t put your

finger on what’s actually causing

it because you’ve had so much anxiety

because you’ve had so much stress

because you’ve locked so much in you’re

not now aware of the straw that broke

the camel’s

back you held on to so much when you

should have been given it over you don’t

know what actually is the the the the

final nail in the coffin you don’t

know so you ask questions you search

your heart you search your mind you ask

of God why am I in despair why am I

desperate why am I

Disturbed I’m trying to have positive

thoughts I’m trying to set my mind in a

Godly place I’m trying to remember the

fellowship I used to have I’m trying to

remember the presence of God I’m trying

to go back to times when times were

good but I just can’t grab a hold of

us he said this in verse seven

deep calls to deep at the sound of your

waterfalls all of your Breakers and your

waves have rolled over

me deep calls to Deep by the sound of

your waterfalls all of your Breakers and

your waves have rolled over me do you

know what he’s saying here to the god

he’s saying Lord I am being crushed I am

being crushed and I feel suffocated and

I feel like I’m drowning in this

situation deep calls to deep from the

deep depths of the situation that I’m in

from this deep anguish inside of my

heart I’m calling out to you

Lord I feel suffocated I feel like I’m

drowning I feel like I’m under so much

pressure I can’t keep my head above

water and I don’t know what to do I’m

calling out to you

God and all of a

sudden once again

he says

this not only is he remembering what

used to happen in the presence of God he

now has to set his mind on what God is

going to do in his situation and that’s

what we have to do it’s not enough to


about last year’s

convention or next year’s seminar we

have to worry about what God is going to

do for us here and now listen to what he

says the Lord will command his loving

kindness in the daytime and his song

will be with me in the night I know that

every after every dark night a new day


risen and the Lord will command his

loving kindness to me in that

daytime this is going to pass brothers

and sisters what you’re feeling what

you’re going through what you the

pressure you’re under I am telling you

this with all faithfulness by the

authority of the word of God it will

pass it will pass he will command his

love and kindness in the daytime and his

song will be with you in the

night no longer will will you be in that

Dark Lonely place in

despair but there will be

rejoicing you Lord there’ll be rejoicing

there’ll be a

song and I will say to the God my

rock why have you forgotten me why do I

go about mourning because of the

oppression of the enemy as the

shattering of Bones and the adversary

revile me while they say to me all day

long where is your go where is your

god why are you in despair oh my soul

There He Go Go he’s at it again listen

what happens he goes from negative to

positive negative to positive he just

said that God’s going to command his

loving kindness towards him he just

reminding himself that it is going to

pass but then all of a sudden it gets

right back down to the nitty-gritty

again I will say to my God why have you

forgotten me why do I go about mourning

because of thepress of my enemy as the

shattering of my bones my adversaries

revile me while they say to me all day

long where is your god why are you in

despair oh my soul why have you become

so Disturbed within me hope in God for I

shall again praise him cuz he is the

help of my countenance

Hallelujah I know today I could feel on

top of the world and thank God I do I’ve

had a very blessed time with each and

every one of you this week but I know

tomorrow I could be at rock

bottom and I know again that God will

bring me out of

it and then I know again that I can

bring myself back into

it cuz some people the lucky ones they

probably only get depressed once in

life but because life is so

depressing we can seem to fall into the

habit of the ever ending cycle of going

through the mill time and time again I’m

up and I’m down and I’m up and I’m down

I’m up and I’m

down it’s me as well that’s all of us if


truthful but let me tell you this

regardless of how you feel regardless of

what you’re going through regardless of

your situation regardless of your

emotions regardless if you have a

million friends or no friends a million

pound or no

pounds we change circumstances change

people people change relationship change

but God Remains the

Same that’s our hope our hope is not in

circumstances because we can’t because

we can fall to the ground and drop a hat

that’s right our hope is not in money

because money can be very hard to earn

and very easy to get rid

of hard times can fall upon anybody our

hope is not in

health because healthier people than you

and I have dropped dead in a

heartbeat our hope is in the Living

God in the Living God and do you know if

I never had one friend do you know if I

never had one

pound I have

God and if you’re a child of God so do

you Hallelujah if you have no

help God is your

help he is a help listen what it says in

Psalms 94:1 17 if the Lord had not been

my help then my soul would have dealt

sorry my soul would have dwelt in the

Abode of Silence if I should say my foot

has slipped your loving kindness oh Lord

will hold me up when my anxious thoughts

multiply within me your consolations are

the Delight of my

soul when I have no

help I have God and if God had not been

my help then my depressed lowly Despair

and broken Soul would have to remain in


forever which is not a good news

brothers and sisters it doesn’t have to

remain in silence we can Rejoice with

joy and Thanksgiving that God is our

help he is our help if I should say that

my foot has slipped that means I’ve

slipped away to the point of no

return I’ve let you down I’ve let God

down I’ve let the church down I’ve let

my family down I’ve let myself down I’ve

slipped I’ve done

wrong if I should say

that then your loving kindness oh Lord

will hold me up and when my anxious

thoughts multiply within me when I’m

full of this worry this stress and this

anxiety and this

pressure your consolations Delight my

soul it’s the comfort of God that will

truly give you comfort

amen because the god that we

have Accord according to 2 Corinthians


7 says

this but God who comforts the

depressed the god that we have is a god


comfort and

tonight the meeting is not over just

because I

preached I think we should pray we

should seek and we should Worship the

Lord and we should look for that true

comfort that only comes from the Samus

knew the Samus knew he said I will again

hope in God

I might be in this low place

today but if God sees fit whenever he’s

ready he will pull me out at the right

time because he gives Comfort to the

depressed let’s

pray most gracious father