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I want to talk to you about being

allured Into the Wilderness a lord Into

the Wilderness and I’d like you go to

Hosea the second chapter of Hosea

alert Into the Wilderness

uh second chapter verses 14 and 15.

therefore behold I will Allure her and

bring her into the Wilderness and speak

comfortably unto her and I will give her

her Vineyards from thence and the valley

of acar for a Door of Hope and she shall

sing there as in the days of her Youth

and as in the day when she came up out

of the land of Egypt

Heavenly Father

I pray for a word from heaven for those

tonight who are discouraged and those

that you brought to this service who

need a miracle those who are here for

the first time those are here Lord on

just a few times those who make this

their Church home Lord you know exactly

what was needed tonight and you prepared

it and I pray Lord Jesus you give me

your touch that the fire of the Holy

Ghost burn these words Lord we’re not

here to put in time we’re here to

minister to you and be ministered to

Lord this is life and death so I

acknowledge you my need for you the

anointing the power and the presence of

the spirit of the Living God make these

words as simple as they are and short as

they may be God drive them into our

hearts I pray in Jesus name amen now I

want to talk to you tonight about your

trying times

your times of testing

your difficult troubled times your

discouraging times your Wilderness times

your downcast times the times when

you’re blue and down and out and hurting

now look at me please I would I would

imagine I would hope to believe that the

majority of you sitting in this church

tonight are not down in fact you’re high

you’re on some spiritual High I wish

everybody was on a spiritual High I mean

just just haven’t you’re on the mountain

today God bless you if you are you can

just sit by while I talk to those who

are going through it

and by the way

get the tape

and save it

for next week

the Christian experience is not always

on the mountain it’s not always a

spiritual High

and I want to tell you why

if you’re in a spiritual struggle


I want to tell you how you got there

and what it’s all about when you know

how you got into this place this

Wilderness dry place that you’re in if

you know how you got there

and you know why you’re there then it

makes it easier to endure

and that’s why I want to take you into

this now in in Hosea the first chapter

and in the second chapter up to the 14th

verse God is talking to Israel as a

harlot wife who has cheated on him and

gone out and committed idolatry

and he comes back with a prophet and he

says I want you to plead I want you to

plead for Israel Israel at this point

was really backslidden and God said

because you’re backslidden I’m going to

strip you I’m going to strip you of all

of those things that you loved I’m going

to build a wall around you so that you

can’t penetrate it I’m going to wall you

in I’m gonna I’m gonna put thorns in

your path so that you are confused in

fact you try to walk any further away

from me it’s going to be very very

painful for you

and when you read Hosea the prophet the

first chapter and the second chapter you

see God saying you have cheated on me

you have sinned against me and because

of that I’m going to have to make things

very very difficult for you

and yet the Lord saying I’m not going to

give up on you

and folks this is the most important

thing I believe a Christian has to

understand that God’s not mad at his


that that God is always out to save us

he’s always out to redeem us he’s always

out to deliver us God is a deliverer by

name that is his name he is a savior

he’s a deliverer

and and folks uh

the way some preachers preached today

you would think that that God has just

got a whip in his hand all the time and

loves to chase him no God says he that’s

not his favorite thing God does not love

to Chase and he chastens those he loves

but he calls that his hard task it’s

difficult for God it’s the pain of God

I remember some of you remember a

message I preached in fact the pain of

God there had been a number of people

that had slandered me at that particular


out of nowhere stuff that was off the

wall and and it was very painful and I

said God you’re gonna have to deal with

them and God made it very clear he said

if you knew how hard it is for me to

discipline how hard it is for me to

spank my children and how painful it is

you would ask for that I do it because

it’s my law but it’s a painful thing for

me to do that

I I remember telling God when I came

through a hard time I said Lord

I don’t ever want to have to go through

that again

and Lord said neither do I

neither do I don’t want to go through

that with you again David it pained me

to see how you hurt it pained me all

that you went through and all the

discipline I had to give it was

difficult on me

and I know that to be a fact

here God is saying to the Israelites

though you have failed me and now

they’re at the point of total

discouragement they have no hope

uh the world no longer answers to their


they have a foreign a hedge of thorns

about them they are walled in they don’t

know which way to turn and so at this

moment God says therefore or because

you’re at this hard place

folks I don’t know how you got into your

hard place at first how it begin

now sometimes our hard place comes by

sin and the sin that I want to talk

about is the sin of unbelief

now you can talk to me about adultery

fornication gambling drugs promiscuous

sex all of those sins and God despises


but he’s more patient with all of those

sins combined than he is with the sin of

unbelief it was the sin of unbelief that

brought Israel into idolatry and our

modern day idolatry is the sin of

unbelief or how that ties the hand of

God how that strips us of everything

that God wants to do how it stops the

flow of rivers

I preached that I was in Montreal last

weekend I wasn’t here Sunday if you

recall I preached to the largest giving

of men in the history of the corrupt

Province and to see God’s holy spirit

come down I’d preached about all your

Rivers flowing a message I’d preached

here how when our unbelief comes to the

surface it blocks up all our rivers of

blessing of joy and peace

and these people had all the rivers

blocked nothing of blessing was coming

into their lives

and they were hurting

and folks God in his love will let you

reach a place where you hurt where where

all comfort is taken from you it’s not

that the Holy Spirit has left you but

you’re in a in a place where God is

trying to speak and trying to do

something now look at verse Hosea 2

verse 14 again

therefore in other words listen very

closely because you’re at your lowest

possible place

because I brought you down and you seem

to be hopeless

therefore behold I will Allure her and

bring her into the wilderness


look at me please that word allure in

Hebrew is a a root word that means to

open and enlarge

God says because you’re in this tight


I’m going to do something

I’m going to bring you into the

Wilderness I’m going to bring you into a

very dry hard uh place where there’s no

water there’s no refreshment I ain’t

going to bring you it’s not the flesh

it’s not the devil

now folks this ought to be encouragement

to you when God says because you were

you have brought yourself into this

place and because I love you I’ve had to

allow you to come down

I’ve had to strip you I’ve had to bring

you this place now therefore I’m going

to bring you into a drier place you’re

in a hard I’m going to bring you into a

place that is absolutely lonely

where it’s just you and I and he said

I’m going to bring you into this Wilder

I’m going to lure you now that’s not

tempting that’s not seducing the real

word is I’m going to bring you into a

place of enlargement I’m going to open

up your spirit I’m going to open up your


you’ve been closed in I’m going to bring

you into a difficult hard trying dry

empty place

well I can enlarge you

I will bring you look at it again

therefore behold I that’s God speaking I

will Allure her

and bring her into the Wilderness who

brought you into the wilderness

is that God speaking

it’s God speaking

I will bring you into this wilderness

now some of you may not be there but I

think you’ve been there

if not then there you’re going there

I heard uh tape someone sent me a tape

this week from a Prosperity conference

and it was brother Jim Baker speaking

and I tell you did he preach


he said I’m here to tell you and people

were walking out by the hundreds

and you can see on the camera they had

their hands folded

he said God sent me to jail God took me

to that heart empty dry place because my

theology was wrong

he said I took out of the Bible all the

suffering and all the pain and all the


and he went through it he said we have

made a mistake

and he just the power of God was on him

I never heard such preaching in my life

it was incredible

but you see

many people don’t want to hear that

they don’t want to hear that you know

they want to hear well God will bless

you he will prosper I believe God wants

to bless his people I believe God just

like I love to bless my children I love

to do things for my children God loves

to do things for his children he wants

us to be blessed and happy in him

but that can’t happen until he produces

the character that can handle it

the hardest thing to handle is


I’ll tell you what you talk about being

tested people will pass the test of

poverty when they can’t pass the test of

prosperity the Bible says when children

of Israel were prospered Jerusalem

Jesuit which is Jerusalem Israel

backslid they grew fat and cold and hard

they couldn’t handle the blessing

because they hadn’t had the testing to

bring out the character that could

handle the blessings oh God will bless

you when he knows you can handle it

but God says I’m going to bring you into

this place I’m going to let you suffer I

will let things be dry it’s called a dry


and some of you are thirsty here tonight

because you’re in a dry spell

and you’re going to get to the Altar and

I want to give an invitation and you’re

going to get soaked

because of God’s promise Hallelujah this

is not a depressing message this is a

positive message of hope that prophet’s

giving us here I will bring her in to

the Wilderness and speak comfortably and

in Hebrew it’s be kindly unto her now

isn’t that the grace of God when we have

through our unbelief and through our

sinning brought ourselves into a very

difficult place where God has to stop us

right there and say all right here’s

where you brought yourself this is

self-imposed difficulties now I’m going

to bring you into my place of difficulty

I’m going to bring you into Wilderness

where it’s just you and me

and folks when you stand at the Judgment

Day your pastor’s not going to stand

beside you the hospital wife are not

going to be there it’s one on one we all

answer to God for ourself

so you’d better have a handle now you’d

better know where you stand with God God

so I’m going to bring you and Israel

when God took Israel out of Egypt he’s I

brought you to myself

brought them into this place of testing

unto his own heart he said I will speak


to you

in other words you’re going to get to

know my voice

folks let me tell you

at my age now and having served God all

my life

in our prayer time today I reminded the

Lord said Lord I’ve never known the

world I’ve never wanted the world

has called to preach at eight years of

age and preached as a teenager in all

these years my whole life has been Jesus

and I thank him for keeping me

but I I want you to know right now

that if I have learned to know his voice

and that which I know of his voice has

come to me in these testing times it’s

come to me when he’s taken me apart and

allowed me to to feel uh the absolute uh

downness of the flesh the helplessness

and hopelessness of the flesh until I I

can’t hear any other voice until I get

hungry to know God I want to be holy

dependent upon you and this woman Israel

in Hosea 1 and 2 had been the Bible

calls her leaning on her lovers

now when we lean on our lovers that

means leaning on the flesh turning to

people for advice turning to counselors

turning to the telephone always wanting

somebody to give us a word and not

knowing the voice of God ourselves and

sometimes and I believe that clearly for

somebody tonight the Reason God brought

to this place you’ve called everybody

you’ve tried everything else God says

now when are you going to be holy

dependent on me when are you going to

let me speak that still Small Voice into

your heart where you get to know my

voice God said I’ll speak to you but not

until I get you in the wilderness first

you’re going to get to know my voice and

that that hard testing time that’s where

I’ve got to know his voice

I was thinking about it

I was telling someone about it yesterday

a number of years ago my wife in I think

her third or fourth operation of cancer

my daughter Debbie with cancer

and at that particular time everything

their financial problems in the ministry


my son had been on a headline Collision

but was delivered

but it just seemed like everywhere I

turned it was Wilderness it was testing

and it got the place where I couldn’t

handle it anymore in the flesh

and I remember going into my wife was in

the hospital I said I can’t even go in

there and face her now I’m too damp I

don’t know what to do Lord

I went into a hotel room

near the hospital and laid on the bed

and stretched out and said Lord

unless you speak to me I can’t go on

another moment I’m just gonna have to

lay here and try to sleep for the next

48 hours

I don’t know where to turn I don’t know

what to do

and holy spirit in that time

said David don’t do anything just lay


and let me embrace you

and he put his arms around me in the


and gave me one word one word

he makes all wars to cease

he makes all wars God said David you

have nothing to fear

though has no power

I’m able

now let your Wars one by one let him go

let your wife go put her in my hands let

your daughter put her in my hands your


he smashed the car it was totaled but he

came out of it without a scratch didn’t


all my Wars he started putting out all

the fires and all the wars it’s not go

up get up go into hospital room

administer to Gwen

I get up

and from that time on there was a change

because he took me to the wilderness

and he spoke to me there kindly

when you’re down and you’re hurting

God’s not going to send a prophet and

beat on you he’s not going to send a

preacher and tear your soul apart when

you’re down and out he’s going to do

just like he’s doing now he’s going to

minister kindly he said I’m going to

speak kindly to you God is not mad at

you God brought you to this place but he

did it because he wants his word to get

into your heart he wants you to be holy

dependent on him and not trust in man or


Paul said I know no man after the flesh

from now on I know only Christ and him

crucified that doesn’t mean that there

there is good advice but if anybody gets

advice you already got your word from

God anybody’s anything anybody it has to

confirm what God’s already told you

I see people running all over the place

doing so many stupid things that who

told you that well brother so and so


somebody handed me a letter I was at our

Bible school yesterday and the student

had a letter some big prophecy somebody

gave to him said this time next year

you’re going to meet your wife

well that poor kid he’s going to be 12

years looking at every woman that comes

in around

that poor kid’s gonna and if and if if

it’s a 12th month and there’s nobody

there at the last two weeks if that

Providence if it’s not fulfilled he’s

going to get desperate and he’s going to

make a compromise if he doesn’t wake up

God doesn’t put somebody under a burden

for 12 months


just serve God while your heart heal or

she or he will cross you a path God will

do it supernaturally


that was a a man of faith

I will

give her Vineyards from fence from that

place I’ll give you Vineyards now listen

he said I’m going to take you Into the

Wilderness I’m going to do that

and there I’m going to speak kindly to


and then he says in that place I’m going

to give you Vineyards now he didn’t say

I’m going to give you a tree which

represents or I’m going to give you a

basket of fruit I’m going to make you


he goes beyond that

he’s saying something here that’s so

superlative so Supernatural

he’s talking about character he’s giving


that really the tree that produces the

fruit character is the tree that

produces the fruit everything comes from

having honesty and Truth in the inner

man having Godly character

God says

I’m working on your character

I’m going to make it so that you you

don’t have just Sparks of fruit you just

don’t have times and seasons of goodness

and Holiness and righteousness and then

up and down in and out hot and cold I’m

trying to produce in you I want to make

you a Vineyard that’s always producing I

want character in you he said and in

this Valley in this dry spell in this

testing time I am going to make you a


I’m going to give it to you that’s going

to be your heritage

now folks if you’re in a hard place

tonight that ought to be great comfort

that God’s producing characters so oh

brother books and I can’t see that I

can’t feel it no you don’t see it you

don’t feel it it’s got something doing

Supernatural you may not even know it it

may be a month later or two months later

that you will know God did something in

that hard time you said well brother

Dave there’s a cloud over my head

because the Bible says next I will cause

you to sing there

I’m going to make the valley of acar a

valley of hope you remember the valley

vehicle that’s where Aiken sinned

against God they went up against A.I and

they ran before their enemies

and what what the Lord is saying where

before because you lack the the root and

you didn’t have the Christian character

that you needed you fled before your

interview I’m going to give you a strong

character I can make your spiritual your

personality and the spirit strong you’re

not going to run from your enemies on it


you see the valley of acar was the last

was absolutely the doorway into Canaan

land and folks the place that you’re at

is a doorway of Hope into a whole new

realm in the Holy Spirit

of righteousness that is of his and he

says I’m going to cause you to sing

you said but I don’t feel like singing

when you’re down and out you don’t feel

like singing

but God says I’m going to put a song in

your heart

you say there’s a cloud hanging me over

brother over me brother Dave there’s a

dark cloud hanging over me

of depression there’s a dark cloud

of fear guilt condemnation I don’t know

what it is a cloud hanging over your


but I want you to know God’s saying I’m

going to chase that cloud away all he

has to do is huff and puff a little bit

and that cloud is gone and he says my My

Sunshine is behind the cloud and it’s

going to break one of these days folks

what you’re going through is not going

to stay long it is going to be passed

I have been in places sometimes I if you

could read my journal for

for I remember a four-month period of


where I cried every morning

my wife had to sometimes pick me up off

a chair to move me

and and so weary and so uh tested and so

tried and you read in my journal it said

oh God will this never end will it never


and and and then did we scripture after

scripture come to me and God said it

will end it will end whatever you’re

going through the cloud it’s going to


it’s going to end you may not understand

it that it’s going to end

the sorrow the mourning the hardship the

heartache the financial disaster the

crisis it’s going to pass

do you hear it I said it’s going to go

it’s going to pass


Hallelujah and you shall sing there in

that Valley of acre Hallelujah

you don’t ever want to go back

but you’ll thank God when you come

through for the character that he’s

produced then you realize that God was

in it all the time

don’t go trying to blame the devil for

what God is doing God is doing it he’s

he’s producing something in you rejoice

now I want you to go now to to Isaiah


here’s the good part really good part

before we close

Isaiah 54 let’s start verse 14.

does everybody have it

well I still hear the rustling of the

leaves here

all right Isaiah 54 I want you to read

it follow me please verse 14 beginning

to read right through 17.

in righteousness shall thou be


thou shall be far from oppression

for thou shall not fear

and from Terror it shall not come near


all right now look every fruit just a

minute you may be in this Valley Vapor

you may be taken into the Wilderness by

the by the Lord he’s going to do all

these things that he said to you for you

but more than anything else he’s

producing righteousness in you the

righteousness which is by faith because

when you’re in the wilderness you can’t

do anything you can’t produce anything

there’s there are no resources you have

to be totally dependent on the Lord and

that’s where our rightness is by faith

our works are filthy rags

our righteousness is his righteousness

given to us by our faith we respond

Jesus it’s your blood sprinkle me not my

righteousness but the righteous of Jesus

Christ that’s what he’s going to do in

this Wilderness for you

and and I’ll tell you what he’s going to

deal with your enemies

human enemies

demon enemies

all principalities and powers of


God’s going to deal with you don’t have

to be revengeful you don’t have to fight

this battle

you you have somebody in the job

harassing you

you have somebody that job hates you and

they get together with others and they

pile up against you

and then you know they’re talking about

you every time you turn around

do you have relatives

in-laws Outlaws

is there anybody in this building

tonight doesn’t have enemies

like your name and address

I’d like to give you a medal

if you’re doing anything for God you’re

going to have enemies

you’re going to have enemies

but let me show you what happens verse

15 behold they shall surely gather


they’re going to get together against

you but not by me

God said I didn’t send them out they’re

not they’re they I didn’t raise them up

against you

not by me whosoever Shall Gather

together against thee shall fall for thy


you know people say Brother David

you want you want me to prove it’s for

you and me

look at verse 16. behold

I have created the Smith that bloweth

the coals in the fire and to bringeth

forth an instrument for his work now

I’ve created the ways to destroy and by

the way the hot times that you’re in

God’s creating an instrument for his use

that’s what he says in verse 16.

all right look at this

no weapon

no weapon

no weapon of the devil no weapon of any

human being that is formed against they

shall prosper

and every tongue that shall rise against

in judgment Dawson condemn all right

here’s the proof that’s for you and me

this is the heritage of the Servants of

the Lord now are you a servant of the


so this is for every servant of the Lord

that’s the testimony there and finish it

out with me this is the heritage of the

Servants of the Lord and their

righteousnesses of me saith the Lord

God said don’t worry what people say

about you I see you as righteous because

I’ve been working on you Hallelujah

I want you to stand

no weapon formed against you

nobody going to bring you down

nobody’s going to be able to hurt you


now I come back to this request

hard times I’m having hard times

emotionally I need spiritual guidance I

hope you’ve got your spiritual guidance

through the word here tonight now I’m

going to open the altars

and I want to pray prophetically tonight

and earnestly for those

who say brother Wilkerson

I needed this tonight


knows I needed this tonight I I am in

that hard difficult Wilderness right now

I want you to come down

these owls and stand here we’re going to

pray I’m going to believe God tonight

for absolute Victory Hallelujah

wonderful Jesus


Praise You Lord

while you standing one thing you’ve got

to be absolutely convinced of before you

go there for you’ve been absolutely

convinced that the lord loves you

how am I going to say that I mean wave

your head I know he loves me I know

second you’ve got to know that he wants


he wants you to come into a fullness he

wants you to have his character he wants

you to

grow in Grace

so that you’re not flying off the handle

at everything

you’re not gossiping you’re not


there’s a sweetness of Christ so you say

with Paul I live never blessed yet not I

but Christ lives in me

how many are willing to admit that what

you’re going through now God brought you

here God brought you here

I’m into this hard place amen

you know what that you know what that

does for you

I give such hope Lord if you brought me

here you can get me out if you put me

here do and me what you have to do Lord

you know what I’ve always said I hope

this is what you could say I’ve talked

to you as a father

listen to me now

I say God

if I’m doing something wrong if I sinned

against you

I want you I want to come to you in love

I don’t want you to have to whip me and

spank me into obedience I want to come

and be dealt with because I love you I

want to be dealt with in love I want to

surrender not because I have to but

because I want to I don’t want you to

have to because you love me discipline

me all the time

I I loved it when my children would come

and say Dad I did something wrong and

I’m so sorry and I had to tell you

because I love you I don’t want to hurt

you that did more for me

I didn’t want to have to investigate and

expose God’s not an exposing business

he’s in the healing business he said I

cover sins Hallelujah but that means you

come with a repentant broken spirit and

say Lord I want all of you

now I’ll tell you you can take the power

of this away from the Devil

you can take this out of the hands of

the enemy right now if you say devil

you just stand up by faith and say devil

you didn’t bring me here

and you can’t touch me here

the Lord said he brought me here he’s

teaching me and I’m going to open up my

heart let the Holy Ghost teach me and

produce his character in me and I’m not

going to be afraid

I’m going to trust you Lord Jesus right

now Hallelujah but you’re going to make

my cloud disappear no weapon formed

against me going to prosper while I’m in

this place I’m safe you’re safe in this

place don’t have to worry about it

Hallelujah I’m safe Hallelujah


open open your heart to Lord pray this

with me now if you will Jesus

you brought me to where I’m at

because you love me

and you care about me

and Lord it’s difficult

it’s hard on my flesh

and I feel convicted

I feel hurt

and I feel like I want out

but Jesus do something in me first

I want to be like you Jesus

I want truth in the Inner Man

I want to be honest

and upright before you

I yield to you Holy Spirit

let there be a song in my heart

I ask you Lord

as soon as you choose

remove this cloud from my heart

move the cloud from my spirit and mind

and bring me through to your sunshine

because I know you love me

I want you to lift your hands until the

Lord you just love him just love on him

right now I love you Jesus I thank you

for being concerned about me you’re

going to deliver me Hallelujah no weapon

that’s formed against me shall prosper

no enemy no tongue no tongue that’s

raised up against me no group of people

against me were able to bring me down

for Lord I trust in you heal my unbelief

o God take my unbelief I Trust You O God


now while you’re while you’re worshiping

the Lord I want to take his authority

over that Spirit of unbelief now I can’t

cast that out of you but while I pray

the Holy Spirit can help you right now

lay down all your unbelief say God when

I go back to my seat to pray and join

this people to prayer tonight I’m going

out of here with faith I’m going to

believe God that he he’s with me he’s

not forsaken me he knows where I’m at he

has all the power to deliver me

and I’m going to ask God to heal my

unbelief God I come against the spirit

of unbelief bind it Strike It Down


that’s one thing you don’t want that’s

one thing you’re after

you bring us to a hard place to see if

we will trust you now Lord help us say

yes Lord yay Lord I give you my

confidence I give you my faith you are

able to keep me from falling and present

me faultless before the throne of grace

with exceeding great joy Hallelujah

wonderful Jesus

Hallelujah not just thank him give him




glory to Jesus

I want you to turn around say cancel at

least five people and say God has

everything under control everything

under control God has everything under


this is the conclusion of the message