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#home #family #parents #children #JesusChrist #God #Faith #Hope #Love When we #think of the #victory of the #Cross we have to remind ourselves that the #blood of #Jesus #cleanses us from all our #sins and we are #forgiven in Christ. At the Cross #Jesus bore all our #grief and #sorrows. All #guilt and #condemnation is lifted because of His #blood. At the Cross #mercy and #peace took on a #human #face. #Jesus #Christ made a #covenant with His #Father and His #blood brings us #everlasting #peace. About David Wilkerson David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade. In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God. David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers. © 2012 World Challenge. All rights reserved. PO Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771-0260, (903) 963-8626

the sin of indifference

Heavenly Father

we honor your word in this church

we honor you and we honor your word

you’ve honored your word above your name

we know it’s truth alone that sets us


there are no manifestations anywhere

that can free our souls

there are no spiritual Thrills that can

set us free it’s the word the word of

the Living God

bring it forth Lord Sanctified sanctify

me holy from the top of my head to the

souls of my feet let there be the

Sanctified influence of the Holy Spirit

we pray Lord that life shall produce


oh God give us ears to hear what the

spirit is saying to us today in Jesus

name I pray amen I want you to open your

Bible to go to the book of haggai and

leave it open on your lap please leave

it open on your lap and I’ll tell you

what for the new Believers go to the

last chapter go to the end of the new

test of the Old Testament and go left

two books and you’ll find hagyad between

Zephaniah and Zechariah

does that help


we’re going to be in the book of hagya

this morning so just open your Bible and

leave it on your lap if you will please

I still hear the rustling of leaves I’ll

wait until you get there

if you see someone next to your struggle

don’t try to help them

they’ll find it

you have an index by the way you can

look from the back of your Bible get the


thank you Jesus for the word

now in this uh book two chapters

this Prophet speaking to a people who

had spent 70 years in Exile in Babylon

in Babylon they’d spent seven years


by the Rivers of Babylon and now God by

his Spirit moving upon them and through

the preaching of prophets

has excited them about going back to

Jerusalem they’re back in Jerusalem now

to rebuild the walls the city and this

and and the country they’re rebuilding

now they’re very excited God is doing a

great work among the people there’s Zeal

there’s excitement

the wall the the first thing first a few

months they erected The Altar and

instituted a pure worship of Jehovah

they were surrounded by Samaritans who

had a mixed religion of mixed uh worship

a mixture of Hedonism and worship of the

of true Jehovah and now the pure worship

of Jehovah has been established

now these people got a surprise when

they went back because under the Jewish

uh thinking that when you obey God

automatically you’re blessed they

anticipated because they obeyed the Lord

to go back to Jerusalem that they would

find houses built they would find

Vineyards they would find fields and

ready for Harvest they would find

friendly neighbors of course what they

found was a wall that was torn down a

city that was devastated they found that

there were no there there was no Harvest

there in fact there was embroidered on

famine and they didn’t have any friendly

Neighbors in fact their neighbors were

so uh set against them

they became incensed because they were

refused when they offered to help

rebuild the city and the walls and so

they write to King Cyrus and they’re

able through their influence to stop the

building of the Tabernacle or the temple

and the walls

and the people in verse 2 haggai 1 2.

thus speaketh the Lord of hosts saying

this people say the time has not come

the time that the Lord’s House should be


look at me please they’re saying uh

evidently this is the will of God God

would not allow this to be stopped

unless it was his will

and immediately the burden was gone the

Zeal of God’s house waned stopped

completely everything that had to do

with the work of God the Eternal purpose

of God was absolutely stopped there was

a wild melee they they decided to go on

now and build their own houses they’re

running to the hills and bringing down

Cedar they’re building their beautiful

Cedar houses and painting them with

wonderful okra and red and uh spending

their time getting their businesses

established getting their homesteads and

their farms and their cattle and their


God’s house is completely forgotten now

totally indifference indifference means

a loss of Interest a total loss of

Interest they’re no longer interested in

the temple the waltz even the altar of


now there’s an obsession throughout all

of Jude and Jerusalem now to do their

own thing everybody’s focused on making

the dollar or making money

it’s amazing thing verse three to five

then came the word of the Lord by haggai

the prophet saying is it time for you oh

ye to dwell in your sealed houses in

this house lie waste

now for thus saith the Lord of hosts

consider your ways

I found now were people totally wrapped

up in making a living totally wrapped up

in uh and the essence essence of what

they’re saying as soon as we get

established as soon as we get our work

together we get a hold for our family

surely God is interested in our

establishing our own families and

providing for our own as soon as we have

our business established as soon as we

have our houses built then we’ll get

back to the work of God

I remember a young Minister who told me

a number of years ago he was dropping

out of the ministry

to make a fortune he said I want to get

rich and then I won’t be obligated to

anybody I’ll be able to give a lot of

money to the work of God but first I’m

going to go and establish my business he

went out and and it just gave himself to

establishing a very profitable uh Oil


and as you know when you have that as

your goal when you get the money you

forget what you said

and that I’ve seen that all through my

lifetime I’ve seen ministers I I think

of a minister right now who was so poor

always house poor poor is it the

proverbial church mouse and he he said I

can’t live like this he said I’m going

to I provide for my family first my

family comes first

and so he left the ministry and

established a great uh business in the

midwest in fact two years ago I got word

that he was building almost a city he

was building everything in sight and had

wild crazy dreams of a fortune being

spent in this past six months he went

bankrupt and he’s back now

worse than he was before

put money in in a bag with holes in it

and that’s what you’re going to find in

this verse six ye have sold much and

bring in little you eat but you have not

enough you drink but you’re not filled

with drink you clothed

you close you but there’s none warm and

he that earned the wages earneth wages

to put it in a bag with holes

folks listen to me please here’s the

heart and the essence of my message this


when you become indifferent to the work

of God

when God’s house is no longer first

God’s interests are no longer first

you’re all wrapped up now in your

business you’re all wrapped up in

established in your own way in your

house and your furniture and your cars

and spending all your money and your

time and your energy in trying to keep

your own interest alive

folks God is not against us having nice

homes he’s not against you having nice

furniture he’s not against you driving a

nice car

but he will not stand for being put


he will not take second place in our

life or our business or our energies he

has he demands he literally demands he

has a reason for it he demands the best

of everything we have of our time our

energy our money everything he will not

be slighted and these people were slight

in God and they were using this uh

decree of Cyrus

to back away from the Eternal purposes

of God

beloved when you gave your heart to

Jesus Christ and you came you said I

want to be a part of the body of Christ

the Lord heard that you became my

building Stone in the new temple of God

the rebuilt House of David in these last

days and you are a living Stone you are

part of this building that he’s building

and folks when you you decide that you

have got for some reason of it you you

don’t have time now these people had no

time for the house of God

they had no time for the work of God

they were all wrapped up every dream

every desire all their planning all

their scheming their dreams everything

in their little house their family

and now you see a people who are not

satisfied with anything they do

they strive to make money and they put

it in a bag that has holes in it now

their money’s not going very far

some of them have more money than

they’ve ever had and it doesn’t go as

far as it did when they had almost


how many know what I’m talking about

how many

carried that bag around with holes in it

I just put something on my heart because

there I remember when I first came here

to New York City

in the first year

when we were we were God was

establishing this work this church I

never saw such excitement in my life

there were people businessmen busy busy

businessmen many career people

from almost every kind of career in New

York City

from Wall Street United Nations from all

over the city the king got was doing a

new thing and there were such exciting

people would hear the message go by the

tape and listen to it two or three times

during the week and never miss a service

never Mrs irvish

and I watched it took maybe two three

sometimes maybe four years and I watched

them little by little beginning to back

away and I know what was happening first

of all they were no longer into the word

of God they were depending on the

sermons that we were preaching they were

not getting they’re all fed in the

secret closet they were not seeking the

face of God anymore they were not on

their bended knee coming having been fed

by the Holy Spirit and then coming to

give something the house of God

they were not praying they were not

reading their Bibles anymore and then

they not only did they neglect that

they became Sunday Morning Saints

never saw them again during the rest of

the week and when I drop in on their

business they’d say Pastor I’m sorry but

this city is so demanding

my time is so stretched

and I I think to myself well you were

just a stretch you were just as busy

when we began

you had a heart for God you used to sit

at the edge of the sea you could hardly

wait for the word to be preached but now

Something’s Happened I can taste the

indifference in them I can see it when

I’m in their presence

and I began to watch they they would

finally come Sunday morning and get that

little touch of God

Just a Touch

many of them are no longer even going to

church they’re not here they’re not in

any church

they’re not only lukewarm they are cold

they’re no longer in the house of God

indifferences set in

he says now that you become indifferent

and now that I am no longer the center

of your life

the church is no longer the center of

your social life

I believe in all my heart that the

Church of Jesus Christ the Brotherhood

of saints should be the center of

everything in our lives

of course you know that I’m speaking of

the body of Jesus Christ he being the

head and we being the body

he said you eat but you don’t have

enough now you’re never satisfied

there’s something missing you can’t find

any satisfaction at all

and he said he that Earnest wages

earneth it to put it into a bag with


and he sang from the time you lost your

Zeal for the Lord

and You Begin spending your energy and

your time on your own interest

he said from that very moment he said

God knows the time

it may have been slipping up on you

slowly but God God remembers the time

and when God finally looks down in your

heart and he says now you have become

indifferent you become apathetic

you have an apathy toward me you don’t

have an appetite for the things of God

like you once had

he said from that very time listen to me

your money

your finances became very troubled

he said it didn’t go very far you worked

you wanted your you wanted the time you

had to make money and when you made it

just doesn’t go very far it’s put into a

bag with holes in it it just goes like


he that Earth wages earneth to put it

into a bag with holes

now I told you that God wants us to give



hard Earnest work

God wants you to

minister to your family in fact the

scripture says Heathen neglects his own

households worse than an Infidel is

denied the faith

certainly God wants you to have time to

do all these things but he also said

seek ye first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness and all these things shall

be added unto you

and I find that people that put the

house of God first his ministries

Eternal purposes first I find they sweat

far less than anybody else on the face

of the Earth

I wonder how many hearing this message

this morning

have been cooling off in your Zeal for

the things of God in the house of the


ask you to examine yourself this morning

have you been cooling off

are you just as excited about coming to

church as you were even a year ago

come on now

are you just excited about hearing the

word of God or you get just a little

peeve now when you hear messages like

you’re hearing now

folks I promise God I preach this in

great love this morning and I am you’re

going to see and feel that love of Jesus

through what I’m saying this morning

are you so wrapped up now

in in in just your things

for sake not the assembling of

yourselves together

I’m talking now about coming to church

Church attendance

listen to me

forsake not the assembling of yourselves

together as the manner or the custom of

some is

but exhorting one another so much the

more as you see the day approaching

the Lord said times are going to get

difficult the day of the Lord is coming

near if there was ever time for you to

be faithful to the kingdom of God in the

house of God it’s now dog forsake the

assembling of yourselves together

where are you Sunday night

you said we’ll wait brother Dave the

church is packed I have to stand

sometimes even on Sunday night or

Tuesday night that’s not the point you

miss entirely what the Lord is saying

when you come and you become a part of

the body of Jesus Christ you give

yourself to him listen to what the Bible

says happens

very very


you become fellow citizens with the


and of the household of God

you’re built upon the foundation of the

Apostles and the prophets

Jesus Christ himself being the Chief


in whom all the building fitly framed

together growth to a holy Temple in the

Lord in whom also ye are building

together for habitation of God through

the spirit

you are a living Stone

built up a spiritual house a holy

priesthood to offer up spiritual


acceptable God to God by Jesus Christ

now listen to me please when Solomon

built the temple he set a army of men

into the uh to the

the quarries

they not only cut the stones to size

they were all numbered and they were

brought to Jerusalem by another Army of

thousands of workers and how they did it

I don’t know when the great feats in

history to bring those huge Stones cut

and numbered everyone was numbered

and they were built by number they were

built in space number four went here

number five when here number seven

number eight number nine every one of

those huge Stones were in place they

were numbered they were cut out

purposely to fit that he said you are

fit in the body you are a living Stone

if one of those stones is missing

admires the whole construction of the

building it Mars it it’s not a complete


and you say I I my attendance folks I’m

not trying to build up the attendance

with people standing with downstairs

School we’re trying to seek the people

but that’s to miss the whole thing

what the holy spirit is saying in his

word is that when you join the body of

Christ through faith

you become a part of what he’s doing

all the ministries of the church

honor The Fellowship of the church

I’m not talking about Times Square

Church I’m talking about the Church of

Jesus Christ

we being a part of it

but he said if you if you think that

you’re God’s Gonna Let You just slip

away and lay there on the ground

isolated by yourself one stone well I’m

a stone I’m a living Stone no you have

no life until you’re placed

until you were there in the structure

you are not a Lone Ranger

you’re not out there by yourself because

you make yourself open to all the

attacks of the devil

they come at you from the right into the

left demon powers know you they’re a

part of the body of building a beautiful

building that he’s building for the

glory of Jesus Christ

God help you if your home doing church

night watching television

sitting there feeding your mind

until we feed

I’m not going to get on this

very much

do you know why

Pentecostal churches especially don’t

have Sunday night meetings anymore

the early days of Pentecost Sunday night

you couldn’t find a seat in most

churches they were packed there was an

excitement that’s that was the great

soul-winning night all through my

Boyhood I couldn’t wait for Sunday night

because there was good singing there was

hand clapping there was rejoicing in

preaching on the coming of the Lord and

people weeping and getting saved a loved

Sunday night and I still do when I first

came to New York and talked to pastors

and burdened my heart about a church in

Times Square they said well one thing

you can’t do is have a Sunday night

service because everybody’s home

watching television

that’s the best TV night

I said I don’t care what anybody says I

don’t care if it’s uh TV night if God’s

going to raise up a Remnant people that

have the Eternal purpose of Christ

embedded in their heart Sunday night

will be a powerful night and you see it

when you come Sunday night you see it

here a church that’s full and people

getting saved

I don’t want to be a part of a church I

don’t want to be a part of a church

where the people’s interests are not

only given to the Lord I want to go with

the people holy Remnant and say Lord I

Thank you for raising up this house this

is where I get my meat I want to fit

into the body of Jesus Christ and I want

that to be my first interest Hallelujah

I want to come and meet Jesus of course

he’s first but his work you can’t

isolate him from his work

and his house

amen enough about television

God God said in verse 10

therefore the heaven over you has stayed

from due

and the Earth has stayed from her fruit

I called for a drought Upon This land

and upon the mountains and upon the

Coronet upon the new wine and upon the

oil and upon that which the ground

bringeth forth and upon men and upon

cattle and upon all the labor of your


look at me please I I want to explain

this the best I can that’s the Holy

Spirit to help me

he’s saying you wonder why things are

going bad now from bad to worse

we have people get up and testify I said

boy the devil’s give me a hard time

the devil’s just harassing me

I don’t know what haggai said this

passage he says the Lord said I have

called for a drought

he said the Lord is withstanding your


the Lord is hindering your harvests

he said and he is hindering all the

labor of your hands everything you do

there’s something blocking you’re not

getting through it’s not working

and he said stop and consider

from the time you became indifferent

from the time you laid down your trial

and and you no longer had my house was

no longer your first Memphis now your

own interest your things you’re all

wrapped up in that

he said from that time on I called for a


all these hindering forces in place it

would not there’s nothing to do with

demons nothing to do with hell

nothing to do with the Devil it was God

at work

he said stop and consider you find this

all through had you consider consider it


stop and think

I’ve got to stop here and

before some of you who are being tested

by the Lord and he’s allowed uh maybe a

spiritual drought a dryness

a lot of Christians I know what that’s

the what that’s like to go through weeks

of dryness where you you wonder if if

you’re ever going to have them moving

the holy ghost in your life again

I have gone through times of testing

like that such dryness such emptiness

wondering if

God would ever use me again feeling

absolutely empty useless

now those are testing times that has

that’s not what we’re talking about here

and I don’t want you to get discouraged

if you’re going through that

some of you are going through financial

testing he’s God’s trying to bring Faith

out of you that’s not what this is about

so don’t try to put yourself into this

picture we’re talking about indifference

we’re talking about people now who are

all wrapped up in their own things they

have no time for God I’m not talking

about people who still love Jesus with

all their heart I’m not talking about

pastors and ministers who who are just

in Rapture with the Lord but they’re

being they’re going through a very very

difficult time that’s something entirely

different and I would feel very uh sad

if you would try to think that I’m

identifying you in this picture

we’re talking now about a people who

have lost interest in the things of God

they only want to come and get a touch

in fact the prophet goes on in the next

chapter and he says

I’m gonna read it to you it’s in Chapter

2 in verse 12.

if one bear holy flesh from the skirt of

His Garment

and with his skirt he does touch bread

or pottage or wine or oil or any meat

shall it be holy and the priest answered

and said no and look at me please this

is a picture of

a priest coming home from the sacrifice

and he has his portion

he probably has it wrapped in some kind

of of uh

a rapper he puts into his armor under

his outer garment and he has it there

carrying it home he said

had you I said if if that Holy meat

touches bread or wine or anything else

does that touch of that Holy meat

sanctify does it communicate Holiness to

anything it touches and the priest said


and here’s the Dilemma of the children

of Israel at the time they had erected

the altar the altar was holy and it’s on

the ground and their thinking is that’s

Holy Ground now that means that it is

communicated Holiness to all the ground

that why isn’t the ground bringing for

fruit because we have a Sanctified altar

that altar should

communicate Holiness to everything it


now look at me please we’re talking here

the prophets talking about a casual

attitude toward the things of God a

casual touch

oh folks we have people

like in California there’s a a whole

group of churches now and the whole

thing is casual worship

they don’t even have a form of service

you come in and there are young ladies

that serve you coffee and donuts during

the service

and you’re told not to wear a suit you

you come with the most casual clothes

that you have you can come you know in

short shorts and tank tops whatever you


and you put your feet up on the chair in

front of you and you just relax

if there’s a if there’s a sermon there

may be a sermon if not we’ll talk

we’ll just communicate

and and a friend of mine acquaintance of

mine was asked to minister in one of

those saw one of those services and she

was told before she ministered don’t

mention the blood and don’t mention sin

cozy casual atmosphere to try to bring

them in slowly

this person was absolutely shocked at

the casualness and they were glowing in

their casualness

not even not a word about sin or

anything else folks we have a whole

casual attitude in America today toward

the things of God that’s why our young

people don’t want anything to do with it

their rock and roll is not casual it’s

intense everything they do is intense

and they’re going to come to the house

of God for just a casual touch

the Casual touch doesn’t

communicate Holiness you can’t come and

just get a touch Sunday morning

I believe that every time this church is


every type especially prayer meeting


I believe that when this church is open

no there are some of you have jobs

understand it you don’t quit your job to


what about the time alone with the Lord

in the secret closet

what about this good book

have you become casual to it have you

thought well I’ll I’ll do it when I get


no the Lord says you will not put me

aside like that

when you go to Malachi you find the

people uh we’re so casual about the

sacrifice rather than expecting to hurt

and bringing the best of the flock they

would pick out any

sheep or lamb and just bring it pastly

to the Altar and God says no he says you

go try to offer that to the governor you

offer that to somebody but you won’t

offer to me I want your best

it has gotten so quiet in this house

our hope and trust is because the Holy

Ghost is talking to all of us


he said from the time

the the time that

you became indifferent

that’s the time

that I I had to stretch forth my hand

take away the joy take away the

satisfaction I had to hinder your

Harvest and I had to withstand you and

everything your hands do and he does

that lovingly that we may consider that

we may look at it but you know something

folks we’re not like that we’re just

like Israel when things go wrong we

don’t stop and consider and try to to

say well Lord where did I go wrong am I

indifferent am I apathetic toward the

things of God do I have this Zeal of the

Lord I once had we don’t stop and

examine our hearts anymore we say well

it’s just one of those things I’m going

through a hard time I’ll make it through

this is just one of those difficult


listen folks God is asking us this

morning to stop and consider and look at

your life

am I as a child of God as a living Stone

is his house

his work

the winning of Lost Souls

the minister the Lord the minister to


is that everything in my life is that

first is that my focus

I know what it’s like to lose that Focus

years ago

as an evangelist preaching to thousands

and I got so busy

absolutely busy

I was

mightily blessed and I was building a

big house on 50 acres with an indoor

swimming pool and

playing around with

antique cars

I’m just losing my focus

comes a place where I think I lost the

focus completely

I could still preach because I had


that I’d learned to deliver

I tried to be as sincere as I could I

don’t think I ever stood in a pulp

without being sincere

but I know what it’s like that’s why I

preached this was feeling this morning

I know what it’s like

to lose that Focus

and when you lose that Focus the things

of God become burdensome

they become a weariness

and it became a weariness I traveled in

in two big

half million dollar buses custom made

and I traveled with a big truck full of

hundreds of thousand dollars worth and I

had a whole Entourage and they would go

ahead of me and I would glance here and

she knows I said oh no I gotta hit the

road again and I I would get on that bus

and say oh no and I was so tired and so

weary of it all

absolutely weird that weirdness that

tiredness came because I was not now

praying as I should I was not seeking

God in this book just to find the

reality of Christ I was looking here

just for sermons

absolutely cold in heart and I wanted to

tell you folks the Lord during that time

did something

I will never forget

during that time

half my staff resigned I couldn’t

understand one by one they were leaving

our finances dried up

sickness in our home

my son’s Greg Greg is here and during

that time I got a call head-on collision

God delivered him without a scratch

but I remember standing there

looking at that head-on collision

and thinking of everything in my life

and Ministry going wrong

everything was wrong

the anointing was gone

I’ll go through the motions just gone

through emotions

and didn’t know how to get out of it

sick inside and weary and almost thank

God I just I can’t go on I don’t want to

preach anymore I know what that’s like

I’ve been to this point

this drought

this opposition from the hand of God

Gary correction east and west north and

south everywhere everything’s Raw

when I stood by that accident the Lord

said now will you listen to me

and I said I’ll listen

and I had to leave I think two or three

days later another Crusade still had

weariness great prophet of God Leonard

Raven Hill gave me a book

Christian and complete armor

it was 1200 pages that thick and I took

it kindly but I threw it in the back of

my bus and said who who’s going to read

1200 pages

I just thought I’ll never look at it but

you know we weren’t 20 miles down the

road and the Holy Spirit said go back in

your Suite back there and open that book

and start reading it

and and I’ll tell you it was the

prophetic voice of God

within a half an hour

I was laying on the floor of that bus

weeping and crying

and confessing

the fear of God the wonderful

reverential fear of God Came Upon My

Life once again

I went to the rest of the fellas I said

fellas This is Our Last Crusade

I said I’m out of here

said I’m not going to go like this

anymore I’m not going to be a phony I

said I’ve been miserable the work of God

is I just been preaching by wrote I’ve

been preaching by habit God’s blessed in

spite of me but I said I can’t go on

like this I’m going to take a year off

and speak to the face of God

and I canceled everything

and I shut myself in with God

and I thank God for that day or I

wouldn’t be standing here now and God’s

interest from that day on


beloved from that day on his interest

I I left all of that I gave a bus to the

singing group and they went their way

and I sold the other Buffs and I just

began to seek the face of God and from

that day to this his interest has always

been first in my life and God that’s my

prayer God don’t ever ever and I have to

pray diligently about it because you see

we can’t do it we can’t when you get to

that place humanly in your own strength

you cannot shake yourself from

indifference you cannot shake it off in

your own strength and your own power

but what happened here in the book of

haggai they listened to the prophet they

listened to the word of God you see God

sent his word to me through this book

through prophet a prophet of God he sent

the word to me and I heard it and I

believed it and I wanted to hear it

if you want to change

listen to me

there’s a word here and I you have to

get this before I close

God said I smote you with blasting

and with mildew and with hail in all the

labors of your hands yet you turn not to

me saith the Lord you know what the

prophet’s saying

you I got God God’s saying look I came

to you with judgment I came to you with

blasting and mildew I did everything to

get your attention and my judgment

message didn’t

touch you you didn’t hear

remember what Proverbs says I called and

called and you refused you did want to

hear my reproof

now listen to me clearly before I close

this message

I could stand here this morning

and I could blast you with the word of

God there are scriptures here that I

could just blast

I could talk to you about the mildew

that’s happening in your life

I could point a thing at you and say the

reason you’re in this condition the

reason your finances are all messed up

and I can come down on this and I could

hit as hard I could take the hammer of

God and I can preach judgment from this

pulpit and not one chain of apathy would

be broken

God says I blasted you I tried to get

you out of your indifference but it

didn’t work

he comes now with the prophet hagiah

into a indifferent people to a people

who were putting all of their time and

energy in their own interests he comes

to them now he says I’m still with you

I’m still with you

and you know what that loving message

did and I hope it’s what you hear from

your pastor this morning

I’m not here to blast you

I’m not here to to to

bring judgment message to you but I want

to tell you something when I read in

this book when I read this

that a loving God trying to get the

attention of his people says

I called for a drought I cut things off

I laid this on you

when I hear a loving God say that then

he says stop and consider I’m going to


and that’s what I hope now that you will

say well brother Wilkerson that’s me

and if that’s you and you really want to

change you can’t do it your own strength

but the Lord comes with this message I

still love you I’m still with you I’ve

not left you

my hand is still on you

and we’re gonna lose you

and the Bible says that the fear of God

Came Upon them and they started

rebuilding again

and now haggai comes I think this is his

third or fourth message that God’s given

him in these two chapters and he comes

finally they’ve been about two months

now back to rebuilding the Zeal of the

Lord is back it was not it did not come

through a judgment message oh folks I

traveled all over the world for almost

15 years prophesying and preaching


thank God for those that were saved but

the church was hardly moved

it was hardly moved

here in Times Square Church we have

preached the truth we have not

compromised God helping me and examining

my heart I don’t think once I’ve ever

stood in this pulpit and compromised the

word of God

what I’ve been told to preach strong I’m

pretty strong

Pastor Carter the same way but it’s

always been bathed in love

is being bathed in love this morning

and if you’re honest about it say well

brother Wilkerson I have been

indifferent about my church attendance

I’ve been indifferent about my tithing

I’ve been indifferent about praying and

can God and his work I’ve become

indifferent I’m not where I was before

and I want to get back to that first


I want God’s work to be first From This

Day on in my life

there’ll be no chastening from this


there’ll be no threats

this this is a message of the Prophet

God says I’m with you

if you will simply now allow me the Holy

Ghost comes now the Bible says and I I

read this to you listen to what God did

then speak hagyah the Lord’s messenger

in the Lord’s message under the people

saying I Am with You saith the Lord and

the Lord stirred up the spirit of

zerubbabel and the spirit of Joshua and

the high priest the spirit of all the

remnant of the people they came and did

the work in the house the Lord of hosts

their God

as soon as they accepted this message

examine their heart and returned God

says now I’m going to stir up your heart

I’m going to move on you supernaturally

this becomes then the work of the Holy

Spirit if you sit under my preaching

this morning you say Pastor I believe

you’re preaching to me in love

and I want to take I want to consider

like the prophet said my own life now

and I want to come back to my first love

I want the things of God to be first in

my life I don’t ever want to come to the


where he is secondary I I put him aside

now in closing listen to this

consider now from this day and onward

this is chapter 2 verse 18 from the

fourth twentieth day of the ninth month

even from the day that the foundation

the temple was laid considerate is the

seed yet in the barn yes yet the vine

and the Fig Tree the pomegranate the

Olive Tree hath not brought forth but

from this day will I bless you

you know what the prophet’s saying and

now I close

he said you may not see the results yet

you don’t see many changes yet in your

life you don’t see your finances

changing you don’t see a lot of changes

but he said I promised you from the day

you set your heart to seek me with all

that’s in you that’s the day I started

blessing you and now it’s been sown a

harvest it’s going to come now I’m going

to bless you Hallelujah


I believe that you you can change

everything in your life

by coming back to your first love this


and making up your mind with the help of

the Holy Ghost Lord I want you to keep

my heart stirred I want you to stand

with me right now



love it look this way I’m not even gonna

pray right now I want to pray later when

you come

and ask the Holy Spirit right now to


on this congregation I want every honest

soul in this house this morning

just buy your head for a moment

and I want you to do what haggad the

prophet said consider

consider think about it

do you have a sense that God’s


and holding back

but everywhere you turn you see a


you’re going to ask yourself

is it because I’ve led up

is because I’m not seeking the Lord with

all my heart

if you have to acknowledge this morning

that you’ve been drifting

that you’ve been a little haphazard

about the house of God and the things of


I want you to get out of your seat and

come here now repent

I say Lord I hear your word this morning

I don’t ever ever Lord

to have to have you withstand me because

of my indifference and my apathy I want

my soul on fire if you’re backslidden if

you don’t know the Lord I want you to

come with these that are coming up in

the balcony there are two stairs on

either side go down those stairs and

come down any aisle and

meet us here if you will

heavenly father not convict us

speak lovely to us let us hear what the

spirit has to say

let us receive it and Lord change our

hearts I pray

to come forward

I thank God

for his great love for his church

how God loves us

I’m convinced that I’m loved no matter

what I’m going through

that love holds me that love brings me


before I say a word I want you to be

convinced that God loves you has a great

love in his heart for you because he

said you draw nigh to me I’ll draw near

to you you’re you’re wanting to come

near to him brings him and attracts the

Holy Spirit he comes quickly to move

upon you

now look at me please I want you to know

something here and hear it deep in your

spirit right now

he said he’s more willing to give than

you are to receive

I don’t believe that God has complicated

this thing at all he’s made it simple

that a child he said could understand it

he’s made it simple

and you come to me now and you confess

I’m not only it cleanse you but if you

will trust me with your whole life put

everything you have in my hands if

you’ll make a commitment to put

everything having do with the Lord first

in your life his work his church

prayer seeking his word

if you want that with all your heart God

said you don’t have the strength to

follow through on that commitment but

I’m part of the Holy Spirit and I’ll

stir your heart I know what that’s like

I I I’ll be get busy and I’ll feel a

stirring in my heart and holy spirit’s

saying David break away break away get

into the word get into the word Holy

Spirit keeps stirring when I haven’t had

time to pray Holy Ghost said walk away

walk away the stirring of the Holy

Spirit I thank God for that story he’ll

do that for you he doesn’t do it just

for preachers he’d do it for all of

God’s people he will stir your heart

hallelujah thank God for that story and

then after he stirs you and you obey

that voice the Holy Spirit he empowers

you to follow through hallelujah thank

God for the power of the Holy Ghost we

couldn’t do anything without him I want

you to pray this prayer with me right

now Jesus

forgive me

for my apathy

for my coldness and my lukewarmness

toward you

and your house

and your work

I ask forgiveness

forgive my sins my doubt and my unbelief

I returned you now

I heard your word I receive it

I admit Lord

I’ve been indifferent

I’ve not put you first in my life

I’m sorry

I Repent

they’ll touch my life

stir my heart

give me power

to walk with you Faithfully

I need your help Lord

thank you Jesus I want you to lift your

hands and just thank him right now for

his faithfulness to you Lord I give you


I give you praise

you are worthy Lord you are worthy


up in the balcony here in the main floor

you can put your hands down

if you’re if you came this morning and

you’re not right with God

I know there’s some of you I say Pastor

David I’m not a Christian I’m not I’m

not what you call saved

I’m not saved there are many of you came

because somebody invited you and you’re

here now you heard what I preached maybe

you didn’t understand it all you you

said well that’s for Christians no it’s

for you because the very fact that you

don’t serve Jesus at all the fact that

you don’t walk with him you’ve not

surrendered your heart that’s proof that

you’re totally indifferent to him

you can’t be indifferent to Jesus Christ

and just walk your own way

the Lord wants you to come his way now

he brought you here and the reason you

feel that little turning inside that’s

the stirring of the Holy Spirit that’s

God he’s not he’s not saying hey get

down here I’m going to cast you into

hell I’m gonna burn you

he said no

God says I’ve been with you all along

I’ve been calling you and the reason

you’re here this morning somebody

invited you and that’s that was my work

I had somebody invite you you’re not

here by accident

nobody’s in this church this morning by

accident nobody


would you buy your heads right now

I’m not even asking you to step out of

your seat I’m asking you to give your

heart to Jesus Right Where You Are

you can do that right now up in the

balcony here in the main floor just even

under your breath you don’t even have to

say out loud God hears Whispers

God reads our thoughts

I want you to pray this in your spirit

in your mind dear Jesus

I’m a sinner

and I need you

I’m going to give you my heart right now

and Lord Jesus I’m asking you

to come right now

and reveal yourself to me

I want to get rid of my sins

and I want to be a free man a free woman

I want my freedom but if I walk out of

this building

now look at me please the Bible said if

you confess your sin with your mouth and

believe in your heart you shall be saved

you shall be saved



if you meant that and did it this

morning you’re going to tell somebody

you’re probably going to tell the first

the first one you’re going to tell is

the person who brought you

and when you walk out of here and and

you’re with a friend maybe there’s a

sister here and you brought another lady

and uh when you walk out and you’ll say

to your lady friend

I didn’t understand anything there

but I felt something

you’ll know that’s the Holy Spirit man

why don’t you just ask him to explain a

little further maybe they can do it

better than I did

this morning amen

how many believe the Lord is with you


I’m going to ask you another question

how many in this building all around me

believe that God wants to bless his

people God wants to bless his people yes

keep your hands raised Lord I’m asking

you to help us to become so given to you

and we claim this promise that had gave

to Israel from this time on


the ninth day

the 20th day the ninth month that was

the time he said put it on your calendar

I’ve blessed you from the time that you

set your heart to put me first

Lord I pray that this be marked on the

calendar for many on this day

in the month of May

whatever day it is

thank you Jesus blessing


Hallelujah blessing

this is the conclusion of the message