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are you ready



I said are you ready

all right

get your Bibles and go to Hebrews 12

please my message kill the weasel


no you didn’t hear wrong

I said kill the weasel


no I better go with you to Hebrews here

Hebrews the 12th chapter

verse two verses reading if you have

King James will you read aloud with me


do you have it all right wherefore sing

We also are accomplished about with so

great a cloud of witnesses let us lay

aside every week and the sin which does

so easily beset us let us run with

patience the race that is set before us

looking unto Jesus the author and finish

of our faith who for the joy that was

set before him endured the cross

despising the shame and is set down at

the right hand of the Throne of God

let’s pray

Lord if you ever gave me a message in my


you gave me a message today

nor I know you gave this right from the

Throne of your heart

Lord I didn’t invent this I didn’t dream

it you spoke it Lord you’re doing

something profound in this church

you’re changing lives you’re digging

you’re probing because you’re getting us


he that have clean hands and if your

heart will stand on your Holy Hill when

the glory comes Lord the glory is coming

the glory of the Lord is coming and Lord

will not be able to stand before you

when that Glory Falls oh God do a work

by your spirit Lord we thank you for

what you’re doing I think of what you’re

doing in my heart I think of what you’re

doing in this congregation I hear so

many people say God is changing me the

word is cleansing me God is doing

something profound in my heart changing

my home my family my children God is at

work we thank you for that now Lord

sanctify the word in our ears to hear

and my voice to speak in Jesus name I

pray amen

kill the weasel

a true story

there was a pastor by the name of


who was walking one day on the island of


and he noticed the golden eagle taking


and he was he was uh deeply moved by the

site is that Golden Eagle Circle higher

and higher into the sky and when I stand

there watching this Golden Eagle take


he noticed that the flight became

erratic and the wings began to flutter

wildly and suddenly the golden eagle

started diving

and in fact fell right near him


and he he had not heard a shot there was

no shots fired and he was very curious

as to what had happened to this uh huge

golden eagle and he went over to examine

it there were there was no gunshot wound

there was no wound at all and then he

flipped the eagle over and he suddenly

recognized the the reason for the death

of the golden eagle their clutch in his

claw was a weasel

now a weasel is a long thin animal a

carnivorous animal that lives on rodents

and birds and it’s almost like a mink a

long thin uh edible the eagle had

clutched it uh further down in the body

and in Flight it evidently clutched it

to its breast and the

Louisa had latched itself onto the

breast of the eagle and sucked its Blood


and the ego absolutely evidently had

died in flight


the weasel had drained the Eagle’s blood

and folks this is an absolute Vivid

picture of a Christian who is

endeavoring to go higher and higher in

the knowledge of Christ

and yet has in his hand to be setting


a secret sin

that will absolutely detain the flight

and not only detain the flight it’s not

only the weight that we’re talking about

here in Hebrews 12 1 but it’s also that

besetting sin that will absolutely suck

the lifeblood the spiritual lifeblood

out of the believer

now I want you to hear me very clearly

some of you may think this is a crude

illustration but it’s one of the

clearest and if you walk out of here

when I am finished today and you look at

your besetting scene in your hand is an

eagle clutching that weasel

see he thought that was his meal he was

going to devour he’s going to have

pleasure eating that thing and instead

it drained him and literally killed took

his life

if you have a secret loss to be setting

sin you’ll have a weasel that is in the

cuts of your hand

and if it isn’t dropped

if it isn’t let go of


the hawk family has has a trait and I

don’t know why this Eagle didn’t do but

many in the hawk family will take the

rabbit or the whatever animal that

they’ve swooped down and picked up and

will drop it on a rock and then swoop

down to the dead animal and devour it

and the lesson is that that besetting

sin that thing that is still in your

life that God is dealing with is that

weasel in hand that will drain your

spiritual life out of you and that’s

where we’re going with the message today

my message is a plea

and a loving warning from the Holy


asking you

to drop your weeds along the Rock

drop your besetting sin on the rock

blessed devour you and unless you kill

the weasel the weasel will kill you it’s

that simple

this is exactly the warning here in

Hebrews 12 1.

this is a very familiar verse let us lay

aside every weight

and the sin that is so easily beset us

now that verse sounds almost leisurely

it sounds nonchalant well laid down your

besetting sin as if when you get around

to it or when you think about it or in

time will you please deal with your

besetting sin but that’s not how the

original Greek brings it out in the

original Greek it’s very strong it says

it says an original original stop it lay

it down now cease it put it away from


in other words let go of it

before it kills you it’s that strong in

the Greek and the Bible says lay aside

every weight

and this is the counts of the Lord that

says that that be setting sin has put a

load on you that you can’t carry it’s a

load of guilt

there is not a true Christian here

hearing me right now if you have a

besetting sin that you are still

holding in your hand clutching too if

that is still there if you love the Lord

it has to produce in you a load of guilt

he said the only way to lay aside that

weight that load of guilt is to lay the

sin down and when the sin is gone the

guilt is gone

that is the weight it is the guilt to

fear the condemnation that comes on a

believer that is carrying that hidden

thing and folks that that sin that I

likened to the weasel is the very thing

no matter how hot you you may look like

you’re soaring into the heavens and

people may admire your flight

but they don’t know that you have a

weight they don’t know that you’re

carrying something in your hand they

don’t see that thing that’s draining

your life

you can look like a Christian you can

look like an overcomer you can have all

of the outward appearance of being an

ego and the Bible in Isaiah the 40th

chapter I think of the 35th verse talks

about our walk with God or our our our

our uh being with Christ is uh taking

wings as an eagle having wings is an

eagle flying into the heavenlies

and you can be flying in the heavenlies

soaring above everybody else enjoying

the knowledge that you’re getting in you

can be enjoying your Christian walk but

if you have that weasel

in your hands

it’s going to get to your breast

and it’s going to drain your spiritual

life little by little until there are

spiritual death

I’m not talking about damnation of the

Soul I’m talking about spiritual death

here and now I’m talking about the Here

and Now

David said because of his sin there’s no

soundness in my flesh because of thine

anger neither is there any rest in my

bones because of my sin

my iniquities have gone over my head is

a heavy burden they’re too heavy for me

now I am troubled I’m bowed down greatly

I go mourning all the day long I am

feeble I’m sore broken by reason of the

disquietness of my heart and he said I’m

so broken I can’t even look up

you see because he he had this thing in

his hand and it was draining his life

this this luster was in David’s heart

this sinner was in David heart it was

absolutely draining him

until he says my bones are broken I

can’t even look up I’ve got a heavy

burden I can’t carry

and folks when there is sin in the life

of a Christian it is an unbearable

burden the load of guilt and fear and

condemnation and how it how it just

sucks the joy how it drains the life

blood out of and overcoming a Christian

who should be living overcoming

there are countless numbers of

Christians however who carry no guilt


they don’t the scripture that can’t

apply to themselves it says lay aside

every weight and this sentence even to

be such a because they’ve made peace

with their sin they don’t see us wrong

because they got tired of resisting it

and what they finally did they found a

doctrine of perverted Grace that enabled

them to live with their sin comfortably

and at one time they had the conviction

of the Holy Ghost at one time God dealt

with them to their sin but they got

we’re given they got cozy with their sin

and they began to just uh hold it to

their breasts so to speak that weasel is

taken into the breast

and now they they can go about without

any guilt or any condemnation whatsoever

they forget what Paul said in Titus

about the grace of God the grace of God

that bringeth salvation has appeared to

all men

teaching us that denying ungodliness and

worldly lust we should live soberly

righteously and godly in this present


we’re to live God the grace of God is to

produce godliness and Holiness in US

now follow me closer you you’re going to

see something in the Romulus spirit that

I I hope and pray will bring absolute

Deliverance to you this morning

Moses spoke of the people who would

refuse to forsake their sins

but he said they would claim to have a


it’s a false peace but they would claim

that they’re in peace it’s in

Deuteronomy 21 19 this person will say

he will bless himself in his heart

saying I shall have peace though I walk

in the imagination of my heart to add

drunkenness to thirst and the Hebrew the

original Hebrew Bible says I shall have

peace though I walk in the stubbornness

of my heart and gratify all my appetites

I have peace I’m a Christian I’m under

the blood

I’m the righteousness of Jesus I can

satisfy all my appetites

I don’t care if I walk in the

stubbornness of my sin

I have peace

folks there’s no greater peace than in a


and here’s a man that’s having his very

spiritual life sucked out of him he’s

got this thing draining him and about to

destroy him and he says I have peace

though I walk through the stubbornness

of my own heart and folks there are

thousands of Christians living in a

false world of false peace and what a

day when they stand before the Lord what

a day

I used to think that Christians who

sinned willfully and stubbornly would

always have have this guilt that some do

not because they have shaken it off they

don’t even know that they’re weighted

down they’re loaded down and weighted

down with sin and can’t recognize it and

how do you put off something you don’t

even recognize

and I want to talk to you about what the

Bible calls mortification mortification

would you go to Romans 8 chapter please

Romans 8.

you’re still there

Romans 8.

verses 12 and 13.

Romans 8 I still hear the leaves


are you there

Romans 8 verse 12 and 13 therefore

brethren we are debtors not to the flesh

to live after the flesh

for we live after the flesh you shall

die but if you through the spirit do


and he’s put to death the Deeds of the

body ye shall live

listen to me look this way if ye

to the spirit to mortify

or kill the weasel

he shall live

if ye through the spirit

to mortify

the Deeds of the flesh ye shall live

the word mortify actually means to draw

the life out and to dead that weaken it

until it’s dead you keep working on it

by faith and working on it and that

besetting sin becomes weaker and weaker

and weaker until finally the thing lies

without life it has no lifeblood

now I want to stop here right now and

tell you I why I believe God so hates

uh sin

why is it that God wants to kill the


that weasel is your besetting sin let me

explain something to him boy the Holy

Ghost put this in my heart yesterday and

I I just had to put my hands up and

rejoice and and and praise the Lord I

said Lord I never saw it before

and it puts it puts God’s hatred towards

sin and a whole new light

you see

it’s not because sin

is is the work of his arch enemy Satan

it’s not just because it’s the work of

the devil that angers God

it’s not because sin embarrasses God

because he’s beyond that

it’s not even because God is Holy that

he so hates sin

yes there’s a hatred towards sin but

it’s it’s not as a sin in itself and as

such but it is the results of sin

it is what sin it’s not what sin does to

him it’s what sin does to his children

it’s what sin does to his people it’s

the wages of sin it’s the consequences

of sin that so angers God and I’m going

to open that to you hopefully by the

power of the Holy Spirit here in just a

few moments

Jesus it is written came to give life

in him was life the Bible says God sent

his own son to produce life in his


folks this whole thing is about life

it’s life

God sent Jesus that you and I might have

life as Believers not only life but

Abundant Life

Abundant Life

and God will not sit by

and allow anything any hindrance any

demon any devil any hindrance any flesh

to suck out and drain the life that his

son died to provide

if God didn’t act against your sin and

mind that drains us of that life he

would just be despising the sacrifice of

his own son

are you seeing it

do you hear on the spirit Jesus came to

produce life he never intended and his

people go around walking in fear and

condemnation and guilt and under the

thumb of the enemy or the Dominion of


why does God hate the weasel


it drains the life out of us that Jesus

died to provide

Jesus said I stand at the door and knock

and he wants communion he wants to come

and suck

and he knows that that thing

sets the door to communion

because when Adam said he hid from the

presence of the Lord

do you think God was married just


he said no it was more than that because

it’s the result of sin it broke that

sweet communion

folks if you’re a true Christian of

Jesus with all your heart you know what

happens when you sin before God and when

you keep falling into the same old sin

and you know how you stand before the

Lord you feel the guilt and you feel the

pain and you know you’ve injured the

Lord and and that this the Lord looks at

you and says look what it’s done to you

it’s robbed you of the life

it’s robbed you of the joy it’s robbed

you of my peace

and the Lord will stop at nothing

to get at that sin to bring back the


to produce the life because that’s what

he wants he’s not trying to chastise you

just because you made him angry that’s

not where the anger of God is

the anger of God is against the pain


the walls that have been erected by sin

that’s where his anger is directed does

not mad at you

he’s not mad at any of his children

God has never once in the history of

mankind passed away or forsaken one of

his children that struggles against sin

hating his sin he may not have the

victory but God will never cast you a


he is still your loving father but I

tell you he will stop at nothing

absolutely nothing until he gets to that

weasel and kills it because he knows it

stands between you it has the potential

of draining you of every ounce of

spiritual life that Jesus died to


folks let that sink in a minute

you see he’s not mad at you

he’s not mad at me he looks down and

sees a poor struggling Saint struggling

against to be setting sin


look what it’s done to you

look what it’s doing to you

you don’t even want to come into my

presence you don’t want to even pick up

the book You Feel So Unworthy and now

look what it’s doing to you the pain and

and the shame and now the rivers are

closing up and drying because you you

are having your life drained out of you

your life is being drained out sin is

draining this life out of you

he says now come

let me help you let me bring you to

deliverance and folks that’s when the

life of Jesus Christ and Paul the

Apostle gave his very life gave his very

life for this one reason that the

promise of life in Jesus Christ may be

fulfilled second Timothy 1 1 the promise

of life in Christ Jesus


this whole struggle

against sin

this whole Battle of sin

why is it

that God raises up Shepherds

uncompromising who stand in the pulpit

and come against sin and hold it to your

face why does God send prophets why does

he speak to his word and such power and

anointing and why does he come and

Hammer like a hammer his word Hammers

and hammers it’s not God trying to pound

you down it’s not God trying to be

justified has nothing to do with the

justice of God even

that cannot affect the justice of God he

will be just in his own nature

but he does that out of love

uh we had a pastor call her office this


and demand immediately to be taken off

my mailing list he had read a message


uh they have

taken away the cross

and he didn’t like the part about the

cross confronting sins he said that’s

all settled

he didn’t like it at all and and he


believes in his heart that I’m just a

legalistic symbol Stomper

so take me off your list I don’t want

any of that kind of hard language

let me tell you what the Holy Ghost

showed me and listen

the man

of God

who stands

before you

and warns you

of a weasel in your hand that can

destroy you

is the preacher of life

he is preaching of Life why why would

anybody why would anyone stand in the

Pulpit when he knows human nature when

he knows the spirit of this age and when

he knows that many of his people are are

are wallowing sin and the Holy Ghost is

talking about that sin why would anybody

allow us oh go ahead and tuck your

weasel pet it

you can’t tap sin

you can’t put boundaries on sin because

sin always overflows his boundaries you

can’t say I’ll go this far and that’s as

far as I’ll go there are no boundaries

sin always overflows its boundaries

it’s about life

when the Lord began to put this message

in my heart I said well Lord last five

messages all been about Sin

the Lord says no David you’re not saying

this is about Grace

this is Grace this is God saying I want

a people full of life I don’t want my

people dragging anymore I want people

with joy and victory in their hearts

I want them to live in peace

it’s about life

that you might have life

that you might have it more abundantly

the other word for weight in Greek is

hindrance and and that is the weasel he

said Oh my he will come after every


folks that’s why just when you think

it’s all settled and God can’t go any


and he’s he’s peeled the onion down to

the Core

then here comes another message

another conviction


the Lord’s saying I want you to get the

place where there’s absolutely nothing


hindering this River of Life we think

there’s a River of Life springing up in

me and there is a holy ghost that wants

to spring up on a whale that begins to

flow and he wants no hindrances to block

that flow of blessing and favor and

anointing of the Holy Ghost Hallelujah

I can tell where there’s been a church

that’s been under the preaching of the

word where people have been Sanctified

by the word and cleansed by the word of

God because there’s a genuine worship

there’s a shout in the Church of Victory

Hallelujah people have the joy of the





I don’t call it living

getting up every day with a cloud

hanging over the head

I don’t call it living looking in the

mirror every day and wondering is my sin

going to bring

some kind of judgment on me and that’s

that’s where many many people are

they think that way

and and folks

the Bible does say the wages of sin is


I don’t call that living walking around

every waking hour at the load of guilt

and fear and condemnation I don’t call

that living at all not in my book that’s

not living

and that’s not what God wants for his


if ye through the spirit

demortify the flesh ye shall live


Paul speaks of those who have their

understanding darkened

through the ignorance that is in them

because of the blindness of their heart

who being passed feeling have given

themselves over unto lasciviousness to

work all uncleanness with greediness

now look at the people he’s describing

he’s saying here of people who who are

holding on to their sin they’ve got this

thing in their hand these are Eagles

trying to fly and they’ve got this thing

in their hand and he said they walking

in darkness now and there’s uncleanness

with greediness and look what the result

is being alienated from the life of God

alienated cut off

from the life of God


let me tell you

there’s been times in my life

my younger

years in Ministry

God would see

me collecting a weasel

he saw something in my hand that could

destroy me

and the Holy Ghost King

and he would say to me David

let that go

is gonna

drain you if you’re anointing

it’s going to cost your ministry

it’s going to bring you to a spiritual


and you’ll be useless to your generation

that’s how clear it was that’s how loud

it was because God will stop at nothing

to get at that thing nothing because he

will let nothing hinder the life that he

wants us to have

and I thank God that that produced the

fear of God in Me and I said oh God take

it God take it and I look back and I see

how he saved my life saved my Ministry

kept my anointing so that this time in

my life in in my ladder years now I have

that River of peace and joy in my soul

Hallelujah and I thank God for the day

he spoke so strong to me if he’d just

patted me on the back and said David I

know you you mean well I see your tears

folks your tears in itself won’t do it

your promises and your vows won’t

deliver you that is absolutely hopeless

you can’t do it in your flesh

that all folks if you have a heart for

God if you want to walk in righteousness

the Holy Ghost will come to you he will

send Messengers he will send prophets

he’ll put Shepherds before you and he

will hold your sin up in your face not

because he’s mad at you not because he’s

trying to hammer you down but he said

I’m trying to save you

trying to deliver you


alienated from the life that is in God

folks do you want Jesus with all your


I say do you want Jesus with all your


well you can’t have him unless you want

his life

because in him his life the Bible says

and you can’t have Christ unless you

desire his life and you can’t have his

life without deliverance from the weasel

say brother Dave how was sin mortified

how do I kill the weasel


through the spirit

if ye through the spirit do mortify

ye shall live see it’s all about living

it’s all about life

God sent the Holy Ghost into our hearts

to do the work of mortifying sin and

I’ll give you one heart

and I will put a new heart in you and a

new spirit I’ll take away the Stony

heart out of your flesh and I’ll give

you a heart I’ll take the Stony heart

out of your flesh and we’ll give you a

heart of Flesh a new heart also will I

give you and the new spirit I’ll put

within you and I will take away the

Stony heart

if you want to lay down your sin

folks when I begin to pray about this

this past week I closed all my books

said Lord I can’t get this out of a book

God you have to show me we’ve got we’ve

got people

still battling with drugs and alcohol

and homosexuality and lisbonism

bitterness and gossip and folks I don’t

know what it is I don’t know what that

weasel is in your hand I don’t know what

you’re clutching to



if you have a heart for God

there’s a cry in you oh God I want life

I want to live

I want to live now I’m not talking about

just eternal life he said that we may

have life

have it more abundantly

the Holy Ghost will come to you

and he will speak in no uncertain terms

to you

he’s going to show you no no I want you

to follow very close he’s going to get

you to focus on the danger of your

condition he will focus you on the

danger of your condition

he’s going to say you have something in

your hands this is he has to me when I

was especially a young pastor and

evangelist and God would say you can’t

watch that on television he can’t

you can’t do that again you can’t do


in other words that’s that that’s going

to rob you it’s going to take it away if

there was bitterness in my heart when

somebody did me wrong God says no David

if you keep that bitterness another day

is going to suck your life

it’s going to rob you it’s going to

destroy you

folks there are pastors evanges and lay

people all over the world right now who

are spiritually dead they walk around

the spiritual zombies no life in them

whatsoever because of bitterness and

things that God dealt with and they

never would let it go

you say well how can I let it go first

of all he shows you the danger he’s

going to show you to the word he’s doing

that right now through my preaching

this is how God delivers he’s going to

show you in no uncertain terms he said

you keep it up I love you but there’s

something I I cannot do I can convict

you I can send Messengers I can tell you

how dangerous your condition is I can

paint the picture for you I can warn you

but you have to let it go there’s an act

of obedience God the Holy Ghost is given

to work in us but he will not work

without us

there has to be a determined Act of

obedience that says God I am sick and

tired of my bondage I’m sick and tired

of the load of guilt I have a weight on

me I want to get rid of it I want my

freedom back

and when your heart begins to cry for


the Lord says you can have it but now

you can’t do it in your own strength

you’ve made promises before you failed

but through Jesus Christ you can do all

things through Christ we can do all

things the Holy Ghost will come and

Empower you but he doesn’t move in with

that power until he sees and only he

knows when you have fully committed

to an act of obedience I will obey I

will lay it down

I have had it

when God sees you come to that point

he’ll give you the power to do it

and not until


forgive me for screaming

oh God the Holy Ghost is so faithful

he’s a gentle Dove he’ll come and plead

with you he will woo you he will love

you with messages folks for the past

year and a half he has wooed this

congregation with messages of grace and

mercy Pastor Carter’s join me in in

messages in this Pulpit of the sweetness

of Christ and the gentleness of the Holy

Ghost we have preached it the full

Council of God but folks Jesus is coming

he’s about to do something in this

church and every church that wants him

I I have heard some preaching of

repentance that has angered me and I I I

have I have the Holy Ghost and may not

listen to because it’s nothing but

slapping people around from the pulpit

is nothing but no God’s mad at you and

straightened up or you’re going to hell

folks it’s about life it’s a loving

message of healing it’s about life


there comes a moment

when you say

I choose life over death

I want freedom and when you make that

decision let me tell you what happens

the Holy Ghost comes in

and your First Act of obedience

he floods you

with an ecstasy and a joy

that you haven’t had in ages he comes

and begins to flood because he

encourages and not only that he will

flood you with Promises of what he’s

going to do for you and he’ll set before

you a picture of what’s ahead for you

and even for Jesus the scripture says

looking unto Jesus the author the

finisher of our faith that’s in Hebrews

12 2

who for the joy that was set before him

endured the cross despising the shame

now he set down at the right hand of the


but you see when Jesus was going through

this struggle he’s in the middle of the

struggle the Holy Ghost came and he

painted before the Lord this wonderful

gave all these wonderful promises showed

him the joy that if he could break

through go down into death die said this

and he he died with the sins of the

world on his shoulders but he went down

into the grave he came out and folks

when you you bring your weasel so to

speak you bring your sin to the Lord and

say Lord I’ve had it here and you put it

in his hands Lord you take it you take

it I’m ready then he comes in with

strength and then he begins to speak to

your heart I’m going to open up rivers

to you I’m going to open all the rivers

I’m going to bless your you with joy

like you’ve never known I’m going to

give you peace and satisfaction You’re

Gonna Know

you’re going to know me like you’ve

never known me before he’s going to open

up the word to you he begins to show you

this picture and then like Jesus you can

endure because of the joy that you see

the victory that you see ahead


and one of these days

you’re going to stand in full Joy

maybe in this church maybe at home maybe

on the job and the victory has come you

look down and there’s that weasel dead

at your feet and you’ll look at that

dead thing and said oh Lord


you’re going to see how insignificant

how how unreasonable

how stupid

you’ll see that thing laying get at your


I don’t want to rejoicing is going to

come to your heart he said oh God how

much you love me that thing could have

drained my life it could have taken me

to Hell thank you Jesus that’s where the

joy of the Lord comes to the house of

God and to the people


you ready to kill the weasel

will you stand

beloved balcony main floor

God knows my heart I’m not trying to

endear myself to this congregation

but I’ll tell you if you know the Lord

you had to feel the love of God in this

message it’s the love of God

it’s the love of God Amen

there’s not a person in this

congregation that couldn’t come to one

of the pastors

now I’m not going to ask you to do this

we’re not going to do it but there’s not

one person in this congregation that

could come to one of these pastors and

confess what you’ve done you you could

name that weasel you could name that be

setting sin

you say Pastor here’s my besetting sin

there’s nothing you could say

nothing there’s no sin that you could


it would cause us to turn and walk away

from you

not one there’s not one sin that you

could name that we wouldn’t begin to

pray with you right now and say Lord

there’s hope there’s Deliverance there’s



how much more the Lord

you can bring anything to him

he’ll not put you down

he’ll not

whip you

and even when he does chasten

he said it’s because he loves

those he loves



but you know he doesn’t chase him till

he brings a word like this

in other words you’re going to hear the

rest of this day


will you by your heads

would you examine yourself while I pray

I’m going to ask the Holy Ghost to come


with convicting power

well I preached

just after this morning well I’ve always


was God by his Spirit showing you

was he saying something to you

because he’s saying today

was he saying this is for you

this message is directly for you

did the Holy Ghost say I’ve been patient

and I’ve been loving and I’ve been

telling you this thing will kill you it

will destroy you

if that’s so

I want you to bring it to Jesus

I want you to come and open your hand

and lay it down and say Jesus this


I can’t bring you to that place the Holy

Ghost has to bring it to that place but

the word of God is cleansing it can

cleanse you

heavenly father I’m asking you to speak

all over this house

I’m asking you to speak clearly

let no one walk out of here

clutching a weasel let no one walk out

here holding on to a secret sin

let no one walk out here O Lord holding

on to a besetting sin he said put it


cast it aside Let It Go

the that does so easily be set that

sin that so easily surrounds us and

tries to rob us and bring us into a

surrender Lord we’re not going to

surrender to the end and they were going

to surrender to the Holy Ghost today


gonna be a lot of people coming Folks up

in the balcony just go to the to the

side stairs on either side and come down

any aisle

Hallelujah God’s speaking to your heart

come on

just bring it down nobody needs to know

what it is nobody needs to know

whatsoever between you and the Holy


amen don’t hide from the Holy Ghost obey

him if he’s speaking to you if he says

this is your day and folks

God doesn’t want you to delay every day

you put it off it gets harder becomes

more and more difficult

because sin gots deeper and deeper

entrenched it takes root

the time to deal with it is when the

Holy Ghost

has applied the ax to the root

please move in close move in tight if

you can if you will please

for the Lord God is a son and shield

the Lord will give Grace and Glory

no good thing will he withhold from them

that walk uprightly blessed is the man

that trusteth indeed

you’re forgiven the iniquity of your

people you’ve covered all their sins

that was taking away all thy wrath that

was turned thyself from the fierceness

of thine anger Now show us Mercy O Lord

and grant us salvation I will hear what

God the Lord will speak he shall speak

peace to his people and to his Saints

but let them not turn again to their sin

Hallelujah God wants to speak peace to

your heart the moment you face it to say

oh Jesus here

take it now

I want every one of you that have come

forward now foreign

oh God give ear to my prayer listen to

the voice of my supplication

for in the day of my trouble I call upon

thee that will answer me

then teach me your way O Lord I’ll walk

in your truth unite My Heart To Fear Thy

name so I can praise thee with all my

heart and I can glorify your name then


I’m going to pray for you first father I

I look upon all of these that have come

forward in the service this morning and

I thank you for the great love and

compassion you have for your body

Lord there’s not a person standing here

that came humbly before you

not one of them Lord that you don’t love

you love every one of them passionately

they’re your children Lord some of them

Lord have drifted away some of them Lord

have maybe not even known you they’re

coming to receive you now Lord but you

loved them even when they were Sinners

that’s what you said even when we were

in sin you reconciled yourself to us let

us be reconciled to you now come Holy

Spirit and give hope

Lord let us lay our sins at the cross

let us go down into death today and die

Lord if we through the spirit to mortify

the Deeds of the flesh we shall live

Lord you’re going to bring forth life

out of death today Hallelujah I want you

to look up to Jesus and pray this prayer

with me right now Jesus

I am tired and weary of my sin

I confess it before you

help me Lord

to obey your voice

give me power to obey

because I want to obey

help me Lord Jesus now

to lay my sin at your feet

and I say to you Lord now

here it is

take it pluck it out

destroy it I yield it to you now

by faith

the power of Jesus Christ

now come Holy Spirit

give me power and authority over the

Dominion of sin

and restore the joy of the Lord to my


that I might sing and praise the Lord

with no hindrances

with no fear and no guilt

because I have obeyed God

and I trust the blood of Jesus

now raise your hands and thank him right

now Lord I Thank you

I thank you Jesus

I Thank You O Lord I give you praise

wonderful wonderful Jesus Hallelujah

this is the conclusion of the message