Grace & Faith Asia – Livestream with Andrew Wommack




hello and welcome to our Asia live Grace

and Faith conference man we’re glad to

have you with us I’m Andrew wck and I’ve

got with me Mike and Carrie picket and

they are the executive directors of my

Ministry and I know it’s 8:00 there but

you know it’s 6:00 our time in the

morning and some of my staff got here at

4:00 this morning so I want to say thank

you to all of our staff and everybody

who’s making this happen and we are just

excited to be sharing with you God is

doing great things all across the Asia

area and we’ve got uh great results and

we would like to welcome Cindy Pearson

she’s our director there and uh Cindy

welcome we are glad that you are hosting

this and we’re glad to be a part of what

you’re doing so welcome to our Asia

Grace and Faith Liv stream thank you

it’s awesome to be here Andrew well man

it’s exciting could you give a little

history about U you know what how long

we’ve been there and what’s happening

tell us a little bit about what’s going

on there in Asia with Andrew wck

Ministries and Caris Bible College I

would love to I’d love to tell you you

know we are excited because God is just

exploding and expanding What’s Happening

Here in Asia and we started in

2012 with Caris and started andreic

Ministries in

2016 I’m sure you remember when you came

to Hong Kong I did and um you were here

in I think 2010 then again in

2016 and after 2016 we actually because

once we started awm my heart was really

to get this thing the material

translated I mean we’re not

English-speaking country normally so we

had to get it translated into Chinese so

once we started and we translated into

Chinese you came and we had our first

Chinese class in Caris of 12 students

after that meeting wow so exciting yeah

very exciting that’s awesome and Mike

and Carrie picket I want to give them an

opportunity here but they are the ones

that run all of our carish Bible

colleges around the world we have how

many different campuses 53 different

campuses yeah and so Mike and Carrie

we’ve we’ve known each other a long time

I met Carrie when she was 10 years old

yes and she was a missionary in Russia

for 16 years met Mike over there Mike

was also a missionary in Russia and they

got married and you’ve been back here

about 10 years now getting ready getting

ready to start our ninth year and so

anyway what’s happening in World

Outreach that’s what we call all of our

Caris Bible colleges outside of the US

you know we’re super EXC excited and

this is this is an amazing time to speak

to everyone that’s there um we just

actually got back from a trip where we

were able to see Cindy and so we were

able to go to um we were in kind of that

area so we went to Australia then we

went to Singapore and we went to

Indonesia so getting to see Cindy and

meet so many of her amazing leaders and

students there uh in Singapore we kind

of all met together and had some really

amazing Fellowship time so what is

happening in Asia is super exciting we

absolutely love Asia we had a

opportunity to go into Asia and serve

Cindy a couple times over the last um

probably the last decade right after we

got back from Russia we always uh we

always tell uh Andrew that he almost

lost us to Asia after we got back from

Russia and we came back and moved to

America and then we went to Asia and the

hunger and the it was so phenomenal it

it they totally stole our heart and we

wanted to stay there forever I remember

you talking about that and some of the

pastors there had just been so

legalistic and didn’t understand and the

grace that you just saw them change

before in your eyes I’ve never seen such

hunger and such tenderness before the

Lord and just such passion and

dedication and so we just honor um all

of our asian brothers and sisters and

the things that they are doing to

believe and stand for the gospel and so

we just love you guys and it’s been a

tremendous privilege to see World

Outreach be able to serve all the Asian

Nations that Cindy and her team are

ministering to and we also need to

introduce Mike Mark Marson

is that and he is the one that runs our

school there in Hong Kong so Mike you’re

on with us

welcome Mike you’re

muted you’re muted Mike it would help to

hear you I am sorry there you

go hi Andrew Mike and Carrie it’s great

to have you guys on thanks so much for

doing this I we really appreciate it

well it’s great what’s happening there

in Hong Kong You’ been you’ve been with

this how long

now yeah um uh since 2019 I I’ve been a

director since 2020 but it was in 2019

that I came down to do the uh director’s

training program with Cindy and yeah man

there’s awesome stuff going on here um

you know Cindy mentioned back in 2014

when she came uh there were six students

and um now 10 years later we’ve got uh

you know over 600 students in five

different nations uh so it’s just been

Supernatural what’s been happening but

um yeah it’s really a result of people

just sitting under the word getting

changed by the word getting into

intimate relationship with the Lord and

then other people seeing that and

wanting to be a part of it as well so

yeah it’s been awesome and Cindy you had

mentioned that a big part of the job

here is trying to get everything

translated into the languages so uh what

have we done now how many of our books

are translated U into the languages

Which languages I guess it’s Cantonese


Mand yeah so now we actually have um we

we’ use both traditional Chinese and

simplified Chinese and we have 13 books

we just finished God Wants You Well

which is awesome and we have about seven

booklets and the exciting part is we

actually Andre we have 13 of your gospel

truth TV shows the series translated now

wow praise God do you know which topics


are oh that’s a good question they’re

they they follow the global alignment so

Spirit soul and body you’ve already got

it Believers Authority don’t limit God

they’re all on you so how do people how

do people watch that yep so our YouTube

channel is just chocked full of Chinese

information uh Chinese material of yours

so there’s lots of videos outside we’ve

got healing Journeys and de everything’s

on there in Chinese but that’s where

they can watch your gospel truth um TV

series as well so not everybody is

familiar with these terms but healing

Journeys are testimonies of people that

have been healed and I think we have

over 40 of them we’ve got people that

were raised from the dead multiple

sclerosis healed uh every kind of

healing you can imagine yeah our

discipleship of angelism is what Cindy’s

referring to when she says de and that

is a 48 lesson course that just starts

with the real foundational truths and

goes in kind of a circle so that it

starts out with foundational things then

it gets into like finances marriage

relational and then the last part of it

is how you become a discipler and it

brings a person back to where they could

start with that and start training other

people and we’ve had I don’t even know

but I know in Uganda alone we’ve had

over a million people that have gone

through that course I imagine worldwide

it’s multiple Millions absolutely Cindy

can you share with the translation um

something that we think is super super

exciting is also the Caris curriculum

and so that being a huge part of the

work that your team has done which is

just amazing to get that much material

so first year uh over 42 courses second

year and then exciting you guys are just

now finishing third year for all the

material so can you share a little bit

about that so that’s been um a really

big challenge but an awesome Challenge

and so and it’s for us it’s not just one

language it’s both the traditional and

the simplified so we can reach Chinese

all over the world and so first year 42

courses done second year 38 courses is

done and um third year is about three4

of the way done now and so we actually

will start our first Chinese third year

program here in Hong Kong in August amen

that’s awesome exciting that’s

congratulations that’s exciting so we’ve

been talking about all the things that

have been done has it affected anybody’s

life is any body being changed as they

hear the word of God that’s an awesome

awesome question Andrew and in fact

tonight we have two testimonies so I’m

excited about our testimonies I’m

excited about um the two people that are

going to share about the awesome things

that’s been happening in their life so

Pastor julica is going to share first

she’s a pastor in Malaysia and she’s a

year two student in Singapore who flies

there do class every month so she’s

using this message to transform her

church and all the young people in the

church so Pastor

julica hi Cindy hi hi thank you thank

you so much it’s so good to have this

time together here and able to share the

goodness of God and hi Andrew hello hi

Mike and k p hi pastor jul and also Mike

in Hong Kong and everyone here tonight

let me continue with my testimony I

really appreciate this privilege given

to me

tonight it’s it’s something that I

really I take it a wonderful opportunity

God bless you Cindy thank you and

everyone here thank you for this

opportunity my name is julika mauni from

Kota kabalo Sabah East

Malaysia I am a native from the tribe of

Rus in Borneo Island and my church is

about 100 members in including children

and adult and in our midst we have two

special kids that is quite aggressive a

sudden punch a sudden hair pullings and

uh a screaming running around is a

normal side for you to see in our midst

with these two special kids it even

happened before that while I was

preaching at a Pulpit you know one of

them managed to um break human

barricades to go over the ppit while I

was preaching now our church premise is

limited in

space that uh how we can C different

need of children age and uh category so

about now I want I would like to invite

you with me to imagine we have about 25

children will just be fitted into one

room just imagine that with me into one

room with these two Specialties until

there was a time many of our children

were griefed with

fear um from physical assault by these

two special kids and some of the

children they start refusing coming to

church so I thank God Andrew thank you

for the truth that I learned and receive

from your

teaching about Believers

Authority I got the teachers

um the parents and the children to

exercise their faith on how to use their

Authority how to face the situation and

praise God that the result was our

children is being delivered they were

delivered from fear and they became

volunteered caretakers and a gracious

friend to these two special kids today

thank you Andrew for your impactful

ministry that has helped me and my

church to grow stronger in faith I am

forever grateful thank you God bless you

amen that’s a great testimony it is you

know uh Cindy that’s one of the things

that really blesses me I think you said

that we have I don’t how many pastors

are involved in our uh school and of

course they are all going to go out and

touch other people’s lives so that’s

having a multiplying effect how many

pastors are in our school um well we’ve

got 14 pastors just here in Hong Kong

alone and then we have Pastors in um the

other countries as well so we have a

number of pastors that are taking this

course and it’s changing their life just

like Pastor jelica amen so that’s really

exciting in fact Andrew the next

testimony is pastor Evan so pastor Evan

is not only a pastor of a church but he

pastors an online community that meets

every morning for two to three hours

hundreds of people from all over the

world come and he’s been using the de in

his church every Sunday to preach and he

teaches your uh book clubs with your

books and he is a a first year student

with Caris here and so we’re excited

pastor Evan hi thank you Cindy hi

everybody um my name is pastor Evan

healing has always been my passion and

my calling uh initially my Ministry was

more Wass the traditional spiritual

healing and we focuses on uh repent

generational curse and things like that

about six years ago God led me to the

Troops of healing in the atonement

identity in Christ and mind

renewal so during the covid-19 pandemic

I provided a free online teachings along

these lines uh two to three nights every

week and the teaching were popular as

they came at a time when people did

healing most and we had over 200

participants regularly uh from within

and outside Hong

Kong and

20 22 2022 was the turning point for me

and my Ministry when I came across to

Ang ju

teachings and and got many uh answers to

to my question although I’ve been

teaching healing I still have many

question about healings but I got all

the answers from Andre’s teachings thank

you very much angrew

uh so later that that year I joined

Caris Bible College uh as recommended by

Cindy and Mike thank you and I started a

new church and I started to use Angels

materials for all my online classes and


sermons we also we play our sermons

recording and conduct small group

discussions Monday evenings for brothers

and sister from other churches and other


so together with our daily morning

prayer meetings these teachings have

helped many participants to renew their

mind transform their lives get healed

and Minister healings to others so we

have participants uh they we have cancer

we have heart disease we have dupers we

have all kinds of pains and and uh

depression and things like that all got

healed and people do not just got healed

they Minister healing to others

so then the Caris Bible College is a

great help as people who want to

FastTrack their learnings and uh because

a lot of people are Hunger they’re so

hungry for God’s word and they can enrad

in the kis Bible College uh for a

program and today all our regular

speakers and many of our volunteers are

from uh CBC they are CBC students now


myself and I praise the Lord and thank

Angel W Ministry for blessing us with um

the opportunity to learn from them and

contribute to preach the true gospel and

transform people’s life thank

you wow that is that’s a great testimony

praise God Amen you know the healing

power of God uh Kenneth Hagen used to

say it’s like a dinner bell that you

ring it and it draws people to the true

gospel and it is true that God wants to

touch our hearts and deal deal with the

spiritually but sometimes you have to

reach people in the physical and show

them the power of God in that realm

before they will open up their hearts

amen and you know my own testimony is

that my son was raised from the dead

after being dead over 4 hours he was in


morg and stripped naked and had a toe

tag on pronounced dead and God raised

him from the dead and no brain damage no

more than he had before it was

awesome so anyway it’s exciting to see

what the school it is you know what I

love about the word and I what I love

about so many of the students is that

then they’re they’re now going out and

ministering and it’s not just a head

knowledge that they’re getting with

Caris Bible College and your books and

material and the shows but they’re

really their hearts are being

transformed and so then they are able to

articulate that life-giving message to

other that’s what’s so exciting is that

it’s a multiplying work and so Pastor

we’re just so blessed by your testimony

all the lives that you are touching and

sometimes people can think that it’s

only the people who are really high

pastors are very very influential that

or like an Andrew wck that can have the

gift of healing when in reality that

gift is for the entire body of Christ

amen and that’s what we’re seeing in

cares all over the world is that it

doesn’t matter what culture you come

from the word of God changes everything

and when you put the word of God and it

empowers you to walk just like Jesus

walked because that’s the whole point of

the word it comes alive on the inside of

us you know we’re seeing we have 22

Nations that have andrewc Ministries

currently located and it doesn’t matter

about the culture the word of God works

we’re seeing these same testimonies

happening all over the world where

people are being delivered from cancer

they’re being healed of HIV AIDS they’re

being healed of so many different

diseases aches pains depression they’re

finding peace it’s all because of the

word of God and the foundation that’s

being laid in their lives amen and Cindy

we had one of these uh Grace and Faith

conferences by Zoom or live stream

whatever we’re calling this we had this

last year and if I remember correctly we

only had like 19 students last year but

it has grown exponentially which I think

shows that there is a hunger in people

for these things they just didn’t know

about it so what what’s happened with

Caris how has it grown over the

year I will let Mike answer that for you

because it has really grown all right I

need to direct it towards the correct

person thank you Cindy Mike what’s

happened since last year how have we

grown well I’m going to direct it back

to Andrew I’m kiding it’s been it’s been

awesome you know um as I mentioned you

know we’ve been here 12 years now Carol

Olden Wald started it in 2012 and then

when Cindy came in 2014 there were just

six students and um yeah over the past

10 years it’s grown to now 600 600 plus

students uh over five different nations

and um you know it’s been awesome it’s

it’s really what you’ve talked about uh

Andrew that it’s not so much any

marketing uh you know overt marketing

that we’re doing it’s just people’s

lives being changed and people see other

people seeing that and wanting it as

well and because Caris is for any

believer to grow spiritually to to come

into an understanding of their identity

in Christ and of the true nature of God

and of their Authority um you know we’re

getting a lot of people coming on board

and getting their lives changed and then

manifesting and letting the Life of

Christ just just flow through them and

other people are taking notice I think

one of the significant things that

happened uh recently uh relatively

recently was in 2019 um many of our

local pastors um or or several of our

local pastors became Caris students and

started to see uh the the potential of

of what this curriculum can do because

it’s all word-based and it’s planting

the word in your heart and seeing change

so they basically encouraged uh many of

their congregants to become Cara

students as well and um so we we got a

really big boost uh in our student

population as a result of that happening

and as ciny mentioned we’ve got 14

pastors currently in Hong Kong that are

students or or our promotes I think

another significant thing that happened

in 2019 is we started doing discussion

groups for our year one uh students and

so um basically once a month they would

meet via zoom and discuss the coursework

ask questions learn how to apply it to

their lives and uh you know this was a

uh holy spirit-led initiative because as

you know the next year covid hit and we

had already developed the online uh

communities uh as well so students were

getting fellowship with each other while

also being able to uh discuss the

courses so um so it’s it’s just been

been phenomenal I I think one of the

things that’s awesome is now you know

Cindy and I used to lead facilitate

those those small groups and now we’ve

got our year 2 students and our alumni

they’re facilitating as well and as a

result of facilitating they’re getting

the word once again reinforced in their

heart because they’re rewatching the

curriculum they’re meditating on it um

and so yeah just lots of of great things

have been happening as Cindy mentioned

uh we’re starting a third-year program

it’s our first Chinese third-year

program and so that’ll be coming uh this

fall so we’ll be continuing to uh

disciple people into leadership in the

body of Christ that’s great you know um

how do people take advantage of the

school if they wanted to be a part of it

like you’ve mentioned uh people coming

there but do they have to come to a

specific location can they do it online

how do how do they take advantage of

Caris if they wanted to

aart yeah um what we’ll do is we’ll put

up a uh a website um that people can go

to and um you know that you don’t have

to be uh in Hong Kong uh to do it you

could be in Hong Kong Malaysia Taiwan

Singapore uh and you just come to the

website um hit Admissions and then

enroll and we have a simple online

application form you can take the

coursework uh online and be a part of

one of our monthly discussion groups via

Zoom so no you don’t have to be uh

physically in Hong Kong to participate

in this program um all of the curriculum

has been translated into Chinese both in

traditional Chinese or in simplified

Chinese um and our discussion groups our

monthly discussion groups are also in uh

Chinese Cantonese uh as well that’s

awesome well there’s some more things

we’d really like to ask you about the

school but um we just want to introduce

um a Caris video for all of our audience

to be able to see just some of the

amazing things that Caris is doing so

we’re just going to have you guys watch

this video and then we’re going to come

back and ask um Mike some more questions

about the Bible School am I a mistake

did God overlook me why do I still deal

with depression I need direction why

does life feel meaningless have I wasted

my life why am I still

sick blown it God’s people are destroyed

for a lack of knowledge if You’ got any

problem in your life it’s really because

you don’t understand fully what God has

done this word is a greatest gift that

God has ever given us because this is

how we know him I’m promising you prepar

ation time is never wasted time

regardless of what you feel that God has

called you to do you need to be

prepared at Caris Bible College you will

be transformed by the word of God you

will develop your relationship with God

and ability to hear his voice that is

what is going to transform your life

your vision and your future it’s not too

late stop disqualifying yourself no

matter who you are or what you’ve done

God still has a plan for you


you know one of the most exciting things

about the Bible College is that we see

people from every Walk of Life come in

and I mean some of them are in terrible

situations others totally opposite they

come from everything but yet the word

changes everybody amen the same way and

like we just heard testimonies from I

think it was our Hong Kong group that

went to Vietnam wasn’t it and they saw

death healed they saw

a woman healed by her what son-in-law

that wasn’t even a believer but they

told him to lay hands on his

mother-in-law you go pray for your mom

and you pray for her well they prayed

for him first and then he yeah and and

we’re seeing miracles happen in Uganda

we had one of our students that went and

prayed for a person for 4 hours who was

dead I’m not sure that I would have

lasted four hours and the person raised

from the dead and so I mean we see the

word working in any culture and there’s

some of you watching this right now that

you may think well I I don’t know about

this could this happen to me we are

testifying that we’ve seen this happen

all around the world the word of God

will change your life and make you an

absolutely different person one of the

things I love just watching that video

is um you know just because we visited

so many of the schools and stuff you

know we can see the different offices

and it it truly and you saw on that

video we have so many nationalities in

so many ages there you saw young people

you saw older you see families you see

retired um people coming out of

retirement because they’re discovering

their gifts and callings like never

before so we’re just super excited about

the way the word is inviting people into

who God really made them to be and you

know we want to give you an opportunity

to taste and see what it’s like and so

I’ve got this book entitled God Wants

You Well now this has been translated

into Canton Mandarin and Cindy you can

give them the details but we’re going to

give this away as a gift to anybody so

if you just want to check it out uh and

taste and see if this is good or not I

think it’ be a real blessing so Cindy

could you tell them how they could get a

hold of that book absolutely so if you

go to um our website which is list there

awmi K will tell you there’s a coupon

code it will give you a coupon code you

can go into our store and buy the ebook

it’s ebook and use the coupon code and

check out and get the ebook free we also

just posted in the chat there’s

different coupon codes for each language

so that will help and tomorrow everybody

who registered will get a follow-up

letter and all the information will be

in the follow-up letter as well so

that’s awesome great so we’re seeing a

lot of people’s lives touch but you know

we have you there we have Mike do we

have other staff there that’s uh what

does it take to make all this

work yeah well it takes it takes some

people yes so really though when you

think about it we have 600 students and

we have eight staff that’s pretty good

ratio I wish we had that here in the US


knew but I would have to say that we we

have we have probably 40

volunteers and they really are the ones

that we’re training up to take

leadership leadership positions for us

to really come along side and help us so

that’s we’re so blessed we’re so blessed

by our students and our volunteers and

our leaders and we’ll just testify as

Cindy and Mike have done an amazing job

we got to meet so many of the leadership

when we were there in Singapore they had

flown in some of the Malaysia leadership

Hong Kong leadership uh and then some of

our new leadership that is being trained

up to start in New some new areas and so

they’ve done Cindy has done an amazing

job investing and having a vision for

raising up leaders that can be

multiplied it really is the vision of 2

Timothy 2:2 and trust these things to

Faithful Men Who will then be able to

teach others and Mike um you mentioned

that just a little bit about all the

facilitators and this is what’s so

powerful is the facilitators have gone

through the school or going through the

school and then they’re turning around

and then sharing with the students in

fact we were in Singapore and one of uh

Cindy’s leaders was with us they were

traveling with us we were doing some

different things and then she said well

I’m not going to I have to go uh I have

to facilitate a group tonight she wasn’t

able to spend time with u Mike and I she

was going to go back to a hotel room and

listen to Mike and I’s teaching uh that

we do in Bible school to be refreshed so

that she could then teach it that night

and I thought that was just so powerful

so these facilitators are just so

dedicated to keeping the word strong

within them and then they’re able to

facilitate so um they’ve done an amazing

job raising up some tremendous leaders

and I think also you know everybody

who’s uh who works at Caris who

facilitates volunteers they’ve all been

through Caris so they understand exactly

the journey that our students are going

on the process of transformation that’s

happening with them as well so they’re

able to walk people through that process

and it’s not only raising up people to

work at cares to work at 8m but truly

send them out all over the world so that

they can fulfill their callings whether

it’s as pastors or or maybe ministers or

maybe businessmen or or uh people who

are working from home or whatever those

things might be it’s not we’re not just

raising up ministers we’re raising up

people who who have uh who are going

into the workplace as well and seeing

their lives transformed but but you know

none of this would happen if it wasn’t

for people like Mike and Cindy there and

all of our volunteers and staff that are

making it happen and I just want to say

thank you to them so much amen uh for

dedicating their life because they have

the potential of reaching all over Asia

and the hunger is tremendous yeah and so

thank you guys for what you’re doing but

also I want to thank our partners uh

Cindy you would know this more than I do

but uh we only have just aund and

something Partners it’s not a large

number and I also need to make this

point that uh we have I think it’s 22

offices scattered around the world and I

cannot subsidize those offices from the

US we depend upon each one of our

offices being totally self-supporting so

the people there in the Asia area uh

it’s it’s your partnership that is

making all of this happen and we would

love to have more people join with us

because our vision is great as you heard

Mike talk about we have grown

tremendously and I mean the growth isn’t

going to slow down it’s going to do

nothing but increase you know what’s

awesome as well Andrew is that you know

we talked about translations earlier

today about first year second year and

now third year for Caris translations

all the different books that was the

partnership base for for all of Asian

that actually funded all those

translations so they have an active part

in reaching out the into the Chinese

speaking world all of all over the

planet uh because of their funds going

into that so we really do consider the

partners as part of our as part of our

team as well as we move forward so those

translations are not cheap they are not

I mean I don’t know what it would be in

their uh currency but it’s hundreds of

thousands of dollars I know s Cindy

oversaw that entire process Cindy can

you maybe share with us a little bit of


process that you saw and how uh our our

partners really did our Asian Partners

really did step up to the plate to

really uh uh bring forward and make that

happen I would love to because it was an

absolute miracle I really have to tell

you that we um started translating first

year and we didn’t have hardly any money

here but we got some Partners but then

there were other offices who started

helping us but then people just started

feeding in and partners just started

coming and we were able to do the first

year for and it cost

$250,000 per year wow and we’ve been

able to do the first year the second

year and over half of the third year

just on what our partners in Asia have

given us which is just phenomenal I mean

it’s absolutely

incredible so you know what partners are

the ones that make all of this work and

I may be the one that’s on YouTube you

guys may be teaching classes it could

you know other people but it’s partners

that make it all possible and so all of

the people’s lives who are being changed

someday in heaven you’re going to have

people come up to you from all of these

different uh places and you’ve never me

them in your life and yet they’ll come

up and thank you for what you did

because their life was changed because

of what you gave so really partnership

is an important part of what’s going on

and none of the money that comes into

the Hong Kong office there is going to

come back to the US s everything that

comes in will stay right there you’re

touching people all over Asia and we

would just really encourage you to pray

about being a partner with us matter of

fact we got a little partner video that

if uh they would play that it’ll give

you just a little bit of a taste of what

partnership might do and we’d like to

encourage you to pray about it and then

join with us so watch this video and

we’ll be right

back discipleship I think is what God

called called us to do and that’s the

only way we’re ever going to get the

gospel out discipleship is not just a

calling it’s a commitment to fulfill the


Commission as we take the gospel into

all corners of the

world our Global reach has become a

Beacon of

Hope something new is sparked as hearts

and Minds come to Jesus in unprecedented


Andrew wak Ministries and Caris Bible

College is devoted to equipping pioneers

and leaders to carry the gospel as far

and as deep as possible through


discipleship and none of this would be

possible without the incredible support

of our faithful

Partners we have awm offices in Caris

Bible College locations all over the

world we are currently working in 52



groups but to manage a harvest so great

we need your

help we invite you to join us on this

journey as we Bridge cultures and


groups together we can transform lives

train leaders and bring the light of the

Gospel to the darkest corners of the

earth joining us now from our office in

Asia is Cindy Pearson who shares how

your partnership has impacted the

continent of

Asia the purpose of partnership is

because we’re blessed we can be a

blessing and it is incredible to me how

when people partner with this ministry

that they receive more blessing than we

do do you know there’s 1.3 billion

people in this world who speak Chinese

how are we going to reach them if we

don’t have Partners who come alongside

us they’re a part of every book that

gets translated into Chinese every video

that gets translated into Chinese

because of your partnership and donation

we now have over 600 students in Caris

in five different locations don’t when I

moved to Hong Kong we had six students

studying Caris in English and so we’ve

finished the first year and the second

year translation of Caris Bible College

into both traditional subtitles and

simplified subtitles so we have two

different languages for Chinese speakers

and because of this we now have 600

students which is just amazing and of

those 600 students about 80% are doing

it in Chinese as Andrew says we dream

big our goal is millions I want the

potential of millions to see and hear

this true gospel I want it to reach as

far and as deep as possible and so I

know that as people partner with us as

they sew the seed the Harvest is going

to be

multiplied amen well that is amazing you

know that Chinese is the most spoken

language in the world and we are just

really getting started and Cindy and

Mike what you are doing there is

tremendous but we could do so much more

if we had more Partners so Cindy how

many partners do we have right now I

think you were telling me before the

broadcast that we had less than a

hundred Partners uh last year when we

did one of these uh live streams and it

basically doubled but as you say uh man

you believe that you are going to have

the biggest Bible School in the carish

Bible School in the world what could we

do how many partners do we have now and

what do we need we’ve got about 132

Partners now what do we need we need we

need thousands right if we’re going to

meet a 1.3 billion people we need

thousands of Partners so I just

encourage people to partner as Andrew

says this is good ground this is really

good ground and so our website um you

can get a hold of us on our website to

partner with us it’s also in the chat

box and if you feel led boy I would just

encourage you to partner with this

ministry here in your local office and

watch us just expand more and more so

exciting Andrew so what is the best way

to give I know that we have information

there on the screen do they just go to

the website or how how do they do that

go to the website yep they can go to the

website and then go to give and there’s

opportunity to partner there right on

the website and to give right in the

website there it’s also will the uh link

will be in the chat box as well and you

know one thing that was really special

this last season I think it was this

October when we were in h Singapore um

we had a Partners meeting Cindy had

orchestrated A Partners meeting and just

meeting some of the the partners from

Singapore uh was amazing such uh people

that been transformed they had been uh

they were online students um so their

lives are being transformed and changed

but what was really special about that

time so many of the partners were

meeting each other for the first time

and there were some really great

relationships that they started to

Network and and and connect to each

other and so that was just really

special to see of just how their lives

had been transformed and then how they

were now going to be able to connect

with each other so we just such special

people um that are doing some amazing

things and then the testimonies that as

they shared about their partnership

there is uh one particular family that

you know when they came to Bible school

they talked about being in incredible

debt and not having uh not having any

finances not having any Revelation and

today truly millionaires um because of

the principles of the word that they put

into place and now they’re partnering to

say how can we get this message out to

the rest of the world so we’re just

super excited that the partners get to

be a part of building the kingdom of God

and again you know we’ve seen this

happening all over the world doesn’t

matter what your economy looks like the

biblical principles that of sewing and

reaping of giving you know they they

work doesn’t it doesn’t matter from we

we were in Russia for for several years

and we saw the same impact as well with

people truly being set free when they

they take that which passes away and

they make it Eternal by giving it sewing

it into a Ministry that’s impacting

lives it’s one of the greatest

Investments of your time effort and

resources that you can possibly make I

often say it this way that when we get

to heaven nobody is going to say I wish

I had another television set I wish I

had a bigger house I wish I had a bigger

car all of those things are going to be

gone yep and you’re going to come up to

me in heaven and you’re going to hug me

and kiss me and thank me for getting

this money out of your pocket because

it’s only what you put into the gospel

about changing lives that’s going to

last for eternity yeah and so you can

take something money that is going to

pass away and you can use it to touch

lives and turn it into something Eternal

and that’s what we would like to en

encourage you to do we’ve been

emphasizing partnership uh you know

monthly giving and becoming a regular

partner with us but of course any type

of gift anything that you could take and

put into helping us get the gospel out

is going to not only bless you but it’s

going to bless other people and eternity

people will come by your mansion in

heaven and thank you for the way that

you touch their Liv amen that’s awesome

I know you talk a lot about the the

aspect of the hose you know if you make

yourself a hose you know um water flows

through a hose and the hose naturally

gets wet and you may say well I need all

the money that I have the reality is is

that if you make yourself a conduit

through which the blessings of God will

flow through you then you you’re going

to get plenty wet as well you’re going

to get as much as you need to for for

living and you’re going to discover the

joy of giving as well and it’s only that

which we give away is is what we can

keep eternally I just had a student come

up to me yesterday and say that they

gave me I think it was

15 or

$150 and it was all that they had but

they believed God and within a short

period of time they got a h hundredfold

return on that gift in just a few months

now it doesn’t always happen exactly

that way but the Lord did promise in

Mark 10: 29 and 30 he says that there is

not a single person who has left their

house father mother brother or sister or

lands for his sake but what they would

receive 100 times in this life uh return

on whatever they’ve given and so we just

want to encourage you that uh we have a

great vision the need in the Asia re

region especially in the Chinese

language is just so great and uh we

could do so much more if people would

join with us so once again Cindy if you

would just give the details one more

time if people want to give and join

with us uh tell them how they can do

that and uh we’d appreciate them joining

with us that’d be great you can go to


kive and that will be the place that you

can find out how to um how to give so

thank you everybody and I do need to say

too thank you to our partners they are

just precious so precious to us yes

thank you amen we appreciate it amen

well I’m going to be sharing here for

just a few minutes some things from the

word of God and then we’re going to come

back and Cindy and Mike are going to

come back Mike and Carrie here will be

with us and we’re going to have kind of

a question and answer time are are

people going to be able to ask questions

or have they already submitted questions

how’s this going to work Cindy so so

that’s a good question yes um there is a

question and answer function

at the bottom of your screens and so you

can just go down and enter your question

there and then we will be able to ask

questions from the list of questions

live live questions you’re answering

you’re asking now Andrew will be able to

answer that’s great so anyway you will

be able to interact with us and so uh

I’m looking forward to that but I just

wanted to share some scripture with you

you know it’s the word of God that’s

going to change our life and I wanted to

share with you what God has done in my

life and just give you kind of a

personal testimony you know when I hear

somebody for the first time I want to

hear what they’ve got to say but I’m

also wondering how did they get to where

they are because I I don’t know for me I

just want to know uh if this what you’re

saying is true how did it work for you

and so I want to kind of share my

testimony with you real briefly I’m only

going to take about 30 minutes or so

maximum to do this but I was born again

at a very young age age at 8 years of

age I literally gave my life to the Lord

and I have been seeking God my entire

life but what happened was through

church and I’m not against church I am

for the true church but through the

church that I was going to they begin to

teach that it was basically my

performance that earned me favor with

God they told me that I had to go to

church I had to pay my tithe I had to do

all of these things and so I be again to

start just giving myself over to doing

everything that they told me and I try

it hard you know I’m now 75 years old

and I have never said a word of

profanity in my entire life I’ve never

taken a drink of liquor I’ve never

smoked a

cigarette I have lived a separated life

but the problem was I got to thinking

that God would love me and answer my

prayers proportional to how holy I was

living and many of you watching this are

saying well isn’t that true no that’s

not true you know the whole gospel is

that God commended his love toward us

and that while we were still sinners

Christ died for us that’s what Romans CH

5:8 says you didn’t get born again

because you deserved it you got born

again because you needed it and Jesus

just loved you and commended his love

towards you while you were still a

sinner and then the Bible says in

Colossians 2: 6 that if uh as you have

received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk

ye in him that means the way that you

receive salvation is a way that you

continue to receive everything else so

if you got saved by grace and all you

did was put Faith in what God had done

for you well then that’s the way that

you should continue to receive

everything but somehow or another I

didn’t understand that and I thought

that God was going to love me based on

how holy I was so I was trying to be as

holy and do everything perfect and I got

to where I was really

proud and thinking that I was living

such a holy life that God owed me

something and I got into Pride over this

I became a modernday Pharisee where I

was telling God about all of my goodness

and everything and then in

1968 I had an encounter where God showed

up in one of our prayer meetings we were

having a Saturday night prayer meeting

and I don’t know it was so rude that God

would show up and in interrupt our

prayer time we had this just all lined

out what we were going to do but man the

glory of God showed up and I didn’t see

it with my physical eyes but I got a

revelation of the glory of God how holy

he was and when I saw his glory and his

power I guarantee you I I saw that all

of my righteousness was like a filthy

rag that’s what it says in Isaiah

chapter 64: 6 that all of our

righteousness that’s talking about our

self-righteousness is like a filthy Rag

and when I saw that I went to repenting

with everything that I had and uh after

about an hour and a half of me just

turning myself inside out and asking God

to forgive me for my pride and my

arrogance and everything I was just

waiting to see what God’s response would

be and to my surprise I had this

encounter where God just poured his love

out in my life and for 4 and a half

months I was literally caught up in the

presence of God and it was miraculous

but it was confusing at the same time

because I’d been taught that God loved

me when I do everything right for the

first time in my life I realized I had

done everything wrong and yet that’s

when I experienced the love of God and

that set me on a journey of trying to

figure out God how could you love me and

this this is when God begin to reveal

Grace to

me and I tell you this is what my life

in Ministry is all about is trying to re

reveal to people about the grace of God

and that God’s love he loves us because

we he is love not because we are lovely

and that’s what my whole life is about I

know that that’s what Carrie uh really

touched her life and turned her around

and man she ministers on the love of God

and we get testimonies all of the time

about people’s lives that were changed

and so our whole Ministry is just trying

to share with you about how much God

loves you and the key for me the

scripture that really turned my life

around is 2 Corinthians chapter 5 and

verse 17 and that verse says that if any

man is in Christ he is a new creature

and then it goes on to say behold all

all old things are passed away behold

all things are become new and all things

are of God and I remember reading that

scripture and looking at my life and

this was even after ID had this

experience where I experienced God’s

love I knew that he loved me but when I

looked at my life when I looked at my

physical actions and my thought life

everything wasn’t brand new and I was

looking at this saying that when I’m in

Christ everything’s new but I was

looking at my life and saying it doesn’t

match and I was trying to understand

this and the Lord led me to First first


5:23 and that passage is uh Paul praying

a prayer and he says I pray that your

whole spirit and soul and body be

preserved blameless until the coming of

our Lord Jesus Christ and it just dawned

on me that the scripture says we have

three parts Spirit soul and body I only

recognize two parts to me I of course

understood I had a physical body and I

knew that there was an inner part of me

that had a emotions and things like that

but I didn’t understand that there was a

third part of me and the reason I didn’t

understand this and I think this is

where most people miss it is because you

can’t see your spirit you can’t feel

your spirit you can feel your soulish

realm and your soulish realm can be

influenced by the spirit but you can’t

see or feel the spirit Jesus even said

this in John chapter three he says that

which is spirit is spirit and that which

is flesh is flesh what he’s saying is

that there is this separation between

your spirit and your physical emotional

part of you if you want to see if your

hair’s come you have to go look in a

mirror you can’t you know I can’t see my

hair right now I’ve never you know this

is a thought that confuses a lot of

people they’ve never thought about this

but you have never seen your face you’ve

seen a reflection of your face you’ve

seen a picture of your face but with

your eyes you have never looked on your

face but what you do you trust the

reflection you trust the

picture that was given in a way this is

what the Bible says over in James

chapter one it says whoever looks into

this perfect law of Liberty talking

about the word of God is like a man that

beholds his face in a mirror and you you

look at yourself in a mirror and you

comb your hair and you if you’re woman

you put on makeup you do things but you

do it based on the reflection that you

see you can’t physically see your hair

you are looking at a reflection well in

a sense the only way you can see your

spirit your Born Again spirit is to look

through the word of God and this just

revolutionized my life because see I I

thought I was being so uh genuine by

saying God here’s what your word says

your word says I can lay hands on the

sick and they shall recover but then I’d

look at my hands and I thought there’s

no power in my hands I was just looking

in the Physical Realm trying to discern

these things and what I begin to

understand is that when you get born

again it’s not your physical body and

not your mental emotional part that gets

changed it’s your heart it’s your spirit

that gets changed and the only way you

can see your spirit is through the word

of God Jesus said this in John chap 6:

63 he said it’s the spirit that quickens

the flesh profits nothing the words that

I speak unto you they are Spirit and

they are alive so this word right here

is like a spiritual mirror it’s spirit

and it’s life and if you want to see

what you are like according to the word

of God you were totally changed when you

made Jesus your lord now I’m speaking to

lots of people and if there’s anybody

watching this who has never made Jesus

your personal savior then you have to be

born again first you must receive this

new life but according to that verse

that I use in second Corinthians 5:17

when you get born again old things pass

away All Things become new that’s not

talking about your physical body your

physical body didn’t change if you’re a

man you’re still a man if you’re a woman

you’re still a woman those things don’t

change but in the spirit you became a

brand new person you can’t feel it you

can’t see it what you have to do is go

to the word of God and find out what

does the word of God say that happened

it says you became a brand new person

and just observation you can tell it’s

not your body that changed it’s not your

mind your emotions that changed but in

the spirit you are a brand new person

and I’ve

got I don’t know I probably have well

really everything that I teach is based

on this so everything that God has shown

me comes from this but I’ve got hundreds

of hours of teaching talking about what

happened and who you are in the spirit

just some of those verses that God God

used to change my life is like first

John chter

4 and verse uh 17 it says herein is our

love made perfect that we may have

boldness in the day of judgment because

as he is talking about Jesus as Jesus is

so are we in this world and see a lot of

Christians will talk about when we all

get to heaven that’s going to be a great

day and it will be a great day because

you’ll get a glorified body and the

scripture says in 1 Corinthians 13 that

you will know all things even as also

you are known so your body is going to

be changed your mind is going to be

changed and that will be glorious but

right now it says as Jesus is so are we

in this world the only way to understand

that is it’s talking about your spirit

your body’s not like him yet the Bible

says we’re going to get a glorified body

your soul isn’t like him you don’t know

all things yet but in the spirit you are

identical to Jesus because it says in

Galatians 4:6 that the spirit of his son

is sent into our hearts crying ABA

father Jesus literally comes and lives

on the inside of you in the spirit and

you have become exactly like him in 1

Corinthians chap 6:1 17 the scripture

there says that whosoever is joined unto

the Lord is one Spirit and the word for

one there in the Greek it means an

identical one a one that is identical

it’s not similar it’s identical in the

spirit you are exactly like Jesus is it

says in Ephesians chap 4: 24 to put on

the new man which after God is created

in righteousness and true Holiness

you’ll often hear people talk about and

Christians pray and say oh God just make

me righteous well what they’re talking

about is they aren’t acting the way that

they should they need to overcome some

sin or some problem in their life but

the truth is when you got born again

your spirit was created righteous you

are righteous in the sight of God and

Jesus said this in John chapter 4: 24 he

said that God is a spirit and those who

worship Him must worship Him in spirit

and in truth man that’s a powerful

scripture he didn’t say this is the best

way you get better results if you’ll

worship Him in spirit and in truth he

said you have to worship Him in spirit

and in truth God is a spirit and he’s

looking at you in the spirit and when

you get born again it was your spirit

that got changed that became like Jesus

that has Jesus living in you you were

created in righteousness and true

Holiness and because of that God is

looking at you and dealing with you

based on who you are in the spirit so

when you truly receive re salvation not

just religion not just joining the

church but if you truly get born again

God is looking at you in the spirit and

he loves you because of what he has made

you in the spirit now you may still have

all of these problems you may have all

of these weaknesses and failures in your

physical body but if you ever understood

what happened to you if you understood

that God loves you and that you were

created in the spirit then the change in

the Christian Life would come from the

inside out not the outside in and see

this is what I made a mistake this is

what so many Christians do they think if

I’ll live holy and if I’ll do everything

just right then God will love me no God

loves you and he loves you because when

you accepted Jesus as your lord you

became a brand new person and you

already have everything in your spirit

that you’ll ever need the healing power

that we were talking about earlier

you’ve already got healing in your

spirit you don’t need God to give you

healing it’s not coming from the outside

it’s coming from the inside you’ve

already got the same power that raised

Jesus Christ from the dead is what

Ephesians chapter 1 verse 20 says it’s

already in you it’s not out there it’s

in you and it’s a matter of learning

what you have and how to release it

instead of begging God and asking God

for something

more and you know if if I could I’d just

like to bring Mike into this because

Mike’s testimony from what I understand

he got born again but he became similar

to I was he was basing his relationship

with God on his performance and the

first time you ever heard me talk about

this it radically changed you didn’t it

yeah I was I was religious to the max

Andrew honestly and when I when I um you

know I I knew that God was perfect I

knew that he was holy I knew that his

way was the only anyway I just didn’t I

I just didn’t think of myself as

anything I thought even after I asked

Jesus into my heart that I still had to

work to gain the righteousness that God

had declared over me and prove myself

worthy and uh these principles that

Andrew is sharing right now it really

these are the same principles that I

heard at Caris Bible College that truly

Set Me Free as well I remember the first

time I ever heard Andrew speak about it

I wrote down pages and pages of

questions and I said okay Lord if this

is true what about this if this is true

what about this and within 2 hours of

Andrew sharing I I had I I I had begun

my journey to be be completely I didn’t

preach two hours at one time did I well

two nights two two I said it two nights

I had a different husband and what’s

amazing about that you know Andrew

you’re sharing there about in James

chapter 1 about the word is your mirror

and often times we’ll think we’ll think

you know we’ll read the word of God and

we’ll say someday I will be like this

someday I’m going to be righteous and

what we’re doing is we’re saying Jesus

wasn’t enough we’re saying it’s Jesus

and my efforts and all the efforts that

I put into reading and studying and

transformation that’s good now we do

have to renew our mind but the work was

done in our spirit in the moment you

received Jesus into your heart you know

the thing about a mirror is it doesn’t

show you what what you going to be in 10

years from now it shows you what you are

today yeah that’s a good point and so

when you realize that you’re looking to

the mirror of the word of God that’s a

perfect picture of who you are in the

spirit now you transform you renew

Yourself by Renewing Your Mind by going

back to the word it’s you’re being

changed you’re being conformed to the

word of God and you’re walking out the

will of God in your life when I began to

realize these principles it completely

Set Me Free you know I had always wanted

to see the supernatural power of God in

my life I had always longed to see

Miracles and I never saw them because it

was because I always disqualified myself

because I never felt I met the mark But

when I truly began to see myself through

the through the words and Through The

Eyes of the Lord and what his word

declares over me that’s when I started

seeing deaf ears open I started seeing

people transformed I started being able

to communicate uh just like Jesus

communicated by the spirit not by my own

understanding and uh I’ll say the same

thing I’ll tell if God Can Transform me

that way and I was I super religious God

can change anybody amen and you know

something you said is really important

that you really believe God could do

anything you believe he had all this but

you disqualified yourself because you

hadn’t measured up and this is what this

teaching on I call it Spirit soulen body

this is what changed me yeah I didn’t

ever doubt that God was Almighty but I

just doubted that he would use his power

because I was looking on my physical

actions and my mental thoughts and it

never qualified when I found out that it

was based on who I was in the spirit it

Set Me Free it’s so it’s am and as a man

thinks in his heart so is he so if

that’s what you believe that’s that’s

going to be the that’s what you’re going

to see as well because you’re always

going to say I’m not good enough and and

the reality is in our flesh we’re not

good enough but in in the spirit the

spirit of God living on the inside of us

we’re perfect as he is so are we this

world you know Colossians 2: 9 9 and 10

for in him dwelt the fullness of the

godhead bodily and we are complete in

him amen and that word complete means

complete means lacking nothing missing

nothing as he is so are we amen and so

you said you got a new husband you know

him like other people don’t did was

there a change well it was so funny

because I don’t I don’t think I realized

how religious he was like now when we

were recing we would argue on the phone

I was in Russia he was in America and we

would you know talking about the word

and I’m like no no no you you don’t you

don’t you don’t get righteous by what

you do you earn righteousness he’s like

I know we’re righteous but you got to

keep it now we got to work to keep it

and so we would always just kind of go

back and forth on the phone and and the

Lord just told me Carrie you’re right

he’s wrong the Lord told me that and she

hasn’t been right

since but uh but he said I’m after his

heart and then so he said marry him in

June so and I I guess I didn’t realize

how how how steeped in religion he was

just as far as he didn’t realize how

steep I don’t even he did and then after

and talking about a difficult life to

live trying to live up to the standards

that God puts in his word in your own

natural ability it’s impossible you

can’t it’s it’s amazing yeah and so um

yeah I always said that I I was married

we were two weeks married had gone on

our honeymoon come back for the

conference and then that’s when he heard

um truly the grace message and the

righteousness and and spirit own body

and I remember seeing Mike write down I

was sitting next to him he said

questions for God and he started writing

down all these things and I just started

praying you know I said Lord you know

speak to him and I remember after the

second night we were out in the parking

lot and he’s just in tears and he said I

I to I’m totally different do you know

for 22 years I did not understand and

then uh we just started going through he

started going through the Caris material

cuz we were going back to Russia and

then he started teaching it and it was

just totally transforming his life and

and the students that were listening to

and you know it’s not only uh legalist

but you got born again at a very young

age and grew up under a mutual friend of

ours taught you a lot of the basics you

had yeah great things committed to being

a missionary but you came to a

revelation well yeah he’s so passionate

and he’s going through all the material

all the Caris material you know we had

it in English we had it in Russian over

there he’s going through he said did you

know did you know and I was like

yeah yeah I I did you know and but then

I as I’m he’s just so excited I’m like

that good job that’s awesome yeah I knew

that and the Lord said well then where’s

your fire where’s your passion and I

just realized that you know even as a

Believer with when you get Revelation

it’s not this Revelation and then you’re

like oh and you tuck it away and then

you go on and live your own life you

know for god um with past knowledge it’s

this it’s a living relationship and and

the foundational things of what the

gospel did changes your life so all of

us have been totally transformed by the

things that we’re trying to share with

you and I know that your life would be

transformed too we’ve seen what is it

12,000 I think graduates come through

our school and of course not every

single person receives the truth the way

that they should but we have seen

thousands and thousands of people’s

lives changed just like we were saying

earlier in this broadcast one of our

students over in Uganda got a revelation

and he started praying for people and

seeing healing and saw a man raised from

the dead who had been dead for over four

hours and uh we’ve seen just Miracle

after Miracle after Miracle Y and I tell

you God wants to do the same thing for

you amen I know that there’s people

watching this broadcast right

now and you’re thinking this sounds too

good to be true did you know that’s what

the word gospel means it means good news

but actually it’s nearly too good to be

true news Amen to think that God could


you and me you know the it’s one thing

when you see me on television or you see

me on a broadcast and here we are

dressed up and we look nice but you’re

seeing me at my best but did you know

what I know me when I’m not at my best

you know you you know things about you

that you don’t know about me if you knew

me as well as you know you wouldn’t have

any more faith in my prayers than you

got in your prayers it’s not my goodness

that God uses me it’s not any of

anything that I’ve done it’s my faith in

Jesus and Jesus is the same he’s the

same he loves you just as much as he Li

loves Mike Carrie or me he loves you so

much that he died for you he has

provided everything there’s people

watching this right now that you need

healing did you know Jesus has already

provided healing it says in 1 Peter 2:24

that by his stripes you were healed and

some people are thinking oh no I’ve

still got I still can still see this

tumor I still feel this pain but see all

you’re doing is looking in the Physical

Realm what I’m saying is in the spirit

it says in Ephesians chap 1: 18 through

the end of that chapter that your eyes

would be open to see that you have the

same power that raised Jesus Christ from

the dead living on the inside of you

it’s not out there if you’ve made Jesus

your lord you have raising from the dead

power on the inside of you right now and

it’s just a matter of renewing your mind

you got three parts you got a spirit

soul and body and it’s a simple

mathematical equation if your soul your

mental and emotional part gets over here

to where it’s believing and seeing what

you have in the spirit that’s two

against one and your body will just resp

fine but if you get your soul over here

to where it is being dominated and

controlled by what you feel and what you

see then that shuts off the power that

you have in your spirit it won’t flow

it’s a simple majority if you get your

soul in agreement with your flesh then

you’ll only get what the flesh can

produce if you get your soul in

agreement with the spirit then you’ll

get what you already have in your spirit

it really is that simple you know a

verse the very first verse that the Lord

ever revealed to me is Romans CH 12

verses 1 and 2 and it says I beseech you

therefore Brethren by the mercies of God

that you present your bodies a Living

Sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which

is your reasonable service this isn’t

just for the full-time Christian

preacher this is for every Christian and

then verse two says and don’t be

conformed to this world but be

transformed by the renewing of your mind

that you may prove what is that good and

acceptable and perfect will of God and

this is what I’m talking about that in

your spirit when you make Jesus your

lord you become a totally brand new

person and your spirit is perfect and

complete as complete as it will ever be

when we get to heaven your spirit’s not

going to be changed it’s not going to

grow up it’s not going to be injected

with more power more love more anointing

right now you’re born again spirit is as

perfect as it will ever be in eternity

but it’s inside

of a mind and a body and you’ve got to

get through that mind you got to renew

your thinking and then manifest this

power in your body but you’ve already

got it in your spirit and so this has

just changed my life and now instead of

trying to get God to do

something asking God to heal me asking

God to give me finances asking God to

anoint me begging God for things which

is the way that the average Christian

lives instead of me doing that now I

just believe what the word says that I

already have and as I renew my mind that

verse that I was quoting Romans 12:2 it

says you get transformed through the

renewing of your mind and the word

transform is a word that we get

metamorphosis from that describes where

a caterpillar spins a cocoon and comes

out a butterfly if you want Total

Transformation like from a caterpillar

to a butterfly the way you do it is

through the renewing of your mind amen

and so so this is what Caris Bible

College and this is what my Ministry all

of my television everything that we do

is trying to teach people these truths

that will transform them from a person

who is just struggling to receive

healing joy peace Deliverance finances

whatever into a person who is living in

the Abundant Life that Jesus has already

provided it’s not out there it’s inside

of us it’s a matter of releasing it not

going to get more you know one of my

teachings that I had somebody telling me

about yesterday it just transformed

their life I’ve got a teaching entitled

you’ve already got it and he got a

picture of a dog chasing his tail and in

the same way that a dog chases his tail

and if he ever catches it he’s going to

find out he already had it the whole

time did you know that everything that

you’re trying to get healing joy peace

in your spirit you’ve already got all of

that and all you got to do it’s like

you’ve got this well inside of you but

you got to draw it out so you have to

have a bucket or something that goes

down into the well and draws it out and

this word is what will draw out all of

these things that Jesus has placed on

the inside of you but Jesus himself said

You shall know the truth and the truth

shall make you free John chapter 8:32

it’s only the truth you know that sets

you free if you don’t

know what Jesus has done for you you

won’t be be free even though you’ve been

freed even though he purchased it you

won’t experience it until you renew your

mind and so this is what God has called

me to do is to share these truths that

have changed me that have allowed me to

see my son raised from the dead to see

my wife raised from the dead I have seen

millions of people’s lives that are

changed and uh as Mike was saying we’ve

got 22 offices around the world this

doesn’t only work in a America this

works in every continent it works in

every country it will work for you but

you’ve got to renew your mind one of the

mistakes that Christians make they they

believe like Mike was saying that God

can do anything he’s all powerful you

don’t doubt that God has the ability but

you are thinking that you got to do

something to get him to release that

power when you got born again it’s

already placed on the inside of you and

again it’s like that it’s not that you

need more water that you need more what

God can do you just need a bucket that

can draw that out and that’s the

renewing of your mind and this is what

Caris is all about and this is what we

want to help you do and I promise you uh

I am not promoting this for my benefit

I’m promoting this because I’ve I’ve

been changed so much and instantly when

God begin to change my life I just

wanted to share this with as many people

around the the world as I possibly can

so you know there’s people watching this

that you speak a totally different

language than I do you dress totally

different than I do everything about you

is different but the answer for you is

exactly the same as the answer for me

amen God is the God of all people all

over this world and we just want you to

receive the freedom and the Liberty that

we have and uh we’ve seen it work yeah

and I know it’ll work for you

so we’re encouraging you to please take

advantage of this if you haven’t signed

up uh for Caris we’d like to have you do

that if you haven’t become a partner

with us so that we could reach further

and reach more people we would like to

ask you to do that if you haven’t

received this free book Cindy talked

about that but we’ve got this translated

into Mandarin cantones and we would love

to give you a copy of this book as a

free gift and uh there will be stories

in here about miracles that have

happened and it will inspire you and I

can promise you that you have if you’ve

made Jesus your lord you have on the

inside of you what you need to be able

to walk an absolutely Supernatural life

it’s not that you need more what you

need is a revelation of what you’ve

already got you know there’s a verse in

femon 1 verse 6 it says that your faith

becomes effectual by acknowledging every

good thing that is in you in Christ

Jesus amen and that basically summarizes

what I’ve been trying to say that if

you’ve made Jesus your Lord you’ve

already got everything on the inside of

you you just need to begin to

acknowledge it and renew your mind if

there’s anybody watching this who’s

never made Jesus your personal Lord you

may have thought well I believe that

there’s a God isn’t that enough no the

Bible says in James 2: 19 it says you

believe that there’s one God

you do well the Devils also believe and

tremble the next verse goes on to say

but won’t you know oh vain man that

faith without works is dead so just

believing that there’s a God isn’t

salvation the devil believes that

there’s a God and he’s not saved you

have to commit your life to the Lord it

says in Romans chap 10:9 that if you

will confess with your mouth the Lord

Jesus and believe in your heart that God

raised him from the dead you shall be

save and when it says that you make him

your Lord that’s more than just saying

that word it means that you are

committing your life you are trusting

him you are putting your faith in what

Jesus did for you and not what you are

doing for him you’re making Jesus your

savior and if you’ve never done that I

would love to invite you to do that it’s

really that

simple it’s just admitting that you’ve

sinned and that you need a savior that

you can’t save yourself you aren’t

approach approaching God on the basis of

your own goodness you’re coming before

him with a

savior you know in Asia there there are

so many different religions and all of

them believe in a supernatural power a

god of some kind but every other

religion on the face of the planet puts

the burden of Salvation on you amen you

have to earn it by being good by doing

something burning an incense or you know

whatever it is but true Christianity the

thing that makes it different is that

Christians are the only ones that have a

savior everybody else you have to save

yourself by your goodness and earn it

but true Christianity we have a savior

God himself became a man and he lived

here on this Earth and then he offered

himself to God the father as a sacrifice

and God put all of our sin your sin and

my sin Upon Jesus and he punished Jesus

and put all of his wrath Jesus actually

went to hell and was separated from God

because that’s what you and I deserved

but then because he was innocent God

raised him from the dead he overcame

death and now he is a savior and it says

anybody who will confess him as their

Lord will be born again so if you’ve not

done that I just encourage you right now

now just to pray with me and say father

I’m sorry for my sin I’m sorry for

trying to earn salvation I receive it as

a gift through making Jesus my Lord

Jesus I put my faith in you and I

believe that through what you have done

I am forgiven and I receive that

forgiveness I make Jesus my Lord amen

and according to the scripture all of

the things that I’ve been talking about

today when you do that you become a

brand new person your body’s not changed

your mind’s not changed but in the

spirit you’re brand new and uh we’ve got

this little book that I’ve written about

it’s entitled the new you and the Holy

Spirit and the first half of this book

is a uh explanation of what true

salvation is if the things that I’ve

been saying here are strange to you and

you think man I’ve never heard this

before I I need to understand it this

first half of the book is about what

true salvation is the second half of the

book is talking about the baptism of the

Holy Spirit which you can’t receive

until first of all you receive Jesus and

uh I’d like to bring Cindy back on and

Cindy I think that we also have this

book translated uh into the local

languages and and I think that the

people can get this book so could you

tell them how they could take advantage

of that absolutely Andrew thank you so

much thanks for that great message um so

we have new you and the Holy Spirit

translated into both traditional and

simplified and they can get at the the

same way that you get God Wants You Well

go to our website and use the coupon

code and you can get both books at the

same time so um they’re both there for

you uh as a free offer um thanks to

Andrew and our partners amen and I’d

like to welcome Mike back because I

think that Mike has the questions and so

we’re going to spend a little bit of

time here and if anybody has a question

for us any way we can help you please uh

let us know and we’ll be glad Dan those

questions so welcome back Mike yeah

thanks Andrew yeah we’ve got some great

questions here the first one is God is

spirit so how does he supernaturally

protect us in a physical

world well he’s also Almighty he’s the

one that created the physical world so

even though he’s Spirit he has total

Authority he’s the one that created all

of these physical things that we see our

bodies this physical world and so the

Creator is greater than what created so

even though he is a spirit he has

absolute control and authority over this

but he does it through people since he’s

a spirit he has to flow through people

and that’s why it doesn’t you know like

when you get born again you don’t just

automatically get healed you don’t

automatically have joy and peace it’s

put on the inside of you but you as a

physical human being have to draw that

out he flows through us not without us

amen that’s good got another question

awesome Yes uh as a Believer we know

that we’re heading to a new Heaven and a

new Earth where there’s perfect peace

the Bible says that because of love he

gave People Choice God gave people a

choice to follow him I just wonder when

we’re in the new Heaven and new earth

will we just will we uh be able to make

wrong choices and actually create


fall you know I have thought about that

very thing and I don’t know that the

scripture clearly says it but here’s the

way that I understand it is it says in 1

John 3 verse one it says behold what

manner of love the father hath bestowed

upon us that we should be called the

sons of God therefore the world knows us

not because it knew him not beloved now

are we the sons of God and it do not yet

appear what we shall be but we know that

when he shall appear we shall be like

him and here’s the phrase I was trying

to get to for we shall see him as he is

I think that when we see God as he is

and we no longer have all of this

confusion that we have in this life I

think we are going to be so changed into

the same image that he is that it’s just

going to blow doubt fear all of those

kind of things out of the water plus

Satan is going to be cast into the Lake

of Fire and we aren’t going to have any

demonic presence that is constantly

tempting us so you take away the

Temptation we see Jesus as he is and I

think man who’s going to want to ever do

anything contrary to that amen yeah when

you see good things then you you’re like

I’m not I’m not going to lower myself to

something that’s that’s not that’s

that’s something we can have even now

though that’s what’s powerful it’s not

just waiting until heaven to um you know

live in this perfect State and we have

the ability with the power of the spirit

that we can actually live by that now

and not just wait until heaven and so

you know sometimes people have such a

Heavenly mindset like well when I get to

heaven I won’t ever have

Temptation and I will never have you

know I won never get angry and I won

never be led by my flesh no you can

actually choose those things spirit’s

already like that amen and you can

choose to then live in this world and

experience that right now very good got

another question Mike awesome yeah uh

Pastor Greg Morris said that he’s your

friend uh before you became his boss

what is one key to achieving a balance

between friendship and Authority in the

workplace yeah that’s a good question uh

a lot of it depends on the person that

is in the you know the secondary

position it’s their attitude if they

don’t recognize you as a boss if they

don’t recognize your Authority and they

put themsel on an equal plane so that

who cares what you say my opinion is

just as good as yours uh you can’t have

a good relationship amen Mike and Carrie

are a great example of this because you

know what we are great friends and we

were friends before they were employees

but their attitude is right like when we

promoted them they came in and were

working in different positions and when

we promoted them to be over all of the

cares worldwide uh it was a financial

benefit to them their pay increased

their Authority increased and everything

else but I remember them coming to me

and saying look we are glad to do this

but if you ever feel like somebody else

can do it better than us we’ll step

aside we’ll go back to doing something

else and see that attitude is what makes

this work most places it’s an

authoritarian type of thing where I’m

the boss and you submit to me but really

submission cannot be dictated amen it

has to be voluntary I can make them obey

I can say if you don’t do this I’m going

to fire you but as far as submission

having a good attitude that’s something

that they have to come up with yeah I’ll

say um there’s leaders can lead multiple

ways it’s through position or through

influence and when a person leads

through through a position then it

becomes more of a dictatorship like you

said when it comes through influence

then becomes more of that relationship

and one thing that I heard a long time

ago from somebody and it really blessed

me and I’ve hung on to it is that you

can have relationships but you manage

your agreements so the agreements that

we have within within the organization

here is that Andrew is our boss Andrew

tells us what to do and we submit to him

he’s the founder he’s the Visionary and

we we know our place with that but we

also have relationship with him and we

can approach him on that relationship

outside of what what happens here so and

just maintain that really good balance

there is it’s never been difficult

because I think we’re we’re all looking

to one ultimate leader and that’s Jesus

and when your eyes are fixed upon him

you you you know exactly where you stand

yeah it’s good and if I’m not mistaken

you had uh problems with this in Russia

because they lived under a

dictatorship and they were just used to

command and control and the grace

teaching was brand new for them yeah and

just really teaching that it’s

relationship with God even your

relationship with God see if people

don’t understand relationship with God

then it’s really hard to have

relationship with other people so it’s

hard to have it with a boss it’s hard to

have it with a spouse but when you

understand this relationship so again

submission to God because you see who he

really is and that he loves you you can

still have relationship and intimacy

with God but at the same time when God

says it you oy CU your life is no longer

your own you get that relationship right

with God then you’ll start to see the

way it then touches every single

relationship that you have whether

workplace or your home or friendships

and you find that right Rhythm and order

because you’re getting direction from

your relationship and you know I’ve been

in Ministry for 56 years but we’ve had a

Ministry Incorporated for 46 years and

when it started I had people working for

me that didn’t submit to me and that

didn’t respect me and uh I remember

going in one time and saying this is

what we’re going to do and they said I

don’t care what you say I’m not going to

do that and that just really blessed you

didn’t yeah and but what I’m saying is I

haven’t changed that much but the people

that are with me have changed and God

and this is one of the reasons that uh I

would say probably 90% or more of my

employees we have 1,200 employees

worldwide and 90% of them all came

through the school and see they get my

my heart they hear my teaching they

relate to me and they voluntarily submit

and that’s the thing that is really

different I’ve had employees before but

many of them didn’t like me at all and

stuff and and now it’s different and so

to answer this question going back to

Greg Moore it’s Greg’s attitude that

really makes this work it’s Mike and

car’s attitude it’s not so much me as it

is their heart and so I would put the

the the probably the number one thing

that makes relationships work in a

business and stuff is the attitude of

the employee not just the employer and

I’ll just say lastly if you can do

everything as unto the Lord yeah then

that’s the key because you’re going to

have friends you’re going to have family

you’re going to have bosses that don’t

do don’t do everything right and there

will be opportunity to disagree there

will be opportunity to get offended but

you make it unto the Lord not unto

another person and that keeps it in line

absolutely amen got another question my

awesome yeah thank you guys um is every

believer capable of raising someone from

the dead and if so why don’t we see more

of that absolutely matter of fact the

scripture says in Matthew chapter 10 the

first verse Jesus gave them authority

over all sickness over all diseases and

over all demons to cast them out and

then down in verse 8 it says go heal the

sick cleanse the lepers raise the Dead

cast out Devils it didn’t say you can do

this he gave them a command to go do it

and then you read over in uh Mark

chapter 16 these signs shall follow them

that believe in my name they shall cast

out Devils speak with new tongues take

up serpents if they drink any deadly

thing it shall not harm them and on and

on it goes there’s many scriptures on

this so every Christian is equipped to

do it as far as in their Spirit but it’s

like I was saying you’re three parts and

if your soul right here is in agreement

with your flesh thinking well I’m only

human I don’t have power I can’t

overcome cancer I can’t do well then you

stop the flow but if you get your soul

into agreement with your spirit and

start thinking according to what the

word of God says every single person can

see people raised from the dead going

back to what you sharing with Spirit

soul and body you know we receive the

same spirit that was inside of Jesus not

not a spirit from heaven but the Same

Spirit Galatians 4:6 Romans 8: 9-1 it

all so many different verses talk about

that so your spirit man has already

raised the dead it’s it’s already it was

in Jesus when it raised the Dead the

only the differ the difference is is

that we don’t believe it so that’s why

as Andrew was sharing going back to

Romans 12: 1 and 2 that we’re not

conformed to this world world that we

present ourselves as a Living Sacrifice

and we are transformed by the renewing

of our minds so that the power of God

that’s in our spirit gets manifested

through our flesh okay you know I don’t

I haven’t counted exactly but I bet you

there’s over 50 people raised from the

dead that I know of by our students amen

I I know in Uganda I’ve heard

testimonies of over 12 people that were

raised from the dead Cindy Boyd in

Atlanta Georgia raised a person from the

dead died in a a automobile accident up

in Grand Rapids there was a motorcyclist

who died while they were having a

meeting they went out raised him from

the dead testimonies of Russia in the

Ukraine as well people being raised from

the dead and uh I remember that uh some

of our missions team they had a baby

that fell off a second floor and land on

his head on the concrete was dead and

they raised him from the dead I think it

was Costa Rica where they went and uh

somebody had drowned they were out on

the beach taking a day off and somebody

drowned and they raised him from the

dead we probably have at least 50 there

could be a hundred testimonies and these

are people that had never even thought

stuff like that before they came to

school they started learning who they

were and learning how to do it and I

mean it’s just normal yep amen that’s

awesome yeah so isn’t that great to

think that every one of us have raising

from the dead power on the inside of us

it’s just a matter of renewing your mind

so that you can cooperate amen awesome

amen amen oh we got one more for you

Andrew and Mike and Carrie yeah this one

says if if someone renounces their faith

in Christ if that’s even possible what

happens to their Spirit does the spirit

degenerate back to being

unrighteous well I can answer that but

uh I by me answering it I may raise more

questions I’ve got to link the

explanation on this but the quick answer

is yes I believe you can renounce your

faith but it’s not because you send it

away you can’t lose your faith you could

renounce it you weren’t forced to be

saved you aren’t forced to be sa to stay

saved and Hebrews chapter 6 puts

qualifications on it puts five

qualifications in other words an

immature Christian can’t do it but if a

person who’s mature in the Lord was to

renounce their faith then according to

Hebrews chapter 6 it’s impossible to

renew them under repentance so there is

no repentance from that that they would

be eternally damned and as far as what

happens to their spirit it’s the same

thing that what Adam had Adam had a

perfect spirit and yet he renounced uh

he disobeyed God and and his Spirit died

within him uh that Born Again Spirit

would die again if that person to was to

renounce their faith and real quickly

let me just say this I hadn’t got time

to explain it but somebody’s thinking oh

man maybe I’ve done that it says in

Romans chapter 1 that any person who has

done that is what the Bible calls

reprobate and it means because God

because they did not like to receive God

in their uh mind God gave them over to a

reprobate mind and took all conviction

away from them and all drawing so any

person who’s listening and thinking man

have I done that am I guilty and if that

would bother you and you think oh I pray

that I haven’t done that well then I can

guarantee you haven’t done it because

you still have a heart for God so if you

have any conviction any desire for God

at all then you have not committed that

God has not held you responsible for it

because if you were reprobate you

wouldn’t care you would be going to hell

and glad you’re doing it and I know that

that’s not the case yeah amen I would

encourage people you know Spirit soul

body um to get that teaching I know that

that’s one that um they have made sure

within the office there to translate and

so you can find that on the YouTube

you’ll see that on the screen there all

the different materials that you could

get I just encourage you um kind of like

what what Andrew and and Mike and I were

sharing here a little while ago even

though I had gotten some of this truth

and even grown up on it uh getting

getting fired up again after Mike got

that Revelation I dug into it a whole

other level deeper and it just totally

transformed my life so even for those

that are listening saying yeah I’ve

heard this before and oh yeah I know

there’s so much more to learn and so we

just want to invite you into continuing

to learn that and so that as you have

questions you’re going to be able to

find those answers from the word of God

and there may be some of you who watched

today and you just think well this was

good I enjoyed it and you aren’t going

to connect with us but we have a lot of

things going on Mike and Carrie were

just there and if you connect with us if

you go to our website then we will let

you know when some of our staff are

coming through and Cindy I believe that

we have some upcoming events with uh

some of our staff coming over there to

Hong Kong so could you uh share with

them what’s what’s coming up I would

love to um Daniel Amstead will be coming

to Hong Kong for our graduation so he’ll

be here the 11th through the 17th of

June in Hong Kong which is awesome and

let me just interrupt you a second and

say that Daniel Amstead has been our

praise and worship leader but now he’s

transitioned in for the last 11 years

years he has been teaching on healing

and he has trained thousands and

thousands of people in healing and he

sees great Miracles so this would be a

good opportunity for you to come to

Daniel’s things and and receive your

healing amen yeah excuse me Cindy but I

wanted to let them know who Daniel was

that’s awesome thank you and then um May

18th in Taiwan we’ll be having an event

in Taiwan a gathering to talk about the

upcoming opening of uh Caris Taiwan in


and then in uh July 30th we’re having

our taste and SE which is our open house

for first year students anybody

interested in first year come on along

to our taste and see July 30th and we

also then that’s when we do our one-time

discount for Caris throughout the year

so lots of fun things happening man

that’s awesome so I know that people

would be blessed if they would uh join

with us and again whether you give or

not you could uh go to our website and

you could sign up and you can get

information we would love to have you to

be a part of that Cindy or Mike is there

anything that we have missed here

anything that we need to cover before we

end our broadcast

today no you know I just just want to

personally and and behalf of uh the the

students that we represent here just

thank you all you know if if if Matt for

your um surrender to the Lord and your

obedience to what the Lord’s called you

to do we wouldn’t have and be able to

see the kind of impact that we do

throughout all of Asia my life

personally has been changed because of

what you guys have done and I get to

experience countless lives here that are

changed as well and so it’s just the

highest privilege of my life to be a

part of this ministry I just want to

thank all of you that’s awesome praise

God anything else

Cindy no I second that I just say thank

you and again we just say thank you to

our partners who allow us to to do

something like this right and to be able

to have you and host it all through Asia

and just our students and um just the

family I really feel like and I know the

students feel that way too that we are a

family it’s just such a blessing to be a

part of this family amen and I may never

get to see you on this side of heaven

but when we get to heaven every one of

you watching have a personal invitation

to come by my mansion and we can sit

down and you can tell me about how God

blessed you and I’d love to visit with

you amen so again thanks to all of our

partners if you haven’t yet become a

partner please join with us because

they’re the ones that make everything

happen and thanks to Cindy and Mike for

everything they’re doing to facilitate

this uh I just appreciate you guys more

than I could ever say to you because um

we just could not do this without you so

God bless you we love you thank you for

joining us and praise God good night I

think we’re through God bless

you good night everyone